The Offer From My Sister I Couldn't Refuse
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Masturbation, BBW,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I have a marriage on the rocks, and a sister who does porn. After my wife cheated on me many times, my sister told me straight out that I could fuck her any time I wanted. I didn't want to be unfaithful to my wife, no matter what she had done. But my sister is so gorgeous. What's a big brother to do?

I kissed the beautiful blonde goodbye as I left her house and headed for my car. Before I started driving I lowered my head and rested it against the top of the steering wheel as I asked myself how I had gotten into the situation I was in. It wasn't too hard to come up with the answer. My sister had made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Or more accurately, it was an offer that I could have refused, but didn't.

As unlikely as it will seem, my sister is a porn actress. They must have actual moms and dads and siblings, right? Well, I'm one of the siblings. For some reason I've never liked the generic term porn "star" for every girl who has ever appeared in a movie that featured explicit sex.

I actually don't know if my sister would be considered a "star" or not. Probably. She has been in the industry ... six or seven years now ... yikes. She had a following at one time, and maybe she still does. But when I think of porn "stars" I think of people like Jenna Jameson, or Christy Canyon. Maybe any girl who has her own website (Heather has had several) can be considered a "star." Not that it matters. My sister does porn. That's the long and short of it.

You may have already guessed the offer my sister had made to me.

"You are welcome in my bed any time, Big Bro."

Translation: Fuck me. At first I laughed it off.

"Get out of here, Heather. My marriage may be on shaky ground, but that doesn't mean I've lost my mind."

"You know I'm not kidding though, right Ben?"

"Yes, Heather. I know you're not kidding. But give me a break, OK?"

"It wouldn't be the first time, you know?"

She was right, of course. It had been a number of years since it last happened, but a few times when we were in High school, twice in college, and once shortly before I had gotten married, my sister and I slept together. She has assured me on many occasions that our actions had absolutely nothing to do with her ending up in "the business."

Heather wasn't abused in any way, by me, or our father, or by anyone else. We had a pretty average childhood with no real traumatic events. Neither of us coerced the other into what we did. Heather's very smart, even nerdy and geeky sometimes. She doesn't fit the stereotype people have about women in porn. As for the two of us, we were just a brother and sister who were very close, and at times quite sexually curious.

"Yes, I know it wouldn't be the first time. But it would be the first time since I got married. And I am ... married."

"I know," my sister said with one of her legendary pouts. "For whatever that's worth."

I couldn't tell if she was just joking around, or trying to be supportive in her own way, or possibly missing me and the times we had been intimate in the past, or if perhaps she just had one of her urges to do something super edgy. But I got the message. I could fuck my sister any time I wanted. And that's what I had just done. My sister Heather was the beautiful blonde I was kissing goodbye at her door.

I've been married to my wife Monica for just over six years. And I wouldn't exactly categorize our marriage as years of wedded bliss. It seemed that we were already struggling on our honeymoon. By her own admission, Monica is high maintenance and then some. She's actually proud of it. She comes from money, so she always has and always will be used to getting what she wants. But it wasn't the money that attracted me to her. Not at all.

Monica was beautiful (she still is) and adventurous and fun. It seemed like life together would be a wild ride, in a good way. A wild ride it has been, but not in such a good way. I'm a lawyer and I do a lot of pro bono work for various social agencies. In other words, I get paid more in personal rewards than money ... not that I care. When we met I think Monica liked the idea of being with someone who had a social conscience. She thought it was cool. But I think she assumed I would do that kind of work for a while and get it out of my system.

"I'm glad you're doing something you enjoy," Monica would say.

But, she usually followed that statement with something that showed her true feelings.

"Besides, working to help poor people will look great on your resume down the road. My dad says that lots of big corporations like his expect their executives to be involved in some kind of charity work."

After a couple years of marriage, when I wasn't seeking higher paying work, and when I turned down an offer to join her father's company, Monica didn't think the whole thing was so cool anymore. I don't know if she started being unfaithful to me then, or if it had started even earlier. She's never come out and admitted it, but at the same time she doesn't go out of her way to hide it, either. I'm not sure why she doesn't ask for a divorce. I don't know why I don't either. Maybe we're both just stuck.

I'm not completely sure, but I think my sister has a plan to get me unstuck.

"You need a big change, Bro," Heather said to me recently. "You're too good a guy to get walked all over."

"I'm not getting walked all over, Heather. Monica and I have ... an understanding. I let her do her thing, she gets to travel and shop and all that. And I get to do work that I feel good about."

"Yeah, and she gets to screw anybody she pleases."

"I know, I know."

"It sounds like she fucks more than I do. And well, you know ... that's saying something."

