Alone Part II
Chapter 1

Not much happened over the next few years. One day, way before either of us knew it, our youngest were getting ready for The Prom. I wondered if they might balk at having the bodyguards go along?

When the two sets of twins lined up in front of Victor and I and said, "We're ready Boss!"

Victor and I looked up at each other.

"Ahh, and who are your dates, if we can be so bold as to ask?"

"Are they nice, and why have we not met them?"

"Oh but you have!" as six more of our 'extended ' family marched in. The paired of and our youngest and Pappy and Deke's children stood before us. Two were boy/girl two were a mix of one boy and two girls.

"I think, they are all OK, don't you "Boss?"

Tears came to mine and Victors eyes. The wives just smiled and kept saying how cute they all looked. I knew they were all close. We never had the kind of fights or arguments most families had. Yes, these were all family. To see the older twins, care about the others was both a answer to how they would share in the future but also a signal to Victor and I that it would soon be time to let these youngsters take over. Take over a very large and somewhat unusual business. We both had discussed things and both were reluctant to tell them everything.

"You know what many people will say, don't you?"

"Yes Sir!"


"Simple Sir, because we love them, trust them, and want to share with them this night."

"Three cars, Bruno, Victor and I were going too."

We stayed in the car. Bruno radioed about 2 fights that were taking place. Someone had said something about Paulo having two girlfriends and one being a sister. The other was when another boy had pulled Gina's arm, as to take her away from Ralph. The bodyguards were standing ready but did not interfere. Both the boys defended their dates. Ralph probably a bit more physically. The boy who had grabbed Gina was going to not be dancing this evening, in fact, even standing would be a bit of a challenge.

The boys had asked Bruno to make all the apr├Ęs' prom arrangements.

They seemed to drive around in circles, seemingly lost. A call was made to the car ahead for instruction. Bruno turned around, "Sorry kids. I'm lost, we have dinner for you at the 'Charles E. Cheez' place and a whole lot of games, but, damn, we can't seem to find it. Let's go ask at the hotel they might know where it is.

At the hotel, Bruno asked for Serge', he was not there. When asked were he was they thought on 14th floor, but they could page him. Bruno looked at his watch. "Nope, we'll find him. C'mon kids our reservations are in 10 minutes and on Prom night they won't hold them."

They took the private lift up. When they got out, first there was not a lot of room going up, second most of the lights were out or dimmed. Bruno asked the man if he had seen Serge' and was told he came up earlier. "Let's find him fast kids, we don't have much time. There was a mad rush inside the suite. Everyone was calling for Serge'.

As they entered they heard, "OK. OK, what do you think, you own the Place? OH Hell, I think you do."

When the lights came on, it was filled with friends and family. Some close friends from the Prom were there too. Food, a table of gifts for all the teens were on a table with names on them, even their friends were not forgotten. At about 4:30 everyone was leaving. Victor came up, handed his daughter a key card and told her they would all be back for Sunday brunch with them; then get them all back home. Until then to enjoy.

There was some issues we all had. We had seen the way they had been together. With the events of the evening now in mind, we wondered if a family could ever be too close.

Bruno said he and the guards would take care of them and not to worry. Easy for him to say, but these were our kids.

On Saturday I got a call on my SAT phone. Both Victor, and the Moms were standing by as I got it on the second ring, it was Bruno. "I thought I'd call you and let you know the kids are here, at the Club; some are golfing, 2 are playing tennis and those girls are at the pool driving the boys and men crazy. Don't worry, I think Pappy and Deke have every camera on them. Do you know what a French Bikini looks like on a 15 yr old girl? Opps, never mind, you don't want to know. There all having a BBQ tonight at the pool then we'll go back to the hotel. See Ya Boss."

"Bruno, wait, if anything happens to them Victor is saying something about 'sleeping with the fishes', he said you would know what that means, or was it you would wish for it, Night Bruno."

"Night Boss, Yeah I get it, tell Victor."

Several teen boys and even a few young men were standing around trying get more familiar with the young, near naked goddesses. When their 'dates' came over, giving each a big hug and kiss, the raft of admirers seemed to disappear. Maybe it was the looks on the 'dates' faces. The girls were loving it. One turned over, undid her top and said. "Hon, would you please do me?" and tossed the sunscreen to one of them.

Some of the admirers were standing, talking to each other. It looked like they were going to try to get closer look at the girls. Three of Bruno's men came over to them and told them the pool was closing now for a private party. One of the men started to complain that this was a private club. One word sent them all to the showers to cool off. "Now." one of the guards said as the grip of his Glock at his side became visible.

At the brunch Sunday, they were already seated at the tables. Something was wrong. They each seemed to have different partners than they had on Friday night.

All the girls came up to Victor, Me and all the guards and gave us a big kiss. Bruno got several hugs too. The boys kissed their moms and shook hand with all the guards. Paulo and Ralph gave the big guy a hug too. Even the friends, who were not family found a way to thank the guards. One of the girls slipped something into Bruno's hand. He looked at it, then turned red. It was her panties that must have been worn at some time.

She was a Freshman, or rather Fresh woman, who was at UNLV. Her date was a friend of her brother and it became obvious that her attention rested with the 21 year old Bruno. We would have her 18 birthday party soon, Bruno offered to drive her home. She became a regular visitor and Bruno always was ready to leave with her. One night as Bruno was getting ready to leave with her(She had decided UNLV was too far away), Victor tossed him a key card, and there was a chorus of, "Get a room already, you two!"

We ended up with a Fall wedding. Tiffany, her name, joined Bruno at the house. It seems Hotel Management and Business Administration were skills that were useful. The hotel was their Wedding present. I wondered if she would ever stop crying? We found out that Bruno was Victor's Godson. We would later find out just why he placed such a high-value on family. With the hotel the first, Victor and I both began to transfer assets to our family.

Bruno had been the only 'family' member to have direct knowledge of the entire 'business'.

Victor and I had discussed many times what, if anything we would tell the kids.

Angela and Marie had something to say about this. They only asked us both a question. "Who do you 'trust' besides them?'

Victor and I looked at each other. We both knew the answer and called a for a 'family' meeting.

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