Xenovia- How It Begins
Chapter 1

No. 1 in the Dax series.

The Beginning At least as Dax best knew, things began here. The whole story will be a little different, but not much.

They say that darkness walks the streets of man, waiting for a chance to strike. Today was one of those days when good and evil merge. Death for some becomes the start of a new life for others, well, almost life.

Dax was waiting and watching the men and women in the small courtyard. It was the old section of Thebes. The man had just been mortally wounded by the six men and now they started to maul and grab the women. Two were actually girls, the other an older sister, maid or perhaps the mother.

It was not an uncommon occurrence here, but in watching it the look on the girls faces was something that Dax could not ignore. When blades slashed them and blood started to flow, instinct took over. That six men found this to be sport was not something he could ignore. Like a shadow he descended upon the men, his long nails like a sword severing their heads with repeated cuts to their necks. They had been beheaded in no more than 15 seconds. The tall man was dead and the three females were on the ground dying, bleeding from open wounds. The smell of fresh blood was too much, he drank from the nearest body and got up to leave.

The older woman softly said, "My daughters! My Daughters!"

He knew he had no right, that what he was about to do would not only save their lives, but make them his for all-time. He lay down, placed the girls and woman close to him and taking a knife from one of the dead men, cut his breast, wrist and forearm. He placed the woman's head on his breast, took her mouth and let the blood flow into her. He took both girls heads, placed his wrist on his left and into the girl's mouth, held her with his arm. The other girl's mouth was placed on his right forearm where she began to suck up the blood as though it was some kind of magic potion. In some ways it was, they would become like him, creatures of darkness. They would also be his, for eternity. But they would not die.

Some called his kind a legend, a curse, even a demon; Dax had never known really what he was. Until that day he had only looked upon humans as a source of food. The things he now felt for these women was much more than that. They were now his. They had drank his blood and now every moment of all their lives they would be bonded together.

He carried all three to a place in the desert. In the light of the moon he placed their naked bodies in line with his and waited for the dawn. Jasmine, Sarah and Io woke, a dream of the previous events racing through their minds. Jasmine rose with a start calling out, "My Daughters!"

The voices of both girls responded. "Mother" they said.

Not a sound was ever spoken, there was no need. The very thoughts of what they had become were part of the minds of their kind. They lived in a world of shadows and with the exception of a need to feed, their bodies now were perfect as were their new abilities.

"I am Dax, we are one now. We three are bonded and nothing or no one can harm you any more; it is both a blessing and a curse I have given you.

"You will learn many new things, feel new sensations and yes, experience and do things you never might have dreamed of."

They were taught many things those next few days. How to merely think of things, clothes, familiars, places, even time. They also learned feelings, that hate. desire, lust, love and sadness ruled everything. One night they would revel in each other's bodies like animals in-heat. Other times blank looks appeared on their faces as their previous life was reflected upon. The past was just that, the past. Dax began to show them the future, their future.

Soon they only had one thought, to enjoy each other and their new life together. It was very difficult to understand then, why and how things were happening to change their life.

It was about ten years after the change began. Io and Sarah were beautiful, with their power they had become everything a man might desire. Jasmine was not only everyman's dream, when she entered a room everything stopped. Dax had decided they needed places to stay, homes that would become not only a refuge but, over-time make living profitable. They had mostly used their minds to stay in times the girls knew. Dax began to gather simple things, then one day he asked them where they would like to live. Pompeii, Rome and a place called Troy were mentioned.

Dax laughed to himself, Rome was to be the choice, people called it the 'Eternal City' for good reason. "We shall go to Rome my ladies, now pick a time. I hope I can keep you all happy and well-fed there my loves, you are all beautiful you know?"

"We hope to please you Master," they all softly said. Several times, 111BC, 345 AD, 1234 AD and 1678 AD were chosen to gather jewels, artifacts, coins and property. The last trip was 1845 AD and several investments there were made, three were companies that would grow fortunes for them in the future. The trusts they established were always in a name controlled by the owner of a certain signet ring, the mark itself granting ownership at that time.

Their entrance to the Palace was a Grand Event. Their carriages was lead by riders on large Black horses, then more followed. When they arrived their solicitor stood at the front entrance. "All is ready for you Milord!" and handed them keys to this and several other Italian properties. He extended his hand to the ladies stepping down, then froze.

All three were dressed alike. Long, sleek gowns, more like those of royalty than commoners. Three men rushed up to them and handed long leashes to each. Paco, the solicitor's man had been staring and in lust at the women. When their pets arrived, there was no mistaking what might happen should he even move towards them. The three had the largest dogs/wolves/ whatever he had ever seen, and they were growling at him.

The girls went up to Dax, kissed him very passionately as the doorman opened the entrance to the Palace for them. The kisses from each were those of a 'lover', not anything else. Dax approached the man and snapped his fingers, gaining his attention. "That will be all!" Then followed them inside.

Their arrival had not gone un-noticed. By that afternoon, the maids were telling of the arrival, the beauty of the women and the dark looks of the man. It was not known if they were wife and daughters, or what. There was to be a party next door and invitations to welcome them were forthcoming later that day.

