Dominion Chronicle: Book 1
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Water Sports, Scatology, Body Modification, Needles, Public Sex, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story in the distant future of an ultra wealthy young man a distant planet where the BDSM sub-culture / lifestyle has explicit legal support. The story begins at the start of his junior year of high school and follows him and the young woman who would be his first concubine.

Kat, age 17, sat on a park bench in a small park not far from where she lived. Tomorrow would be the first day of school and she was starting fresh at a new school. She was new to the area; in fact she was new to the planet. She sat contemplating how her life had changed in the last year. Back on her home planet of Eire, she had been living a typical teenage life with typical teenage problems. She couldn't remember the exact moment when she realized that her parents were scared; all of the adults in her clan were scared.

One of the big interstellar corporations was trying to put her family out of business and they were using the corrupt government to do it. The entire clan was going to end up dead or in prison.

They went into hiding and eventually got passage off of Eire, headed for the world of Dominion. During the voyage, the entire group of them that had escaped, her parents, her aunts and uncles, herself, her brother and her cousins, all had to go through a cultural orientation program. There she learned a name to put to the sexual dreams and fantasies she had been having since her first monthly cycle, BDSM. That part of the orientation class got her so hot.

As a result of the classes, their parents 'came out' to them about being into at least occasional BDSM play, only to find out that the children mostly already knew. Their parents hadn't been nearly as discrete as they thought they had.

Another big change that they learned about in the orientation was the gender ratio was way off from what was normal elsewhere; four or more girls for every boy, and it stayed that way generation after generation. She couldn't recall the exact cause at the moment, but she did remember it being mentioned. She looked up from her thoughts and looked around her. The gender ratio bit was certainly true. Everywhere she looked, even among the youngest kids, girls far outnumbered the boys.

A month ago she had to go in for testing to qualify for junior status because her family's problems had caused her to miss nearly half of her sophomore year. Fortunately, she not only qualified for junior standing, but tested high enough to get a scholarship to the most exclusive high school on the planet, Founder's Academy. Her younger brother Danny also got the scholarship, but he would only be a freshman.

She sighed, and looked around again. There was a vendor selling ice cream bars and other frozen treats from a cart over by where the young kids were playing. She went over towards the cart, pulling the coin bag from her purse. This was one more change she had to get used to. Growing up in the Earth Federation, she was used to paper currency. Here and, from what she read, on most worlds outside of the Earth Federation they used gold as currency where electronic transactions weren't used; though even bank accounts were denominated in grams of gold. The coins she had were all small copper coins inlaid with different amounts of gold, a centigram, a decigram or a gram. When she got to the cart, she chose a plain ice cream bar for which she paid a gram and a half, got up and walked home. Tomorrow would be a new day.

Kat O'Keeffe woke up. It was the first day of school. She got dressed in a simple knee length yellow dress and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast she grabbed her tablet and her mother drove her brother and her to school. It wasn't close by and there wasn't enough money for her to have her own vehicle. Her mom dropped them off a little after 7:00. Classes didn't start until 8:00, but they needed time to log on to the schools network and download their schedules and textbooks and to get their locker assignments.

Founder's Academy was built more like a small college than like the high schools she was used to back home. She headed over towards the picnic area around the cafeteria building to find a place to sit down to log in. She was lost in thought as she walked down the path and that was when she ran into Him, literally.

He had stopped on the path in front of her and she didn't notice in time. She bumped into his back and dropped her tablet. He was tall, at least a head taller than she was, broad and as solid as a brick wall. As she bent down to pick up her tablet, he turned around and helped her up.

When she was standing again he asked, "Are you OK?"

She looked up at him and managed to stammer "I ... I'm fine". She got her first good look at his face.

'He's gorgeous. And what a commanding presence he has. Definitely someone used to being in charge. He makes our heart pound and our pussy drip. We've never felt anything like this before. We could just fall to our knees and grovel.' echoed through the back of Kat's mind. It was the voice she considered her true self.

She snapped back to alertness and realized he had moved off.

She finally made it to the picnic area and sat down at one of the tables. She set her tablet on the table and started it up. When it was ready, she logged on to the school's network and got her textbooks and schedule. Finally, she got up and went to her first class.

He ended up being in three of her classes, geometry and civics in the morning and history in the afternoon. She also thought she saw him at lunch, but wasn't sure.

In class and in the halls, he was suave and debonair and most of the guys, not just the girls, deferred to him when he was present. She participated in class discussions, but nothing she said seemed to make any impression. At least from roll call she now had a name for him, Matthew Falconer. She tried to make seductive poses for him in the halls, but he just passed by her; seemingly without noticing.

The next morning, she was determined to get Matthew's attention. She woke up early, spent extra time brushing out her hair. She dressed in the sexiest outfit she had, a red lace bra and matching panties, a red skirt that stopped above her knees, but below mid-thigh and a red halter top.

He still didn't pay any attention to her in her first two classes. She had Gym right before lunch, and as they were showering afterward, several of the other girls asked her to sit with them for lunch. This was an opportunity to ask how a girl was supposed to get a guy here, so she accepted. They walked to the cafeteria building and after getting their food chose one of the picnic tables close to the cafeteria entrance.

The girls started to talk about their classes and about typical girl issues. She saw Him come out of the cafeteria. He was with a couple of other guys and their girlfriends. They sat down only a few tables away. Finally the issue of boys came up. She worked up her courage and asked, "How do you get a boy's attention here?"

The oldest girl at the table, a senior named Sara, look at her funny and said, "I knew you were new to this school, but I didn't realize you were new to Dominion. You have noticed that there are more girls than boys here haven't you?"

Kat nodded her head.

Sara continued, "You can't just get a boy to notice you and wait for him to make the first move. You have to make the first move and ask him. I may be able to help with that, but first I need to know what you are looking for in a guy."

Kat stammered, "I ... um ... I..."

Sara said, "You don't need to be embarrassed, we won't laugh no matter what it is."

'Don't you say anything! This bitch is a complete stranger, don't be confessing the fact that you are a deviant whore to her.' That was the voice of the woman the Earth Federation run school system on Eire wanted Kat to become.

'Oh shut up. You are such a prude, get over yourself. Why should we care? Sara seems to know her way around. If she can help us pick the right guy we should listen to her. Too bad there aren't more people around, the way Sara addresses us is humiliating and more witnesses would make it even better.'

'You need to maintain the illusion that you are a proper young woman. Don't do this to yourself, you'll regret it later.'

'Don't listen to Miss Ultra Prude. Stop being so shy, embrace our true feelings. Master, we are looking for a master. Just say it already.'

Kat finally got out, "I'm sorry, it's something that's fairly normal here, but back home it would be dangerous to share with someone you don't know very well." She lowered her gaze to the ground and said softly, "I am looking for a master."

'Good girl. It felt so good to finally let it out.'

'You're an idiot, nothing good can come from this. Why do I even bother.'

Sara responded, "Do you have someone in mind?"

Kat sighed, "Matthew Falconer."

"Do you have any experience with BDSM?"

'Now we get to the interesting stuff. Too bad we don't have more experience, but we should be honest about it.'

"I have seen my parents play BDSM games a few times."

"So you have no real experience. Kat, Matthew Falconer is an advanced course and you haven't even signed up for a beginner course yet."

Kat looked at Sara with a forlorn expression on her face.

Sara said, "OK, we'll throw you in the deep end of the pool and see if you can swim. Follow me and I'll introduce you to him."

'Yes!!! God we are enjoying this.'

Sara walked over to the table where Matthew was sitting, with Kat trailing behind her.

Sara started, "Hi Matt."

Matt answered, "Hello Sara, what's up?"

"There is a new transfer student in the junior class and she asked me to introduce you to her. Matthew Falconer, this is Katherine O'Keeffe."

"Yes," said Matt as he stood up and offered Kat his hand, "we kind of meet yesterday, but we didn't get each other's names. It is nice to officially meet you Katherine."

'Just his voice and presence makes us so hot and wet. Oh God, we didn't bring a spare pair of panties.'

"Yes, it's nice to meet you too. I usually go by Kat. Um..." Kat paused to take a deep breath, "Can I be your girlfriend?"

'Are you really that naive that you think he'll take you seriously?'

"I'm not looking for a girlfriend." he laughed, "I'm looking for my first concubine Kat, and you haven't got what it takes." Matt condescended, looking Kat up and down then turning away and sitting back down.

'Yes! That is exactly what we wanted to hear.'

Kat's face brightened, her heart skipped a beat and her pussy started to tingle when he said the word concubine. Then the last part of what he said sunk in and her face fell.

