Son of Chronos: Book 1 Origin
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In a comic book universe where 'super-powers' are more common than the general public is aware, a young man discovers he has the power to alter the flow of time and to control the minds of others.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Rape   Mind Control   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Superhero   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Torture   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Water Sports   Scatology   Body Modification   Needles   Slow   Violent  

Matthew Murphy was driving home from Texas A&M University to his mother's house in La Porte, Texas. While he had a dorm room on campus, with his family only a couple hours away and his class schedule (a late morning start on Monday and early afternoon finish on Friday), he normally drove home on Friday afternoon and back on Monday morning.

He had just pulled into his mother's drive way when his younger sister Megan burst out the front door. "You're finally here." his sister shouted, her voice full of excitement. "I need you to take me to the bank, my birthday present from grandpa and grandma finally got here today." Yesterday was Megan's 16th birthday.

His father's adoptive parents had no children of their own and while they and their whole family were farmers, not exactly a lucrative business, they had made many wise investments over the years and were very well off. Each year, he and his two sisters each received a check for $1000 and a gold American Eagle coin for their birthdays. Which was why his sister needed to go to the bank.

Their mother had once protested these lavish gifts, but their grandparents brushed her criticisms aside saying that they had no intention of retiring any time soon and no desire to travel, so they really didn't have anything to spend their money on other than their grandchildren.

Of course, he thought, we aren't exactly hurting for money ourselves. Between the survivors benefits from his father's military and police pensions, plus his father's life insurance policies and his father's own shrewd investments, his mother would never need to work a day in her life. She volunteered for a number of local charities to have a reason to get out of the house and do something; which was why she wouldn't be home for a couple of hours yet and his sister was waiting for him to take her to the bank.

He took his sister to the bank and waited in the lobby while she deposited the check and then went back to the safe deposit vault to put the gold coin away. While his sister was in the back, three large men in black trench coats and ski masks burst through the door. They all pulled out guns and two of them shot the two guards in the lobby before the guards had a chance to pull their own guns. They herded the customers and bank employees into a corner of the lobby while one of them took one of the teller's behind the counter to empty out all the cash drawers. For whatever reason, they were ignoring the hallway back to the vaults for the moment.

While the cash drawers were being emptied his sister and another guard started to come back out from the vault area. His sister was wearing her headphones, listening to her iPod and not paying much attention to anything. The gunman behind the counter saw the guard and Matt's sister before they saw him. He turned and leveled his gun at them.

Matt swore silently to himself. From the angle his sister and guard were at to the gunman behind the counter, the gunman was going to end up shooting the guard through his sister. Of the two gunman guarding the people in the lobby, the one closest to Matt had also turned to face the approaching guard. Matt took his chance and took off running towards his sister, intent on tackling her out of the way. He was terrified that he wasn't going to reach her in time. He was still several strides from his sister when he heard gunshots; but they sounded wrong, distended as if played at half speed or he was traveling away from them at high speed. The entire bank seemed to lurch and he tripped and fell, his hand missing his sister's arm by inches.

Matt wasn't sure how long he had been down, if it was just seconds or minutes but there was no sound at all, no gunfire, no shouting, screaming or crying. When he stood up, the first thing he noticed was that his sister was still standing, seemingly uninjured. He started yelling at her to stop being so oblivious to her surroundings, that she needed to be more careful because he wouldn't always be there to save her. Then he noticed that she was completely motionless, not even the small involuntary movements like blinking of the eyes.

His awareness spread and he noticed the bullet caught in mid-air as if in a high speed photograph, mere inches from his sister's head. Even the shock-wave created by the bullet was itself visible and frozen in place. He looked around the bank and noticed that everyone in the bank except for himself was motionless, several people caught in unbalanced mid-step positions that no one could maintain for any significant time. Both of the other gunmen had also fired, one at him and the other at the guard. Although his sister wasn't in the way of that shot, both additional bullets were frozen in the air; along with their shock-waves.

He went to the front of the bank and looked out the window. Everything and everyone outside the bank was likewise frozen, as far as he could see. There were several police vehicles with officers frozen in the middle of getting out. He could see several birds frozen in mid flight. Something in the back of his mind told him that time had stopped for everything except himself.

He went back by his sister and very carefully touched her. She wasn't hard and unyielding as he expected. She felt completely normal. He picked his sister up and moved her back several steps so she was out of the bullet's path.

