All These Things That I've Done
Prologue: Is There Room For One More Son, One More Son

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue: Is There Room For One More Son, One More Son - In the war for survival, Jason Wild is handicapped by living in an Earth First dominated county.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Science Fiction   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sci-fi sex story

I do not like alarm clocks; I tend to wake up fifteen minutes before the alarm. I spend the time staring at the ceiling, thinking about things which have already been decided in my life: the Sa'arm invasion, my mother being picked up by the Confederacy, life in an Earth First county, and residing in a youth hostel.

I was over the age limit (fourteen) that the Confederacy set for being allowed to hitch a ride with my mother when she got caught on the right side of an interdiction field. My mother's looks coupled with high parenting and sex scores made her a sure thing to be selected as a concubine. She had to choose between getting my six-year-old sister to safety or keeping our family together. Missing them is the hardest part of those fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off.

The government gives a nice check to the families of people left behind after a pickup. With the federal government's stipend, I could have continued living in our apartment until I graduated high school, but the Earth First politicians in the county had different ideas. The county required anyone under the age of eighteen who was 'abandoned' by their family after a pickup to live in a youth hostel; they completely ignored Federal law which gave us our majority at fourteen. Earth First politicians like to point at the consequences of Confederacy policy, like 'children' being left to fend for themselves. Apparently, stuffing a rundown hostel with teenagers offered too many media opportunities to be passed up. Any time an Earth First media outlet needed to fill a few minutes of air time they could do a human interest piece about how the Confederacy screwed us over.

Earth First politicians were close to passing a state law which would put our money in a trust until we turned eighteen. I had already spent a good part of the money. The thought I had of the look on the Earth First "inquisitor's" face when I told him or her that I spent the money on hookers and pot amused me for the last five minutes before the alarm.

Having gotten out of bed, I wrapped a towel around my waist; hostel life did have one silver lining--communal baths. Since Earth Firsters trend towards religious fanaticism I wondered how they missed the rampant opportunities the baths lent to the corruption of minors.

Chelsea and Jackie were there when I entered the shower room. Chelsea was short and curvy. Jackie was her best friend and appeared to be using her tongue to trace Chelsea's curvy thighs to their point of origin.

"Hey there. Wanna join in?" Chelsea said as I walked across the shower tiles. She was leaning against the shower wall and thrusting her chest towards me. I admired her breasts for a few seconds before shaking my head.

"Got school," I told her. Jackie must have hit a good spot. Chelsea grabbed her friend's head and hooked a leg over Jackie's shoulder.

"Are you ... sure?" Chelsea gasped. Jackie shifted around. She spread her thighs wide and raised her ass, waving it invitingly in my direction.

"Yeah," I whispered. It would have been rude not take a few seconds to watch though.

I stepped under the shower head and grimaced as the cold water struck me. The hot water heaters could not keep up with the morning demand. It helped my resolve about not getting caught up in Chelsea and Jackie's show.

"Hey, dude," Michael said, taking the shower spot next to mine. He eyed the girls longingly. They were sixty-nining in the middle of the shower floor. Michael liked the girls; the girls liked every guy not named Michael. It was a girl thing: the more attention Michael showered on them, the more the girls ignored him. Michael stroked his hard dick. I could see the anger in his eyes when he looked at me. Michael was angry at the girls, but a hard dick does not have pride.

"Feel free," I told him. Michael leaned back on the wall to jack off. The girls were playing a losing game with him, but they did not know it. If it kept on much longer, he would move on to others.

"I'll see you later," I said to my shower mates before drying off and heading back to my room.

A minute later, Jackie pushed open my door. She eyed my body as I finished drying off. I dropped the towel and stood facing her. My dick rose from the pressure of her eyes.

"You don't play with us anymore, Jason." She sat on the bed, putting one foot on it and exposing her pussy.

"Michael wants you ... much more seriously than I ever will," I told her. "He's my friend."

"Michael is vanilla," she replied with a shrug.

"You could do worse than vanilla."

"Those Earth First assholes control the whole county and are getting more powerful," she said. "We're going to die here, Jason. I don't want the last taste in my mouth to be vanilla."