'Hey, wait a minute, what does he mean we don't have what it takes. We can't let this opportunity go. Get down on your knees and show him we can handle it.'

She walked over so she was right next to where he was sitting and fell to her knees. She pleaded with him, "Please sir, to be a concubine is something I have wanted for a long time, for far longer than I have known it had a name. Please sir, give me a chance."

Matthew stood up again. He took her chin in his hand and lifted her to a standing position, looked down into her face and said, "You have no idea what you are getting into. Would you like to know what you are getting into?" he asked.

'You don't want to know! Get out of here.'

'Like hell we don't want to know. We are desperate to know. Anything he says will probably go straight to our pussy and warm things up some more.'

Kat nodded her head, afraid that under the full force of his presence she wouldn't be able to get more than gibberish out of her mouth.

He began to rant, "I would train you to be my pet, to perform tricks and obey my every command. I would punish you without mercy for the slightest disobedience, for the slightest failure. You would wear only what I allow; if I so decided, you would come to school naked. I would fuck you in all three of your holes. You would fuck who, what, where and when I say. If I told you to get down on your hands and knees and fuck my dog in the middle of a public park, you would do so without hesitation. I would use your mouth for a toilet and your tongue for toilet paper. I would humiliate you in public, in front of your friends and in front of your family. The whole world would know that you existed for only one reason, to serve me."

As Matt began his rant, Kat's eyes went wide; He and his voice became her entire world. With his every word her heart pounded and her pussy itched.

'This should be scaring the shit out of you.'

'It doesn't. Go away.'

'God this is disgusting.'

'No it's not, we love it. This guy is perfect. I though I told you to go away'

'I can't believe your actually getting off on this.'

'Oh God! This is fun, we are going to cum. It's going to be the best one ever and this guy hasn't even touched us!'

Kitten became aware of her surroundings again. "Oh my GOD!" she exclaimed and ran off before she ended up having the best orgasm of her life in front of everyone.

'Hey, were are we going? It was too soon ... we shouldn't have run off ... He told us he was into public humiliation, we should have stayed and made our humiliation complete for him.'

As Matt watched her run away, he sniffed the air and smiled.

Kat tried to sneak into history class, but Matt was already there and smiled an evil, knowing smile at her. He knows, she thought to herself, he knows exactly why I ran. She had mostly recovered from the humiliation of having nearly cum in front of hundreds of people, but now she was ashamed of the fact that she ran away from him. She sat as far from him as she could and tried her best to be invisible.

After class, when she got to her mom's car, her brother was already there and in the car. She slipped into the back seat without saying a word.

Her mother looked at her in the rear view mirror and asked, "Honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Kat said.

Her brother piped up, "She had an argument with some guy at lunch. He must have said something really mean to her because she ran away from him."

'It wasn't any kind of argument. Why did we run away? I am ashamed that we ran.'

'Why can't you follow your brother's example? Danny is a decent guy, unlike that monster pervert, Matt Falconer.'

"Danny!" Kat yelled.

"Is this true?" her mom asked.

"I am not talking about it in front of him." Kat pouted, indicating her brother with a tilt of her head.

'Finally, your coming to your senses. You shouldn't tell anyone, even your family about that whore's perversions.'

She remained silent for the rest of the trip home. When they got home, she got out of the car and ran straight to her room; closing and locking her door behind her.

At 6:30, she heard her father's car pull into the driveway. 10 minutes later there was a knock on her bedroom door and her mother's voice said, "Kat, we sent Danny over to Uncle Thomas' house for the night, would you please come out and talk to your father and I about what happened at school today?"

Kat unlocked her bedroom door and followed her parents down to the living room. She told them everything. Running into him on Monday, talking to the girls from gym about how to attract a guy, Sara introducing her to Matt and everything he said to her, word for word, her reaction to those words and her shame at having run away after he had just said that public humiliation was a big thing for him.

"Kat baby," her father said, "I am sure that this boy would have been even more pleased had you stayed and made your humiliation complete, however I am also sure that he found the way you did react quite pleasing. To know that he could bring you to the very edge, without even touching you, would be a point of pride for him. He is probably sitting at home right now thinking 'That girl is going to be so much fun'."

Her father paused for a bit to let his words sink in. Then he continued, "Kat, my greatest desire for you is for you to be happy and I hope you take this in that light. This is not a suggestion. You will go back to him tomorrow and apologize for running away, accept whatever punishment he deems fit for that transgression and tell him you accept the terms he offered you today."

Kat jumped up, hugged her father and kissed his cheek. "You always know just the right thing to say." she said.

'What a wonderfully humiliating idea. I can't wait for tomorrow. Should we tell him at lunch? Or maybe earlier?'

When Kat got up the next morning, she thought about what to wear. Finally, after giving it some thought, she dressed in an old well-worn and comfortable pair of jeans and a red tank top. When she went down for breakfast, her father was still home. He took one look at how she was dressed and said, "Kat, given what you are going to be doing today, do you think that outfit sends the right message?"

"Yes it does." Kat laughed "Yesterday he told me he would control what I wear, but gave no specifics. This outfit just yells 'Help! I need you to tell me how to dress'." Her father laughed with her at that and said, "Good luck."

During the morning classes she shares with Matt, she made sure to sit close to him. He smiled at her and raised an eyebrow at how she was dressed, but said nothing to her. It was quite clear that he would wait for her to make the next move.

In the locker room before gym, Sara came up to Kat and asked, "So are you ready to think a little more realistically?"

"No." Kat said without volunteering more.

"So why are you dressed like that that then?" Sara asked.

"If you follow me at lunch and watch what happens, you'll find out." Kat replied.

Kat got to the cafeteria in line, she noticed Matt only a few people ahead of her in line. He was with the same group as the day before. When she got through the line, she quickly moved to follow him out to the picnic area.

'I know what you are thinking. Don't do it. You can still back out and remain a proper young lady.'

Today, his group picked out a spot with two tables set end to end, leaving enough room for her to join them. Kat caught up with them just as Matt set his lunch down on the picnic table, set hers down next to his and said softly, "Sir, I apologize for running away from you yesterday. I will accept whatever punishment you deem appropriate. I accept your terms as given yesterday."

He turned his head towards her, "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear that." he said.

'He wants us to humiliate ourselves and say it so everyone can hear. We LOVE it. It will be so deliciously humiliating. Take a deep breath and enjoy... '

Kat got the message, took a deep breath and repeated her statement as loudly as she could, without shouting. All conversation stopped at the tables around them and everyone was looking at them.

'There goes my reputation. I am going to crawl off and die of shame now.'

He turned to face her fully, and stepped in close. He lifted her chin so she was looking straight into his eyes. "The way you are dressed is completely unacceptable. Just what do you think that outfit says to me?" he asked sternly. The gleam in his eye told her he got the right message; he was just going to make her say it out loud. Several sniggers could be heard from the audience.

'Will he tell us to undress? Humiliate us by forcing us to have lunch naked in front of all these people? We would have such an orgasm, it might even top the one we missed out on yesterday. It would be a blast!'

'If he does order that, maybe it will bring you to your senses, but I doubt it.'

She played along, putting on her best sad puppy dog eye face and said in a sultry voice, "Sir, I need you to tell me how to dress". Several members of their audience, including Sara, broke out in hysterical laughter.

"Sit down and we will discuss your dress code among other things while we eat. I will take care of disciplining you for running away yesterday after we have eaten."

They sat down and started eating. "What kind of sexual experience do you have?" he asked.

"I jill off regularly, but only externally with either my fingers or a vibrator I borrowed from my mother." Kat said as she blushed, "I have cum from being spanked. I have watched my parents while they were engaged in BDSM play."

"That's all?" Matt asked.

"Yes." Kat practically whispered and hung her head.

Matt lifted her chin and said, "That's nothing to be ashamed of."

'I've been trying to tell you that since we got here. If you act ashamed of your lack of experience all the time you'll never get any.'

Matt pulled out his tablet and placed it on the picnic table. He told Kat to put hers next to his and quickly entered a few commands to swap contact information with Kat.

"Create a new document on your tablet called rules." he instructed her. "I am going to give you a few rules now. You are expected to obey these rules at all times and will be punished for breaking them. First and most important, you are never to lie to me or withhold or hide anything from me. Likewise, you are never to lie about or hide the nature of our relationship from anyone at any time. You are not required to declare yourself to the incurious, but if someone does ask about it, you must answer and answer truthfully." He paused to give her time to finish entering the first rule into her tablet.

"Two is simple, you are to address me as 'Sir' or 'Master' at all times."

