Willy Takes Charge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - More fun for Mommy's Boy. And a gift from his Father/Grandfather Bill.

Betty spent most of the weekend in her bedroom while her father put her through her paces. Bill was reminding his daughter what it felt like to be dominated. Now that Betty was an adult with her own mostly grown son it was even more humiliating than it had been when she was a teenager.

Sunday morning Willy made arrangements to meet Barry and Cindy at their house for some fun while their parents were out visiting relatives. On his way out the boy noticed that his mother's bedroom door was wide open. His Grandfather/Father Bill had left it open all weekend. Willy thought it may have been an open invitation for the boy to participate in the activities being performed in that bedroom but he had decided that Bill should have Betty all to himself for some quality father/daughter time before he headed back to the coast.

As he passed the open door Willy looked in and saw his mother, bare ass naked, on the bed posed on all fours while Bill fed her cunt his big cock stroke after stroke. Her eyes were staring blankly down at the mattress but Bill saw Willy walking by and gave him a lewd smile and slapped Betty hard on her right ass cheek. Slap!

Willy's cock rose quickly at the graphic sight of his mother being fucked good by her own father. He almost stopped long enough to get a quick motherly blow job on his way out but decided to save his first cum load for one of the brother and sister duos he was about to visit.

When Willy arrived at the house, brother and sister had already started. They were in Cindy's room, both of them naked, on the bed, cock to mouth and mouth to pussy enjoying a leisurely sixty nine. Both of their faces were shiny from each other's juices. Willy slowly undressed as he continued to watch the incestuous duo licking each other's private parts with fervor.

Willy's cock was hard and stretched to it's full seven and a half inch length. He pulled on his erection as he thought about what he wanted to do next, Finally he walked to the bed, startling the two young lovers as he climbed over them inserting his cock into Cindy's wet hole. Barry didn't back off at all. He continued licking, but this time it was Willy's cock getting the mouth treatment as he pushed it deeper into Cindy's cunt.

Cindy's pussy was on fire as Willy pumped his hard member into her and Barry was starting to lick her love button at the same time. She convulsed with a shuddering orgasm, knowing this was just the beginning of her pleasurable day.

Willy felt his first cum of the day approaching. He pulled his pussy juice coated prick from the warm depth of Cindy's cunt allowing it to rest on Barry's tongue. The young boy knew what Willy wanted Barry opened his mouth wide to accept Willy's dripping cock. Willy began pumping his cock again but instead of fucking Cindy's wet pussy he was stroking himself in her brother's waiting mouth.

"Here it cums Barry. Swallow it all!" Willy said loudly as he filled the boy's mouth with his copious spend. Barry swallowed it all, relishing the taste of Willy's seed. He would do anything for Willy.

Willy sat up in bed. The just satisfied Cindy said to him as she looked at her brother's cock, dripping with his pre cum. "Is it O. K. to finish off my brother?"

"Sure, he looks more than ready." When Cindy lowered her face to her brother's erect prick, slowly opening her mouth to accept his tool Willy added. "Not with your mouth Cindy. Rub him off with your tits."

Although his demand had caught her off guard. Cindy lowered herself onto her brother's firm cock tickling his aroused pecker with first one tit, then with the other, actually trying to open up his pee hole with one of her hard nipples.

It didn't take too much tit flesh rubbing on young Barry's cock before he squirted his goo all over both of his sister's breasts. "Lick it off of her tits Barry. Eat your own cum." Willy ordered.

Barry used his tongue and open mouth to clean Cindy's breasts of his spend. Barry enjoyed Willy's cock juice and now realized that he liked the taste of his own cum also. Barry was smiling up at Willy, wondering what else he had in store for him. He would do whatever Willy asked of him.

Willy pointed a finger towards Cindy, then pointed at his soft penis. She obediently rolled towards the teen boy engulfing his cock with her moist mouth. Barry just remained where he was on the bed and watched as his sister mouthed Willy's soft organ.

While Cindy attempted to wake up Willy's prick, Willy reclined on the bed his head resting on both of his hands. It wasn't the sucking that the boy was thinking about. Willy was thinking about his mother. She was home with her dad faithfully doing whatever he asked of her. Willy couldn't wait for his grandfather to leave Monday morning so he could have Betty to himself again. This time he would do as his grandfather had instructed. Betty's fine mature bottom would be at her son's mercy. Willy would spank his mother over his lap using his hand to warm up her bottom, then he would take the belt to her bottom punishing her for lying about her father spanking her. Finally he would sodomize Mommy's ass, pumping an incestuous load of hot cum deep into her bowels.

Cindy thought that it was her moist mouth that had brought Willy's cock back to attention. It didn't matter to the girl what erected Willy's thick cock. She pulled it from her mouth and climbed on top of Will, impaling her wet pussy with the massive flesh missile.

