Beer Goggles II: Mindbender
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, BBW, Big Breasts, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Forward in time 40 years. Pete still has an eye for unconventional beauty. But the former local jock star doesn't. Pete adjusts his attitude with the help of a young BBW and gets some side benefits to boot. A short story of a series in 4 chapters. Not much sex until Chapter 4 but then it gets to the 'Much Sex' category and explicit

"Hello, my name is Pete Anderson and I'm an Empath."

(group) "Hi, Pete!"

It had been 40 some years since the rap to my noggin knocked adult sense and a sort of empath 'superpower' into me and they had been good years. I'll not go into every one of the incidents and encounters where I have had fun because I could tell which women had a sort of attraction to me and I to them. Now I knew I was more than just an 'Empath'. Actually I developed the talent to do much more than suss out feelings and emotions, but I was always careful to only let a little of my powers loose and tried never to make anyone do anything they wouldn't have done over time.

Nor will I bother with the 'Dark Minds' I ran across occasionally. Except to say that took some getting used to and resulted in my never allowing myself to hang around anyone with political ambitions ... even if I just accidently got into some of their thoughts, it made my head hurt. And if that happened I tended to make their heads hurt. A lot. Nuff said!

In fact turning 65 sort of settled me. I was hanging up my gadfly ambitions toward women and resigning myself to simple observation of everything around me. I did get a kick out of teens and how they related with each other. Despite the much greater openness toward sex and everything to do with it in gender relationships it seemed to me that not a lot had changed.

Kids still saw everything to do with sexuality as black and white. They thought they could mess around with impunity but got upset when the object of their affections did the same. Or they failed to communicate at all, fearing rejection.

But I learned, over time, to more or less stay out of it and let what would happen, happen.

Until that day...

I was in line at my local convenience store paying for gas and a tea when I noticed the two boys in front of me. Or, rather, that one of them was Rick O'Brien who had been the star QB for the local HS team a few years back. I'd heard he was now going to a small college, upstate. I didntdidn't know him or his family but his parents lived in my subdivision, and a few blocks away. As did the counter clerk, Ellie Adams, who I always enjoyed speaking to when I was in the store. She was about the same age as Rick, but not in his social circle, I surmised.

The reason being she had sort of a plain but open face and she was about 20 or so pounds overweight and always had been. She wasn't exactly 'fat', let alone obese, but, like her mother, she was in danger of that once she settled down to a domestic life. Later, when I thought of it, Ellie reminded me a lot of Monica, my Sarah's friend. That made me horny and look at Ellie a little differently because Monnie was great in bed. Nowhere as good as Sarah, but few are. I wondered if Ellie was as much fun.

At any rate, Rick was standing with his buddy {I assumed} while that guy paid for gas and the coffee each was carrying. After the transaction, his buddy turned and walked away and Rick followed, but Ellie hailed him in recognition.

"Good to see you, Rick. How's thing's going at Northern?"

Rick ignored her. For some reason Ellie tried again.

"Hey ... Rick! How are you? Good to see you!"

"What ... Oh ... yeah. Great. Likewise." Rick resumed his exit. I looked at Ellie and it was if a small cloud fell over her face. I felt for her a little but I was sure that wasn't the first time she'd been snubbed. And it wouldn't be the last.

But it was what came next that shocked me...

'Fat sow! I wouldn't fuck her with her mom's broomstick!'

At first I was sure I'd heard Rick mumble that to his friend but that guy was twenty feet ahead and there were people between me and him who would have heard it as well and I saw no indication they had heard the vile comments. I looked at Ellie to see if she had heard. She was already smiling at me, as the next customer.

I turned back toward Rick. Now I knew I'd read his thoughts and they were strong thoughts. I lost it. I stared daggers at the back of Rick's head. Literally. He fell to his knees in pain...

"Ow ... OUCH ... SHIT!!. Goddammit, it HURTS!" Rick yelled.

He put his hands up to his eyes which to me was a good sign. I'd directed the pain to right at his optic bundle, as that was the least lasting effect, which I'd found out the hard way. Years ago I accidently sent a guy to an asylum by being careless with my powers. When he only deserved a jail term for assaulting me on the street.

At any rate, Ellie was already around the counter and she ran to where Rick was on his knees sobbing. She knelt beside him.

"Are you alright? What's wrong? Do you want me to call the squad?"

Figuring he'd had enough, I let up.

Rick was gasping. But he dropped his hands and looked around.

"No. I can see a little now. But DAMN, that hurt. Never had anything like that before!"

"Well you'd better go see a doctor, at least." Ellie got up and went back behind the counter. This time she wasn't smiling at me.

"Gosh", I said with a little smile. "You sure do react quick. He must be a good friend, I hope he's alright."

Now she smiled, I knew, in irony

"No, not really a friend ... just a classmate. He was the quarterback of the league champion team, ya know."

I looked straight into Ellie's eyes.

"His loss, then. He should be so lucky as to have you for a friend ... or more." I held my gaze and Ellie blushed. Crimson.

I picked up her thoughts. And an image. She was in a filmy nighty and Rick was in his underwear, a classic sleeveless Hanes and boxer briefs. Rick was kissing her as she reclined on a plush divan. His hair was impeccable and so was hers. I knew it was a fantasy. I broke the eye connection reluctantly ... I figured there was much more to her fantasy but I had learned to respect private thoughts. Or at least to gather them gradually rather than in one swell foop.

"See ya," I said but not before noticing the little smile of one who knew rejection. And it wasn't about me.

That would have been the end of it except a couple days later I was in the local sports bar for a lunch of their great cheeseburger platter and a draft Sam Adams when Rick and his buddy walked in. They sat at the other end of the bar and, while I didn't think he was yet 21, I didn't really care about that.

What I cared about was the conversation they were having about the chicks they'd picked up the previous night.

"So ... you gonna see that Ashley again?" The other guy asked Rick.

"Naw ... don't think so. She's hot as hell and fucks like a bunny ... but I don't like clingy chicks and by the time I left, she was all over me for my phone number."

"So did ya give it to her?"

"Nope ... I told her I was changing phones and the number too. Getting too many sales calls, ya know."

"I had to take hers to get her to shut up. Ya want it?"

"Hell no ... if I hooked up with her, all I'd be hearing is her asking about you. Her friend Janey was all right and I wouldn't mind pumping her again but she's off the list for the same reason."

They laughed.

"Guess we ain't going back to that bar or maybe part of town for a while."

"Nope." They laughed again.

"Damn shame, though. That Ashley sure could fuck."

I closed my eyes and homed in on Rick's thoughts.

I saw a really hot looking naked blonde giving head to what I assumed was Rick's prick.

Then she was lying nude with her legs open and he was on top of her. Then a split second later she atop him riding cowgirl and he was playing with her tits.

I felt all of his sensations ... almost. It occurred to me as he ran through the memories of orgasms and spilling into her and how good it felt ... and it did feel good, I came in my tighty whities on his second cum ... that I felt nothing of her. Nothing of the sensation of him touching her or the sensation of being inside her. There was no memory of how her pussy tasted, apparently because he hadn't tasted it.

It was all about him and his orgasms. The kid was a sick, selfish freak.

I made up my mind, then, that I was going to do something to change this kid's attitude before he settled on some poor lovestruck girl to marry then made her life hell.

While I thought how to go about that, I thought of Ellie. Why shouldn't she see her fantasy come true?

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