"The third and final rule for today is more complicated. This is your dress code. We will start with underwear. Panties or pantyhose of any kind are strictly forbidden and not to be worn under any circumstance. You may wear a bra for support, but only half-cup, shelf style or open cup bras that leave your nipples uncovered. You may wear knee high, or thigh high stockings."

'We will enjoy that for sure. We never did like having our pussy encased in nylon or cotton. Just think about how wonderfully humiliating it will be for everyone to be able to see our pussy juices running down our legs.'

"For outer wear: dresses, or skirts and tops only, no pants or shorts. Skirt and dress hemlines must be mid-thigh or shorter. Tops must be one or more of: low neckline that shows lots of cleavage, tight enough for the impression of your nipples to be visible, see through or sheer enough to see your nipples/areola."

'We've always wanted to be an exhibitionist, but it was always too risky back home. Now we can revel in it. Master has a perfect sense of fashion!'

"Shoes must be high heels. Preferably the highest heels you can walk in."

'And He is sensitive too! He'll train us progressively to walk around in the highest heels.'

"You may wear a bikini for swimming or beach wear. However, nothing is to be worn over it."

'Great, we have to go to the beach just to enjoy a crumb of modesty. The pervert is so generous.'

"Thank you Sir." Kat said as Matt looked at her tablet to make sure she had the rules down correctly.

After they finished eating, he indicated that she should stand up. He stood up as well, but sat back down with his back facing the table. "Sit down on my lap with your legs outside of mine." he said.

When she was seated as he instructed, he whispered into her ear, "This is your punishment for running away yesterday and denying me your orgasm. I am going to unfasten your pants, slip my hand in and play with your pussy and clit until you cum or the end of period bell rings. I am going to take from you the public orgasm you denied me yesterday."

'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... '

'Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... '

Kat closed her eyes and whimpered slightly as he reached down and started undoing her belt and pants. Her pussy was already a swamp before he even got his hand inside her panties. When he did get his hand into her panties, he felt her full untamed bush. "Why the jungle?" he asked her. "You haven't told me how you want it trimmed yet." she replied.

He smiled at her reply as his hands found her pussy. He slipped a finger between her lips and found her hole. He proceeded carefully and could tell by feel that she wasn't lying about not even having masturbated internally, as he could feel her intact maidenhead. He pulled his finger back a bit and ran it up until he found her clit. His hand quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm and she started to bite her lip to keep herself quiet. He noticed and whispered, "You will not make any attempt to keep quiet. In fact, if I don't think you are loud enough, you will be punished."

She barely got out "Yes Sir" before she lost the ability to speak. He backed off just before she went over the edge. He kept increasing and decreasing the amount of stimulation. Not letting her cum, but never stopping completely either. She lost track of time. She wanted to beg him to let her cum, but all she could get out were moans, groans and inarticulate cries. Her eyes started to close.

Matt whispered in her ear that she was attracting an audience, that everyone was gathering around them to watch. He noticed that her eyes were closed and ordered her to open them, to make eye contact with her audience. She opened her eyes and looked around.

A crowd had gathered and was standing in a rough circle around them. She noticed her brother in the front row and looked him in the eye.

'So what? Danny is here ... You need to accept that he will see you in these kinds of situations, probably even more difficult ones, if we commit to this relationship. Don't pay any attention to him. Let yourself go. Enjoy the exhibition and make Him give us the best orgasm ever... '

Matt finally took her all the way to the finish line. Having been kept on the edge for a while, the final explosion was more intense than anything she had ever experienced before. She screamed her pleasure and passed out briefly. When she woke up, everyone was applauding.

'I told you it was going to be painful, but did you listen to me? Now we have to go through the rest of the school day with soiled panties and soaking wet pants. Oh God, we smell like a brothel running a two for one special.'

Her sixth period class was extremely humiliating. Her pants and her panties were soaked and she smelled like a cat in heat. Mrs. Brendeland wanted to send her to the nurses office to clean up, but relented when Kat explained that she didn't have any clean clothes to change into.

When she saw Matt in the hall before class, she walked up to him and pulled his head down into a wet and passionate kiss. "Thank you Sir for doing such a good job of punishing me." she said.

'Just one of many things Master excels at... '

As they left their history class and parted to go to their final classes of the day, Matt said, "From now on you will meet me by the picnic area for clothing inspection at 7:30."

After school her mother again picked up her and her brother. As soon as they were in the car, her mother turned as far as she could and asked "Kat, what happened today? Considering that you smell like you were trampled by a heard of cats in heat, it must have gone well."

Kat blushed and replied, "It went very well. Danny can give you the details if he wants." To her surprise, Danny said, "Nah, let her wait, we'll tell the story together once dad's home."

When their father got home, Kat was waiting for him by the door, "Daddy, I need mom to take me shopping, I don't have any clothes to wear to school tomorrow."

"Mary, did you do the laundry today?" her father asked. "Yes Sir." her mother replied. "Then you should have plenty to wear for tomorrow." he said to Kat.

"Well, what I meant to say was I don't have any clothes I am allowed to wear tomorrow." she replied.

"Congratulations. I take it from this that today went well." Her father said, "Why don't you tell us all about it over diner and then your mother can take you shopping."

'Saying today went well is an epic understatement'

They went into the dining room. Mary served diner and they ate, while between Kat and Danny they told the whole story to what happened at lunch. Kat's father was taken aback that such a thing would be allowed openly at school.

Kat's mother took her shopping and they came back with several new outfits for Kat that should meet her dress code.

Thursday morning Kat arrived at school at 7:15 dressed in a denim bustier tank top, denim mini skirt and blue pumps with 10cm heels.

Matt arrived at precisely 7:30. He walked up to her smiling, "It's time for you to learn your first command. The command is 'Display'. When you hear this command, you are to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, back straight, hands behind your head with your fingers laced together and elbows pointing straight out to your sides. Once you are in the correct pose, you are to hold that pose until given another command or you are released. Do you understand?"

"Yes master." she replied.

"Good. Display" he commanded her. Kat quickly assumed the pose her master had described. Matt walked around her and made a couple of minor corrections to her pose, which she committed to memory.

He stepped up to her and partially unzipped her top, peeling one side back to check her bra. He was quite pleased to see that she was wearing a black lace shelf bra that supported the undersides of her breasts, without covering much of anything. Then he pulled her skirt up to her waist. He saw that she was completely without panties as ordered and saw her untamed bush for the first time, which he had only felt the day before. He dropped her skirt back down and leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I will take you out to have you groomed after school." He stepped back a bit. "Hands at your sides." he commanded. She put her hands down. He ran his hands through her copper hair, savoring the texture of it. His hands roamed down her back, making her shiver and back up her arms. He walked behind her and cupped her ample breasts from behind. From behind, he ran his hands down her sides and over her hips. She shuddered again and tried to melt into him. She wasn't skinny, Matt thought to himself, but she was well proportioned and curvy in all the right places, which was how he liked his women. "You are a sexy little kitten," he whispered in her ear "from now on your name is 'Kitten' and you are not to respond to any other name with one exception, responding to teachers and other school officials."

'And now we go by a pet name. I bet he'll want to walk us around on a leash. I can't wait.'

'We aren't an animal! This is going too far! You can't accept this!'

He walked back around in front of her and asked "Do you understand Katherine?"

'Answer your real name!'

She remained quiet.

"Do you understand Kat?" he asked again.

She did not answer.

"Do you understand Kitten?" he asked for the third time.

"Yes master I understand." she replied.

'Yes, total obedience is the way to go.'

"Good girl." he told her.

"Thank you Master." she said. He had her so hot; all she would need would be for him to blow on her clit to set her off. Then the 5 minute warning bell rang and they had to go to class.

Kitten was fidgeting all through her first period writing class because she was so horny. The voice of her true self was constantly in her mind and she struggled to concentrate on the lectures. She almost met up with Matt in second period geometry, but was pulled aside by the school counselor Mrs. Christen.

Mrs. Christen led Kitten to her office and sat Kitten down in a comfortable chair and sat down in another similar chair facing Kitten. "Katherine, I have become aware of the incident at lunch yesterday and I feel the need to discuss some things with you."

Kitten blushed and looked around nervously. "Don't worry, "Mrs. Christen said, "You aren't in any trouble." Kitten let out a sigh and relaxed. Mrs. Christen continued "It is the official policy of Founder's Academy that BDSM play, even open play is not to be discouraged, as long as it is consensual; unless it disrupts class time for other students. However, it is my responsibility to make sure such things are consensual. Am I right that the young man from the lunch incident is responsible for your change in wardrobe?"

"Y-Yes." Kitten stammered and blushed even harder.

