V Is for Vengeance
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, BiSexual, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Water Sports, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bitchy College girls pranks can sometimes go too far. But what goes around can come back to bite you in the ass

"Please, Janice, it's not like the Cheerleader Squad will fall to pieces without you." Robert's words rang true to Janice, even though his callous tone of voice used to speak them deeply stung the 19 year old college junior to the quick.

"You have to admit, sweetie," Robert went on seemingly insensitive to the effect of his words, " You're no plain Jane, in fact, you have a great body, but you haven't a clue what to do with it."

Virginal Janice had lowered her head and refused to look at Robert lest she show him her blushing cheeks, trembling lower lip or eyes which were beginning to well with tears. But she did manage a slight shrug of her shoulders as if to grudgingly agree with everything he was telling her.

Robert didn't know for sure that Janice still had her cherry, but his girlfriend, also a school cheerleader, had filled him in on the fact that no guy had filled Janice in ... anywhere! So Robert was pretty sure that cutie but klutzy Janice, would feel the barb of his remarks. But he pretended to mean something else, something less personal or embarrassing.

"I mean, let's face it Janice," he consoled with his hand on her shoulder, " When it comes to slip-ups the squad can always count on you."

Janice wiped away a tear and managed a smile and even a small laugh, " Yeah, I guess my being in the middle tier of the Cheer-pyramid was a mistake." Janice remembered all too well how she had disgraced the Cheerleader Squad at last month's game against Laval University when she lost her balance and topped over knocking the whole girl-crew sixes and sevens with everyone of them lying flat on the ground in front of thousands of college fans from Montreal and Toronto.

Worse! One of the cheerleaders, Mandy Fuchs, who was at the pinnacle of the pyramid, ended up atop all the girls in a heap. Mandy struggled to right herself but her position made that difficult. She was bent backwards on mounds of girl flesh; she could barely wiggle about as her legs ere splayed, knees bent and caught in thrashing limbs, her micro-skirt was bunched around her waist. What made her situation even more difficult was that Mandy had decided to be daring that morning and, against school rules, Mandy had gone commando.

Her bare, bald pussy was on complete display for a full three minutes and she could do nothing about it. The CBC was doing a live feed and the director was keen to get shots of what could be 'breaking news' and certainly decent a fluff piece. So he had the camera operator zoom in with close shots on the human pile of perilous pulchritude. He was not paying close attention, so it took about 30seconds before he realized the camera guy (known as Jerk-off Joe) kept his long-range lens focused on Mandy's gaping, wet pussy ( that image, needless to say, made it to various porn versions of YouTube under amusing and lewd titles, such as ' The Slut Slot Shot ', 'Cheers!', " Lips Sink" and "The Vagina Dialogues – You Can Splay That again!"

By the time the fuss was over and the game had continued, Mandy was aware of three things: (1) she had never been so humiliated in her life, (2) Janice was the one who had caused her fall and utter embarrassment, and (3) Mandy was going to make that bungling bitch pay!

So when Robert reminded Janice of her recent disaster, she felt guilt all over again, not least because that poor girl, Mandy, who had been so shamed live and on endless on-line video clips, was ever so nice to her and consoling. At the next practice, Mandy had shown her honourable side as she told Janice it was just an unfortunate accident that could happen to anyone and, if anyone could said to be to blame it was herself for forgetting to put on panties that day.

Still, the fall did result in Janice being kicked off the Cheer leading Squad and relegated to the less prestigious role of Half-Time Events volunteer. Robert was the coordinator for that group and it seemed he was trying his best to cheer up Janice by pointing out the silver lining that was the cloud around her.

"You have to recognize your limits, Janice," he told her. " Stress the positive and avoid the negative. And I think I have just the thing to bring your head out of the doldrums."

Janice was hopeful. Robert may be an insensitive, dumb-ass Senior jock, but his heart was in the right place. She was hopeful his idea might help her bruised ego and she also wanted to please him for being so thoughtful and caring for her.

She listened intently as he described the event he had planned for the BIG GAME at the end of November.

"As you know, Janice, the U of T cheerleaders and special events crew have been chosen to perform at this year's Grey Cup game in Toronto. It's the hundredth anniversary of the Cup and, in a special tribute to Earl Grey, we have designed a special effect to honour this great man.

Janice was well aware of Grey's role in the political and cultural history of the nation. As a high school senior last year, she had done extensive research on Wikipedia on that man whose tea she often drank. And, of course, as a football cheerleader, she had to be knowledgeable about the famous man and his trophy. Janice proudly recalled her term paper that began:

The 2012 game, to be played in Toronto, will be the 100th Grey Cup. The trophy was commissioned in 1909 by Albert Grey, 4th Earl Grey, Canada's Governor General, who originally hoped to donate it for Canada's senior amateur hockey championship. After the Allan Cup was donated for that purpose, Grey instead made his trophy available as the national championship of Canadian football.

