Alpha Male
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, Daughter, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Squirting, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Daughter with mum, until I win the lottery. Living together at the lake. Then my sisters come and join us and we all cum and cum.

I caught her, in my bed, with her boss. Came back early from fishing, wish I'd been hunting. A fishing rod isn't half as threatening as a 12 gauge. Angela was no angel, the bitch just laughed, her boss told me to go away and come back when I'm a man. Filleting knife goes through sidewalls real easy. He was pissed about fixing four flats. I had the last laugh when his brakes failed, gosh, someone punctured his brake lines. He wasn't going fast enough to do any serious damage to the car or him. Cops weren't too happy with me but the judge sympathised and only gave me 30 days.

No-one told Angela I was well-behaved and she was rather surprised when I walked in after 10 days. I'd been able to start divorce proceedings from the lock-up so she'd already been served. My cousin Sue was the bank manager so I'd been able to lock that aspect up, my Uncle Dave was my boss so my job was waiting for me. Still my family didn't control everything in the town so when the divorce case was heard she got the usual female advantages, damn near cleaned me out. Daughter Brenda, was only 15 so she had to stay with mum, even though she told the judge, loudly, in court, that she didn't want to stay with a cheating whore. The judge told her to shut up, she had no say until she was eighteen.

At least I had my clothes, my old pick-up, and my fishing gear and boat. Who am I kidding, it was a dingy with a 25hp outboard. Even so I had to sell it to get into a rental apartment. My job was OK but selling furniture on commission isn't the easiest way to make a living. Still I made enough to survive.

Angela was made a pariah in town so she moved 150 miles away. This time I got my sympathetic judge (a great-uncle) and Angela had to pay all the travel costs for Brenda to visit one weekend each month and half of each school holidays. Brenda and I got on very well even though money was tight through me not working as much when she visited. Uncle Dave encouraged me to bring Brenda in with me as he said she brightened up the place and he found some office work for her to do.

Three years of this hand to mouth existence, I'd just put Brenda on the bus back to her moms and was walking home when I spotted a brooch by the sidewalk. Picked it up thinking it might be worth something, but looking closely it was obvious that it was pretty old and probably a family heirloom worth a lot. I put an ad in the local papers Lost and Found with my phone number and when the paper came out my phone rang.

"I think you've found my mothers brooch, a Cabochon Brooch with an engraving of two children, a girl on a swing with a boy holding two apples."

The description was perfect so I arranged to meet her at my work the next day. She was so grateful to get the brooch back that she wanted to give me a hundred dollar reward. I refused to accept, so she gave me a motherly kiss and turned up the next day with a cake and some shop vouchers that Brenda could use. Also in the envelope was a couple of lottery tickets. I put the envelope on the mantel and didn't think to check the tickets until a week after the prize draw.

One ticket won Twenty Million, about twelve and half million after taxes.

I went back to work in a daze. My boss stopped me as I walked in the office and looked at me.

"Are you OK Jake, you look like you've seen a ghost."

"I ... I ... I won the lottery."

"Holy shit, about time some luck went your way. How much?"

"Twenty, About Twe ... twel ... Twelve and a half million after tax!"

"ALL RIGHT. Invest it wisely and you'll never have to work again. Your cousin Susan at the bank can get you started on term deposits and sort you out with a proper financial advisor. I'll plan on your immediate retirement, and I do not expect you back this week. I suggest you collect the money, put say, ten million straight into term deposits for now and keep the rest available, buy a new house, truck, fishing boat, whatever."

My Uncle Dave made a lot of sense so I collected the money and saw cousin Sue. She nearly fainted when she saw the numbers but got me organised. Ten million at current interest rates gives an income of nearly five hundred thousand a year which is a hell of a lot more than I'm currently earning.

I went back to my apartment in a bit of a funk and just sat there. My dreams that night were ... interesting. But by morning I'd decided to follow the rest of my uncles advice.

I cleaned out my truck and took it down to another uncles' Ford dealership and traded it in on the latest Ford 250 CrewCab pick-up, with all the trimmings. I picked up the property paper and started looking and one of the pictures reminded me of a place I'd seen a while back when I'd gone fishing. Back then it had a big "No Trespassing" sign but now the picture included a smaller "For Sale" sign. The map had shown there was a lake there but I couldn't find a way in to it. I contacted the realtor who surprised me, the place had been on the market for over two years. It was a hundred and twenty miles north so he passed me on to a local agent who arranged to meet me there in a couple of hours.