"And are things between you and the young man in question consensual?" Mrs. Christen asked.

"Yes." Kitten answered.

"That's good." Mrs. Christen replied. "School records show you are a recent immigrant and that you have only been on Dominion a couple of months. Have you signed a contract yet?"

"No ma'am." Kitten said.

Mrs. Christen continued, "Good, there is time to get you properly educated before you get involved with the formalities. Take this data chip and download the contents to your tablet. This has specific legal information relevant to your situation as well as the name, office address and contact information for a lawyer who specializes in indenture and marriage issues. She doesn't have any connection to the Falconer family, so there won't be any conflict of interest. I have taken the liberty of setting up a consultation for you on Monday after school."

"Ma'am, I am not sure..." Kitten trailed off, surprised by the mention of her master's last name. Given the way the counselor had been talking, she was sure the woman didn't know who he was.

"Yes, I know who he is." Mrs. Christen continued, "He has quite the reputation. I have also cleared the appointment with him, so there won't be any schedule issues. Now, take the data chip and go to your next class, it's almost time for the current period to end."

She met up with Matt outside of their third period Civics class. "Do you have the data chip?" he asked.

"Yes Sir." She replied.

"Good, make sure you load it onto your tablet as soon as possible." he told her.

They went into class and she sat next to him. Since there was a couple of minutes to go before class started, she put the chip into the reader slot on her table and started the process of transferring the data.

When Civics was over, Matt pushed her up against the wall in the hallway and gave her a searing kiss, which left her weak kneed and dripping with need. Then he and Kitten split up and went to separate classes.

Kitten went to the gymnasium for gym class. She made her way in to the locker room and started to change. Her tennis skirt was short enough for her dress code, but she brought in an older tee shirt that was still in good shape; but was getting tight on her, especially in the chest. She was just putting on her gym shoes when she heard "Kat that was quite the show at lunch yesterday." It was Sara's voice right behind her.

'I don't understand why Sara is so bossy. Does she want to dominate and humiliate us? I didn't know that they had girls like that around here.'

Kitten turned around blushing from both the reminder of what happened at lunch yesterday as well as what she was about to say, "My name is Kitten."

'This is humiliating, school is turning into a nightmare. And I can't believe that the school actually supports this crap.'

Sara raised an eyebrow and said, "All right. Kitten, are you feeling OK about yesterday? Have you talked to the counselor?"

'Don't deny me! Tell her the truth ... If she humiliates us more, Master will probably punish us for accepting it without asking for permission first. We'll probably enjoy the punishment.'

"Yesterday was just wonderful." Kitten sighed. "Yes, I talked to the counselor." she added without volunteering more. This seemed to satisfy Sara, who didn't push any further on the issue.

Kitten met up with Matt as he was coming out of the cafeteria to the picnic area. He indicated for her to sit down across from him. She sat down where he indicated and he started talking. "Kitten, communication is important in any relationship, but it is even more important in a relationship like ours. It is very important that you not only not lie to me, but never withhold information. I need to know what you enjoy and what you don't. With that in mind, while we eat, I want you to tell me about what you want out of this relationship, how you know you are submissive, and what your fantasies are."

Kitten closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath; then she opened her eyes, looked directly at her master and began. "I have always gotten a thrill out of doing what I was told; as far back as I can remember, three or four years old. It wasn't until later, after my mother had given me the birds and the bees lecture and I had discovered masturbation, that I realized that the thrill I got in doing what I was told was at least partly sexual. Since I first started having my periods, I have had fantasies about being forced to do dirty, nasty, humiliating, demeaning and even stomach turning things. Things that would make what the Earth Federation considers a normal woman throw up just hearing about them. I want to be forced to do things that such a woman would rather die than be forced to do." She took a deep breath and continued, "What do I want out of this relationship; I want you to tell me what to do, to punish me when I fail or disobey. I want you to use me as a toy, a pet, a servant, even a piece of furniture if that is what pleases you. I want you to force me to do everything you mentioned that first day and more." Kitten wound down at that point, flushed and a bit out of breath.

'If he takes you at your word, my life will become the worst nightmare ever... '

Matt grinned broadly. "My, you are so very eager; but reality is different than fantasy and I am still not convinced that you truly understand what you are getting into. This is not just the occasional play that you witnessed with your parents, this is a lifestyle for me. You are mine, under my control and subject to my rules at all times, even if we are not together. While at this time we are not operating under a contract and you are free to call it off at any time, I will not tolerate an on and off relationship. If you call it off, you will not be welcomed back. Do you understand?"

'We understand, at least I do.'

"Yes Sir, I understand." Kitten said, determined that she would not disappoint him.

"Good, " Matt began, " I am going to warn you that the next few weeks are going to be very intense, likely more intense than our life together will be if we get that far. You will be tested to see if you can handle being a concubine full time. After homecoming, we will discuss terms and I will offer you a formal contract. This will include an escape clause for you that will expire when we graduate, at which point the contract becomes permanent."

'Will you be extreme enough to meet my needs? I do hope that you will be as commanding as we need.'

After a pause to let her digest what he said, he continued saying, "Send your mother a message that you will not be coming straight home after school and you won't need a ride home. I will be taking you out for dinner, although there will be a couple of other stops first. Now eat your lunch."

'Lunch isn't what I hunger for the most, Master!'

They finished their lunches and left for their remaining classes for the day.

Kitten met Matt at the parking lot after school. His car was low and sleek with a fire red paint job, obviously some sort of sports car; although it was as long as a typical family vehicle back on Eire. As long as it was, it was still shorter than the typical vehicle she had seen so far on Dominion. Most family vehicles were closer to what would have been considered a large van or small bus back on Eire, probably because the typical family was much larger here. It had two pairs of gull wing doors, with a large enough space behind the back doors that it was obvious that this was a rear power plant vehicle. The faint thrum of the fusion power plant was much louder than a typical vehicle, which was nearly silent. It whispered a promise of tremendous power and speed.

He opened the front passenger door for her and she got in. "So where are we going?" she asked as he drove off.

"Grand Plaza Mall, you will know more when we get there." he answered. "It's not that I lack confidence in my own charm, but there are a lot of guys at school, why did you focus on me?"

"It was the first day of school before class started when I ran into you." she replied. "When you helped me up and I looked in to your eyes, ... I had never felt such a commanding presence. In that moment I wanted to fall down and grovel at your feet, but I felt frozen in place. I knew in that moment that you were the one."

Matt smiled at her response and said, "You know next to nothing about me. You can ask any question you want at any time about anything as long as you ask respectfully, although I won't promise that you will always get an answer. What would you like to know?"

'I know that it's enough for you to just look at me to soak my panties to death, well it would be if you let me wear any, Master. That is more than enough for me to enjoy doing your bidding.'

'Whore! You are such an idiot. Do you really think that a swampy pussy is enough to sign up for a lifetime commitment? You are the biggest slut in the galaxy and you don't deserve me... '

Kitten thought for a moment and asked "This car had to be horrendously expensive, how did you get it?"

"I got it for my birthday last year. My family is very wealthy and I have significant personal wealth of my own." he replied.

"Where do you live?" she ventured.

"My parents own an estate on the outskirts of Landing." he said, "It is quite large and there is a guest house. I am living in the guest house at the moment."

At that moment they arrived at Grand Plaza Mall and she quieted down and was looking around as Matt was looking for a parking place. It was an open air mall set up as a park like setting, with parking around the outside of the mall. She could smell salt water, so they were close to the coast.

When they got out of the car, Matt told her, "Walk a step behind me and a bit to my left. You are not to speak unless asked a direct question, until you are told otherwise."

She nodded and fell in behind him in the proper position as he walked into the Mall. With just a few glances, she could tell that all of the shops in this mall were very up-scale. She paused and looked up when he stopped. They were right in front of a pet store called Pampered Pets. The store had a full glass front and she could see a grooming area off to one side that was separated from the main store by a glass partition so people could watch their pets being groomed. She suddenly realized exactly what her master meant this morning when he said he was going to have her groomed. She blushed, it went all the way down to her navel, her pussy went into overdrive and she could feel the slick wetness of her juices running down her legs.

Matt turned and saw Kitten standing there with her thighs pressed tightly together. "Need to pee?" he asked, pointing at a grassy area near by.

'No, not that. I couldn't stand the humiliation... '

"No Sir." she replied starting to pant.

"Before I have you groomed, you need to buy something to assert yourself as my pet. I want you go in ahead of me. I will keep an eye on you, but I want it to look like you are shopping on your own. When you have made your selection and paid for it, bring it to me at the front of the store. Is that clear?" he asked.

