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A Sexy Milf for Santa's Helper


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A well-developed teenage girl working as one of Santa's Helpers makes use of a sexy MILF who's eagerly willing to orally please the sweet young thing.

"Oh yeah, that's it, get that tongue way up inside me." Jesus, this rich bitch sure loved to eat pussy. I could tell she was inexperienced, but she definitely made up for it with her enthusiasm. I sat on the lid of the toilet, my teenage legs spread wide, as she knelt between my creamy thighs with her expensive clothes on, her face plastered against my tingling wet cunt.

"Bring that sweet tongue of yours up a little higher," I said as I ran my fingers through her lush auburn hair and pulled her working mouth up to my enflamed clit. She didn't have to be given any further instructions as she dove right in and wrapped her soft warm lips around the erect little spire and sucked gently.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it," I purred as I felt her tongue bathe the stiff nubbin with her hot saliva. I could tell by her soft moans of pleasure as she worshipped me that this MILF was really loving this. And with what she was doing to me with those magical lips and tongue of hers, I definitely had no complaints either. "If you keep this up, I might let you get me off twice." Her mature eyes flicked up to mine and I saw the lustful desire within her. "Would you like that?" I asked teasingly. With her mouth still plastered to my throbbing pussy, she nodded eagerly, excitement building in her eyes. "Good, then get back to work." She pressed herself closer and I felt her lips drawing gently on my erect red clit as her tongue rolled all around it in a slow teasing circle. I leaned back, my young hands holding her head close against my thrumming twat as I let her do what she had come for, my mind going back to what had happened just a short time ago...

My name's Tanya, I'm an 18-year old high school senior. I'm about 5'4" tall and with a curvy little figure packed into about 115 lbs. I've got shoulder length golden blonde hair and a pretty face; at least I've been told so since I was little. Like I said, I've got a curvy body with a pronounced hourglass figure, including a nice round behind, slim waist and a full set of 34Ds. I have to admit I like to show off my body by wearing tight clothes that accentuate my best attributes; especially my full heavy breasts and round behind.

A few weeks back I landed a part-time job at our local mall as one of Santa's helpers. You know, those young girls dressed up in elf-like costumes that escort the kiddies when they come up to sit on Santa's lap.

They had a new woman in the mall admin office who told me she'd trashed the old outfits they'd had and ordered new ones specifically for the girls they hired. So I had to give her my sizes, even including my shoe size. The costumes had been ordered and I got a call to pick mine up a few days prior to the opening day of "Santa's Visit". When I got the outfit home and tried it on, I couldn't believe how sexy I looked in it.

The vivid red dress was made of a stretchy fabric that fit me like a second skin. The bodice and long sleeves clung deliciously to every luscious curve and trim line as it formed to my curvy 18-year old body. The dress hugged my slim waist tightly before a little flounced skirt portion ended just a couple of inches below my pussy. The bottom edge had the usual white furry trim around it that you would expect from a Christmas getup. I think on some of the other girls, the hem would have fallen a little lower on their thighs, but my porch-like round behind caused it to end higher on mine; not that I minded, like the rest of my body, I was proud of my strong young thighs.

The top of the dress had a warm turtleneck collar that seemed befitting of an elf, but it was the way the smooth tight material showed off my full round tits that really made the dress so perfect. I turned from side to side in profile and a grin spread over my face as I could readily see the outline of the lacy underwire bra I was wearing under it. With the dress leaving so little to the imagination, I knew I had to be selective on what type of bra I chose to wear underneath. I reached up and tentatively tweaked my nipples, and as I'd thought, it didn't take long for the shadows cast by my big stiffening nipples to become readily apparent with this type of tight clinging fabric.

The outfit came with a pair of matching red opaque tights. I was so glad the color matched the dress perfectly and wasn't some cartoonish green color. The box also contained a little red Santa hat we were expected to wear, again with the furry white trim around the bottom.

