Yum Yum Ling Ling
Chapter 2: The filing room

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oriental Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2: The filing room - I started working for this company about two years ago, and this is where I met Ling (not her real name of course), she is this little 5 foot 5 tight bodied Asian MILF from Indonesia. She is also married and has two beautiful daughters. This is a series of stories detailing my sexual relationship with Ling, and how I ended up not only making her mine, but also her two teenage daughters...

I have just started having an affair with a woman at work, her name is Ling and she is a petite little Indonesian born MILF. She has a tight ass and beautiful shapely legs, she drive me crazy. I was sitting at my desk on Friday when she came into my office and asked me if I could help her out with something quickly. Well, it has been a week since our encounter in the car park, where she sucked me off very enthusiastically ... and we haven't been alone at the office since, so my thoughts immediately turned nasty.

Me: "For you Ling, anything, just say the word..."

Ling:"Woah there handsome, I just need your manly strength to help me move a filing cabinet, we've had some water leaking from the ceiling during that storm last week and I just want to get the cabinet away from the wall."

Well, I got up and followed her to the filing room, walking behind her, I took out my phone and took a few sneaky pics of that lovely tight round ass of hers, She was wearing that tight black pencil skirt of hers with he slit down the side. I could feel the blood rushing into my manhood and just had to free him from the tight confines of my briefs. If things keep going like this I will have to start wearing boxers.

In the filing room she took the one end of the cupboard and I the other and we pulled it away from the wall.

Ling:"Thanks Rob, now I can get the wall cleaned and show the insurance guy the damage."

Me:"No Worries, this was not exactly what I had in mind when I thought how great it could be getting sweaty with you at the office."

Ling:"Mmm, whatever do you mean? You are surprisingly up front for such a shy guy aren't you?"

Me:"I know, I'm normally quite reserved, but you just bring out the animal in me, I just want to ravage your tight little body every time I see you."

Ling:"Well, if you put it that way, you are making me wet down here, and I will have to get some relief, how about right now Rob, are you up to it?"

WOW, I could not believe my luck, there I was in the filing room with Ling, this lovely forty plus year old married MILF, mother of two, who is so conservative, she normally does not even drink a glass of wine, and she is pulling her skirt up her thighs, exposing her silky golden brown thigh and white panties to me and looking at me with those innocent dark almond shaped eyes. I was rock hard by now, and just moved in and grabbed her with my right hand on her ass pulling her crotch towards mine and with my left hand I pulled her head toward me and just locked my lips over hers, pushing my tongue into her mouth devouring her pushing as deep as I could and just losing myself in her wet mouth, playing with her tongue. With my right hand I pulled her skirt up over her ass and shoved my hand inside her panties squeezing her tight buttock. I stroked her ass and moved my fingers towards her anus, stroking my middle finger up and down her ass crack while kissing her passionately. I pulled her leg up so I could get into her sweet cunt from behind and I immediately felt her wetness, stroked my middle finger into her a couple of times and then pulled it back towards and into her ass hole. I don't think anybody has ever been in that tight little hole before, she gasped and stopped kissing me for a moment ad I slowly pushed my finger into her anus.

Ling:"Oh Rob, I want you in me now, I can't hold it any longer, take me Rob, I have been fantasizing about you for so long, just take me right here, right now, fuck me hard, just do it."

I swung her around roughly and pushed her shoulders down to bend her over the chair, I pulled her skirt up onto her back and pulled her panties to the left exposing her sweet, sopping wet slit. It looked magnificent ... those lovely pink lips, glistening like a fresh doughnut...

Ling:"Oh Rob, you are such a manly man, My husband have never taken me like this, do it Rob please shove it in there, I need to feel your full length in me now" She said bent over the chair in our filing room, offering her virgin ass to me.

I quickly unzipped my fly and pulled my throbbing cock out of my jeans. I took it in my hand and guided the blue helmet up her slit and into her cunt, slowly pushing my blue veined shaft into her sweet slit, with my head firmly between her lips I got hold of her hips with both hands and pulled her towards me with one savage thrust pushing myself all the way into her. Ling let out a throaty scream as I thrusted myself into her. What a feeling, she was so tight and wet and warm, I was in heaven and just started pounding her from behind over and over and over. I bent over her and with my right hand pulled her long black hair away so I could get my tongue onto her neck. I sucked and licked up and down her neck and her earlobe, sticking my tongue into her ear, she clamped her tight cunt onto my shaft as I rode her, she started to shiver and spasm beneath me and was making a faint moaning sound.

Ling:"Oh Rob, I'm cumming ... Oh, Oh, YES, yes, fuck me, do it, oh yes ooooooooaaahh..."

Her cunt was contracting around my hard shaft as I was still riding her from behind at a reasonable pase, I could feel my balls tighten and my cock starting to spasm.

Me:"Oh Ling I am going to come, can I give you my seed, can I squirt inside you please, don't tell me to pull out now..."

Ling:"Oh no Rob, fuck me, I don't care, come inside me now, give me your manly seed, squirt it all inside me!"

So with a last frenzy of thrusts, holding tightly onto her lovely wide hips I came in a flurry of spasms, squirting my seed deep into her womb, I just couldn't stop, she was so wet and my sperm inside her made her so slippery, her vagina contracting around my shaft, it just felt so wonderful.

Ling:"Oh Rob, That was wonderful, you have made my legs feel shaky, I can barely stand, I have never came so hard, never experienced an orgasm so intense, what did you do to me?"

As she got up, My cock slipped out of her cunt, and she turned around, her skirt falling back down, she took my shaft in her left hand and stroked it gently as she kissed me passionately pushing her tongue into my mouth and sucking on my tongue.

Me:"Wow Ling, Babe, I told you you bring out the animal in me, I don't think I have been that hard since my teenage years, thanks babe.

Ling:"Don't mention it, the pleasure was all mine."

Me:"So are we even now, I owed you for the blow job you gave me in the car park the other day remember."

Ling:"Of course, how could I forget, I tasted your cum for the rest of that day, and I couldn't stop thinking of this blue veined, purple headed, yogurt thrower of yours, he's so beautiful."

Me:"Hoa there honey, you are making me hard again, and I have lots of work to do."

Ling:"Ok stud, I'll let you get on with it, as long as you hold those thoughts for me, if ever you feel uncomfortable down here and need some relief, just let me know, maybe I can be of assistance..."

She gave my cock a squeeze and put it back into my jeans, gently zipping me up.

Ling:"I now have to go and clean up this sticky mess between my legs, look I'm dripping all over the place, you must have pumped a liter of that stuff into me, how long have you been saving up?"

Me:"For you I will always have a squirt or two, just say the word..."

She left the filing room walking a bit funny, but I have never felt this satisfied before. I can't wait to fuck her again.

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