Lonnie vs. Denise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cat-Fighting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pair of 14-year-old girls attending summer camp are scouted as potential kittens for Megan's growing Pride.

Someone kept taking my stuff and I hated that. I didn't want to be at summer camp anyway. Two weeks of mosquito bites, poison ivy, and listening to a bunch of 14 and 15-year-old girls complain wasn't my idea of fun. We were all orphans, from every corner of the state, and each year some rich jerk would foot the bill for about a hundred of us to enjoy the great outdoors. Whoever the guy was, he must have felt pretty guilty about something.

There were all the usual activities you'd expect to find at summer camp. We could use the big lake for swimming or paddling our canoes around. There were classes for arts and crafts, and I'd learned how to make a leather wallet, except it had turned out sort of lopsided. We got to try our hands at archery, which was fun, and fishing, which was not. The nature hikes were okay, but I always found the campfire sing-alongs kind of annoying. I always burned my marshmallows, too.

Living in a tent sucked. None of us owned our own sleeping bags or anything, and the ones we'd been given weren't brand new. Mine smelled sort of funny and I'd get into it wondering who might have used it before me. Probably some bed wetter, I thought. We lived out of our backpacks mostly, or the small suitcases that some of the girls were stupid enough to bring. So anyone could steal anything, which was the biggest reason I hated summer camp.

As soon as I grabbed my flashlight, I knew something was wrong.

"Where's my batteries?" I asked, staring at Marisa.

She just shrugged and I didn't think she'd take them anyway, but our third tent-mate, Denise, would definitely take them. I'd caught her looking through my backpack a couple times, always with some lame excuse about needing to borrow my hairbrush or whatever. Only five days into camp and I'd already lost a brand new bottle of lotion, one of my favorite combs, half of my rubber bands, my silver toe ring, which really made me angry! And now the batteries out of my flashlight.

"Denise!" I found her near one of the fire pits, roasting a hot dog and giggling with a half-dozen other girls.

We were both fourteen, but I'd only known her since arriving at camp. She came from Spokane or someplace equally boring and right away I knew we weren't going to be friends. She had that spoiled blonde brat attitude, arriving all dressed up in brand new clothes that she couldn't ever afford to buy. None of us had a lot of money, but Denise was the sort of girl who liked to pretend and probably shoplifted everything she owned.

She tried to look better than everyone else, too. I mean, most of the girls at camp all looked about the same, which is to say typical and cute, maybe even pretty some of us, and it didn't really matter. We were camping, right? There wasn't anyone to impress for a hundred miles in any direction, but Denise spent like hours just brushing her golden hair, fussing over her clothes, and even putting on makeup! What a complete poser! Never mind that she looked like a stick with boobs, being tall and skinny, and with those fat tits of hers jiggling happily, as if anyone would care.

We were completely different that way, too. I wasn't very tall, for one thing, and my breasts were mostly just plump, pointy nipples, but at least I had some hips and a real butt. My legs didn't look like pale stilts, either. And so what if I had plain old black hair and brown eyes? I knew I was just as pretty as Denise, but the first time the girl had ever laid eyes on me, she'd sort of made a face as if she couldn't believe how ugly I looked. Like she was better than me?

"Denise!" I yelled again, and she turned around just in time to get shoved backwards. "Where's my batteries? What did you do with them?"

"Hey!" She stumbled backwards, but didn't fall down. "Are you crazy? I didn't take your stupid batteries!"

"Fight! Fight!" the girls around us were already shouting, much the way kids do at school. I guess it's just a natural reaction.

"Liar!" I spat. "You took my comb, too!"

"I just borrowed it!" Denise protested, and for the first time she didn't look to sure of herself. More girls were coming over to see what the fuss was all about and we soon faced each other in a circle of excited teenagers.

"Like you borrowed my toe ring?" I tried to shove her again, but the girl twisted out of the way and she wasn't backing down.

Denise slapped my hands away and that's when the real fight started. I had a lot of adrenalin pumping through my veins by then, but it didn't even occur to me that I should be frightened, or even nervous. I didn't have butterflies in my tummy the way I did when I got in trouble with teachers, or even Mrs. Phillips, the woman who ran the orphanage. It wasn't fight or flight for me, it was all fight, a thousand percent. I didn't even care if I lost, that's the point. The idea of winning or losing never even entered my head, which seems like it should be a little weird.

Of course, neither of us knew the first thing about fighting. We were just two girls going on instinct. I tried to grab her, but Denise turned on her heels like a matador and slapped the top of my head. That didn't hurt me at all, but it made the other girls cheer with growing urgency. I had some friends and they shouted encouragement, telling me to "kick her butt" and stuff like that. My opponent had her supporters as well, but in truth I was barely aware of anything except Denise.

