The Glamorous Life
Chapter 1: The Glamour Diary

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Body Modification,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Glamour Diary - A celebrity lives the glamorous life.


She was squatting on her four inch heels, which she had worn two days before to a red carpet event, wearing the dress from that same event. Her owner did not allow her to wear anything more comfortable or appropriate for her current task of cleaning the floors, since he enjoyed the humiliation of watching her perform her menial duty in all her professional glory.

The worst part was the inability to kneel or stand up, which was exacerbated by the fact that her toe rings had a chain running up to the rings through her labia lips, thus not allowing her to get up from the squatting position. She also had two chains running from her tongue ring through each of her nipple rings around the back of her neck, through the D-ring at the back of her collar and down her ass crack to be connected to her clit hood ring. This made her keep her head down while keeping her back straight and the tongue sticking out with drool dripping down her dress and onto her thighs.

At the same time, her hands were shackled behind her back with a two foot chain connecting them. This necessitated her to have to scrub the floors using only a towel (her own personal everyday towel) and a bucket of soapy water and do it all backwards, without truly being able to see how well she was cleaning until after she was finished. This of course did not change the fact that she would be punished if the floor was not spotlessly clean and to his liking.

What made things worse was that she would have to constantly stop her scrubbing and do errands for him whenever he demanded them. This would run the gambit from bringing him a beer to changing the channel on the TV, even though he had the remote. All the while she was still uncomfortably dressed and chained. In addition, all the floors had to be clean by a certain time, so she was also racing against the clock.

Another element that humiliated her was that she was made to hire a cleaning lady, but the woman was not there to clean, but inspect to make sure everything was spotless. She was paid by visit, but she was also paid spot amounts for every time she found something unclean, whether it was around the house, dirty clothing, dishes or just dust. It took some searching to find a cleaning lady that understood what was asked of her and also consent to a non-disclosure agreement, but the money was good and after a while they found one that was more than happy to take the job and was very enthusiastic in pointing out any and all mistakes. In addition, and as a bonus the girl's cleaning services were now being offered to clean the cleaning ladies own apartment for free.

Though not always was floor cleaning made so difficult on her, today she was also being punished for a previous infraction.

Sometimes, he would allow her to clean the floors crawling around on her hands and knees, which was usually much easier. However, in those cases she was either usually nude except for high heels or she was wearing some other uncomfortable article of clothing and most likely had some weights or bells attached to either her nipple or labia rings, or both. In whatever state she had to do the floor cleaning, she was still always punished if the cleaning lady or her owner found the tiniest of blemishes or spots.

To have to clean the house she once owned and to pay the cleaning lady in her own punishment was degrading, humiliating and tiring, yet at the same time made her cunt soaking wet from the abuse she was enduring.

Now though, she had to snap out of her daydream, her owner had just commanded her to drop her towel and waddle over to the fridge to get him another beer, followed by a hand job. She was certain she would not finish in time and was becoming resigned to having to take additional punishment.

The Driver

She had been out driving around doing her owners errands for the better part of the morning and early afternoon. She was worn out from the constant edging he was forcing her to go through and the actual physical exhaustion of having to do all his errands.

Her owner had come with her, but he ended up just directing her and finding ways to degrade and humiliate her.

It started with what she was made to wear. On her feet she had large platform stripper sandals and fencenet stockings. She was wearing cutoff daisy dukes that were three sizes too small and had the zipper removed. When she was standing outside the shorts were so small that the top of her ass crack and the bottoms of her ass cheeks would peak out. The lack of a zipper and the lack of underwear made sure that she had to be very careful when she walked not to flash her cunt, although he made sure she "accidently" found ways to display it in most inopportune times. Her upper half was covered by a Hello Kitty top that was a few sizes too small and cut-off to just above her navel. Her hair was done in pigtails and she was currently sucking on a lollypop.

On her wrists she had a lot of cheap plastic bangle bracelets, on her ankles she wore bright neon anklets, and this was accompanied by kitschy toe and finger rings in addition to her many new piercings.

As always she had to have her makeup done and keep it in good shape throughout the day. Usually she would be allowed to choose her makeup or allowed to choose how to achieve a style he would pick for her. Today he required her to go for an innocent look but was specific in using a bubblegum lip gloss he liked.

While she was driving she had to wear a chauffeur's cap. When they got out of the car she had to go around the side and open the door for him, after he got out she was then allowed to put the cap away and they would continue on to the errand. When they were getting back in the car she had to open the door for him, get and put on her chauffeur's cap and then after he was seated close his door and go around the car to drive.

In the morning, after initially getting into the car he made her give him a BJ right there in the parking lot under the building. Then during the drive to the stores, he had made her play with her cunt and edge herself at every red-light. If there were cars stopped on the left of them she would have to roll her window down to let them see. This has been ongoing for the past few hours and through that time she was not allowed to cum.

In the back of a parking lot of a mall they visited this morning, he had made her get out of the car and go over to a tree, squat and urinate without pulling down her shorts. She was then made to walk around the mall in her ridicules outfit and smelling of urine, all the while being made to pay for all the purchases with her money and then carry all the stuff around. Thankfully, he did allow her to at the end go to the restroom to clean up a little, mostly because as he said, he did not want her stinking up the car.

She was startled out of her haze by a car horn behind them; the light had turned green just as she lost herself in her near orgasm. In the passenger seat her owner was laughing at her expression of frustration, but she had to drive on. They were almost done, but her day of degradation and abuse was in full swing and she knew that when they got home it would only get tougher.

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