Willy lie back and let Cindy do all the work. She rose up and down on the boy's seven and a half inch erection making it shiny with her juices. She came once, twice, three times before Willy shouted that he was cumming. Spurt Spurt Spurt His cum flooded the young teenager's cunt, running back out to soak the boy's cock and balls.

Cindy had hardly pulled herself off of Willy's cock before Barry was there licking and sucking the flood of their intermingled juices from Willy's flagging cock.

Willy closed his eyes, his hands still clenched behind his head, and fell to sleep immediately. Barry and Cindy put their heads on each of Willy's thighs with their heads only inches from the boy's limp penis.

Cindy whispered to her brother. "Doesn't it bother you the way Willy treats you?"

"No way. I like the attention."

"Even when he sticks that monster in your tight asshole? I don't like that when he does it to me."

"I don't mind Cindy. I know it gives him much pleasure to ream me with his big fuck stick. Willy can do anything he wants to me. If you don't want him up your ass you should tell him."

Cindy grimaced as she answered her brother. "I'm afraid to say anything. He might want to spank me. That hurts too. I don't like anything he does to my bottom. I wish he would just fuck me."

"How about your mouth? Don't you like the taste of his big cock shooting his stuff into your mouth? I know I do."

"It's O. K. but my preference is for an old fashioned good fuck with his big tool."

Unbeknown to the two of them Willy was only half asleep and was eavesdropping on their conversation. His cock stirred but it too worn out to become erect. Willy wondered to himself if he should punish Cindy's fine, taut teenage ass with a good spanking. Knowing that she didn't like to be spanked added a little lewdness to the act. Then he would fuck her bottom hard making her tell him how much she liked being buggered. His cock still didn't rise o the occasion and soon Willy was fast asleep again.

Willy started as he was shaken awake by Cindy. "It's almost five. Our parents will be home soon." Willy knew he had to get up but as soon as he realized that Cindy's brother was between his legs happily sucking on his newly formed erection he decided that filling the boy's mouth with a load of his cock juice was his priority. It didn't take Willy's refreshed cock long to spew it's juice into Barry's waiting mouth. Spurt Spurt Spurt

Barry swallowed it all before looking up at Willy with a big grin. "You can go home now Willy. It wouldn't have been right to send you home with a hardon." And the boy meant it.

When Willy returned home he was surprised that there was no dinner waiting. Both his grandfather and his mother were no where to be seen. There was a note on the counter addressed to him.

Willy, I managed to get an earlier flight home. I am sorry not to be here to say goodbye. Don't forget to treat your mother the way she needs to be treated. I took a cab to the airport and will call you soon. Love, Your Father

PS ... there's a gift for you in your mother's bedroom.

If he took a cab where the hell was Mommy? Willy was hungry. She would have to be punished for not having dinner ready for him. His cock began to stir as he thought about punishing his Mommy.

Willy went up the stairs to his mother's room to see what present Bill had left for him. The door to the bedroom was open. Willy stopped at the doorway to see his naked mother on the bed. Bill had used her colorful scarf's to tie her wrists and ankles to the four posts of the bed.

Willy's cock was poking against his pants front now. He had never even thought about tying up a woman and now here was his wide eyed mother with her arms and legs spread wide opening up her charms to him. Bill had left him another gift, his tawse. The handle of the tawse was pushed up his mother's pussy far enough that only the split ends of the leather device were hanging outside.

Fuck! Thought the boy as he quickly undressed himself exposing his rigid seven plus inches of man meat to his mother's gaze.

"Willy. Please untie me. Don't treat me like my father did all those years. I'm your mother and you are Mommy's Boy.. Let me free. You know I will take care of that hard cock for you with my mouth or my pussy. Please untie me."

Willy dismissed the idea of freeing his mother. The whole scenario had him too aroused to do so. He walked to the bed, his cock already drooling pre cum. Roughly he twisted the tawse savagely in his mother's pussy. He pulled it out and couldn't help but notice that with all her pleading to be set free the handle of the tawse was wet with her juices.

Willy laughed as he held onto the wet and slippery handle of the punishment weapon quickly bringing down the leather strips on the front of the grown woman's thighs causing her to cry out in pain. His next strike was across her hairy pussy. When she screeched again he told her. "Quiet woman! More noise and I will have to gag you."

He struck her again. This time laying the leather across both of her breasts. He could see how hard her nipples had become and struck her again hoping to hit at least one of her erect nipples. He did and his mother could not refrain from a loud outrush of air.

Without warning and without touching himself, Willy's cock exploded in an intense orgasm shooting hot streams of cum onto his nude mother. This whole scenario with his bound mother had been too much for him. This was going to be a new way of life for the two of them ... and Barry and Cindy.

Is this the end of Mommy's Boy? Or just the beginning?

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