Then he reached out with one finger and touched the bullet. There was some resistance but the bullet shifted slightly. To his surprise the bullet's shock-wave moved with it. A voice in the back of his mind told him that, if he moved the bullet it would maintain it's momentum relative to itself. He had an idea which was both ingenious and vindictive. He took the bullet and moved it so that it was behind the gunman who had fired it. He shifted the teller slightly, just in case the bulled passed completely through the gunman. He then repeated the process with the other two bullets and gunmen.

With the bad guys taken care of, and the good guys and bystanders safe, Matt's mind started to focus on his predicament. How long was this going to last? Was he stuck permanently in a frozen world? With no way to answer his questions, he started to look around. He saw a ball sitting on one of the loan officer's desks. He picked it up and tried to toss it in the air. As long as he was touching it the ball felt and moved normally, but as soon as it lost contact with him it froze in place. He grabbed the ball from the air and tried it a few more times. He picked up a cup of coffee off of another desk and dropped it. Again, it froze in mid air as soon as it wasn't touching him any more. He moved back towards his sister and the guard.

Matt checked the time on his cell phone, and ran through events in his head. He figured that around half an hour had passed since the world froze. Suddenly he felt a strain in the back of his mind, it felt as if a muscle he didn't even know he had was suddenly reaching it's limit. He felt something snap and things began to move again as time resumed its forward march. Gunshots rang out, people screamed, the gunmen fell and the police swarmed into the bank.

The police found the gunman each mysteriously shot in the back. They searched the bank for any more gunmen. Satisfied that there was no further danger, detectives began to question everyone in the bank.

While Matt and his sister were waiting to be questioned, he called his mother from his cell phone and let her know that he and his little sister were alright, but there had been a failed bank robbery attempt while they were at the bank and they would be delayed while the police questioned everyone.

When it was Matt's turn to give a statement he told them everything except about time freezing and what he did while time was frozen. He didn't think they would believe him and even if they did, he didn't want the attention since he was certain that he was the cause of the time freeze and he didn't want that kind of attention from the government.

When Matt and his younger sister got home, their mother was home and she greeted them with hugs. They assured their mother that they were alright. Their mother had dinner ready and after eating, Matt was feeling exhausted so he went to his room and went to bed.

Matt woke the next morning feeling refreshed. After breakfast he went out to an area along the side of their garage where he wasn't visible from the house or from the neighbors. He had enough space there to bounce a tennis ball off the side of the garage and he liked to do this when he needed to think about something when he was home.

Matt was certain that he caused the time freeze and he needed to figure out how to activate it at will. He reviewed his memories of events at the bank. He found that there was a tug in the same part of his mind, when time froze, as he felt the strain in when it started back up. He tried thinking several commands at that part of his mind without any luck. Finally he concentrated on an image of pulling something with that part of his mind. Bingo, the world froze, catching his tennis ball mid throw. He tried to push with the part of his mind that activated the freeze and the world started moving again.

Matt looked at the time on his cell phone. He had used up a good chunk of the morning. He went back in the house and encountered Megan getting ready to go out, probably to the mall with her friends. He noticed that she had her iPod but the headphones were just around her neck and the volume was much lower than she usually had it. He asked his sister about this change.

Megan responded, "I need to be more safety conscious, more aware of my surroundings. You won't always be there to protect me."

This answer bothered Matt quite a bit, but it wasn't until Megan had been gone awhile that he realized just what about the statement bothered him. It was a very close restatement of what he had said to her in the bank the other day before he realized that time had frozen. The statement was also very out of character. She hated it when he tried to protect her, which is why he tried not to most of the time. She simply would not have included the part about him not being there to protect her if it had been her own thought due to the robbery. What he had said to her had affected her thinking and she wasn't even aware of it. This was a new aspect to his power that he was going to have to test and experiment with carefully.

Matt told his mother that he was going to go to Sylvan Beach Park for the afternoon, it was late in the season being early October; but on the gulf coast of Texas things were still warm enough for an afternoon at the beach. There might not be a lot of people on the beach but there would be plenty of people in the park. He put on a pair of swimming trunks that could double as shorts, a tee-shirt and a pair of sandals, tossed a beach towel and a beach chair into the back of his car and headed over to the park. It was close enough that he could have walked if he hadn't wanted to take the beach chair along, but he was more out to observe people and test his new powers than to sun himself or go swimming.

