Stevie's Initiation
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sheltered young man has his 14th birthday party at his aunt's swimming pool. Surrounded by his female relations, his mother begins the process of his initiation into manhood in a rather unusual fashion.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Incest   Mother   Aunt   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism  

"Mom! Stevie poked me with his penis!"

Stevie's life changed on the day of his fourteenth birthday. His mother had taken him to Aunt Amy's for a pool party with her kids. They invited Aunt Cassie as well and planned to have a small party for Stevie with his cousins afterward. As usual, Stevie was the only boy at the event.

Amy had three daughters the closest in age being Allison, at 15. Aunt Cassie also had three teenage daughters. The lone boy in the group was his mother's only child, and also the youngest of the what he grew up to think of as his family family. Stevie and his mom only used the words "aunt" and "cousin" to indicate how close they all were as friends, since they weren't really related to Stevie or his mom. There was another woman who was part of the little "coven" as they liked to call it, Aunt Penelope. She had two daughters as well, but they were visiting family in Puerto Rico this weekend, and couldn't attend the party.

So it was just Stevie, and nine attractive, very feminine women between 14 and 38, in bathing suits, splashing in the pool and lounging in the sun.

He should have expected it, had he any male friends to talk with about what was going on in his developing body ... or if his mom had ever discussed it ... or if he had a father in the house. Or if he wasn't homeschooled, just him and his mom, spending most of his day's in the house doing lessons.

But his world didn't include other men. His world was all here at the pool for his birthday. His world was all women.

And the women in his world were all single, and had been for as long as Stevie could remember. He knew better than to raise that sensitive subject. None of them ever talked about men, ex-husbands, or their past lives. Even his cousins didn't talk about dating, and he had never seen one in the company of a man who wasn't performing some sort of paid service, like mowing the lawn or installing air conditioning.

So when it started happening, he couldn't talk about it with anyone he knew. The pubic hair starting to grow, his testicles getting bigger, his penis getting longer and thicker. The sexual urges. And of course, the erections.

He was playing in the pool with Allison, the way they always did, splashing and playing "catch me if you can" when the fateful hard-on happened.

Stevie had caught a glimpse of Gretchen's dark blonde pubic hair as she rolled over and readjusted her bikini bottoms, her legs facing the pool with her toes just inches from his face. Instantly his cock was stiff as steel. He turned to find Allison, and she backed him into the corner in the deep end as she swam up under him.

First he felt her fingers reach out and grasp him quickly, it could have been an accident, but a charge went through him as though someone had thrown a toaster in the pool. Then he felt her moving slowly up, gliding purposefully against his needful erection. First her smooth shoulder, the her soft, plump breast, then her taut stomach, then her round hip, then finally her muscular young thigh all gliding gently against his stiffness. She came up smiling, a wicked, naughty smile. Her face was almost touching his as she brought her thigh up gently between his legs, pressing against his tender young balls, hefting them in his loose bathing suit.

Her eyes darted around, surveying her surroundings. His eyes were fixed on hers, in a sexual fugue.

No one was watching as far as Allison could tell. She whispered "What's this, cousin?" her lips nearly grazing his. Her hand went down his belly, and this time it was no accident. She knew exactly what she was reaching for, and when her fingers found his stiffness, she weighed it, squeezed it, pinched the head between her fingers. "Is this for me?" she teased, pressing him against her mons.

All he could manage was an unintelligible gurgle. He was on the edge of release, but before he tripped over that edge, his cousin yelled the fateful words that would change everything for Stevie.

"Mom! Stevie poked me with his penis!"

The teenagers all dissolved in laughter. Between the adults, though, there was an exchange of meaningful, silent glances. Amy shot a serious look, over the top of her sunglasses to Grace, Stevie's mother. Grace met Amy's cold stare with a guilty, sheepish look. Her eyes darted to Cassie, for some compassion, some mercy, but the eldest of the three merely cocked an eyebrow in expectation.

There seemed to be tears forming in Grace's eyes. "But he's too young, Amy. My baby."

