Chapter 1

January 13th 2012

I was sitting alone at a table for eight in the large dining room of the giant Italian cruise liner on a romantic Mediterranean get-away. At least that was how my wife Kate described it – she had set it up as a way to rekindle our marriage. We'd been having problems to the point I had moved out this past Thanksgiving, and she had filed for divorce shortly thereafter. I pushed my ice cream and cobbler dessert around with my spoon having no appetite. My insides were filled with anger at recent events that had turned this romantic cruise into a body blow of bad news. I really should have been an actor, keeping the sappy smile on my face all evening while the two adulterers sat on either side of me at dinner while I seethed.

Just before dinner, an overheard conversation had confirmed my suspicions that my wife of twenty five years was having an affair with her twin sister's husband, Alan. That was really adding insult to injury. Why'd she pick him anyway? Her affair with that jerk, and all the crap I had suffered at her hands for more than a year, made the idea reconciliation impossible. I'd never liked the bastard and now I wanted to kill him. On top of everything else he and my wife's sister Melissa shouldn't have been on this cruise anyway.

Kate and Melissa had left our table and gone off to the powder room. Alan had left with the two Australian couples who had been our dinner companions – to the bar, most likely for something stronger than the wine we had at dinner. So now I was sitting at the table alone. Perhaps Alan had detected my underlying mood and didn't want to be left alone with me while our wives were gone. Maybe he was afraid I'd ask him, "So Alan, how long you been fucking Kate?"

I really wanted to wipe that smirk off his face and vowed to do so soon, but first my engineer brain would analyze the problem and work out a course of action that would be the most advantageous to me, and the most hurtful to Alan and Kate. Melissa was probably as clueless as I had been, although I had it on good authority that they were having their own problems. Alan was a womanizer and why she kept him was a mystery to me. Now his antics with Kate were going to blow up two marriages. Melissa was a sweet person and I had liked her from the first time we met, but I suspected that Alan's affair with her sister was going to be one affair too many. I also suspected that it would break the cozy relationship the sisters had had all their lives. She and Kate were fraternal twins, but still the resemblance was striking, with their long brown hair and very sexy and tall model-like bodies. I think each tried to outdo each other at the gym and kept in "swimsuit form" all year around despite each having two grown children.

Melissa and Kate were inseparable and she and Alan lived only a few blocks from our home in a suburb of Atlanta. Alan sold insurance and mostly worked out of an office at home. Gee, easier to make a cuckold of me, I thought. How very convenient that Kate had to spend a lot of time at Melissa's house. How many of those visits were with Alan alone? God knows Kate was never home these days as it was, with her job and all, but I had never questioned her trips to see her sister. Kate would just head out the door and walk over to their house and be gone for hours.

This day had started off on a positive note with an unbelievable bout of sex initiated by Kate in our hotel in Rome. It seemed for the last couple of weeks, since we had been "dating" after our month-long separation, Kate had tried to kill me with make-up sex. She'd dragged out all the sexy lingerie and we were very much like newlyweds again. The kids were still around, but that's another story, and then she surprised me with this cruise. I resisted, telling her it was too soon, but she finally convinced me that we needed to get away to get our marriage back on track after all our difficulties of the past year. I was really too busy to take almost two weeks away from my engineering business, and I was still smarting from all the bullshit she'd heaped on me, but I went along knowing I had to make an effort. Of course that was before I discovered the affair.

I had puzzled over the fact that that it seemed we had been at each other's throats for the year or perhaps longer. We just couldn't agree on anything. We used to be able to work together on everything but in the last year especially, it seemed each discussion became an argument she had to win. At Thanksgiving we had a blowup that caused me to pack a bag and move out. A week later, in early December I was served with divorce papers at my office. Merry Christmas sucker!

Since the kids were old enough to be considered adults and we both had good jobs, her settlement petition seemed damned unreasonable. The spousal maintenance and demands to relinquish title to the house stuck in my craw, but I was too angry and hurt to try and fight. So like an idiot I had signed the documents, despite my attorney's misgivings, and he sent them to her attorney.

As I sat alone with my thoughts, I gazed around. Our table was relatively secluded in the huge seagoing dining room, but damn this place was over the top gaudy. How had she ever picked this ship? Well at least our stateroom with balcony, was comfortable enough, in an upscale chain hotel kind of way. And there was very little sensation of movement as the ship moved through the, for now placid mid-winter Mediterranean. On the downside, after what I had observed earlier today when Melissa and Alan had showed up, and then later when my suspicions were confirmed; I was not planning to actually sleep in the stateroom with my wife - the unfaithful, back-stabbing bitch.

