Full Creeper Experience
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, First, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - DM offers some special services to girls in distress (even if they didn't know they were in distress to begin with). As always, DM stresses the importance of a good education.

As Paige neared the nondescript door of the nondescript office, she noticed the sign she had been looking for. It was a simple (dare I say nondescript) brass plaque that read FCE.

She was just about to reach the door and knock when the next door down the hall opened and an older woman came out. She quickly changed her motion so that it looked like she had intended to crouch down and tie her ... hmmm ... flip flop. Instead of pretending to tie the nonexistent laces, she pulled the "offending" shoe from her foot and rubbed her fingers over the neon green foam as if to brush away some grit that might have gotten between her toes.

If the woman noticed Paige, it was only enough to avoid running her over the in the hall. After she left, Paige stood, straightened her clothes, and took a deep breath before reaching to knock on the door again.

The knock seemed to echo much too loudly in the quiet building. She glanced around nervously, hoping another door wouldn't open and expose being seen attempting to enter this office again.

She thought she had good reason to not be seen coming to this office. She wasn't given any specific details and she had been around long enough to know that usually meant that what took place here could only fall into one of a few classes of activities, and they all involved "naughtiness" of one kind or another. She wasn't a naughty girl, in fact quite the opposite, but the idea of what might take place here definitely intrigued her. Maybe that's why she actually showed up to the 4:00 appointment her friend had made for her.

She was just about to knock again, more quietly this time, when a man's voice asked her to enter.

She turned the knob and pushed the door open. Inside she found an office. She was visibly disappointed at the single steel desk in the middle of the room. On her side of the desk was one normal office chair. On the other side of the desk, in an identical chair, sat a man. He was wearing normal business-casual style clothing and looked more like a teacher than anything. She had been expecting something much more dangerous looking, or at least exotic.

The man didn't rise to greet her, but he did ask her to sit down. She noticed that the man's eyes traveled slowly down her body, then back up as she moved toward the chair on her side of the desk. The man's gaze was making her slightly uncomfortable in that way that she always felt when a man twice her age was looking at her "inappropriately." She slid gracefully into the the chair.

The man behind the desk had watched Paige carefully and he was pretty sure he knew what was going through her mind.

"You are Paige, I believe? Your friend Natalie has told me quite a lot about you." he began as she shifted unconsciously. What had Natalie told him? They were best friends, and there were things that Natalie knew about her, and she would absolutely DIE if Natalie told anyone.

The man raised one eyebrow and one corner of his mouth raised as he saw those thoughts race across Paige's face.

"Let me start by saying that you have nothing to fear." he continued, "Nothing will happen in this office that you don't want to happen."

Paige relaxed a little bit, but she was still a bit uneasy.

"Do you know why Natalie set up this appointment?" he asked.

"No." she responded quietly while staring intently at the edge of the desk.

Truthfully, Natalie hadn't told her anything about this place ... only that she had set up the appointment and that she needed to go. She had noticed, recently, that Natalie was a lot more relaxed and confident. Paige had been wondering what might have changed. When she asked Natalie what was going on, Natalie just smiled. The next day, she gave Paige a card that read "FCE" and had the address and 4:00PM and today's date on it. She pressed it into Paige's hand and made her promise that she would go.

"Well, Natalie thought that you could benefit from the services that I provide here. From what she has told me ... and don't worry, everything will be kept in the strictest confidence ... I would have to agree. "FCE" stands for "Full Creeper Experience." It's a bit of a joke, really, but it does give you an idea of where we might be heading, I think."

Paige had looked up at the word "creeper". "I thought you might be a creeper the way you looked at me when I came in." She had regained a little of her confidence now that she knew she was on the moral high-ground. She could put a creeper in his place. After all, she had been going on to internet chat rooms for 3 years now.

He smiled gently. "I see you are ready for lesson number one; Creeper Identification and classification. Why do you think I'm a creeper?" he asked.

"The way you looked me over as I came in." she replied.

"Why does "looking you over" make me a creeper?"

"Because of what it means you want to do with me." she answered.

"What do I want to do with you?"

"You want to have sex with me." she answered, beginning to blush and turning her eyes to the edge of the desk again.

"Paige, look at me, please."

She raised her eyes back to his.

"Thank you. You are right that I "looked you over" when you came in. You have been taught all your life that when a man obviously enjoys viewing you that he wants to have sex with you, and also that he is wrong for thinking that. Those two ideas aren't entirely true, but neither are they entirely false. The first fact to consider is your beauty. You are 16 and have recently entered the age where your physical beauty is nearing its peak. I do not think that I am wrong for wanting to enjoy that beauty. There are many beautiful things in the world. If I avoided all beauty as rigorously as you believe I should avoid enjoying your beauty, I would spend much of my life with my eyes closed and bumping into things."

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly at the image of him crashing into object after object.

He continued, "Does the fact that I find you beautiful mean that I want to have sex with you?"

She nodded.

"To be honest, it is quite true that I would love to have sex with you." He paused to watch her reaction. She blushed a bit more, but her eyes were locked with his, almost defying him to try anything.

"Wanting to have sex with a beautiful girl is a perfectly normal desire, for the average male. Men have a strong attraction to beautiful women. It doesn't seem to matter much if the woman is younger than he is, or how big the age difference is. The attraction will likely be present, for him at least. Does the fact that I want to have sex with you make me a creeper?"

She nodded.

"Even though I would never act on that desire without your permission and I would stop the minute you asked me to?"

She shrugged slightly.

"You had noticed that I looked you over when you came in. Would you allow me to show you something? Don't worry, I'll stay on my side of the desk, you can stay on yours."