"Not your baby anymore, it appears." Amy said flatly. "We've been planning this moment for a long time, sister. Since before he was born. You were the one having the boy, you always knew what that meant, and you said you could do what was needed."

Grace was clearly choking back powerful emotions. "He's too innocent. He doesn't know what's going on yet..." she trailed off.

"If you won't do it ... can't do it ... let me do it. Let Cassie do it. You know it has to be done. He's fourteen and it needs to start today." Amy smiled. She seemed to be hoping that Grace would give up control of the boy. Neither of them saw Cassie licking her lips like a lioness contemplating a gazelle.

Amy curled a finger toward Allison and the 15 year old swam to the ladder and climbed out of the pool, her nipples stiffening under the thin material of her two piece suit. She sat on the end of her mother's chaise and toweled off.

Grace knew that if she didn't take charge, Amy would, or even worse, Cassie. They both seemed that they would enjoy it too much, and she wouldn't be able to stand that. She stiffened and swallowed her sadness and aching sense of loss over the innocence of her little boy.

"Come up out of the pool, son." A stern tone, not angry, but strong.

"Mommy, can I just stay in for a couple more minutes." He was embarrassed by what Allison had said, though he wasn't really too sure about what was going on. She gotten him hard, teased him, and then she yelled to his Aunt Amy like he had done something wrong. He felt like he was being punished and didn't know why.

And besides, he was still stiff as ever. If he was already in trouble for the way Allison reacted to being poked by his hard-on, how much trouble would he get into when they all saw that he was throbbing? Another couple minutes and maybe it would go away.

"Steven, now, right here," she said, pointing at a spot in front of her chair. She never called him that. He was afraid of what was going on. The moms and their daughters were all staring at him. The younger girls were still giggling and whispering to each other, except for Allison, whose smile looked more sinful than a 14 year old girl should be able to muster.

He lifted himself out of the pool, trying unsuccessfully to reposition his erection downward by rubbing it against the concrete edge. Not only did his awkward effort fail, it failed terribly. His stiff cock slipped out of the netting of the inner lining and lifted the leg of his trunks. He covered himself with his hands, but by the time he stood in front of his mother, blushing deep red, he could feel the head of his dick peeking out of his swimsuit. He hoped no one could see, but he was wrong.

"Gather round, girls," Cassie instructed and the young women formed a close circle, seated and kneeling, around Steven as he shuffled awkwardly under their gaze. Shoulder to shoulder, pressed tight against each other, they were all within arm's length of the boy, or nearly so.

"Steven," his mother's voice was clear and serious, without any trace of the emotion she had shown before, "put your hands at your side."


"Steven!" His mother's sharp tone left no option. He followed her instruction, and to his horror, his still pulsing erection started to lift the edge of his suit, almost completely exposing the shiny red head.

"Steven, you have a hard-on, don't you? Your penis is hard. I can see the tip." She looked into his eyes. He nodded silently.

"I was hoping you'd have more time as a boy, but today is the day we have to start your training as a man. I want you to do it right and make me proud, son. I know you can." Stevie had no idea what she was talking about.

"This is your first lesson. It's important for you to be completely open about what is going on with your body, now that you are becoming a man. I'm going to ask you if you have a hard-on, and you're going to say, 'yes, mother, I have a hard-on.'" He nodded quietly.

"Steven, do you have a hard-on?"

"Yes, mommy, I have a hard-on." He saw her frown and he started to tear up, he had done something wrong already.

"Not mommy, Steven, call me mother, or mom, but you're a man now, and you need to start acting like a man."

He said it again. "Yes, mom, I have a hard-on." She smiled.

"Good. Very good. Now your second lesson. You have to be completely open about your body with your family. Take off your swim trunks and show me your erection, and show your aunts and your cousins your naked body and hard penis."

Her face gave no hint of compassion for any discomfort or embarrassment he might have suffered. Still feeling like he was being punished for some offense against his family, tears started streaming down his face as he hooked his waistband with hands visibly shaking.

He pushed his trunks down, first showing the tuft of curly hair, then the top of the shaft, then finally the tip cleared the waistband and his dick slapped up hard against his belly.

