Rob's Revenge
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He had a burning rage to get back at the one he thought had wronged him.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang  

I picked her up at the apartment that she shared with two other girls and we went out for dinner, drinks and dancing. She seemed a little nervous when she got into the car and I put it down to the fact that this was the first time I had picked her up instead of meeting her some place. I got the feeling that from the way she was acting that she was afraid of being seen with me and I asked her about it as I pulled away from the curb.

"It's my dad. He has been asking Gwen and Harriet (her roommates) about what I've been doing and who I've been seeing. Gwen even told me that he is paying part of her rent to keep an eye on me. If he's paying Gwen he is probably paying Harriet also."

"Why would he do something like that?"

"He worries about me doing something stupid and ruining my life. He never wanted me to move out of the dorms in the first place."

"What have you done to make him think that you are going to do something stupid?"

"It isn't what I've done, but what my two sisters have done."

"And what is that?"

"They dropped out of school and got married to guys who my dad considers fortune hunters. He says that Amos and Jack only married my sisters because of their trust funds."

"Trust funds?"

"My grandparents set up trust funs for all three of us grandchildren."

"You have a trust fund? We have been dating over two months now so how come I've never heard of it?"

"I think dad is right about Amos and Jack so I don't tell guys about it because I want to be sure they want me and not the two million I'll get when I either graduate from college or get married."

"So what you are saying is that if your dad finds out about me he will assume that I'm just another fortune hunter? Is that why I've never met your parents?"

"Yes to both."

"Well I can put your mind and your dad's mind to rest. If our relationship gets to the point where I ask you to marry me, and I don't mind saying that it is extremely likely that I will, I will sign a prenuptial agreement that will satisfy your father."

"You would do that?"

"Sure I would. I don't need your money. I have a trust fund of my own that I get when I turn thirty. It is only half as big as yours, but it is enough."

"I never knew that."

"My dad clued me in real early about women who would come after me for the money so like you I've always kept quiet about it. I think that we are far enough along in our relationship to realize that neither of us is after the other for their money."

"I still don't want my dad to know about us. Because of what my sister's did he will try and split us apart."

"Ain't gonna happen kiddo; it just ain't gonna happen."

We had dinner at Duke's Steak House and then went to the Black Onion for drinks and dancing. We had been there about an hour and I'd had two drinks and Connie had consumed four as we danced and enjoyed ourselves when my cell rang. I answered it and then told Connie that it was a call that I had to take and I got up and went to find some quiet.

I went into the men's room and found Charlie waiting for me. "Ready?" I asked and he smiled and said, "We're good to go. See you in a few" and he left the room. I went into one of the stalls and sat down. I took the crossword puzzle that I'd clipped out of the daily paper out of my pocket and began to work it. It took me twelve minutes which I figured was enough time.

I headed back to my table and when I got there I saw Charlie and Connie out on the dance floor. I sat down at the table and waited. When the music stopped they came back to the table and Charlie scowled when he saw me.

"This is a private party bud. Scram!"

"It is indeed a private party and I don't recall inviting you. Did you invite him Connie?"

"No, but he was kind of pushy and it was easier to dance with him than cause a scene."

"Hey! I bought you two drinks."

"And it got you three dances which was more than you had any right to expect."

She sat down and I said to Charlie, "Thanks for keeping her occupied while I was on the phone. You can leave now and I'll take over."

"You bitch!" he snarled at Connie and I started to stand up and Charlie turned and hurried away.

I sat back down and said, "I apologize for taking the call and being gone so long, but they had a problem at work and it seems that I'm the only one that they could think of who might have been able to tell them what they should be looking for to fix things."

"I should be upset, but I'm not. I like to dance and he was a very good dancer."

"And he had very good taste when it came to his choice of prey."

"Yes, there is that."

We had one more drink and a couple dances and then she said she wasn't feeling well and I suggested that we call it a night. She was passed out when we got to my apartment. I got her inside, undressed the both of us and then I fucked her. Despicable of me I know, but when you are taking revenge things are not always going to be nice, neat and above board. I worked on getting myself hard again and then I fucked her a second time and twenty minutes later I fucked her yet again. After each time I put a pillow under her ass to elevate it and give my sperm a better chance of racing down to where I was hoping that they would find their target.