I found the property and the agent arrived at the same time. He unlocked the gates and we drove up a long winding drive to find the house on a rise beside the lake. Woooheee the house was fancy.

The house had cedar sidings and a tile roof, the master bedroom had an ensuite that could have damn near fitted a football team in it, there were four guest bedrooms, each with a small ensuite, a large kitchen, a formal dining room, super large living that opened onto a huge redwood deck. There were sun sails over parts of the deck with plenty of sunbathing areas. The house was nearly fully furnished although it had been vacant for a year.

By the lake was a dock and boathouse big enough for two with a proper launching ramp. The garage could fit three and still had plenty of workshop area. The place was off the grid and had a great setup of solar panels, wind turbine and battery storage. All this on 160 acres of land that was mostly covered in trees with a state forest on the other side of the thirty acre lake.

It was perfect.

The valuation wasn't too far different from the asking price of 1.2 Million so I pulled out my checkbook. The agent was dumbfounded when I gave him the asking price. We headed back to his office and he got busy on the phone. He cleared the check with my bank, and arranged for settlement in two days. I asked him to get a cleaning crew to go through it as I planned to move in Monday.

I headed back to town with a sense of purpose and dropped round to see my uncle. He liked the new truck and patted me on the back when I told him about the property.

I spent the weekend packing up my apartment and Monday morning I handed my keys in and drove off. I got to my new house and met the agent there. He handed over the keys and all the paperwork.

He drove off and I moved my gear in. Didn't do much to fill in the space. I headed out to the nearest town and the supermarket. Going from watching the pennies to millionaire meant I could buy the good stuff and I stocked up. Filled the back seat right up. On the edge of town was a boat yard so I stopped and looked around. Makes and models weren't that important on such a small lake but they had a really nice 2002 30' Boston Whaler with twin Yamahas giving 450HP that could even sleep four in comfort. Only $69,000 so another check, hooked it up and towed it home. The heavy trailer was real easy to launch with and then I moored the boat at the dock.

I unloaded all my shopping and realised that there would be quite a few more shopping trips to replace my somewhat worn wardrobe and all my linens that were also threadbare. I could finally buy quality rather than cheap. I was unpacking my apartment stuff and found the envelope with the vouchers in it. I suddenly remembered Brenda – I hadn't told her yet!. I thought for a bit then looked around outside. I picked the right tree and climbed a little way up until I could get a good photo that showed the house, lake and boat as well as my new pick-up. Brenda turned eighteen next weekend so I sent the picture to her cell phone with a note "Happy Birthday". I didn't expect to hear from her until after school but within the hour she phoned me.

"DAD! What do you mean, "Happy Birthday"? Sending me a picture for my birthday present is a bit strange. So unlike you, so I have to ask, what's going on?"

"Well Brenda, It's like this, I won a bit of money and everything in that picture is now mine."

There was stunned silence, "Are you still working?"

"I don't need to any longer."

"How ... how much."

"About twelve and a half million."

"Oh my God."

Silence. "Dad, you realize when I turn eighteen I can make up my own mind where I live, can't I."

"Oh, that's right, I forgot about that."

"I've been counting the days, Dad. I turn eighteen on Friday. I know mum doesn't have anything planned to 'celebrate'. She'll be at work and so will her boyfriend, I WON'T be at school. Could you come and pick me and my stuff up. I was going to wait until I graduated in six months but if you're willing and able to support me, I would rather live with you."

"NO PROBLEM, I'll be there around 10am. Actually I'll drive over Thursday and stay in a motel so between 9 and 10 OK?"

"YES, Dad, that is so OK. Um, I might need some big bags, and ... no I think that's all I'll need."

"Right, I'll see you Friday."

Yee-haa, oh, I'm so going to love going one up on Angela. I went through the house in detail and started to make up an extensive shopping list. I realized that there was nothing urgent and that I'd rather wait for Brenda so we could shop together. A simple meal, shower and bed.

Waking up in a new bed had me wondering where I was for a moment. Morning pitstop then a coffee out on the deck. Added an outdoor table and chairs to the shopping list. Had to eat inside.

