The Business Trip
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, 2nd POV,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is my fantasy business trip with my significant other. In the real world I have made this trip without her and without sex many times. It's a simple story; boy lusts after girl, girl lusts after boy. They love to love each other.

Wednesday Night

I'm exhausted. I had a 7am flight out of Newark, going two time zones west. The ride from the airport to the facility was an hour. I spent the afternoon with you and the staff person and then the three of us went to dinner. I had to use all my control not to grab you during the day. Finally, we go to your room. You make me lay down on the bed, and then you undress me. The sight of my cock, though soft, still excites you.

You undress for me, slowly. It's not a strip tease, just a tease. You smile as my dick gets hard. I can't help it, I have to touch myself. My dick is harder than it has been since the last time we made love. I am wild with desire.

You sit next to me on the bed. I grab you to pull you down on top of me, but you just laugh and resist.

"Oh no! You're too tired. I need to help you relax first."

You kiss me, softly at first, and then slide your tongue into my mouth. As the passion begins to grow, you break away and move to my neck, then my nipples. You know it turns me on and you love sucking them. When you're done, you rub your swollen nipples over my chest. I hear you gasp, your own excitement starting. You move down to my stomach, and finally my dick.

You plant kisses first; light teasing ones. Then your tongue starts. Up and down, around the head. You haven't touched it yet, by design. You go back to the head and in one motion take all of me into your mouth. I jump and groan at the same time. One of your hands wanders over my ass. I moan louder. A delicate finger pierces my cheeks and snakes its way to my asshole. Your touch makes me buck and cry out.

You slide your forefinger into my ass to the first knuckle. I start to squirm. When you get to the second knuckle I'm squirming so much that you are having a hard time keeping my dick in your mouth. I'm breathing faster now and you sense that if you keep this up I will come in your mouth ... not a bad thing, but we've only just started. You remove your finger and your mouth and give the head a final kiss.

You cover my body with yours, your tongue now probing my mouth. Your body is hot, very hot. I wrap my arms around you and pull you to me as tight as I can. The feel of you in my arms makes me shiver. We stay that way for ten minutes, kissing, hugging, laughing and teasing. Finally, I roll you off to the side. I stare into your eyes. They are laughing with joy and excitement. I take in your body; nipples taught and erect, legs apart, blonde, trimmed pubic hair inviting my fingers.

My eyes are drawn back to your breasts ... they are not too small, just right. The nipples stand up straight, attracting my attention. Lightly I caress them with my fingertips. I thought they were hard before, but they stiffen even more. You gasp out loud as my lips encircle the left nipple, while my fingers pinch and pull the other. Now my teeth are biting and pulling instead of my lips. It's your turn to squirm. Your hands grab my biceps, undecided whether to pull me closer or push me away. The fine line between the pleasure and the pain is constantly moving, but both are exquisite.

The more you squirm the wider your legs part. You are so warm and wet that I can smell you. It's heavenly, the scent of a goddess. I'm having trouble concentrating on your tits. I want to finger you, eat you and fuck you all at the same time. Slow down! Slow down! We have plenty of time for once! We have hours!

I heed my mind and relax. I straddle your waist and grab each nipple between a thumb and forefinger. I pull them, harder now. Your response is to grab my cock with both hands and jerk me. Your touch makes my dick swell even more. I'm leaking precum all over you. You pull me forward by my dick. My hips are forced to rise off your waist, as you are so insistent. You pull my dick into your mouth. God ... you love its hardness in your throat. You're making sucking noises now, or are they whimpers? Somehow during your quest to suck my dick my hands never leave your nipples. The harder I pull on them, the more noise you make and the harder you suck. We are in heaven in the middle of a king-size bed.

I can feel my balls begin to tingle, so I let go of your nipples and pull my dick out of your mouth. I slide half way down your body and go back to kissing your breasts. I reach up to kiss your mouth ... your lips are wet with saliva from my blow job. I lick your lips dry and plunge my tongue into your waiting mouth. You moan, partially from the kiss and partially from the feel of my hard cock pressing into your pubic hair. Quickly you spread your legs and your hand is back on my dick trying to push it between your legs and into your hot cunt. I break contact immediately.

"Not yet!" I plead. "I want to, but not yet!"

I move down between your thighs. I move my fingers through neatly trimmed bush. I came down here to give my dick a rest, but your scent is driving me wild. My fingers move between your lips. I love the way they are so visible, so inviting. I tease them; one second I'm in between, stroking, lightly probing; the next I'm caressing them from the outside. I love looking at your pussy. I could look, touch and taste it for hours. This is the voyeur's ultimate dream. Finally, it is time to taste it.

I move my tongue to the very bottom of you pussy. Your juices have already begun to collect there. I lap them up like a thirsty dog, sending your hips into a bucking motion. I grip the outside of your thighs tighter as I plunge my tongue into your hole. It is incredibly hot inside of you. I twirl my tongue around, savoring your slippery liquid. I can't get enough of it and I need to control myself from just going wild. I pull out for a second and look at your pussy. The lips are swollen and dark pink. They are open, exposing you like never before. At the top I can see your clit just peeking out of its hood. It's begging me to kiss it. I can't deny it.

I spread your pussy lips to completely expose your clit. I'm still amazed at the heat of your cunt. It's as if it's on fire. Slowly, lightly I encircle your button. You moan, "Ohhh God" in response, which sends shivers through me. I flatten my tongue on it and move up and down over it. It is so hard I can feel it press into my tongue. It's getting hard to control your movements. You are almost thrashing on the bed. When I slide my finger as deep in your pussy as it will go, you actually scream.