His cousins giggled and chattered as his throbbing dick came into view. His member was big for his age, but still not as long and thick as it would be if he were fully grown. But his balls were already nearly full size, and they looked huge on his small thin frame and compared to his more modestly sized dick.

The girls all laughed as their young cousin's dick bobbed in front of their eyes.

His mother viewed his private parts carefully. "Don't be scared, son. This is just like what we have been doing every couple of months at home, letting me examine your body, especially your male parts, only this time your whole family is here to help. I'm proud of how much you've continued to develop over our examinations. Your penis is bigger, and your testicles are much, much bigger. I'm proud of how much you've grown."

She took the tip very gently between two fingers, not wanting to stimulate him too much and cause a premature orgasm. "You are healthy and well formed, son. Your penis is nice and straight, and you have a very strong erection. That's good." She looked up at him again and smiled faintly.

"Ever since you were born I knew this day was coming." She let go of his penis and gently cupped his balls. "We are going to teach you how to be a good man, one who knows that his place and purpose in the world is to serve and please women, as the goddess requires. I want you to grow up to be an exemplary man, an expert at awakening the goddess inside every women. You want that too, don't you Steven?"

"Yes, mom." He enjoyed the feeling of her warm, soft hand on his balls.

"There are a series of lessons, and rituals, all mapped out for you, Steven. You start today and are going to learn a lot over the next four years. If you listen and do what you are told, you'll be a good man, the best kind of man." She smiled sadly, nostalgic that her little boy was gone, never to return.

"And it all starts here," she gave a gentle tug on his testicles. "This is what it's all about, your balls, son. They produce semen, full of sperm, the only substance, really, that makes men valuable at all to women. Have you masturbated yet today, made yourself ejaculate? " She saw he was confused. "Ejaculation is when the creamy white liquid comes shooting out. I know you've been doing it."

He blushed, "yes, mom."

"When was the last time?"

"This morning, in the shower"

"Did you wash it down the drain, Steven?" She sounded a little concerned, but he could never really lie to his mom.

"Yes, I didn't know what else to do with it." His mother had wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft.

"It's okay, I hadn't told you yet. How did you feel afterward?"

"Kinda dizzy, it felt nice, but then I felt tired."

"And your penis got soft, too, didn't it? That's because you had what we at the temple call a 'ruined ejaculation, ' son. Men shouldn't have that shaking, overwhelming feeling that leaves you all tired. That's an orgasm, and a perfect ejaculation for a man is when you produce a lot of semen, but you don't have an orgasm. That way you don't feel weak afterward, and your penis stays nice and hard to take care of any needs a woman might have for you."

She continued to roll his balls around in her hand, gently massaging them to produce more semen. She had to be careful, though, because she knew a boy as inexperienced as Steven would prematurely orgasm if stimulated too much.

"From now on, son, you have to be naked all the time at home, at Aunt Amy's, Aunt Cassie's and Aunt Penelope's too. You are going to be spending less time at home, and more time visiting your cousin's homes. Whenever you are naked, you try to stay hard as much as you can, but you can't ever, ever make yourself ejaculate or orgasm again. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mom." The boy had stopped crying. He had lived a sheltered life, and didn't know just how unorthodox his family's approach would seem to the outside world.

"We're going to teach you how to properly use your body, as you grow into it. That's going to be up to me and your Aunts, mostly, but your cousins will help with lessons too."

His testicles had pulled up fairly tight as he swam in the pool, but his mother's warm, gentle massaging was allowing them to descend. It was a wonderful feeling, but every time he felt the beginning of an orgasm coming, she stopped and held very still, so it seemed as though the pressure inside them just continued to build without relief.

"Since you'll be naked pretty much all the time, if any of the adults calls you and tell you 'it's time for a lesson' you need to come to whatever room we are in and get your penis nice and hard for us, if it's not already. Kneel down in front of us and when you are as stiff as you can get it and say 'I have a hard-on for you to use.' Then we'll tell you what type of lesson it is. Do you understand that?"