Heather and I rarely talk about the work she does. I'm of course aware of it. I even keep up with some of her photo shoots and videos. I rarely watch anything she does with guys, though. Actually she doesn't do much of that anymore, working with guys. At least that's the way I understand it. I guess it makes me feel a little better knowing that most of what she does now is just posing for pictures and doing some solo videos getting naked and playing with herself.

"Yes, Heather," I said. "I am aware of what my little sister does. You don't need to remind me."

"I know you know. But that doesn't make it less true that your wife probably fucks a lot more than me."

"I don't know if I should find that comforting, or distressing, or what, Heather. On the one hand it means that my baby sister isn't, well, living such a risky lifestyle as she has in the past. On the other hand it means that my wife screws more guys than my favorite porn star."

That got a huge laugh out of her.

Knowing I had a sister who did porn was also appealing to Monica at first. Not only did she not mind, she thought it was cool. She didn't exactly brag about it, but she often dropped the fact that her sister-in-law was, at first a stripper, then a "porn star." In her circle of wealthy friends that's the kind of thing that piques people's interest rather than turning them off. But it wasn't long before my wife got bored with that little thrill too. Now when she talks about Heather at all she only makes reference to "your sister" and nothing else.

It really has seemed as though my sister is settling down over the last year or so. I never really knew too much about her lifestyle, especially when she was really considered more of a "star." Heather really never was a big party girl. From what I knew she would do her work and come home. Even when she was doing personal appearances, dancing at clubs across the country and all that, my impression was that rather than partying and fucking every night away, she would do her thing, collect her pay and go back to her hotel or go home.

"You know what I think you should do, Ben?" Heather asked me during that conversation.

"What Heather?"

"I think you should make a break with Miss Monica the snobby slut once and for all. She doesn't even act like she's married to you. She wants to live her life the way she wants to and she clearly doesn't care if you're a part of it."

"I suppose that makes sense. I'm sure you're right. I just haven't wanted to be so concrete about it."

"Well, I wish you would."

"Yes, and then what? Quickie divorce, find an apartment for myself ... something like that?"

"No, not exactly. Well, divorce absolutely. As quick as possible as far as I'm concerned. But not an apartment."

"What then? I wouldn't want to buy a house right away."

"You wouldn't have to. Move in here with me."

"Heather, I don't think that would work too well."

"Why not?"

"Sweetheart, I love you. But we have very, very different lifestyles."

"Not so much as you might think, Ben. You know I was never such a wild one, even back in the day. I don't even dance anymore. I do photo spreads which are really easy. I don't have to travel far, and usually I just work, come home, turn on the tv and hang with the pets. I do some cam shows from here sometimes and those are easy."

"I guess that does sound pretty sane. But, I don't know, Heather. I don't know if I'm ready to..."

"To what, Ben? To be happy? To be around somebody who cares about you and encourages you?"

"Well, when you put it that way," I said with a smile. "I guess I'll have to give it some thought."

"See that you do," she said. "And while you're at it, give this some thought. We could hang out as much as we wanted. We could play video games! Ben, yes! Halo! Halo 4 is coming out soon! We could play all the time! Come on!"

"You're making it a very tempting idea, Honey."

"We like to do the same things. It would be so awesome. You know Big Brother ... You know what else I like to do, that I know you like to do? At least, I think you do, if you remember how to do it."

"What are you talking about?"

That's when she made her offer.

"You are welcome in my bed any time, Big Bro."

"Get out of here, Heather. My marriage may be on shaky ground, but that doesn't mean I've lost my mind."

"You know I'm not kidding though, right Ben?"

"Yes, Heather. I know you're not kidding. But give me a break, OK?"

"It wouldn't be the first time, you know?"

"Of course I know that."

"I want to know that you're taking me seriously, Ben. I mean it. As far as you're concerned, I am totally fuckable."

"Heather, I always..."

My sister then got up from her chair and moved toward me. She stopped a couple of feet away.

"Of course, maybe you don't want me any more. I would understand that, Ben."

She was wearing a very plain white cotton blouse and black stretch pants. I should have already known what she was up to, but for some reason I felt totally surprised when she took the bottom of the blouse in her hands and pulled it right over her head.

"Heather, what are you..."

She was wearing a lacy white bra and her boobs were bulging out of it. I keep basic track of my sister online. I never really wanted to see her getting screwed by a bunch of guys, or even girls for that matter. But I did want just to see her ... to see all of her. I've thought my sister was absolutely beautiful, and that has never changed.

