Twist of Fate
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Shabby Blue

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An alternate universe erotic Star Wars story which proposes what might have happened if Luke's rescue mission at Jabba's Palace had failed and Princess Leia remained Jabba's slave for much longer. And that's just the beginning of this epic multi-chaptered story. Chapters 1-4 were written soley by Shabby Blue. Chapters 5-7 were co-written by Shabby Blue and Das Flute.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Harem  

The streets of Mos Eisley were quiet that night, save for the occasional vagrant that wandered through the dark alleys in search of the nearest cantina or brothel. A pair of thieving jawas scurried after a whistling R4 astromech droid down south Yerba Street, briefly stirring awake a slovenly bith who muttered a few profanities before slumping back into his drunken stupor against a broken down landspeeder. A suspicious looking kubaz with a long snoot and black cloak crossed paths with a devilish devaronian, exchanging a few words and some friendly laughter, then went about their separate ways. At the end of the block two Imperial stormtroopers in desert patrol gear appeared for a moment, scanning the vicinity for any troublemakers, and then moved on to another street.

Leia watched them all from the balcony of a large open terrace three stories above. She could only imagine what the common people of this city were doing tonight, and she envied their freedom, for her life was the life of a slave – a concubine to the great Jabba the Hutt, criminal overlord of Tatooine. The nearby snort of a gruesome pig guard was yet another reminder of her captivity. Leia glanced over at the gamorrean posted at the terrace of Jabba's Mos Eisley townhouse and scowled at his leering gaze, knowing exactly what was on the sadistic swine's simple little mind. She endured such stares on a daily basis, dressed in the skimpiest of attire that appealed to Jabba's perverse tastes.

A slight breeze of the night air caused the half-naked woman to shiver and hug her body for warmth. It was moments like this she wished she still wore the blasted golden bikini and lashaa silk skirt. At least they provided a little more warmth than her new dancing costume, comprised solely of dark blue fishnet leggings with an open crotch that gave her master easy access whenever he pleased. Silver tassels covered her erect nipples, leaving little to the imagination of anyone laying eyes upon her sensuous body. A navel ring and other body jewelry also served as more permanent ornamentation for Jabba's precious property.

Her long brunette hair was bound in a simple bun style on the back of her head, with the rest hanging loose down to her shoulders, more casual than her original braided ponytail. A sparkling silver tiara served as the princess' "crown". It was the only elegant piece of her costume, yet its intention was to mock her former royal status.

The toes of her bare feet curled on the stone floor of the terrace rooftop as Leia contemplated returning to the den of debauchery inside where she could relax on a warm, comfortable bed of pillows surrounding the base of Jabba's elevated dais. The princess, however, decided to wait just a little longer to cherish this rare opportunity to be alone – outside – with a greater sense of freedom than she normally experienced as Jabba's slave.

During this retreat from the desert palace, Jabba and his small group of specially invited guests were enjoying the entertainment inside and paying no mind to the slave girl who chose to briefly slip away from the party. Her bloated master was busy listening to the raucous tunes of his newest indentured musician Tubo Tongoria while fondling a young twi'lek named Cha'Nema, thus allowing the alderaani princess to wander outside the hutt's smoky townhouse suite for a breath of fresh air.

The possibility of escape was non-existent given the two gamorrean guards posted on the rooftop watching her every move and the security collar around her neck which could paralyze her nervous system at any moment by use of the remote at Jabba's side. The crafty device had proven more efficient for Jabba and his guards since the replacement of the old chain-linked leashes that kept his pretty pets at bay. Its only consolation for Leia was the liberation of straying from Jabba's disgusting belly to mingle with the other slave girls throughout the hutt's desert fortress or to talk to her friend Porcellus, the homely palace cook. Yet Leia always remained wary of any unscrupulous character hiding in the shadows that would try to take advantage of a helpless slave girl when Jabba's attention lay elsewhere.

Turning her eyes from the empty streets of Mos Eisley below toward the clear night sky above, Leia gazed at the billions of stars that shined bright, longing to be on any planet but this one. She wondered if this was how Luke had felt, recalling the old stories he had shared with her about working his uncle's farm when he was a boy and feeling trapped on this dust ball of a planet at the far end of space without any hope of a promising future.

As if any of that compared to the life of an enslaved dancing girl for Jabba the Hutt, Leia mused. Her adoptive father, if he were still alive, would be ashamed of his daughter now. No longer the virtuous princess of the Royal House of Alderaan, she was now just another whore in the Outer Rim.

Right on cue, Leia felt the mild twitch of an electrical jolt from her slave collar, signaling a summons from Master Jabba. Sighing in resignation, she turned from the balcony and walked back into the spacious townhouse suite. The stench of spice mixed with smoke filled her nostrils and the loud obnoxious noises of laughter from the people in the room rang in her ears, suddenly drowned out by a fast-paced jazzy beat from the one-man band that entertained them. It all reminded her of the main audience chamber back in Jabba's palace, though a little smaller and more cramped with people. Leia preferred the townhouse though, having been there twice before and finding it more comfortable and safer for a slave girl than the hutt's dangerous desert citadel.

In one corner of the suite's main room, Tubo the two-headed troig specialized in playing both ends of his doozophone at the same time, thereby creating a unique sound that few could replicate. He had fallen into this gig by accident while romancing Jabba's former lead singer Sy Snootles at the hutt's palace six months ago. A night of passion resulted in the untimely demise of Sy who had choked to death while performing fellatio on Tubo's lengthy manhood. As punishment, Jabba ordered Tubo to fulfill the rest of Sy Snootles' contract or else be fed to the sarlacc. It was an offer Tubo couldn't refuse.

Cha'Nema, the teenage twi'lek with bright red skin of the rare lethan variety, lay helpless against the vile hutt's bulbous belly, whimpering softly as the wretched slug fondled her pert young tits with one pudgy hand. Below him lay three more slave girls on the bed of pillows: Jess, the pale Chandrillan beauty with a purple streak in her long silvery white hair; Yarna d'al Gargan, the voluptuous six-breasted Askajian; and another brunette human slave girl wearing a sheer green lacy skirt and a tight leather bra wrapped around her buxom breasts. The brunette looked up at Leia with deep blue eyes and gave a faint smile just before Jabba's booming voice filled the room.

"Ahh, Leia my pet, come ... come dance to Tubo's music for us. Entertain me with that lovely body of yours," Jabba spoke in Huttese.

"Yes, Master," Leia replied with solemn obedience. Having learned a bit of the Huttese language these many months spent in Jabba's palace, the princess could now respond in her master's native tongue whenever he addressed her.

"And you, Camie," Jabba acknowledged the brunette on the pillows below him, "Go dance with your sister."

Camie quickly rose to her feet and joined Leia at the center of the room. Together they looked like they could be related -- both of similar height, build, and hair color. For this reason, Jabba referred to them as his beautiful "slave sisters" and enjoyed watching them perform together to satisfy his pseudo-incestuous fantasies of the two young women.

To the beat of Tubo's pulsating music, Camie and Leia strutted around in a circle, parading their half-naked bodies for the small audience surrounding them. Having performed this particular routine many times before, the two women had their dance down perfectly, moving in synchronous rhythm with each other as they swayed and gyrated their petite forms to the stirring sounds of Tubo's doozophone. Twirling around on bare feet, both women mirrored each other's moves in an exotic showcase of sensuality and athleticism.

Camie's leather bra was the first piece of clothing to go, playfully tossed onto the floor as she unleashed her jiggling breasts to the crowd of horny onlookers. Leia stepped up behind her, embracing Camie and cupping her hands on each breast as they grinded their hips together to the pounding music. Looking over her shoulder at Leia, Camie opened her mouth briefly as they touched tongues in a seductive tease, and then whipped around to face her partner, unclasping the two silver tassels to completely expose Leia's own breasts. Leaning down, Camie took one of Leia's luscious tits in her mouth and gingerly sucked the hardened nipple, caressing it with her tongue.