She clutched at my hair, but it wasn't very long, so she ended up with the collar of my t-shirt in her fist. Denise jerked me backwards and I started losing my balance as the cotton bit into my neck. My arms flailed wildly, perhaps comically, but I got lucky and caught her right in the nose with my elbow. I felt the crunch, and then the scritch of my shirt as it finally tore. Not the collar, but the thin cotton down the back and it kept ripping as I spun awkwardly around.

Denise had a bloody nose, sort of bending over with a nasal sob and pulling my t-shirt to her face. She'd basically ripped my shirt in half, with the white cotton tearing over my right shoulder, seam and all, and then being yanked downward to expose my smallish breasts. I didn't wear a bra or anything like that. I charged her again, swinging with my fists and trying to kick the girl at the same time. She quickly forgot about her nose and tried to hold me off with her hands slapping the air like a dog paddling water.

We were pretty pathetic. Denise slapped my face a few times, but I managed to grab her hair, that thick blonde mane she was so proud of, getting a screech of pain as I tugged her head downward. She hit my arm, just inside my elbow, and I had to let go as my fingers went numb. Subconsciously, I think I really wanted to wrestle with her anyway, like get the taller girl on the ground where we'd be more evenly matched. Except I wasn't really planning anything, I just tried to hug the bent over girl, wrapping my arms around her stomach and using my weight to force her down.

That didn't work exactly as I planned, probably because I didn't weigh very much at all. Instead, Denise grabbed my thighs and maybe she planned to pick me up, but she wasn't that strong. We sort of caught our breath in that position, with her bent at the waist and trying to pull my legs out from under me, while I covered her back with my naked chest, trying to squeeze the air out of her. That had become my new plan, but it wasn't working either and the frustration only made me angrier. So I found the hem of her t-shirt and jerked backwards, kicking my legs to get free of her grasp.

I pulled her shirt inside out, all the way up her body and over the girl's head. It didn't completely trap her arms, not like I'd hoped, but Denise couldn't really see me and she struggled like crazy to get free. I just kept tugging, like trying to spin her around by her t-shirt, which probably wasn't too smart. A second later she managed to pull her head and arms free so that she faced me completely topless. I threw her t-shirt in the dirt and then decided to rip away what was left of mine. The ragged cotton was only annoying me by that time.

Actually, it all happened pretty fast. Maybe three or four minutes had passed since I'd first shoved her, and it's kind of amazing how quickly things happen in a fight. At the time, it seemed as if we'd been going at each other for hours. I'd bloodied her nose, but it wasn't broken or anything. My cheeks stung and I'd definitely have a bruise on my arm from where Denise had punched me, but neither of us had won the fight yet.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish it either. A couple of the camp counselors, college coeds named Polly and Michelle, had come running as soon as they heard there was trouble. They broke up the crowd of girls and one of them, Polly, grabbed me while the other pulled Denise in the opposite direction. We weren't in any real trouble, but we did get sentenced to washing dishes together for the next three days. As if that would make us friends? Yeah, right!

The one good thing to come out of my first ever fight was that I met Eva and Suzy. They didn't like Denise very much either.

Eva looked like an elf to me. She had high cheeks and a pointed chin, and vaguely oriental eyes, except they were green and her page-boy hair was platinum blonde. She definitely wasn't Chinese or anything, but all she needed were pointy ears and she could have been in Lord of the Rings. She was tall enough, but being almost sixteen, Eva wasn't such a beanpole like Denise. Actually, she had a very athletic sort of body, much like her friend.

Suzy had blonde hair as well, but more of a darker, dirty blonde that went well with her hazel eyes. She wasn't as tall as Eva, but still a lot more than my five-foot-nothing. I had to look up to meet their eyes when we talked. Suzy would turn sixteen next month, in August, and appeared even older than that. She wasn't fat, nothing of the sort, but definitely muscular with her thick legs, firm shoulders, and seriously defined biceps. I'd never seen a girl with muscles before, except maybe on television.

"Next time you fight her," Eva told me, "get her on the ground right away. Don't try and box with her or any of that, just tackle the bitch."

"Tackle her?" I giggled, but mostly because I wasn't used to all the swearing. My two newest friends didn't even seem to notice.

"Let Denise take the first swing," Suzy said. "As soon as she does, duck underneath it and wrap her up. Use those legs and don't forget to use your head."

"Yeah. Her chin's going to drop and you crank into that fucker," Eva said, sort of demonstrating as she snapped her head out and upward. "Knock her dumb ass out, Lonnie."

"Like a head butt?" I asked. "But won't that hurt me, too?"