'Yes! This is one of the moments we have waited for! A leash, HIS leash! The humiliation of being led around on a leash in front of everyone ... I'm glad we aren't allowed to wear panties anymore because it will be easier for everyone to enjoy our arousal! I can't wait for HIS collar ... What can we have engraved on the tag to best assert our submission? His Name? His ownership?'

"Yes Sir." she replied and walked into the store. She found the isle with the collars and leashes. She spent some time looking them all over and finally settled on some plain pink leather collars. She thought that they would stand out beautifully against both her pale skin and her darker copper hair. She bent over to select a couple of different sizes to see which fit her. While she was bent over, she suddenly felt a cold nose and a warm tongue on her outer labia. She jumped up and shrieked, though she wasn't sure if the shriek was from being startled or from cumming or both. She turned around and saw an elderly gentleman with an amused look and a German Shepard. Matt was down at the other end of the isle watching, a grin on his face, wide enough that it should be visible from orbit.

"Are you alright?" the man asked.

'You just got off on a dog licking you? I'm going to be sick.'

'What do I have to do to get rid of you once and for all. Don't listen to her, It was fun. Would have been more fun if you had gotten down on our hands and knees and let him have his way with us.'

"I'm fine, I was just startled." she replied.

"I'm sorry miss, I should have been holding him a bit shorter." the man said as he dragged the dog out of the aisle.

She turned back to the collars and selected two to try on. She picked the one that fit best and put the other one back. She then selected a 2 meter pink leather leash to go with it and headed off to the machine that made the etched tags. She selected a heart shaped tag, which was 14k gold plated over a sterling silver base and could be etched on both sides. When etched, the silver would cause the text to stand out from the gold. She had it put "Kitten" on the front side and "Property of Matthew Falconer" on the back side.

She was very self conscious and very aroused as she approached the checkout counters. When it was her turn she placed her items on the counter. As she was being checked out Matt walked up. He looked over her choices and nodded his approval. When she was done paying, rather than letting the cashier put her items in a bag, she picked them up and handed them to her master.

As the next person was being checked out, he took the tag and used the included split ring to put it on the collar with her name facing out. Then he told her to hold her hair up while he put the collar on her neck. It felt like the whole store was watching as he put the collar on her and then attached the leash to the collar.

Once the collar and leash were on, her master led her over to the pet grooming area.

'OMG! I love this. I'm so helpless ... Wait, what does He mean with grooming?'

The grooming area consisted of a small waiting area over on one side of the pet store, a long narrow room with multiple grooming tables and a door at the far end leading to a back area. There were only four groomers on duty and they were not very busy at the moment. One of the groomers came out and talked to her master. He told the groomer she was to be bathed, then given a tousled half up hairdo and to permanently remove most of the hair from the rest of her body, leaving just a landing strip for her pubic hair. She had no idea what the last part meant, but she expected she would find out.

'What about my leash? Will the groomer take it? How will it feel to be led by someone other than my Master? Will I be able to stand it?'

Matt handed Kitten's leash to the groomer. The groomer led her back through the grooming area to one of the larger grooming tables. The groomer told her to undress and noticing that her master had followed along outside the glass partition, turned to face him as she complied blushing. She placed her clothes on the shelf the groomer indicated and when she was down to just her collar, the groomer approached and put a nylon rope collar on her, with an attached nylon leash, and then took Kitten's brand new leather collar off saying, "We don't want this to get wet". Her collar was placed with her clothes.

'I'm sick already from being publicly displayed like a dog.'

'The collar will be the only thing not getting wet. If anyone touches my pussy I might be able to cum on the spot ... This will only be the second person to touch me intimately and it has all happened so fast... '

Kitten was led to the door at the far end of the grooming area. Beyond the door was an area set up for bathing pets. Along one wall there were stainless steel basins of various sizes. All of the basins were high in the back and on the sides, but with a low lip set on the front edge. Each was equipped with a faucet and a hand held shower nozzle. The smallest were set at sink height and were a good size to wash a small dog or cat. The largest were big enough for even the largest dogs and were only a few inches off the floor. They had steps by the front edge so the large dogs they were intended for could easily step up into the basin.

The far wall from the basins had a set of cages with large blowers attached that put out warm air for drying the pets after washing them. The cages came in every size, from small cages for cats and small dogs, to large cages which could hold the largest dogs.

Three women were working in this area wearing just bikinis, One was placing a cat into one of the cage driers, one was washing a mid-sized dog. The third walked up to the groomer holding Kitten's leash and the groomer said, "Take Kitten here and give her a bath and get her in one of the cage dryers. I need to go prep my station for a full body depilatory job." She then handed Kitten's leash over to the woman in the bikini.

Kitten was led over to one of the large basins. The woman in the bikini looked at Kitten and seeing her blush said "First time?" Without waiting for an answer she continued, "Get in the basin on your hands and knees and I will wash you just like I would a dog. If you cooperate, everything will go much quicker." Kitten complied and got in the tub as directed. The woman also got in the tub and started spraying Kitten down with water. When Kitten was completely wet, she put down the shower head and put on a pair of gloves that looked like they were made by sewing two pairs of washcloths together. The gloves were lathered up with a combination body wash/shampoo and the woman started washing Kitten from the front end and working her way back. By this time, Kitten was panting from arousal. This whole process was extremely humiliating and it was driving Kitten's pussy nuts.

'Why are you letting him do this to you? Why are you getting off on it? You are a sick disgusting freak.'

'Don't listen to her, we're having fun.'

The woman washing her finally got to her legs and ass. She took one look at Kitten's crotch and inner thighs and exclaimed, "Very messy back here." She started washing Kitten's pussy roughly. This pushed Kitten over the edge and she exploded, screaming "OH GOD", then collapsed in a heap on the bottom of the tub. The woman washing her just sniggered and started rinsing Kitten off with the hand held shower, while Kitten tried to pull herself together and get back up on her hands and knees.

'I loved that. You can do that as much as you like if I can get off on it like that... '

When she was completely rinsed off, Kitten was led over to and placed in one of the cage dryers. After a while, the groomer came back and led her back out to the front grooming area. Matt was still standing there outside the window by the grooming table where she had undressed earlier. Kitten was told to lie down on the table, back down and to spread her legs as far apart as she could. As Kitten complied, the groomer pulled out a small hair trimmer; similar to what men would use for trimming beards, and a box. The box contained a device which consisted of a handle with several controls and an internal power supply and a number of detachable heads in different shapes and sizes.

The groomer started with the hair trimmer, using it to trim the pubic hair in the area above Kitten's pubic mound to around a quarter inch in length. The groomer then adjusted the trimmer and went back to Kitten's pubic mound and started trimming back the hair to just stubble everywhere, except for a narrow vertical strip directly above her mound. Kitten realized that this was what was meant by the term "landing strip", as the shape was kind of like a runway at an airport or spaceport.

When Kitten's pubic hair was all reduced to stubble, except for the landing strip, the groomer switched to the other device; which she explained used nanites powered from the handle control unit to permanently kill any hair follicles in the area touched by the head. The groomer selected a small triangular head and worked out from the landing strip by placing one edge of the triangular head against the edge of the landing strip and moving out towards either thigh.

The device caused a lightly painful sensation of being poked by dozens of needles wherever the head of the device touched Kitten's skin. This light pain in her pubic area went straight to her clit, pumping her arousal back up.

When the area immediately around her pubic mound was cleared, Kitten was panting and the groomer switched to a larger round head and started doing the bulk of her body. The groomer worked down the insides of Kitten's legs and back up the outside and top. From there she worked her way up Kitten's sides and abdomen, until she reached the bottom of Kitten's breasts and her armpits. From the armpits, she worked down the insides of Kitten's arms and back up the outside and top. From there the groomer worked Kitten's shoulders and back to her chest. As the groomer ran the device over Kitten's breasts, Kitten's panting rose in volume and frequency. The groomer looked at Matt who nodded slightly and the groomer placed the device directly over one of Kitten's nipples. At this point, Kitten arched her back and screamed in pleasure.

'Hey Evil Twin! This is the third time we have gotten off in less than one hour, and I hope there will be a lot more to come! We are loving this more than you could possibly imagine... '

When she had recovered somewhat, the groomer had her turn over onto her stomach and proceeded to use the device on her back side, working from her shoulders, down to her feet. Finally, the groomer switched to a very small round head and used this on the inside of Kitten's ass crack.