Leia moaned softly, still moving in step to the sensual music, then turned around with her back to Camie and slowly bent over. With hoots and hollers of encouragement from the crowd, Leia wiggled her ass as she slid the blue fishnet leggings down inch by mesmerizing inch, giving half the audience a perfect view of her round ass and bald, gleaming wet pussy. The tiny silver ring that pierced her clitoris caught the eyes of every male in the room as it sparkled under the lights. Kicking the leggings aside, Leia twirled around and flaunted her smooth naked body in all its glory.

Like her native slave sister of Tatooine, Leia sported the perfect body of a dancer, having developed it during the many months of her enslavement. Her lithe form had become more toned and flexible throughout her frequent practice routines in Jabba's private harem with Camie and the other slave girls. Leia's once light alderaani complexion had turned into an alluring golden tan thanks to her occasional ventures outside the palace under the desert planet's twin suns.

Still dancing to the music, her naked body looked exquisite under the colorful lights while Camie thrilled the other half of the audience by removing her own green diaphanous skirt and baring her own delicious nudity. With Jabba's lovely slave sisters stripped completely naked, the crowd went wild, cheering and whistling for the grand finale they had come to expect.

Camie and Leia joined together in a passionate tongue-twirling kiss, rubbing and grinding their hot naked flesh in a loving embrace. Slowly they dropped to their knees on the dark marble floor and continued their sensual lovemaking. Their performance was not merely to entertain Jabba and his wicked associates; the two women were genuinely attracted to each other, having spent a lot of time together in the harem developing a strong and intimate friendship this past year, comforting and supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of their enslavement. Leia had not felt this close to another woman since her secret trysts with her childhood friend Winter years ago on Alderaan.

By now, completely oblivious to those around them or the music of Tubo's horn, the two slave sisters continued their sweaty copulations on the floor of Jabba's suite. Spreading her legs wide, Camie lay back as Leia dove between them, burying her tongue in the sweet honeypot of the Tatooinian beauty's creamy cuntal cavity, nibbling on its pouty lips and flicking the swollen clit with her experienced tongue. Camie soon moaned and grunted in orgasmic bliss as Leia brought her to the peak of pleasure, arching her back off the floor and bucking her hips into Leia's face. The pussy-craving princess savored the sweet nectar of her slave sister's delicious cunny, devouring every last drop that flowed into her mouth. Raising her head from between Camie's outstretched thighs, Leia crawled on top of her lover and gave Camie another passionate cum-coated kiss as they shared the former farmgirl's creamy juices.

The erotic performance was all the foreplay Jabba needed to arouse his own libido, already slithering his thick slimy tail toward the teenage twi'lek held in his embrace. Staring over her shoulder at the carnal activities of the other slave girls, Cha'Nema was unprepared for the sudden invasion of her own petite body as Jabba's fat appendage wormed its way between her bare thighs and penetrated her wonderfully tight cunt with the bloated tip of his tail.

"Ne, hagwa je poolo! Hagwa je poolo!" Cha'Nema protested in desperate cries, but the smiling hutt intended to break in his new slave tonight.

"Sagi poolo haz!" Jabba exclaimed in a thunderous bellow that echoed throughout the room, prompting many of his guests to join in the late night orgy. The three female guests in the audience were soon undressed and frolicking with their male counterparts while others set their eyes on Jabba's attractive slave girls just waiting to be fucked.

Leia looked up, realizing what was happening around her, spotting Jess already on her knees nearby sucking off a furry whiphid's monstrous member and Yarna lying on her back getting her three pairs of tits fucked by some wretched little ugnaught merchants. Behind her Leia glimpsed the nubile twi'lek slave getting speared helplessly on Jabba's phallic appendage, a steady stream of cunny juices mixed with hutt slime already oozing down Cha'Nema's trembling thighs. Leia pitied the poor girl, recalling her own frequent nights with Master Jabba, but she could do nothing to stop it.

"Come on, let's get out of the spotlight and find someplace more private," she whispered to Camie. But just as the slave sisters were getting to their feet, two aqualish spice smugglers grabbed Camie and pulled her to a corner, eagerly groping at her soft flesh while their large tusked mouths licked her face. "Oh Camie..." Leia sighed, lamenting her friend in sorrow. Backing away to a shadowy alcove at the wall and hoping not to be pulled into the revelry around her, Leia suddenly tripped and fell, grabbed at the last moment by the crusty ol' dug who had stepped up behind her.

"Sebulba!" Leia exclaimed, recognizing one of Jabba's old gambling buddies who had apparently been invited to the townhouse that night. Held by his feet as the dug stood on his muscular arms, the princess tried jerking out of his grasp as the short wrinkly creature chuckled softly.

"Tugi, Leia-sul," he said in Huttese, greeting the slave girl with his so-called charms. "Uba naga poolo?"

"No, I'm not interested in fucking you," the once demure princess scowled, no longer reluctant to say such vulgar words after spending so much time in the company of Jabba and his disreputable men. "I heard about what you did to Lyn Me," Leia added. "She couldn't walk for three days!"

"Heh heh ... da twi'lek poolo wolpa," the dug replied, fondly recalling the flexible dancer's tight little ass. His lax in restraint on Leia allowed her to squirm free and start crawling away, but the dug quickly leaped on top of the slave girl, pinning her to the hard marble floor with his feet as he unfastened the leather jerkin covering his lean torso. "Leia-sul poolo wolpa dar."

"Unngh, you little bastard," she grimaced, sensing Sebulba's long meaty cock unfurl and nestle between her two soft buttocks. This certainly wasn't the first time she had been fucked against her will by one of Jabba's associates – and probably not the last either, the slave girl considered. Jabba's guards had tossed her around and used every hole on more than one occasion in the dark depths of the palace, so a single dug would be harmless by comparison. Leia resolved to endure it and hopefully find whatever enjoyment she could get out of this disgusting creature's plundering of her petite body.

"Ahhh, Leia-sul's ku'nee kapas meesto," Sebulba teased, referring to her wet pussy as he lubricated the pudgy head of his cock against the soft lips of her cunny. She remained somewhat aroused by her performance with Camie, but in truth Leia's body had already begun to give in to the anticipation of a good hard fuck, something she had come to expect most every night. The dance and subsequent activity with her slave sister had worked up a horny craving in the princess yearned to be sated.

"Just go easy on me, okay?" she shamefully pleaded, licking her lips and closing her eyes as she awaited his penetration.

"Heh heh heh, Leia-sul ya sulta!" Sebulba replied, moving the tip of his slippery cockhead from her dripping wet pussy to the puckered star of her asshole and suddenly plunging himself inside.

"Unnnnngh!" Leia grunted, her eyes opening wide from the intensity of his first penetration. Across the room she spotted Camie sandwiched between the two aqualish scoundrels as they filled each of her orifices, plowing the Tatooinian slave's body relentlessly. Camie's head was tilted and her eyes closed, her mouth open and moaning in wanton pleasure as they thoroughly fucked her helpless body. Faint echoes of other carnal sounds could be heard throughout the room, obscured by wispy clouds of smoke.

"Mmmm unnnngh, oh fuck..." Leia cringed, feeling every thick pulsating inch of Sebulba's cock sliding deep into her ass. She managed to take in its full length down to his wrinkled old scrotum, like many of the other cocks that had filled her in months prior. The experienced slave had grown used to the pain, knowing it would only last for a short while until her asshole adjusted to the dug's thick girth.