"Nah!" She grinned and tousled my hair. "You've got a hard noggin."

"A lot harder than that slut's chin," Suzy agreed. "It's all about surprise and momentum, see? The bad thing is that if you don't get her down, she's got both hands free and you don't know what the fuck she's gonna do with them."

I thought about everything the girls were saying while we walked around the lake. It would take us all day, like ten hours of hiking if we didn't stop too often, but at least we had a lot of privacy. Everyone else was busy doing crafts or whatever, and I'd worried about being missed, but not too much. If I got in trouble for skipping out, it would just mean more dishwashing.

"How come you guys know so much about fighting?" I wondered.

"We like to fight," Eva replied, shrugging like it was no big deal. "Have you ever heard of catfighting?"

"Um ... Not really," I said, picturing a couple cats fighting in an alley. What did that have to do with anything?

"We're catfighters," Suzy told me. "We've been doing it ever since we moved in with Tom and Megan."

"Our fosters," Eva explained. "They're really cool."

"I don't get it," I said, joining the two girls on a rocky outcropping that overlooked the lake. We'd been walking about two hours already and I needed a break.

"A catfight is when two girls go at it," she said. "Megan used to be a professional and Tom was her trainer, but now they just train other girls."

"Like us," Suzy said.

"And they arrange fights and, you know, take care of us," Eva continued. "We make some money doing it, but mostly it's just so much fun kicking another girl's ass."

"Not a lot of money," her friend admitted. "Megan's got her pack and most of the other cats are in college or whatever."

"They make a lot of money," Eva said. "Well, some of them do. Once we get a little older and more experienced, we'll do pretty good."

"Definitely," Suzy said, smiling as she reached for Eva's hand.

They shared a look, like a serious one that couldn't be mistaken for anything but love. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that these two girls might be lesbians. Why would it? I thought about sex once in awhile, but not very much. Boys didn't really interest me a whole lot yet, and girls ... I'd never even considered such a thing. Seeing Eva and Suzy together, holding hands and then suddenly kissing right in front of me, seemed kind of weird. But I didn't feel disgusted or frightened, just interested. I'd never seen two people making out before.

"Sorry," Eva said, pink faced and smiling as she wiped some stray saliva from around her lips. "Suzy totally fucking owns me."

"Totally," the other girl agreed. "She was the first girl I ever beat, so now she's mine forever."

"Or until I kick your ass!"

"Good luck!" Suzy giggled. "You like it when I win."

"Yeah," Eva sighed, offering me a shrug. "I kinda do, but that doesn't mean I let her win."

"Megan would be totally pissed."

"She'd kick both of our asses."

I could only sit there and watch as they started making out again. After hearing them talk, I could see how Suzy was the more aggressive of the two. She liked to hold Eva by the hair, tilting the pretty blonde's face upward and feeding her a lot of tongue. They moaned and made all the soft, intimate noises that people do when they kiss. I'd never made those sounds and my tummy felt hollow as I listened to them. My breasts ached the way they sometimes do when I get my period, but that wasn't the reason. My pussy felt wet and tingly and I rubbed my hands up and down my thighs just because I couldn't sit still.

Suzy had her hand beneath Eva's t-shirt, obviously massaging the girl's much larger breasts. That looked like fun and the only reason I didn't start rubbing my own tits was because I'd have felt embarrassed playing with myself like that. What would it be like to have a girlfriend, I wondered. Would it be better than a boyfriend? I'd grown up naturally assuming I'd meet a boy and fall in love, but what if I met a girl instead? Or more to the point, what if I wanted to meet a girl instead?

Those were confusing questions for a girl barely turned fourteen and I didn't look too deep for the answers. I only knew that if Suzy wanted to kiss me like that? I'd let her do it in an instant. Eva, too. But they were pretty into each other, obviously, and I didn't even try to imagine that one of them would suddenly want to have anything to do with me. Sexually, I mean, and I felt kind of relieved. Sex was sort of scary, I thought. Or maybe I meant love, but they seemed kinda the same just then.

A while later we were walking again and neither of my two friends seemed the least bit concerned with what I'd witnessed. They kept talking about fighting, suggesting different ways I could beat Denise. I listened closely as they must have known what they were talking about, but to tell the truth, I wanted to know more about that catfighting business. I found it hard to believe that girls actually fought each other for money. I mean, sure, I'd heard of female wrestling and boxing, but this had to be a lot different than that.

"There's different rules for different fights," Suzy explained. "Usually it's pretty much anything goes, but there might be a rule about no biting or eye gouging, something like that."

"Nobody fights to death," Eva added, giggling. "It's more about submission than actually hurting someone."

"But some people definitely get hurt."

