Uncle Henry's Belt
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Mother, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Uncle Henry enjoyed spanking young Tena... and her mother too.

My dad died when I was twelve. His brother, my Uncle Henry, came to stay with us to help my mom through the funeral arrangements and getting her finances in order. He never left. I was young and naive. I believed my mom when she said Uncle Henry had to sleep in her room because we didn't have an extra bedroom for him.

Whenever I misbehaved mom would always threaten me with Uncle Henry's belt. That usually calmed me down because I was afraid of his belt. He would come to my bedroom and order me drop my pajama bottoms and panties to my ankles. Then I would have to lean against my desk with my bare bottom pointed at him while he whipped me with that dreaded belt. Whack! Whack! It hurt like the devil when that evil piece of leather landed on my poor naked butt.

Sometimes my mom would come with him to witness my punishment. She would remind me why I deserved Uncle Henry's belt and how my well deserved punishment would make me a better daughter. I didn't believe that for a minute. All I knew was that the spanking hurt and the embarrassment of baring my bottom to Uncle Henry for my punishment brought me to tears every time.

I didn't get spanked with his belt all that often but between the ages of twelve and fourteen it was at least a dozen times that I had to humiliate myself by exposing my bottom for punishment.

A couple of days after my fourteenth birthday I went over to my best friend Sally's house for a sleepover right after supper. I had forgotten to pack my pajamas so I trudged the three blocks back to my house to retrieve them. The back door was locked. I fumbled around looking under the door matt and found the extra key to let myself in.

As soon as I entered the kitchen I heard it. Whack! Whack! The tell tale sound of leather on flesh. I crept up the stairs now hearing the swish of the belt just before the Whack! Is Uncle Henry spanking someone else? My mom?

I knew I would be in deep shit if I got caught but I had to see what was going on. Mom's bedroom door was wide open and there she was. Totally naked, bent at the waist with her hands and head on the mattress while her bottom, striped from the belt lashes, was raised up high. Uncle Henry was standing behind her swinging his belt. Swish! Whack!

He was as naked as my mom. I had never seen an adult male naked before. His body was muscular and his tight ass rippled as he swung the belt against my mom's sore bottom. Swish! Whack! His cock was erect. It was long and thick and bounced as he spanked mom's ass with his belt. Swish! Whack!

I wanted to leave but something the scene compelled me to stay and watch. I could see how red my mom's ass was getting. I could also see her brown hole and her hairy pussy exposed to Uncle Henry's harsh stare. I blushed realizing that when my uncle spanked me he must have been getting the same view of my teenage charms. Swish! Whack! "Tell me how much it hurts Tena."

Tena! That's my name. I hadn't yet learned what role playing was. I just thought that they were playing a sick game.

"Oh Uncle Henry. It hurts so bad. Please stop spanking me. I'll be a good girl."

Swish! Whack! Another firm stroke across mom's ass cheeks. "I'll decide when you have had enough punishment little girl." Swish! Whack!

I knew that that belt was hurting mom just like it did to me but she didn't seem to mind all that much even though she vocalized her protests. "Oh it hurts Uncle Henry. I'll do anything if you stop hitting me."

"Anything Tena?" There he used my name again. The sick fuck. Although I didn't like seeing my mom getting her ass beat my young pussy was getting damp. The game they were playing was starting to turn me on.

"Anything Uncle. You can do whatever you want to me. Just stop using your belt on me."

Swish! Whack! One last swat of the belt before Uncle Henry threw it on the floor. It was then that I noticed how mom's pussy lips were open and wet. "How about if Uncle Henry put's his big fat cock right in your little teen pussy. Would you like that Tena?"

I rubbed the front of my jeans as I listened to "Tena" reply. "Yes Uncle Henry. Let me feel you inside of me. Give your little niece a good fucking with your big cock."

Using his right hand to guide his cock he placed the head at the entrance to my mom's drooling pussy. He pushed into her with one decisive lunge. I watched and rubbed myself as he plundered his 'niece's" twat with his fuck stick until he held her tight by her hips and pumped his spurting cock juice into her cunt with a loud groan. "Ahhhhh!"

As Uncle Henry pulled his now spent and wet cock from her hole he told mom. "Tena, suck Uncle's cock. Get it hard again so I can fuck your little mouth."

Mom turned around and dropped to her knees in front of Uncle Henry so fast that I was sure she had spotted me standing in the hallway. If she did she never said a word about it.

I had heard of blow jobs and now I watched as my mom put Uncle Henry's slimy cock in her mouth. When she pulled her mouth off of his cock it was clean of her pussy juice and already getting hard again. "Blow me Tena." Still playing the game.

"Yes sir, Uncle Henry. I'll suck you good. Cum in my mouth."