"Leia-sul, me poolo ta eesa sinchi," Sebulba chuckled, withdrawing his erection slowly and then ramming it back in. The princess gasped loudly, only encouraging the dug even more. At a quickening pace, he began to plow her ass with surprising energy for a dug his age, enthusiastically kneading her soft round buttocks with his feet as he burrowed deep into her tight little asshole. He had lusted for this particular wench since he first set eyes on her at Jabba's palace weeks ago. He knew he would eventually get the opportunity to fuck her if he hung around the hutt long enough, and now his persistence had finally paid off.

"Ohhh ... unnghh ... fuck, oh fuck..." she whimpered. There was that feeling again, the one she knew all too well. As the pain quickly subsided, other intense sensations replaced it, sending shockwaves of shameful pleasure through her body with each powerful plunge of this vile being's cock. For the moment, Leia didn't care who was fucking her anymore. He was just another cock filling her enslaved body.

"Poolo, o poolo, Sebulba..." Leia began to hiss in Huttese, a habit she had developed in the last couple of months during her sexual encounters. "Poolo ma eesa!"

"Ahhhh, uba sulta, da ku'nee geeta gan meesto?" Sebulba replied huskily, asking the princess if her pussy was getting wetter.

"Unnnghh--yes! Oh fuck ... o poolo, o poolo!" Leia began to wail with lustful abandon, lifting her hips and grinding her smooth sweat-drenched ass up with each savage thrust of Sebulba's hard pounding cock as he tore into her. Stretching her asshole to accommodate his lengthy prick, Sebulba slowed his pace so that he could savor this petite slave's body for as long as possible, easing his cock in and out of her anal orifice and relishing the slut's new eagerness to get fucked harder and deeper with every magnificent lunge. The rumors about this alderaani vixen's insatiable sex drive were obviously true. No wonder she was one of the hutt's favorites, Sebulba considered.

As her naked body submitted to the ravages of the dug defiler, Leia took in the atmosphere of the late night orgy surrounding her. Intoxicating scents of smoke, ale, and pussy lingered throughout Jabba's private townhouse suite while moans of orgasmic frenzy from the other girls heightened her own excitement. Nights like this had become commonplace for the enslaved princess, often attending to her hutt master personally or servicing any one of his associates that managed to get their hands on her first.

Atop the huge elevated dais, Cha'Nema deliriously rode Jabba's tail while the hutt salivated over her pert little tits, her head tossing left and right and lekku tails flinging back and forth as the teenage girl's body shook and spasmed in a series of uncontrollable cum-gushing climaxes. Beads of sweat dripped down the ruby red flesh of her quivering young thighs as the newest slave collapsed against her master's bulbous belly. "Uba notto raneese, shiba," the hutt soothed her in his deep rumbling voice. "Soon you will learn to appreciate me, young Cha'Nema..."

Her will had broken more easily than Leia's during her first time, Jabba recalled with a fraction of disappointment. He preferred girls with a more feisty spirit, but then he should have expected such a response from Cha'Nema. All twi'lek females were natural born sluts.

In only an hour, the silver-haired Jess had successfully sucked half a dozen cocks, her stomach already filled with semen and her chin dripping with hot spunk. One of the overzealous gamorrean guards stepped forth and tore the blue skirt from the limber dancing girl's legs, forcing his large erection into her slick, velvety cunt with one powerful thrust. He should have remained at his post like the other guards, but her body was just too tempting to resist. Screaming in protest, Jess was quickly silenced by another cock shoved deep into her mouth.

Yarna continued to lie on the floor while each of the ugnaught merchants took turns getting their cocks sucked by the bountiful woman's skilled lips. Her six massive tits were gleaming with jizz under the soft green and blue lights of the townhouse suite.

Everyone in the room could hear Camie's orgasmic screams as the two large aqualish thugs pummeled her body between them, repeatedly taking turns in each hole and leaving the now-submissive slut begging for more. Her sweat-drenched body trembled weakly, her legs barely able to stand. Aqualish sperm dribbled down her thighs onto the marble floor as the two energetic males flipped her around again to exchange positions for a fourth time. Neither could speak Basic, but each grunted and warbled in their own barely-comprehendible language, cursing at the Tatooinian slave in an attempt to rouse her horny excitement. She could only respond with a series of senseless gibberish in her sex-induced craze. Like her slave sister, Camie spoke in a mixture of half-Basic and half-Huttese.

Under the dark alcove at the far end of the room, Sebulba continued to tease his prey with each deep lunge of his smooth rigid phallus, eliciting desperate moans of lust from the former Rebel leader. "Leia-sul, kuna creemo? Uba naga je poolo nowan?"

"Me creemo, me creemo! Fuck me, fuck my ass harder!" Leia cried out in anguish, her body shaking as her pussy's vaginal muscles suddenly convulsed beneath Sebulba's cock. "Ohhhh, I'm coming!"

"Ahhhh, uba sulta!" Sebulba laughed, feeling Leia's asshole suddenly squeeze his cock as her cunt began spasming and squirting a torrent of sweet juices all over the floor between her legs. Her upper body pressed hard against the floor tiles, her breasts squishing against the cool marble as the dug increased his thrusts. He pounded her roughly while cursing in Huttese, calling Leia all kinds of vulgar, demeaning names, determined to reach his own desperate climax.

Leia screamed and moaned hoarsely, receiving a second and then third orgasm as Sebulba reamed her mercilessly. Giving into the moment, she encouraged him to finish her off, eager to feel his hot spunk shoot deep into her ass. "Upa creemo yakun ma eesa! Do it ... just do it! Poolo harder! Oooooo poooolo!"

"Gaaahh! Leia-suuuuul!" the dug hissed through his big yellow teeth, reaching forward and grabbing her hair with one foot and jerking hard on it, pulling Leia's head back with a painful gasp as he buried his cock all the way into her ass with one final thrust. He then erupted violently inside her and flooded her anal passage with his burning hot seed. The slave princess clenched her fists and trembled beneath him, her buttocks raised off the floor while her pussy gushed a fountain of cuntal nectar in her final body-rocking orgasm.

"Oh fuck ... fuck, yesss ... O poolo ... pooloooooo..." Leia trailed off, her body collapsing against the floor. She closed her eyes, gasping for breath, still shuddering with post-orgasmic tremors.

Letting go of her hair, the dug relaxed his hold on her and pulled his slimy cum-coated member from her gaping hole and then staggered back onto the floor. A river of sperm oozed from Leia's distended asshole as her face lay against the cool marble tiles, panting and moaning softly.

After a few minutes of rest, Sebulba managed to stand up and clean himself as best he could, then redressed and wobbled up to Leia, smacking her on the ass. "Nikstoo teem, ix poolo ta ku'nee, Leia-sul ... heh heh heh." Her response was muffled with her face still against the floor. Reaching one arm behind, Leia gently caressed her cum-oozing asshole and winced, finally realizing how Lyn-Me must have felt after her own night with the wily old dug.

Within the next half hour the orgy quieted down and many of its participants, including Jabba and his new twi'lek pet, drifted off to sleep. Leia eased herself onto hands and knees and slowly crawled back to the bed of pillows at the foot of her master's dais. Finding her cum-slick slave sister passed out on one of the pillows, Leia curled up next to Camie for some much needed sleep and recovery.

"What have I become?" Leia wondered silently while tears formed under her shut eyelids and ran down her cheeks onto the pillow. As with many nights before, the enslaved princess soon cried herself to sleep. Yet, even in her dreams, escape from this life seemed hopeless, haunted by the horrifying memories that ultimately led to her permanent enslavement...

It began on the day of Luke's arrival at the palace, fulfilling the last step in his plan to rescue Han and the others who had participated in the daring infiltration of Jabba's domain. His failed negotiations with Jabba were simply a ruse to lure the overconfident hutt and his guards away from the palace, along with Luke's friends. Once they were out in the open it would be much easier to eliminate any threat that stood in the way of their escape. It had all been orchestrated brilliantly, or so Luke had thought.