He had gotten over being scared about being punished and now had a new feeling inside of him, excited about what she was saying, excited that his penis was the center of attention. "Yes, mom, I understand. What kind of lessons will you give me?"

"Well, son, mostly we are going to teach you how to make us happy, how to give us orgasms whenever we need them. Most men never learn how to do that in their whole lives."

"How will I do that, mom? Do I use my penis?" He really didn't know anything about women, except that thinking about touching them with his penis was making him very excited and a little dizzy.

"No honey, not usually. That's why most men never learn, because they think that what feels good for them feels good for us too."

One of the girls behind him had started stroking him gently on the inner thigh, running her soft warm hand up between his legs and then over his naked butt.

His mother continued, watching carefully for the signs that Gretchen might be overstimulating him. She really didn't want him to have an orgasm in this position, if for no other reason than she didn't want his cum all over her new bathing suit. "Women like to be pampered, and the best way for a man to do that is with his mouth and hands, so we're going to teach you the special ways of kissing and licking and touching us. That sounds like fun for you, doesn't it son?"

He was having a lot of trouble concentrating, with his mother's hands cradling and massaging his balls, and his cousin probing between his butt cheeks with her fingers. "It does, mom. You know I like to make you happy."

"You're such a good boy, Steven," she beamed with pride. "Of course sometimes we will want to make you ejaculate for us. It's good for you to practice ejaculating without having an orgasm, so you learn the right way to use your penis, and how to make an offering to the Goddess."

He felt like he was right on the edge of making an offering to the Goddess right now. His mother felt this and held very still.

"Your other job, a really important one, is to give your body to help your cousins learn everything they need to know about men, Steven. That means anytime they want to touch you, or play games with you, or tell you to do things, share you with their friends, or anything that helps them learn about your body, you have to do exactly what they say."

"Yes, mom. But what if they ask me to do something I don't want to do?" His mother stopped stroking his balls and started to squeeze them, gently at first.

"You can't refuse anything your cousins or your aunts want, Steven. If you don't do something we tell you, promptly and eagerly, we'll have to punish you." The pressure on his balls was pretty strong now. He started to squirm in discomfort.

"But what if they want me to do something gross, mom?"

She kept tightening her grip on his tender jewels. "I said 'anything, ' Steven, and I meant 'anything.' I think I was pretty clear about that. Your cousins know that if they do anything to really hurt or damage you, then they will be severely punished, but other than that you have to do whatever they say."

Her son began to groan quietly from the pain between his legs. "If you think the pressure on your testicles is painful now, then you really don't want to make any of us punish you for disobedience, because the pain will be much, much worse, I promise." She let go, and the surge of relief from the pain was almost as pleasurable as the gentle stroking that had preceded it.

"There's one more thing, Steven." She grabbed his scrotum up close to his body and gently stretched it toward her. "This has to be your choice, your decision, to go through with this training and become a proper kind of man. There's always a way out for you. If you tell me you can't take it anymore, that you want to stop, that's fine with me, fine with all of us."

He felt a great sense of relief. After his mothers had squeezed his balls so hard he wasn't sure he wanted to do this anymore.

"If you tell us that you want it to end, it will be sad, because we all have such big dreams for you. But if that's really what you want, I will take you to the temple and the priestess will cut your testicles off for you, and then you'll be free to do as you please for the rest of your life."

Steven fainted. He slumped unconscious against his mother, and Gretchen helped to catch him so that he didn't injure any of the girls with his fall.

As he slowly crept back into consciousness, he found himself lying on his back on a towel on the pool deck, feeling the warmth of the sun on his naked chest and a cold wet cloth over his eyes. His extremities tingled as though his skin was covered with a shower of tiny hot sparks.

He had never fainted before, so he wasn't really sure what was happening. As the feeling returned to his limbs he didn't know if the warm, wet feeling surrounding his now limp penis was normal. He moaned in pleasure as the blood stiffened his young male organ.

"Time to stop, Allison. He's awake now." The sublime sensation on his penis stopped.