"Fuckin' right they do!" Eva agreed. "Like in a grudge match? Or especially if another girl tries to take over the pack, that can get pretty brutal sometimes."

"Like Alex," Suzy said, nodding at her blonde girlfriend. "Megan really fucked her up."

"Who's Alex?" I wondered.

"She used to be the number one girl in the Pride," Eva said. "That's like the official name for the pack, anyway she challenged Megan's leadership."

"What happened?"

"Megan beat her down in front of everybody," Suzy said. "She probably didn't mean to do it..."

"Yeah, she did," Eva snorted.

" ... but she broke one of Alex's kneecaps. Like shattered the boney part or whatever? So now Alex is going through all kinds of surgery and rehab just so she can walk around again."

"Oh." I swallowed hard. "Weren't they like friends or something?"

"Heh!" Suzy grinned at me. "Alex is Megan's daughter."

"She never should have challenged Megan anyway," Eva said. "Alex is only nineteen, she didn't have a clue."

"I guess not," I said. "What if she'd won the fight?"

"It would have become Alex's pack," she said. "Megan would have probably left, but maybe not. She would have been seriously humiliated."

"Tom would have stayed," Eva decided, and then giggled. "How weird would that be? Alexis and her own dad fucking each other?"

"Maybe that's why she challenged Megan," Suzy suggested. "I'd definitely fuck him."


"You would?" I blurted, only to feel my face growing warm as they stared at me. "I mean, I thought you guys were, um..."

"Queer?" Eva asked, not offended at all.

"Yeah, we're pretty gay," Suzy said. "But it would still be nice to fuck a real cock at least once, wouldn't it?"

"Maybe." I shrugged and felt pretty stupid. I had no idea what I was talking about, obviously.

"Most of the girls in the pack are queer," Eva told me, "but only because that's how it works. The only one who can really have a husband or even a permanent boyfriend is Megan."

"Since she's the leader."

"But if she was in a pack or whatever, and had a daughter..." I was looking for more explanation than that.

"She married Tom and had Alex before she started catfighting," Suzy said. "She was one of those female body builders at first, and then she sorta got involved with the fighting."

"And then she started her own pack from scratch," Eva added. "It was just her at first and she put her ass on the line to get new members."

"What do you mean?"

"Like she'd make a bet with another pack's Mistress. If she lost, the pack would get to keep her, but if she won, then Megan would get to keep the loser."

"It's a pretty common wager," Suzy said with a shrug. "Pack members come and go all the time. Not us though, since we're in foster and everything."

"Yeah," Eva said. "Megan has to keep us until we're eighteen, so mostly we just fight other girls for practice."

"Once we're older, that's when it'll get serious."

They'd given me a lot to think about, but in truth I still couldn't quite wrap my head around everything my friends were saying. They made it sound as if the whole world revolved around this catfighting business. Like nothing else mattered. They hadn't mentioned any other subject. Not what kind of music they liked, what movies they watched, or books or ... anything. Just fighting. I almost wondered if they'd been brainwashed or something and I decided to just come out and ask them...

"Don't you guys do anything else?"

"What?" Suzy laughed at me.

"I mean besides just fighting or whatever," I said.

"We do all kinds of stuff," Eva said. "What do you think? We just beat each other up all the time?"

"We do all the same stuff you do, probably." Suzy said. "Bitch about school, hang out at the mall and wish we were someplace else."

"Sorry," I mumbled. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Yeah, you did!" Eva grinned, looking more elfin than ever. Her green eyes were twinkling. "You probably want to know about how good Suzy fucks me, huh?"

"What? No!" I protested.

"I fuck her awesomely!" Suzy boasted, showing me her tongue.

"Awesomely!" Eva giggled at her friend. "I was a total virgin until I met you."

"Until I kicked your ass, you mean."

"The loser always gets fucked," Eva told me. "Total submission, that's what it's all about. After Suzy pinned me down..."

"I made her lick my pussy first," she said. "I sat on her face and twisted her nipples until she did it right, too."

"I wasn't very good at it. I thought it would be kind of gross, you know?"

"And Megan gave me that dildo, remember?" Suzy smiled. "I popped your cherry before you even knew what was going on."

"You probably popped my cherry when you kicked me in the cunt," Eva said, making a face. "That hurt a lot."

"Sorry!" the other girl sang sweetly, and looked at me. "It was her fault anyway. Always protect yourself, especially if you're a total virgin."

"When you beat down Denise?" Eva said. "Make sure you break her, okay? It's important."

"She'll never forget you," Suzy agreed. "You'll own her after that, just like I own Eva."

"Totally," she sighed, giving the other girl her affectionate eyes.

