Jamie and the Professor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jamie tells her professor how she feels about him and gets what she wants.

After a long boring session in literature class with Mrs.Johnson, it was time for Science class. I had just transfer to this school because my parents divorced a month ago and my dad decided to settle at a town in Wisconsin. I chose to be with my dad because my mom always boss me around and invite friends over for wild sex parties. That was the main reason my dad divorced with her. He got a job as a salesman and I believed it's time for me to continue with my studies.

Days before I started school, I met this guy that attends the school I was going to. He's 19 and I'm 18. We hangout on weekends and after school. I like him a lot although sometimes, he flirt with other girls at the school. I'm not really a girl guys would like because I'm more of an athletic type, not flirty. I have long brown hair but I enjoy tying up a ponytail.

I decided to enter the classroom a few minutes earlier to ask the professor if there were any seats available. When I opened the door, I saw him sitting on behind his desk. He was probably in his late 20s, maybe 28. I walked in and introduced myself.

"Hi. I'm Jamie Nelson, the new student."

"Hi.Welcome to my class.I'm Professor Johnson.I prefer my students to call me Matthew"

"Um ... are there any vacant seats?"

"Yeah. There's 1 front row seat here and 1 in the far back over there" he said as he pointed out the seats.

"Thanks. I think I'll take the front row seat so I can pay more attention."

"You're welcome. Umm ... I'll give you syllabus so you will know how I will grade your work and what we will be doing this semester."

He walked over to his desk and searched in a folder and returned with a paper in his hand. As he handed me the paper, I dropped my pencil and before I reached down to pick it up, he had already retrieved my pencil and handed it to me along with the syllabus.

I thanked him and after a few seconds, students started coming in and sitting down on their seats. I looked at him and he was writing down some notes. I can't help but notice how cute he was. He was wearing a plaid shirt and khaki pants. Then, a girl with a short skirt came in and walked flirtatiously to Matthew and said "Heyyy, Matthew ... Looking hot today". He glanced up and said "Good Morning Alexa. Please sit down.Class is about to start." She sat next to me and gave me an evil eye.

RINNNGGGGG! The bell rang and Matthew walked to the front of the room. "Good Morning class. If you guys didn't notice, we have a new student here. Her name is Jamie Nelson and she will be spending the rest of the school year with us." I heard the 'Ms.Flirty Slut' say to me"Bitch. Don't you dare flirt with Matthew." I whispered a "I Wont" and she replied with a "you better not".

At the end of the class, he announced that we are welcome to ask him any questions at the end of class and during lunch. When the bell rang, everyone hurried out the door. I took my time to pack my things up because I want to ask him something. I looked over to his desk, and there was Ms.Flirty Slut bending over the desk and was about to say something when I interrupted.

"Mr.Johnson, can you help me with the assignment?" Alexa turned to look at me and said "Bitch. I'm talking to Matthew."

Surprised by her attitude, Matthew decided to say something. "Alexa! language."

"OK ... bye Matthew." Then she gave me a frown at me and stomped out the door.

I turned around and he asked me "So what did you need again?"

"Umm ... the assignment you gave us"

"ok.how about you bring a chair here and i'll help you with it."

I did what he told and he helped me like I asked.

For the next few months, i did the same. Staying during lunch and after school for help. Everyday, i go home and masturbate to the thoughts about him to sleep.

One day, I decided to tell him. It was a Tuesday and i went there after school and he asked "need help again?"

"No. actually, i have something to confess."

"yeah? what is it?"

"Well ... I. Umm ... I-i ... um." I sighed and when i tried to begin again. he interrupted me.

"Take a deep breathe. Relax. tell me what u want to say."

"Well, I just want to tell you that I think I have a crush on you. I just wonder that you like me back."

"Woah! umm ... this is weird. Well as you know, I'm your teacher and Im like 10 years older than you. I..."

"Yeah. I know. I shouldn't of came. Just forget about this and pretend this never happened." I began to cry and I walked out the door.

The next few days, I stayed at home, crying. My dad was having a trip with his co-workers.Believe it or not, my boyfriend sent me a text message saying tht he is breaking up with me because he is dating this cheerleader and he like her a lot. On Friday, i returned to school and as usual i went in to his class a few minutes earlier than everyone else. when i walked in, Alexa was of course, flirting again. I didnt mind as much. I was tearing up due to the fact of breaking up with my boyfriend. When he saw me come in with tears in my eyes, he walked over and asked "Are you ok?"

I ignored him and sat down. I wiped my tears and took out my planner to jot down the homework he assigned when i was absent. he gave me a note and it said "See me after school." I folded it and slipped it in my pocket.

After school, I walked in and he was grading some papers. He noticed me coming in and stopped grading papers and told me to sit down.

"What's wrong? Why were you crying? Was it because of me?"

"No. It's not you."

"who is it then? why were u crying?"


"Tell me."

"My boyfriend dumped me. Ok?!?!?!" I started crying and he hugged me. I held him tight and began sobbing.

"Your boyfriend is stupid. Dumping a beautiful girl like you. Jamie, last time... , I'm sorry. It's not because I don't like you, its just that im ur teacher. You have no idea how many times i dreamed about you."



He took my hand and placed it on his pants. His cock was hard and I was turned on. "Take it out i want to see it."

He took out his cock, about 5 inches and I started sucking on it.

"Oh Jamie ... Oh godddd ... yes!"

As he moaned, I sped up and after a few minutes of blowjob, i took off my jeans and panties and he started licking my cunt.

"Oh. Mr.Johnson"

He stopped and said "Call me Matthew. I adore you too much when you call me Mr.Johnson."

"Ok. ughh! Im about to cum."

"Not yet I want you to come with me."

he took his cock and pushed it in my pussy. I moaned and he sped up. "Oh Jamie, you're so tight."

"Matthew, your cock feels so good inside me."

"Oh! im coming..."

"Me too!! ... Ughh!!!"

We came together and after a while, he kissed me on the lips and we got dressed. we wiped the table and as we left together, he whispered "Can't wait for next time."

"Me too"

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