There was an element of luck needed here and I'd spent a considerable amount of money to improve my odds. That and a few lies. I'd put private investigators on both Gwen and Harriet with instructions to find out as much about them as possible. When I got the report I picked Harriet to be my target. She was from a poor family and was attending school on a handful of scholarships and student loans and she was ambitious. I sat down with her one day, told her a few lies and offered her five grand to help me and she had snapped it up.

I had taken a blue pill to help me and an hour later when Connie showed signs of waking I got back in the saddle and started slowly stroking in and back. After about ten minutes she started to respond and in fifteen she had her finger nails dug into my ass as she tried to pull me in deeper. The Ecstasy in the drug cocktail that Charlie had put in her drink had obviously kicked in.

Connie wanted it harder and faster and I did my best to give her what she wanted. I knew that because of my three earlier sessions that I wasn't going to be getting off anytime soon. It took me a while to send my fourth load into her, but I managed to get it done. She still wanted to go when I pulled out and she swung around and took my cock in her mouth. It took her (and the Viagra) a while to get the job done, but get me up they did and it took me almost twenty-five minutes to cum although I'm sure that nothing came out of my dick. By then I was through even if she wasn't. Not being a complete asshole I did what I could to help her out. Using my mouth and fingers I brought her off a couple of more times and then I called it quits.

I got up and left her on the bed and went out into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. Connie walked into the room twenty minutes later. She had put on her dress, but was barefoot. The look on her face wasn't the least bit pleasant.

"You bastard!" she snarled. "How could you do that to me? I thought that I meant something to you."

"Whoa up there little girl. I didn't do anything you didn't want. You were the one who slid across the seat to get next to me. You were the one who reached for my zipper. It was your hand that pulled my cock out into the open not mine."

"I did not!"

"The hell you didn't. It surprised the hell out of me, but I sure wasn't going to stop you. It is what I have wanted to do since the day I met you and I sure wasn't going to say no once you started it."

"I never..."

"Oh yes you did! You got my cock out, stroked it for a while and then lowered your head and took it in your mouth. I was so surprised I almost ran off the road. I'll tell you one thing. When we did it the first time it was obvious that you were no virgin so all that "I'm going down the aisle pure" that you have been feeding me was just so much bullshit. For what it is worth I finally figured it out during the second time we did it. That guy you were dancing with when I got back from my phone call bought you a drink didn't he?"

"Two actually."

"He obviously thought you were alone and hadn't figured on me. He slipped you a date rape drug and was planning on getting you out of there and having some fun. I came back and spoiled his plan and ended up getting the benefit of it. And I am not sorry. Not one damned bit. It means that I don't have to wait until we say I do to enjoy you."

She stared at me silently as she considered what I'd just told her and then she said:

"You need to get me to a pharmacy so I can get a morning after pill. I wasn't protected and I'm in my fertile period."

"You don't need a morning after pill. One of the things I needed to discuss with you when I proposed was how you felt about not having children. I can't have any because I'm sterile. That's the reason for my divorce. My wife found out that I couldn't get her pregnant and she left me."

"How did you find out?"

"When we hadn't gotten her pregnant after three years of trying we both got tested. According to all the tests I have no chance of producing offspring."

"I've never thought about having kids. I'd probably be a lousy mother anyway. So I guess I'll just say yes."

"Yes to what?"

"In a roundabout way you did just propose to me right?"

"Yeah. I guess I did didn't I."

She pulled her dress up over her head and dropped it on the floor. She had been naked underneath and she struck a pose and said:

"This give you any ideas?"

My cock surprised the hell out of me and stirred and I guessed one more time was going to be possible after all.

Connie was determined that she was going to graduate before getting married and that meant another year before it would happen and that suited me just fine.

Once we started making love Connie and I had sex two or three times a week which gave me that many more chances to make her belly swell. I had lied about being sterile and I had lied for it being the reason for my divorce. Actually I didn't get divorced, but Connie didn't need to know that.

Two months went by and then one night Connie called me and said we needed to talk. I asked her what about and she said she couldn't talk about it over the phone so I told her I'd meet her at the Village Inn three blocks from her place. She was there when I got there and I sat down across from her and asked:

"What's up?"

"We have a problem. I'm pregnant."