I seriously doubted I'd ever own Denise. I wasn't even sure I wanted to, you know? I just longed to teach her a lesson that she'd always remember. Stealing is bad, and being a stuck-up poser is even worse.

But still, I found my head filled with visions of Eva and Suzy fighting in front of their pack. They assured me that everyone had been there to witness their first ever catfight. A couple of fourteen year old girls, much like Denise and me, squaring off without any real clue as to what they were doing.

As my friends described it in greater and greater detail, I could easily imagine the basement gym and the small catfighting ring that Megan and Tom had constructed. They'd been dressed in bikini bathing suits for their match, small and flimsy and easily torn away as the teenage girls grappled for the amusement of the pack. And the two girls had never laid eyes on each other until that day, which I found surprising. Suzy and Eva had come from entirely different cities, and were placed into the same foster home not by sheer luck, but by design.

"They just know what to look for, I guess." Suzy shrugged. "Megan and Tom are always traveling around, looking for new girls. They have a lot of money anyway..."

"Plus there's so many kids needing foster."

" ... they always have at least six of us," Suzy continued. "Besides the other girls who are kind of in and out all the time."

"College girls mostly," Eva explained. "There's about twenty cats in the pack right now."

"How many packs are there?" I wondered.

"In Washington?" Suzy asked. "There's only three that I know of for sure, but if you count Vancouver and Portland, and all the packs in California..."

"There's about a dozen," Eva said. "Usually Megan will take like two or three girls to someplace like Vancouver, for instance. Like for a weekend, and they fight for money, or usually for the cats, but once in awhile there's a tournament."

"Really?" I panted, looking over my shoulder to admire the hill we'd just climbed. It hadn't seemed that big from the bottom, but neither of my friends looked even a little winded.

"That's when every pack sends it best fighters," she told me. "When it's down to the last two packs for the championship, the Mistresses have to fight each other."

"They only hold a championship tournament once a year," Suzy said. "You want to sit down for a little bit?"

"Yeah," I said, smiling gratefully. "I'm not used to hiking this much."

"You should work out more," Eva suggested. "What do you do for fun?"

"Uh ... Read, mostly. Watch TV sometimes."

"You'd look awesome if you built up some muscle," Suzy said. "Just try not to grow too much."

"I love your tits," Eva said, making me blink and blush all at once. I didn't have hardly any tits at all.

"She's got great legs, too."

"A perfect ass."

"Lonnie just needs to pump some iron," Suzy finally decided, and they were making me extremely self-conscious.

"Take off your clothes," Eva said, reaching for her pocket. "I'll take some pictures of you."

"What? Why?" I asked, glancing around to make sure we were completely alone. "I can't take off my clothes!"

"So I can show Megan what you look like," she said, holding up her small camera.

"You want to be a catfighter, right?" Suzy asked without a hint of humor or sarcasm.

It took me several seconds to realize these two girls were serious. They actually thought this Megan person might be interested in getting me for her pack. More than that, they seemed to want me to be with them, you know? To be a member of their family, such as it was. For a girl who had nothing but an orphanage to go back to, the idea of living in a real house with friends like Eva and Suzy was almost intoxicating.

"Yeah," I replied, with as much resolve as my squeaky voice could muster. "I want to be like you guys."

"Cool." Eva grinned at me. "So take off your clothes, Lonnie."

"We'll take some pictures of you fighting Denise, too," Suzy said. "So you really have to make sure you win on Saturday."

"Saturday?" I made a face as my t-shirt came over my head. That would be the day after tomorrow.

"Look at her nipples!" Eva giggled and snapped a picture. "Mine are so small, it sucks. Big tits and tiny nipples, like I'm cursed."

"If you punch a girl in the tits, it really hurts," Suzy informed me. "Just ask Eva."

"I believe you," I said, looking down at my relatively flat chest. I really did have some seriously long nipples, especially with the cool breeze blowing across them. They were dark and pointed like armor piercing bullets, and throbbing, but mostly because we were all staring at them.

"Boots and socks, too," Eva reminded me. "Shorts, panties ... Everything. Do you have a hairy cunt?"

"Uh ... No," I replied.

"Cool," she said. "Megan would just make you shave it anyway."

"Don't worry," Suzy said, catching the look on my face. "I'll shave it for you the first time. It's really easy."

"Hey! I want to shave her!"

"Too late!" Suzy giggled. "I called it first."

A moment later my friends got to see for themselves just how little they were arguing about. I felt very nervous standing in front of them totally naked, especially outside and on top of a hill, but I wasn't going to cry. I had a pretty normal body and there really wasn't any good reason to be ashamed of it. But I wasn't too sure about all those pictures that Eva was taking of me.

