Knight in Shining Armor
Chapter 1: Introductions

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introductions - Arthur Sherwood, a wealthy bachelor, comes to the rescue of damsels in distress with more than spiritual rewards.

In merry old England, during the reign of King Arthur, there was a round table around which sat the knights of the realm. The table was round giving credence to the undisputed fact that no one is superior to any other and therefore all seating at the table was equal. One knight in particular, Lancelot, had a son he named Galahad. Sir Galahad, as we know him, was a rather assuming presence astride his white steed and carrying the sword, evidence of the purity of his soul, withdrawn from the rock in his earlier years. He carried a white shield upon which was emblazoned a red cross painted in blood. Sir Galahad was known far and wide as the champion of the downtrodden souls and in particular damsels in distress.

I do not profess to be a descendant of Sir Galahad but I share his quest to come to the aid of lost souls drifting on the tumultuous sea of life only a breath away from drowning in despair. Shakespeare wrote of "suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune", which brings to mind the multitude of various candidates deserving of a little kindness to soften their desperate circumstances. That is the mantra upon which my banner flies high. I don't ride a white horse, but, instead I travel about in my faithful steed, an old GMC Suburban artistically decorated by old man winter with smatterings of rust and dents. My faithful chariot may not look magical but it accomplishes the task of transporting my humble body from point A to point B. There is not enough financial compensation in the world to wrestle that truck from my grasp. To quote Charlton Heston, "You'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers."

My name was, and still is, Arthur. No, not the King Arthur but just plain Arthur, if you will. My last name is Sherwood, reminiscent of the famous forest in England. I am 26 years old and keep myself in great physical shape. Many of the females I encounter consider me handsome but I think of myself as just me. My kingdom is a thirty-two acre wooded estate surrounding a peaceful lake. With a name like Arthur, I just naturally had to name my realm Camelot. I know it sounds kind of corny but I like it. Now all I need is to find a girl to marry named Guinevere. Fat chance, but, you never know what fate is going to toss your way. Yes, I am single which allows me the freedom to pursue my avocation of rescuing damsels in distress. When I was about twenty years old my Aunt, Uncle and both of my parents were killed when their Learjet tried to remove the top of a mountain in Mexico. I was the only heir to all their fortunes which left me with more money than I could possibly spend in my lifetime.

I mentioned my avocation of rescuing damsels in distress. I call it an avocation since it does not garner any financial gains, therefore, ruling out calling it a vocation. The lack of financial gain is more than offset by the almost spiritual gain of being able to help my fellow beings on this planet. While I would like you to think of me as altruistic, I have to admit that there are fringe benefits resulting from my activities. Most memorable of those are definitely female. Gratitude can be expressed in some of the most delightful ways. You'll hear about some of them as the complexities of this story unfold.

My castle (actually house) is quite large, 9000 square feet, constructed of stone; complete with battlements, towers and even a drawbridge and moat reminiscent of an old English castle. In the central courtyard it has a pool and hot tub to soothe the body after a strenuous day. The house has eight bedroom suites, a monster great room, a kitchen fit for a medium sized hotel, a library full of the great classics and a garage big enough to house my twelve cars. One room which resembles a dungeon with heavy oak door and squeaky hinges is set up as an exercise gymnasium used by yours-truly to keep in shape.

Ostentatious? Yeah, but I can afford it so why not. I have to confess that I do not maintain the estate myself. I have a staff consisting of a housekeeper (Alice), a gentleman's gentleman (Fitzroy) who, with a name like that, just had to speak with a British accent, a secretary (Jackie), a maintenance man (George) and grounds keeper (Manuel). From casual observation it became evident that there was a mutual attraction between Alice and Fitzroy since they would both disappear at the same times.

To occupy some of my free time, of which I had plenty, I took up the hobby of photography. I could afford the best equipment so I had only myself to blame when a picture came out bad. On the plus side I found that the more I shot the better I got. F-stop, shutter speed and focus quickly became almost mechanical. Composition was what took the most practice and came along very slowly. Taking a picture of a person without having a smokestack in the background coming out of their head takes a certain degree of concentration, observation and imagination.