I looked at her in silence for about a minute and then I said, "I fail to see where WE have a problem. I'm sterile Connie so I guess you need to call one of your other lovers and lay the news on him"

I got up and walked out of the restaurant. It was a shame really because I did have some strong feelings for Connie. They were strong enough that under different circumstances I could very well have married the girl. The problem was that my hatred of her father was way, way stronger than the feeling I had for Connie and given his social standing in the community giving him an illegitimate grandchild would cause him major embarrassment. That sort of thing just did not happen to the Smythe-Barringtons. An unwed mother? Oh the shame of it all!

It hadn't been easy and it had been expensive to reach that point in time, but quality revenge is time consuming and expensive. I'd had to hire a private detective to find out all that could be found out about Constance Allison Smythe-Barrington and then using that information I had to arrange to meet her and get her interested enough in me to go out with me.

Once I had accomplished that and we had been dating two months I had to put the detective to work at finding out everything that he could about Connie's roommates. Once I settled on Harriet I had to talk her into giving me the extremely personal information about Connie that a private detective could not get.

One day when Connie was visiting her parents – whom I'd not yet met – I sat down with Harriet and told her that I desperately needed her help. I told her that I was hopelessly in love with Connie and even though Connie swore that she loved me I was wondering why she had never let me meet her parents. Harriet told me that Connie's parents always found some way to break up any relationship that Connie formed with a guy. Their stance was that none of the guys that Connie chose had the proper social standing and were not suitable for her. They were pushing her to form a relationship with the son of one of their friends, but Connie couldn't stand the guy.

"If I can get her pregnant she will have to marry me and her parents be damned."

Then I offered her five thousand dollars if she would help me. She had hesitated a few seconds before saying that she didn't like either one of Connie's parents and she would help me any way she could. I found out from Harriet that birth control pills gave Connie problems and so she didn't use them and figured that she didn't need them anyway since she had no intension of engaging in sexual activities until she was married. Harriet confided in me that Connie wasn't all that interested in sex anyway. She'd had intercourse with four different guys while she was in high school and hadn't gotten anything out of it.

The most important information that I got from Harriet was information about Connie's menstrual cycle. With that information I had been able to plot Connie's fertile times. I had used that information and the result was that Robert Conner Ellsworth Smythe-Barrington was going to be the grandfather of a child born out of wedlock. A stain on the Smythe-Barrington family name.

The chain of events that led to Connie's pregnancy started almost twelve years earlier when I met Samantha Sue Catron on the first day of class at the start of the tenth grade. Tall at five nine and with hair as black as a raven's wing that fell to the middle of her back she instantly caught my attention. I'd no chance to talk to her that morning, but when lunch period came I saw her sitting alone in the school cafeteria. I walked to her table and asked if I could join her. She looked up at me and shrugged so I sat down and introduced myself. She looked around the room and saw at least a dozen empty tables and then looked at me and said:

"Why are you here?"

"In a nut shell? I'm here because you are here."

"Would you care to explain that?"

"I've lived here all my life and I've never seen you before and that means, at least to my way of thinking, that none of the other guys here have ever seen you before. You know what you look like and you know guys are going to flock to you likes flies flock to a pile of sugar. I wanted to be the first in line."

She gave me an amused look and then said:

"What makes you think that being the first in line will get you anywhere? Maybe the tenth guy in line is the one I'll go for."

"I know all the guys in the two classes ahead of us and in the class behind us and I'm here to tell you that I am head and shoulders above all of them."

"Pretty sure of yourself aren't you."

"Would you want your guy to be any less?"

"You have a point there, but I'm new in town and I don't know very many people yet. I think I'll wait a while before picking out 'my guy', but I will put your name on the list I end up choosing from."

"You will need to get to know those who make the list so how about we start the process by you going out with me this evening?"

"No can do. My parents only let me date on Friday and Saturdays."

"Okay then; would you go out with me this coming Friday?"

"I can do that."

We talked and I found out her dad had gotten a promotion that had caused them to move from Dallas to our city and they had only been in town for five days. She was an only child and she intended to go to college and become a lawyer. She learned that I was also an only child and I intended to go to college and become a civil engineer like my father.

Our date Friday was spent at the arcade and I had a great time and she also seemed to, but when I asked her to go to the movies with me on Saturday she told me that Phil Snyder had already asked her out and she was going skating with him. I was disappointed, but I asked her for a date the next Friday. Al Moore.

"How about Saturday?" Chuck Olsen.

"The Friday after that?" Billy Holbrook.

"The Saturday after that."

"I'd love to."