Establishing himself weeks earlier as a guard in the palace, Lando Calrissian managed to sabotage two of the worker droids, thus ensuring that C-3PO and R2-D2 would be assigned as replacements in those positions during the course of Luke's plan when they arrived as "gifts" for the hutt. As expected, the plucky astromech ended up on the Ubrikkian sail barge, which transported the hutt and his entourage across the Dune Sea to the location of the vile sarlaac creature where Jabba would witness the execution of Han Solo and the foolish Jedi.

Kept close to Jabba inside the barge, Leia knew in advance what Luke had planned and watched intently as the hutt ordered his guards to send Skywalker off the plank of the skiff into the pit below. A gnawing sensation in the back of her mind kept telling the princess that something was not right with the situation.

Luke made a gesture to Artoo just before stepping off the edge of the plank, signaling the droid to eject the lightsaber hidden in its dome and propel the weapon into the air from the deck of the barge. The Jedi suddenly spun around as he fell and grabbed the end of the plank, then somersaulted back onto the skiff to everyone's astonishment. Leia sighed in relief as others around her gasped in shock, watching Luke look up to the sky as he raised his hand to catch the falling lightsaber.

But the saber did not reach Luke's hand.

From Leia's viewpoint inside the barge she saw the lightsaber reverse its direction and fly back toward the top deck. A faint snap-hiss could be heard, followed by the whooshing sounds of Luke's weapon and the screams of guards being cut down on the deck above. That's when chaos broke loose.

"What's happening?! Stop them!" Jabba shouted in confusion, waving his flabby arms wildly as he screamed into the voice amplifier inside his lounge. A sense of panic was felt throughout the room as Leia rushed to the window, seeing Luke stare up from the skiff as a guard lunged for him.

"Luke, watch out!" Leia screamed. The Jedi regained focus and dodged the pike that nearly struck his side. Grabbing the end of the staff, he pulled it from the weequay's grasp and swung it around, knocking the guard over the railing into the sarlacc's waiting mouth. At the rear of the skiff Lando revealed his true identity, struggling with another guard over control of a blaster.

The second skiff full of guards, which had accompanied the party to the desert, swung around to face the first one as its men blasted wildly at the group on Luke's skiff.

"Hit the deck!" Skywalker shouted to Han and Chewie, both of whom dropped fast for cover with their wrists still locked in binders. Without his lightsaber it proved more difficult for Luke to deflect the blast bolts, even with his Force-enhanced reflexes. The guards were close to disarming him as pieces of his staff pike chipped off with each bolt that hit it.

Leia helplessly cried out to them as she watched her friends trapped in the crossfire, but then drew her attention to the closer skiff when a blue and red blur suddenly leaped down onto it from the barge's deck above. A rapid flash of green easily took care of the six guards that occupied the second skiff, and then the attacker paused to focus on the nearby Jedi. That's when Leia finally realized who brandished Luke's weapon.

"Arica!" the princess gasped, recognizing the redheaded dancing girl who worked in Jabba's palace. Her mistrust of this woman proved correct, having suspected there was more to Arica's agenda than simply watching the execution when she asked Jabba to let her join the party that morning. Those beautiful green eyes and pouty red lips must have been enough to persuade the hutt to bring her along for the ride. Or perhaps it had been the previous night's carnal activities where she had seduced her way into a threesome with Jabba and his newest slave girl. Either way, Leia had known there was more to this woman than being a simple dancing girl.

Before she could confront her primary target, Arica spun around to face a new adversary as the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett rocketed down onto the skiff. Aiming his right gauntlet, he blasted his built-in flamethrower at the would-be assassin. Unable to deflect the oncoming flames, the young woman sidestepped the fiery streak and then dropped to one knee, rolling forward, wincing slightly as the edge of the flames just barely singed her hair and dancing costume. From beneath his helmet, Fett screamed when she suddenly dismembered both of his legs with the edge of her blade. He fell to the floor of the skiff as she stood up, the frayed veils of her costume fluttering in the wind.

All of this happened within seconds, with Leia watching in awe as Arica surprisingly took down the lethal bounty hunter. Boba Fett struggled to get up, aiming his blaster with a shaky hand, but the agile dancer slashed the lightsaber across his neck with one clean cut, sending Fett's helmeted head flying down into the sarlaac's tentacled maw. At that moment, Luke leaped onto her skiff.

Knowing his friends were in imminent danger, Luke moved to face this woman on his own, drawing her focus away from the original skiff. However, he failed to protect them from the powerful blast of the sail barge's deck gun that soon followed, short-circuiting the first skiff's anti-gravity generator. The skiff tilted off balance, causing Lando and the remaining guard to fall overboard.

"Chewie! Chewie, what just happened?" Han groaned, rolling up against the railing along with his wookiee companion.

"Han! Chewie!" came the panicked screams below.

"Lando!" Han recognized, hearing his old friend's voice. Still half-blind, he peered over the edge of the skiff and spotted the blurry shape of Calrissian dangling from a towing cable just barely out of the sarlaac's reach.

Poised for attack at any moment on the other skiff, the young Jedi held his chipped and battered pike, facing the deadly redhead. "Who are you?" he demanded.

Her beautiful face masked the coldness in her heart as the young woman smiled wickedly and stared at him with her piercing green eyes. "I am Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand ... sent here to strike you down at my master's command, Skywalker."

"The Emperor..." Luke whispered, realizing this was another of his agents, like Shira Brie, specially trained in the use of the Force. Everything made sense now. "Do what you must, but I am not beaten yet!"

Using the power of the Force, Luke summoned to life the tangled mess of rope behind Mara, manipulating them with his mind to wrap around her legs. Mara tripped and stumbled backward as Luke lunged forward with his pike, jabbing Jade hard in her side and cracking two of her ribs. Mara screamed in pain, lashing out in defense with the lightsaber. Luke quickly stepped back and swung the staff around, knocking the saber hilt from her hand. It slid across the floor to the edge of the skiff, saved at the last moment by Luke's hand reaching out to summon it through the Force. Scrambling to her feet, Mara Jade instantly reached out her own hand, calling the weapon to it with all her strength. The lightsaber froze in mid air, trembling slightly from the invisible forces pulling on it from each end.

"Give up, Skywalker ... unghh ... you can't win," Mara struggled. "I draw strength from the Emperor himself!"

Luke strained with as much exertion, calling to the lightsaber with all his power, gradually urging it closer to him. Behind him the anguished screams of Lando were heard as the sarlaac's tentacled appendage wrapped around his leg and pulled him closer to the pit. Han's voice could be heard yelling at Chewie, desperately trying to reach their friend despite the restriction of their bound hands. Two more blasts of the barge's deck gun zipped through the air, striking the first skiff again and triggering its engine to explode. The whole transport crashed into the sloping sand, followed by the wails of the sarlaac's newest victims rolling down into the hungry jaws of the monstrous creature.

"Unnghh, no ... Chewie ... Han!" Luke cried out, sensing their deaths. "Noooo!"

The Jedi lost control of the struggle, watching his saber fly back into the hand of Mara Jade. Igniting its blade, she slashed the rope entangling her legs and rushed forward. Thinking fast, Luke spotted a blaster in the hand of a dead guard slumped over the skiff's steering control panel. He called it to his hand and fired one shot just as Mara thrust the green blade into Luke's chest.

Luke's eyes widened and he fell to his knees, looking up in stunned silence at the Emperor's Hand. Her face stared down at him with as much pain in her eyes, her mouth trembling as she looked down to discover a smoking hole in her abdomen from the blaster that now lay on the ground beside Luke. Mara stumbled forward into his arms, the lightsaber slipping from her hand and rolling off the edge of the skiff. They held each other in death's embrace, blue eyes staring into green eyes as their glimmer faded.

Mara heard the faint echo of the Emperor's voice in her mind one last time: "You will kill Luke Skywalker."

