Nick Naked in School
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/mt, Consensual, Rape, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, School, Nudism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Nick Adkins starts his first day of school after moving from Canada to California, he has no idea that he's signed up for The Naked in School Program, or that such a program even exists. Even though he hates being in the Program, it throws him together with a girl who everyone thinks is an uptight prude, but may actually be someone much different.

Monday, August 15, 2005

As it was the first day at my new school, my sister and I headed to the bus stop early. I'd worn a purple polo shirt and jeans with boat shoes and my only pair of real diamond earrings, hoping to make a good impression. As we waited, two other guys walked up to us. One, who looked vaguely Middle Eastern, was wearing jeans, running shoes, and a Rolling Stones t-shirt. The other somewhat taller than his friend, was pale with curly dark hair and green eyes. He was wearing cargo shorts and a blue-and-white striped shirt, but was barefoot.

The barefoot one introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Jon, and this is Reza. Are you the guys that just moved in next to the Tavares's?"

"Yeah," I responded, "I'm Nick and this is my sister Erin."

"Where are you guys from?"

"Toronto, we just transferred here for my Dad's job."

"So what grade are you going to be in?"

Erin answered. "I'm a freshman; Nick's going to be a sophomore if they ever get his credits sorted out."

"What's wrong with your credits?" Reza asked.

"They want me to repeat my freshman year because they think the classes aren't the same in Canada."

"That sucks."

"Yeah, but I think they sorted everything out. I'm supposed to go to the front office before school to get my schedule."

The bus arrived and Jon got on it first, followed by Erin. "Are you not putting on shoes?" she asked him. I rolled my eyes. I love my baby sister, but she has no idea of the concept of tact.

Jon laughed. "I haven't worn shoes in like a year now. It's pretty common to go barefoot down here; it's not cold like in Canada."

"It's not against the dress code?"

This time Reza laughed. "With the Program kids running around, it'd be pretty dumb of them to ban bare feet."

"What Program?" I asked.

"Oh, you haven't heard of that?" Jon asked, "They do this thing where they select a boy and a girl from each class and make them go to school naked for a week. It's officially called the Naked in School Program, but everybody just calls it The Program for short."

This had me worried. "Wait, so I might have to go to school naked for a week?"

"Don't worry about it. Your parents have to sign a form for them to pick you."

"Thank god, but why do they have kids running around school naked? I thought Americans were supposed to be sort of uptight about nudity."

"That's why," Jon said, "the Program is supposed to get people more comfortable with their bodies and their sexualities. You're allowed to touch people in the Program and the guys in it are even allowed to jerk off."

"Well in that case I'm taking my shoes off," Erin said, and did so, slipping her flip-flops into her bag.

"You'll get your feet dirty," I warned, and she stuck her tongue out at me. As the bus rolled towards school I got to know Reza and Jon a little bit better. Even though I thought they were making up the whole 'students running around school naked program' to mess with me, they seemed like nice guys.

When I got to school, Reza showed me the main office, and the guidance counselor came out to meet me.

"Hello, Nikolai," she said, in an artificially loud and slow voice, as though she thought I was deaf, "my name is Mrs. Levasseur. Welcome to San Felipe High School, won't you sit down in my office?"

"Actually, my name is Nicholas. I go by Nick." She looked confused

I sat down, and she handed me my schedule. "We put you in mostly sophomore level classes. In America, a sophomore is what someone your age would be. However, we put you in a freshman level English class to help you adjust to learning a new language."


Just then a bell rang. "Oh, that means you have five minutes to get to class," Mrs. Levasseur said, "Here's a map, it will show you were everything in the school is."

I found my English class, which I coincidentally shared with Jon. I sat down next to him.

"So you got stuck with freshman classes after all?"

"Just English, the guidance counselor said it would help me learn the language."

"I thought they spoke English in Canada."

"So did I."

The final bell rang and the principal's voice came over the intercom. She led the Pledge of Allegiance, which I stood somewhat awkwardly for, and then cleared her throat. "The following students have been selected as this week's participants in The Program. Please report immediately to the main office: Jonathan McGinley..." When he heard his name called, Jon stood up, as his classmates laughed and whistled at him. "Heid Starr, Nicholas Adkins." That was me.

"Virginia Whittaker,"

There had to be some sort of mistake.

"Edward Miller, Lena Gordon,"

My parents might have accidentally signed the form, I'd call home in the hallway and figure out what had happened.

"Daniel Weidman,"

I stood up, and followed Jon out of the classroom.

"and Carrie Savoie."

I pulled out my phone and dialed my house. "You know you're not allowed to have phones in school," Jon said, moving his own from his pocket to his backpack.

"I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on."

My mom answered the phone. "I think you signed the wrong form or something. They're going to make me run around naked."


"It's some sort of program they do here. You were supposed to sign a form to opt me out."

"Alright, I'll see if your father knows what's going on. In the meantime, just do what they tell you to."

"Ok," just then I heard footsteps coming down the hall. "I have to go, bye." The footsteps turned out to belong to Virginia Whittaker, the other sophomore doing The Program. Apparently we were supposed to be partners of some sort.

We went straight to the principal's office, where Mrs. Levasseur, and a tall black woman who I took to be the principal, were waiting for us.

"Excuse me," I said, "I think there's been some sort of mistake. My parents didn't say anything to me about signing me up for this."

Mrs. Levasseur looked puzzled. "Josephine, I know I saw a form with Nicholas Adkins on it."