That set the pattern for the next year. I would take Sammi out, ask her out again and find out that her next weekend or two weekends were already booked. But I persevered. The other guys slowly fell by the wayside either not finding what they were hoping for or not being willing to wait two or three weeks for another date. By the start of the eleventh grade I was getting a date almost every week end and by spring break I was the only one she was going out with.

She went to Dallas to spend the summer with her grandparents and when we started the twelfth grade I asked her to go steady with me and she said yes. I reached into the bag I had with me, took out my letter sweater and handed it to her. Her smile was so bright when she took it from me that it could have been seen from the space station. I know that it is a cliché, but we exchanged virginities the night of the senior prom and from that night on we made love every chance we got.

Disaster struck during our second year of college. She told me that she was pregnant. Apparently some medication she took for a cold negated her birth control pills. The news did not upset me because to me that meant I got to marry her sooner rather than later. The down side was that I would have to drop out of college and get a job.

My parents were highly pissed at me as it had always been their goal that I would be the first on both sides of the family to get a degree. Sammi's parents just shrugged and gave her a hundred bucks to pay for the blood tests, the license and the justice of the peace and we were married.

I got a job at the gas company and it was decided that there was no sense in Sammi dropping out of college and getting a job because in seven months she would have to leave the job to have the baby. She was attending on scholarships so it wouldn't be a financial drain on us. I had a college fund that my parents and both sets of grandparents had been putting money into and they all agreed – my parents reluctantly – that I could take the money even though college was now out of the picture. I used it to get a two bedroom apartment and furnish it and it still left twelve thousand in the bank that I would sit on for emergencies.

Our goal was to get Sammi through college (both sets of parents agreeing to babysit) and then she would get a good job and then help put me through college and then, both of us college educated and with good jobs, we would start to live the American dream.

In an effort to get as many classes in as she could before the baby arrived Sammi started carrying a very heavy load including evening and some weekend classes. She was in her seventh month when God decided to shit on us.

I was in a deep hole with Burt Ellsworth replacing a gas main when my supervisor hollered at me to get out of the hole. I got out and he told me to hurry up and get in his truck. He started the truck and then told me he had to get me to the hospital.

"I just got a call from the office. Your wife was in an accident and is in the hospital."

"What happened? How is she?"

"I don't know anything kid. They just told me she was there and to hurry and get you there."

We got there and I rushed in and found that Sammi had fallen down a flight of stairs while hurrying to a class. She felt a sharp pain and started bleeding and she was rushed to the hospital. The fall caused her to miscarry and the doctor told me that there were complications and Sammi wouldn't be able to have any more children. It was a downer and it was driven home by the looks of pity that I got from all the nurses and orderlies.

Everything changed. Sammi dropped out of school and just laid around the apartment and didn't do anything and by that I mean she didn't do anything at all. She didn't clean the apartment. She didn't cook any meals. She didn't take care of herself and she didn't have anything to do with me. She wouldn't talk to me and she kept herself as far away from me as she could which is no easy feat in a two bedroom apartment. I kept asking her what was wrong and she kept saying:

"Nothing is wrong with me damn it! Just leave me alone."

I put up with it for three weeks and then I decided we were going to have it out and I was going to get to the bottom of things. When I got home from work Sammi wasn't there. When she wasn't home by ten I started calling around and found out that she was at her parent's house. Her mother told me that Sammi didn't want to talk to me.

"What did you do to her?"

"I didn't do a damned thing" and then I told her about what had been going on.

"Give me a couple of days with her and I'll find out what is wrong."

It turned out that Sammi was suffering from post partum depression. My health insurance from work covered the treatment for us and Sammi slowly came around and life settled down for us. There were a few rough spots along the way, but we managed to work through them.

Sammi decided that she wasn't going to go back to school and she went looking for a job. She found one at Barrington Industries. She started out as a secretary and in six months she was promoted to administrative assistant to the director of marketing. The money was good, but I didn't care much for the job. It involved some late nights and an occasional Saturday as she had to attend some marketing function or other with her boss. I didn't like it, but I didn't feel that I could do anything about it at the time. It was still too close to her getting back on her feet and I didn't want to do anything that might cause her to take a step or two backward.

A year after her promotion my life turned to shit!

