The Island Resort
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Coercion, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Lactation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts, Public Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple "wins" a dream vacation to an exotic tropical island resort. Once there they both learn this resort is not quite what they expected. The wife undergoes physical changes. Both are exposed to things they have never imagined. The sexual energy on this island is unlike anything they ever could have imagined. If you enjoy plenty of sex, huge boobs, submissive behavior and even some physical changing this might be the place for you.

We were all gathered in a large ball room. There were tables along the back of the room with all kinds of food, mostly hor dourves and such. This was a very lavish spread. On one side of the room was a full bar loaded with all types of alcohol and up near the front was a coffee station and oddly enough a cereal station. Whatever I thought. To each his own I guess. I wasn't very hungry since I had a pretty big breakfast this morning. At the front of the room the curtains were still closed concealing whatever was on stage.

"Here you go Ben." said Brittany as she handed me another glass of champagne. Brittany was our personal concierge or PC for short as she kept tell me. A PC was part of our deluxe accommodations that my wife Julie had booked for us. That is what Britt (as she insisted I call her) told me this morning when we met.

Now that was a bit of a strange first meeting. I was in suite sleeping of course when I was awoken by the smell of bacon. Come on. Who doesn't love the smell of bacon in the morning. I began to stir in bed and noticed Julie wasn't there next to me. I was a bit surprised but figured no big deal she was just trying to surprise me with breakfast in bed.

I guess i should take you back to the beginning before I tell you about breakfast. It all started a few weeks ago. Julie told me about this amazing resort she found for our winter vacation. It was an all inclusive resort island. Yes, an island. The resort owned an entire island. It all seemed a little extravagant but Julie assured me we could afford it. She handles most of the finances to I just trusted her.

The place looked amazing. A private island with everything we could want to do hang gliding, parasailing, scuba diving, beaches you name it. All of this once we got there but the vacation started even before arriving. The resort would send a private charter plane for us. There would be a few other passengers but still it wasn't like flying commercial.

The flight down was rather eventless. We were in our own private suite. We had our own entertainment system and flight attendant kept coming in to check on us. The food was great and the time in the air just seemed to fly by. At one point the attendant and Julie left the suite for a bit but all seemed well when she returned.

We landed on the island were greeted by a limo to take us to our accommodations. It looked like a tiny house or a really nice cabin depending how you thought about it. Any way we unpacked and settled in. The paperwork on the counter informed us of the "Welcome and Reveal Ball" to be held the following afternoon. We decided to stay in our suite for the evening and just relax.

After eating a meal we sat down in the living to watch a movie. We just cuddled on the couch till it was over. Julie then announced she was going to shower and left me there to watch ESPN. I guess I got caught up in the show because next thing I realized she was walking around the couch wearing a sexy lace bra and matching panties.

Julie didn't say a word. She just walked around in front of me. Once there she slowly turn around in a complete circle. Once she was facing me again she just slowly got down on her knees in front of me. She reached for my shorts and pulled them down under my balls and just dropped her mouth down over my cock as soon as it came into view.

I was stunned. Don't get me wrong. Julie and I have a fairly active sex life, but it is very uncommon for her to initiate sex. And oral sex, forget it. I always have to bring up the idea. Again don't get me wrong she gives me head. Good head even. None of that weak "I'm only doing this to keep him happy" shit. Something was different tonight. No way I was going to stop her either. Hell no. This was amazing. I'm on a tropical island with my sexy wife dressed only in lace bra and a thong with my cock buried so far down her throat her lower lip and touch my balls. Amazing vacation so far.

Julie was working my cock like a woman possessed. This quite possible was already the best blow job of our marriage. After what felt like an eternity Julie finally let my cock out of her mouth and climbed up on the couch. She startled me on the couch and lowered her breast down into my face. Julie's breast have always been very very firm. It probably helped that they were only a full B cup. I loved them and she knew it. Often she would tease me and go out without wearing a bra. Yup, they were that firm that they still looked amazing under her shirt without a bra.

I don't know if it was the build up from the amazing blow job I just had or this new bra she was wearing but her breast just seemed different. Not sure how to explain it. They were still sexy as hell but as I began rubbing and licking them they just felt different. Oh well I sure wasn't complaining. I had a smoking hot piece of ass dressed only lacy things all primed and ready for sex.

