Dispatchment Week
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Doctor/Nurse, BBW, Needles, Public Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Death sentence is carried out over a week in a woman's world. Our man is prepared

The women cheered as he was led from the court on all fours, leashed and naked, whipped as he went by his smiling captors eager to ensure his first punishment. The women stood to applaud the judge, now standing, in her black silk gown; the haughty woman's nipples erect with the excitement of the day, she bowed smiling, still wearing the black silk cap with which she had heralded the death sentence. She was sticky with arousal and would masturbate long and hard as she reminisced on the look on the male's face as sentence was passed, passed by her, indulgent in her supreme power over the male whom she knew would have gained a healthy erection on hearing her decide his fate. Whether involuntary or not, the hapless male knew he would be made to be erect many times over the next week before his member would inevitably be taken as a trophy on the final day. As was her privilege in her position amongst the women who ruled her world, she would receive the first copy of justice being served upon the male, recorded throughout his Dispatchment Week, approved by her, then sold to the masses of eager women; the misery, humiliation and despatch of the male helping to boost the economy of this world of feminine superiority.

Though routinely served upon males, passing the death sentence upon them never failed to arouse Justice Miranda Middleton; the court proceedings were all part of the humiliation of males as the superior women enjoyed complete control. As sentence is passed, a picture is taken of the male at the point his destiny is realised. It is then added to the huge gallery behind the judge; thousands of bemused faces look down on the wretched male being tried, he knows his face will likely join those anguished faces that look down. He knows they are the faces of dead men, faces which will have been seen by a multitude of females as they reach the crescendo of many orgasms, their fates recorded and stored for women's' pleasure. Miranda's hot pussy buzzed delightedly as she smiled down with contempt as the latest face was whipped down to the holding cells to be prepared for his first punishment. She called to them as her pussy buzzed all the more in anticipation of a sweet humiliation.

"Wait! Have him kneel and look this way." The cur was duly brought to his knees and made to look back at the woman who had decided his life would end in a week. Miranda had noticed that the Court photographer had swiftly downloaded and printed off the 'criminal's' picture, even more efficiently than normal. The trim bespectacled woman's nipples protruded through her taught blouse, her pussy moist too, as she placed the picture in a frame she'd prepared, and strutted over to Miranda with it; smiling with satisfaction as she too enjoyed the torment of the male.

"There" said the buxom judge as she had the satisfaction of adding the bemused portrait to the others as the owner of the face looked on.

"Hung in more sense than one! " The courtroom full of women applauded loudly and jeered at the male, whose erection stiffened visibly, as his leash was pulled back by one of his vicious leather-clad guards, to ensure he looked up at the judge and so that all onlookers may witness his complete humbling. The vision of Miranda in black silk, her nipples now very evident as they poked excitedly through the shiny material, combined with the jeering women, had his cock rigid. Miranda smiled with deep satisfaction as she adjusted the frame amongst all the other faces of dead men, ensuring the male was allowed to take in and digest the fact that he too was now a dead man. As the jeering and applause died down she addressed the doomed male once more.

"The next time I see you, I shall witness you dancing at the end of a rope; I intend to have the satisfaction of seeing you dispatched first hand. Let his punishment begin." The women clapped again as he was pulled down and thrashed into motion toward the cells once more, his cock now dribbling at the thought of seeing Miranda at the scaffold; that vision at the end of the week tempered the unknown suffering he was to endure throughout the week, a week which would now begin in earnest.

His crime was that he been caught masturbating on camera to pictures of bound females; though his mistress had kept him well disciplined and he had learned his place like all males; at the feet of all women, he had foolishly become a member of an illicit website which included vintage portrayals of women in a state of bondage. No woman would allow herself into such degradation these days, and the male perpetrators of these sites knew the risks of running them; most had a masochistic death-wish and lived in expectancy of that that knock at the door which would herald their execution. Any involvement with such a site being punishable by death; be it as a compiler or simple viewer. His mistress had noted his drop in ejaculation levels when servicing her, and had rigged a camera to confirm her suspicions; though most of the material viewed was of male submission to their betters, he had foolishly moaned and shot a generous sticky tribute to the depiction of a young girl, bound with leather thongs and sucking on a grateful male's rigid member. This moment of erotic exhilaration had sealed his fate. The novelty of his ownership had faded with his mistress, and this gleeful revelation afforded her sweet erotic arousal as she informed the authorities. His cock stiffened immediately as soon as the two arresting officials confronted him; led by his smiling mistress. He knew he was doomed before either of the women had said a word. He was shown a restraining leash by one of them, who pointed to the feet of his mistress. He was made to thank her for bringing his torment to an end and allowed to masturbate at her feet; he duly did so, coming generously once more as his mistress taunted him with words on how she was responsible for his inevitable death. After licking her feet clean, he was led away to a trial which could only have one outcome.

Miranda's pussy bulged in her satin panties as she watched the wretch begin his descent to oblivion. In the preparation room he was held down and a matronly looking woman smiled wickedly at him as he was shown a greased plug with a yellow tail.

