A Broken Melody
Chapter 1

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Rough, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Melody is kidnapped by Derek. Noah helps her recover once she is rescued.

Melody set her history book aside, glad to finally be done with her assignment. She had spent the last four hours working on the homework that had been assigned to her for the weekend. She wanted to get it done early so that she would be able to concentrate on her performance in the school play. She was the female lead, and very nervous.

Melody looked at the small alarm clock on her nightstand. It was only eight o'clock at night, way too early to go to bed. She slowly stood from her bed and walked over to her computer desk, sitting down on the uncomfortable wooden chair.

Melody pressed the power button on her oversized desktop computer, sighing impatiently as she waited for the old machine to start up. She desperately wished that she could afford a newer computer, a laptop perhaps, but knew that she was lucky to have the one that she did.

Melody smiled as her computer screen finally came to life, and quickly typed in her password. She logged onto her favorite chat room, using the username 'Classical_Melody'. Almost immediately, a pop up appeared on her screen.

LonelyGuy: Hey

Classical_Melody: Hey

LonelyGuy: How are you?

Classical_Melody: I'm good. You?

LonelyGuy: Good. A/S/L?

Melody immediately knew that 'A/S/L' stood for age/sex/location, and didn't think twice about giving a random person on the internet her information.

Classical_Melody: 18/F/USA

LonelyGuy: Wow! Really? I'm 18/M/USA. What state do you live in?

Classical_Melody: New York

LonelyGuy: I live in New York too! Weird.

Classical_Melody: Really? What town?

LonelyGuy: New York City

Classical_Melody: Oh, I live in the northern part of the state.

LonelyGuy: What's your name? I'm Zach

Classical_Melody: Melody

LonelyGuy: Can I see a picture of you Melody?

Melody sent him a link to one of her online profiles. She had to wait a few minutes for his reply.

LonelyGuy: You're cute.

A small smile grew on Melody's face. Men always seemed to appreciate her petite body and accentuating curves. Her black hair traveled to her mid-back and contrasted with her pale skin, yet it was her blue eyes that stood out the most.

Classical_Melody: Thanks. Can I see a picture of you?

LonelyGuy: Sure. What's your email address?

Melody sent him her email address, and waited for his picture to arrive. She wasn't expecting much. She had chatted online with more men than she cared to count. All of them had sent her a picture. None of them had impressed her.

However, after opening his email, Melody had to admit that Zach was different from the rest. He was wearing a polo shirt and slacks, looking very relaxed and casual. He had shaggy blonde hair, was tall and very good-looking. His stomach was flat and his short-sleeved shirt was showing off his biceps. His athletic frame was intimidating, but the smile on his lips set her at ease.

Classical_Melody: You're not too bad yourself.

LonelyGuy: Thanks. So do you just go to school or do you have a part time job as well?

Classical_Melody: Unfortunately, I'm too busy to have a job.

LonelyGuy: How so?

Classical_Melody: I'm taking all college courses, which means a lot of homework. As a soloist in the school choir, the lead in the all school play, and a player on the varsity volleyball team, I have practice of some sort almost every night. So even though I would like to have a job to earn some money, I don't have any spare time.

LonelyGuy: Wow! You're very ambitious. You must be very smart to be able to take all college courses.

Classical_Melody: Well, I won't be able to afford to go to college after graduation. I need to learn as much as I can, while I can.

LonelyGuy: I'm sure that you would be able to get some sort of scholarship. So what's with all the extracurricular activities?

Classical_Melody: I just like to be out of the house as much as possible. So do you have a job?

LonelyGuy: I'm a cashier at the local grocery store. It sucks!

Classical_Melody: At least it's something, right?

LonelyGuy: I guess. What do you like to do for fun?

Classical_Melody: I like to read.

LonelyGuy: That's it?

Classical_Melody: There's not a lot to do for fun around here.

LonelyGuy: That sucks. So is that how you are going to spend your weekend?

Classical_Melody: I'll probably spend some of it that way. I have volleyball practice tomorrow afternoon and the first play performance is tomorrow night.

LonelyGuy: Are you nervous?

Classical_Melody: Yes!

LonelyGuy: Do you know all of your lines and everything?

Classical_Melody: Ya

LonelyGuy: So then why are you nervous?

Classical_Melody: I don't know. I'm not very popular around here, so getting up on stage in front of a town that hates me kind of makes me nervous.

LonelyGuy: Lol, it's not like they are going to boo you off the stage or throw tomatoes at you.

Melody couldn't help but laugh at his comment. She smiled contently as her nerves eased a little bit.

Classical_Melody: Good point

LonelyGuy: So why don't people like you?

Classical_Melody: My mom is a slut. She's slept with pretty much everyone in town. All the women hate her for sleeping with their husbands, and all the kids hate her for ruining their parents' marriage. They just hate me by default.

LonelyGuy: Your dad isn't in the picture?

Classical_Melody: He died when I was 12. He was hit by a drunk driver.

LonelyGuy: I'm sorry

Melody still wasn't sure what the appropriate response was to that phrase.

Classical_Melody: Thanks

LonelyGuy: So you have no friends?

Classical_Melody: Just my books

LonelyGuy: No boyfriend?

Classical_Melody: Nope

LonelyGuy: Never? You've never had a boyfriend?

Classical_Melody: No

LonelyGuy: Not even a one night stand at a party?

Classical_Melody: I don't get invited to parties. In 3rd grade, Noah Williams kissed me under a tree on the playground ... If that counts

LonelyGuy: Lol, no. It doesn't. So why do you have volleyball practice on a Saturday?

Classical_Melody: We have a big game coming up. Go Titans! So what are your plans for the weekend?

LonelyGuy: I'm not sure yet.

It was almost midnight when Melody finally turned off her computer and crawled into bed. A small smile still danced around her lips as she drifted off to sleep.

About two hundred miles away, a devilish smile formed on Derek's lips as he stared at Melody's picture. She was the perfect target. She was book smart, but definitely didn't know how to handle herself in social situations. She was athletic, but her frame was so small that he would easily be able to overpower her. She was an actress in the school play and was a soloist in the school, which meant that her voice was most likely pleasant to listen to. She was beautiful. She was perfect, or at least close to it. Derek had to admit that she was younger than he preferred, a full ten years younger than him, but her age was hardly a deal breaker.

Her father was dead, and her mother didn't seem to care about her. She admitted to not having any friends. There would be no one to look for her if she went missing. Still, the name and picture he had sent the girl were fake. The picture a generic one that he found through a quick internet search.

Suddenly, Derek heard screams coming from the upper level of the house. It was Laura, the girl that his friend Andy had kidnapped 6 months before. Derek usually liked his girls quiet and complacent, but Andy liked them screaming and fighting. Derek's penis hardened as he thought about what Andy was doing to Laura only a few feet above him.

Derek smiled again as he began searching the internet, compiling all the information Melody had unknowingly given him. Telling him that she lived in the northern part of New York, casually mentioning her school team, confiding in him about her upcoming school play ... It wouldn't take him long to piece the information together. He would find out where she lived within the hour.

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