As Matt parked his car at the parking lot nearest the beach, he noticed his sister Megan and her boyfriend in the next row up. She was unloading picnic supplies from the trunk of her boyfriend's car and loading him down with them. Her boyfriend was one of the player's from the high school football team; but he was a nice guy and intelligent, unlike a lot of the jocks around. He almost felt sorry for the guy, Megan was as much, if not more, dominant than Matt was himself and both had inherited their father's command presence.

Matt wistfully remembered his father. He had been a career Marine officer before a non-crippling injury forced him to retire from the Marines to avoid a desk job. He moved them out here to La Porte Texas and joined the Harris County Sheriff's Department. A few years back his father had died in the line of duty rescuing a young girl from a professional kidnapping ring.

Going back to his younger sister, she had their dad's command presence and at the age of 8 she had been known to be able to make career Marine non-coms cry. If Megan decided to keep her current boyfriend, he was likely to end up being a boy toy.

After his sister and her boyfriend had moved off to the picnic area Matt got out of his car, grabbed his towel and beach chair and walked over to the beach. He set his chair up at the back edge of the beach and laid his towel out on it and then sat down to observe the other beach goers.

A few times he stopped time and tried some things he figured would be innocuous, an itch on the arm or leg here, a command to raise an arm there, even commanded one kid to hop on one leg for a few seconds. It all worked, but none of it was anything beyond the realm of coincidence. Matt got a little braver and picked out a tall guy around his own age with red hair.

Matt stopped time and walked up to his chosen victim and whispered in his ear "You will run out into the water until the water is up to your waist. The whole time you are running out you will scream at the top of your lungs that your hair is on fire. Once in waist deep water you will stop running, but will continue screaming that your hair is on fire until you have said it six times. Finally you will dunk your head in the water." Matt walked back to his chair and re-started time. Everyone on the beach turned and watched as his victim did exactly as instructed. A lifeguard came over and made sure that the guy's hair wasn't on fire, then went back to his post.

Half an hour later, an older woman, a MILF in her late thirties / early forties came by, laid out a beach towel not 4 feet from Matt's chair and laid down for some sun bathing. Matt decided to try something a little sexual this time. He stopped time and went over and told her "Your nipples itch, you will pull your bikini top down below your breasts and scratch your nipples for 30 seconds. When you finish scratching them, pull your bikini top back up in place. You will then realize that your pussy itches. You will reach down and put one hand in your bikini bottoms and finger yourself until you orgasm." He restarted time and watched as the woman followed her instructions to the letter. No one else on the beach noticed until she came. The woman turned out to be a screamer, oops. That got the attention of others near by. The woman got dirty looks from a couple of mother's that had young children at the beach, but while she blushed nicely, she ignored all of the stares and dirty looks.

It was getting on in the afternoon and the MILF had finally left. Three girls around 17 years old came walking down the beach, animatedly gossiping amongst themselves and not particularly watching where they were going. They practically tripped over Matt and started yelling and screaming at him for not getting out of their way. They were crude and vulgar and were making quite a scene, but despite being fairly pissed off at their behavior he tried to ignore them.

The girls finally moved on. After a while they started picking on a young boy no older than 12. They were teasing him with crude sexual innuendo and vulgar insults. The girls behavior was only making Matt madder. A 15 year old girl came over and tried to help the boy. It quickly became clear that the boy was her brother. The older girls turned their attention to the younger girl. Matt saw a man coming over and from the look of concern on his face guessed that he was the father of the two younger kids. Before the father could reach them, one of the older girls made a grab for the younger girls bathing suit. Matt stopped time and rearranged things so the older girl would miss.

When the father arrived on the scene he confronted the older girls; but one of them said out loud, but not loud enough to carry far, "Help this man is trying to rape us." The father got the point and beat a hasty retreat with his kids in tow. The three girls were laughing their heads off. Oh they thought that was fun, did they? Now Matt was really pissed off.

Matt decided that he finally had the right victims to try something more complicated and lasting.

He stopped time and told all three of the girls to lay out their towels and go and play in the water for a while. When he restarted time they did as told. Once they were up to their waists in the water he stopped time again.

Matt went out to them and removed each girl's bikini. He then told all three girls "You will each know that all three of you have lost your bikinis and are now naked, but outwardly you will act like you are all still wearing your bikinis. You will start yelling and screaming and splashing as if you are having a great time while doing everything you can to draw attention to yourselves. In five minutes you will come back up on the beach, still making as much noise as possible and drawing as much attention as possible. You will go over and lay down on your towels to tan for a while. You will continue acting as if you are still in your bikinis and make no effort to cover yourselves until at least three different people have complained about you being naked. The first time you will respond as if you don't believe the person. The second time you will respond with both disbelief and indignation. After the third time you are confronted about being naked you can start acting normally."