"Yes ... yes," she whispered as Luke died in her arms. "I did not fail you, my Master..."

Mara slumped over onto the skiff deck beside the dead Jedi as thick black smoke from the smoldering skiff nearby filled the sky.

Several minutes passed as the chaos ended and Jabba's remaining guards on the barge worked to restore order among the panicked passengers. Stricken with overwhelming grief, Princess Leia dropped to her knees, her hands trembling and her head shaking in stunned disbelief. Only once before had she felt this way – when the Death Star had destroyed her home world. But this time, somehow it felt more personal ... more traumatic. Her friends, the man she loved ... all dead. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she bit her lower lip, trying to keep from crying.

Busy bellowing orders to his men, Jabba had neglected her for the time being until his cackling kowakian lizard-monkey Salacious Crumb leaped down from his perch onto Leia's shoulder, jerking on her braided ponytail and laughing loudly. In a sudden outburst of rage, Leia grabbed the mocking creature by his neck and flung him across the room until he smashed against the wall and fell to the floor, unconscious. Filled with anger, Leia stood up and turned around, gazing upon the huge bloated slug that kept her leashed to him with a durasteel chain. Dazed with desire for revenge and driven by pure hatred, she grabbed hold of the chain and rushed toward Jabba, stopped short by the back of the hutt's large pudgy hand slapping her across the face. Leia stumbled backward, only to be pulled back up by her chain until she pressed against Jabba's belly. His hot breath filled her nostrils as her tear-filled eyes gazed into the dark copper-red orbs staring menacingly down at her.

"Your friends are dead," Jabba's deep intimidating voice rumbled. "Solo ... his wookiee ... the Jedi ... all dead. Nobody can rescue you now," he stated bluntly. "The Empire and your pathetic rebel friends will soon learn of their demise."

"Then you're going to kill me too?" she spoke up in defiance.

Jabba's elongated face widened with a fiendish grin, appreciating the feistiness in the young woman even after all that had just happened. "No, my pet. You will remain here with me, serving me ... pleasing me ... until I grow weary of you. As far as the galaxy is concerned, you were executed with your friends."

Leia struggled to keep from breaking down into a sobbing mess as she slowly realized what this meant. Her friends were all gone and her fate was sealed. The Alliance would assume she died with them and not attempt another rescue, especially on the eve of their greatest confrontation with the Empire. Even if they disregarded the reports of what happened, it could be months before they thoroughly investigated Tatooine and found her. Until then, she would remain a prisoner of the hutt – a slave to his perversity with no hope of escape.

"I hate you," she muttered through gritted teeth, her small hands weakly punching his massive belly in outrage. "I hate you!"

Jabba's belly shook with laughter as he pushed her aside and ordered his guards to restrain her during the trip back to the palace. "Tonight we feast in celebration of the Jedi's death!" he declared. "Then, my little princess, I shall teach you to respect your Master."

The sail barge circled around the wreckage at the sarlacc's pit and headed back toward Jabba's palace.

Early in the morning following Jabba's townhouse orgy, Leia and the other dancers traveled with the rest of the small entourage on speeders leaving Mos Eisley to return to the desert palace. A swoop gang loyal to Jabba served as escorts for the caravan, accompanying his guards as extra security.

After a restless night, the weary-eyed princess sat next to the other dancers in one of the speeders, looking out across the sandy dunes as they ventured away from the bustling merchant center of Tatooine. The twin suns rose in the east, soon to make it another sweltering day for those outside in the heat. Leia looked forward to returning to the cool palace and her comfortable bed of pillows inside Jabba's harem. Sadly, it was a place she had come to consider her home.

In the days following the death of Luke Skywalker, the report of his failed rescue of Han Solo and subsequent demise of the entire Rebel band that had infiltrated the palace leaked to the rest of the galaxy – that is, the version Jabba allowed to be leaked. News of it shattered morale among the ranks of the Alliance, but did not deter them from proceeding with their attack plan on the second Death Star. With a stolen Imperial shuttle, General Crix Madine led a team of commandos onto the forest moon of Endor where they planned to assail the Imperial bunker and disable the protective shield it generated around the Death Star so that the Rebel fleet could attack the giant battle station in orbit.

Days after the battle, news of it reached the Outer Rim territories and it soon came to be known as the Slaughter at Endor, the penultimate event that put an end to any threat the Rebellion posed against the mighty Empire. Rumors of what specifically happened were gradually passed along throughout the populous over the next few weeks. Stories of the commando team on Endor running into native savages, never to be seen again, and failing to penetrate the Imperial bunker in time for the arrival of the pitiful Rebel fleet. The same fleet, which in turn was ambushed by an armada of Imperial Star Destroyers. Many of the Rebel starfighters crashed into the shield, either out of sheer stupidity or foolish sacrifice, while the fully operational Death Star obliterated the remaining command ships. Only a few ships managed to escape into hyperspace, later corroborating the news of the Empire's victory and helping generate fear of the Emperor's new weapon throughout the galaxy.

When word of these events finally reached Leia, her heart was shattered. Any remaining hope of rescue had been eliminated. To add even more heartbreak, Jabba ordered the head of droid operations, EV-9D9, to completely wipe the memory of the astromech that had smuggled the Jedi's weapon into the palace. R2-D2 was reprogrammed, erasing decades of experience and memories. Unfortunately, his counterpart had not been so lucky, ending up as a plaything for the sadistic Ee-Vee until she eventually disintegrated poor C-3PO under Jabba's orders.

Leia spent a long time mourning the loss of her friends and the last great hope the galaxy had against the evil Empire, while at the same time enduring the daily tribulations of being a hutt's sexual concubine. Other girls like Camie helped her cope through the ordeal until she learned to adjust to her new lifestyle over the next few months after that. She didn't know how she could have survived for a year in the palace without Camie's friendship.

Turning to look at her slave sister sitting next to Leia in the speeder, the princess reached over and touched Camie's hand, giving her a faint smile.

"You're quiet this morning. Are you okay after last night?" Camie asked.

"Yes, I'm alright. It's not that ... it's just ... I didn't sleep well last night."

"I can imagine. I was sore all night after the pounding those two smugglers gave me. I see Sebulba got his hands ... er ... feet on you too."

"Don't remind me," Leia winced, shifting position in her seat. "I'll just be glad to be back in the palace soon after this last week at the Master's townhouse. Maybe they'll leave us alone for awhile now that we're not the main source of entertainment."

"I hope there's food in the harem. I haven't eaten since yesterday morning," said Camie.

"If there isn't, I know where we can get some," Leia responded.

On her knees in the doorway of the palace kitchen, Leia slobbered all over the fat stubby penis of Jabba's personal cook, showing her gratitude for his repeated kindness. The balding pot-bellied chef lay his gentle hands on her bare shoulders and clenched his buttocks tightly as he climaxed, filling Leia's hungry mouth with three short spurts of semen.

"Thank you, Porcy." She smiled warmly, licking her lips and wiping her chin clean with the back of her hand as she picked up the small platter of sweet-frosted delicacies Porcellus had offered her while he was preparing Jabba's second lunch of the day.

"Anything for you, my princess," he responded sheepishly.

"Please don't call me that," she said, uncomfortable with the painful reminders of her past. "It's just Leia ... okay?"

"Yes, Leia ... I'm sorry," he humbly lowered his head. "What you just did was ... unexpected, but greatly appreciated. You really don't have to do that again. I'm not worthy of such attention from Jabba's lovelies. I'm always willing to give you any treats I can spare from the kitchen, but I don't expect any special favors in return. If Jabba found out, he might not like it."

"I know, but you deserved something in return this time. You are too kind to be in a place like this," Leia praised.

The portly chef blushed and then realized, "I had better get back to work. Jabba has little patience when it comes to serving his meals on time. I hope you and the other girls enjoy these treats."