Sammi told me that she had to go to a weekend seminar on Marketing Strategies with her boss. It was being held in Dallas and she would be flying out Friday and would be home Sunday around seven. She said while she was in Dallas she would visit with relatives on Saturday night so I shouldn't be concerned if I called her hotel and couldn't reach her. She was real excited about it because it could lead to another promotion.

"And we could use the money baby. The transmission on my car is acting up and the last guy I talked to about it said it could cost anywhere from nine hundred to eighteen hundred to take care of it."

I wasn't happy about it and we didn't really need the money because I still had the twelve grand in the bank for emergencies, but again, I didn't want to take the chance that I could cause her to go back into depression.

She left for work on Friday morning after kissing me goodbye and saying:

"Miss me baby. Be ready for a very horny Sammi when I get home."

I kept busy while she was gone and when she got home Sunday evening she was indeed very horny and as a result I fell asleep exhausted and then she ruined me again on Monday night. Tuesday when I got off work I found a large manila envelope underneath my driver's side windshield wiper. I opened it and my heart almost stopped. There were six pictures of Sammi along with a note that said:

"You don't deserve this dude. Get rid of the whore."

The pictures were of Sammi having sex with four men. Two of the pictures showed her doing three guys at once. I recognized two of the men from meeting them at her company Christmas party. One was the marketing director and the other was the owner of the company – Robert Connor Ellsworth Smythe-Barrington.

I sat in the car for almost an hour looking at the pictures and remembering all the late nights and Saturdays that Sammi had worked with the marketing director. By the time I got home my blood was boiling. When I got there I found that Sammi wasn't home. The light on the answering machine was blinking and I played the messages. The first was from some group backing a ballot measure of some sort. No idea of what because I deleted it as soon as I realized what it was. The second one was from Sammi.

"Sorry for the short notice baby, but an important client flew into town unexpectedly and we are meeting with him. I'll be late, but there are plenty of leftovers in the fridge. I'll make it up to you when I get home. Take a vitamin or three. Love you. Bye."

Lying cunt I thought as I deleted the message. Fucking your boss again no doubt. Then I had a thought. Maybe it wasn't her boss she was fucking. Maybe it was the client. Maybe it was both. Then again maybe it was the four guys I had pictures of having another go round. Whatever! It just didn't matter any more.

I used the time to pack up everything that I wanted and move it out to my pick up truck and then I made myself a stiff drink and settled down to wait for Sammi to come home. Sammi walked in the door at ten to ten and found me, drink in hand, on the couch.

"Oh goodie; you're still up" she said as she came over, bent down and kissed me. She sat down next to me and I said:

"Take care of the client?"

My voice had a slight edge to it and she noticed and said, "Don't be that way baby. It's my job."

"Oh? Are you pretty good at your job?"

"I must not be too bad. I've had several raises."

"I know. I've seen some of them and a couple that I couldn't see were obviously there."

She looked at me with a confused look so I picked up the envelope and took out the pictures. I leafed through them and pulled out the one of Barrington standing there with a hard on while watching the other three men making Sammi airtight. I handed it to her and said:

"I can see Barrington raised and while I can't see the other three I know that they have to be raised in order to do what they are doing."

I handed her the one of the marketing director buried in her ass and said:

"I can't see this one either, but you and I both know he was raised up at the time."

I handed her the other four and said, "You can put these in the photo album right next to our wedding pictures. That way you will have something to remind you of tonight. Goodbye Sammi" and I stood up and walked out as she screamed:

"Wait Bobby. Don't go. You don't understand. It was just a job."

The closing of the door cut off the "Please Bobby; we have to ta..." I drove until I came to a motel and I checked in for a couple of nights. I'd start looking for a place to live the next day.

I had about two weeks worth of vacation coming so in the morning I called the shift supervisor and told him I needed three days off for a family emergency. I had turned my cell phone off while I was driving away from Sammi because it rang and I saw that it was the home phone and I knew she would keep calling until I answered. When I turned it back on to call work I saw I had fourteen missed messages and seven voice mails and they were all from Sammi. I deleted them all and then decided to turn the phone off and only turn it on every couple of hours or so to check for messages that weren't from Sammi.

I had a productive morning. I stopped at the bank and cleaned out the accounts. If Sammi needed money too bad and fuck her. I looked at two apartments and one was in my price range so I signed up for a one bedroom unit and headed for Goodwill to see if I could find a bed. I got lucky and found a bed frame, a kitchen table with two chairs, a recliner and a TV table at a good price. I hit Mattress Factory and got a box spring and a mattress and that gave me enough to be able to move in and get started. By six I had everything in the apartment and all I had left to do was get some groceries.