This was expected by Dax. He wanted to be able to mix in society, yet not be encumbered with it. His ladies and their gifts would serve as an announcement of his wealth, and with wealth, power followed.

The servants had been chosen carefully a year earlier, they were his minions. The ambiance which Dax wanted was one of Mystery. No one knew anything about them, who they were, where they came from or their relationship. What they did know was all three were girls, for age was difficult to judge. They were as attentive and affectionate to the man as any could be. He in turn seemed to include them in every aspect of his life. Then there were those dogs. The servants swore they were like people. The Palace was their home, just as it was the Master's. They ate, slept and accompanied the 'family' everywhere.

By the night of the party, several carriages left the Palace for next door. Unlike what was normal they were met by the owner and his family. The Countess had them arrive earlier than the other guests. The Count could only stare at the bodies and faces the girls presented. The Count's two daughters could only see Dax. His eyes seem to penetrate to their very soul. They were only teens, but they were wet and in-love the instant they saw him.

The familiars, huge Black wolves with yellow eyes, glistening fur and savage fangs when bared were handed to the girls. The low sounds they made brought everyone to order. Introductions were made as they were shown inside. Dax looked around and nodded his approval of the home.

"We have some things for you, I hope, as neighbors you will accept our simple ways."

Gordon was asked to step outside, Christina, his wife, daughters Julia and Kathleen followed. A white horse, more like a 'knights warhorse' from times past, was brought to Dax, he presented it to Gordon. Servants brought two whelping wolves wrapped in blankets and handed them to Julia and Kathleen. "They will grow with you and protect you with their lives!" he said to the girls. They squealed. They were white wolves, quite rare, and two together had never been seen. The wolves by the sides of Dax's ladies never moved nor made a sound when the pups were brought in.

"My dear Dax, these gifts are quite wonderful, Thank You. the Countess said."

"Countess, if it were not for my ladies I would not have been able to even attempt to offer you anything to match your beauty. I hope you and your husband will allow me to present this to you?"

A box, made of Ivory and Jade was brought to her. A necklace, fashioned of gold and 16 perfect diamonds with an Emerald the size of a small egg was inside. "It was made for a Queen. Cleopatra was to receive it for her 16th birthday but her sister had wanted it. It comes from our homeland and I hope you will accept it?"

Christina would not only accept it but could only stare at it and Dax. When he picked it up, handed it to Gordon and motioned for him to fasten it on his wife's neck the look of astonishment on his face turned to one of love for his wife and great respect for his new neighbors.

That night at the party there were 5 wolves on leashes that seemed to always accompany the girls. When Julia and Kathleen unwrapped their gifts they found diamond collars and silver leashes for the pups with matching diamond necklaces for them to wear.

The Count and Countess spent the entire night of the party introducing Dax and then the girls, including their own daughters. The five now had the wolves standing in front of them; more like guardians or true protectors of legend, while they sat near Dax.

None would even approach them, One look at the wolves made such a journey un-thinkable even to the most ardent admirer. It would have made no matter. All the girls had eyes on only one man, Dax. Even Christina could not help touching her necklace and looking at the man next to her husband, She would shiver at her thoughts.

They were invited to dinner the next day by Dax. When asked about the girls they received a simple answer. "They are family are they not, of course they are invited, as are their protectors."

They were the first 'guests/visitors' in Dax's Palace. He had sent a carriage over led by 4 teams of white horses. Julia and Kathleen were sent another carriage, this time with 3 teams of matching horses. If the longing on their faces from the evening before was not reason enough to be in love, this now was. The 14 and 15 year olds felt like adults. For Christine it was hard not to be jealous, Dax was treating her girls more like some lover or future husband would, and the girls were eating it up and asking, no begging for more.

When the carriages pulled up to the Palace, for that was what it once was, the footman merely asked if the carriages should be taken back or held here. Both of them and the horses were to be a gift to them. It was assumed too that they would be spending the night.

Dax and his ladies appeared at the door; he spoke, "Welcome to our home and thank you for coming." The ladies seemed to be dressed, un-dressed rather in shimmering, translucent gowns. There was nothing which could not be seen and there was no doubt at all that they were females, devoted to Dax, by the look on their faces. When they saw him, Julia and Kathleen ran up to him, both jumped up, wrapping arms and legs around him and showering him with passionate kisses. Christine looked on, wanting to join her daughters. Gordon was still staring at the near naked bodies of Io, Sarah and Justine. It was in their eyes, lust, passion, a look of smoke and fire, yet one was reminded by the ever-present wolves that looking but no closer would be allowed.

The footman said the carriage and horses are ours, was that what he meant."

"If your parents will allow, both you and your sister, as well as your parents have one; my ladies and I hope to be very good neighbors. I have few other friends, by our own choice."

This statement would never be repeated but it made the girls, all of them; Christine included, want nothing more than to strip naked for this man and make mad, passionate love to him.