"We will, and thank you again." Leia stood up and left the kitchen, walking up the stairs back to the harem on one of the upper levels of the palace.

Turning a corner halfway down the shadowy corridor, Leia bumped into one of the guards, a red-skinned nikto with rugged features and a broad muscular build. "Well well ... what have we here?" he grinned. "A little slave girl brought me dessert?"

"Pudu, ganda loya!" Leia cursed in Huttese, glaring at the brute that blocked her path. "Out of my way, Chigsig. These are for Jabba's dancers, and I have to get back to the harem now."

"I wasn't talking about those," he scoffed, taking the platter from her hands and setting it on the stone floor. "I'd much rather have this!" Grabbing Leia's arm, Chigsig twisted her around and pressed her up against the wall. Standing over a foot taller than her, he looked down at the frightened young woman, holding her in place as he slid one hand down along her blue fishnet leggings and reached between her thighs to gently rub the soft lips of her exposed pussy.

"Mmmm, just as I remembered it," he whispered in a deep gravelly voice. "How about a quick one before you go back? It'll just be our little secret."

"Not this time. Please..." she begged. "Someone might see us."

Already unbuckling his belt and loosening his pants, the horny nikto wasn't about to take "no" for an answer. It had been two weeks since he last fucked Leia and he was eager to have another go at that alderaani pussy of hers. Lifting the slave girl up by her hips, he held her against the stone wall and eased himself inside her as the princess reluctantly wrapped her legs around his waist. She moaned softly at first, feeling the thickness of his ridged organ fill her moistening tunnel. How easily she would give in to such aggressive instigations, Leia realized, though she rarely had much of a choice with scum like this.

"Mmmm, nice and tight," he groaned, slowly driving his lengthy shaft up into her warm wet pussy. "Haven't been with Jabba lately, huh?"

"Not since he got his new twi'lek," Leia gasped between thrusts, placing her arms on his shoulders for leverage. Chigsig knew how to fuck her just right, working his uniquely-textured cock deep inside her with the right motions that made the slave girl come fast every time.

"Ah ... Cha'Nema. Haven't had her yet," the nikto responded with a chuckle, rutting a little harder into Leia now. "Maybe when Jabba loses interest in her. Hopefully the kid doesn't get executed like Jabba's last twi'lek."

"Just shut up and fuck me." Leia gritted her teeth and ground her hips against his thick leathery phallus as her bare back rubbed against the rough texture of the stone wall. The smooth pistoning of his cock against the silky walls of her pussy caused Leia to tremble in pleasure, the beginnings of an orgasm quickly building.

"Whatever you say," he responded, pounding harder up into her smooth creamy love canal. Leaning closer, Chigsig began kissing and licking along her neck with his large beak-like mouth while his four nostrils inhaled the sweet womanly scents of her body, perfumed daily with the fine oils kept inside Jabba's harem. Her smooth supple flesh felt wonderful against his rough calloused hands. Leia dug her red-painted nails into the tunic covering his shoulders as she rode his cock with the eagerness of a well-trained huttian whore.

"Ahhh, oh that's it," Leia hissed, trying to keep her voice low so that nobody would hear. "Just like that ... just like that ... ohhhh!"

"Unnngh!" the guard grunted, spilling his seed inside her quaking cunt and feeling her own creamy juices coating his cock as he held himself deep within her. They both held that position for a minute, catching their breaths until the nikto withdrew his softening penis from Leia's cum-filled hole and buckled up his trousers after her setting her down. "Thanks again," he sneered, watching her sexy little body bend over to retrieve Porcellus' pastries. Leia glared back at him briefly and then headed off toward the slave quarters.

A myriad of beautiful and scantily-clad concubines reclined in the spacious harem of Jabba the Hutt, many spread out in small groups to converse or sleep after another long night of debauchery. It was approaching the noon hour and their master was no doubt spending it enjoying his own leisurely siesta as he always did during the hottest time of day on Tatooine. Most of the slave girls would not be summoned for entertainment until later when Jabba and his minions roused from their lazy slumber.

Lying across a bantha-fur rug, Leia and her slave sister enjoyed the remaining two pastries from Porcellus' kitchen after sharing the delicious desserts with other females in the room.

"I've been talking to Rystall," Camie said between bites as she savored the sweet delicacies Leia had brought them. "She overheard Bib Fortuna discussing some plans with Master Jabba about taking a business trip off world in a few weeks. She said Jabba is going to bring some of us with him."

"Really? Where?" Leia's interest peaked, for this would be her first time off Tatooine since arriving over a year ago. More importantly, it could mean a new opportunity for escape.

"Uh ... Talo ... Talin ... No, Talanc City! That's what she called it. Somewhere in Hutt space," Camie replied.

"I've heard of it before. It's on one of the moons of Nal Hutta. A big gambling establishment, I think ... lots of casinos," explained Leia. "But why is Jabba going there? He never leaves Tatooine on business. The business usually comes to him, right?"

"Right. Jabba's got something really important happening there and he's going to take a few of us with him to keep him company."

"How many of us?"

"I don't know yet..."

Leia frowned in frustration as she licked the remaining pastry cream from her fingers. Jabba had been neglecting her more and more lately in favor of his newest girl, Cha'Nema. Normally she would be grateful for the lack of attention, but in this instance she hoped her hutt master would require the princess' "company" on his upcoming trip. Rolling over onto her back, Leia stared at the dim orange lights of the harem's polished stone ceiling as she considered how she might influence Jabba's decision over the next few weeks.

"Leia ... Ama wata," suddenly came the grating voice of Jabba's majordomo from across the room. The young woman sat up on the rug and stared innocently at Bib Fortuna's sneering twi'lek face. "Ama wata!" he repeated in Huttese, ordering her to come to him.

The lithe dancing girl rose to her feet and approached the majordomo. Without another word, he led her from the harem and escorted her downstairs to one of the palace's levels that housed private quarters for Jabba's invited guests. Leia suspected she was being taken to service one of her master's associates, as she had been required to do on many occasions. She followed Fortuna willingly, knowing that any resistance would be subject to punishment, at the least of which included a paralyzing sting of the slave collar around her neck. The majordomo was one of a select few who possessed restraining remotes that could activate Leia's collar.

They stopped a few steps away from one of the guest room doors and Bib turned to face the lovely alderaani princess. "You know your duty," he spoke coldly, caressing her face with the back of his hand.

Leia shivered slightly as the twi'lek's sharp nails scarcely grazed her rosy cheek. "Yes, majordomo," she responded solemnly. Just another day in the palace, servicing Jabba's goons, she thought.

Fortuna smiled fiendishly, baring his pointed yellow teeth as his touch lingered for a moment longer, moving down across her exposed flesh to cup one of Leia's tits. Softly he squeezed it, admiring the gaudy silver tassels that adorned each of her nipples. Few women of this humanoid species appealed to the twi'lek, regarding them as inferior to the beauty of his own species. However, Fortuna had gained an appreciation for certain slave girls in the palace after taking the exotic silver-haired Chandrillan named Jess as his secret lover.

On one particular night, Jess had brought Leia with her into the majordomo's bed for a spirited threesome to inspire the twi'lek's libido. Bib Fortuna finally realized the princess had more value than simply being a high-priced bounty the Empire would pay handsomely for if they knew she still lived. Encouraged by his Chandrillan lover, the majordomo dominated Leia and ravaged her body for hours that night as Jess introduced him to the sensual pleasures of alderaani pussy. Since then, he had come to use Leia as many others had in the palace, adding her to the short list of favorites he would borrow from Jabba's harem whenever it suited him.

Today, however, she was meant for another. Releasing his hand from the warmth of her bare breast, Fortuna stepped toward the nearby door and knocked twice. It opened soon after to reveal a familiar face, much to the relief of the princess who smiled slightly as she realized whom she would be spending the next couple of hours with.