I sipped my wine. I had nursed it throughout the meal, wanting to stay sharp for the confrontation that was to come later when I announced to Kate I was divorcing her, without the beneficent terms I'd agreed to just last month when we were separated. Furthermore, I was getting off the ship tomorrow when we reached Savona. Some wag had once said, "Life's a bitch, then you marry one, and then you die."

That's how I was feeling. Hell, it was Friday the thirteenth. How could this day get any shittier? Thank goodness it was almost the end of the day.

The white-jacketed, maybe Russian, waiter came by to refill my wine glass. I thought about waiving him away, but decided, what the hell another glass of the Spanish plonk the Aussies had ordered wouldn't kill me, and might make it easier to get my feelings off my chest once Kate and I returned to our cabin.

He poured the last of the wine from the bottle and then looked at our plates. I nodded for him to clear them away and noticed, like mine, Kate's dessert was untouched. I thought about it and recalled seeing the waiter take away her mostly uneaten entrée. She had been very quiet at dinner. This day had not gone well for her either I suspected. Fortunately the Australians and Melissa had more than kept up their end of the conversation at dinner. The Aussies were a bit younger than the four of us, with kids just nearing high school age, and they were off on a romantic seaboard adventure with in-laws watching the kids back in Perth.

When Kate and I had departed our hotel in Rome at noon today for the port city of Civitavecchia she had snuggled against me in the back of the taxi, still glowing from our lovemaking of the morning. Despite my misgivings I think I was coming around to the idea that this vacation was the start of what we needed to repair our marriage. I was pretty sure I had successfully hidden those misgivings since embarking on our travel from Hartsfield International in Atlanta. It was still hard to get past the acrimony of the past year, and the realization during the month or so I was living on my own that we had drifted so far apart over the last couple of years that the only solution was divorce.

When we got to the port and saw the size of the ship, Kate's only comment was, "Oh my." I refrained from saying what I thought. Had I not been aware that she had put this trip together to try and save our marriage I would have just called the immense white ship, "Costa Moby Dick". Actually not so long ago when we both still had a sense of humor, I would have made some comments, and we both would have laughed. Now we were walking on eggshells around each other.

The ship seemed so top heavy that it offended my engineer sense of proportion. It looked like it was ready to capsize any second. But I knew they had been building these kinds of mammoth, dare I say titanic, cruise ships for years and for the most part they managed to stay afloat and upright.

Regardless, Kate had assured me with a wicked smile that we would be spending the majority of our seven days afloat in our cabin while she modeled all the new lingerie she had picked up at Victoria's Secret. Sex wasn't the most important thing in a marriage but it was a good place to start in helping to repair one – and perhaps we could have those pillow talks like we used to, where we shared our dreams and our successes, and comforted each other in our failures. I hoped so.

Well, so much for the best laid plans.

There were probably five or six hundred people waiting to embark at Civitavecchia, although the ship held over three-thousand passengers. Since it made a continuous trip around the western Mediterranean, stopping at seven ports, going as far as Barcelona and then returning to Rome/Civitavecchia, there was a constant ebb and flow of passengers and probably portions of the one-thousand or so crew too.

So it was just this afternoon, while we were standing in the queue to board that the day went quickly to shit.

We heard someone call out, "Kate and James!" We both looked up trying to think of anyone we might know who would be here, and to my dismay it was Melissa and Alan. They had booked passage at the last minute to surprise us.

Melissa worked in hospital administration, and was what I considered a pretty smart person. That was in most things. Of course what had prompted her to marry a weasel like Alan I didn't know. And of course she had little judgment as far as her sister went. Didn't she realize that this was a trip for just Kate and me? She had known all too well about our separation. With their own troubles now and over the years, perhaps she thought it was a good idea to get away with Alan for some alone time too.

As Melissa prattled about her surprise, practically bubbling over with excitement, I tuned her out to watch Kate. She was ashen and seemed very unsteady. I noticed she was trying very hard not to look at Alan. He, on the other hand was staring at her with an expression I can only describe as smug, almost proprietary.