Along the way I checked the phone a couple of times and there was nothing on it except for stuff from Sammi which I deleted. I stopped at Village Inn for dinner on my way to Safeway and I checked the phone again. A bunch from Sammi and one from my mother. I returned mom's call and she wanted to know what was going on.

"Samantha has called here several times and the poor girl is frantic because she can't get in touch with you."

"She can't get in touch with me because I don't want to talk to her" and then I proceeded to tell her why.

"That can't be right Bob. There has to be some mistake. Sammi loves you and would never do something like that to you."

"I have pictures of her doing it mom. With four different men. Sammi and I are history."

I called the landlord and told him that I'd moved out and that I would not be renewing the lease at the end of the month. I told him he should get in touch with Samantha to see if she wanted to keep it.

I went to a different bank and opened an account using the money I had taken out of my old bank and then even though I was on vacation for three days I went into work long enough to take Samantha off of my health insurance and remove her as the beneficiary on my company furnished life insurance and listed my folks instead. I arranged for my check which was direct deposit to go to my new bank and then I went to have a bite of lunch.

A check of my phone showed a plethora of missed messages and voice mails and all of them from Samantha and I decided to return a call and get talking with her over with. The receptionist informed me that Mrs. Walton had gone to lunch with Mr. Barrington and Mr. Steadman (the marketing director) and she asked if I would like to leave a message. I chuckled and said:

"Tell her that her about to be ex-husband is pleased to know she is getting more of those raises she was telling me about."

I hung up and headed for Kohl's to get some things to make my new home a little more comfortable and then stopped at Wal-Mart and bought m self a big screen TV set.

That evening I fixed myself my first evening meal as a newly separated husband. A check of the phone showed that Samantha was still trying to get in touch so I gambled that she would be home and not out earning raises. She answered on the third ring.


"What do you want Samantha?"

"We have to talk Bobby. You have the wrong idea of what was going on."

"I'm not blind Samantha. There is absolutely no way I could misunderstand what I saw in those pictures."

"But you don't know why Bobby. That's what we need to talk about."

"No we don't Samantha. The why doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you have been cheating on me. You have been fucking other men behind my back and lying to me wholesale. You aren't stupid Samantha. You had to have known how I would take it if I ever found out. You know it drove me nuts just to see you date other guys when we were in high school. Just what did you think I'd be like when I found out you were being a slut? Or maybe a whore would be a better description since whores do it for money and you were getting pay raises for spreading your legs.

"No Samantha; we have nothing to talk about. I have an appointment to see an attorney tomorrow and hopefully with his help I'll be able to get a quick divorce and get rid of your cheating ass."

"A divorce? Oh God no Bobby; not that. Please let me tal..."

I hung up on her and then turned the phone off.

My visit with Jared Hooper, attorney at law, was a shocker. I knew nothing about divorce so finding out that we lived in a state that had 'no fault' divorce laws and just what that meant was an eye opener. That Samantha could cheat with multiple men and that it didn't mean jack shit to the courts just blew me away. That I'd probably end up paying her alimony because she only made about half as much as I did seemed to me that she was being rewarded for her infidelity and I was being punished for taking exception to it.

That she would get half of everything in a divorce wasn't that much of a concern because we didn't have much. The furniture in the apartment, my truck, her car and of course the money that we'd had in the bank. Even though I'd stripped the accounts and had it in an account under my name only didn't matter. The courts would still order me to give her half. Then I was informed that the odds were seventy-thirty in her favor that I would end up paying her attorney if she fought the divorce. It just seemed so damned unfair.

The attorney did tell me that there was one bright side to it. There were no children so I wouldn't be saddled with child support. "Oh Whoopie!" I thought. The only good thing about it was that all the information was free. I'd made the appointment with Hooper because he had advertised that the initial consultation was free.

I decided to take some time to think it over and see if I had other options. I'd heard about quickie divorces in Reno so maybe there were some alternatives to a no fault divorce and I needed to look into it. Maybe, I thought, just don't get a divorce. Use the money a divorce would cost to go back to school. I liked my job with the gas company, but the best I would ever be able to do was maybe get to be a crew foreman or a shift supervisor and even then I was probably looking at ten to fifteen years before it could happen.