Down to the dock and on my new boat, fired up the outboards and went for a cruise around the lake. Saw no-one, zero, zilch. Quite a few bends and curves in the lake that looked like good fishing spots. Found a couple of sandy beaches that were interesting.

Text message from Brenda showed "3", took me a moment to work out what she meant. The countdown had begun.

Did a bit of fishing and managed to catch a decent sized bass, enough for dinner for one. Spent a lot of the day chilling out, just looking around. A lot of really good trees, trails among them made a really pleasant atmosphere. A quiet evening, added a TV or two onto the shopping list.

Wednesday was a repeat of the day before except I spent a lot of time lazing on the deck. Poked around some of the storage areas and found a couple of deck loungers. Able to get comfortable in the sunshine. The text from Brenda, "2 ****", figured she meant kisses. Cooking for one is a bummer, drove into town to have a pizza and a few beers.

Thursday I woke up eager to get busy. An early text, "1 ****", I think Brenda's getting eager also. After lunch I headed out, nearly three hours to Brenda's town. Stayed in a motel just on the edge of town and breakfasted at Denny's. I got up so early I had to have two extra coffees or I would have been there before Angela left. 8:55am the message said simply "Now", I was there in ten. Brenda raced out and hugged me. Looked at the tonneau covers on the pick-up and told me to open them up. By the time I had them open she was back with the first two bags. Five minutes and she had six big bags in the back.

"I've written Mum a letter telling her that I'm going to live with you, now that I'm eighteen and legally allowed to choose. I have absolutely no idea where you live now so I haven't told her. Now I need to go to school and sign out."

She's organised! We went round to her school and they accepted that she was eighteen and could sign herself out of school. Fifteen minutes and that was complete. There was a sense of urgency about Brenda and it wasn't until we crossed the county line that she relaxed. We stopped in my old home town for lunch and then we dropped into the bank and I picked up the credit card I'd arranged for Brenda. She looked at the card, gulped, and looked at me.

"Th ... Thanks Dad. But I plan on shopping WITH you."

I laughed and gave her a hug, "I'm not planning on coming in to that Victorias Secrets with you, and there'll be other shopping you'll want to do without me."

"Victorias Secrets huh, OH you naughty man, you want a full fashion show when we get home. Actually, I would love to give you a lingerie fashion show."

I pointed to the shop down the street, but she shook her head and told me "no hurry". We went back to the pick-up then drove to the Ford Dealership.

"Choose one honey."

Her eyes went wide as she saw a Barbie car, a Mustang convertible in red, not pink. She looked at me so I nodded. Asked the salesman when she could have it and he promised it would be ready in an hour. Wrote another check and he scurried off and got the guys busy.

Brenda and I wandered over to the mall and wandered around holding hands.

"I don't need to shop, Dad, I've got everything I could ever want right here beside me." She stopped, turned and wrapped her arms around me. A big hug and she raised her face for a kiss, that wasn't no daddy-daughter kiss! That was an open mouth, tongue twisting, full of promise smackeroo!.

I gasped for breath and looked at her. Her eyes held my gaze,

"Daddy, I have wanted to be with you since, since I could think about it. When that stupid judge sent me to live with Mum, I cried for a week. But every day for the last three years, I have planned what would happen when today came. The car isn't important, where we live isn't important, I just want to be with you. Although they're nice, can we go straight home next."

"Right sweetheart. Pick up your car and you follow me STRAIGHT home. Remember, the Mustang is quicker than the pick-up so keep a light foot on the pedal."

"Yes Daddy, I'll follow close behind, I won't tickle your butt, ... Yet."

I looked sharply at her but she just looked innocent. We headed back to the dealer and collected her car. We headed home with Brenda a safe distance behind. I unlocked the gate, we drove in, and I relocked the gate, then Brenda started goosing the throttle. I laughed and slowed walking back to the pick-up, stopping to pick a flower to give to her. She pulled out and accelerated past me, leaving me to follow her. I got to the house to find her car parked but no sign of her. I walked around the house to find her on the deck looking out over the lake. I found her, but I couldn't see her clothes. She looked at me, and stretched, her arms reaching for the skies, her breasts pushed forward for my viewing pleasure. My God, she had definitely grown up. I stood there as she presented herself, twisting slightly so I got a profile view, about a B cup, with erect nipples that seemed to harden as I looked. Her legs were parted and she tilted her pelvis to present her mound. My body reacted.