"Banai," the majordomo addressed the guest, gesturing for Leia to come forward. "Jabba rewards his friends," Bib reminded him. "Consider this payment in full.

"Of course," the middle-aged man responded, taking Leia's hand and leading her inside the room. "Thank Jabba for me," he said. Bib Fortuna nodded and left as the door closed. The tall man with a dark complexion and short immaculately groomed black hair stepped closer to the petite slave girl, pulling her close to him as he leaned in for a passionate kiss. She welcomed it without hesitation, having enjoyed each time spent with this particular lover. He was gentle and kind, unlike many who worked for Jabba, and never really treated her like the whore she had become, despite the manner in which she was always presented to him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked after they broke from the kiss.

"I came from Mos Espa with some special merchandise I had acquired for Jabba," he began to explain. "Long story short, I did him a favor and asked for another night with you as payment. Apparently he agreed."

"I'm glad," Leia said with a seductive smile and a twinkle in her eye. She stepped backward a few steps and eased the blue fishnet leggings off her naked body, followed by the silver tassels that barely covered her breasts. The Mos Espan merchant began undressing himself, eagerly gazing upon Leia's luscious figure, her slim dancer's legs kicking the costume piece off her bare feet and pert breasts jiggling slightly as she slinked across the small bed in the center of his guest quarters.

He soon joined her, rolling on top of Leia as they resumed kissing, his hands exploring every inch of her smooth naked skin. His slim but muscular form wasted no time in spreading her legs as his manhood filled her moist depths, plunging his aching erection into her silky passage and eliciting a low moan of pleasure from the young woman.

Twice her age and old enough to be her father, the dark-skinned merchant savored this rare delight in bedding the beautiful concubine. It would be his fourth time with her, having had the opportunity to fuck Leia before for similar reasons thanks to the generosity of Jabba the Hutt. Somewhat of a respectable man, he usually asked for monetary payment instead, but had finally given in to temptation when Jabba had first offered her to him almost a year ago. There was something about Leia that had caught his eye, making her stand out among the other women Jabba kept as pleasure slaves.

Their first time together had been an awkward one, with Leia resisting him. She had eventually warmed to his natural charms and genuine kindness as he consoled her, appreciating that kind of treatment from a man again after so long without Han. She had showed her gratitude in the only way she could, willingly offering herself to him as Jabba's token reward. Each time together since then was more sensual than the last.

"Unnnghh," the merchant groaned, pumping Leia hard and fast as they both increased their rhythm. Her legs were gripping his waist tightly now as he plowed her pussy with all his might, his thick shaft burrowing deep into her sopping wet cunny with each desperate thrust. Their moans of pleasure were almost in synch, occasionally interrupted by whispers of Leia cursing in Huttese, as was her new habit during sex.

Knowing nothing of her past, the native of Tatooine could not recognize the contrast in Leia's vulgar lust-driven behavior compared to her former life as a royal princess and important woman of respect in the Galactic Senate and Rebel Alliance. For all he knew, she had come from a poor life to begin with like so many other young girls that ended up as Jabba's slaves. He was no stranger to such a life, having grown up as a labor slave himself on Tatooine until he could earn his freedom after years of hard work. Perhaps that was why he treated Leia better than most men in Jabba's palace.

"Ohhhh yes, don't stop, Kitster," she cooed deliriously. "I can feel your cock inside me. It feels so good. Poolo ma ku'nee sinchi, Kitster ... je poolo, JE POOLO!"

As the first of several orgasms overtook her, Leia's screams of wanton abandon could be faintly heard throughout the hall outside the guest quarters while her lover drilled her cum-gushing hole with repeated energetic thrusts of his hips.

"Unnhh ... oh, Leia, ohhh sweet Leia, yes! Ahhhhhhh!" he gasped, reaching his own much needed climax in response to the intensely pleasurable spasms of the slave girl's vaginal muscles squeezing his cock. It erupted with a thick torrent of creamy jizz, filling Leia's womb with his seed as shot after shot of sperm sprang from his shuddering penis. Seconds later he collapsed on top of her hot, sweaty naked body just long enough for both of them to catch their breaths before beginning another round of passion-filled sex.

Keeping his still-erect penis deep inside her gooey orifice, Kitster Banai looked down into Leia's dark brown eyes and whispered, "I think I'm in love with you."

Leia's blissful expression wavered for a moment, unsure of how to respond to the older man. In truth, she liked him but could not bring herself to love him – not like the way she felt for Han. Given her role in the palace, how could she say she truly loved anyone in this environment? She had befriended certain people who fulfilled different needs, so in a sense she was using them as much as they used her, making life as tolerable as it could be for a slave of the hutt. She'd be lying to Kitster if she told him what he really wanted to hear.

"This isn't love ... It's just lust," she answered, expecting his intense gaze to change into disappointment, but his eyes remained bright and a sly grin formed across his dark face.

"Then let me lust for you," Kitster said. "In time maybe you'll come to feel the same about me."

Leia smiled and slowly pushed him off her as she rolled over on the bed, getting up on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder at him with a playful gleam in her eyes, she teased, "Then take me. We only have so much time here before I must go. Satisfy your lust with me, Kitster Banai. I am Jabba's gift to you."

Sliding his cum-slick erection back into her slippery cunt, the merchant of Mos Espa lunged forward and embraced his huttian harlot, determined to ravish her body for as long as he could.

Three nights later, Leia was summoned to Jabba the Hutt's private bedroom suite late in the evening for some raunchy recreation with her master. She left the main audience chamber where she had been talking with Rystall and some of the music band, then headed for Jabba's suite, unescorted. Passing by the two gamorrean guards posted outside his palatial quarters, she entered and approached the massive bloated slug reclining on his mobile dais. A dirty little jawa servant stood near the hutt, fanning him slowly to keep the bulbous behemoth's body cool and comfortable.

As usual, Cha'Nema sat by Jabba's side, her sad young face looking up at Leia with wide tear-filled eyes. Bib Fortuna had told Leia earlier that the teenage twi'lek had been resisting Jabba all night and in frustration he called for another female to entertain him. Leia viewed this as the perfect opportunity to prove her worth to her master in hopes of joining him on his upcoming offworld trip.

"Me kuna suvasa, Master Jabba," she said respectfully, dropping to her knees in front of his throne. "How may I serve you?"

Not saying a word at first, Jabba responded merely with a small chuckle of amusement at Princess Leia's complete and utter obedience to him. It never failed to flatter his enormous ego, the fact that this woman of former galactic importance had been reduced to serving as a common whore under his command, her only purpose being to satisfy his perverse whims.

"Show this worthless child what a loyal slave does for her master," Jabba ordered, waving one pudgy hand at the red–skinned lethan twi'lek cowering at the base of his dais.

Rising to her feet, Leia climbed onto the stone platform and stood on her knees against Jabba's blubbery mass, pressing her naked upper body against his scaly folds of flesh. His perverse influence on her was apparent as Leia ran her small delicate hands across his huge elongated lips and then rubbed the slimy secretions all over her breasts, coating them in a glistening sheen of hutt drool. Unclasping the silver tassels that covered her erect nipples, Leia tossed them to the floor and continued greasing her upper body with Jabba's slime.

What once completely disgusted her, this repulsive act had come to strangely arouse Leia as a kind of bizarre form of foreplay with her master. His giant pink tongue soon emerged from the hutt's mammoth oral cavity and proceeded to slobber up and down all over Leia's topless form. She shivered in response to the sensations of the huge wet appendage licking her luscious breasts and stimulating her rock-hard nipples. Her upper body twisted and shook from a series of tiny orgasms that coursed through her, making her pussy drip as much as the tongue that salivated all over her delicious flesh.

