Rose and Denny
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Neighbors Rose and Denny get together. Is it love or lust?

Dennis Bragger pulled his shiny two year old Mercedes out of his garage, attached to his modest five room ranch house, and hit the door closer remote hanging from the driver's side sun visor. He had lived in this small and comfortable home for the past ten years. With his last two substantial raises at the brokerage house, along with his selling commissions, he knew that he could afford a larger house in a more affluent neighborhood but he was quite content with what he had.

The five rooms was more than enough for a bachelor living alone. He spent his extra money on stock investments that he monitored closely and on clothes. His closets were filled with expensive custom made suits, along with top quality slacks, shirts and accessories. Denny was a very content forty years old man.

In his mind his only shortcoming was the lacking of a female companion. He yearned for the intimacy of a relationship. He knew that because of the way he dressed and his mild manner most of his neighbors assumed that he was gay. But, he was not gay. He wanted a woman to lavish gifts on, share his free time with and yes, to be intimate with.

He pulled out into the quiet street, proceeding to the stop sign at the end which connected to a very busy main drag. Denny looked over at the nearby bus stop and was surprised to see his attractive neighbor Rose Dunn standing in the frigid temperatures moving hr feet back and forth in an attempt to keep warm.

Denny pulled his car around the corner even though it was not his planned direction. Breakfast could wait. He lowered the passenger side window as he pulled up to the bus stop. "How about a ride Rose?"

She was thankful to get out of the cold wind. She smiled a big smile at Denny as she opened the car door and slid in. Her heavy winter coat opened far enough as she dropped into the seat for Denny to get a good look at her long stocking covered legs. Rose was aware that her coat was partially open and her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh as she tried to arrange her body in the seat. The best she could do was to arrange her coat to cover one of her trim legs.

Denny tried not to stare but did appreciate his good luck at seeing such a beautiful sight so early in the morning. He was happy that he had worn his long winter coat that morning because he could feel his penis stirring and growing in his slacks. The pleasant freshly showered scent of the thirty five years old divorcee did nothing to keep his member from hardening in his pants. "Where to Rose?" Denny asked.

"I'm going to the mall Dennis. My car is in the shop until Monday or Tuesday and I want to finish up my Christmas shopping."

"I'm, going that way also." Denny fibbed. Then without much though he added. "I'll be close by. Let me give you my cell number. When you are ready to go home give me a call and we can ride home together."

Rose couldn't believe her good fortune. She had not been looking forward to getting on a bus trying to manage several boxes and bags. Too bad, she thought, that Dennis was gay because he was very handsome and appealing in a gentlemanly way. "Are you sure that won't be troublesome for you? I can take the bus."

"Not at all pretty lady. It would be my pleasure. Just call when you need the ride and I will pick you up in my chariot." Rose was just a little startled. Was he flirting with me? She thought. Maybe he isn't as gay as everyone thought he was. "Are you going to the Jeffries' Christmas party tonight Rose?"

She blushed slightly and nodded her head in the affirmative.

"Good! Save me a dance please." Denny said showing his clean white teeth as he gave Rose a big smile.

When they arrived at the mall Denny gave Rose his cell phone number and made her promise to call him when she needed a ride home. Rose left the car showing Denny more of her leg as she exited. Denny reached into his coat to rearrange his now rampant cock which was uncomfortably twisted in his underwear.

He gave his member a gentle squeeze before putting both hands on the steering wheel and driving away. He reached under his coat to give his a cock yet another, this time not so gentle, squeeze. If he thought he could get away with it Dennis Bragger would have unzipped his pants and took care of his aching cock. He had never gotten so hard just talking to a woman. She smelled so clean and sexy.

Rose went into the warmth of the mall quickly deciding that before she started her gift shopping she needed a new dress for that night's neighborhood Christmas party. It was still two weeks until Christmas but the Jeffries always had their party early to avoid holiday conflicts to get themselves a large attendance. They had built a large addition on the back of their modest house with it's own large bathroom. The family room was thirty by forty feet with a raised area for their cousin the DJ. They cleared the furniture from a large area below the raised area exposing the nice wide planked wood floor which made for an ideal dance area for the revelers.