"Daddy, all these years you've given me everything you can, I give you everything I can. My breasts, my pussy, you can look at, you can touch, anything. Oh, I will have to get rid of this bush so you have better access, but all of me is yours."

She stepped over to my spellbound body and wrapped her arms around me. Another big hug, then her arms moved, up around my neck and she pulled me down for another kiss. This was another promise kiss, a seal that everything she had said was meant with all her heart. She pressed against me and I knew she could feel my hardness, she pressed her mound against me and rubbed herself up and down.

"If you do that, I'll have to change my jeans."

She did it again "I've got a better idea, leave the jeans off. We're private here, the gates locked, I decree that the dress code in Daddy's Estate is an undress code."

She reached out and undid the buttons of my shirt, slipped it off my shoulders and let it flutter to the ground. She undid my belt and zip, looked me in the eye and slid my jeans down. I stood spellbound as she knelt and tapped me on each knee to lift while she took my jeans right off. She looked at my briefs and took them by the sides, she started sliding them down but they caught on something. She smiled in triumph, looked up at me, and reached out to bite the waistband. With her teeth she pulled my briefs out, freeing my cock, and allowing the briefs to follow my jeans. I lifted my feet as she finished undressing me. She knelt there, looking up at me, then leaned forward and kissed my cock. My cock went from hard to super-hard,

"Daddy, I'm still a virgin, but I won't be for long. Can we go inside so I can fulfil my promise."

I picked up the keys and unlocked the house. We went inside and, apart from a brief look around, Brenda had one destination in mind. Into the bedroom she pulled me and stopped by the bed. Again she pulled me close and hugged, her lips lifted for another kiss, no longer of promise but now of fulfillment.

"Daddy, I need you to make me complete."

I took the lead and kissed her, running my hands over her body. I could smell her arousal even before I caressed her, my caresses had her head tilted back and her eyes closed. I picked her up and gently placed her on the bed. My kisses now, moved down her body, around her neck, along her sides. Up her legs from her feet, her legs parted to allow full access, her breathing shortened as my kisses approached her center. But no, I moved on, across her stomach and circling her breasts, causing her to whimper. Her nipples now were hard peaks, as I circled them, flicking them with my tongue. Smoothly I took one into my mouth and sucked, sucked hard, then soft, then hard. She yelped and pushed her chest up for me, wanting more attention. I alternated between her breasts, nibbling, sucking, with my hand busy on the other breast. She writhed, moaning, and whimpering as my mouth slowly moved southwards across her body. My tongue in her navel, as a brief stop, but then onwards. She knew what was coming as my tongue entered her forest. She opened her legs wide as I used my hands to part her hair, revealing her opening flower to my delighted gaze. The aroma was stronger as I ran my tongue down the edge of her lips. My tongue teased her, circling her entrance, then flickering up, and around her clit. That little nub peeped out of its hood and received some direct attention. She bucked and thrust herself at me. My tongue continued its explorations, flowing from top to bottom, teasing around to her little star pucker before suddenly sucking at her nub again. She bounced, she thrust herself up for me, she twisted. She came with a scream and a squirt, her juices straight into my mouth. I drank deep, then moved up her body. I looked her in the eye as I lined myself up with her entrance.

"Yes Daddy, I'm ready."

I entered her, feeling her cherry pop and she twitched. I held still and it was only a moment before she nodded. I started that ancient dance, sliding in and out of her

"Oh Yes, oh yes, oh yes, Oh my God,, oh my, oh yes, ... oh Daddy. YES."

We walked naked down to the lake and waded out, the water was, shall we say, refreshing.

A lazy walk then back to the house for dinner. Brenda's cell phone started ringing and it was her mother on the line telling her to get her butt back home, Brenda laughed,

"Mum, I'm at my new home, I'm eighteen now and I don't have to stay with you any longer. I'd prefer you to be pleasant on the phone so we can stay in contact, but if you're going to go crazy I'll get a new phone and you'll lose me completely."

Her mother settled down a bit but still sounded shitty. I was proud of Brenda for keeping cool.