"I'm more vanilla than Michael," I said.

She smiled and tilted her head to the side. "No, darling! You're the weekly special: we never know what we're going to get."

I stared at her for a few seconds. Shrugging, I grabbed my pants and put them on. She sighed before strutting out. I pulled a shirt over my head, finished dressing, and headed out.

The kids were gathered around the TV in the common area. A couple of them waved at me to stop and watch with them.

"The Earth First Killer struck again," Michael told me. He was still in a towel.

"Who'd he get this time?" I asked. In the last few months, 'Earth First Killer' acquired a different connotation in our county. It used to mean an Earth Firster taking a lead pipe to a sponsor-level CAP (Capacity, Aptitude, and Potential) test scorer. After someone decided to take the fight to Earth First, it changed the meaning. He appeared to have no moral qualms about using Earth First's tactics against them.

"Jesus!" Chelsea whispered from the couch. She had not bothered with a towel.

"He got a fuckload of them," Michael told me. "High ups in the county Earth First organizations too!"

"What happened?" I asked.

"They were having a meeting about him," Michael said. "He locked them in and burned the church to the ground. Jesus! Senator Win was supposed to attend the meeting but canceled at the last moment. It would have been awesome if that motherfucker roasted alive!"

I whistled.

"The Earth First Killer is fucking crazy!" Jackie said, putting her hand on my shoulder. I ignored it. Michael looked at it jealously. She shook her head. "He's an animal, guys!"

"They want us all to die. Even if we score a six-point-five or higher on the CAP test and can volunteer for Confederacy service, there is still only a small chance we'll get picked up. These assholes want to take that chance and flush it!" Michael told her in a hard voice. "What are we ... what is the Earth First Killer supposed to do?"

Jackie would not meet his eyes.

We watched the news in silence. Over twenty leaders of the Earth First movement from many different towns in the county had been caught in the blaze as well as twice the number of Earth First muscle.

"This could change everything," Michael whispered. The room was so quiet that everyone heard him. A few kids nodded slowly.

I smiled and coughed to get their attention. I looked from Jackie to Chelsea before speaking. "I have it on good authority that Michael has a couple of tickets to ride."

The girls frowned at me. I shook my head. "To the stars, ladies. To the stars. After all, a small chance is better than no chance, even in an Earth First county."

Turning to Michael, I smirked. "Are you sure about these two?"

He looked like a deer in the headlights. Everyone in the room focused on our exchange.

"Six point eight, right?" I asked Michael.

"Nine," he replied quickly. "Six point nine."

"It qualifies you for two concubines if you get picked up, but with a little work you might hit a seven CAP score and earn another pair of tickets," I said. "I suppose you can afford to follow your heart with these two."

Michael tried very hard to be cool and failed. I leaned over and sniffed at his shoulder.

"I think he needs another shower," I announced. Jackie and Chelsea got the message; they did not look pleased that a few girls ran into the shower ahead of them.

"What time is the train to Newark?" I asked the room.

"Every half-hour," one of the guys replied. "Why? Don't you have to go to school?"

"It's early," I replied. "I might be able to get my CAP retest if I hurry."

I gestured to the TV; the newscasters were still talking about the fire. One by one each of them made the jump to the possible repercussions for the political landscape of the county. The kids looked at each other. Some never took the test since getting CAP tested in an Earth First county was a bad idea. Those who scored in the sponsor range had a propensity for being hurt badly, or killed.

I decided one more push was in order. "Michael sounds like he's having fun."

One of the younger guys asked, "Can you give me a couple of minutes? I don't know where to go."

"Hurry up!" I told him. "I want to get back before school."

He sprinted out. A couple of other kids left the room more quietly. A few others could have made the trip but three was a beginning.

"I'm here to retest," I told the receptionist at the CAP center. The two Marines bracketing her desk looked like they could handle any trouble that dared enter the building. She held out her hand; I dropped my CAP card in it.

"Indeterminate," she said with a frown. "I've never ... Excuse me."

One of the Marines' heads suddenly rotated towards her. "What?"

