Stolen Pleasures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Gay, Fiction, Paranormal, Were animal, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Public Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jahke is sitting "reading" in the library when two demons show up looking for fresh meat. And one of them takes a certain liking to their new human friend. It becomes minor horned demon Sitka's job to take care of his new charge and introduce him to all the pleasures of demon life.

The back rooms of the South Bank library were a great place to get lost. Jahke had been tucked away in his bay window seat for hours, nose in a book, bake feet tucked up under his discarded sweater, pushing tendrils of hair from his eyes. If no one saw you climb the wrought iron spiral stair then you could be safe from being bothered all day. The light was fading from the sky now, and the orange fizz of the gas lamps in the street illuminated the side of Jahke's angular features. So engrossed in his book was the boy that he did not notice the pair of shadowed figures who stood under the streetlamp exchange glances and then stare up at him.

Jahke readjusted his position on the bench seat, wishing his jeans weren't so tight around his crotch as he read;

... the wolf snarled low in its throat and I quivered in fear. I didn't mean to but a small whimper escaped my lips. The wolf was huge, a towering beast probably nine feet tall, standing there on two legs looking like a king in black fur. The acid yellow eyes regarded me with a mix of contempt and desire that made sweat break out all over my skin. I was unlucky as hell. I could have stuck to the path, taken the long route and not left my team to go off stubbornly into the woods convinced that I was right.

The wolf hit me squarely in the abdomen as I drew breath to scream, making me choke. Short clawed hands gripped me, stripped me of my clothes leaving them in tatters on the ground and the wolf lifted me, my back pressed painfully hard into the bark of the tree, and snarled in my face.

"Oh god no..." I prayed that death would be swift, that the first slash of the wolf's teeth would break some major artery and that I would bleed out fast so as not to endure the torture of being eaten. The wolf it seemed had other plans.

One clawed hand held me against the tree while the other ran down my body until the warm fur cupped my hotter genitals. I gasped and writhed and the wolf seemed to smile. I cried out, fear tinged with unwanted desire as the wolf began to massage me...

Jahke looked up as a creak reached his ears, his hand on the button fly on his jeans. He waited, breath ragged, but there were no further noises. The bench seat was getting uncomfortable, Jahke wanted to stretched out to fully enjoy his reading, and so he left the window and settled himself into the worn leather wing chair that faced the stacks. Up here were reference booms so old or forgotten that no one used them and Jahke could afford the privacy of slipping his hand into the waist band of his trousers before his eyes eagerly sought out his book.

... the short fur of its hand warm, soft and bizarrely pleasurable. The wolf snarled again, but the tone was different, wanting not hungry, and I could feel myself hardening in his grasp. My breath came short, I was still pinned to the tree and as the wolf began to enjoy himself he let his grip relax and I slid painfully against the bark.

The wolf placed me on the grass and his hot soothing tongue began to lick the wounds on my back. It was like being rubbed by sandpaper, but his clawed fingers in my crotch kept me on edge and excited. Suddenly that tongue drifted lower and I found my scrambled escaped halted by both his big hands around my wrists as that long prehensile tongue and cold wet nose explored my ass...

Jahke sat bolt upright in his chair, twisting at the noise of footsteps that came, inexplicably, from behind him. One hand still wrapped around his stiffen cock Jahke saw something that knocked the breath right out of him.

Two figures, one standing moving towards him, the other closing the sash window above the bench seat, both seemingly made of shadow. The chemical orange of the streetlamp threw harsh shadows into the room as the second figure turned off the warm glow of the naphtha lantern. Jahke froze, sort of hoping that these shadowy figures hadn't seen him, that their breaking and entering stunt had nothing to do with him. Deep down he knew better. Sharp blood red eyes fixed on him and Jahke felt like a moth in a whirlwind under that gaze, a trapped insect and nothing more.

"Hey Sitka," the glow red eyes seemed to narrow in a smile that chilled Jahke to his core, "We got us a live one."