Janice would be grateful for any chance to take part in this historic sports event. She was all ears as Robert explained her dramatic and staring role.

"As you know, the 4th Earl Grey was renowned for his passionate support of the rule of law, peace and good government, basic Canadian values." Robert said as he revealed the event details. " Well, the dean of Osgoode Law School will be on hand during half-time and will dedicate a new trophy. The dean will be atop a ten-foot-high platform driven on to centre field by a motorized stage with blue skirting around the edges to hide the vehicle and staging below."

"Staging?" asked Janice, somewhat confused.

"Right. I'll be driving and you will be with me below the platform and hidden from view. This devise not only moves the stage, it also has an auto-lift trapdoor, lie you see in some opera and play productions. I've used these before and they are so cool. The floor panel silently slides open and the lift rises to carry an actor from below on to the stage as if by magic. It's a wonderful theatrical effect. They screwed it up in Vancouver at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in 2010 ( left the Great One (99) shaking his head with egg on his face ) ... but I've tested this one out a dozen times and it's perfect, nearly silent too."

Janice was excited and intrigued. " What's my role, then? Where to I come in?"

"Just before the dean gives his speech, I will open the trap-door and raise Lady Justice up so she stands next to the dean. The effect will be fantastic! Lady Justice in all her glory, draped only in her toga, blindfolded and carrying aloft in one hand the scales of justice and in the other the sword of retribution. And you, Janice, get to play the part of Lady Justice. What do you think of that?"

Janice was beside herself! She wanted to go to law school after getting a BA, she wanted to make up for disgracing herself last month, she wanted to honour both the dean and the memory of Earl Grey, and she so wanted to be in the spotlight once again.

"I'll do it, for sure, Robert." She gleefully declared. " But you're going to have to help me to make sure this comes off all right. I don't want to screw things up again."

"Don't you worry, Janice," said Robert with a grin, " I'll be right there to make sure everything comes off alright."

Sunday, November 26, 2012 was a most memorable day. CBC, TSN and CTV coverage of the Half-Time ceremonies ensured a multi-million viewership on top of the tens of thousands of loyal CFL fans at the Toronto-hosted Grey Cup Centennial Game. Everyone would have a lot to remember!

The score was tied at the half and the tension and excitement in the air was about to get a lot more exciting and tense, as Robert's Platform-mobile made its way to the center of the stadium. Dean Oglesby was making his way across the field and climbing up the five steps and on to the platform as the U of T marching band gave a brilliant rendition of 'The Maple Leaf Forever' followed by 'O, Canada' which the crowd joined in patriotic fervour.

Janice could hardly contain herself. She was decked out in a white, pleated singlet which hung loosely from her ample breasts and reached several inches above the knee. She was otherwise totally naked save for the blindfold made of a white strip of cloth; she was completely in the dark and in more ways than one.

Janice had strict instructions, which she swore she'd follow, to not move a muscle so that she would give the impression of being a living statue of Lady Justice herself. In her left hand she held up a rather heavy set of scales. In her right hand she held high the sword of retribution.

The band finished and the crowd cheered. Dean Oglesby reached for the microphone and, to his right, the trap door silently slid open and the mini-platform on which Lady Justice stood slowly rose. As it rose, Lady Justice appeared: her blindfolded head, her bare shoulders, her toga draped torso and, as the trap-stage neared the end of its upward journey, Robert reached up and grabbed Janice's toga by the hem and gave a good yank.

The singlet had been held tight resting only on Janice's breasts. When Robert yanked, the cloth simply fell away, dropping to her ankles and revealing Lady Justice in all Her glory. Joe, the cameraman from the CBC, zeroed in on Lady Justice's smooth shaven pussy and panned up to her perky tits and rosy cheeks. It was a chilly November afternoon in Toronto and cold, hard justice was handed down to Janice who continued to stand there, not daring to move a muscle.

She was stark naked, blindfolded with her hands and arms held high and unable to cover up; and she was being viewed by millions! Just the way Mandy, Robert's girlfriend, wanted her. Justice was served and, in this case, like Vengeance, it was a dish best served cold. For not only was Janice on full naked display, she was freezing her tits and her ass off too. The porn YouTube style images that went up around the world were given cute titles like "Just Ass is Served ", "Nannookie of the North", "The Grey D-Cup", "Naked Justice but No Bum Wrap", and "Go back ten yards and ... Cunt!"

Janice vowed to get her revenge on Robert

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