The Magic of Bells
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Masturbation, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sequel to 'The Magic of Life'. "From the ruins of the acorn of knowledge, the path to the bells of destiny shall grow". An obscure prophesy. An enchanted compass. For Sam, these were her only hopes for finding her lost love. But, where there is hope…

It was like Sam was traveling through the stars.

The teen, who no longer considered herself as such, sat on a wooden barrel near the bow of the ship. There was no rigging here to obscure her view. No swinging sails, no rope netting. Just the ocean, the stars. Stars ... they were bright tonight. Gone was the storm of the past week. All that remained was a clear night as far as the eye could see, over darkened seas.

Somewhere ... somewhere, up among those cold stars, her father watched down on her. Somewhere, up ahead, in lands unknown, her Jack awaited rescue, enslaved by the Witch.

Sam sighed. A year. A year gone. A year without word, without sign. Following some bewitched arrow pointing not to her love, her man, but to some trinket that might not be with them still. Was Jack still alive? Was she wasting her life, chasing love's ghost?

Little Jay released her breast, done with his evening meal. Samantha looked down at her son, smiling despite her mood. One night. One night with her love had blessed Sam with a baby. How much more will she be blessed, once she reunited with Jack? Nipple starting to get cold, Sam cradled Jay with one arm while slipping her breast back inside her shirt. She could no longer be mistaken for a boy, let alone a man, for all she kept her hair short and wore jeans. No, she had breasts, hips, and a baby. All sure signs of womanhood.

"I think the brat needs to burp."

And that was the sign of a bitchy fairy.

Lil fluttered down before Sam, small wings sending a slight breeze towards her on this warm night, a counterpoint to the much stronger breeze hitting her back (and the sails above). The small creature, not quite one girl's hand high, came to rest gracefully on the ship railing. She was human looking, mostly, apart from the clear butterfly wings, and perhaps the black skin. It may be humans somewhere were that dark, but Sam, in her limited travels, had never seen them. The Witch had the darkest brown skin she knew of. Lil's hair, though, was as white as starlight, braided so it fell between her wings and just past her nude bottom. The tuft of hair between her legs was heart shaped, naturally, she insisted. Her figure was slim, small breasts tipped with pink nipples which matched her lips.

The small sword, belted to her waist, was her only adornment.

Jay looked like he did need a good pat on the back, so as if that had been the plan all along (which, naturally, it had been), Sam lay him on her chest and gently coaxed out a burp. Lil stood, watching, arms crossed.

"Bored are we?" Sam asked. Jay let out one small burp, then a half one. Figuring that was it, she brought him back down, wrapping the blue blanket back around him. His eyes began to close.

"A bit," Lil admitted, eyes staying on the baby. She reached up and moved a stray hair that had fallen over her face. "Kik is reading."

Sam chuckled at the icy tone on her voice, drawing a frown from the fairy warrior. Sam decided she was in no mood for a fight, though. Standing, her free hand going to her sword hilt to keep the weapon from catching on anything, she smiled at her small friend.

"I'm ready to call it a night."

Heather's hand removed itself from the pommel of the dagger beside her as Sam entered the cabin. Passenger cabins could NOT be locked, much to her distress. She had rarely left the room for this reason, certainly never when Lady Cathy was there. To entrust the safety of, not just their few possessions, but her Mistress herself, to simply a closed door would not do. No. She had a job, and Heather WOULD carry it out. Whenever she had doubt, about what could and could not be done by a woman, all Heather had to do was look at Samantha.

Sam, door closed behind her, crossed the room with little Jay. The teen was thin, wiry, arms muscular yet still with a feminine grace. Compared to her, Heather felt like a buxom ox, her curves and ample flesh signs of weakness, not beauty. Sam was even graceful putting her son in the small basket hung by the beam near Sam's hammock. She was the ideal.

Heather bit her lip, eyes lingering on the flickering shadows on the girl's face. Ideal, in more ways than one...

She tore her gaze away, chastising herself. Sam was married, damn it! That's why she was HERE! As Heather served Lady Cathy, so Sam served her Jack. As it should be. Any other thoughts, of, well, any kind, were ... distractions.

"Cathy asleep?"

Sam's voice jerked her eyes back to the teen. The fifteen year old was sitting on her pack, leaning against the post which shoved itself through the middle of the cabin. Her male shirt, not quite buttoned properly, showed the swell of her breasts, even as her jean clad legs spread most unladylike. Heather blushed a bit, nodding up towards a filled hammock.

"She bedded down not long after you went out."

