Holly Honeypot's Photo Shoot
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, Clergy, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Molly is dissatisfied with her name especially since she is considering a career in modeling. Her foster home experiences are behind her now and she is in the fast lane of sexual exploration. Thank goodness she has the Reverend to cleanse her body with his beautiful cock of Redemption.

Molly Greenberg's agent told her that her name would never get an invitation to a modeling job no matter how photogenic she looked or how compliant she was with prospective employers. After a lot of thought she decided on the name "Holly Honeypot" because it reminded her of Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the famed codename for a spy's sex trap. Besides she liked having a name with the same initials at the beginning of each name.

Now that she was finally 17 and sort of on her own, she was able to make her own decisions about such important matters. She had finished up high school a little sooner than most and had a good paying job with benefits at a risqué lingerie shop in an upscale mall. Sometimes there was a call for her to model the outfits for prospective customers but it was all on the up and up because the customers were invariably female. Sure, a few of them had hit on her but she was a little bit leery about that sort of relationship since she wasn't quite sure if she was supposed to take the lead or just follow instructions.

She was happy to get an early release from the foster care program she had entered after her father was incarcerated for robbing a Federal Reserve Bank. Her last foster home was not particularly a nice place because the biological son of the older couple was kind of kinky about things like the female foster girl's panties and sneaking and watching them shower in the bathroom. She had been placed in that home right after her 16th birthday because her previous placement home suffered a very discordant divorce.

The son's name was Hector and he was one of those well-built guys who acted very feminine in his actions but he was definitely not gay because he was always sniffing after the female placements when his parents weren't looking. Molly was ashamed of herself because she had allowed him to touch her in her private areas inside the pantry closet right on top of the cookie barrel shortly after she arrived at the new foster home.

It bothered her that he told her, "For a 16 year old, you certainly don't know much about doing it!"

After that experience, she always associated the smell of chocolate chip cookies with sex.

Her first experience at real sex was with one of the assistant minister's at the church she attended with the other foster kids. It was after the episode with Hector and she wanted some advice on what she should do to protect herself. The young religious teacher was very interested in her problem and asked her to give him all the details and how it made her feel. When she all but admitted she had secretly enjoyed the encounter, he told her she needed to atone for it and should be steeled against such incidents by learning the reality of carnal relations. Molly pressed Reverend Ted for more information and he told her first she must drive the devil out of her lower extremities by hard blows on her soft bottom. He convinced her that the devil resided in the area of her teenaged flanks and needed to suffer sufficient punishment to drive him out and make her pure again.

Reverend Ted stretched her across his long black robe and slowly pulled her panties down to her knees. She could see what he meant by the "devil's abode" because she felt her pussy leaking and her anus was blinking open and closed big time. Her spanking started slow and gentle but at the end she was taking heavy handed blows from the strong slender churchman. He kept asking her if she was sorry for her sins and Molly tearfully responded that she would never do it again. She was so happy that Reverend Ted was taking the time to help her atone for her sinful ways. Molly hoped she was not keeping the man of the cloth from more important religious matters that needed his attention. She was ashamed that her silly squirming on his lap was causing his male tool to stand up so hard and stiff.

Ted stood her up and rubbed her red bottom with some salve on his desk. Apparently, he spent a lot of time "chasing" the devil from young women's bottoms.

He asked her,

"Do you want to experience the reality of carnal relations to understand what men will expect from you?"

Molly was scared now but she nodded her head "yes" because she felt real safe in the Reverend Ted's capable hands.

Ted told her to bend over the edge of his desk and to grab hold of the two handles built into the other end.

She followed his instructions exactly and felt him apply some more of the cooling salve to her pussy slit and even to her tight little brown eye. It looked like this was the end of the road for her unwanted hymen and the simple fact was she had not the slightest regret.

First Ted opened up her tight vagina and she felt only an instant of pain when her cherry burst open. After he had instructed her in the proper technique of taking cock in her pussy, he pulled his dripping cock out leaving her feeling like she had lost her best friend. Then, he pulled her ass cheeks apart and shoved his thick cock straight up her ass telling her,

"This is where nasty fellow always runs to hide from the cock of redemption. I will smite him hard so be sure to hold on to the handles tightly and try not to make too much noise. We don't want to disturb the ladies club in their bible studies."

The reverend chased the devil from her pussy and cornered him in her tight little rectum and then he extinguished him with the fiery hose of his redeeming cock. Molly shuddered as the spurts of hot cum hit her deep inside her core. Suddenly, she was at peace and she felt only good thoughts about finally being a woman and taking it deep in both holes. She understood what Reverend Ted had instilled in her and the lesson was the happiest one she had ever received.

After that, she told Hector to "get lost" because she knew exactly what he wanted and she knew for a fact he wasn't getting it from her. She told him to go pester one of the other girls.