"Okay, you can shave her," she said, teasing Suzy. "You've got like three pubic hairs."

"Yeah, um..." I shrugged. "I guess so."

"Nice pussy though," Suzy decided with a lick of her lips. "How big is your clit?"

"I don't know," I admitted. "Can I get dressed now?"

"Turn around first," Eva told me. "I need some pictures of your fuckalicious butt."

"Huh?" I definitely blushed that time.

"That's like a perfect ass," Suzy said. "Like all your tits went to your butt."

"Shut-up!" Eva giggled. "Never mind her. Suzy's kind of a retard sometimes."

"What?" the other girl protested. "I'm just saying, Lonnie's got an awesome butt. Look at it, all nice and round, and not too big and not too small, and totally perky."

"Perky?" I looked over my shoulder as if I'd actually see what she was talking about.

"Totally perky!" Eva nodded, taking another photograph. "Megan's gonna love your ass."

"Your tits, too," Suzy assured me. "Small, hard tits and a tight ass."

"And legs!" Her friend took another picture.

"Awesome legs," she agreed. "You just need to work out more."

"I will," I promised, bending over to reach my clothes. "I'll work out every day, I promise."

It felt good to have my mind made up about something, although being a catfighter would have to be an unlikely dream at best. For all I knew, Eva and Suzy were just making it all up, but I didn't think so. I'd spent my life around professional liars, and even told a few myself, just because life sucks so bad sometimes that you'll say anything to make it seem better.

Those two girls hadn't been lying, however, and I'd soaked up every word they'd said. It sounded kind of fun, you know? Not that beating up another girl should be enjoyable, just that they seemed so happy. I wanted to be happy, too. Fighting didn't scare me, at least not yet. Maybe if I really got beat up I'd change my mind, but for the moment the whole idea seemed more like a game than anything else. Nobody really got hurt, did they? But then I remembered the story about that Alex girl getting her knee broken, and that should have frightened me. So why didn't it?

Beats me. Maybe some girls are just meant for catfighting. I hoped so and more than that, I wanted to be one of them.

"What are you doing?" Suzy asked. "Don't get dressed yet."

"Why not?" I looked at her before I realized that Eva had started undressing.

The tall, platinum blonde had already removed her t-shirt and I stared at the large, firm tits jutting proudly from her slender body. The girl was very well developed for her age and her nipples were small, pink pebbles surrounded by light brown areoles the size of dimes.

"What are you doing?" I wondered dumbly.

"You need some practice before you fight Denise," she told me. "We're about the same build, right?"

"But..." I honestly didn't know what to do as she kicked off her boots and pushed her cargo shorts and baby blue panties down at the same time.

Eva did have the same sort of body as Denise, but being a couple years older, she wasn't quite as fragile looking. She seemed to be pretty well toned, too. The girl wasn't so obviously muscular as Suzy, but she had a certain sleek appearance that suggested hidden strength. It didn't help that Eva was so attractive, either. Her naked pussy caught my immediate attention and once again I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

She didn't have any pubic hair at all and unlike my sex, which was tight and turned inward to hide everything but a deep cleft between my thighs, Eva's pussy was right there. her clitoris wasn't very large, but pink and obvious, much like her plump pussy lips. Once all of her clothes were off, she slid a finger over her clitoris and between her labia, curling it and tilting her hand while I watched.

"I'm already wet," she told me, smiling as she pulled her finger out and it glistened beneath the mid-day sun. "If I win, I'm going to make you eat me out for an hour, Lonnie."

"Relax," Suzy sighed, pushing herself up from the log where she'd been sitting. For a moment I thought she might undress as well, but she didn't.

"Fine. Come here..." Eva said. "We're going to show you how to fight. You're built like Suzy, all short and sexy, so she's gonna show you first. Okay? And then you're going to try."

"Ready?" Suzy asked. "Just remember to fight like Denise."

"All spastic?" Eva rolled her eyes. "You'd better not hurt me."

They started off showing me how to take Denise down as quickly as possible and there were a surprising number of ways to do it. Eva would slap and kick, while Suzy would move kind of slowly, explaining what she was doing. Then it would be my turn to try, slowly at first, but then faster and faster, repeating the moves until we were almost moving at full speed.

I had little doubt that Eva could have taken me down anytime she felt like it, but the girl was more than willing to play her role. If she had an obvious opportunity to hurt me, she'd stop and point it out. Learning how to fight turned out to be amazingly fun, and not just because we were both naked, although that was the best part. I mean I'd finally discovered something that interested me. Fighting. Learning how to punch and duck and kick, grappling, using not just my hands, but every part of my body to subdue another person. It was very cool.