Saturday and Sunday were much the same, loving in the morning, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, mid afternoon, before dinner, after dinner, and before sleeping. I didn't come for all of them but Brenda sure did, usually a few times.

Monday we needed groceries so went shopping. Brenda got really serious about taking responsibility for cooking and first bought a stack of cookery books. She spent half an hour sitting in the truck, browsing them and making notes before she said we could go for groceries. In the supermarket, shopping with a mission, she found everything she'd listed plus a lot of other things. This time we filled up the back seat and quite a few bags in the back. Round to the department store and got a lot of sheets and towels, the expensive ones. The sheets felt really smooth, I joked about them being too smooth and one of us sliding out of bed.

We got home and unloaded, Brenda had her nose in the recipe book all the way home and got straight into making us a different lunch. Not super fancy, but something different to burgers and other simple stuff. After I'd finished the pasta and salad I told her she was hired, it was delicious.

We had just finished cleaning up when my phone rang, I picked up my cellphone to hear my sister, one of the triplets. There are three of us, two girls and me.

"Jake, I phoned Uncle Dave and he said you should be able to help us. Paula and I have a really big problem and we really need help."

"OK Jen, what's up."

"You know our husbands got on well, well they've left us, to live together!! Paula and I just can't stay here and see them but we..."

"Where are you right now?"

"We've booked in to the Regent hotel in Paradox."

"OK, that's about ... about twelve hours from here so Brenda and I will be there in the morning to pick you up. Now, we'll have no problem looking after you, I won the damn lottery and I've got a nice house in the country we can all live at."

"Oh Wow, So that's what Uncle Dave meant. OK Bro, looking forward to seeing you. We can rest easy now."

Brenda and I got dressed and headed for Paradox. I drove for three hours then we stopped at a diner, ate, and then Brenda drove the next three hours while I napped. We kept swapping through the night until we got to Paradox and we found the hotel. I'd phoned my sisters when we were getting close and they were waiting outside. The welcoming hugs were, were very intense.

"Right, How much stuff have you got, do you want to go to your houses and collect more?"

"I don't really want to see them again, but there are some furniture items that mum left us that we should collect."

We worked out that there was too much to fit in the back of the pick-up so I bought a trailer and we went round and collected the furniture.

The drive back was shared between the four of us but we were still very tired when we got home. My sisters were excited by my new home and wanted to explore. I told them it was their home now and to "go for it" while Brenda and I went for a sleep.

I hadn't thought about sleeping arrangements and we just fell into bed together naked, Brenda snuggled in my arms. I woke up feeling much refreshed to find a dreaming Brenda stroking my cock. Paula and Jen were on the bed beside us with identical smirks. They were also naked!

"So that's the way of THIS world now. Even sharing with my sister and niece would still be more sex than I had with gay-boy so I'm in." Paula nodded her head, agreeing with Jen.

I thought about protesting but realized there was no point, we'd been caught. Brenda was still dreaming and holding my cock very possessively, she came half awake and slid down the bed to wrap her mouth around it. Paula's eyes went wide, while Jen whimpered and slid her hand between her thighs. Brenda opened her eyes, lifted a little, kissed the tip of my cock and realized our guests were watching.

"Oh shit. um..." She looked about to cry but before I could say anything, Jen looked at her, reached out and cradled her face,

"It's OK, Brenda, It's totally OK. Our only question is, can we share?"

"Sh ... Share?, share!, you want, ... but Jake's your broth ... oh, ... oh, ... well ... if you're OK with his daughter, then his daughter better be OK with his sisters."

Paula and Jen dived on top of us and the bed was suddenly full of kisses, breasts, and pussies being pressed everywhere. Brenda's mouth went wide in surprise when there was a hairy pussy in front of her face but she changed to excited and dived in to taste another female. There was a sense of urgency about both my sisters that Brenda felt also. I was soon plunging deep into their wetness and filling each of them with my cream. We slowed from the frantic pace and relaxed, looking at each other.

"Wow, I would guess you haven't been laid in a while, getting sort of raped by my sisters was a surprise. Next time can we go a little slower?, you know, foreplay type stuff"

Jen laughed "I was so wet you would have needed scuba gear to go down on me. Watching Brenda play with your cock was enough foreplay to make up for the last twelve months. I think, anytime you want me, I'll be ready."