'Nooo! Not there, that's disgusting, you can't let this happen! This is crazy... '

Then the groomer had Kitten sit up and lowered the top of the grooming table until she could reach Kitten's head comfortably. She then touched a button on a control panel and the glass in front of Kitten suddenly became a mirror. "It's one way, your master can still see you." the groomer whispered in Kitten's ear. She proceeded to brush out Kitten's hair, using a curler to put slight waves in the bottom half of her hair and pinned the top half up at the back of her head; leaving her with a shorter, loose tousled pony tail. The groomer explained everything as she went. Making sure Kitten would be able to maintain the hairdo herself, undoing and redoing it on her own if needed.

At this point, Kitten was allowed to re-dress, the groomer put her own collar back on her and led her by the leash out to her master. Matt took Kitten's leash, paid for the grooming, gave the groomer a small gold bar "For the Show" and then led Kitten out of the store.

They walked deeper into the mall; Kitten looked around constantly, she saw that while there weren't many, she was not the only woman being led through the mall on a leash and one or two were even naked.

Matt stopped in front of a shop called Bella's Body Art. The signs in the windows advertised tattoos, henna, body piercings, and body painting. He pulled Kitten in close and said, "You may speak freely from now on. We are going to go into this shop and you are to tell the receptionist that your master wants to get your nipples and clit pierced. While you are talking to the receptionist, I will go over and start looking at the jewelery display case."

'No! You can't do that! Asking for it yourself is worse than having that monster do it to you... '

'Stop being so boring. You are like the biggest prude in the universe. Lots of girls ask for it themselves just because it's arousing ... I wonder what type of piercing and jewelery he will select! We hope it's the type of clit ring that comes to tickle the clit constantly and leaves it mostly uncovered ... That would feel sooo good!'

"Yes, Sir." Kitten responded and Matt turned and walked into the shop.

Once in the shop, Matt headed over to a side area with several glass display cases and a bank of display screens that appeared to be showing various tattoo and henna designs. Kitten took a deep breath and approached the receptionist.

"May I help you?" the receptionist asked.

"Yes," Kitten started, but paused to remember exactly how Matt had phrased what she was to do. "My master wants to get my nipples and my clit hood pierced."

"You are in luck, our best piercer is in today and she doesn't have any appointments until later. Is that your master over by the display area?" Kitten nodded, to indicate that he was her master. "OK, you go over and join him. The piercer will be right out to help you finalize your selections."

'I'm sure this will be painful as hell ... I'm so fed up with your sick perverted behavior... '

As Kitten approached Matt, he turned and he saw that she looked nervous. She explained what the receptionist had said. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I am nervous Sir." she replied. "I know that I enjoy some pain, but I am worried that the piercings will be too much and I am afraid that if it is too much that my reaction will displease you."

"As long as you don't try to fight the piercings, you will please me no matter how you react to the pain." Matt reassured her.

Kitten's face brightened and she felt much of her nervousness slip away. "Thank you SIR." she said quietly.

At that moment a woman approached Matt and said, "Hello I am Lisa, the piercer who will be doing the piercings on your," she paused a moment unsure of the couple's status "submissive. Have you decided on what jewelery you want?"

"I would like jeweled captive bead rings for my applicant," Matt stated, "but I haven't made a final selection yet."

"Well," Lisa began, "we have jeweled captive bead rings in several metals. Would you be looking for steel, silver, gold, titanium or platinum?"

"I think platinum would look best against Kitten's skin." Matt said. Kitten blushed at this comment.

"An excellent choice." Lisa replied. "And what gem type?" she asked.

"Rubies." Matt replied.

"Very well, we have several sizes and styles to choose from." Lisa said. She grabbed a black velvet lined tray from a counter behind the display case, then bent over and pulled a number of rings from the counter and placed them on the tray, which she placed on top of the display case.

Matt turned to Kitten and said one word "Display".

'We will love this clit ring, and the nipple rings too. Despite the pain, it will also be the second time today that a pretty girl will touch us intimately. It's not that bad ... Even exciting!'

Kitten assumed the display position and waited. She had a good idea what was coming and the thought alone was enough to send a wave of heat into her pussy as her arousal level jumped up.

Matt grabbed one ring off of the tray, walked over to Kitten and unzipped her halter. He pulled the halter apart so her nipples were exposed. He held the ring he was considering up to one of Kitten's nipples. He smiled, pleased with both his choice and Kitten's behavior, then he turned back to Lisa, handed her the ring he had selected.

"And what type of clit piercing did you want?" Lisa asked.

"A horizontal ring through the clit hood, if she has the right anatomy for it. Use the same ring for all three piercings." Matt answered.

Lisa turned to a computer screen on the counter behind the ring and entered the ring's model number into the computer. "We still have plenty of those in stock." Lisa said. She pressed a couple of keys and a video chat screen popped up. "Vault." said a voice from the computer. "I need three rings, model number..." Lisa said and read off the number, "brought to piercing room 2." She placed all the rings back in the display case, then stood up and said "Please follow me."

Lisa led them back to a small room that looked like a doctor's examination room. It even had an examination table complete with retractable stirrups which, though they were retracted at the moment, also looked like they were covered with leather. There were two chairs off to one side that looked like they were expensive executive office chairs. She indicated to Matt that he should have a seat on one of the chairs. Then she went to a cabinet at the back of the room and pulled out a plain white beach towel, which she laid over the exam table.

Lisa indicated to Kitten that she should undress and lie down on the exam table. Kitten did so, neatly folding her denim halter top, denim skirt and bra and placing them on the unoccupied chair and laying down on the table once she was nude, except for collar and shoes. Lisa brought over a rolling cart with prepared instruments on it. First she took a fine-point marker and marked entry and exit points on each nipple. Then she picked up a pair of forceps and clamped it on Kitten's right nipple. Kitten's eyes went wide and she let out a grasp from the pain. Lisa pulled a needle from a sterile pack, placed the tip against the side of Kitten's nipple and pushed. Kitten gasped again as she felt the sharp pain, followed by a slight burning sensation that quickly faded and finally a single drop of warm liquid ran down the side of her breast. Kitten knew a little pain would heighten her arousal, but she was unprepared for the strength of the effect of this much more intense pain; which made her clit throb. Finally Lisa pushed a cork onto the sharp point of the needle, leaving it in place in Kitten's nipple. Lisa repeated the process on Kitten's left nipple. Causing a repeat of the same intense pain and arousal. By this point, Kitten was panting.

'The pain isn't that bad ... We always thought a little pain could heighten our arousal, but this is better than we ever imagined!'

'Speak for yourself slut! This is nothing compared to how bad it will be when the needle pierces us down there ... I hate you. I really don't understand how you can get aroused from this. You're sick!'

There was a knock on the door. Lisa went to the door, which she opened. She took something from the man at the door and came back explaining that Kitten's rings had arrived just in time. She took one of the rings and placed the open end against the butt of the needle in Kitten's right breast and pulled the needle all the way through, pushing the ring through behind it. This process was repeated with Kitten's left nipple. Finally Lisa pulled out a special pair of pliers and closed both of the rings.

Lisa next set up the stirrups and placed Kitten's ankles in them spreading her legs apart. Lisa examined the final work site. "A bit messy down here. I'll have to clean it up a bit before doing the last piercing." Lisa said.

'I'm humiliated by your sick perverted behavior. How many times will you humiliate me like this; just by being turned on at being groped, displayed and abused... '

This made Kitten blush deeply, which didn't do anything to help with the mess. Lisa got a hand towel and wiped down Kitten's thighs and her pubic mound, paying particular attention to the clit hood. "That will have to do." Lisa said finally.

Lisa turned to Matt and said, "She does have the right anatomy for a horizonal clit hood piercing."

Lisa quickly marked the site of the piercing and got another pair of forceps and the last needle. Kitten held on to the table and as the final needle was pushed through, she cried out in ecstasy. Her knuckles went white as she barely managed to keep from arching her back. Kitten laid on the table completely limp as the final ring was put in place and closed.

Lisa told Matt that he should pay the receptionist on his way out and started cleaning up.

Matt helped Kitten up off the table and helped her get re-dressed as her legs were still a little unsteady. When she was dressed, he re-attached her leash to her collar. He handed Lisa a small gold bar as a tip and led Kitten out to the receptionists desk where he paid for the piercing and the jewelery, which came to a price of almost a full kilogram. He then led Kitten back out to the mall.

Matt led her through the mall and this time when they stopped, they were standing in front of The Wild Rose restaurant. It was obvious at a glance that this was a five start restaurant. Kitten also spotted a stylized emblem of a pair of handcuffs by the door, she guessed that this meant that the restaurant was lifestyle friendly. She was nervous, not only was she dressed very casually, she had never been to a restaurant this high end before and didn't know what was expected in the way of etiquette, even without the complications of the lifestyle.