Matt walked off the beach over to the far side of the picnic area and tossed the three bikinis in the trash there. He then went back and re-started time for the last time of the day. The three girls started attracting a lot of attention. People started to stare and point as they realized that the girls were nude. Still nobody said anything to them. People looked at the girls and around at the others on the beach. No one was sure what to make of the girls behavior and it was clear that no one wanted to be the one to make the first move.

Finally the girls were back up on the beach and laying down. Still no one acted. Five minutes passed and finally an old lady walking by and shouted at them to put some clothes on. That was one. Another five minutes passed and one of the mothers with small children came over and started yelling at them, complaining that one of her kids has seen them. The girls responded with insults. The young mother stalked off and went over to the lifeguard station and got the attention of one of the life guards.

The lifeguard came over and started yelling at the girls that if they didn't either put something on or get off the beach he was going to call the cops. That was three and the girls were now free of his commands. They screamed and jumped up wrapping their towels around themselves and fled.

On Sunday, Matt's older sister Ruth came out to spend the day with her family. Ruth was four years older than Matt's 19 and she was a Nurse, working in one of the hospitals in Houston where she had an apartment of her own. Ruth was an incorrigible cock tease. She had been teasing him in sexual ways since he hit puberty. Matt wished she would find a boyfriend she could keep for more than a week or two, maybe then she would stop teasing him every chance she got.

Sunday was a nice day and the family spent most of it out in the back yard. Matt took his laptop out in the backyard and was intending to use it to do some general research on super powers. But he took a moment to look at his family. At 6 foot 5 inches Matt stood a little over a foot taller than either mom or Megan, who was just a bit shorter then their mother. Ruth on the other hand was taller, only 6 inches shorter than Matt. His mom was from Greece and had classic Greek features, olive skin and black hair, which she kept long and straight. Megan took after mom in looks for the most part, except for her hair, which was copper colored from their Irish father and looked exotic against her otherwise Greek features. Megan had her hair at a mid back length and generally kept it in a pony tail. Ruth's hair was shoulder length and sandalwood blond, which like Megan, she generally kept in a pony tail. All three women had knock-out hourglass figures.

Ruth as usual spent most of her time striking sexually suggestive poses aimed at Matt; who tried to ignore her, as complaining would only encourage her. At one point she deliberately dropped something directly in front of Matt and then bent at the waist to pick it up. She was wearing a short sun-dress and it rode up enough as she bent over to give Matt a good look at her tight fitting red thong panty, which showed a pronounced camel toe.

By the end of the day Matt's research had been quite productive. He found information of course on the Texas Rangers super squad based out of Houston. They were the best known supers locally. They were Mr E, Sensor, Sniper, Valkyrie and Zoom. He found no references to anyone with time manipulation powers.

He found two recent news articles that were of interest. The first was about the bank robbery he and his sister had been caught in. The case had police, the Texas Rangers and the FBI all baffled. The three robbers had somehow each managed to shoot themselves in the back. At this point they were assuming the intervention of an unknown super hero vigilante. They had no clue as to the powers or identity of said vigilante and the case was being put on the back burner.

The other news story was about an attempted robbery at an Infinity Labs energy research facility east of Huston by the super villain Grendel. Grendel was super strong and nearly invulnerable, but he was psychotic and not particularly bright. His crimes generally involved assault, murder and property damage. Grendel had been captured during the robbery attempt by Mr E, Valkyrie and Zoom. Authorities were baffled as to why Grendel would suddenly attempt a high tech robbery and were assuming at this point that there was some mastermind that Grendel was working for. Grendel however wasn't talking, so evidence as to who was behind it was slim.

Matt found several sites talking about the origin of super powers. There were a number facts that almost all of the sites had in common:

  1. There was at least some hereditary component to it.

  2. There were more people with powers than the costumed heroes and villains. Many, if not most, of those with powers either had powers that were not particularly useful or found normal jobs where their powers gave them an advantage.

  3. People with "super powers" have been around for a long time.

  4. The current rage of costumed heroes and villains was started in the 1930s, inspired by comics and radio shows such as The Shadow.