I had set up a studio in one of my larger rooms where I could do some of the indoor shots. There I could shoot objects and models in a precisely controlled setting. Some of the more intimate model poses were best done indoors where there were no prying eyes. I have amassed quite a sizeable collection of female figure study shots, some of which I admit, involve underage girls posed in revealing intimate poses but all in the name of art. Someone might hint that I am taking advantage of the girls but I am very diligent in making sure that all of my models enjoy the experience and most are disappointed when the shoot comes to an end.

It happens from time to time, when an uncle or father brings a girl by for pictures, that he will get carried away asking for poses which leave the realm of art and enter upon the slippery slopes of pornography. A close-up of an intimate body part (you can guess which part) tastefully done can impart beauty, but having objects close to or even inserted in the part start to remove all doubt as to the intent of the pose bordering on prurient.

Often times, there is an evidence of self lubrication showing which can artistically enhance a shot, but achieving that effect taxes the definition of appropriate. The only way I would agree to such shots is if the girl is completely comfortable with the intent of the pose and has the final say as to whether the shot is kept or destroyed. Over the years I have destroyed a sizeable number of shots that made the model wish for no one to see the result.

Directly across the main road from my driveway is a somewhat modest farmhouse occupied by a single mom (Grace Adams, 34) and her lovely daughter (Kimberly, 14) or just Kim as she prefers. I have become friends with Grace and Kim and have had them both over from time to time to enjoy my pool and hot tub. Grace and I have an open door policy towards each other and can come in without even having to knock.

Grace is a very nice looking lady (Nice? Hell, she is downright gorgeous.) with an almost perfect 36-26-36 body. Her pageboy-cut blonde hair surrounds a cute pixie-looking face with the sweetest petite ski slope nose. She has deep blue eyes that stare directly into your very soul. She is not overly endowed with big jugs but at 36-C they are just right in my eyes. Her long legs are shaped like they belong to a dancer or an Olympic athlete and her blemish-free peaches and cream complexion results in a noticeable physical reaction on my part every time I see her.

I have wondered many times why that vision of beauty was still single at 34 years of age. It couldn't be because of her personality since I would describe her as bubbly and very outgoing. Having shared my bed on occasion, I can assure you that she is most definitely not of the lesbian persuasion but a very passionate heterosexual lover.

If you think Grace is good looking you should see Kim. There is the embodiment of perfection and a definite knock-out if I ever saw one. At 14 years of age she has matured into a beauty to behold. Her budding breasts are only 32-A but for her body size they are just right. Her waistline curves in to create the most delightful vision ever seen by man. Whenever she uses my pool she was invariably dresses in a miniscule bikini which I swear was made from less than an eighth of a yard of fabric. I compare it to three postage stamps covering only the essential minimum flesh. Its bright blue color complements her eye color and flashes out the message "notice me".

In the front of my house the door was flanked by stone statues of knights in shining armor who would get an erection every time she passed by even fully dressed. Yeah, she really looked that good. I would guess that I have taken over two hundred pictures of Kim in various states of dress both indoors and out. Due to the lack of close neighbors Kim was in want for companionship and slowly became a regular fixture at my house. She thinks her mom is boring while I am exciting. I suspect she has a teenage crush on yours truly.

Around the time we first met she would like to come over to watch me work. I showed her everything I had learned about photography which her sponge like brain absorbed and retained. One day she was standing next to me as I sat at the light table reviewing some negatives I had processed with a loupe. She would get progressively closer and closer to me until she was right up against my side. After a while she placed her arm around my shoulders in a sort of a half hug.

Being the gentleman that I was I reciprocated the affectionate position by placing my arm around her with my hand resting about mid thigh on the outside of her summer dress. I couldn't resist stroking that perfect leg until my hand ventured under her dress and was caressing her bare thigh.

She leaned her head down next to mine and said "Mmmm that feels nice."

Encouraged by that statement I slid my hand higher until I reached the hem of her cotton little-girl panties. Just then the phone rang interrupting us. Grace was calling wanting Kim back home for lunch.

As she was leaving, Kim got up on her tiptoes, and whispered in my ear, "I'll be right back after lunch." Then she gave me a little kiss on the cheek and dashed blushing out the door and went home.

Okay, so much for the introductions. As Paul Harvey would say; "And now, the rest of the story."

Edited by Morgan

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