It was then that it felt like someone had put a knife in my chest. I didn't have any solid proof of Kate's infidelity, but at that point as the Brit's say, "the penny dropped." Everything we'd been through the last several months pointed to Kate having an affair. It's just that I hadn't put all the little and big things together. And, of course it was with Alan. Visits to Alan and Melissa' house would not be questioned. And the sudden absence of contact with them both the last couple of weeks, while Kate and I began trying to stitch our marriage back together spoke volumes. Perhaps Kate had broken it off, or at least called a time out, while she tried to lure the cuckold back into her house and bed.

She'd been pretty quick with the divorce action after I moved out. She said she did it to try to get my attention since I cut off all contact. She also said she loved me and wanted us back together. Right. Maybe things hadn't worked out quite as well with Alan as she had planned and she had second thoughts, so she had decided to give her poor schmuck of a husband another chance. Or maybe she figured I was better than nothing while she hunted around for another replacement. Lord knows she didn't need my money.

How had it come to this?

As I sat in that ship's restaurant with its garishly bright lights accompanied by the noise of hundreds of conversations and laughter all around me, I felt miserable and angry.

I realized our marriage had really started to come apart maybe three or four years ago. We just didn't know it. My engineering firm had started to take off and I had at that time about a dozen employees. Kate had taken the job as assistant manager of an upscale restaurant in Buckhead, an always trendy part of Atlanta. We really didn't need the money but the kids were in high school and she felt they didn't need her, so she went back to work. Two years ago she accepted the position of manager of the restaurant. We had our first argument about work and family at that time. It also coincided with our son Matt leaving for college.

Kate put her spear in the ground and wouldn't budge. She was going to take that job despite the long hours and lack of home life. So we hardly saw one another. Our daughter Emily was in high school and involved in every kind of activity there was and seemed hardly to notice we were never around.

A year ago our straight "A" son quit school and moved home. He didn't flunk out of college, he just quit, saying he needed to find himself. I thought that was a load of crap and Kate and I fought for days over how that should be handled. I wanted him to find a job and pay room and board. Kate wouldn't hear of it, saying he just needed some "down time." Eventually I backed down. It wasn't worth the emotional turmoil, although to Kate's displeasure I made my feelings known to Matt. Then in the late spring he suddenly moved out of the house. He'd been home four months and never even looked for a job. I was particularly furious when I discovered that Kate was giving him $100 a week allowance. We fought about that too.

Matt had gone to Boulder Colorado and Kate had given him $2,000 to get started. Emily let that slip one day. I think she was a little jealous. I also got a text from Matt one time that he had accidentally sent to me instead of his mother saying the $1000 per month really was not enough because Boulder was so expensive. That precipitated an explosion on my part which resulted in Kate not speaking to me for a week. Although I don't think Matt got any more money.

Then there was the fight over Emily joining a sorority. She was going to attend the same college as her mother and Kate felt it was important that Emily pledge at her sorority there. I thought the whole fraternity sorority system was a scam and a monumental waste of money, Emily was a brilliant student and I just couldn't see how she would fit in. I also thought I had detected some doubts on the part of Emily, but by the end of the summer she had sided with her mother and decided to pledge. I was disappointed but tried hard not to show it. Kate on the other hand seemed to gloat at another victory over her idiot husband. I just couldn't figure out why everything had to be a battle. For most of our marriage we had discussed things and come to a consensus. Not anymore.

And then once Emily got to campus she cut off all communication with me. I didn't ask Kate what was going on, or even if she had heard from Emily. She would probably have just given me some bull about needing to be a better father.

About the beginning of October 2011 Matt returned home again. I had been on a month-long trip to the Philippines where we were a subcontractor on a dam project in Luzon. I walked in and there he was in the downstairs family room. He was watching TV and eating from a bag of potato chips. An open bottle of my beer was on the coffee table in front of him. His hair was long and he was unshaven. I looked at him with undisguised contempt and said, "Find yourself yet?"

He didn't bother to look at me or acknowledge me in any way.

Kate and I never discussed his presence. Actually there was little of it, for it seemed he was either in his room or out with friends – at least while I was around the house. At that time I started practically living at my office and I would travel a lot so maybe I was at home a couple days a week. I would usually come home on a weekend do some work around the house and leave again. I didn't sleep in the master bedroom, and Kate never commented on it, of course Kate and I rarely saw each other anyway. Her job at the restaurant meant long and late hours. Not seeing me and not sleeping with me seemed to suit Kate just fine. We used to have a very active sex life and I felt it was enjoyable for both of us.

