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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Introduction - The ongoing adventures of Cindy, Tina, Nikki and Susan as the odd group of intelligent young ladies tackle college, family, friends and life with love and good humor. If you haven't read "Cindy", "Christina" and "Nikki", you're going to be lost on a lot of what's happening here. Do yourself a favor and back up and read those stories first.

This story starts out with a wedding, as eighteen year old Susan marries twenty-six year old Jason in a little town in Tennessee.

But this story is itself a wedding, the melding of three separate stories in my "Smart Girls" universe. Three stories of young girls unfortunate enough to be 'mothered' by trashy moms, each of them 'rescued' in her own particular way.

To understand "Community", you really need to read "Cindy", "Christina" and "Nikki" and meet the girls and their mates. Find out how they react to finding love and security and family, how personalities and capabilities blossom when there's an opportunity.

Hundreds of reader comments tell me that I have some remarkable young girls here. I think you'll enjoy meeting them and seeing their lives.

Each of those stories starts out on its own legs, but somewhere in the middle of "Cindy" and "Christina" a neuron misfired in my addled mind and I tossed them together. It was there that "Community" was born. That should have been enough, but one of my readers, YOU folks, suggested that since a hurricane figured in the early stages of both "Christina" and "Nikki" and both of them were from Louisiana, what if...

That's how the three of them tied together.

So now we have "Community". Let's look at the major characters.

There's Cindy. Redheaded pixie, fourteen, an off the scales genius, and her husband, Dan Richards, an electrical engineer.

Here's Christina. Everybody calls her 'Tina'. She's seventeen, brilliant, has skipped a year of high school, and her husband, Alan Addison, an electrical engineer. She's auburn-haired.

Susan Carter is NOT a rescue. She's eighteen and a pretty normal, if a little too intelligent, friend of Tina, actually has a loving mom and dad. She's blonde, slightly plump, and engaged to Jason Ellerbee, an electrical engineering technician.

Alan's daughter, Terri, product of his failed first marriage, is blonde, seven (ALMOST EIGHT!)

And there's Nikki, brunette, fifteen and married to Dan Granger, an electrical engineer who went to college with Alan.

Surrounding the crew are a bevy of friends, family, acquaintances and others who pass into and out of their lives.

And if you've read the individual stories, you KNOW something interesting is going to happen.

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