"There's no score!" She held my CAP card out to them. They studied it and ended up bringing out CAP-readers to check for sub-scores. I raised an eyebrow when they frowned at me. They looked at each other.

"We've never seen this either," the one on the right told me. "Wait Here!"

He tilted his head. A couple of minutes later another Marine walked up to us. She took the CAP card from the Marine holding it out to her and studied the scores.

"Indeterminate?" she asked me, eyebrow raised and a curious look on her face.

"I'm a late bloomer," I replied. "Just because the Confederacy drew a line in the sand doesn't mean everyone was going to fall on one side or the other."

She took another minute to go through my sub-scores. I sighed and tapped my foot. She gave me a hard look.

"Wouldn't it be easier to ask the AI?" I looked up at the ceiling as if it were housed in a floor above our heads. "It's the one that decided to let me bake a little longer."

She did not appreciate my attempt at humor. Looking off into the distance before handing the CAP card back to me and shaking her head at the Marines she said, "You haven't retested in over two years. Wouldn't it have been easier to come back the year after your test?"

"I'm from Hudson County."

The Marines and receptionist tensed for a second. I watched as they forced themselves to relax. The Marine who had been talking to me looked over my shoulder at the other kids waiting in line. "They're all from Hudson County?" she asked.

"One hostel," I replied. "I'd bet on more making an appearance eventually."

She studied me for some time before nodding. "Mr Wild, I am Lieutenant Miranda Jones, Confederacy Marines. Go through that door. You will be retested immediately," she said as she pointed to the testing room to my left.

I nodded, "Thank you Lieutenant," and walked into the room.

"Welcome back, Jason Wild," a voice said when I had taken my place in the chair (the only piece of furniture) in the middle of the room.

"I'm very glad to be back."

"Are you ready to proceed?"

"Yes," I said, closing my eyes. "Yes, I am." The chair folded down and out to put me in a supine position. Probes touched the skin on my face.

The receptionist stood up when I approached the table after my test. She was obviously pressing a button underneath her tabletop.

"That was quick," she said, trying to stall me. I smiled and leaned my hip against the desk. The showdown was going to happen, so I advanced nothing by trying to avoid it.

"I've already been here once," I told her. "I'm sure the AI knew what it was looking for."

She nodded, sighing when Lieutenant Miranda Jones stepped out of the elevator and rushed to our side.

"We need to extract you now," Lieutenant Jones told me.

"No," I replied.

"A CAP nine-seven!" She said. "Do you know how rare that is? You're young too! With a little experience, you could hit ten. I'm not letting you back out there. Hudson County for God's sake! They'll kill you!"

"Most of my friends are sponsor-level," I said. "The others would make good concubines. It hasn't been easy for them."

"We'd have to go in force to do a pickup in that county," she told me. "It would be a bloodbath! We're too close to losing the state to risk it."

"I know," I replied.

"You have to come with us," she insisted. The other two Marines surrounded me. I looked from one to the other until my eyes settled on the Lieutenant.

"They are my friends," I told her. "They did NOT abandon me when the AI gave me an 'indeterminate' score even though their lives were sucking ass at the time! Do you honestly believe someone who would leave his friends behind could score a nine?"

Her hands tightened into fists. I knew what she was thinking. "It won't work, Lieutenant. If you try to take me now, I will not volunteer."

She froze and stared at me. "You could all come here. Last night's massacre gives you a window. Is that acceptable?"

"Is that what they're calling it?" I asked. "A massacre?"

She nodded.

"Let me tell you, Lieutenant," I said. "Using the Earth First Killer as cover to extract a few people is just tactics. You're going to have to think bigger if you plan to move up in the ranks."

The Marine to my right crowded me. "What does a snot-nosed punk know?"

I smirked at him. "With a CAP score of nine you might be taking orders from this 'snot-nosed punk' the second that I say 'Beam me up, Scotty!'"

Turning to the Lieutenant I asked, "May I have your reader?" She handed it to me. "Thank you, I'm going to need it." Walking around the Marines, I headed out the door. I was sure that if I caught the next train, I would make it to school on time.

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