The Anniversary Gift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bridget needs a gift for her husband on their fifth wedding anniversary, so she enlists the help of her best friend Jill. Their discussion reveals that husband Bill has been urging Bridget to go commando when they go out. Jill, a film maker, convinces Bridget to let her make a video of her exposing herself both inside the house and at the mall. The resulting film and anniversary present are much more than either one could have anticipated.

Bridget Moore was very concerned about her upcoming anniversary. It was an important one, their fifth, and Bridget had no idea what to get Bill. She had invited her best friend Jill Harris to lunch to ask for her help.

"I can't believe you two will be married five years!" Jill exclaimed. "Have you picked out a present yet?"

"No." replied Bridget. "I thought you could help me out. I want it to be special, but I haven't been able to come up with anything."

"Well," said Jill, "You're always telling me that your sex life is fabulous, but you're worried it will get into a rut. Why not go to a nudist camp for the weekend or make love in the woods? Do something a little daring or kinky for the occasion."

Bridget was quiet for a moment. "Lately, Bill has been asking me wear skirts or dresses without any panties," confided Bridget. "He says it turns him on to think that strange men might see my pussy. I've been thinking about it, but I'm scared. I've never done anything like that."

"All these years and I never knew that the horny bastard was a voyeur," chuckled Jill. "That's exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. A little daring never hurt anyone."

"That's a little too much daring. I'd be no better than those Hollywood sluts with their pussies all over the Internet. I think that's disgusting."

"You're nothing like them. They go out like that on purpose to attract attention. They want their pussies on the Internet so that they get the buzz. Why do you think they keep them shaved? You can't see anything if the hair is in the way."

"Still, I don't think I can let the world see my naked crotch."

"The world is not going to see your naked crotch! You would be showing yourself only to people you wanted to. Plus, you'd be doing it to arouse your husband. It would create a special bond between the two of you. Personally, I'd do it if my husband wanted me to. As a matter of fact, if I had a husband I'd bring up the idea. It makes me hot now just thinking about doing it.

"You really think it's ok?"

"It's better than ok, it's awesome!" Jill thought for a moment. "I have an idea. I just finished filming my documentary on women photographers and I have plenty of free time. What if we could find a way for you to ease into the world of exhibitionism?"

"And how would we do that?" Bridget asked quizzically.

"I could take photos of you exposing yourself. We could take the pictures in your house, or the back yard. Even better! I'll take a video of you doing it and if you're comfortable, we can plan a trip to the Mall. You can give the video to Bill as his anniversary present. Then you two can watch it and fuck each other's brains out."

"I don't know. That's a little much for me."

"I know you. You're aggressive and creative at work and take chances when you know you're right. This is just another example of being aggressive and taking a couple of chances. Plus, I'll be with you the whole time."

"I don't know. You don't think it's too sleazy?"

"No. It will be fine."

"Ok, I'll do it. When can we start?"

"How about next Tuesday?" Jill replied.

"I'll take a vacation day," said Bridget. "Come over around 8:00 AM. We'll pick out my clothes and plan the day." Bridget glanced at her watch. "I have to go. I have a meeting at 2:00."

With that the girls stood up. Jill leaned across the table and kissed Bridget on the lips. "You're going to look so hot, I can't wait," Jill whispered.

As Jill watched Bridget's ass wiggle away in her tight jeans, she realized that her heart was beating faster than normal and there was dampness between her legs.

The Anniversary Gift By Joe Buckworth

When Jill rang the doorbell on Tuesday she was already worked up. Ever since that kiss at lunch last week she couldn't stop thinking about Bridget. She had made love to women a couple of times, but they had been more accidental incidents than planned encounters. This past week Jill had fantasized about what it would be like to put her face between Bridget's thighs and lick her pussy until she came. As she waited for Bridget to answer Jill hoped that she would be able to control herself. Bridget opened the door wearing only sheer white baby doll pajamas. The sight of her dark nipples through the material made Jill's pussy start to leak. Bridget gave Jill a quick kiss as she pulled her into the house.

"I can't wait to get started!" blurted Bridget. "I've been thinking about what you said last week and I'm ready to try it."

"I knew you would," confessed Jill. "I came up with some ideas to make this video hot."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Since Bill is a voyeur, I thought that we would start with a Peeping Tom scene. You open your bedroom window a couple of inches and I'll go outside and start shooting you masturbating on your bed. After a couple of minutes I'll come inside and we'll finish the scene."

Bridget paused. "You'll see me playing with myself." The words came out in a soft, husky voice.

Jill stepped closer to Bridget. She put her hand on Bridget's shoulder and slowly caressed her arm. "It's ok with me if it's ok with you." she replied softly. Jill put her arms around Bridget's waist and pulled her close. Jill could feel Bridget's erect nipples through the flimsy nightgown. Jill slowly placed her lips on Bridget's. As the kiss became more passionate Jill held her tighter and slipped her tongue into Bridget's mouth. Soon they were grinding their pussies against one another. "It's ok with me." Bridget sighed as she broke the embrace. "Go outside and set up."

"Shit!" thought Jill as she went around to the back of the house. "I'm never going to make it through the day."

By the time Jill had her camera mounted on the tripod, the window had been opened and Bridget was in bed. The covers were up to her knees and Bridget was on her side, her back to the window. As Jill focused the camera she let out a gasp. The panties were stretched tight across Bridget's ass and the material so sheer she could see the bottom of Bridget's pussy. Next a finger came into view sliding between Bridget's thighs, following the cleft of her pussy and ass. Without thinking, Jill's hand started to rub her own pussy through her jeans. She caught herself, stopped, and then started the camera.