Finally it all came to a head on Thanksgiving. We were spared Alan's presence since Melissa had developed pneumonia, so Alan elected to play the dutiful husband and stay home. Their twins, Simone and Sofia did decide to join us though. They were sophomores in the engineering program at Georgia Tech, my alma mater, and they were as outgoing and delightful as Emily was withdrawn and sullen. Emily had come home from school for Thanksgiving with an amazingly disrespectful attitude, piercings, and her chestnut hair dyed black, and she brought with her Brantley "Lee" Eversole. I thought of him as "Brad you asshole." He was just a spoiled rich kid a couple of years older than Emily, who affected the same retro Goth that she did. It was almost laughable.

Of course Kate was horrified. And was practically apoplexic when Emily announced she had left "that pack of losers" at the sorority after the first month. I wisely kept my mouth shut.

Matt even graced us with his presence at the Thanksgiving table. Of course the meal was catered. Kate was much too busy to cook a Thanksgiving meal even though I volunteered to help as did Melissa's twins. She said she was around cooking all the time at the restaurant and wasn't about to spend any more time in a kitchen than she had to.

The diner was a strained affair to say the least. The twins and I watched our alcohol intake but the others did not. Of course it soon became obvious that Emily and Brantley were stoned out of their minds. I was familiar with the symptoms and was not amused. I think Kate just tried to ignore it by drinking more wine. About the time dessert was served and the caterers packed up and left, I excused myself for a few moments and went to Emily's room. Actually it was the room she was sharing with Brantley, although we had to suffer the charade that he had the guest bedroom. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was several condom wrappers on the floor near the bed. I took some satisfaction in the knowledge that they were at least practicing safe sex. The fact she was flaunting their drug use really bothered me. What had happened to the sweet daddy's girl who used to be my beautiful daughter? Maybe she was just turning into her mother, twenty years early.

On the nightstand I found what I was looking for – a gallon size Ziploc full of marijuana. I'd never seen so much dope. It looked like a damn pillow. Next to it was a quart baggie full of a pharmacy worth of pills of every description. Asshole was obviously not just a casual user, the bastard was a dealer.

I came downstairs and put the bags right in the middle of "Lee's" pumpkin pie and said, quietly but with a great deal of menace, "Get out of my house!"

It took a few moments for his stoned mind to comprehend what had happened and he looked at me and shrugged and said, "Hey man..."


He reached for the baggies but I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him from his chair. "The drugs stay, but you, get out!"

Then he made a mistake. I could see it in his eyes and he telegraphed his punch so far ahead I could have taken a nap before responding. I caught him in the solar plexus and the air burst out of him and he dropped like a sack. Too bad he was so wrecked because I'd have liked him to feel more pain.

Emily jumped up and started screaming. I'm not sure all the things she said, but I was a "Fucking asshole," among other things.

I invited her to leave with lover boy as I yelled at him to not vomit on the carpet. About that point Kate jumped up and came up to me and slurred, "You bastard!" and she took a swing at me. Since she had too much to drink and was pretty unsteady, I just caught her arm and spun her around so she landed on her ass on the floor. There was surprise on her face as she looked up at me, but it seemed there was hatred in her eyes. I had never touched her before in anger, nor threated to. Actually Kate had never tried to slap me before either.

I looked at Matt and said, "Anyone else?" He gave a very slight shake of his head. That was smart of him.

I walked to the powder room off the front hall and it took several flushes to dispose of Brantley's drugs.

When I returned Simone and Sofia stood in the front hall with their coats on ready to leave. They each kissed me on the lips and gave me a very long hug. Ever polite, and with a wink, they thanked their "Uncle James for a most entertaining evening." They were gorgeous identical blondes dressed in clingy cashmere sweaters and skin-tight jeans. In their very high heels they were almost as tall as I was at six one. They, like their mother and aunt, had modeled in high school. Ah to be twenty again I mused, or even thirty...

When I came back into the dining room Matt was still in his place at the table eating his dessert, while Emily and Kate were trying to revive Brantley who was still on the floor. Despite my warning he had managed to vomit on the rug.

Emily looked up at me and said, "I wish you were dead!"

"Yeah, between you, your mother, and your brother, sometimes I do too." I replied as I walked out of the room.

I packed quickly, and went unnoticed out to my car, and drove away.