"This is to keep you permanently reminded of what this week is all about. It will force your anus open to allow you to enjoy the fear of each moment, and will not restrict your being caned and whipped. The yellow tail is purely symbolic and will enhance your humiliation." The women giggled as he bucked in fear whilst being held, as the buxom women ensured the fearsome looking plug was fully displayed to him prior to being fitted. His cock stiffened on the bench below him as he squirmed in a mixture of fear and excitement. The bulbous plug was a nasty oval shape with bulges under one side. He was to learn from Matron what these were as she pulled his cheeks apart. He squealed like a girl as the smiling woman pressed the plug home; the pain was intense as his anus was stretched to the limit. He wept like a baby as manicured fingers nursed the plug tightly in, though the pain was offset by a strangely erotic feeling which made his balls tingle. Matron took great pleasure in inflicting this pain, and in the knowledge that this humiliating device would ensure his submissive nature was pleasured.

"There. You'll learn to enjoy your anal mistress; she will tease your prostate exquisitely with every movement, those lower bulges will keep you erotically charged whilst the girth will keep your sphincter wide, as in a state of perpetual fear. We'll do our best to have you enjoy the last five days of your life to the full, though I guarantee you'll be begging for the noose by the final day." He watched the bulging buttocks of the matron strut away as his anus clenched involuntarily at the plug, making his cock stiffen and dribble. He already felt utterly defeated and yearned for the noose. The matron opened a cupboard and turned smiling at him, as she saw the mixed effects of the plug displayed on his condemned countenance.

The look on his face turned to horror as matron displayed a huge syringe, taking great pleasure in running her manicured fingers up and the length of the huge needle.

"Time for your first day's medicine; this will assist your plug in maintaining an erection, and will keep you hard on those occasions when the plug is removed to allow you to be used like a girl by those who love the strap-on, which is inevitable. After I've administered the dose, you'll be allowed to thank me. Turn him over ladies." He made a feeble struggle as he was turned on to his back by the leather–clad guards, each smiling with satisfaction as he was held firm, his cock stiff and erect like a flag-pole, his balls pulsing as the wicked plug massaged his prostate. Matron approached slowly and deliberately, squirting a little of the dosage from the huge needle. She smiled confidently as she calmly held his stiff cock; its purple head now slimy with pre-cum, and looked at him as she pierced his sac with the huge needle, her pussy moist and buzzing with pleasure as she watched him wince in pain. She drove the needle into the base of his cock and sighed delightedly as she watched seminal fluid dribble from his glistening bell-end. His tears flowed as matron slowly squeezed the liquid content from the syringe into his genitals, the pressure built up and the pain was intense, but he now wanted to come for spiteful woman. She emptied the contents into his cock and slowly removed the needle, allowing him to savour every second of the pain.

"Your first day's dose is done; you are now ready. You'll thank me now, before the jury have their show of you. Hold him firm girls." The bench was cut in human form, his head on a narrow section which allowed the matron to straddle him. Before doing so, she lifted her skirt and removed her now sodden panties. He was allowed a panorama of her huge thighs and globular cheeks; her pussy and anus sticky with excitement. His cock dribbled and stiffened, his anus clenched in submissive splendour as the mature matron straddled his face and he took in the rich scent of her arousal for the first time. She pulled her cheeks apart, showing him her hot and sweaty anus.

"We'll make sure you're functioning correctly before your first day's punishment begins. I shall be the first to have your cream. You'll lick my arse clean now." He sniffed at the glorious scent as the dominant woman slowly descended on his tearful face. He fought for breath as the dominant nurse rode rhythmically on his face and teased his bulging and rigid cock; the veins on which were ready to burst as the plug teased his prostate and the Viagra injection kept him rock-hard. He gratefully probed the soft brown puckered anus and snorted and spluttered as he took in the delicious tangy whiff as the bid woman's folds utterly dominated him. As she stroked his cock and adjusted her position to now allow him her juicy and wanting pussy, she began her tease as she felt his cock begin to pulse in readiness for a submissive ejaculation.

"Good boy. Enjoy your last submission in private; when you have given your cream to me you'll be taken up for your first public humiliation. There's no going back now, you are doomed. I will be at the hanging with all the other women; you won't know it, but I'll pronounce you dead as you swing. There'll be no need for an injection then; your cock and balls will have been removed anyhow. I will so enjoy seeing you go, knowing that your licking of my anus began the process; I'll have your cream now." Matron could hold back no more; she almost crushed his face as she ground her succulent and mature pussy into his face, He lapped and snorted at the slick and savoury lips of her vagina as he took in her words and thought of Miranda too ... and the gallows.

Matron moaned loudly and squeezed his eager cock; his thoughts, the glorious taste and scent, and the plug and Viagra ensured he had no chance whatsoever in avoiding his complete submission to her. He was ready to die for the women and his balls erupted with ecstatic pleasure as he shot spurt after spurt of hot semen. Matron rocked back to allow him the full benefit of her anus once more; the beautiful scent making him finish his orgasm with renewed vigour. He was ready for his first thrashing.

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