It was getting on to dinner time so we climbed out of bed and sorted out some steaks for the BBQ. I got them on the grill while the girls sorted out salads and trimmings. We'd just finished eating when Jen realized what she was looking at outside.

"Holy Shit, there's a fucking enormous boat by the dock out there."

"Yep, you want to go for a cruise on my lake?"

It was a rush to get out to the dock, but I had the key. By the time I got ready Jen was standing on the very bow with her arms outstretched,

"What do you think guys, am I just like that girl in the Titanic movie.?"

"I don't think she was stark naked."

"Yes she was, well she was later when he drew that picture of her. What do you think Jake, want to draw a picture of your naked sister."

Brenda had been enjoying art at school and her eyes lit up. "I'll draw you, and paint you."

I liked that idea. "Next trip to town we'll get art supplies, maybe get some decent cameras too." I could see the house walls getting covered with home done art.

I started the boat and Brenda untied us, I moved out slowly while Jen tried to keep her balance, eventually she gave up and came laughing back to the cockpit. I made sure everyone was holding on and gave it full throttle. Paula nearly fell overboard but Brenda caught her just in time.

"Holy shit, this is fast enough for water skiing."

"I bought it for fishing but, yeah, it should be great for skiing and other stuff. This lake is only thirty acres but if we want we can load the boat on the trailer and take it elsewhere, hell we can even go off-shore with it."

I could see their minds thinking of myriad possibilities. "The point is, dear ladies, NONE of us have to work, if we want to sit around painting each other nude then we can, if we want to go on a holiday cruise, we can. I know Paula and Jen used to fish, I've taken Brenda out a few times and she seemed to enjoy it, hell, we could get an RV and travel around trying different fishing spots. Think along those lines, if we don't work then someone else who needs a job can get one."

Brenda sucked in her bottom lip, "What if, ... um ... what if we want ... children?"

Hadn't thought of that but still "On current income we could support ... I don't know, probably forty kids if you get married."

"What if I can't get married?"

"What do you mean 'can't'?"

"Not legal to marry my daddy."

My sisters wrapped Brenda in big hugs. "We won't tell on you if you won't tell on us."

Brenda looked puzzled, but only for a moment then she grinned. I was a bit slower. I caught on and managed to shut the throttle down before I sat down with a thump.

"You ... you ... you all want ... to ... to have..." They were nodding their heads very definitely.

"Our useless husbands were too gay to get us pregnant, so you're the Alpha male for us. I would like nothing better than to have your children. Between the three of us, with our family history of multiple births we might make forty. Probably have to build a bunkhouse though."

"OH SHIT. Let me get my head around this. My daughter wants to have my children, my sisters want to have my children." My heart expanded to embrace them all, I stood up and wrapped them all in a big hug.

"I love you, I love you all. I would be delighted to father your children." I smacked Jens bottom lightly, "When shall we start?"

"We may have started already, We didn't use birth control before and I'm at the right point of my cycle."

Brenda's face dropped, Paula saw and immediately hugged her tighter, "You'll have your turn, little darling. Actually I'd suggest you wait until you're about twenty before breeding. Having triplets tends to stretch you a bit more than singles and being a bit older means your body is a bit tougher. BUT there's nothing stopping you practicing."

Brenda thought for a moment and nodded her head. "OK, I can see the wisdom of that, so I need to stay on contraception."

We cruised quietly back to the dock, each of us thinking of a future surrounded by children. We tied up and walked up to the house, hand-in-hand. We sat outside and watched the sunset and then went inside and into the shower. We carefully washed each other, three washing one and making sure they were totally clean before swapping. Needless to say, by the time we dried off and moved to bed we were all aroused. The master bed was a standard Queen size and I resolved to get a superking as soon as possible.

Our bodies writhed against each other, kissing whereever came in reach. Hands roamed, touching each other, caressing, no matter whose. Fingers slipped inside, teasingly, mouths sucked on breasts, nipples, clits, cocks, and everywhere else. A pussy raised itself and a cowgirl slipped onto my cock, another pussy pressed against my mouth while a mouth sucked my balls. My tongue was busy and I soon tasted juices as she climaxed. I fired soon after as the one on top came together with me. She slid off and a mouth moved from my balls to clean my cock.