A week later I got the divorce papers at my office. In the interim, Kate had tried to call me dozens of times and I had to duck out the side entrance to my office a couple of times when she showed up, but I was too damn angry to have anything to do with her. I laughed when I looked at the divorce papers because they also included a restraining order which alleged all kinds of violence against Kate and our children. I was prohibited from contacting them in any way and had to stay away from the house and places of employment. Well, that was my intention anyway, and would apparently solve the problem of Kate's calls and visits.

Kate must have been really pissed that I had dumped her on her ass when she tried to slap me, but she did deserve it. Of course, no complaint was filed with the police. My attorney did get affidavits from Sofia and Simone, just in case. He said the twins seemed amused, and were more than happy to set things straight. I supposed I could have gotten the restraining order quashed, but what was the point? I had no intention of seeing my bitch of a wife or my two useless children. They deserved each other.

I moved into an extended stay hotel while I looked for a more permanent place. The hotel suited me - I had someone to clean every day and there was a washer and a dryer in the unit plus a full kitchen. In childhood I'd picked up some basic cooking skills, and once Kate's job ate up more and more of her time I had refined those skills. Still, there were lots of nights when I settled for a ham sandwich and a beer. I also continued to spend a lot of time at the YMCA. My workouts and my swims just got longer because I didn't have a home to go to, or feel responsible for.

Christmas Day found me alone in my office trying to catch up on a number of projects. Of course I'd been invited by several of my staff to join them for holiday dinner, but I didn't feel like it. Actually it was kind of liberating not having to worry about trying to find a gift for Kate and my two ungrateful children, or to try and socialize with a bunch of folks who were enjoying their Christmas. I had ordered iPad's for Simone and Sofia though. They were still in touch by text and phone anyway, showing concern about how I was doing.

About five, I finally gave up and headed back to my temporary digs and no sooner had I finished my first IPA than the door chimed. Puzzled, I opened the door to find two gorgeous elves bearing gifts and bottles of champagne.

"Merry Christmas" they said in unison. Damn they were beautiful. I tried hard not to stare at inappropriate places, but from their Santa hats to their high heel boots they were as sexy as you could imagine. It was as if Playboy Christmas centerfolds had come to my door.

"Simone, Sofia, Merry Christmas! Come in, come in."

I stepped back from the door and watched them go by. They smelled as delicious as they looked. It was a little on the cool side even for Atlanta and they weren't wearing coats so the fact they weren't wearing bras was also pretty obvious. Simone wore a red silk blouse and Sofia a matching dark green one and their nipples looked like they were going to force their way through the fabric at any second.

Damn, why do they have to be my nieces? I thought.

They walked by me and set their Christmas bags on the dining table before turning to me and giving me very affectionate hugs and again some kisses on the lips that were hardly those of uncle and nieces. There was no way I could disguise my hardness. They had to have felt it during the hug session. Oh well I thought, they were twenty now and in college, so probably nothing they hadn't felt before – well of course they hadn't felt me before.

Sofia rummaged in a large green foil bag and pulled out the fixings for a Chinese meal while Simone popped the cork on the first bottle of champagne. I was sent to the kitchen for glasses, napkins and plates.

We all laughed over the meal because it reminded us of our Christmas tradition of watching "A Christmas Story" together. At the end of that film, Christmas dinner having been ruined by the neighbor's dogs, the family ends up eating at a Chinese restaurant – the only one open on Christmas.

The girls had even brought the DVD along so we could continue the tradition.

We finished the second bottle of champagne and I opened a bottle of Torrentes. There was lots of laughing, and I was pleased they had each purchased a couple of books for me. They really were things I was interested in reading, which meant they had paid attention over the years to my tastes and interests.

"So, your mother's not making her Christmas feast this year?" I asked, knowing well they would not be here if Melissa had been slaving all week in the kitchen. She was quite proud of the fact that her dinners surpassed most fine restaurants.

The girls looked a bit sheepish, and Simone replied, "Well, since you weren't around and everyone seemed fresh out of holiday spirit, she just did brunch after opening presents."

"That's too bad. I know how much your mother enjoys fixing her Christmas dinner."

"We know ... but she just didn't seem to be in the mood. She and dad have been fighting. We're not sure what about but we suspect dad's been out ... well you know..."

I did know, and I went around the table and hugged them. "I'm sorry."

Sofia replied, her eyes shining with unshed tears, "This way at least we get to spend Christmas with our Uncle James."

Simone nodded and smiled, and said, "Plus we had to thank you for the iPad's. What a wonderful surprise. I don't know how you manage to find just the right thing each Christmas, but you do ... that's just one of the things we love about you."