Heather's eyes stayed on the sleeping Cathy as Sam nodded distractedly. Her brother had told her, before she had been sold into the service of the Duke, that royalty and commoners were one and the same. That it was accident of birth, not inherent special qualities, which separated the classes. Cathy ... defied that logic. The nine year old princess was so much smarter, braver, kinder, than any human Heather had ever met. It was this that had bought her loyalty, this that made her accept the role of guardian for the girl. For her, Heather was prepared to give up all.

Had, in fact, given up all but her life.

If needed, she would gladly give that as well.

A kick to her foot brought Heather back to the here and now. There was a faint smile on Sam's lips, her leg drawing back to its original position.

"Any of that stew left?"

"Oh! Yes!" Sam's face smiled thankfully as Heather rose to her feet, moving to a copper pot in the corner. This was a good aspect of the ship, she had to admit. While, naturally, cooking itself wasn't allowed in the cabins, you could raid the galley and stock your rooms. Maybe they hoped to keep the rats away from the storage holds through this, Lil having already killed four in her defense of the cabin. As she scooped some of the still warm stew into the wooden cup, she noticed the female fairy standing behind her mate. Heather's eyes flicked to Sam, seeing she, too, was watching, amused. Quietly, Heather brought the younger woman her meal as they observed their friend.

Lil's full attention was on the nude male sitting, legs crossed, on the half sheet of paper on the floor. He, like her, was a fairy, wings more golden than clear, perhaps one knuckle taller than his female counterpart. His form was impressive, slender, yet powerfully male, each muscle well defined under his black skin. Kik was hairless, in a way hiding his nudity, as his male member was not highlighted as Lil's sex was. Even Heather had to admire this view of his back, the oil lamp illuminating the male like some work of art. He was hunched over, fully focussed on the large letters before him.

Lil's face was ... soft. So unlike when she dealt with the humans. There was love there, admiration, unguarded. The fairy seemed to sense, or remember, that she was not alone. Her body straightened, face hardened. Wings fluttering with agitation, she walked up beside her mate, hands on her hips.

"Why are you still doing that?"

Kik didn't even bother looking up, hand tracing a letter. Lil seemed to growl.

"It's just a stupid prophesy. You know they're meaningless. Even if they're true, they're written so you can't interpret them until after the fact!"

Heather had to agree with this. She trusted her compass, much more than the mumbo jumbo Cathy got from that elf. Still, CATHY believe, so...

Kik looked up, eyes sparkling, lips in a half smile. Reaching up, he touched Lil on her bare hip, just below her hand.

"You believe in dreams."

She scoffed.

"Naturally. Everyone knows you have to follow your dreams."

The humans were asleep.

Lil sat on the cooling oil lamp, staring at the bundled forms gently swinging in rhythm with the ship.


It's not that there was anything wrong with the giant beasts, as a species or with most individuals. Yes, for the best chance of survival it was good to stay hidden, to not attract the notice of such creatures, but that was true in most predator/prey situations. Those who were weak, or at least weaker, survived either with numbers or stealth.

There were not many fairies.

Her hand went to her belly, even as her eyes shifted to her mate. Lil wanted to believe. Needed to believe. What her love had said. Had promised. For this, she would tolerate the humans. Help them. Protect them. For, if it was true...

Pushing off, she fluttered down to the floor. Kik had rolled the paper back up, hefting the scroll back into Heather's bag. As he stepped back, Lil came up behind him, pressing herself up against his warm body. Her arms went around his waist, as her head rested itself between his shoulders. Kik's wings, growing from his shoulder blades, angled back around her, as if protecting her from the world.

"Is that really telling you anything?"

He stood still, letting her feed off his strength. She could sense him nod.

"Some. You're right, of course, alone it is rather useless. But..."

"But what?" Her hands rose, covering his hard nipples, his own hands rising to cover hers. "From the ruins of the acorn of knowledge, the path to the bells of destiny shall grow. That's meaningless, you know."

He was silent. Turning her head, she kissed his skin. It was salty, musky. She breathed in, letting his scent infuse her.

"I had another dream."

Lil's breathing stopped. She felt herself pressing against him harder, his words flowing back and forth through her mind. Lil bit her bottom lip.

"The same?"

Pulling her hands off him, Kik stepped away, launching himself upwards. He circled once, eyes locked on hers. Even as she bent her legs to push herself after him, he broke off, flying towards the open porthole in the wooden hull. She followed.

Lil found him on the very bow of the ship, not far from where Sam had held her own vigil. The rigging creaked above, giving the clear night air an unnatural sound. She landed beside him on the wooden railing, hand seeking his.

"I saw you," he said, eyes on the unseen horizon where water and sky met. "I saw you as mother to a new clan, queen to a new people. I saw you populate a new land, unknown to any we now know."