"Oh yes I will. I'm going to sperm your mouth good. You had better swallow all of Uncle Henry's hot cum too."

Mom was working his cock in and out of her mouth quickly until he took hold of her head with both hands bellowing. "Here it cums Tena. Swallow Uncle's fuckin' cum, you little slut."

As he shot his load into mom's mouth I made a quick retreat. I didn't want to get caught. Who knows what they would have done to me. I didn't bother going to my room for my pajamas. I was too afraid of being caught in the house. I would just have to sleep in my underwear that night.

I ran most of the way back to Sally's house. As soon as we were in Sally's bedroom she asked me. "What's up Tena. You're all out of breath and red in the face."

"Let's get ready for bed." I told her. "Then I will tell you everything. And you won't believe it."

I stripped to my white bra and panties while Sally stripped naked before putting her PJs. Her tits were smaller than mine but shaped nicely looking like two tangerines on her chest. She had some wispy hairs surrounding her little pussy.

I had seen her naked before but this time I could feel my own pussy getting wet. I was still horny from watching Uncle Henry and my mom doing those sex things together.

Sally and I sat in the middle of her bed while I told her what I had witnessed. When I got to the part where Uncle Henry was calling my mom by my name she interrupted. "That's called role playing. I've read about it on the internet. People pretend to be other people to enhance their sex. Sounds like your uncle would like to be doing you instead of your mother."

I blushed but continued my story until Sally once again blurted out her thoughts. "She actually sucked him off with her pussy juice still on his dick? That's gross!" Then she added. "Did you touch yourself while you watched them?"

I nodded yes as my blush deepened. "Just on the outside of my pants."

"Do you want to masturbate now Tena? I'm hot just listening to the story. You can tell me all the details again while we play with our pussies."

I didn't want to tell Sally that I had really never masturbated. Sure I had touched the outside of my pussy once in a while because it made me feel all tingly between my legs but I had never gone any further than that. I was willing to try it now because I could feel my tension increasing and I needed some kind of relief.

I put my hand inside of my panties to rub my myself as Sally removed her PJ bottoms completely and spread her legs wide open. She began touching herself and told me to. "Pull down your panties. I want to see how you play with yourself."

I was embarrassed but I did as Sally asked pushing my underwear to my ankles before kicking them off. I put the palm of my hand back between my legs and started to rub myself up and down.

Sally laughed. "You will never get off doing it that way." I didn't even know what she meant by 'getting off.' "Let me show you."

I thought she was going to demonstrate her technique on her own wet slit but she reached over and touched me gently. She ran one finger along the outside of my pussy lips. I felt tingly all over feeling and watching Sally. She took her time. She ran that same finger up the other side of my pussy to the juncture and rubbed my little nubbin lightly.

"Oh! That feels wonderful." I exclaimed as she left my clitoris and ran her finger along my pussy lip making me squirm with delight. I pulled my bra off so I could touch my erect nipples as she dipped her finger into my wet snatch and fucked her finger in and out of my cunt sending waves of pleasure to my core.

She ended up rolling the fingers of her other hand on my clit, this time with a faster and more furious motion bringing me to my first climax ever. I never knew I could feel so good.

I lie back to catch my breath. "How about doing me now?" Sally asked. How could I refuse after she had made me feel so good? I slid down for a closer look at my friends young pussy. She had more pubic hair than I did and it was so dark a brown that it almost looked black. I touched her in the same way she had touched me noticing that her snatch was so wet that the juices were running down her thighs.

Through clenched teeth Sally begged. "Kiss it Tena. Kiss my pussy." Her request caught me by surprise. "Please..." She whined.

Sally had made me feel so good so if she wanted me to kiss her between her legs I would. I puckered up and began kissing up and down her wet slit. When I reached her clit she demanded. "Use your tongue. Make me cum."

I licked her hard button vigorously feeling quite the slut as I brought her to a violent orgasm.

The bedroom door swung open with a crash. "What the fuck are you two doing?"

It was her mother. She caught me licking her daughter's teen pussy. I had Sally's juices covering my face as Mrs. Thompson ranted on. "I didn't raise a lesbian bitch so it must be you Tena trying to turn her intro a cunt licker."

Sally and I were both protesting that we were just experimenting and we would never do it again.

"Sally, I will deal with you later. Put your pajamas back on. Tena, get dressed. I am going to call your mother and tell her what a depraved daughter she has."

I begged Mrs. Thompson not to call my mom but she did it anyways. I sat in the Thompson living room with Sally's mother not saying a word while we waited for my mom to show up.

I could only imagine how much trouble I was in. I was afraid that I would be a recipient of Uncle Henry's Belt when I finally got home.

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