I smiled at them wishing my own children were as caring and grateful for the things I got them, of course this Christmas they received nothing from me.

Trying to change the subject, I asked, "What else did you get?"

Sofia said, "Oh mostly gift cards and some clothes. Then she was silent.

"What?" I asked.

She looked at her sister – I don't know what kind of communication passed between them but Simone nodded, and so Sofia continued, "We all missed having you there ... playing Santa and just doing all the things you do to make Christmas special..."

Suddenly I felt sad. It was the first Christmas I had missed, and I commented, "I don't think Emily and Matt missed me much. You saw them at Thanksgiving. The last thing Emily said to me was that she wished I was dead."

This time it was Simone who said, "Emily feels terrible about that."

I'm sure the surprise showed on my face.

Simone continued, "Emily flunked out of school and moved home."


"She broke up with Brantley. It was a good thing too. He wrapped his car around a light pole a week or so ago and almost killed the girl who was with him at the time. The police found a bunch of drugs in his car – even more than he had at Thanksgiving. Once Brantley gets out of the hospital he'll be in jail. Even his parent's refuse to have anything to do with him. Emily feels so stupid..."

I didn't know what to say.

"Emily got rid of all her piercings and had her hair colored back to close to its original color. I think she was expecting you to be at Christmas ... We think she planned to apologize."

Maybe Emily had learned something after all, but I was far from in the forgiving mood.

Sophia chimed in, "It was pretty obvious that she was crushed when you weren't there and there was no gift from you, especially when we opened our iPad's. Emily burst into tears and left the room. I know it was stupid of her to expect anything considering how she treated you but, well you know how it is ... I think Matt was a little disappointed too."

I shook my head thinking that I had raised two ungrateful shitheads who would still expect a gift despite treating me with contempt and outright hostility.

Then Simone added, "Aunt Kate was crying when they left too. So we left to come and spend Christmas with you and watch our Christmas movie ... that is if you don't mind."

I laughed. "Two of the most beautiful women in the world show up on my doorstep on Christmas bearing gifts, food and champagne - how could I mind?"

They both got up from the table and came over and hugged me. Sofia sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck and batted her lashes at me and said, "Do you really think we're beautiful?"

Certainly she must have felt my hardness through her skin-tight jeans as I simply nodded.

She kissed me long and slow. That didn't make my problem any better.

When I came up for air, I quickly said, "Ready for more wine and a movie?"

They both looked a little disappointed, but I'd had all the teasing I could stand for a while. It was teasing wasn't it?

Sofia grinned at me and in a very sultry voice, said, "I'll let you up on one condition ... you've got to tell us how you've always been able to tell us apart."

"Nope ... guess we'll have to sit here all night!" I laughed as I drew her closer.

She wiggled her butt on my erection and replied, "You might not be very comfortable!"

I laughed. "Okay off, off!"

I moved her off my lap and stood. There was no hiding the bulge she had caused. I'd had enough champagne that it didn't bother me.

Even though there was more teasing and good natured banter with a wicked double entendre thrown in occasionally, eventually we got the meal cleared away and we settled on the big leather sofa in from of my flat screen TV. Sofia popped the disc into the DVD player and soon "A Christmas Story" – the funny and touching story of a boy in pre-World War Two America who only wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas began to play.

Sofia and Simone snuggled against me, boots off and red polished toes hidden under a throw as we laughed at the antics of young Ralphie as he schemes to get his BB gun. We were feeling no pain and I came to notice that my arms were around the girls and my palms had come to rest on some very firm breasts with very erect nipples. Each of the twins had a hand on my upper thigh, and those hands tended to rove a bit.

By the end of the movie we were all in a state of high sexual excitement and at that point Sofia turned to me and kissed me as she wrapped both arms around my neck. Her tongue found a happy dueling partner, as her sister's hand grabbed my hard cock. How she had gotten the zipper down on my jeans I hadn't any idea. The girls took turns plastering themselves against me. At the same time my hands were not idle as I caressed their breasts through the exquisite feeling silk of their blouses.

"Either we have to stop this, or we should move somewhere more comfortable." I eventually managed to gasp.

They both grinned. It was obvious that they had planned this dessert from the start.

Sofia stood up and held out her hand for Simone and helped her up from the sofa. I started to get up but she said, "Relax a bit Uncle James while we put on a little Christmas show of our own."