After a bit more heavy kissing she leaned down to my ear and whispered "Lets take this to the bedroom.".

That's all the encouragement I needed. As soon as she climbed off of me I was up and on my way. Stripped naked before hitting the bed. Julie told me lie down and again she was on top of me. Needless to say my cock was still rock hard. She didn't even bother stripping. She just pushed her panties to the side and placed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. Once lined up she just lowered herself down in one fluid motion burying my cock balls deep. In case there was any question in my mind if she was excited it was wiped away when I realized how wet she was already. I'm not huge but big enough and she is tight enough that she need to be wet to get my cock in. Especially all the way in and in only one swift motion. Damn she was tight. Even though she was so wet I could feel her pussy walls just gripping my cock.

Up and down she went. I loved the view looking up at her work my cock. Then she reached her arms back grabbed her bra and next thing I knew her tits were free. Not just free but on their way down to greet me. She was bending down on top of me lowering her pert full tits to my face. I reached up to cup them. Again I couldn't figure out why but they felt different, bigger maybe too. Maybe she was putting on weight. No way I was going to say anything. Julie just kept riding me with everything she had.

Without stopping she told me to let her know when I was ready to shoot my load. Made me promise even. Hell with her riding my cock like that I'd promise to do anything she wanted. It wasn't too much long before I was calling out "I'm going to cum soon"

In a flash Julie was off of me. I got concerned for a second but it didn't take long for me to feel her lips wrapped around my cock again. I told her again "I'm going to cum". I did this because I know she usually doesn't like me to cum in her mouth. I can count the times she had let me do that on 1 hand.

That didn't stop her though. She just continued working my cock with her lips and throat. Sure enough it was time. I could feel my balls emptying their load up through my rock hard cock buried in my wife's throat. She gently started working my balls with her hand to make sure she had the whole load.

Once she was done and laying next to me I asked "What got into you today". Julie answered "Nothing, just wanted to have a good time. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Of course I did. You were amazing". Hell that might have been the best sex we ever had. I held her tight and we drifted off to sleep.

Next thing I knew I was waking up to smell of bacon. Like I said before. I noticed I was in bed along and just figured Julie was cooking up breakfast in the kitchen. On my way out of the bedroom I grabbed my robe and good thing I did.

I was not prepared at all for what I saw and it must have showed on my face.

"Oh dear you're up. I didn't mean to startle you" said Brittany.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my suite and where is my wife?" I asked to this stranger in my kitchen. There before me was a strange woman. Well actually there was nothing strange about her other than the fact I didn't know her and she was in my suite. She had to be in her early twenties with a tight athletic little body. Her breast were about the same size as Julie's. Well same size as Julie's used to be. She was a bit thinner and touch shorter than Julie. She was wearing a resort polo shirt and shorts but damn she made them look good.

"Hi, my name is Brittany but you can just call me Britt. I'm your personal concierge. I'm here to make sure you stay here at the resort is as pleasant as possible. It's my job to make sure your every want, need and desire is tended too. We know that being in a new place can be a little overwhelming sometimes especially a place like our luxurious island resort. So I've been assigned to your and Julie to help make your stay with us as stress free and as relaxing as possible. To answer your other question. Julie had an early morning appointment at our spa to help her prepare for the ball later. She will meet you there."

I figured this was vacation was going pretty good so far. I flew in on a chartered jet, had perhaps the best sext of my marriage with my wife last night, wake up to some twenty something hottie making me breakfast. Life was good. I still haven't seen much of the resort but Britt assured me we'd take a tour later after the big "Welcome and Reveal Ball".

It was a little strange not having Julie around but I figured I'd just go along with things. Hell any meal I didn't have to cook for myself was a good meal. And the company was pretty good. Britt was quite the hot little piece of ass. Kind of reminded me of a younger version of my own Julie. She kept track of time and made sure we stayed on schedule to get to ball on time.

So here we are at the ball. People are just kind of socializing and hanging around. I still wasn't hungry since I had a late breakfast but the champagne was sure going down smooth. I stumbled upon a number of other men there without their wives. Guess it was a big thing for ladies to hit the spa before this thing. They too had personal concierges there by their sides.