I knew Heather had been gaining weight over the last couple of years. She had battled the pounds for a long time. When she first started stripping, she was on the high end of the curvy category. She had big boobs then, and she was very attractive. When she started doing videos and actual porn she really got into shape. For a couple of years her body looked really fit and tight.

After she had lost weight, she had breast enhancement. She still had big tits, but they sagged a little after she trimmed down. But when she got the boob job, she just looked amazing. It was spectacular work. However in the last couple of years she's been gaining the weight back. It never bothered me at all. I still think she's was gorgeous. That hasn't changed and never will.

"You've never said anything," Heather said. "But obviously you and I both know I've gotten huge."

"Heather, please. You have never stopped being absolutely stunning."

She put her thumbs into the waistband of her black pants and pulled them down. When I saw her in her black panties I got a better idea of how much she had really "filled out." She still has a great figure. But she's definitely big. The truth is that I think she looks hotter than ever.

"They refer to me as a BBW now. Did you know that, Ben?"

When she mentioned it I remembered that I had seen that along with some of her recent picture sets.

"Who cares, Heather? They get the 'beautiful' part right. You are so gorgeous and you always have been. But Honey, what exactly are you doing?"

"I want to make sure you know what you might be getting into. You really love me, don't you Ben? You still think I'm beautiful? Even though I got fat."

I could tell she was being sincere. My sister is a pretty confident girl. But she has definitely gotten noticeably bigger and I can imagine that messing with her self-esteem. But it didn't matter to me one bit. As I was thinking this, she unhooked her bra and pulled the cups off her tits. Holy shit.

"Heather, don't say that you're fat. You're just so ... oh man! Heather, your tits are just ... Oh Honey, they are so amazing!"

They looked amazingly huge, and I really did love them. I love every inch of her.

"You are the sweetest thing ever, Ben. You always make me feel good about myself."

"Heather, please know that I'm not messing with you. I have always thought you were the most beautiful woman on earth, and seeing you like this tells me that that has not, nor will it ever change. You're perfect to me, Sweetheart."

"Well, thank you. Now, I just want to make sure you understand what I'm saying. If you were to move in here with me, you'd have to understand that I love to fuck. And I don't get fucked nearly enough these days."

"I get that, Heather."

"And I'm horny all the time. So you'd have to get used to waking up with me sucking your cock, or climbing on you for a ride. That would happen all the time. And in case you don't recall, I'm pretty good at sucking cock. I'll bet I can still swallow you all the way."

"Fuck, Heather. You're making me so horny."

"Realize Ben, I want you here, and I want you. I want to be all yours. And you can do anything ... any ... thing ... you want. You can cum in my mouth and I'll gladly swallow, you can cum on my ass or my feet. You can fuck my tits. I'll sit on your face. You can do anything and everything with me."

I was just blown away at how stunning my sister was ... fat ... or bbw ... or chubby ... whatever anyone wanted to call her didn't matter to me. Her boobs were so big, she was soft and padded all over. When she turned to show me her backside and take down her panties I saw how big her butt had gotten. And I loved that too.

"Heather, you are so perfect. You're turning me on, so much."

She moved closer to me, then leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. I couldn't help putting my hands on those huge tits. Then Heather knelt down between my legs and starting taking down my pants.

"I can see from the bulge here how much I'm turning you on, Ben. Are you gonna let Little Sister give you a happy ending today?"

"Ohhh Heather ... I can't. I want to soooo badly. But I've never been unfaithful and I don't want to start now, no matter what Monica has done."

Heather had just pulled my pants and briefs past my erection, sprang to attention.

"One thing hasn't changed," she said. "You still get harder than any guy I've ever seen. You could hit home runs with that bat, Mister."

"Heather, please. I ... I know ... nobody has ever made me harder than you. But I just can't."

She gave me another patented Heather pout, including the incredibly sexy little bite on her lower lip. She leaned back a little and didn't touch my hard-on. If she had I probably would have blasted off in two seconds.

"Tell me something, Big Brother. Do you look at my pictures and get yourself off?"

"Yes, I can't deny that."

"So, if you can justify that, why don't you look at me now, and do the work yourself?"

"I don't know, Heather..."

"Seriously, Ben. Just pretend you're looking at me on your computer. I'll just sit here and hold my tits for you and you can give yourself a happy ending. What would be wrong with that?"

I knew of course that there was plenty wrong with that, starting with the fact that I would be getting sexual gratification from my sister. But that was nothing new. Heather scooted back a little more and did just what she said she would. She took one of those huge, gorgeous breasts in each hand and squeezed them together. Then she looked up at me with those big, grayish-green eyes that just melt me. I was helpless before her beauty. I took my dick in my hand and started stroking it.

"You can cum on my tits if you want. You've thought about doing that I'm sure."