She nodded uncertainly.

"Please stand up and move back a few feet."

Paige did as the man asked.

"Watch my eyes, please." he directed.

His eyes were locked with hers, to begin with. Then his gaze slowly started to travel. He studied her face. His eyes traversed the soft skin of her cheeks, still glowing with a faint blush. Then down to the gentle curve of her jawline. His view slowly slid to one of her ears, then down the graceful arch of her neck to her shoulder. She was wearing a neon green tank top, so he was able to enjoy the view the tanned skin of her shoulder and upper arm.

She started to look away. "Watch my eyes, please, Paige." he commanded. She turned her eyes back to his.

He allowed his view to travel down her slender arm to her wrist and delicate fingers. Then he worked his view back up to her shoulder and down the neckline of her top. The smooth expanse of tanned skin was almost intoxicating. She too was feeling the effects of letting this man study her. Her breathing started to quicken and the blush started to spread down her neck a bit.

He let his eyes roll luxuriously through her cleavage. She didn't have huge breasts, but they were well proportioned to her slender frame, and he was sure they were beautiful. By instinct, she started to bring up her arms to cross them ... to protect her breasts from his roving eyes. He raised his hand toward her in a "stop" motion and she let her arms fall back to her sides.

His view was obviously covering her breasts, now, circling each one almost as if he were cradling them with his hands. That though brought a renewed blush to her face, and she could feel the excitement starting to well up in her belly.

He let his eyes drop across her smooth, flat stomach, then across to her hips. She was wearing a pair of white shorts. They were a denim type material and were short, but not outrageously so (no Daisy Dukes, sorry). He then started sliding his eyes down her tan thighs. When he reached her knees, he notice they still had a bit of that "coltish" look that young teenage girls take on as they develop. He drank in her calves, and then the delicate shape of her feet and toes.

He paused a second or two and then let his view reverse course. He took in a lot of the same sights on the way back up that he had enjoyed on the way down. He paused just a bit to gaze at the gap between her slender thighs before he continued back up her taut stomach. He was pleased to notice that her breasts were now rising and falling rather rapidly with her increased rate of breathing.

When his eyes reached back to hers, he found them wide open and locked onto his. Her irises had constricted a little bit, showing more of the pale blue that suited her perfectly.

He broke the silence, "Paige, I'm going to do that one more time. Please watch my eyes."

She nodded slightly.

With that, he purposely changed how he was looking at her. His gazes were no longer caresses of sight, but slashes and gouges. She couldn't describe how his eyes had changed, but they had. Somehow, they were harder.

His view followed the same path as it had before. This time she could feel it dragging roughly down her cheek and across her jaw. His eyes scraped down her neck, then gouged her arm almost as if it were fingernails.

When he reached her cleavage and breasts again, gone were the gentle loops and peeks. His gaze was rough ... grabbing, pinching and twisting her tender flesh.

His view raked across her stomach and down her legs. Then back up, this time pausing to claw and probe at her vulnerable crotch. She desperately wanted to cover herself again, but resisted. As rough and horrible as his gaze was, a little part of her WAS enjoying it.

He continued back up across her chest and back up to her eyes. They stayed locked for a second before he allowed them to soften again. She saw the change and let out a breath that she didn't even know she had been holding.

His lips curled up again. "Paige, please sit down before you fall."

She slumped into the chair.

"Did you see a difference between the first time and the second time?" he asked.

She nodded, eyes wide and still locked on his. She couldn't believe the transformations that had taken place in his eyes. She was sure that was the only thing that had moved. He hadn't gotten closer to her at all, but she was very aware of the increased violence in the second example.

"Would you categorize either of those as me acting like a "creeper"?" He asked.

"Definitely, the second one." she answered, "It felt like you had taken my clothes off and you could see everything."

"Would you agree that the first example was very much the same way that I had "looked you over" when you came in?"

She nodded in agreement.

"Do you still think that would be how a "creeper" would look at you?"

She shook her head.

"The first time I used what I called my "eyes of love." I know that sounds a little corny, but I can't think of a better name for it." He said sheepishly. "If you watch men that care for you, they will often look at you in that way. Watch your father, grandfathers, uncles, male teachers, ministers, etc ... and you will probably see that same look. Keep in mind, it doesn't mean that they don't want to have sex with you. Your father and grandfathers might not admit it, even to themselves, but it wouldn't be unusual for them to have those ideas."

Paige shivered a little at the thought of her father and grandfathers eyes roving over her body.

"The second time I used what I call my "eyes of lust." That is the way that you look at someone if you are fully intending on ripping their clothes off and having your way with them."

Her mouth opened slightly at the image of a man ravaging her.

"Keep in mind," he continued, "that it might not be a bad thing to be looked at that way by someone you might want to do that with."

She nodded slightly. He smiled at her reaction.

"What you would want to watch out for is someone whom you have never seen before looking at you that way. If nothing else, I wouldn't spend much time alone with them until you got to know them very well."

He paused for a bit to let her think.

"Do you still think all "creepers" are bad?" he asked.

She shook her head.

"Do you still think I'm a "creeper"?"

She nodded slightly, then thought a second before changing her mind to shake her head "no".

He laughed.

"Well, that is all we have time for today. Do think you might want to come back next week and continue where we left off?"

She thought briefly before nodding.

She spent a lot of time over the next week thinking about the effect that his eyes had on her. Some of the time she was slightly put off. More often she found it kind of exciting. A few times she found it very exciting.

She still didn't know what to expect from her future sessions with ... she didn't even get his name. But she was getting increasingly excited to find out.

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