Waking the next morning to find Brenda's pussy sitting on my cock, sliding gently up and down, practicing those Kegel exercises with her pussy clenching my cock as she lifted. I think she could have made me come just from the muscle control. I lay there looking up at her then reached up and started tweaking her nipples. It wasn't long and she was panting and then throwing herself back and forward until she screamed and came.

I slipped out and got to the bathroom to empty my bladder, Brenda was waiting for me to finish and was seated and peeing while I washed up.

I stood there looking at her, then she reached out and caught my cock, pulling me closer. Her mouth opened and took me inside, she just held me there, running her tongue around the head. Then she stopped and laughed,

"You better wait till later, I need a shit and I can't concentrate. Go and make us a coffee while I stink the place out."

I laughed and gave her a kiss, walked out to see Paula sleeping on her side with her knees pulled up. Her legs were pulled up far enough to expose her cute little ass pucker and I couldn't stop myself. I knelt by the bed, wet my finger and gently rubbed around her opening. She whimpered and her cheeks flexed. I wet my finger again and rubbed it around her ass-hole again and again. She whimpered and grunted, her ass twitching at the stimulation. I teased right at the entrance. She woke, froze, her ass tightened, then she suddenly relaxed and pushed her ass at me, relaxing her opening.

"You want it, it's yours."

I slid my finger in, Alpha male claiming his territory. She arched her back to open herself further, this took her pussy exposure from a tantalising glimpse to fully exposed. Paula suddenly found herself with my fingers in her, front and rear. She lay there, pushing her bottom towards me as my fingers slid in and out. My finger in her pussy found that rough place that's known as the G spot and very quickly she was grunting and moaning. With a scream she climaxed, clamping her legs down on my fingers.

Her noise woke Jen who laughed and kissed her.

"That's an interesting alarm clock, how do I set it for me?"

"Easy, I think, just sleep with your knees up and the alarm clock starts by shoving a finger up your ass. Sure woke me up with a start. I've never had anything up there before so it took me a bit to accept it. Jake, are you planning on sticking your cock up there?"

"I get the impression that you might be looking forward to that new experience."

"You're my Alpha, you want it, I cannot deny you. And after that climax, I do want to try."

Brenda had come out of the bathroom and was leaning against the doorpost laughing.

"That's my attitude too, but Dad hasn't got to my ass yet. I think we might need to get some special supplies, what is that stuff? ... OK jelly? ... no, KY jelly. Hey, we need a sex toy shop. I think they have other things we could have fun with."

Jen and Paula had identical expressions of surprise at their nieces suggestion.

"You ... um ... bloody hell ... YES, I'm in ... anything Jake wants to try, I'll do."

"OK girls. We have lots of things to do, BUT we don't need to do them all today. After that road trip, I want some relax time so how about the next couple of days we laze around, relaxing and planning. Right now I NEED some breakfast."

Brenda was first in the kitchen and her and I had started sorting out food when Paula and Jen came out. They had stopped to put on shorts and a T shirt. A naked Brenda stopped and glared at them.

"THAT will not do! The Dress code on Daddys Estate is bare skin, 24/7."

My sisters looked surprised, then Paula sucked in her bottom lip. She hunched a little and slipped her top and shorts off.

"Of course, Mistress. I forgot that we are very private here."

Jen laughed at her sister as she stripped,

"MISTRESS! Yes, she is being bossy, let's get her."

They dived for Brenda and she was suddenly getting tickled by both sisters. Lots of squealing and squirming and then Brenda yelped and froze.

"DADDY!, there's a finger up my ass!"

"I know, I put it there. They had you bent over with your butt in the air and I just couldn't resist."

"Oh, ... OK then, as long as it's you ... Actually it's not as uncomfortable as I expected."

Brenda spread her legs to make it easier for me while Paula and Jen watched closely as I got fingers in Brenda's pussy as well. She stood there, bent over, holding her ankles, as I finger fucked both holes. Jen got a bit too close when Brenda came and got a facefull of juice when she squirted.

"She's a squirter! My second boyfriend made me squirt – once. But he was the only one. I bet Jake can make me squirt lots."

Brenda got her breath back and then hugged me. A big kiss,

"Thank you Daddy, like I promised, I'm all yours. I thought it was one of them that was taking my anal virginity ... Would you be OK with full interaction between all of us or are there some things you want to reserve?"