I stopped for lunch after leaving the attorney's office and checked my phone. There were the usual from Samantha and I deleted them, but there was one voice mail that intrigued me.

"Good morning Mr. Walton. My name is Rob Barrington and I would appreciate your giving me a call. I would like to discuss something that could be to our mutual benefit."

He gave me a number to call and then said that he hoped that he would hear from me soon. I do have to admit that I was very, very curious as to what one of my wife's fuckers wanted to talk to me about and I almost called him. Almost. But I didn't. I knew, in my mind anyway, that if I called he would want a 'face to face' and I knew that if I were to agree to meet him the first thing I would do after getting close to him would put me behind bars if not finding me being strapped down on the electric chair.

In the afternoon I went over to the college and checked into what I needed to do to re-enroll. When I sat down to dinner that night my mind was made up. I was going to go back to school. I would have to take evening classes to do it and that would mean giving up the overtime I was usually able to get to swell my paycheck, but it would have to be done. It wouldn't be too hard at first because I still had that twelve grand in savings that was left over from my college fund.

The next day I went back to work and found that Samantha had called and left a dozen or so messages. I told Sarah at the front desk that my wife and I had separated and not to bother taking any more messages from Samantha.

I was still keeping my phone turned off and checking for messages a couple of times a day. I was getting anywhere from twelve to eighteen missed messages and voice mails a day from my wife, but occasional there were other messages too. There were two more from Barrington and a couple from Samantha's parents. I really liked them and I really should have called them, but if I did they would want to know what was going on and I couldn't tell them.

I got careless. I was constantly deleting every thing I got from Samantha, but I wasn't paying any attention to what other ways she might try to use to get to me so I didn't notice the car that followed me home from work. I pulled into the parking lot and parked. I got out and walked up to my door not realizing that I was being followed until I got to my door and stopped to get out my key. That is when I heard the footsteps behind me. I turned and found Samantha behind me. She smiled at me and said:

"Hi baby."

I ignored her, turned and unlocked my door and started to open it, fully intending to step inside and the close it in Samantha's face. I guess she anticipated that and she rushed forward and pushed me. I stumbled into the apartment and she quickly followed me in and closed the door behind her.

"Now we can talk" she said.

I said nothing and took off my coat and hung it up. I went to the fridge and got myself a beer and as I was opening it Samantha asked:

"Got one for me?"

"No. I've got just enough to get me through the tonight. I can't spare one for a whore."

"I am not a whore! I did what I did for us."

"How does your being a gangbang whore do anything for us?"

"Damn it Bobby; I am not a gangbanging whore."

"You are forgetting that I've seen the pictures of you doing three men at once and that by anyone's definition is a gangbang. And I fail to see how that was doing anything for us."

"I didn't mean to do it Bobby. Mr. Barrington took me to lunch one day and he put some date rape stuff in my drink then he let two other guys have me while he filmed it. He told me that he would send you a copy of the film if I didn't care of a few clients of his. The next day he told me that he thought I was sexy and if I would agree to be his girlfriend he would make sure the film was destroyed and he would give me twenty-five thousand dollars to use as a down payment on a house. I was going to tell you that I won the money buying lottery tickets. You were never supposed to find out what I was doing. It was for us Bobby. Our very own home."

"So you really are a whore. That's what whores do you know. Fuck men for money."

"I did it for us Bobby. To get us out of that small apartment and into a house where we could raise kids and be happy."

"You can't have kids anymore or did you forget that?"

"We would adopt Bobby. We could still have a family. I love you Bobby. Those men meant nothing to me. They were simply the means to get me to the end of the six months so I could get the down payment for our house. Honest to God Bobby; those men meant nothing to me. You are the man I love and want to be with."

"The problem Samantha is that I no longer want to be with you. Your story doesn't hold up. Six months and you would get money? You have been there over a year and a half. Seeing you with a cock in all your holes killed every feeling that I ever had for you. I can't stand even looking at you now. Just get the fuck out of here and leave me alone."

"You don't mean that" she said as she started taking off her blouse and skirt. She had come prepared. There was no bra or panties under her clothes. She stood there naked in front of me and she smiled as she said:

"Tell me that you can't stand looking at this."