  5. There was a sharp rise in the number of people with super powers also starting in the 1930s.

One site on the origin of super powers in particular drew Matt's attention. It gave the origin of super powers as what it termed the "Spark of Divinity". According to this site, there were real entities behind the ancient pagan gods and that many of these entities somehow interbred with humans. Every once in a while the traces of DNA in the human genome that come from these entities will become concentrated enough to produce an individual with extraordinary abilities. The site referred to these individuals as Sparks. It called those who carried some of this divine DNA, but not enough to have actual powers, "touched".

The site on the Spark of Divinity had the simplest explanation for the rise in the number of people with super powers in modern times. It claimed that as humanity became more mobile through the industrial revolution and population in general rose, Sparks and the touched have shown an extraordinary ability to find each other. It also mentioned unconfirmed rumors that various clans world wide, that carried the Spark, ran inbreeding programs with the intent of producing more Sparks.

Matt was leaving his history class. The professor, Ms Rohn had handed back a test from the previous Friday. The grade on his test was only a C, even though all of his answers were technically correct. Ms Rohn was a militant feminist, the kind that believed that all men were inherently rapists. He had asked around and found out that she had a habit of arbitrarily down grading the scores of all of her male students. Apparently she was so extreme with the militant feminism, that even most of her female students were put off by it. The former dean of the history department had tried to correct the grades of some of her male students and Ms Rohn filed a law suit for sexual harassment and discrimination against the university. From what Matt had heard the suit was completely baseless, but someone in the state government intervened and forced the university to settle the suit. Since then the university administration has been afraid to do anything about her.

Matt had attempted to get out of the class early on, but there were no other sections of that course open this semester. So he was trying to muddle through, even though it was going to bring down his grade average. With his new powers, Matt decided he was going to do something about Professor Rohn; but that would have to wait, he needed to come up with something special for his revenge.

Matt needed some advice. He was very aroused by the thought of a woman who would do anything he wanted; but at the same time, the thought of accidentally turning some woman into an automaton that could only do his bidding was repulsive to him. He needed to talk to someone about his abilities and how to use them, but he wasn't ready to talk to his family. He needed someone he could trust. Then it hit him, Molly, Molly Risinger. He and Molly were childhood friends, her father had been under his fathers command. Then when Matt's father retired from the Marines and moved to Texas, Molly's father came along. The two had joined the Harris County Sheriffs Department together.

Molly's mother had been a psychologist, so Molly had picked up more than just a little knowledge of psychology. Molly was in the robotics program, where Matt was in the computer science program, but Molly was taking psych classes and intended to declare a minor in psychology. This gave her knowledge that would be helpful to figuring out how best to use the mind control aspect of his powers.

Just last year at the beginning of their senior year of high school, Molly's parents had been killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. The drunk turned out to be an oil heiress. Molly's brother, who was a couple of years older, had taken off for Alaska the year before; so Molly was left alone with no family. Several sheriff's deputies got together and hired Molly a lawyer. The suit was settled quickly due to the publicity and Molly was sitting on a trust fund that contained a not so small fortune. Despite a requirement for freshmen to live in the dorms, Molly, because of her wealth, was able to afford an apartment off campus on top of the dorm fees. Which added the extra benefit of someplace private for him to talk to her.

Matt and Molly were very close friends, though nothing romantic had ever developed between them. They still got together regularly to study, so he knew her class schedule. Neither of them had any classes on Tuesday. He knew she would be getting out of class right about now; but he also knew that she saw a psychologist on Monday nights, so tonight wouldn't be a good time to spring his news on her. He did however, call her up and arrange to get together with her at her apartment on Tuesday morning, telling her that he had a secret to reveal and needed her advice on it.

Tuesday morning arrived. Matt put on knee length shorts and a tee-shirt and after having breakfast in the student union, he stopped to get a few supplies. Proving the mind control would be fairly easy, but he needed a few props to prove the time stopping.

He got to Molly's apartment building at 10:00 and rang her door bell. She buzzed him in and when he got up to the apartment she opened the door. The first thing he saw was her shoulder length strawberry blond hair which she kept straight. He saw her hair first because, like his mother and younger sister, she was a good foot shorter than he was. As usual she was wearing a formless sweater and a formless calf length skirt and flat pumps. Matt had spent enough time around her to have a good idea that she would be absolutely stunning if she dressed better.

Molly invited him into her living room. She indicated for him to sit in a reclining chair and she sat down on the sofa facing him. "So," she asked, "what is this big secret you have to tell me?"