Your hips have gone into overdrive. I can't keep my face on your clit any longer. I get to my knees, but I don't remove my finger. My face is covered in pussy juice and your aroma fills the room. I didn't think my dick could get any harder, but there's something about your scent; I can't get enough of it.

I climb from between your legs to your left. My finger still fucks you at a steady pace. Your hips have returned to their normal thrashing, but I can see from your eyes that you need to cum. I insert a second finger and put my thumb on your clit. I lean forward and smash my mouth onto yours. We are both wild now. The end is coming as sure as Christmas. My right hand finds a nipple and pinches and pulls ... hard. You are moaning and screaming, but my kisses muffle it. My tongue is getting tired as it explores your mouth yet again. I want you to cum as badly as you want to come. Finally you are there. "Mmmff! Mmmff! Mmmff! Mmmff! Over and over you cum. I don't stop my assault on your pussy, until exhausted, you pull my fingers out. I break our embrace and you gasp for air. I wrap my arms around you and smother your hair and neck with kisses. We both need a few moments of rest.

My eyes jolt open and I look around the room. I glance at the clock and realize that we have both fallen asleep after your orgasm. I look at your face snuggled against my shoulder. There is a slight smile on your face that says, "I got mine, what about you?" My hand roams your breasts and the nipples harden, although you don't wake up. The areolas have swollen as well from all the attention they have received. When my hand dips below your navel, your legs part, as if I had tripped a sensor. Your pussy is still soaked as I find my way between the lips. A moan escapes as I find your clit. I look back at your face and there is a huge smile and your eyes are filled with mischief.

"You can't get enough of me, can you?" you whisper.

I feel your fingers wrap around my semi-hard cock, urging it to attention.

"No ... I can't."

"Well, I haven't had nearly enough of you either. What are you going to do about it?"

"Turn over and get on your knees!" I order in a mock command. "You'll find out." You roll over on your stomach and then get to your knees. You pull over a pillow to rest your head on. You know you will be in this position a while ... it's our favorite. You spread your knees wide and lower your head. You wiggle your ass invitingly. I move behind you and lay on my stomach. I look up at your pussy; it's red and swollen and moist. Perched above it is your asshole, aching to be touched and made love to.

Gently I rub a finger in your pussy and you can't help but squirm in response. You came less than an hour ago, but that doesn't seem to matter. Your primal heat is such that I wonder how many orgasms it will take to satisfy you. We haven't had the opportunity to make love for months until tonight. We have three more nights and four mornings to go, but right now it seems to the both of us that it won't be enough.

I collect your nectar and lubricate your rosebud. A murmur of delight escapes your lips. I tease the rim, then push in a tiny bit. Before you know it my finger is gone, back in your pussy. I take my time, alternating between the two holes. I love the way your sphincter grips my finger, as if I were putting it in a vacuum. I'm in up to the first knuckle when I whisper in your ear, "Relax your ass, I need to go deeper ... much deeper."

You hesitate a moment. This is not unknown territory for you, but you are unsure of what I have in mind. "I promise," I continue, "that you will love it. I would never do anything to hurt you ... never."

I can hear you sigh as you focus on relaxing all your muscles. I remove my finger and dip below for more lubrication. I reenter your ass and go in past your sphincter as far as my second knuckle. I hold it there while you adjust to the intrusion.

"Is it ok?"

"Yes," you reply, your voice husky with sexual tension.

Slowly I rotate the tip, pressing the sides of your rectum. "Mmmmm! I like that," you whisper. I continue my circles and push in all the way. "Ohhhhhhh!" As I slowly fuck your ass, your hips start meeting my thrusts. "That's good! Oh that's good!" I reach around you and grab a breast. I massage it firmly, paying attention to the bursting nipple only in passing. Your desire for me to pull it sends your hips moving faster. A rhythmic groan now accompanies your pelvic thrusts. You can't stand the tension any more.

"Pinch it! ... Pull it! Please! ... Please!"

Your begging sends a bolt of excitement straight to my cock. I eagerly comply until your cries of pleasure are mixed with pain. I know you are getting close, and so am I.

It's time.

I remove my finger from your ass, leaving you with an empty feeling. I grab the condom from the night table and rip it open. I'm fumbling trying to get it on. I hate the damn things. When the task is completed I grab my cock and rub the tip the length of your pussy. You moan loudly at the contact. I slip the head in and you reach around and try to pull my ass to complete the entry. I playfully slap your hand away and remove my dick. I lean into you and start rubbing its length in your wetness. Now you are really going wild.

"Put it in! Oh God! I need it in me!"

I continue to tease. I back away slightly and press the head against your asshole. You stop moving, nervous now. I rub my dick in circles around your forbidden opening, occasionally pressing a little and quickly withdrawing.

Suddenly my hand pushes my cock lower and with one thrust I am all the way up your cunt.

"Ohhhh yesssss!"

I hold onto your hips and fuck you. I'm trying to keep to a reasonable pace, but the fevered thrusts of your hips make me join you in your frenzy. I'm grunting now with each stroke as I get close. You can tell and you pick up the pace until I finally scream, "Ohhhh!" and explode inside you. After two or three stokes I hold myself inside you as your orgasm matches mine. I can feel your pussy quivering around my dick. I hold us in that position, breathing hard, the smell of sex overwhelming the room.

When I finally get soft, I withdraw. I peel off the condom and toss it on the floor. You straighten your legs and collapse on the bed. A second later I am next to you, turning you towards me. We press our bodies and our lips together, my cum-soaked dick leaving its residue on your pubic hair. We fall asleep just like that.

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