"I can tell, Aunt Grace. His dick got bigger in my mouth." Allison held the fully stiffened member gently between two fingers. "It felt nice to feel him get hard like that."

"Don't let him get too excited, honey. Better let me take over again." Steven felt shifting between his legs, which were being held wide apart by several sets of strong feminine hands. He felt the now familiar touch of his mother's hands on his balls.

He tried to move his arms, to take the wet cloth from his eyes so he could see what was going on, but It was obvious that his arms were being held down as well.

"Don't struggle, son. Conserve your strength." He sensed his mother shifting around his pinned body. "I'm assuming by your fainting that you've decided to stick with our program. That's good. I was so hoping you would." It seemed as though she was kneeling down straddling his head and yet she never released her grip on his balls.

Grace reached down with her free hand and lifted the wet cloth from his eyes. She had soothed her son with her own dampened bikini top. As his vision adjusted to the flood of sunlight, he looked up between her legs, past the snug fabric of her white bikini bottoms to see his mother's firm naked c-cup breasts. Her long, straight auburn hair framed her upper body as she leaned over to manipulate his manly bits, and her pale pink nipples showed her own excitement.

"I think this would be a good time for you to start learning how to use your mouth to make a woman happy, Steven. Would you like to do that?"

Stevie wasn't really sure what to say. Everything felt so good, but this was his mother rubbing his balls, and her barely clothed body hovered inches from his face. He could smell her pussy, and his mouth watered. His cock twitched, signaling his desire before he even knew how he wanted to respond.

"Good. I thought you would be eager to get started." Grace looked at the two girls holding down Stevie's arms, "could you undo my bikini?" The two teenagers reached up simultaneously and pulled the bows to untie the bikini panties.

All the women in the coven wore their pussy hair full and bushy, and Grace was no exception. Before Steven's young eyes was the delicious site of a thick red-haired cunt, with wet, slick lips beckoning. His mother's tight backdoor pucker was right over his nose. Without a word she lowered herself onto him, and without being told, he reached out with his tongue and started to lick.

The musky, tangy flavor was unusual to Steven, but he found the more he tasted, the more he wanted to taste. Grace rocked back and forth on her son's face, enjoying his exploration and gushing out more juices in response to his awkward licking and slurping.

Her naïve young son was good for his first time licking pussy, but he was too inexperienced to take her completely over the edge. Grace grinned wickedly and shifted forward, sliding her asshole over her son's mouth. He balked at first, but she ground her hips down and forced his tongue into her butt. Grace moaned deeply, loving the sensation. She reached out and took Gretchen's hand in hers, guiding her niece's long agile fingers down between her legs.

That was all the young mother needed, her son's tongue up her ass and the teenage girl's fingers expertly flicking her clit sent an orgasm crashing through Grace. Steven got a face full of her squirting love nectar, dribbling down his chin and his neck, as his mother's juices covered his freckled skin.

She lifted off of him and lay down beside him with a satisfied sigh. "That was very good, Steven. Excellent for your first time. Are you sure you haven't been practicing on your cousins?"

"No, mom, I haven't."

"Can he practice on us now, Aunt Grace?" It was Allison, show had stripped off her bathing suit and stood eagerly above her naked young cousin, working her tender young pussy with her fingers.

"It is part of the ritual, Allison..." The young brunette started positioning herself over his face, her dripping quim just inches from his lips and outstretched tongue before her Aunt stopped her. "But you don't get to go first!" All the other cousins started stripping out of their bathing suits as well. "That honor belongs to Aunt Cassie, and then Aunt Amy. It's important that he learn from experienced women first. Oh I do wish Aunt Penelope was here. She is such a good instructor, I still remember her first lesson, and my first taste of her dark, sweet pussy."

"But you'll all get your turns, girls. Steven will learn a lot today!" Grace said happily as Aunt Cassie's full, dark bush and thick rubbery pussy lips were lowered onto her son's obedient and eager face.

As she settled her weight down and felt the teenager's tongue burrow into her, Cassie laughed, "He is good, Grace ... I can't wait until I get him home!"

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