"I ... I guess I'm OK with interactions. Yes, I am OK with playtime. I've got the only cock here so I think that would be my reserve. Can we keep between the four of us, that anything, anything at all is ok."

Paula and Jen quickly put a hand out each, Paula on the top. They waited for us and Brenda and I added a hand each to the stack. Paula led the vow,

"Between the four of us, it's one for all and all for one. Anything, anyhow, no holes barred."

We each repeated the vow, it felt like quite a solemn event even though we were standing in the kitchen, naked. I guess it was kind of – no secrets.

Paula had one question, "That's both Brenda and Jen you have had your fingers up their asses, when's my turn? Plus I really think I want to try your cock up there."

"I'll make sure your little butt is not forgotten today. As for my cock in your back-door, first we have to get some lube, and then I'd like to do each of you, but make it special seeing as you are all virgins there."

A group hug, then on with breakfast. After we'd cleaned up the girls wanted to go for a cruise around the lake so onto the boat. It took us five hours to go right around the lake. I showed them the beaches I'd spotted and we stopped at a few to explore. It took so long because each beach we stopped at one of them laid on the beach and DEMANDED that we all fucked her. Two girls sucking and licking while my cock was buried deep in her hole. Paula's ass got a lot of attention with all three of us getting a finger in at the same time, boy did she come! Finally made it back and I staggered up to the deck and demanded they fix a late lunch because I was fucked.

They laughed and made lunch and after eating we all laid around on the deck. Brenda started twirling Paula's pubic hair

"What's the best way to get rid of this stuff. Shaving, we'd be like a guy, have to shave every day wouldn't we?"

Jen looked over "There is a laser treatment that is supposed to be permanent, we'll have to do some research. Why do you want it off?"

"I don't want anything blocking Dads view or access. Actually after the way we were playing before I can imagine getting hairs in my teeth and I don't think that's the best idea."

Paula had an interesting expression, "Hmm, nothing blocking access, ... hmm ... I can agree with that. Actually totally smooth sounds real sexy. Jake, where's the computer, I'll start researching."

"Don't have one, YET. Let's spend today going through this whole house and sorting out everything we need or want. I've got a bit of a list but there's your ideas that need to be added."

We spent the afternoon talking about different things we could be doing for our lifestyle. By the time we stopped for dinner we had three A4 pages filled with shopping ideas.

Four in a queen size bed is not a good fit, but love making that night was ... was close. Fortunately no-one fell out of bed.

Wednesday morning we all woke bright and early. Didn't get up until ten though. They each required a full load inside them. I was desperate for breakfast when we finally got moving. Quick but filling feed then off to town with the trailer hitched on the pick-up.

We went through town like a plague of locusts! Sports shop for kayaks, surf skis, all new fishing gear, and arranged a full gym setup. Furniture shop arranged a California King size bed and outdoor furniture. Craft shop had the art supplies we wanted, canvases, drawing folios, pencils, paints, everything. The biggest sale they had ever made, nearly emptied them out. Electronics store for computers, software, printers, digital cameras, TVs, and arranged them to revamp the sound system in the house. Paula spotted a beauty shop and found out all about hair removal, booked all three in to get the laser treatment the next day. Farm equipment store had a small tractor and attachments, chainsaws and gardening equipment. Brenda and Jen spotted the adult store and spent two hours in there. By the time we finished the pick-up was full, the trailer was full, and there was going to be a stream of delivery vehicles the next day.

We stopped at a fancy restaurant for an early dinner and then raced home. Parked the trailer and pick-up in the garage to be unloaded tomorrow and I just flopped on the sofa. The girls stood in front of me with huge grins. Jen held her hands out to show me a big tube of KY. Paula held her hands out to show me another, Brenda couldn't stop giggling as she showed me another. I nodded my head,

"I can guess what you girls want."

I stood up and started emptying my pockets, four pockets in my jeans with two in each pocket, two shirt pockets with another two in each, Another twelve tubes!. Party time tonight. Brenda got dramatic and, with a theatrical back of the hand to her forehead and a fake southern accent,

"Lordy me, my ass is in trouble now, I won't be sitting down for a month."

Paula was looking kind of worried and her hands had drifted around behind to cover her rear. Jen slapped her hands down,

"I'm nervous too, but also anticipating. Who's first."

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