The shadowy figure called Sitka moved towards Jahke who had a presence of mind to remove his hand from his now shrinking penis and made an aborted attempted to escape. Sitka blocked his passage through the stacks and Jahke could make out the shape of him. His eyes were black, like onyx, and he towered over Jahke, who at only 5'9'' was small enough as it was. Long limbs, black and wrapped in layers and ribbons of further frayed black made up an outfit of scraps. The horns were the bit that made Jahke close his eyes and wish he could wake up from whatever weird dream he'd drifted into. Horns, rough, ridged and curving either side of the angular face which now regarded Jahke like a meal. Jahke made a small strangled noise in his throat and wishes fervently for the moment when he'd been reading, masturbating and nothing had generally been wrong with his life.

The demon wrapped a strong long fingered hand around each of Jahke's wrists and twisted him around sharply. The boy struggled, but his grip was like iron.

"Let go!" Jahke's shoulders ached already as he fought against the creature that held him.

"Well he's a fighter Shindae, I'll give him that." The demon chuckled to his friend, "I bet he's tasty too."

The demon called Shindae took a step forwards on cloven hooved feet and his square muzzle split into a wide grin, blood red eyes glowing in the near dark.

"What's your name human?" The voice was like fire and iron filings and Jahke, stammered when he answered.

"J-Jahke ... please, please let me go."

"Nah," Sitka growled in his ear and wrapped his hands around Jahke's shoulders. Jahke's struggled but his wrists were now held with fabric strips that held just as tightly as hand cuffs. Shindae flicked the buttons of Jahke's shirt with long black claws. Jahke's closed his eyes, only to snap them open again as Sitka wrapped a strong hand around his jaw and squeezed.

"You know how lucky you are human?" the voice poured liquid compulsion down Jahke's throat and ceased his struggle, "You watch when a master bestows gifts upon you."

So Jahke watched as his shirt was torn away into a dozen pieces as the long black claws traced the shape of his torso. He was not a muscle person, not into sports and the gym. He was a bookworm, and his narrow chest and shoulders showed the leanness of his young age, the smooth unmarked skin. Shindae's eyes glowed fire bright as his hand plunged into Jahke's open fly and squeezed what he found there.

Sitka chuckled in Jahke's ear, hot wet breath on his neck and face.

"Oh you pretty little thing," short sharp nails raked down Jahke's sides, catching on his ribs and making his breath hitch, "So smooth and wanting. May I?" the question was not directed at Jahke's and while Shindae growled his approval the boy had barely time to think oh shit, before Sitka sunk sharp fangs into his shoulder. Jahke cried out but found himself shushed. He sank to the ground, falling into Sitka's lap as the demon curled around him, mouth and tongue lapping at the open wound in his flesh.

Jahke's vision snapped into sharp focus. The fire demon before him was dressed in an assortment of fabric, leather and fur and now a lion cloth was pushed aside to reveal a his swollen member, black as his skin and traced with fiery veins. Jahke's shut his eyes and teeth and pursed his lips. But Sitka's hand was on the back of his neck and again came the compulsion, the desire to do nothing, to become slack.

"Hey don't use too much," Shindae chastised his friend as with a thumb he open the pink lips of their captive, "I don't want a rag doll."

"He's strong," Sitka replied through a mouthful of blood, "And sweet, he'll be fine."

Shindae bent to taste the mouth of the human, plunging in to taste the sweetness of the innocent boy. Then he stood properly and brought the boy's lips to the tip of his cock. Pointed, tapered and ridged, his member throbbed with heat and horniness. Jahke's opened his mouth obediently and took the first part of his cock willingly, but as the boy's throat was forced open the light came back to his blue eyes and spluttered. Shindae put his hand in the boy's hair and thrust himself between the wet pink lips into that inviting warm. He felt the blunt teeth of the human and slapped him so hard it sent the boy's head ringing.

He presented his cock again and now Jahke took it like he knew he must. He had to comply with them or he knew he was going to die. The fire demon was holding his skull, thrusting back and forth as the throbbing off his cock grew.