They were shown inside, Julia and Kathleen still hanging on Dax like they were growing from his body. Once inside it seemed they might be in a Cathedral or the Vatican itself. Candles burned before artwork and paintings throughout. The girls were asked if they would like to see other parts of the house. "Mother may we?" they squeaked, reluctantly letting go of Dax.

Gordon and Christine looked at each other and shrugged. The girls ran to Dax's ladies who took their hands and led them off upstairs.

"We have not finished with this house yet, and beg your indulgence, but your invitation was kindly received. My lady Jasmine has asked if any item here might engage your fancy. Please view them and choose something. Sarah and Io also wanted to give something to your daughters. If I know how they think, you will see them dressed in new fashion. I too Gordon have something for you, it is quite old and unique, I think."

He clapped his hands and a small, ebony box was handed to him.

"Gordon, this was something I picked up here in Rome some time ago. It has always been meant to be worn by a man from Rome, one thing I am not, so I give it to you. It was from the Hand of Julius Caesar, it can be worn with the same pride in it he had."

Christine was on the other side of the large gallery, she was interested in something. Dax walked over to her. "What is this?" she asked.

"It is unusual Christine. In China stories are told by the figures depicted on jars such as this. This one tells about a wall a King had built, a Great Wall. If you like it, it is yours. In time I or my ladies will teach you how to read it." He placed his hands on her bared shoulders and kissed them. Its beauty is overshadowed by yours Christine."

His touch and kiss seemed to set her on fire. He took her hand and led her back. Gordon was still looking at the ring, it was history he had in his hand.

Julia and Kathleen slowly descended the winding staircase. They wore dresses that covered only a few inches below the waist, one breast was bare, tiny sandals were on their feet. Nothing else. The two teens were dressed as Greek Goddesses, there was nothing left to the imagination which could deny they were women. Gordon now looked at his almost nude daughters. It became obvious that he had a reaction to them. As they walked along-side a statue of Diana and stood on either side of it, the likeness became apparent.

Christine now clung to Dax's hand, her nails embedding in it until blood began to run. He lifted it to her face and she began to lick and suck on the blood. Jasmine, Sarah and Io went next to Julia and Kathleen, saying, "They are ready for you Dax!"

Ready they were as they dropped the short gowns as Christine tore off her dress then bared Dax's chest. She took her nails and drew his blood as the three naked females freely licked him then began to suck the blood flowing from the wounds, all the time covering him with their naked bodies.

Jasmine, Sarah and Io showed no emotion. There was no signs of jealousy or dislike. What was happening was normal and necessary if the 'family' was to grow and prosper.

They removed the ring from Gordon's hand and then all three began to drain him of blood. It was their time to feed and Dax was being entertained anyway. Gordon's body was lifted up and placed near the four bodies entangled on the floor. Justine kissed Dax, then Christine saying, "Dinner is served"; then dropped her gown, lowered herself on top of Dax, followed by Sarah and Io. There was an important reason for all this. Dax and his ladies would be going to another time and another place soon. Christine, Julia and Kathleen would be left to administer the vast wealth there while they were gone.

It may well be several hundred years they would be gone. Now time meant nothing. Christine, Julia and Kathleen would never age. The moment he saw them, the same look, face and body of the other three; he knew he must have them.

A minion might care for things but whenever a decision needed to be made, 'family' would be needed, and these young but beautiful creatures certainly made for a loving and pleasant 'family'. Dax had a thought that Justine and Christine might no longer be needed.

They were the girls mothers after all and too old to 'play with'. Their beauty though was timeless. They looked more like sisters to the girls and when 'turned' took on a grace and seductive charm that no younger girl could match. Yes, he would keep them. They would in fact join their daughters as his mates.

Unlike his earlier 'brides' the familiars they choose were all white. The pups looked now full grown and were joined by a giant, snow white Panther selected by Christine. They all retired to a room upstairs where were made to know they were loved and a part of Dax's new family.

Although there were parties that were held, they were always at Christine's. Her divorce from Gordon was soon arranged. There seemed to be many suitors to woo the now single Christine and her daughters.

None would or could approach her or the girls for a real threat emerged from their protectors. At one party a 'guest' had been heavily drinking. He was encouraged by several others to grab one of the girls and take her outside. It was a serious breach of etiquette and one which exacted a high price from him. Two of the white wolves tore out his throat before his hand even reached Julia. She did not scream or show any emotion as the bloodied, lifeless body of the man lay at her feet. She and her protectors merely walked away.

When asked by the 'Police' what had happened, guests could only say that the man had attacked Julia and the dogs stopped him. That they had all attended many gatherings here before and all the pets had always been watchful but friendly; all had been warned of the consequences of trying to harm any of the hosts, including the man who was dead. The comment by the Countess, left no doubt in anyone's mind that further questioning would not be tolerated and the matter was closed.

It seemed strange but no other man but Dax and the servants ever were seen with the girls. He had become a subject of many rumors. One day, at the Opera House, Dax and six ladies were seen. From the look on their faces and an evil glare in Dax's eyes, no further comments were made about them.

It was a warning and would become an omen of grave misfortune for some in the future.

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