Rose found a tight fitting black dress with a modest bust line only exposing a small teasing amount of her c cup breasts. Next she stopped at Victoria Secrets to get a new bra and panties. She felt sexy and decided on a flimsy black push up bra that would show her ladies to their best advantage. She also felt that it was about time for her first pair of thong panties. Rose hoped that she was reading Denny right. These new underwear and dress were going to be a waste of money if Denny was indeed gay. She put that thought out of her mind and went about her shopping.

After paying for her purchases Rose was starting to leave when she had a naughty thought. She added black garters and old fashion stockings to her purchases. She blushed as the cashier smiled at her. "Big date I take it?"

Denny decided on a stop at the closest fast food restaurant using the drive through window so he could eat in the car. His cock had only softened a little and was a mild distraction while he ate his breakfast sandwich.

He checked his phone twice to make sure it was on. He didn't want to miss Rose's call. It had been a long time since he had found a woman as appealing as Rose Dunn. Denny hadn't had sex with anything other than his hand for the past two years. His problem was not that he couldn't talk to women because he could charm most women with his good looks and sweet talk. No, his problem was that when most women saw his cock they backed off. His prick was fat and a full ten inches long with a plum sized head.

Even back in high school is long cock was a detriment. Word got out amongst the teen high school girls just how big he was so most didn't want to attempt sex with him. He had several short term girlfriends who stroked him to orgasm while he fingered their young pussies. One even tried to fellate him. She had gotten her mouth around his cockhead but couldn't get anymore of it into her mouth. She jerked his cock until he spewed his seed into her mouth. She did that to him several times over their two month relationship. She tried without success to get Denny's fat cock into her vagina but she was too small. Finally she broke up with him because he couldn't satisfy her the way she needed.

In college Denny finally got laid. Dot was a big girl. Five foot ten in bare feet. Broad at the hip with large D cups tits. She was only fair looking but her best attribute was that she could accept Denny's ten inches about two thirds of the way inside of her. Denny got laid regularly for a whole semester before Dot left school forcing him to use his hand again for satisfaction.

Over the years Denny had just about given up on finding a woman that he could love and could satisfy him sexually. Maybe Rose is the one. Denny thought realizing that his cock had risen again. He knew that he would have to masturbate later before going to the party. He didn't want to scare Rose off with a stiff prick while they danced later.

When Rose was picked up after her phone call to Denny she sat demurely in the passenger seat as the two engaged in small talk, both of them as nervous as teenagers. When she was dropped off in her driveway Rose realized that her panties were damp as the cold December air made it's way up her long legs cooling off her desire.

As she went through the kitchen towards her bedroom to drop off her packages she noticed through the opening to the living room that her son Brad was sitting on the couch with his head thrown back. She knew what that meant!

She continued through the hall, stopping at the opening to the living room. There was young long haired Billy Jones on his knees between her son's splayed legs. Brad was completely naked reclining on the couch while his cock was being serviced by Billy. She watched as Billy's head bobbed on Brad's six inch erection which was shiny and slick from the young teen's saliva.

Rose had caught Brad with the Jones boy once before. Brad didn't really care who sucked his cock as long as someone did. Brad's back arched as he pulled Billy further onto his cock while he ejaculated down his throat. That's when Brad noticed his mother watching. He just smiled at her. She continued her short trip to her bedroom, now more horny than ever.

She would need to masturbate before the party. Or she could suck Brad into another erection so he could fuck her good. It wouldn't be the first time. She had sucked and fucked her son previously. She had even confessed to her friend Carla's priest allowing Father Leary to spank her for her incestuous offenses. Later she knelt before the priest sucking him to orgasm allowing his Holy Juice to anoint her throat.

Her ex husband had nicknamed Rose The Queen of cocksuckers. No woman enjoyed having a cock in their mouths more than Rose. Her pussy would get wet while she had a cock in her mouth. If a man could hold off long enough while she ministered to his member Rose's pussy would have a sweet orgasm without ever being touched.

Rose stripped naked and fell on her back on her big bed, touching her already moist pussy with her fingers. A moan escaped her lips. Then in a loud voice she yelled. "Brad, get in here now!"

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