The thing that really made the costume so hot though was the boots they gave us to wear. I was expecting some stupid little shoes with curvy toes and bells on them, but when I opened the second box, my mouth gaped open as I pulled out a pair of soft black leather buccaneer-type boots that came a few inches over my knee, with the little slit at the top of the back. I pulled them on over the tights and they fit perfectly, a nice 3" heel giving the whole outfit a wickedly sexy look. I looked in the mirror and smiled at the "Santa's Helper meets dominatrix" image looking back at me. Man, I definitely looked hot. I wondered how it would go over with the public.

I reported for work on opening day and we met with the woman who'd hired us. There were going to be two of us working at a time, one on each side of Santa, alternating in escorting kids up to see the big guy. We would work for two hours, then have an hour break, and then work another two hours. The partner on my first shift was a girl name Jane, a plain-looking plump little thing who I found out had a mom who worked in one of the mall's stores. Santa was some older guy who actually had a real white beard and white hair. The woman who'd hired me told me he had actually gone to some Santa school and was really good, and she followed this by an eye-roll as she mentioned something about how much it was costing her to have him.

We took our spots on the raised dais with a lot of bell-ringing and "Ho Ho Ho's" from Santa, who instructed the waiting kids to form two lines in front of Santa's Helpers. The parents shuffled their kids into makeshift rows and I looked out over the smiling eager faces. I scanned the long lines and noticed that the one in front of me had a lot of families but also a number of single dads with their kids. I looked over at Jane's line and saw that there were a similar number of families, but for kids with a single parent, the moms had lined up over there.

I smiled to myself as I realized it was the outfit, and who was wearing it, that had been the incentive for this noticeable demarcation. Basically we all knew what they were asking us teenage girls to do was to be there as eye-candy for the parents. I'm sure some girls would have felt it was sexist thing to do, but I had no qualms about showing off my lush young body, especially as I needed the job.

The kids started coming up to see Santa, with me assisting them. I had to admit, this Santa was good, and the real beard definitely helped. While Santa was doing his bit with the kids, the single dads were eager to hang around me and most of them openly flirted. I smiled and played along, letting them get a good look at my tits and bum, but never did anything out of line. I definitely didn't want to lose this job. As a high school student and with Christmas coming, I really needed the cash. So I kept smiling and posing with one hip or the other slightly thrust out as little one after little one came up and had their turn with Santa. After about an hour and half, I was looking forward to my break.

After placing one squirming little rascal on Santa's lap, I looked further down the line to see who was coming up. About three groups down, I saw a gorgeous woman staring right at me. At first glance, she reminded me of Connie Britton, the sexy actress who'd played the coach's wife on the TV show 'Friday Night Lights'. She looked to be in her mid-thirties and was exquisitely dressed. The long beautiful coat she was wearing must have cost a fortune. She was taller than me and had long reddish hair, beautiful facial features, vivid green eyes and full soft-looking lips. Her coat was open and I could see the makings of a nice full set of breasts beneath a gorgeous emerald-green sweater she was wearing. My eyes travelled downwards to see a black business-like pencil skirt following the line of her long legs downward until it ended just above her knees. There was a small gap at her dimpled knees before a sexy pair of black suede high-heeled boots covered her shapely legs the rest of the way down. From head to toe, her clothes looked very expensive, and she looked incredibly beautiful in everything she was wearing.

My mind took all this in within seconds, but as I looked up I saw her eyes roving over my own body hungrily, and as her gaze seemed to zero in on my sumptuous chest, her tongue slid out of her mouth unconsciously and wet her pouty red lips. Obviously, she really liked what she was looking at. Seeming to catch herself, her eyes flicked up to mine and I saw a nervous yet excited look there, knowing that I had caught her staring. I gave her a knowing smile in return as I provocatively turned from side to side, showing her my sizable tits in profile. I saw her face flush pink as she reached down and nudged her two small children to move forward in the line.

She stepped nervously onto the raised platform when it was their turn, ushering a boy and a girl, probably only 4 and 5, towards me.

"Would you two like to go see Santa together," I asked them as I kneeled down in front of them. They both nodded, big smiles on their faces. I picked up one at a time and set them on Santa's lap.

"They're so cute," I said as I stepped back next to the attractive woman and let her see my eyes blatantly roam over her succulent form. "They must take after their mother."

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