I stood there looking at her for maybe half a minute or so and then I took my cock out and started walking toward her. Her smile got bigger and she opened her arms to me. Her smile quickly disappeared as I started pissing on her. She backed up to get away from the stream, but two steps put her with her back to the door. As she moved back I followed and kept the stream going until I was down to shaking the last drops off of it. I took her arm, pulled her away from the door and then opened it. She hadn't yet recovered from the shock of being pissed on so she hadn't realized what was coming. I pusher her naked body out the open door, reached down and picked up her clothes, damp from the urine that had fallen on them, and tossed them outside.

"Stay away from me you fucking slut! Just leave me the fuck alone!"

I slammed the door closed and locked it. I got my beer from where I'd set it down, chugged it and then set about cleaning up the mess I'd made.

I guess what I'd said and done had gotten through to Samantha because the calls from her to my phone stopped.

The next three days slid by and then one evening as I was watching a TV program there was a knock on my door. Thinking that it might be Samantha I looked through the peep hole in the door. It wasn't Samantha; it was a cop. I opened the door and saw two of them standing there. One of them asked:

"Mr. Walton?"


"Is your wife Samantha Sue Walton?"

"Yes. What's this about?"

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you wife was killed in an accident a short time ago."

I stood there stunned as he asked me to accompany them to the hospital.

"Hospital? You said she was killed."

"She was. She died in the hospital emergency room. We need you, as next of kin, to make a positive identification."

It was Samantha. I asked them what had happened.

"She came out of Farrell's Bar and Grill and stepped off the sidewalk in front of a truck. According to the blood work up the hospital did when she was brought in she was well past the limits of being legally drunk. Witnesses said that it didn't look like she knew what she was doing. Was everything all right between you and your wife?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"Two of the witnesses said that it looked like she deliberately stepped out in front of the truck.

Samantha's father was out of the country on business and her mother broke down and had to be sedated when she heard the news so it fell on me to make the final arrangements. Her dad get home in time for the funeral and Samantha's mother was there, but she was still a little drugged up.

After the funeral my dad reminded me that I needed to stop by his office and fill out the forms.

"What forms?"

"You have to file a claim to collect on the life insurance."

I'd forgotten about that. My dad was an insurance salesman and when Samantha and I had gotten married he had talked us into buying insurance on each other. We had a 125K policy on each other and it paid double indemnity in case of accidental death. That reminded me that I also had a 25K policy on her as part of the benefits package offered by the gas company. It also had a double indemnity clause for accidental death and I remembered Samantha telling me that she had life insurance on us as part of her benefits package.

The next day I went to the old apartment and moved all of Samantha's thinks into storage. I'd wait until her mother was back on her feet and then talk to her about what to do with the stuff. When that was done I headed over to my dad's office and I filed claims for the insurance.

The insurance that I had through the gas company and the insurance that Samantha had through Barrington Industries paid up, but the company that backed the insurance my dad sold us balked at paying. They said that there was cause to doubt that Samantha's death was accidental and that in fact it could have been suicide and the policy had a clause stating suicide was not covered.

I had 50k from my company policy and 30k from Samantha's company policy and I debated just saying to hell with it where the 125k policy was concerned, but my dad wouldn't hear of it.

"You get an attorney and go after those assholes. They have no proof or evidence that it was suicide. All they have is that two witnesses out of the eleven that saw it say that they 'thought' it looked like she stepped in front of the truck deliberately."

I did what my dad suggested and after two months the insurance company paid up. After the lawyer took his cut I got 195K out of the deal, but the lawyer went even farther. He went after the trucking company. It turned out that the driver had a blood/alcohol content of .04 which was well above the legal limit and the company settled and I ended up with another 65K.

Suddenly I wasn't just looking at going to school part time in the evenings. I could afford to quit my job and go to school full time. I went into work and gave two weeks notice. The shift supervisor looked at it and asked why and I told him. He asked what I was going to study and I told him I was looking to get a degree in Civil Engineering. He wished me luck and I left his office to work my shift.

Two days later when I got to work I was called into the shift supervisor's office and he told me that I needed to go upstairs and see Mr. Pearlman.

"About what?"

"Mr. Pearlman will tell you."

Pearlman was Director of Operations and what he had to say floored me. He offered to change my resignation to a leave of absence and told me that if I signed a contract to work for the gas company for three years after my graduation the company would pick up half of my books and tuition and I could work for the company as an intern on my breaks. It was a no brainer and I asked:

"Where do I sign."

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