The Kringle Sisters Are Ready for Christmas
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Krystal and Kalinda Kringle are not like their nymphomanic mother at all. Well, at least Kalinda is nothing like her. Krystal is starting to show some of the same tendencies. As they take over the operations at Santa's workshop, the production of all male employees, both human and elf is up drastically. The two girls have very different management styles and it is yet unknown which one works better.

It was the rampant nymphomania that drove the sex-crazed Mrs. Kringle into a late in life pregnancy resulting in the birth of twin daughters, Krystal and Kalinda Kringle. The girls were not identical although they were equally beautiful. The darker skinned Kalinda looked strikingly like the head reindeer handler and the very fair Krystal resembled the Nordic son of the chief meteorologist who had become Santa's right hand man. Anything was possible with the way that Mrs. Kringle chased after any available cock at the North Pole.

Even the naughty elves had to admit neither of the girls took after their kinky mother. In fact, Kalinda, the dusky beauty, tended to be a bit on the prissy side refusing to even allow any of the handsomest of the workshop males to kiss her sultry lips.

Krystal, on the other hand, was no stranger to flirtation and she often teased the workers and even the little elves when she felt particularly naughty.

Of course, most of the elves were already over 100 years old and were well acquainted with matters of the heart. It was a good thing that the vast majority of the female elf workers were promiscuous beyond belief and were always ready to service any male elf with a need for feminine companionship. That really helped to keep everything running smoothly and insured the hard-working elves generally had a smile on their face.

One of the cutest female elves was called Doreen.

She had a reputation for opening her elf knees wide for any needy male with that certain look in their eyes. Sometimes, she wore a tight fitting cap to hide her elf ears and pass as a human female. Doreen had become addicted to human cock when she was only a 16 year old elf girl. She liked the fact that their cocks were a lot thicker than the average elf cock and stretched her tight pussy to the limit. She had taken a liking to young Krystal and introduced her to the adventure of making boy's cocks very happy with a willing mouth. Krystal enjoyed the whole process of kneeling down in front of a male and taking his cock into her mouth. The act made her feel a little dirty and she loved that feeling of being bad.

Kalinda would rather read a book or fix a broken toy in the workshop.

Her reputation for standoffishness made the North Pole workers yearn for her favors. Krystal didn't understand why the silly males preferred Kalinda over her. She generally made no secret of the fact that she seldom had an objection to getting on her knees and servicing a needy cock whenever required.

She did have a weakness for reading erotic stories of the most depraved and kinky category. The 18 year old girl was still a virgin but she never hesitated to pleasure her slit with her fingers or any device that got good traction in her slippery pussy while reading the X-rated stories.

Some of the naughty elves had drilled a peep hole in the bathroom and they would have a jolly time watching the unsuspecting Krystal flinging her legs up high on the closed stall doors and pleasuring herself to the words of perverted authors. They would giggle and laugh at her gyrations and grab their own balls and cocks in mock sympathy with her deviant behavior.

Since Santa had been nursing a bad back for the last six months, both Krystal and Kalinda had taken over a lot of the workshop duties from their partially disabled father with mixed success.

Krystal had been keeping up production in the small toy department with "back me up" sessions on her knees behind the drawn shades in her tiny office. Her sister Kalinda had instituted a "Zero Defect" and employee bonus program that appeared to spur the workers to greater efforts despite her reluctance to get on her knees to motivate increased production.

Mrs. Kringle was spending most of her time these days in the warm water springs and health spa secluded in the rest and relaxation valley far away from the hectic pace in the workshop. She had personally tutored most of the towel boys in her preferred naked massage sessions that always ended with her having the happiest of endings. The other female clients marveled at her stamina for her age and cattily pressed her for news on Santa's health.

Krystal and Doreen were chilling in the reindeer stable with a bottle of aged malt to heighten their appreciation of the restorative quality time and had already advanced to a state of benign silliness.

Carl and Gunther's son Igor came into the stable to get the new harnesses for the alternate Christmas Run reindeer and were surprised to see the two of them intertwined in the haystack.

"You girls shouldn't be playing together like that. People will get the wrong idea and think you don't like boys."

Both of the strong muscular men laughed and slapped each other on the back at their own humor.

Krystal was impishly feisty and replied,

"Why bother with boys when there are a lot of men to be had?"

Igor approached the very cute looking Doreen and saw she was actually a female elf even though she really looked very human except for the telltale pointed ears.

"Hey, Carl, this one is an elf-girl. I bet she has the tightest pussy ever."

Carl was already sticking his errant hand up Krystal's short red skirt and played enthusiastically in her female garden. When he started to toy with her brown eye, she gasped and fell into her natural position right on her knees. She looked up into his burning eyes and opened her mouth wide to accept his pre-cum dripping cock deep inside.