"Oh, maybe a million or so times."

"Good. Then cum all over my tits, Ben. Or maybe I have a better idea. You want to hear a little story that I'm sure I never told you?"

"I guess so."

"OK. It's a fun story. About a year ago I got hired for a special job by these two sweet guys who are brothers, and who own a bunch of car dealerships. They paid me a ton of money to do a striptease for twenty or so of their friends. They guys were great and they all put lots of money in my g-string, and between my boobs and everything ... even though I was already getting paid for the gig. Then the brothers took me into another room."

"Am I going to think this is a fun story?" I asked as I stared at Heather's incredible boobs, her super sexy mouth, and those eyes.

"I hope so," she replied. "You should find it interesting at least. And you'll see the relevance in a second. Well these brothers were huge fans. And they told me the one thing they both really wanted to do was cum on my face. So, they said they would give me a special surprise, above and beyond all the money they had already paid me, which was a lot, if they could jerk off on my face."

"Ohhh fuck, Heather ... mmm..."

"I had no idea what the surprise would be, but they were such nice guys and they had paid me so much already that I would have blown them both for free at that point. So I figured what the hell."

"Soooooo ... oh Honey ... so did they?"

"They sure did. The both took out their dicks, which were very respectable ... not as nice as yours, of course. But they both stood there while I played with my tits, just like I'm doing now, and in a minute or two they both unloaded in a big way, all over my pretty face."

If I weren't such a stand-up guy ... lol ... I would have put my hand behind my sister's head right then, and let her swallow my dick to the hilt. But for some stupid reason I still didn't want to cheat on my wife. So I kept jerking myself and I got ready to blow my load on Heather's boobs.

"What was the surprise?" I grunted out.

"It's in the garage," she said. "The next day a guy arrived with a gorgeous, red, Benz convertible. He gave me the keys and the title and he went on his way. You know, Big Bro ... I would love, love, love for you to cum on my face right now, and you don't have to give me anything. We can just call it a preview of things yet to come, so to speak."

"Oh fuuuck Heather ... I don't ... mmaaahhhhooohhhh..."

"Come on, Benny. Cum on your little sister's face. I want it so bad. I've never, ever wanted anybody's cum on my face like I want yours right now. Please?"

One more pout and bitten lower lip was all it took to convince me. I quickly stood up as the white stripes started shooting out of my cock. I don't know that my balls have ever produced so much semen at one time as they did in those next few moments.

Shot after shot after shot came spurting out. And unlike a lot of the idiots I've seen in porn, many of whom have probably unloaded onto my sister just like I was doing, I knew how to aim. So rather than shooting most of my load over her head, or to the left or right, every spurt hit home. It all landed on that perfectly gorgeous face, or in her hair.

Heather closed her eyes as the explosion began, but the smile she had given me stayed on her face the whole time. When I had finally finished she opened her eyes, even though one of them was covered in my jizz, and smiled wider than ever. My cum was starting to run down her face and a few globs fell in between those big knockers.

"Ben Honey, you could have a future in my business. I only know of a few guys who can produce that much cum in a single showing."

"Fuck, Heather. I can't believe I did that. You are just the hottest, most beautiful woman I've ever seen, or ever will see."

"Even with your glaze all over my pretty face?"

I loved the way she said, "my pretty face." I can hear it now. How I didn't fuck her on the spot I'll never know.

"Especially with my glaze all over your pretty, perfect face, Sweetheart."

She stood up, her face now dripping white stuff all over those huge tits, and she looked up into my eyes.

"You can do this every day, Big Brother. And I'm sure you don't want to mess up your shirt right now. But next time, you can kiss your cum off my face and lick up all the rest of it from my tits and wherever else it lands. I know you used to like to do that."

"Heather ... I just fucking love you so much."

Taking care not to get my cum on my shirt as she had said, I leaned down and kissed my goo-covered sister directly on the mouth. She slid her tongue into my mouth and made sure I got a good taste of myself before we pulled apart.

"I want you to be mine, Benny Baby. I'm totally serious. Please think about what I said, especially about how you're welcome in my bed any time. You're welcome to every inch of me, any time, all the time, Big Brother."

"I don't think I'll be able to do much but think about that, Heather. I just need to go home now and figure out what to do with my wife. But believe me, if you're serious about your offer, then I'll be seriously considering it."

"I couldn't be more serious, Ben."

After that my big, beautiful, porn star sister turned and walked to her bathroom to clean up her face and body. I got myself cleaned up and went home to make some decisions about my marriage. I hadn't been ready to fuck my sister that day. But the events that followed were about to change my thinking about a lot of things, including that.

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