Suddenly Matt was nervous. He was scared that she would be upset and freak out. He decided to risk just a little mind control on his best friend. He stopped time and without getting up, told her to remain calm no matter what he said, at least until their conversation was over. He restarted time, took a deep breath to calm himself and said, "I have discovered that I have super powers. I can stop time and as a side effect control peoples minds." He went on to describe the events at the bank, his sisters reactions and the 'research' he conducted at the beach.

Molly sat there unsure of how to react, it was just so out there. "I don't think Matt would say something like that just to pull my leg, ' she thought, 'but still I am going to need some proof. Hey, wait! Why am I thinking about this so calmly? Since the beginning of puberty, all of my wet dreams and sexual fantasies revolved around being the victim of a mind controller and some of them got pretty extreme. Growing up, Matt had been this tall lanky youth but in high school he filled out, turning into someone who looked like he belonged on the set of '300' fighting for the Spartans. I had tried to drop a few hints to him regarding hypnosis but he never seemed to take the hints. I hadn't had the courage to do anything more. Now he just told me that he has mind control powers and I am just sitting here calmly thinking about how to respond. He's probably worried that I would freak out and try to run away and so used his power to make sure I stay clam. OK, proof of mind control powers check. I need to reassure him, but this will take some explaining.'

Molly started to speak, "Matt, please understand I am not upset, but I have already figured out that you used your mind control to keep me calm. My natural reaction to what you just said wouldn't be much of a problem for you, but it's probably better that I stay calm for this. Before I explain why my natural reaction wouldn't be much of a problem I want to ask you a question. From your perspective, why has our relationship never developed in a romantic direction?"

Matt had almost panicked when Molly said she knew he gave her a command, but then the rest of what she said sank in and had him curious and feeling a bit predatory and he didn't understand why he felt predatory. "Molly," Matt began, "we have been very close friends since childhood, but it isn't fear of losing that friendship on my part that kept our relationship from going further. Looks aren't the problem either, I am very sure that you would be drop dead gorgeous if I could get you out of all those formless clothes you wear. The truth is, what I am looking for from a woman, for that kind of relationship, would be considered a bit extreme by most people and it's something I haven't seen in you. I am looking for a submissive woman".

Matt's answer almost had Molly panting despite the command to stay calm. Mind control powers, she thought to herself, and he wants a submissive woman. Oh have we badly misjudged each other. On the other hand this is likely to get quite fun moving forward. "I am submissive, but I am not a traditional submissive. Do you remember back in high school I tried to get you to go to a few hypnotist shows with me?"

"Yes, at the time I thought it was just a bunch of bunk." was all Matt said in reply. He suspected where she was going by this point, but he wanted to let her get there on her own.

"I can understand why you couldn't see the submissive in me." Molly said. "My submissive tendencies are almost all directed into a mind control fetish, specifically me being the victim of a mind controller. In fact, some of my fantasies get very extreme. You have always been my favorite person to put in the role of mind controller. When I wanted to go to the hypnotist shows with you, I was trying to drop hints to give you a few ideas."

At this point Matt was grinning broadly. "I want you to tell me three of your fantasies, the ones that you consider the most extreme." he told Molly.

"I, I don't think that's a good idea." Molly stammered. Then she saw Matt blink and she suddenly felt a strong need to tell him, to get them off of her chest. He's done it to me again, she thought to herself, I don't know how much longer his command to stay calm will hold. "OK fine, have it your way but I am warning you, I have told these to my psychologist and some of them made her sick to her stomach."

"My third most extreme fantasy," Molly said, "starts with me waking up in a laboratory of some sort. I am laying on a lab table of some kind, I can't move my arms or legs. I can hear two men talking, I can't yet quite make out what they are saying at first, but I know the one is training the other. I turn my head in the direction of the voices. I see my body on another table, it has been dissected. My skull has been opened and they have removed my brain and have it hooked up to some kind of machine. The two men are at a computer terminal next to my body. I realized I have been turned into a sex-bot. They run me through a series of exercises to test my physical and sexual responses, including fucking me in all three holes. Finally I am packed into a crate and shipped to a sales facility." Molly blushed and said, "Now you know why I got into robotics."

"My second fantasy," Molly continues, "I have been captured by a drug cartel as revenge against my father for arresting one of their people. I have been put through weeks of intense brain washing, using a combination of drugs and hypnosis, so that I will obey any command no mater what the consequences. I am forced to have sex with animals for their amusement. All kinds of animals are used: dogs, horses, bulls, pigs, goats, even zoo animals, primates, tigers, an elephant. I have to have all kinds of sex with the animals: sucking cock, rimming their asses, French kissing them, fucking them with my ass and pussy, on my hands and knees, on my back. One dream I had with this fantasy even had me giving oral sex to female animals."