Not even bothering to remove her costume leggings, the princess stood up and submitted to Jabba's powerful arms as he turned her around with her back facing him and lifted her whole body up to his mouth, worming his slobbery pink tongue through the open crotch of her dancing costume into Leia's quivering snatch. The tip of his tongue curled and probed deep, pushing to the limits of what her body could withstand from such a large penetrating organ.

"O Jabba, ma ku'nee creemo!" Leia soon exclaimed through violent orgasmic tremors. "Fuck me, Master! Fuck me with your mouth!"

"Mmmmm," Jabba hummed appreciatively, holding Leia's legs apart and slobbering all over her gushing gash as he savored the delicious taste of her squirting cuntal honey. He lapped between her trembling legs for several more minutes, enjoying the joyous cries from his slave as much as the flavor of her Alderaani cunny. Finally setting her down in front of his belly, the hutt pondered his next perverse idea as he gazed down at the slime-covered princess writhing before him, her pussy practically oozing with hutt goo.

"Leia bato Cha'Nema leek ta ku'nee," he instructed to the dripping wet slut. Leia looked over at the horrified teenage twi'lek who had clearly understood every word Jabba just spoke. Stepping off the dais on shaky legs, the princess crawled toward Cha'Nema and took one of the young girl's arms, pulling her close.

"Forgive me," she whispered in Huttese before placing both hands behind the twi'lek's two red lekku and roughly pulling her down between Leia's legs, forcing the girl's face into the princess' creamy cunt. "Leek, Cha'Nema-sul ... leek ma ku'nee..."

Cha'Nema had no choice but to obey, her nose and tear-filled eyes already buried between Leia's outstretched legs on the suite's marble floor. Leia leaned back and pulled Cha'Nema's gasping face deeper, forcing the young girl to open her mouth for air. Quickly and desperately she began lapping at the mixture of hutt slime and cunt juices that flowed from Leia's palpitating pussy.

"That's it ... yes, that's it, baby," Leia purred. "Lick it long and deep, just like Master Jabba." The hutt rumbled with laughter above them as Leia squirmed and writhed some more on the floor, briefly looking up at her master for approval. Apparently he was pleased with her performance thus far, though she regretted having to participate in the humiliating treatment of Cha'Nema. Yet, the darker side of Leia reminded herself that it wasn't anything worse than what Jabba had subjected her to so many times before.

"Gan sinchi e shado!" she suddenly hissed, gripping the girl's two red lekku in both hands and holding Cha'Nema's head down between her trembling legs as Leia urged the young slave to lick harder and faster. Cha'Nema revealed her natural born skills as she expertly lavished her tongue over the pink folds of Leia's pussy, sucking on the swollen clit and playfully tugging on the tiny ring that pierced it, eliciting ripples of pleasure from the older woman.

As the young twi'lek continued to give Leia's pussy a thorough tongue bath, Jabba slowly snaked the end of his muscular tail off the edge of the dais platform and around behind Cha'Nema's upturned ass. As far as Jabba was concerned, her exposed young pussy with its soft gleaming wet red lips practically yearned to be filled by her master.

With a sudden yelp of surprise from the helpless teenage girl, Jabba wormed the slimy blunt tip between the puckered lips of her naturally wet cunt and slid effortlessly a few more inches inside. Cha'Nema jerked her head up from Leia's gooey love hole and blurted out a quick plea for her master to stop, but her mouth was promptly silenced as Leia grabbed hold of the girl's twitching lekku and pulled her face back down to the princess' creamy cunt.

"Don't fight it," Leia whispered down to her. "None of us could resist him forever."

The twi'lek squirmed as much as she could manage, held in place between her hutt master and the Alderaani slut assisting him. Jabba chortled in his deep rumbling tone as he wormed the end of his tail within Cha'Nema's slippery hole, stretching it wider with each twisting movement of his powerful muscles.

"Trust me," Leia continued to soothe the whimpering slave girl. "Give in to the pleasure. It's the only way you'll survive."

Heeding the guidance, Cha'Nema relaxed her struggling body, closed her eyes, and gritted her teeth and she bore the intense probing of Jabba's greasy appendage. She had endured this painful assault a few times before since her enslavement by the mighty hutt, always resisting at first and ultimately losing the will to fight. Her body would eventually give in to its primal instincts in response to the overwhelming stimulations of the hutt's grotesque body, regardless of what Cha'Nema's heart and mind desired. She understood the pleasures Leia spoke of, having experienced them each time, much to her shame.

"Boska, shiba sulta!" Jabba boomed, surprisingly lifting the petite twi'lek's entire body off the ground, impaled on his upright extremity. She screamed with a mixture of painful shock and orgasmic ecstasy as her body slid further down his huge slick shaft. With his uniquely shaped body, the hutt then began to twirl the end of his tail around, drilling it up into Cha'Nema's widely stretched cunt and triggering a long series of all-consuming orgasms from the poor defenseless twi'lek. She arched her back, her pert young tits glistening with sweat and her slender legs trembling helplessly as she deliriously rode the giant snake-like phallus.

Leia sat up on the floor and watched in awe, imagining how good it must feel to the young girl as she remembered her own first few times with Master Jabba. Without even realizing it, she eased one hand down between her legs to her aching loins, thrusting two, then three, and finally four fingers deep into her sopping wet cunt. Leaning back on one elbow, she furiously frigged her horny hotbox as she watched the hutt plow up into his newest pet, spearing Cha'Nema on his expansive protuberance.

Unable to fight the sexual overload any longer, the lethan twi'lek gave in to the intense pleasures, crying out in her own native language for Master Jabba to fuck her thoroughly, as she knew he would. Encouraged by her willingness, Jabba pumped his tail in and out of her tiny body, fucking her senseless with the pistoning and drilling motions of his tail.

The carnal assault continued for a lengthy time until Cha'Nema began to wear down. At Jabba's instruction, Leia stood up from the floor and approached the dais, embracing the teenage girl and kissing her passionately as Jabba looked on, knowing that this would arouse him even more. "It's okay, it's almost over," she whispered in assurance. "You'll enjoy this last part..."

She then helped the weak and exhausted twi'lek off Jabba's tail and into the hutt's arms so that he could savor the sweet rewards that flowed from her gaping cunthole. Cha'Nema's body continued to tremble and her lekku fluttered softly in response to the oral cleansing until finally she passed out. Laying her down by his belly at the edge of the dais, Jabba turned his attention back toward Leia.

"You performed well, Princess," he spoke, gesturing her to come closer. Leia leaned against his fat blubbery mass beside his face and playfully caressed the large round bulge under his mouth that some would consider his chin. "You may be required to entertain me again in this manner."

"As you wish," she responded, then gasped softly as she felt the cum-coated tip of his tail slowly wiggle its way up between her legs and tickle the tender lips of her pussy. "Would that include..." her voice wavered for a moment, " ... accompanying you on your trip to Talanc City?"

Jabba's copper-red eyes narrowed as he considered her question. "Perhaps..." he responded in a slow deep tone. Evidently Fortuna couldn't keep his mouth shut about anything lately, even important business matters offworld. "Such loyalty from my beloved pets should be rewarded ... from time to time."

Leia smiled triumphantly, knowing she had succeeded. Everything she had done that night had been worth it just for the chance of leaving Tatooine and possibly escaping from her slavery. "And my sister?" she asked with a seductively teasing look on her face as she pursed her ruby red lips.

The hutt's huge elongated face stretched as he smiled knowingly. "Yes, she can come too."

Leia's only remaining response was another gasp as Jabba's tail suddenly wiggled up through the stretched opening of her blue fishnet leggings and slid easily into the enslaved princess' gooey orifice. Leaning further onto his belly, she tilted her head up and closed her eyes, mouth wide open as she took in the intense sensations. This was a price she was more than willing to pay if it meant a chance for freedom.

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