And we were totally naked, like I said. The sensation of trying to pin Eva down with my tits rubbing against her back, my pussy drooling excitement over her butt as I straddled her hips with my thighs, was like nothing else in the world. The first time I grabbed her tits and Suzy urged me to really dig my fingers into the girl, I felt almost embarrassed, but that silliness quickly passed. I touched every part of her, including her pussy, and Eva wasn't shy about exploring every inch of my body.

I couldn't believe how quick the girl was, or how slippery as we began to grow hot and sweaty. Every time I thought I had her pinned down, Eva would escape. Worse still, she usually found a way to turn the tables completely. Suzy would warn me, but it didn't help me very much. The first time she trapped my head between her thighs, Eva giggled as I had no choice but to gasp for air with my open mouth covering her pussy. I could taste the sharp, oily tang of her juices and the girl refused to let me go for several long seconds.

Most often, however, Eva was willing to play the inexperienced Denise and let me practice the moves Suzy tried so hard to teach me. At one point I even managed to cover Eva's face with my pussy, sitting on her with my knees trapping her arms at her sides. Suzy urged me to slap the girl's tits, to pinch her nipples and cruelly twist them. After a second or two, I finally worked up the nerve to do precisely that and Eva rewarded me with her tongue. She fluttered the tip along my slit and even tried to push it inside as I began to rock my hips against the unexpected pleasure.

But all too soon, Suzy pulled me to my feet and Eva regained hers, grinning and licking her lips as we started all over again. All in all, it was probably the best afternoon of my life and I wished it would never end.

"Ohhhh!" I exhaled long and hard, almost in a panic as my lungs forget how to breathe.

"That's what happens when you spread your legs like a slut," Eva said, smiling up at me from her back. "You get fucked with a knee."

"You're okay," Suzy said, taking me by the arm and lifting me to my rubbery legs. "There's no blood anyway, so you're still a virgin."

"I could have fixed that real easily," Eva reminded me. "When you get the bitch down, don't forget about her legs. Protect your cunt, remember?"

"Yeah," I managed weakly. "I was thinking about your hands."

"It's getting kind of late," Suzy decided, shading her eyes as she looked up. "We'd better start heading back."

"She's gotta lick me first," Eva decided. "I'm the winner, right? So come here, Lonnie. Just a little lick to prove you lost."

"Ummm..." I glanced at Suzy, but she didn't say anything. I didn't know if I wanted her to be jealous and tell me to just get dressed, or tell me to go ahead and kiss her girlfriend's pussy.

"Right here," Eva breathed, pushing me to my knees. "I'm not asking you to marry my fucking cunt. Just put your tongue inside and wriggle it around a little bit."

"Alright," I agreed with a hard swallow. I put my hands on her hips and leaned forward, opening my mouth as I stared at her damp, coral sex. She'd gotten excited, just as I had, and I could feel the juices leaking from my bruised pussy.

"What a pussy!" Eva laughed, pushing me away. "Fuck! You were really gonna do it, huh? Put your clothes on, bitch."

"What?" I fell onto my butt, blinking up at the girl. "I thought you said I lost, so I had to, um ... lick you."

"You weren't even fighting," Suzy told me. "Don't give away anything, Lonnie. Make them take it from you."

"If they can," Eva added. "That's the first rule for people like us. The only rule, sometimes. If you give up without a fight, you're just like everybody else."

"Okay." I nodded, dressing quickly to mask my shame. "I'll remember that."

That night I went to bed early, partly to avoid seeing Denise, but also because I felt exhausted. Eva and Suzy had disappeared right after dinner, probably into their tent so they could make out and be alone with each other. I really envied them and I'd been wishing that they'd want to spend more time with me, but I knew we were just friends. I understood enough about that catfighting stuff to know that what happened in the ring wasn't the same as what happened out of it.

Like when I'd been practicing with Eva. A part of me, the innocent part, really thought we were sharing something intimate. Like we were sort of having sex and I'd always imagined that would imply an obligation of some kind. I wasn't sure what, but I was only a fourteen-year-old virgin. Perhaps that had been the most important lesson of all, that even licking each other's pussies didn't mean we shared anything special if it happened during a fight. Eva had totally rejected me just a couple minutes after we'd finished, and it had hurt a little, but I kind of understood it, too.

If I wanted Eva, I'd have to take her away from Suzy. At least, I think that's what they'd been trying to tell me. All I knew for certain was that I wanted a girlfriend now. Someone exactly like Eva, kind of tall and blonde, with nice big tits and a pretty face, and ... I was describing Denise, and she would be the last girl I'd ever want for a girlfriend. But I played with my pussy while I imagined beating her up and that felt really good. I wanted to sit on the girl's face and spank her tits until she made me cum.