Jahke's almost didn't notice the ripping of cloth but knew it when Sitka plunged a hot hand between his thighs and began to massage his own half hard erection. He did not want the pleasure which coursed through him, but could do nothing to ward it off and whimpered through the mouthful of demon heat in his mouth when he felt those short nailed fingers teasing his entrance.

"We should be nice to him," Sitka purred, "He's been good to us."

"Ugh..." Shindae's agreement was implicit in his moaning.

Just as Jahke's was wondering what 'being nice' meant fingers withdrew and returned, wet and cool with lubricant. Jahke struggled, but kept sucking and Sitka's gave and delighted giggle in his ear as his fingers massaged the boy's crack.

"You forget little one I can feel just how much you like this." With that two fingers pushed into him and the fire demon's cock muffled the scream that rose of Jahke.

"Ooh," Shindae grinned and pulled is cock from Jahke's ravaged throat, "Make him do that again."

Sitka obliged with a third finger and began to pump his hand into Jahke's tender arsehole. Jahke curled over, nearly sobbing as he was explored by the demon, pleasure like wild fire ripping through him straight to his cock. He wanted to cry with relief that it was over when Sitka's fingers were removed and then cried out again as they were replaced by the waiting head of his shaft.

"Oh no, please, please dear god don't do this to me..."

Sitka growled and Shindae held the boy's chin and locked with his eyes as he said.

"Your god is no use to you now."

Jahke had time enough to sob before the hot hard press of the horned demon's cock became insistent and his pupils widened as the pain shot through him. His scream was choked off my the quick thrust of Shindae's ridged cock into his throat and Jahke felt his mind going to shreds as he tried to rationalise any of this.

Sitka thrust into him with a shaft that felt at once hot and alive but also cool and rigid as keratin of the two spiral horns that pressed into him as the big demon sank his teeth into the boy's neck. Despite the use of his mouth all the Jahke was drawn into the painful sensation of his barely lubricated arse. Sitka thrust into him hard each time, withdrawing slowly, making ripples of unwanted pleasure spread through his body as the deep furrows of the faintly twisted cock plunged into the unexplored warmth.

Shindae grabbed the back of the boy's head with one hand and began to fuck his face in earnest, making Jahke splutter as he tried to breath around the huge member that blocked his throat. The demon snarled, his cock throbbing, and fire-hot seed spilled from him. Shindae bent double, his cloven feet scraping on the stone floor, and he clutched the skull of the boy against him, forcing the boy to drink his seed or drown. Disgusted with himself Jahke chose life and swallowed.

The big fire demon grinned possessively as he stood and withdrew his still throbbing cock from Jahke's lips. He bent and kissed him, tasting like fire and wood smoke, sampling the sweetness of the human boy with his delicate pink flesh. Sitka took the opportunity to adjust their position, using his own knees to force Jahke's apart as he fucked the boy slowly, spread-eagling him for Shindae's pleasure.

"He's been good to us Shindae," Sitka managed between grunts and thrusts, "You could, ugh, repay the favour."

Shindae smiled but swatted Sitka out of the way, fastening his own lips over the bleeding sound to suck Jahke's blood.

"So sweet," He gulped, his blood red eyes fierce and glowing, "You taste good little boy."

Sitka laughed softly in Jahke's ear, sending deep shivers up his spine.

"Oh and you do little one," The iron filings voice moved in tandem with Sitka's thrusts, "So warm, soft, pliable," a hard thrust, "I could enjoy you for eternity."

Jahke's train of thought, such as it was became distracted by the sight of Shindae sinking to his knees before him, the black face of the demon bending to take the length of Jahke's throbbing pink erection in his flame-hot mouth. Jahke let out a half sob at the spike of pleasure, the strange roughness of the demon tongue on the underside of his shaft as the demon pressed his narrow angular features into the boy's abdomen. Jahke wanted to wrap his hand into the mass of ragged black hair, to thrust and get his own back on the big demon who swallowed his cock like it was candy, but his wrists were still bound behind him and Sitka's big hands splayed across his chest as the demon's thrusting picked up speed.