'You're way under-dressed for a place like this ... I never though the perv would make you suffer this kind of humiliation. Are you regretting this yet?'

'No, we have no regrets. Would you rather go in totally naked? We would!'

Matt noticed Kitten's nervousness and asked "What's bothering you?"

"I am dressed too casually and I have never been to a really fancy restaurant like this. I'll end up doing something to embarrass you."

Matt grabbed the leash close to her collar and pulled her in close. He pulled her chin up with the leash so he could look her in the eye and said, "This restaurant, while open to the public, caters to the lifestyle. As long as you are wearing this," he paused as he jerked her collar for emphasis, "nothing else you may or may not be wearing matters. As to your behavior, pay attention and follow my instructions and you will be fine." He paused for a moment and then continued, "One of the ways that this restaurant caters to the lifestyle is by providing meals designed to be eaten by a concubine from bowls on the floor without the use of hands."

Kitten felt her anxiety fade. He was correct, as long as she was wearing his collar, nothing else she wore really mattered. The image of eating from a bowl on the floor like a dog made Kitten flush and filled her with lust. She knew he was going to make her do this.

Matt continued, "Few concubines can manage this without training, so I brought a pair of handcuffs."

Matt finally led Kitten into the restaurant. He approached the hostess. The hostess was wearing a dress that Kitten would have described as a formal ball gown, if the hemline had been below the knee instead of above mid thigh. Matt passed a small gold bar to the hostess and told her that he wanted a table for one and a pet. The table that they were led to was set up where there was extra open space to one side of the table.

Kitten waited until Matt had taken his seat and then she stood at his side and turned to face away from him with her hands held behind her back without waiting to be ordered to do so. He smiled and said "Good Girl" quietly, while he locked the handcuffs on her wrists. Kitten shivered at his comment and the feel of cold steel wrapping around her wrists. At his command, she knelt at his side. He bent over and kissed her forehead and she looked up at him with eyes filled with a mix of lust, love and awe. He chuckled softly as he pulled out a narrow leather strap, which he wrapped around her hair and then tied the ends to the chain of the handcuffs, making sure she had enough slack to bend over. "That is to keep your hair out of your food." he told her.

A waitress came over with water, a glass for Matt and a bowl for Kitten. "I'll be back shortly to see if you are ready to order."

'I can't believe you are letting him do this to you. You might as well have been born a little bitch puppy dog.'

'Woof'.' <pant>

Kitten bent over to experiment with different ways to try to lap water from the bowl. While she did this, she clasped her hands together behind her back and kept the handcuff chain slack. She was determined to try and do this without relying on the handcuffs, both to impress her master and for herself just to see if she could.

The waitress came back and asked if Matt was ready to order. He ordered a steak with all the trimmings and a glass of red wine for himself and a chicken and brown rice slave bowl for Kitten. Before the waitress left with their order, the waitress looked at Kitten for the first time and asked "Cute pet, she looks kind of new, is she housebroken yet?" Matt laughed and said, "I am sure she is."

'What the fuck did she mean by that remark? What kind of ass licking whore is she? Anything to please that monster and get a tip! How can she think that I would do this on a regular basis? She could be in my place. I never asked for this!'

'Woof.' <pant> 'Another humiliation like this one and she won't even need to finger me to make me cum' <pant>

Kitten blushed deeply and started to pant, unsure whether she was happy or unhappy that it wasn't quite enough to push her over the edge into cumming.

Matt engaged Kitten in small talk while they waited for their food. Asking about her family and why they came to Dominion, about what she thought of her new world so far.

When the food came, Kitten again clasped her hands behind her back and bent forward to eat. Her meal was a bowl filled with brown rice with diced chicken and vegetables mixed into it. She hadn't felt hungry up until now because of everything she had been through today, but now that food was in front of her she suddenly felt ravenous. She took a first experimental bites, trying to figure out how to eat without making a mess. It tasted wonderful and she ate the rest quickly, but carefully. Her efforts to keep her hands behind her back without relying on the handcuffs were successful, up until she got down to the last couple of bites. As she made her first try for those last bites of food, she only managed to push the bowl away from herself. She felt the handcuff chain snap tight as her hands instinctively tried to move to grab the bowl and keep it from moving away. She crawled forward a bit and managed to eat the last of her food without pushing the bowl away again.

When she was done, she moved back into position and looked up at her master, waiting for him to finish his own meal. When he was finished, he called the waitress over and asked for the bill. The waitress brought over a computer tablet showing his bill. Matt quickly verified the bill. He pulled out a debit card, placed it on a scanner on the tablet and used his thumb print on a second scanner to sign the bill. As he handed the tablet back to the waitress, he pulled out three gold bars and handed those to her as well. The waitresses eyes went wide at the large tip and she retreated quickly before the customer could change his mind.

'What did I tell you. She was expecting a big tip, at your expense!'

Matt bent to help Kitten stand and saw the puzzled look on her face. As he helped her up, he whispered in her ear "Yes it was a very large tip, she earned it asking if you were housebroken."

'What a bitch!'

'Woof.' <pant>

Matt led Kitten back to his car. At the car, he opened the front passenger door and took the leash off of her collar. He pocketed the leash as he helped her into the car. As he drove her home, she picked up her own tablet and started a news search on her master's name. One story in particular caught her eye. It was a recent profile piece on a young business prodigy. The story pegged his personal net worth at around 500 mega-grams and mentioned that he had training in the martial arts. She looked over at her chosen master in awe, the sheer power he wielded physically, socially and economically she found highly arousing.

When he stopped at an intersection near Kitten's neighborhood, he looked over and saw the look on her face and the article she was reading. He smiled at her reaction, but said nothing.

When he reached her home, he stopped at the end of the driveway. Kitten looked up and said, "It's the first house." but Matt had already shut the car down. He turned to Kitten and said, "From now on, when you are home, you are to be nude at all times except for your collar, which is to be warn at all times except when you are bathing, and shoes. You are to dress and undress here at the end of the driveway in full view of the entire neighborhood."

'Nooo ... He's a monster. How can he expect me to ever be able to cope with being nude in front of my brother and father ... Dressing outside! In the street! Why give up wearing clothes?'

'Because, you prude, it's much more humiliating to dress and undress where ever the Master asks us to. You will learn from it... '

Based on her behavior so far, he expected a prompt "Yes Sir" or compliance. Instead, Kitten sat there fidgeting, looking down into her lap. Matt frowned. Finally Kitten looked up at him with a puppy dog look on her face. "Master, I want ... no, I need you to force me do this. Please SIR, make me."

Matt's frown faded into a laugh. So she wanted to play that game. Well she did say her fantasies specifically included being forced to do things. She was up front and respectful about it, so he would indulge her.

He got out of the car, walked around to the passenger side, opened the door and pulled Kitten from the car a little roughly. He pulled her close and lifted her chin so he could look straight into her eyes. She saw the fire in his eyes and it filled hers with lust and the air around them was flooded with the scent of feminine arousal. "I will not tolerate outright defiance, not even as a game. If you ever defy me, just because you feel the need to be forced, you will be punished severely. That isn't what you just did though. You openly stated a desire, a need for something and respectfully and politely asked me to fulfill that need. Keep the difference in mind and we can play this game."

"Yes Sir." Kitten responded.

"Katherine, who is that?" her father asked from his front porch.

Kitten's mind was floating, basking in the full force of her master's presence. Finally, her master leaned into her and whispered "Aren't you going to answer him?"

"Hi Daddy!" Kitten shouted back. She paused a moment needing to recover his question from memory. "This is Matt." she finally got out.

"When you are ready to come in, invite him in for a few minutes." her father responded before disappearing back into the house.

Matt grabbed Kitten's chin and brought her head around and up so she was again looking straight into his eyes. He mustered the most commanding voice he could and said, "Take ... Your ... Clothes ... Off ... Right ... Here ... Right ... Now."

'Yes SIR! Anything you say SIR. And I do mean ANYTHING'

Matt was amused at the blank look on Kitten's face, but her hands immediately moved to obey. He took a few steps back to get a better view as her hands reached up between her breasts and began to unzip her bustier tank top. She shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the ground behind her. Her eye's lit up just as it hit the ground as her conscious mind came back on line, only to find her body obeying her master's command without it. Just as her mind caught up with her hands, her bra fell to join her top. Back in control of herself, she turned her back to her master and bent herself double as she slowly pushed her skirt down her legs; giving him an excellent view of both her ass and her pussy.

Once she was naked, Matt stepped up to her, grabbed one of her wrists and pulled it behind her back. He forced her over by his car and bent her over the hood. He grabbed her other wrist and pulled it behind her back where he could hold both of her wrists with just one hand. He leaned in to her and whispered, "I am going to spank you now. Do you know why?"