Britt appeared with another glass of champagne and told me we should take our seats soon the opening ceremony was about to begin. So we went ahead and took our seats. I tried asking Britt about Julie and she assured me she would be along soon. She said something about the salon gets backed up sometime when with all the women wanting everything just right. In just a moment the announcement was made that the program would be and everyone was asked to take their seats.

The hall lights were dimmed and the stage lit up. A man took to the stage and in front of the curtain and began welcoming everyone. From the sounds of it there were a number of returning guest at this event, and of course some first timers like myself. The announcer continued with bunch of resort information and then it was time for the main event as he called it.

Ladies and gentlemen please join with me in welcoming the latest in the resort's long line of Hybrid Bovines. I was confused as he said this. What kind of show was this. My mind was racing trying to figure things out. Ok well if I'm honest my mind was in no condition to race. It seems the champagne was going right to my head. Little did I know that it wasn't just the champagne. Turns out my personal concierge was giving me more than just champagne but I would find out more about that later.

Anyway up on stage the curtain was being lifted. It only took a second for my cock to start stirring in my pants. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There on stage were six stunning women. Their bodies were very sexy and let me tell you. With the tiny bikinis and strange high heels they were wearing there wasn't much being left to the imagination. First off let me be clear. These women were NOT fat. In fact they almost has washboard abs but their thighs were full, their asses were plumb and man their tits were amazing. They were all so full and round. I swear the smallest one had to still be a very full C cup.

Like I said they were all wearing these strange heels. They were black in color and looked like they were some kind of platform. The heel itself had to be at least 6 inches. The bikinis bottoms were pretty normal in size with a black and white pattern. The tops were not very big. That or they just looked smaller because all of the breast inside of them were so large. The tops also had the same black and white pattern. All the women had their hair back in pony tails and their eyes were covered with some type of mask.

They looked so sexy. I just could couldn't stop staring. I was so focused on the six beauties on stage I didn't even realize my cock was straining against my pants. I wasn't the only one that noticed it either. Britt reached over and began lightly rubbing her hand over my crotch. I probably should have stopped her but it felt so good. I was getting so hard and turned on by these beauties on stage.

The announcer cut in and worked the crowd into a frenzy over these six women on stage. They had been joined by six men. They had attached short leashed to collars around the women's necks. They were also wearing some kind of mask. It covered the top half of their faces including their eyes but not their mouths. Turns out these women had all volunteered to be part of a special program and we were all going to participate. This sounded good to me.

While he spoke the women were led around on stage in their platform heels by. This of course caused their asses and tits to sway and bob to and fro. Apparently they were not offered much support from their tiny bikinis. I swear some of the women looked like they were about to fall out of their tops. This sure wasn't helping the raging hard on growing inside my pants. I swear I was about to rip a hole through my pants. Britt knew exactly how hard i was because she now rubbing and squeezing my cock. If Julie were here I might just slip it out through the zipper. The audience lighting was kind of dim. I swear I might even be getting a blow job now if Julie was here.

After parading the women around the stage they were each lead to some kind of a stand. Each one kneeled down and bent forward on a bench supporting their body. This left their huge tits hanging in front of them. I swear they all looked like they were ready to spill out. The men leading them all took position standing behind the "benched" women.

The announcer shared that these women had all volunteered to be part of a special program. Each one had been specially selected and had been in preparation for this night for weeks. He said something about great changes that were about to take place and we would all get be a part of these changes. Then he started asking for volunteers.

The mixture of champagne and whatever Britt had put in my drinks was clearly running it's course. I was in a haze. Time seemed to go really slow for me then speed up. All this time though Britt continued to massage my raging hard on. I swear it was ready to bust through my pants.

Next thing I knew I was up on my feet and being led to stage. Turned out Britt had volunteered me to take part in whatever was about to happen with these lovelies on stage. I didn't know and I didn't care. All I knew was my cock was rock hard and straining against my pants.

Britt was leading me by my hand. Well she was hold my hand but I assure you it was my cock that she was really leading me by. We just continued our way to the front of the room then up on the stage. The champagne and whatever she was putting in had my mind all cloudy. All I could think about was my cock and Britt's ass. I'd been staring at those little white shorts ever since we got out of our seats.

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