After a few seconds, Bridget turned onto her back. She stretched slowly, and then pushed the covers completely away. Her hands found her 36 C breasts and gently massaged them through her top. As a small sigh escaped her lips she moved her hands to her stomach. She caressed herself and then brought her hands back to her tits, this time underneath her nightwear. Her hips started to move and small whimpers escaped between her lips. Jill could see Bridget's fingers stretch the thin material as she rolled her nipples between her fingers.

"I'm coming inside," Jill said hurriedly through the window. She gathered her equipment and ran into the house as fast as possible.

Bridget didn't stop when she heard Jill setting up in the bedroom. As a matter of fact, it only got her more excited. "God this feels good," Bridget thought to herself. She sat up and removed her top. She looked right at the camera as she cupped each breast. She ran her thumbs over the bursting nipples. They were protruding at least half an inch. Her dark brown areoles were swollen as well. She grabbed each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulled, sending an electric current directly to her pussy. She closed her eyes and put her head back as her moans grew.

Bridget let go of her nipples and leaned back on her pillow. She put her hands back on her tits, but after a few squeezes she slid them over her smooth stomach to the top of her panties. She extended the middle finger of her left hand and gently moved it between her pussy lips. Even though her panties were on the feeling was incredible. Her juices were flowing and her clit was getting bigger. She was rubbing harder now. Bridget could feel the heat building up in her cunt. The crotch of her panties was soaked all the way down to her asshole. Quickly Bridget raised her hips and whisked off the panties. She pulled her knees up and put her feet flat on the bed. She dropped her knees to each side and thrust her finger back between her legs. She never heard Jill's sharp intake of breath as Jill and the camera focused on Bridget's silky smooth shaved pussy.

Jill now had her own hand under her t-shirt and bra. She pulled on her nipple until she winced in pain. She was getting hot as she zoomed in on Bridget stroking her bald cunt. The engorged clit was clearly visible as she rubbed it and then circled it with her finger.

Bridget continued to stroke and play with her pussy. She was in no hurry to come. She took turns rubbing her clit, sliding her fingers between her pussy lips, and fingering herself. All she could think of was how good it felt. Over the next ten minutes her moans got louder and her hips moved faster. As she fantasized that it was Bill's prick inside her instead of her fingers, she heard "Harder! Harder!" and "Don't stop!" escape from her lips. Now she was close. The bed sheet between her legs was soaked with her juices. Her moans changed to rhythmic grunts as she steadily fucked herself with her fingers. Jill was breathless as she watched Bridget suddenly pull her knees all the way to her chest, exposing her gorgeous ass and puckered rosebud. Bridget's right hand went around her ass and began gently teasing her asshole. She rubbed her finger from the bottom of her asshole into the bottom of her pussy. Back and forth her finger went until she felt as if she couldn't stand any more pleasure.

All of a sudden Bridget flipped over on to all fours. Her ass and pussy were facing the camera. Jill zoomed in as close as possible. Bridget's left hand was fucking her pussy while her right hand still caressed her asshole. She was rocking back and forth faster and faster as her thrusts increased. When she put a finger in her ass her orgasm began.

"Ahhhhhhh!" It seemed to Jill that Bridget screamed for at least a minute. She kept moaning as her fingers kept fucking. Finally she began to slow down, the sounds subsiding as she removed her fingers from her pleasure centers. Bridget was drenched in sweat as her breathing slowly returned to normal and she covered herself with the sheet.

Jill didn't know what to do. She had never seen anything so erotic in her life. She knew if she touched her pussy now she would come instantly. "Not yet," she thought. She just stood there and looked through the camera lens as Bridget lay on her bed, exhausted. All she could think about was how she wanted to replace Bridget's fingers with her tongue.

"Wow!" Jill said as Bridget got up to take a shower. "That was incredible! You really turned me on."

"I did? I really got into it and I forgot that you were there."

Jill looked at Bridget and saw that she was blushing.

"What's next?" Bridget asked.

"Take your shower and I'll shoot you in the bathroom."

Bridget left the shower door open and her image was reflected in the mirror over the sink. Jill had a voyeur's eye view. Bridget took her time lathering her body. First her breasts got a thorough cleaning, then her stomach and thighs. When she washed her pussy she lingered longer than normal, spreading her lips for the camera, showing the world how clean they were. She saved her ass for last. With a washcloth in one hand, she spread her cheeks with the other. Lovingly, she washed her anus with the cloth, and then a soapy finger made its way inside. Back and forth it went making sure that her anal opening was as clean and fresh as the rest of her.

While Bridget was getting dressed Jill took more footage. There were scenes of Bridget standing naked, her large tits with their hard nipples pointing upwards; Bridget sitting on the bed, putting on her stockings and garter belt without any panties; a close-up of Bridget from behind, bending at the waist with her feet slightly parted, her adorable rosebud perched above her glistening pussy. The filming continued until Bridget was finished dressing. Her completed outfit consisted of a white crepe blouse with a big floppy bow at the neck, a black pleated skirt five inches above her knee, nude stockings, a black garter belt, four inch heels and a green and black plaid jacket. The green in the jacket accented her green eyes. With her shoulder length auburn hair and alabaster skin with its pale freckles, Bridget was stunning. The only thing missing was her underwear. They decided that they would go to the mall and then lunch. They would just play it by ear and see what happened. As Jill reached for the front door, Bridget put a hand on her arm. "I was a little nervous about masturbating in front of you. Then after I started and saw how you looked at me, it made me hotter."

Before Jill could respond, Bridget was out the door walking to her car. Jill's mind and heart were racing. "Later, definitely later," she said softly.

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