"Are you king?" She asked, unable to keep her eyes off his face. "Are you father to my children? I want no people, no kingdom, if you are not at my side..."

His expression became clouded, uncertain.

"I ... yes, I think, for I see no other at your side." Her hand squeezed his. "But ... I see someone else. Gold. I..." Kik turned to her, troubled. "I see myself founding a new race."

"New ... race?" Lil shook her head. It made no sense. He shrugged in agreement.

"It makes no sense, I know. I just see ... gold. Love, and gold."

"I see love, too," she said, stepping close to him. "You do not need dreams to see it."

"But you are more beautiful than any dream." He smiled, all doubt vanishing from his eyes. Hands going to her waist, he pulled her against him. Her own hands sought out his head, drawing it down to hers. Trembling with need, she kissed him. He was hers. That was all that mattered. Dreams, prophesy, nothing mattered beyond the two of them now.

Cathy awoke to find the others already starting their day.

She was not proud of this. Having others around her working, while she was not, had always disturbed Cathy. Playing with her toys, or sitting and reading, while maids cleaned and cooks cooked, had never set right with the girl. When she had told her mother this, the woman had only laughed, patting her head, telling Cathy that such was just the way of the world. She would get used to it, accept her place above the petty workers. Besides ... she was a cripple. Cathy could do nothing.

Cathy sat up in the hammock, careful not to lean too far to the left or right. It would do her ego, let alone her somewhat fragile body, no good to tip over and roll off onto the floor. Again. She rolled her head, rotating her shoulders. Cathy was one to move a lot at night, rolling around her large bed back at the palace, or across the field when in a sleeping bag. Sam had jokingly suggested using stakes to secure her in place when they camped near a stream. Cathy had, in fact, woken one night to find she had rolled ten feet towards the water, carefully rolling back before anyone noticed. A foolish thought: the next morning, she had found a large rock on the bag just below her useless feet.

You could not roll in a hammock, as her cramped muscles attested.

"Lady, you're awake."

Cathy yawned as Heather appeared at her side. Her lady in waiting was fully dressed, long blonde hair neatly braided. Perfect, as always. Pushing the blankets off of herself, Cathy prepared for the first indignity of the day. Carefully, as if she was some sort of porcelain doll, Heather put her arms under Cathy's small body and lifted her up. Cathy's arms went to Heather's neck, helping take some of the weight off of the woman's arms. She could do that much, at least. As Heather slowly walked across the cabin, Cathy couldn't help but curse her useless legs. Again. Every day, she was reminded how useless she was. How ... fragile. She wanted to be strong. Independent. She wanted, some day, to walk, yes, walk into her father's throne room. Wanted to stand, head held high. Look her mother and father in the eye. And...

And, what?

That, of late, had become the question.

"Here we are. Watch yourself, my Lady." Heather placed her gently in her chair. Cathy nodded to her, not quite in a smiling mood yet. Heather knew her well, though, not taking the lack of such niceties as a rebuke. "Let me get your breakfast together."

Cathy hated being served. That it was all she knew did not change that fact. She didn't hate Heather, though. She loved her. Heather was mother. Sister. Friend, even, although the woman would not allow herself to treat Cathy as an equal. Cathy had stopped trying to get her to do so, long ago, but she did her best herself to act as a friend would. Not that she had much experience there...

"So, how are feeling today, Cathy?"

Sam, though, had been the first commoner to ever call her by name. Looking over at the teen, sitting on her pack giving her son his breakfast even as she held her own half eaten loaf of bread, Cathy couldn't help but feel better. There was a roughness to her that was exhilarating. It was rubbing off on Heather, definitely, and Cathy too reveled in it. She smiled.

"I'll let you know after I've eaten."

Sam laughed, adjusting Jay in her lap.

"Know what you mean. A fully belly does wonders for a person."

The air around the travelers was filled with the cries of seagulls and the shouts of sailors, as well as the smell of fish and sewage mixed in with the familiar salty sea. Cathy adjusted herself a bit on the bale of cargo Heather had found for her to sit on. It was a bit low for her to see comfortably over the side of the ship, but comfort was never a concern of hers. Small hands on the railing, she pushed herself up the extra half inch needed.


The port city of Bel spread out before them. The harbor was a half moon, the city spread out over almost the entire shore. The buildings were low, three or four stories at most, apart from a few she guessed were temples of some sort. One, well away from the smell of the sea, had to be the local palace. She recognized the ... arrogance.

A weight rested on Cathy's right shoulder, the flap of wings almost hitting her ear. As the boat rose on a swell, a small warm hand grabbed her ear for support. She wondered if their small friends knew how much effort it took to not automatically swat away the cause of such touches.