They both stared at my very hard cock and licked their lips.

I looked up at these two sexually charged females, blonde hair disheveled, lipstick smeared and nipples hard, and sat back doing nothing to hide my excitement. Damn they were beautiful!

They held each other and then did something so incredibly erotic if I'd have touched my cock I would have gone off like a rocket. They started kissing each other and then they moved back and started unbuttoning each other's blouses. Soon they were naked but not before much more kissing of lips, nipples, and flat stomachs and lower, and rubbing against each other as they became even more aroused. The room filled with the smell of exquisite excited female. Their bodies were perfect and their pale bushes were neatly trimmed. I was in heaven. It was like being part of a Viv Thomas porn video.

Did I feel guilty for betraying Kate? Not a bit, and it wasn't just the champagne. Kate had become a stranger who had apparently fallen out of love with me. She had started this whole process and it was clear she wanted out of our marriage. All that was left to do was to live through the days until the divorce was final – and I certainly wasn't going to pass up any opportunity like the one I was being presented!

We ended up in my big bed and spent the rest of the night and a good portion of the morning in every sexual position that three people can probably think of. I was proud of the fact that I gave as good as I got. The twins really inspired me to new heights, so to speak. After a joint shower, they left about noon and I went back to bed and slept until evening. Merry Christmas to me!

For the remainder of Christmas week it was Simone or Sofia who would join me each night. When I asked if their parent's might notice their absence, Simone explained that as long as one twin was around, it was easy to fool them into thinking they were both at home. She said they had done that for years, covering for each other playing a dual role with their parents, who unlike me never had much luck telling one from the other.

Each day I was barely able to drag my ass into the office. Most of my staff was gone for the holiday, so no explanations for my disheveled state were necessary.

On New Year's Eve I had both girls again. We went out for a nice but expensive meal at a restaurant which was a competitor of the one Kate managed. Part of the reason I picked it was that I knew the owner, and I was sure my presence that night with two beautiful women would get back to Kate.

The twins did a repeat of Christmas and by the time they left around noon on New Year's Day I was barely ambulatory. They said they hated to leave but they had to get back to school to move into a new apartment, and in the time before school started needed to catch up a bit on their studies. I apologized, somewhat less than sincerely for monopolizing their study time. They giggled when they asked if upon their return in a few weeks I would promise to behave myself. I told then I would try very hard. This elicited more giggles. Damn they were beautiful and fun. I hated to see them leave.

The only thing that struck me odd was one morning Sofia was in my kitchen with nothing on except a black silk slip and heels and she was talking to her sister on the phone. She didn't know I was in the hallway. I grinned as she talked about my love-making, but then I heard her say "It's poetic justice."

Considering all that had happened since, it seemed unbelievable that New Year's Day was just twelve days ago. After the twins left I spent the next few hours cleaning. I even washed the sheets and aired out the place. I had just showered (again) and put on some sweats and opened a beer when the doorbell chimed.

I wondered if the twins had forgotten something.

I pulled myself up off the sofa and went to the door. When I opened it I was stunned to see Kate.

I just looked at her.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" she said. She was wearing a skirt and white sweater and heels and looked like she had taken particular care with her appearance, but looked very unsure of herself, which was really unusual for Kate.

I looked up and down the hall trying to spot any police before I answered, "Why?"

"Please talk to me James. Please." She pleaded, tears starting to show.

I wasn't feeling charitable and asked, "What about the restraining order? Aren't you afraid I'll commit grievous bodily harm?"

Kate shook her head, tears falling.

Sitting at the big table on the giant liner I wished I'd never let her in. Had I known she was fucking Alan at that time there might have been good reason to call the police. But I stepped back and motioned her inside.

"I'm so sorry James!" She wailed as she rushed toward me. I fended her off. She wasn't going to be allowed to hug me any time soon, nor was I inclined to hug her.

I folded my arms and said, "What do you want Kate?"

She looked at me a second then walked over to my sofa and sat. Damn, I thought, looks like a long visit.

I let Kate go on for several minutes telling me that she loved me and that she's been so stupid to treat me the way she had and that she really wanted us back together. All the time she was bawling away. It was pretty convincing at the time I had to admit, but I managed to get my licks in. I told her that her actions and those of our kids were unacceptable and if and I meant if I came home things were going to change. I'm usually a pretty easy-gong guy and I don't think Kate had ever seen me this angry. I didn't shout or take her over my knee as I was tempted to do, but I made it quite clear that she had hurt me greatly and that I wasn't going to come home until I was sure things had changed between us.