Jahke wanted to cry as he felt his cock pulsing in the hot mouth of the demon who expertly wound his tongue around the head of his erection, massaging him to ever greater heights of pleasure. He was getting fucked by a demon, that long ridged cock pounding in and out of his arse, and he was enjoying it. He didn't want to enjoy it, but the hot floor of shame only peaked the sensations of being so utterly ravaged and as Sitka began to thrust into him in sharp shocks he felt wetness overspill his cheeks and he cried out as he came into the fire demon's hot mouth.

Shindae lapped at the human's cock then sat up to kiss his demon friend, both sharing the sweet salt taste of the boy's cum between them. Jahke watched them in fascinated horror and then screamed in pain as Sitka's claws ripped into the flesh of his pecs and the big demon thrust into him hard enough to snap him in two and came with a roar.

Jahke blinked though his tears and prayed it was over. He felt literally empty, his once virgin arse a gaping hole, blood polling and scabbing on his neck and shoulders, his throat raw and sore from the strength and girth of the fire demon. He opened his eyes to see his hands in front of his face, no longer bound and crawled up onto hands and knees unsteadily. Orange light fell in bars across him, the dark strips of the book stacks making it hard for his eyes to focus. Then he was looking into the shining onyx eyes of his captor. Time had not passed as he had hoped and Jahke bit back a scream as without warning they both came in at once.

Position reversed it was all Jahke could do to stay on his hands and knees as the sharp cock of the fire demon plunged into his ravaged crack, found his still sore hole and dived in to plunder him again. Sitka held his chin as he pushed the round tip of his slightly twisted ridged member past his lips. Jahke locked eyes with the big demon and saw his fanged smile. He tongued the tip of the cock in his mouth experimentally and wondered at the soft growl of pleasure this brought forth. Then Sitka thrust hard into his mouth, each ridge of his great black cock forcing his mouth and throat to open to allow its passage. Jahke felt hands in the back of his hair, felt the fire demon's long claws wrapped around his hips as they enjoyed him again and again.

Power poured off the demons and Jahke's shame warped and twisted into pleasure again as his body was ransacked by the two demon cocks. His own penis was hardening again, he could feel everything with a heightened sense of his own mortality, sure that when the demons had finished with him they would kill him and Jahke was suddenly determined to enjoy his last moments alive. The demon's thrust in time, never letting him become empty and Jahke's own cock throbbed in time with their thrusts and his pulse until he was shuddering, shooting his white cum over the floor of the library. His arsehole tightened automatically around the shaft inside him and long claws drew blood in his hips as Shindae banged into him and came with a snarl. Cum like white hot lava flowed into him and Jahke thought it might burn him up from within. The big horned demon bent over him, sank fangs into the rounded muscles near his shoulder blade and the twisted penis pulsed into him with a few quick thrusts. Jahke drank it ever though he was not forced to do so, and Sitka bent his short muzzled face to kiss the boy, sharing a mixture of sweet blood and the demon's sharp cum between them.

Jahke collapsed onto his back, too exhausted to care for the exposed way he was displayed, or for the scraping pain of stone on his wounds. Above him the two demons stood adjusting their ragged garments, smiling.

"What do you want to do with him?" Shindae asked, "He's been far too god to us to kill him now, for all that he tastes so sweet."

"I want to keep him," Sitka said decisively, "Can I?" He looked to the older demon for approval.

"You'll get bored of him." Shindae said with a shrug.

"I won't," Sitka's voice was almost warm, "You couldn't get bored of that."

"He'll be your responsibility."

"I know." Sitka unclasped his cloak and wrapped it around the pale human figure. Jahke began to struggle, his body rebelling out of instinct, and Sitka's bare hands on his neck pushed just a little of the compulsion into him, enough to still his half-hearted thrashing.

Jahke was thrown over the demon's shoulder, already half asleep as the cold air of the night pushed through the clock at his exposed flesh. He had half a mind to wonder where he was being taken before he blacked out.

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