Doreen looked at her role model Krystal sucking industriously on her knees and smiled invitingly at the aroused Igor.

"I fear you might be a tad too big for my little mouth, but I think I can accommodate you from behind with no difficulty. Just remember I am very sensitive like most elves and don't poke me too hard or too quickly."

She pushed her glasses back on her ears and looked in amazement at the size of Igor's huge cock. She was really grateful that her pussy slit was flooded with her own juices at the thought of being impaled by the handsome reindeer handler.

A glance in Krystal's direction revealed that the teenaged girl had already fallen backwards and had accepted Carl's cock into her heated vagina and had her ankles locked firmly around his waist waiting expectantly for a hard and frenzied ride. The sounds Krystal produced with each and every thrust deep into her pussy made Doreen frantic to have a cock of her own planted deep inside her.

She fell onto her elbows and her knees knowing her holes were vulnerable targets for Igor's taking.

Before he started to take her from the rear, Igor manipulated her heart-shaped cheeks with his calloused hands and beat a sharp tattoo on them with his demanding palms. The hard smacks caused both Krystal and Carl to look at them and laugh without missing a beat in their own heated copulation.

Doreen was thoroughly humiliated but she knew that it made her feel real good deep inside. She wanted so much more but was afraid to admit it to anyone, much less herself.

The introduction of Igor's stiff cock into her pussy from behind made Doreen shiver and caused her tiny knees to quake in anticipation of her approaching orgasm. She was totally hooked on the human experience and would probably never return to ordinary elf-elf fucking ever again.

Igor gave it to her good.

She was already into her second orgasm when the naughty reindeer handler started to push his thick thumb into her tiny brown eye. She shuddered and wailed an elf-like shrill sound that reverberated in the large stable. Both Igor and Carl laughed at that. They had apparently both enjoyed fucking elf girls and had heard it many times before.

Krystal's knees were splayed wide and her pretty pink pussy was topped with a puddle of white creamy cum that bubbled with each quiver of her pussy lips.

Igor pulled out of Doreen's slit and crawled over to Krystal. First, he bent down and licked the cream from her pussy and then without a single comment, he flipped her over and addressed her tight little brown eye with his huge cock. Krystal was dismayed but willing to give up her tight little anus to the muscular man's pleasure. She had little defense against his slick cock. He slipped inside her most secret place with no effort at all.

Krystal had never felt so full.

She was stretched beyond belief and she loved every second of it.

When Igor started to pound her ass, the sound of their bodies slapping into each other made Doreen and Carl get the message and soon Doreen was face down and ass up right next to the groaning Krystal. She looked into her friend's contorted face and all she could see was the tight addiction to the anal pleasure lighting her eyes with fierce determination.

It was very hard to get Carl's thick cock into Doreen's tiny brown eye. He gave up after his failed initial efforts and went to get some of the oil they used for massaging their tired muscles. He pushed huge gobs of the stuff into Doreen's anus and she squirmed and giggled at the very touch. Then he covered his thick shaft with the same oil and pressed his cock hard against the small elf-girl's rear door.

There was an audible pop when Carl's cock finally slid inside her pulsating rectum. It was a feeling that Doreen had never experienced before but she was certain it was one she wanted to have again and again.

The two girls held hands and took it "up the ass" with an air of satisfaction and secure in the seductive power of their proud bottoms.

The anal pounding lasted a very long time.

Strangely, the two males started to get to the finish line at almost the identical same time. The girls were panting and moaning in unison as the weighted sacs of creamy cum slapped between their pretty legs. Both of the men gave spurt after spurt of male juice deep inside the clutching rectums.

Krystal leaned over and kissed Doreen right on the lips to congratulate her for taking the full load deep inside. The two males pulled out with a similar sucking sounds and twin puddles of creamy cum appeared at the entry of their rear doors.

Doreen scooted around behind Krystal and sucked out her cream tasting both the male juice and Krystal's female scent.

No sooner had she finished, when Krystal lifted Doreen's bottom up to her lips and returned the favor.

Carl and Igor high-fived each other and allowed the girls to lick their cocks clean with thoughtful cleanliness.

They had some more of the malt and both Krystal and Doreen promised to return to the stable at the same time two days hence for a repeat performance.

Neither of the girls was aware that Krystal's sister Kalinda had watched the entire tableau from the hidden vantage point of the loft with a look of stern disapproval. Despite her attitude of disapproval and disgust, Krystal's fingers were busily occupied inside her panties the entire time and did not stop until she was able to imitate her sister's frenzied orgasm with one of her own.

Kalinda was ashamed of her weakness but accepted it as testimony of her own private needs. She realized that she would have to make some adjustments in behavior to share in the available cock pool at the secluded North Pole location.

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