Now that she was in her own apartment she was happier than ever. Sure, it was only efficiency, but it was hers. Her job at the lingerie store was lots of fun and Holly loved wearing the different costumes and undies.

She met her newly acquired agent Harry at lunchtime in the mall. He asked her what she did in the lingerie store and she explained her duties. Harry told her that she had a lot of "potential" for modeling and she needed to build up a portfolio and do some free modeling photo shoots to get her name known and pass out her cards to potential employers. He warned her that a lot of the photographers were just bullshitting perverts, but there was always a fair sprinkling of actual producers looking for new talent.

Her very first expo was at a beautiful old Spanish Mission and she had a great station beside a fantastic water mill that acted as a backdrop to her bikini-clad body. There was always a constant stream of photographers telling her to "put one leg up on the stone bench" or to "bend over and put your finger in the running water" all sorts of instructions that seemed make the time go real fast. Most of them promised to send her shots that she could add to her portfolio.

After the shoot, Holly was in such a high state of excitement due to the ogling eyes of all the admiring males that it made her feel like she just had to have it in one of her holes. She went behind the old Mission right next to the old graveyard and Harry humped her from the rear by simply pushing her bikini thong to the side. He kept calling her Holly and she was slow to respond to her new name, because she thought of herself as plain old Molly. She loved the feel of Harry's thick cock in her pussy and the touch of his strong legs pounding her sensitive ass cheeks.

One of the brown-clad monks came upon them but he quickly turned around and quietly retraced his steps in the other direction trying not to look at them directly. Being caught like that made Holly's pulse beat with excitement and she rolled her hips trying to get Harry's cock in deeper.

When she went into Reverend Ted's office for her atonement and devil chasing session on Sunday morning, she received stern treatment in both areas below her waist and felt completely cleansed once again. This time the dedicated churchman felt it necessary to further her education by introducing her to another well-known hiding place of Lucifer incarnate in her tender throat. She was reluctant at first to take the cock of redemption that deep inside her mouth but the Reverend assured it was necessary to insure the devious devil spawn was fully removed from her susceptible internal regions.

The long hard cock chased the devil a long time inside her mouth but finally cornered him and sprayed him with his demon-killing seeds. Holly was so happy now that she kissed the Reverend Ted's dripping cock all over and thanked him for his intercession on her moral behalf.

Her boss at the lingerie boutique requested her to do a special costume presentation to a group of female customers in the evening hours after the store's normal closing time. Her first costume was a French style Maid's outfit that showed off the lower swells of her pretty teenaged bottom. The six middle-aged females spent an inordinate amount of time checking the fit of the tight panty bottom and asked her to bend over to see if they had a proper amount of stretch. Even though they were all of her same gender, Holly found their attention to be most pleasurable and hastened to follow their every suggestion without hesitation.

Her next costume was a ballerina outfit with the most adorable white bodysuit that was sheer enough to reveal her darker pussy hair underneath when she lifted one of her legs up high. She only knew a little of the movements of a ballerina, but it was enough to make it seem like she really was one of the sprite-like creatures. The only thing she didn't like was the way the top rubbed her sensitive nipples making them stick way out and causing her pussy slit to leak visibly right through the thin material of the bodysuit. When one of the women asked her to bend over and put her palms flat on the floor, Holly giggled and did her best without losing her balance. They each took turns feeling her growing wet spot making her pulse beat so fast that she had to push back against their exploring fingers. It didn't seem like it was so very naughty because they were all females and she really didn't mind the attention her pussy slit and her pretty bottom was receiving. When she looked back over her shoulder, Holly saw that the women had paired off and were engaged in licking and sucking each other's pussies. She was a bit startled because it was something she had never seen before and it looked like a lot of fun.

Holly's boss told her it was all right to pull down the lower half of her white body suit and join in the festivities, but she was a trifle reluctant more from a sense of embarrassing inexperience rather than a lack of desire.

Having her pussy eaten by six sex-crazed females introduced Holly to a whole new world of erotic experiences. They were all so nice to her that she wanted to take them all home with her and keep them handy for repeat performances. Her favorite was an overweight but very cute 40 year old Asian woman who insisted on getting deep inside her brown eye with her talented tongue. Each time the pretty woman called "Lucy" took care of her in that manner; Holly was driven to kiss her face all over bubbling with gratitude for the special treatment. The substantial age difference made Holly think of the well-padded Lucy as a surrogate mother.

A mother she had never really ever had.

The owner of the lingerie shop doubled Holly's already generous paycheck with the mutual agreement that she would be available for "special" costume parties whenever needed.

When she got home, Holly found several large envelopes under the door with fabulous photos of her Spanish Mission shoot.

They would be perfect for her fledgling portfolio and much anticipated modeling career.

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