Molly paused for a moment and thought to herself: 'He's changed the command to be calm. I can't get off the sofa, but I am definitely not calm anymore. Far from calm, I am getting aroused telling him these fantasies.' Matt was smiling as she paused, he could tell the fantasies were having an effect on her, she was starting to squirm in her seat.

Molly started to continue her tales. "For the most extreme fantasy, I am kidnapped by a man using some kind of mind control device. He takes me to his home and turns me into his slave, not just a sex slave but a toilet slave. He forces me to drink his piss directly from his cock and to eat his shit directly from his ass. He somehow uses his mind control to make it so I can't vomit his piss and shit back up. I am given no food or drink except for piss, shit and cum. Eventually he brings in a small group of friends for a party of some sort and I am forced to serve all of them both as a sex slave and a toilet slave."

After finishing the last fantasy and despite being aroused nearly to the point of orgasm, Molly put her hands in her lap, hung her head and started to cry softly. Suddenly she was aware of Matt standing over her. He asked, "Why are you crying?" Molly managed to respond "Because now you think I am a sick disgusting freak." without looking up.

Matt grabbed Molly's hand and pressed it against himself. "Does this feel like I think you're a sick disgusting freak?" he practically growled in her ear.

That got Molly's attention. Without looking up she started to pay attention to what her hand was feeling. She realized it was his cock. She was feeling his cock through his shorts. It was hard and hot. It felt like an iron bar warmed up and wrapped in velvet. Her hand didn't touch either the tip or his balls. Her hand traced his cock up to his balls then back down to the tip. When she finally found the tip, she did some quick math in her head. 'Oh my god, ' she thought, 'his cock is around 9-10 inches long and almost as big around as my wrist. No wonder I have never seen him in anything other than knee length shorts, even for swimming. If he wore regular shorts, and got a woody, his second head would peak out.'

Molly finally looked up at Matt, smiled and responded "No it doesn't." She continued with enthusiasm, "Make me your slave. Please be my puppet master."

Matt gave Molly a grin that made her feel like a rabbit being stared at by a wolf and said, "I would love to, but I am worried about the unintended consequences of what I might do; possibly leaving someone without any free will at all. That isn't what I want. Beyond even that, what can I do with my powers without becoming either a 'superhero' or a 'super-villain'?"

Molly thought for a moment and said, "I have a significant interest in psychology and hypnosis and have studied them both. I can help you devise some basic scripts that can be used to control people without breaking their free will, that will force them to willingly alter their behavior." She paused a moment then continued, "I also have a few ideas on what to do with your powers. I will help, if you agree to make me your slave. I would also like to see you demonstrate your ability to stop time."

"I can agree to your offer, but I won't officially make you a slave until the scripts are finished. We can start to talk about that part over lunch. Before that however, I did have a plan for something to prove I can stop time." Matt said. He thought to himself, 'This is going to be a bit more fun than I originally planed, given Molly's confession.' Aloud he said, "Take this stop watch. When I say go, start the stop watch. When I say stop, stop the stop watch. Between those two I am going to make some changes to your apartment. After I tell you stop, I will give you a sealed envelope that contains a list of everything I changed. You will then have 30 minutes to go through your apartment and figure out what I changed. Write everything down on the outside of the envelope and when you're done, we will see how many you got right."

Molly took the stop watch and waited. "Go" Matt said, " Stop". She started and stopped the stop watch. She looked at it, less than a tenth of a second. That was just her reaction time. She looked up and he was holding out an envelope and a pen. She took both items. He pulled out a timer, set for 30 minutes and started it.

Molly felt a breeze. She turned and found the window open. The corner of her eye caught the picture of her parents that she kept hanging by the apartment door. It was upside down. She looked around, but she didn't see anything else amiss in the living room so she went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Molly immediately saw that the table had been set for two. She looked around for other changes, but didn't see anything obvious. She checked the cabinets, cupboards and drawers and came up empty. She checked the fridge. Bingo, she could tell that something had been changed, but it took her a couple of minutes to figure out what. He had reversed everything in the fridge left to right, creating a mirror image of what she expected to see.