Kitten thought quickly about what she might have done, but finally answered, "No Sir."

"I am going to spank you because I want to, because you will get off on it and because I enjoy getting women off. You will count each stroke, thank me and ask for another." With that he brought his free hand back and then down on her upturned ass.

Kitten cried out in pain and exclaimed, "One. Thank you master, may I have another?"

'Yes, more! Harder, spank us harder!'

Smack. Kitten cried out in pain again, "Two. Thank you master, may I have another?"

By five the scent of her arousal began to intensify again and her cries of pain became mixed with cries of lust and pleasure.

'Yes, more! More! More!'

By ten she was panting as she waited for the next blow. Matt pulled back on her wrists, bringing her hips away from the side of his car and used one foot to force her feet further apart. Then he brought his free hand up between her thighs with as much force as he could and gave her one last spank right on her pussy and clit.

Kitten howled as the wave of pleasure and pain crested and crashed down on her mind. As the spasms of her orgasm receded, she pulled herself together enough to say, "Eleven, thank you master, may I have another?"

"No, I think you have had enough for now." Matt declared.

'Awww. It's over already? I'm sure we could have gotten another O if he kept going'

"Yes Sir." Kitten replied and it was Matt's turn to be stunned for a change, as Kitten actually sounded disappointed.

He shook his head and ordered, "Pick up your clothes and head inside. I will pull my car into the driveway and give you a few minutes with your family before I come in."

Kitten pushed herself up off the hood of her master's car and found herself staring into the eyes of the man who lived across the street. He smiled and waved at her and turned to walk back up his own driveway. She gathered up her clothes and her tablet and headed for the house.

Meanwhile, inside the O'Keeffe household, Brian, Kitten's father watched everything that happened after he went back in by looking out the livingroom windows. The scene was giving him a bit of inspiration. When Kitten was around half-way through her spanking, her mother Mary walked into the living room; dressed in old sweatpants and an old sweatshirt. Brian looked at his wife and frowned, then he smiled and said, "You have been pushing at me to go lifestyle since we got here. Well now you get your wish. In a few minutes, our daughter is going to be coming through that door, likely wearing just a collar and shoes. I won't have you making her feel uncomfortable. I want you back here before she comes in wearing your own collar and nothing else."

Mary rushed back to their bedroom to comply with her husbands order and rushed back. On the way back, she failed to notice her 15yr old son coming down the stairs. Danny walked into the living room right behind his mother. She blushed when he walked into her view. Danny looked at his mother, then at his father. "It's about time." he commented to his father.

Kitten paused outside the front door to her parent's house. She was suddenly nervous.

'What are you doing? Exposing yourself to the world, to your parent's, to your brother. That's disgusting, it's evil. You should be ashamed and humiliated to even think of doing such a thing. God, you're sick.'

'Shut up. Go away! Don't listen to her, she's one of them. They are the ones who are evil. Think about what they have done to your family, to your friends. We are on a new world now. No one here will think showing off your body is evil. Disgusting? Have you looked in a mirror lately? Just who do you think would be disgusted by looking at you? Ashamed? There can be no shame in doing what our master tells us to, no matter what it is. Humiliating? Sure, but we LIKE being humiliated and what's wrong with that?'

Kitten opened the door and stepped into the living room with her head held high. "Mom, Dad... " she started to say, but trailed off as she noticed how her mother was dressed.

Kitten heard a wolf whistle that obviously came from her brother who had been off to the side where she wouldn't have been able to see him without turning her head. The wolf whistle caused a flush of humiliation to course through her body and it curled up inside her pussy which started to warm up. She turned to face him and he blushed and looked down.

'That's it, there's nowhere left to avoid humiliation and exposure ... Will your brother also come to grope you and enjoy your humiliation? Will you stand it?'

Kitten blushed herself and sighed.

'What are you doing? Pay attention to our pussy, we are enjoying this, don't be a spoil sport. Besides, did you see the way he reacted when we looked at him. Now he feels bad for looking. Why torture him by making him feel bad about it? If you obey our master, he's going to see all of it anyway. Let him know it's OK, right now.'

Out loud she said "Oh, go ahead and look. You are going to be seeing a lot more of me around here for a while."

Danny looked up and Kitten put her hands behind her head and spun slowly around for him.

Kitten turned back to her father, "Daddy, what is going on?"

"Baby, you know this is what your mother has wanted all along. I was holding back because I was worried about the impact on you and Danny. I was mostly worried about how you would deal with it on a daily basis, with no outlet of your-own. I knew that Danny would adjust eventually, but I was concerned about how he would handle the transition. It seems I underestimated your brother, and you clearly have an outlet now."

At that point, the door bell rang. Kitten let her master in.

'Please Master! Take over and make the situation worth it! You need to tame our Evil Twin in our head, make her sit up and beg! I'm sure Danny and daddy will support you in your efforts.'

'Stuff it Slut! Whore! Pervert! Do you have to try and make everything more difficult?'

Matt entered the living room and said, "Kitten, introduce me to your family."

Kitten took Matt over to her brother. "This is my brother Danny, he is a freshman at the academy."

Matt stepped up to Danny and offered his hand. Danny was shorter than Matt, but looked every bit as strong. Danny shook Matt's hand, "I know my sister is into that sort of thing, even though it doesn't do anything for me. However, if I ever find out she is unhappy with the way you are treating her, we will have a problem."

"Danny!" Kitten exclaimed.

"Protective of your sister, admirable; even in a younger brother." Matt replied.

Kitten then took her master over by her parents, "This is my mother Mary O'Keeffe and my father, Brian O'Keeffe."

"It's a pleasure meeting you socially Mr. O'Keeffe" Matt said as he held out his hand.

"Yes it is. You looked young, but with the anti-aging tech available these days I figured you were older than you look." Brian O'Keeffe said as he shook Matt's hand. "Please have a seat." he said, indicating a sofa and two love seats arranged in a U with the open end facing an entertainment center along the far wall of the living room.

Kitten put this exchange together with the article she found and guessed correctly that her master was the one who provided the extra financing her father and uncles needed to start their business here.

Matt chose one of the love seats to sit in and pulled Kitten down into his lap. Kitten curled up in his lap and rested her head on his chest. She had a long day and was tired, but she didn't want to miss this conversation.

Danny, not being interested in the conversation to come, went back upstairs.

Brian O'Keeffe sat on the sofa and his wife sat next to him. "I am aware of my daughter's desires and as you can see I don't have any issues with the lifestyle. However, I am concerned for her long term happiness, so I have to ask what are your intentions in regards to my daughter?"

"I intend to test your daughter, pushing her to make sure she can handle not just living the lifestyle, but living it openly." Matt replied. "Provided that she does not call our relationship off before then, I intend to offer her a contract for a bound marriage, which if she accepts, would make her my first concubine."

"I see that your intentions are honorable, but how do you see this affecting her relationship with us and how do you intend to handle accommodations?" Brian O'Keeffe asked.

"I don't intend to come between you and your daughter beyond what a normal marriage would, except to the minimum dictated by the nature of our relationship." Matt began. "As long as you can accept what she has chosen to become, my property, I see no reason why she shouldn't remain living with her family until our relationship becomes official. I expect her to abide by the rules I have given her at all times, whether we are together or not. When she is in your house, either still living here for the moment or visiting later on, I would expect her to abide by your rules to the extent that they don't conflict with mine."

"I don't think that those arrangements will be a problem." Brian O'Keeffe said.

Matt picked Kitten up and set her on the love seat next to him. "Kitten, I want to be clear that I don't have any problems with you discussing anything we did today with your parents. Try to get to bed early, we will have another long day tomorrow. One more thing, wear something flirty tomorrow." He stood up and went over to Mr. O'Keeffe and shook his hand one last time. "I should get going. As I said, I expect a long day tomorrow."

'Naked under a flirty dress? That Monster is insane!'

'Behave yourself, Evil Twin! Just the idea of displaying the nice grooming and the rings we got today makes us wet... '

When Matt got out to his car he stopped and got his tablet out. He brought up a special application and ran a systems check on the holo-recording micro dot on Kitten's collar, which he got from his family's security company. The diagnostics passed and he activated the recorder. This would record a true color, full motion hologram of everything within around 10 meters of the device. Once the recorder confirmed that it was active, he brought up the live image. This showed Kitten talking to her parents in their kitchen. Satisfied that the device was fully operational and that he would be able to know if Kitten broke any rules or disobeyed an order while he wasn't around, he started up his car and drove home.

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