Doorbell Rang!
Chapter 1

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The Doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," she said.

She opened the door to see a face she hadn't seen in four long years.

"Danny, you're home!"

"Yeah, squirt ... I am! Man, I would have never recognized you. You've gotten so pretty."

She grinned at him and said, "You're just saying that because you're my brother, and you have to!"

"No, do I have to do this," he said, picking her up and giving her a kiss ... right on the lips.

She was so taken by this new and improved version of her older brother. They didn't notice their parents walking into the room.

"Danny, Sandy ... what the hell are you doing?" their father said.

She pulled away long enough to say, "It's Danny, daddy ... he's home from college. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, it is ... but I don't want to kiss him on the mouth, like I just walked in seeing you do."

"Danny," his mother said, "It's so good to see you. Are you home for the summer, or for good?"

"Well, Dad promised I had a job, if I came home in four years with a Degree in my pocket!" he said, reaching inside the jacket he was wearing, "Here it is! When do I start?"

"DAMN!" This is a real degree? You didn't copy somebody else's, and insert your name?"

"That was the old Daniel Olson, Pop ... troublemaker extraordinaire. I guess I deserved that. What with all the crap I made you guys put up with all the while I was in high school. I turned over a new leaf, was top of my class. I got an accumulative GPA of 4.21, all in four years, on a track scholarship no less."

"Well, I never got a call from you asking for money, so welcome home!" Daniel Senior said.

Tell me more, tell me more!

Danny 22, black hair, 6 foot 4, 222 pounds

Sandy 17, blonde hair, 5 foot 8, 133 pounds

Dad (Dan Sr.) 41, blond, 6 foot 2, 242 pounds.

Mom (Olivia) 40, black hair, 5 foot 5, 126 pounds.

Later, up in his room...

"So, big brother, did you break a bunch of hearts at college?" his adorable sister said to him.


"I said, did you have a lot of girls ... following you around?"

"Not a single one, Sandy. Why have a girlfriend at college, when I had you here at home to come home to?"

"What's that supposed to mean ... you're my brother?" she said, sighing at the thought of what he had just said.

"Didn't Mom and Dad ever tell you?"

"Tell me what?" she answered as he took her hand in his.

He sat on his bed, and put her on his lap, "I'm adopted, that means we can be a couple, forever ... if you'd like. They told me, as I left for college and said they would tell you while I was gone. I told Dad, when he explained it all to me that I was already in love with someone, but college was first."

"And you told him, you were in love... with me?" she said so quietly, only he could've heard it.

In an instant, they were kissing again, this time ... she had a reason to kiss him back.

"KIDS, come down stairs please?" they heard their mother yell.

They walked downstairs holding hands. Dad noticed and said something to his wife.

"Because Danny's home, we're going OUT to dinner. Your father is paying," Olivia said.

They all got in their father's Mercedes E63 AMG Sedan; he got only four months earlier. Danny was a gentleman, opening the door for his sister, and getting in the other side.

Yes, the family was rich, very rich!

Danny's grandfather was one of a group of men, who, while digging a well, struck oil ... in his own back yard. After capping it, the group of men sold it, to the Standard Oil Company, which became Marathon Oil. To make a long story short, the Olson's, are one of the richest families in Springfield, Ohio.

To buttress this sidebar, the original well is still putting out 1,000 barrels a day!

Meanwhile, back in the car...

"Apparently, your brother has told you what Olivia and I have neglected to tell you, these past four years. I'm sorry we kept that from you, Sandra. We had planned to talk to you that same day, but I got a call from work, and since then ... it's been easy to keep procrastinating until today."

"Sandra," her mom added, "We really did plan to tell you, and we're so very sorry that it came as such a surprise this afternoon."

"How old was I when y-you got him?" Sandy said, frustrated over this long-overdue secret.

"We've had him since he was three and a half years old, three months later I was pregnant with you. We had the perfect nuclear family, until Danny's biological parents died five years ago. They left him some money and their home. He's sat on all of that, waiting for you. He wanted to have his schooling done..."

"I'll take it from here, Mom," Danny said. "I wanted to have my schooling behind me, so I could change back to my biological name, Vincent Fontaine, and ask you a very important question."

Sandy was looking in her brother's eyes, knowing full well what the question would be, but decided to wait. She knew that she wanted a nice home with a picket fence. She had no college ambitions, just wanting to be a wife and mother eventually.

"Where are we going for dinner?" Sandy asked her father.

"The Longhorn Restaurant. Where I proposed to your mother, kids," he answered.

Now Danny was looking at Sandra, with a combination of love, lust and passion. He felt inside his jacket pocket, making sure that his purchase from the jewelry store was still there.

She noticed how looked at her, the way she had always wanted him to look at her. Her feelings go back many years.

All right, don't worry! What you expect to happen will happen, but a little of the past is necessary here ... promise, it won't be too much...

Her feelings started, for real, when she was eleven years old, and Danny was sixteen. She knew it wasn't right, to feel that way about her own brother, but he was so handsome!

He could drive, so he would take her wherever she needed. To school, to the movies ... it didn't matter because she was with him.

A year later, she had plans to see a movie she had been waiting for a very long time. At the last minute, her best friend backed out. She cried for a while, until Danny put his hand on her chin raising her head, and said, "Can I take you to the movie. It could be a 'date' if you want?"

She said 'Yes' and changed into the nicest dress she had. Danny had seen this, so he dressed up as well. It was just a movie, but he couldn't keep his eyes off his little sister the whole time. He felt the first pangs of what he had expected was unrequited love.

Neither of them could probably remember the name of the movie these days, but that was the starting point for his strong affection for his little sister.

That day for her was the moment that her pursuit of her brother was constantly on her mind. Her grades were affected at first, but she got them back up again.

At the end of the date, there was a moment when she wanted him to kiss her, and he wanted to kiss her, but didn't due to his concern for how things would play out.

Her heart was practically broken, when he took all of his stuff, and left to go to Central Michigan University, three hours away, but it felt like three days away to her.

Back in the car, they were pulling up to the Longhorn Restaurant. As they walked to the entrance, Mom and Dad had noticed her arm was around her brothers. They smiled to one another.

They had actually traveled to Dayton, southwest of Springfield, to get to the exact restaurant that Dan and Olivia celebrated their engagement at. With a twenty in his hand, Dan got the same table, he and 'Liv' had sat at, all of those years ago.

They sat, and ordered drinks and dinner. Sandy deferred, although she was allowed to drink when the moment was appropriate. She looked old enough, especially in the lightly blue dress she had on.

Dad raised his glass and said, "To the return of my favorite son, from God's hands to our home!" They clinked glasses; Sandy's had water in it.

She wanted this night to be in perfect focus, unfettered by alcohol. When would he do it? After dinner ... before dessert? Maybe after dessert, her head was spinning. Their dinner was served.

Danny was so very nervous ... he knew this moment was inevitable, and he ran it through his head over a thousand times. He stood up, putting his napkin from his lap to the table. He moved to in front of Sandra, dropping to a single knee. The nearby patrons had noticed, and the sounds of the place went quiet.

He went to his inside jacket pocket, and pulled out a violet trimmed ring box.

Sandy was as nervous as he was, watching every moment that was happening before her. She was practicing in her head how best to answer this question.

Danny held the ring box tight with one hand as the other opened it, and he said, "Sandra Olson, Will you marry me?"

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