Kia-ora Girl
Chapter 1

Love, Honour and Leave.

Dan had been an ordinary decent man at heart. Well, at least he'd married the girl he'd put in the family way. Then he'd responded to his country's call; serving as a soldier in the war. But he'd seen little action in North Africa. It was just luck really. A mate had been killed from a single bomb at base camp while he and Micky had been in a bordello. It's where they had watched a young Moroccan beauty perform a speciality act; with a donkey. Sensual music had played; she'd lain on a bench, her legs tethered apart. The animal was lead in to her; its cock long and hard. The tension amongst the men had soared. Her tiny waist had writhed in ecstasy as she'd gradually taken that entire shaft. As it jerked its load into her she'd cried out. Her audience responded appreciatively; throwing money gifts. A slave-boy had pulled the drooling cock from her ruined tush and led away the animal. A curtain fell. It was sensational.

That had been the highlight of Dan's war really; witnessing that exotic olive skinned girl loving that animal. It had been something out of the ordinary that had made him feel a man of the world. Then after some years they were shipped back to Blighty.

It was awkward for Dan adjusting to his wife in a new home. Margot was attractive enough; slim yet shapely with her auburn hair pinned up at the back showing off her white graceful neck; yet her frosty demeanour had always seemed to offset her looks. She had been a bright girl at grammar school and had gone on to secretarial collage with an eye on a managerial career: then Dan and the unwanted baby.

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