Of course, there was no way Eva and Suzy could teach me how to fight in one afternoon. I might have learned a few things, mostly what not to do, but most of it was already half-forgotten. That would be okay, though, because Denise didn't know anything about fighting. I'd definitely kick her ass, especially if my two friends could teach me some more the following day. Practice makes perfect, after all, and we could sneak out again and hike up to that hill. Eva and I could get naked and wrestle around, and I'd lick her pussy while she licked mine, and...

I woke up wet between my thighs and breathing hard, but two minutes later I couldn't remember anything about my dreams. They must have been awesome.

After breakfast I looked for Eva and Suzy, but they weren't around. Being older, they were usually doing different activities than me, and I wasn't really surprised, just disappointed. My group, or "The Red River Tribe" as we were called, because all the girls got put into tribes, would be canoeing all morning. I didn't mind it so much, but having to wear a life preserver seemed dumb. It wasn't like I was going to fall out and I knew how to swim, but rules are rules.

Denise was in my tribe, of course, since we shared the same tent and everything else. I really hoped I didn't get paired up with her. Four hours in a canoe with my worst enemy? That would be like going to Hell or something. It was bad enough we had to look at each other while we'd washed dishes the night before.

Except she didn't seem to be around and Polly, our counselor, frowned after calling her name twice. I hoped Denise would be in a lot of trouble for skipping out, although that would mean I'd have to be in trouble for skipping the day before, and Polly hadn't said anything about it ... Yet. Maybe she was saving it for later, or more than likely she figured I'd needed a break after the little fight I'd had with Denise. That was the nice thing about Polly, she wasn't any sort of Nazi when it came to the rules, unlike some of the others I'd heard about.

I ended up paddling around with a chubby girl named Cindy, but she was okay. We talked about movies mostly. After lunch, I still didn't see Eva or Suzy, and I started worrying that maybe they'd decided that they didn't like me after all. I felt kind of dumb, but I couldn't help it. What if I never saw or even heard from them again? Maybe they'd tell Megan that I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag and I'd never get to be a catfighter. My life would go back to being what it had been before. Boring.

That afternoon, I felt so stressed that I could barely hit the target at the archery range, and usually I was pretty good at shooting arrows. I saw Denise at dinner, and especially afterwards while we were doing the dishes. I didn't give into the temptation to ask her where she'd been hiding all day long. It wasn't that important and she kept smirking at me anyway, which I totally didn't get. At least her nose was still a little puffy. I wished I'd broken it.

"Hey..." Suzy whispered as she poked her head inside my tent. Everyone else was roasting marshmallows and singing songs. "You're going to bed already? Good. I'm gonna wake you up early."

"You are?" I blinked at her, wanting to know why she and Eva had abandoned me for an entire day, but I felt too happy at seeing her.

"You're going to fight Denise, right?" She grinned as I nodded, but I'd actually been thinking I might wait until the end of camp. There would be less dishes to do that way.

"Yeah, I guess so, but..."

"Don't worry about breakfast," she said. "I swiped a bunch of granola bars. Get some sleep, Lonnie. It's gonna be so much fun tomorrow."

"Okay," I agreed, getting one last grin from Suzy before she ducked back out. That had seemed kind of strange, but at least I had my friends back!

I played with my pussy again, even daring to push a finger against my hymen, but not hard enough to break it. I wanted someone else to do that for me. Like Suzy, I thought, and I tried to imagine what she looked like naked. I'd seen her legs and arms, and she had a serious body beneath her clothes. Not the soft, curvy sort of body most girls dream of having, but a hard body, with a definite female shape, but muscles, too. Having sex with her would probably be like having sex with a boy, or a tomboy, I suppose.

But besides just thinking about what it would be like to be kissed by Suzy, I wondered what it would be like to look like her. I mean, unless a miracle happened, I wasn't going to look like Eva. I'd never be that tall, for one thing. Or that slender, although I was certain to grow a lot more over the next few years. I hoped I didn't grow too much. Did Suzy get her aggressive personality from her looks, or did she change on the outside to reflect the person on the inside?

Huh? All that thinking started hurting my brain and I finally retreated into easier, more accessible fantasies, like making Denise lick my butthole while I popped her cherry with my fingers. It seemed kind of sick, but exciting as well. That girl deserved to kiss my ass and my friends had already told me that the winner of the fight was expected to fuck the loser. That meant fingering her out, right? Denise. Why did she have to be so stuck-up? And a thief to boot, that's what really annoyed me. If it wasn't for her stealing all my stuff, I probably would have liked her a lot.

She could have been my Eva.

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