She moved on to the bathroom. The first thing she noticed was that the toilet had been wrapped mummy style with toilet paper. This was convincing. One of the top speedsters might have been able to do everything she found in the living room and kitchen, but the toilet paper simply wouldn't have stood up to being handled that rapidly. Then she looked at the mirror "Love = Obedience" had been written on the mirror. He likely would have written something else, had it not been for her own confession. She started to turn away from the mirror but something about her reflection in the mirror drew her attention back. She looked in the mirror again, she saw her fair skin, large breasts and pale pink areola/nipples, then she looked down at herself. 'I'm naked, ' she thought, 'oh my god, he must have made me not notice until I looked in the mirror.' She blushed and giggled thinking, 'Well if I am going to be his sex slave I have to get used to him seeing me naked.'

Molly moved on to her office/den. She searched the entire room and only came up with one thing. The books in her book case had been reversed left to right like the contents of her fridge. She continued to look around, but didn't notice anything else amiss. This bothered her, but she was forced to move on when Matt announced that she was down to 10 minutes.

Finally Molly entered her bedroom. Nothing was obviously amiss except that the closet door was open slightly. She went over to her closet and opened the door. Her chin dropped in shock. Almost her entire wardrobe was simply gone. All that was left was three knee length skirts, three very sheer blouses, two knee length sun-dresses, a fetish school girl costume, which she had bought for last Halloween and then chickened out of actually wearing, and two pairs of 4 inch high heeled Mary Janes, one with a stiletto heel and one with a chunky heel.

Molly sat there staring at her closet thinking to herself, 'OK, he didn't like my wardrobe. Most guys didn't. I know I have a great figure and good looks beyond that. Most guys would drool if they really saw me. That has been the problem. I have had to dress to hide my looks to get most guys to realize I have a brain too. Of course I have to change the way I dress if I am going to be a sex slave. Oh well at least he left me a few outfits to wear until I can go shopping.'

Feeling a mix of fear and excitement, Molly approached her dresser and started going through the drawers. Most of the clothes in the dresser had vanished as well. Molly took a quick inventory of what she had left. All of her bras and pantyhose were gone, as were her pajamas and nightshirts. She still had all of her knee high socks and the four pairs of thigh high stockings she almost never wore. Finally she got to the drawer she kept her panties in.

To her surprise it wasn't completely empty. There were two pairs left. They were basic cotton panties in a French cut. One was white and the other yellow. The white pair looked damp and the yellow pair looked soaking wet. She picked up the white pair first. The panties had a thick white fluid on the inside which was soaking through the front panel. 'It's cum, his cum', she thought. She was tempted to taste it; but, without realizing what she was doing, she refolded the cum soaked panties and put them back in the drawer. Then she picked up the yellow pair. As she'd thought, they were soaked. As soon as she brought them up to look at them closer, she was hit with an acrid odor. 'Piss, he pissed on my panties.' she thought. She shuddered and wasn't sure if it was from fear, disgust or arousal. Again, without realizing what she was doing, she refolded the piss soaked pair of panties and put it back in the drawer.

She checked her bed and night stand, but found nothing else out of place or missing. She turned to leave her bedroom and go back into the living room to give Matt the envelope with her list on it. She paused in her bedroom door way as she realized what she had done with the two pair of soiled panties. 'Oh God, ' she thought, 'he is going to make me wear them like that.' She shook for a moment as fear, arousal and nausea fraught for supremacy in her mind and body.

She walked up to Matt who was still in the living room and handed him the envelope. As he took it, she stood on her toes grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down into a scorching kiss. Their tongues did battle for a couple of minutes before Matt finally pulled back. "There will be plenty of time for more of that later, but for now let's see how you did on my little game." he said.

Matt opened the envelope and withdrew his list from it. He then compared her list to his. "Not bad," he said, "you only missed one item." He showed her the two lists. His list showed that the clock in her den/office had been set back half an hour. She went and checked and it had in fact been set back.

When she came back from the den Matt said, "I called and ordered pizza for lunch while you were searching the apartment. It should be here any minute. Go put on the blue sun-dress, a pair of thigh high stockings and the white panties and the chunky heeled shoes." "Yes Sir." Molly replied.

She went into her bedroom and got the panties out first. She bent over and held them open while she stepped into them. Then she took a deep breath and pulled them up. She shuddered in arousal as the cum soaked panties made contact with her pussy. She got out a pair of stockings and put them on, then retrieved the specified pair of shoes from the closet and put them on. The door bell rang as she was walking over to her closet to get the sun-dress. She pulled the dress over her head and then went into the kitchen.

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