Marital Bliss
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Group Sex, First, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a long married couple realise that to keep a marriage interesting takes a lot of work; they share some of their experiences with a sex therapist.

Jan and Pete Mahoney had been married for twenty years and for the first seventeen of those years they had considered their marriage to be good; but of late they had both began to feel the other was taking them for granted and to be honest began to fear that they were drifting apart. Two healthy children did not help matters as they never seemed to get time alone together anymore; what with Ronnie being seventeen and Sarah being sixteen; it just seemed that the parents were always at the children's beck and call. If it wasn't Ronnie needing a lift to soccer practise or Sarah needing taking to her amateur dramatics group it was something else which robbed the hapless parents of what little time working allowed them to spend together; for Pete was a supervisor in fire detection and as such had to constantly try to find new clients for his company and Jan was a nurse which involved awkward shift patterns. All this being said the couple still felt life had been good to them; they owned their own home; had a decent car no money worries although they could always use that extra dollar no matter where it came from.

Even their bedroom seemed to have become grand central station as the kids never seemed to knock before barging in to borrow this or that; Jan just assumed this was the way of close knit families and so she never tried to change things. Sure over the years they had both tried to keep their marriage fresh by spicing up their love life; whether it was dressing up and pretending to be someone different and trying to seduce the other one or even agreeing to carry out each other's fantasies on those rare occasions when the kids would be away on school trips etc.

One such episode involved Jan playing the part of an easy woman and being picked up in a bar; now the plan was for Jan to dress like a slut and go sit at a bar in the local drinking hall and Pete would come along and try to seduce her into going to bed with him. The plan was fine except that it did not take into account anyone else getting involved; but in reality two other men took a fancy to this sexily dressed woman sitting alone.

Here is how it played out; Jan wore a wrap around skirt which stopped half way down her thigh with a white semi transparent blouse and quarter cup black bra; she chose to wear no panties and her crowning glory was her six inch high heel shoes. So she almost toppled into the bar as she carefully walked towards the bar, immediately she was aware of all the men's eyes scanning her body and it sent a strange tingle down her spine. Carefully selecting a stool she was extra careful as she sat on it as she did not want to openly display the fact she was not wearing panties.

No sooner had she sat down then two men rose from separate tables and walked over towards her sliding onto the stools either side of her; the man to her right offered to buy her a drink and Jan found herself accepting only to find that two drinks arrived one from the guy to her right and the other from the guy to her left. Thanking them she made the excuse she was waiting for a girl friend to arrive; she thought this would put them off and leave her free to continue her plan with her husband.

Suddenly she saw Pete enter the room and instead of coming over to her he walked straight past and sat at an empty table. He was clearly watching with interest as his wife was obviously being chatted up by these two men who seemed intent on feeling her as they talked to her. The man to her left had his hand caressing her arse as the man to her right was trying to stroke her leg. Jan was trying her best to put off these two men when it suddenly dawned on her that her husband seemed to be relishing her predicament.

Something inside her said that if he wanted a show then she would give him a show to remember so she turned to the man to her left and whilst keeping her eyes firmly on Pete, she openly kissed the man in front of her. Seeing this Pete was surprised as he never knew his wife to be so wild with strangers; he was even shocked all the more when the man behind his wife slipped his hands under her arms and began to feel her tits so openly. Jan did not seem to react and Pete thought she was simply allowing the men free reign to feel her all over.

Walking over to his wife he offered her a drink and the two men told him to fuck off as they were taking care of the lady; Jan suddenly spoke out telling them that if Pete went away then so did the pair of them. So now Pete slid his hand beneath her bottom and began to gently rub her clit. Jan stifled a low moan as she seemed to wiggle her ass on his fingers; with Glassy eyes she leaned over to whisper to Pete that maybe he should book a room for them.