"Well why don't you go get it out of your office, and we'll see what the matter is. It's not unheard of for parents to sign their children up without telling them."

Mrs. Levasseur went back in her office. The other woman turned to me. "For those of you who don't already know me, I'm Principal Hayden. Nicholas, you don't have anything to worry about. Mrs. Levasseur was hired because she was trained to run The Program, not for her administrative skills. The rest of you can go ahead and strip."

They did so, with varying degrees of eagerness. Jon was the first one naked, and his dick was hard. Everyone put their clothes in a plastic tub marked with their name when they'd finished. Mrs. Levasseur emerged waving a piece of paper. "Here it is, complete with the father's signature." Principal Hayden took the paper from her, and pulled it in two. She looked at both halves; apparently two pieces of paper had somehow gotten stuck together. She looked back at me. "This is a form for your sister's immunization records, you father must have signed the wrong one."

"Well, now that that's cleared up," Mrs. Levasseur said, "let's get you stripped down."

"Wait, I have to get naked because my signed the wrong form!?" I yelled.

"Well yes, he did sign it." Mrs. Levasseur replied.

"I'm afraid you'll have to strip for today," Principal Hayden told me, "but I'll speak to the regional Program coordinator and the superintendent's office to see if we can get this cleared up."

Terrified and humiliated, I took off all my clothes, except for my shoes, which apparently we were allowed to keep. Mrs. Levasseur handed us a pamphlet and explained the rules of the program, but I wasn't listening. Instead I was concentrating on the reaction the other students would have to me being naked. There was no way I would ever make friends walking around like this. I would be lucky if I didn't get thrown in a trash can or something.

We were released and I trudged down the hallway after Jon, who was still hard. When we got to class, everyone burst into applause. The teacher asked if we needed 'relief.' Not knowing what that meant, and doubting that it referred to getting my clothes back, I shook my head. Jon nodded, and stood at the front of the classroom.

"Can I have some help?" he asked, and several of the girls raised their hands. He picked one, a perky-looking blonde who bounced to the front of the classroom. She knelt down in front of Jon and started sucking his dick, as the cheering turned to a slow clap. I looked away, even though the rest of the class seemed riveted by their performance.

"You have five minutes," the teacher reminded them. The class just kept on clapping. If nothing else, this drew attention away from me. I decided that I'd stay as close to the other participants as possible as long as I was stuck naked. Finally, I heard Jon grunt, and looked up to see the girl smiling and wiping semen off her face.

The rest of English class was the typical first day of school bullshit, and almost everyone in the class was staring at me and Jon. When the bell rang I looked at my schedule. I had gym next. That would be just great, running around in gym class naked.

Fortunately, there was to be no running around that day, instead, gym class consisted of a prolonged overview of the course content followed by our receiving our gym uniforms, which I of course was not allowed to wear. It turned out Reza was in my gym class, and I talked to him while we waited for the bell to ring. He was sympathetic to my plight, but a bunch of girls spent the whole bell teasing me and another girl they had decided was a prude.

"Who is she?" I asked Reza.

"Oh, that's Melanie Keck. Her family's really religious or something and she has a reputation for not putting out. Bet you'd never catch her in the program."

My next bell was lunch, shared with the rest of the participants. Apparently they intentionally picked people who were in the same lunch. I guess that was the one upside of this whole thing; I automatically had people to eat with. It also turned out that I was immune from harassment by the other students during lunch, so I actually relaxed a little for the first time since my name had been called.

I shared biology class with my 'partner' Ginny, and the teacher informed us that we would be serving to aid in her demonstrations over the next week. I didn't like the sound of that. As class was about to end, a student knocked on the door and handed a note to the teacher. She called me to the front of the class, and told me to go to the principal's office.

I was relieved to be somewhere no one could see me, although I had gotten fewer stares since first period. Principal Hayden was waiting for me.

"Nick, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to get you out of this. I spoke to the Program coordinators for San Felipe and Orange County, and your father's signature is legally binding, even though he didn't mean it. Your parents can't withdraw you from The Program while you're in it, but they can revoke permission for your sister to participate." She handed me a form. "Now don't tell Mrs. Levasseur I told you this, but your sister's scheduled to be in The Program next week, so your parents need to have this filled out and returned to us by Friday."

"How did we get scheduled back to back?"

"Program assignment is supposed to be random, but when I spoke to Mrs. Levasseur, she said she had gone into the system to get you two through at the beginning of the year. Apparently she thought that it would help you adjust to American culture."

"But this is way more different from Canada than anything else I've seen!"

"Mrs. Levasseur's grasp of geography is not much better than her grasp of filing, or for that matter her understanding of adolescents."

"With all due respect, how did she get hired?"

"Every high school in California is required to have a guidance counselor who acts as Program Coordinator, and is certified in The Program by the state. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of people with the necessary qualifications, and Mrs. Levasseur was the best we could get. Now, I've looked at your schedule and you have a largely freshman German class. Since freshmen haven't seen Program students before, they will be more curious, and since you've probably already had a rough day, I'm going to send Frau Franz a note saying that you were called to my office for a meeting, and let you work on your homework."


I finished what little homework I had before the bell rang then went out to the front of the school, grabbed, my clothes, and got on the bus. It turned out I would have to ride home naked. When I got home I handed my mother the form and went straight to my room to get my clothes back on, and didn't come out until dinner.

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