I sent her home without so much as a hug or kiss, with the admonition that she could call me only after she decided she wanted things to change and our marriage to continue. I also told her not to return until she pulled the restraining order.

So the next day she called and told me the restraining order had been cancelled and asked me to come to the house for dinner. I refused, instead opting for a restaurant. It wasn't until the following Sunday we got in bed together. Kate tried to kill me with her enthusiasm. I couldn't help comparing her performance to that of the twins. Kate did pretty well in that category. Her experience with me made up for the lack of youthful enthusiasm. A few days later she arrived at my place and asked me about the cruise. I did resist but after some enthusiastic persuasion she convinced me.

I didn't think more about Simone's comment about "poetic justice" until things started falling into place while we were getting ready to board the ship today. The twins must have known that Kate and Alan were having an affair. Why didn't they tell me? Lots of reasons I expect, to include they loved us both and didn't want to see two marriages fail, despite what they thought about their father. It was just one more of those pieces that came together to complete the picture puzzle of infidelity that was Kate and Alan.

After we boarded Kate walked to our stateroom like a zombie and told me she was tired needed a bit of a nap before dinner. Earlier in the day she had promised an immediate recap of the morning's activities as soon as we got on the ship. I guess running into your lover and his wife might put you off a bit, I mused.

I played the solicitous husband and left her to it while I went to the gym. I wanted to be away from her. Away with some time to think – think and process what I knew or thought I knew.

And then it really all came together as I stood listening outside my stateroom door when I returned from long workout at the well-equipped, but mostly deserted onboard gym. As I approached the door and took my key card from my pocket I heard Alan and Kate arguing. He was upset she had ended their affair, and she kept insisting that it had been a mistake from the beginning and that she was going to make it up to me. Alan laughed at that. He told her that it would never be the same now that she'd had a "real man" and that she didn't really love me – the proof was their affair for the last several months. He wanted them to get together while on the cruise. She told him it was over, and that I was all the "real man" she needed. He said it would be over when he said it was over and not before. I do have to admit I enjoyed Kate's response. At least the loud slap I heard through the door seemed pretty definitive. Too bad she hadn't done that months ago, but now it was much too late.

I didn't stay around long enough to hear anything more – no reason to. I had everything I needed to start, or should I say resume the divorce proceeding. I decided to leave the two of them alone and then reappear just before our dinner reservations at about 8:30 pm, so I went exploring the ship. It's funny how those things work out. That hour or so I spent wandering the ship would later save my life.

So much for the wonderful makeup sex filled cruise. That wasn't going to happen at least for me. Maybe Alan would get his wish after I left the ship. After what I considered the "debacle on the dock" with Melissa and Alan, followed by the conversation in our cabin while they thought I was still at the gym, our marriage was well and truly over and no amount of makeup sex, or cruising the Mediterranean could repair the breach caused by Kate's infidelity. I was going to divorce her and go on with my life.

I looked at my watch. It was now almost ten and the girls weren't back from their trip to the loo. Maybe they had gone straight to the bar. I was impatient to say our goodnights to the others and go back to the cabin so I could tell her I was leaving and divorcing her. I figured I'd give them another five minutes before going to search.

I saw Melissa and Kate coming toward me across the dining room. They were laughing and in their short cocktail dresses and heels they turned a lot of heads. They were beautiful that was true. My anger was suddenly replaced by a terrible feeling of loss and sadness.

As they got closer Kate lost her smile as she looked at me. We had been together a long time and she wasn't stupid. She could tell there was something seriously wrong.

I stood obviously ready to leave, hoping to hasten our departure, and then it happened.

There was a strong vibration from somewhere in the bowels of the ship. I knew immediately it was nothing that was associated with the normal operation of a ship. The deck seemed to jiggle and I grabbed the back of one of the chairs and at the same time helped Kate with her balance. The vibration seemed to go on for a long time and the sound of falling crockery came from the direction of the kitchen. Then the lights flickered but stayed on. All of this caused a lot of nervous laughter and some obviously inebriated comments from around the dining room.

There was no doubt in my mind that the ship had hit something. I also knew that rocks versus a metal hull, rocks win every time, and from the duration of the vibration I figured there was a severe damage to the hull. I looked around. The crew seemed nonplussed and most of the diners had returned to their meals.

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