Interested to see where all this would lead; Pete walked out of the bar and over to the reception desk where he booked a room for him and his wife. Returning to Jan he could clearly see as he walked towards her that one of the men had his hand up between her legs and he could only imagine what those fingers were currently doing. Showing Jan the room key he smiled as she winked in his direction and she quietly said that maybe the party should continue in the privacy of the hotel room that this third man had booked; (the third man being Pete her husband.)

With the two strangers on either side of her; Jan followed Pete towards the lift lobby and almost impatiently wait for the lift to arrive. Once inside the lift and almost before the doors had fully closed the two men simply pulled Jan's skirt aside to expose her naked freshly shaved cunt. Pete immediately shot his hand forward and between her legs to find his normally sedate wife was soaking wet and as his hand made contact with her cunt she began riding his hand.

Jan seemed oblivious to her surroundings as they reached the floor of their room; in fact it seemed to Pete that the two men were holding her up as they walked towards the room. Once inside the room, both men quickly stripped Jan of her few clothes and she simply sprawled wide legged on the bed as she beckoned the men present to undress. Pete was impressed as the two men seemed really well endowed and he himself was larger than average. Jan could get hold of the cocks quickly enough and she was soon swallowing one man's nine inch cock; (Man they later found out was called David.) and she leisurely stroked Ray's eight inch cock (the other man present).

Pete bent his head between her spread legs and began licking at her cunt sucking up all her juices; while he stroked his own seven and a half inch cock. Soon Jan was begging for someone to fuck her cunt hard and David agreed and lay on his back as the other two men lifted Jan on top of him. Jan almost screamed as the thick nine inch cock spread her cunt lips and sank deep inside her.

Without waiting Ray climbed behind Jan and after trying to slide his cock into her over stuffed cock filled cunt and so he changed his angle a little and soon contacted the tight crinkled entrance to her arse. He applied more pressure until his cock head pushed past her anal ring. Jan seemed to expel all her breath as the thrust of Ray pushed more of his cock up her arse. Soon both men began thrusting and Jan felt she had died and gone to heaven as the simulations now attacking her body seemed to cause sensations she had never felt before. She grabbed Pete's cock and began to suck it as if it was a large lollipop; in fact she sucked him so hard and fast that he found it impossible to resist and quickly unleashed his torrent of semen into her eager panting mouth.

Now Pete; spent and exhausted sat in a chair and watched as his wife turn whore enjoyed the double assault of the hard cocks wedged in her glistening holes amid her buoyant screams of pure lust. But that had been two years ago and they never tried anything like that ever again.

Now it had even reached the stage now where Pete never seemed to kiss his wife goodbye any more when he left for work; but the same could have been said for Jan. It all came to a head one night when instead of their usual cuddle before going to sleep; Pete had simply turned away from his beloved Jan and was soon snoring away. That night Jan laid awake for what seemed like forever trying to work out where everything had gone wrong and why Pete no longer loved her. Next morning Pete behaved as if nothing was wrong but Jan could not let it go that easily; she found herself snapping at him and even the reassuring hug he gave her did nothing to calm her fears.

That evening with Ronnie at the Scouts and Sarah at her rehearsal; She challenged Pete as to if he was seeing someone on the side; a blazing row developed and in floods of tears she swore Pete no longer found her desirable. Pete pledged his love and desire for his wife but could not offer any reason as to why they had slid into this situation; it seemed that they had simply began to take each other for granted.

Over the next few days it seemed a strange atmosphere existed in the house so much so that even the two teenage members of the family had began to notice and become inquisitive. Jan and Pete hated having to fend off awkward questions from their own offspring and so when a friend suggested they see a specialist they agreed ven before finding out all the details.

The friend recommend Dr Robert Janus; a sex therapist. Pete queried as to whether they actually needed a sex therapist but the friend told them that when she had gone through similar feelings he had been absolute magnificent and professional in successfully sorting out their problems.

So with in trepidation Pete took the number and with Jan's agreement phoned the number given as he made an appointment in three days time.

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