"Check the compass." Lil's voice was dry, obviously not all that excited about the next stage in their journey. "If it moved, we should decide what to do before even leaving the port."

"Oh," Sam said, "if it's pointing back over the ocean, I'm tossing it overboard."

Cathy dug the small, two inch diameter wooden box out of her bag. It was her treasure. Proof, if proof be needed, that magic worked. Proof, more, that the magic she quested for WAS there. That she had not abandoned family, honor, and now homeland in her quest, for naught.

She WOULD walk.

Lifting the now worn lid, she held the compass up where all could see. For a moment, the loadstone shavings kept their random form in the liquid. As always, a moment of doubt struck Cathy. Was the enchantment now ... at which point, as always, the shavings coalesced into an arrow. Heather took the compass from her hand, bringing it over closer to Sam.

"Still West. Inland, I suspect."

"Naturally. Did you really think we'd find them this easily?"

The decision to bring their horses had been an agonizing one. It was expensive, horribly expensive, to transport animals on a ship which also accepted human passengers. The quest had gone on long enough that money was most definitely an issue. However, their current beasts were all trained to their individual needs, particularly Cathy's Rhea. The black mare could be guided by the girl without the use of her knees, responding just to her hands on the reins, or her neck.

Sam watched as Heather carefully helped the girl mount. The change that came over Cathy as soon as her bottom settled in the saddle was wonderful. Her back straightened, head held high. Now her royal heritage was clear, to those who knew to look. Sam hoped the plain clothing helped mask that. None should be looking for the girl this far from home, but to stand out in a strange land was never good.

"All set, Lady?" Heather asked, one hand still on her thigh. Cathy beamed down at her.

"More than set. Thank you, Heather."

The buxom blonde seemed to blush a bit at the complement. Giving first the girl, then the horse, a final pat, she turned to Sam and the two fairies. Her dress was male, practical, dark brown leather pants with a thick leather tunic. Her breasts kept it from fastening, so they had punched holes in the armor-like covering and ran thick leather thongs across the gap. Her tan undergarment kept any extra flesh from showing. Sam wore a similar outfit, without the modifications. That the older woman was copying her had not really registered with the teen.

"So," Heather asked, "What's the plan?"

"Plans are over rated," Sam replied with a chuckle. She enjoyed the dirty look Lil gave her, hovering by her brown horse Brownie. Kik actually had a hand on his mate's arm as if to restrain her. "But, we do have one. We'll walk the horses through the market, pick up anything we need, maybe get some information on the surrounding country, then head out." She looked up. "If we can be on the road by noon, we can get some good traveling in."

Heather nodded, moving to grab the reins of her mount.

"Let's do it."

Through the luck of timing, the market was not that busy as Sam led them though the winding streets. This allowed easy travel for the horses, but was offset by the more desperate cries of the merchants. Every stall offered the best prices ever on everything the city had to offer, loudly. Sam's excitement at being off the ship and back among people was quickly replaced by a desire to get into the wilderness as soon as possible.

The selection was impressive, though. Cathy's mount now carried three bags of vegetables, and a sack of smoked meats. They could hunt at their leisure, not out of immediate necessity. As they passed a furrier's stall, there was definitely a difference in what beasts existed here. She saw what looked like a rabbit pelt, but with black stripes on brown fur. Red foxes. Most unusual of all, what looked for all the world like a giant squirrel, tail easily over a yard long. For some reason, looking at it made Sam uneasy. As if ... there was evil behind its story.

Lil dropped down, landing on her shoulder.

"Wait! Stop!"

Sam paused, the others doing the same. Kik fluttered down to land on her other shoulder, looking across her face at Lil.

"What is it, Love?"

The fairy's face looked startled, upset, wings flapping as if part of her did not, in fact, wish to stop there. Lil raised a black skinned hand to point at the furrier stall.

"That ... that large fur. The squirrel. Kik, what's the prophesy? 'From the ruins of the acorn of knowledge'? Do ... do squirrels eat acorns?"

Cathy's black mount suddenly surged forward, the nine year old pulling back on the reins hard as she brought her to a stop in front of the stall. The man behind the counter fell back, eyes wide with surprise and fear. Tossing her own reins to the surprised Kik, Sam ran forward, the two startled fairies jumping off her as the baby on her back began to cry. As she reached Cathy's side, the child pulled the compass out, lid off. She held it out before her. Then, slowly, she lowered it. As Heather joined them, Sam looked.

The magical shavings changed shape, first pointing to the fur, then up the road towards the West Gate.

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