My Older Sister
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by RICHARD the THIRD

“You are so cute!”

“You’re so ... pretty!”

“You’re the prettiest girl in the whole...”

“No, no, no, no, Randall - you don’t sound sincere? You sound like you’re just trying to get in my pants or something.”

“Well, practicing pick-up lines on my older sister is kind weird,” I responded.

“Better me, then some poor unsuspecting girl ... your own age,” she rightly said with a slight giggle.

“I’m sorry Kami, can we try again?” I asked.

“You’re just looking at me, generally ... this time, try looking directly in my eyes. Always make direct eye-to-eye contact. Us girls like that.

Instead of sitting down, I stood up. I cleared my throat, and took a step towards my sister.

“Kami,” I said, “If beauty were time, you would be ... eternity!”

I saw something peculiar in her eyes. Her smile changed into something else, and I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

Her eyes broke contact with mine as she said. “That was very good - you could be a really good boyfriend, someday.”

“Kami, I don’t want to be just anyone’s boyfriend - I want to be your boyfriend.”

“Excellent,” she responded, “I heard sincerity that time, Randall.”

A bit of exposition here, my name is Randall Knight. 1’m sixteen years old, a basketball player and a track and field athlete. I’m 5’11” – blond hair and brown eyes.

My older sister, whom I am talking to, is Kamille Knight, but everybody calls her Kami. She’s eighteen years old, was a volleyball player in high school. She’s tall, for a girl, at 5’10” – also with blonde hair and brown eyes.

She knew how anxious and nervous I was around girls my own age, so she appointed herself my ‘trainer’, in all thing’s female. She had a plan to get me ready to hunt down a girl, and bring her back to my cave. Her words, not min

This lesson was going to be the first of many, to go on through the summer, so I was ready at the start of my third year of high school year.

I didn’t tell her everything, because it would be so embarrassing.

“Kami,” I said getting her attention, “It’s easy to be sincere, when I’m near the one girl whom I’m not nervous around.”

“Why aren’t you nervous around me?” she asked.

I turned her back to look directly in my eyes as I said, “You are the girl I want as my girlfriend. I want you, as my sister and as my girlfriend.”

“Silly boy, you told me that there was a special girl that you wanted to ask out,” she said.

“That’s right – a very special girl. A girl to go out with, have dinner with, make out with ... have babies with.”

She slapped me hard in the face. I left her room, first slamming her door – then mine.

Yelling from downstairs, our father said, “You break those doors; you pay for new ones!”

I popped my head out of my door and said, “Sorry Dad,” closed it again ... and locked it.

Later, as expected, I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Kami, let me in please?”

“No! Go Away!” I said still hurting, not my face but my feelings.


“What for?”

“For slapping you,” she said.

“Go away,” I said not wanting to see her yet.

I ended up falling asleep on my bed

“Dinner’s ready,” mom yelled up the stairs!

I’d woken up fifteen minutes before, and changed into something more presentable.

I unlocked the door. Kami was right there. Sitting there, just waiting for me. Gosh, she looked so pretty.

She got up and said, “I’m sorry, Randall. You surprised me, saying all of that stuff about going out, making out ... having babies. I never expected my own brother to talk to me that way.”

I didn’t want to stay mad at her, so we hugged one another, and went downstairs to dinner.

After dinner, I was back up in my room, playing some shooter game on my computer.

There was a knock on my door.

“Come in Kami,” I said.

“You ... were expecting me?”

“I need to talk to you about how I feel about you, is that all right?”

“Sure,” she said sitting on my bed, tucking her legs underneath her. I was still standing.

Before I tell her, I should tell you. Since I had my first boner at nine years old, my sister was my fantasy. She had just turned eleven, and, with the help of my best friend, Brian - I had a Playboy magazine. I taught myself how to jack off, and between the magazine and my sister Kamille, I had something of a perpetual boner.

Since that first erection, and ever since then, the only girl that I don’t get tongue-tied around is my sister. During the passage of time, I got taller, hair ‘everywhere’ and a deeper voice.

My sister also got a bit taller. Her flat chest got significantly rounder, her butt became something I would find myself drooling over, and her face became the face ... of an angel.

I sat down putting some space between us. She smiled up at me, so I scooted over next to her, took her hand and explained how my feelings have changed, from being her little brother who idolized her ... to a slightly younger brother who had fallen deeply in love with her.

All through this, I saw her eyes moistening, but she stayed quiet, letting me completely finish.

I was done, and she started.

“Randall, I’ve noticed you growing up as well. You’ve been growing into a man before my very eyes. However, I don’t know how to respond to what you’ve said. I know you’re hoping that I may just fall in your arms, and we can live happily ever after, but this is the real world. Brothers don’t fall in love with their sisters. That only happens on those websites, I notice you like to read.”


“Honey, that’s all make-believe. There aren’t really fathers and daughters ‘hooking up, ‘ or sons and their mothers finding themselves alone in the house. You’re living in a make-believe world.”

“Kami, I’ve read not only those stories, but also statistics, that say that practically every boy falls in love with either his sister or his mother...”

“But they grow out of it, in time to have a normal relationship, with the girl they are meant to be with,” my beautiful sister said.

“But ... I love you!” I said, knowing that I really meant it.

“That’s not really love, Randall – That’s lust, hormone driven animal instinct lust. Is that what you feel for me?”

“I – I don’t really know anymore, Kami. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. In my head, it’s love ... it must be lust. I’m truly sorry, can you forgive me?” I said looking down and ashamed.

Putting her arm around me, she said, “It’s not a problem. It shows what you are capable of. Re-direct that feeling to someone who can reciprocate, and you’ll forget all about me.”

“I’ll never forget about you, Kami – ever!”

That all happened four years ago.

Now I’m twenty, and my big sister is twenty-two.

Kami moved out to live with her best friend. I was taking my time going to college, taking a very light load of classes, when I decided to take any at all. I got pretty good grades, I just wasn’t in any hurry. It was at the same University my sister went to, but we never saw one another on campus.

There was a knock on our front door. I opened it and saw my sister, for the first time in almost five months. She had a long red rose in her hand.

She walked in. “Is that for me, Sis?”

“No, it got delivered to me at my place. Isn’t it pretty?” she said.

“It’s OK, as flowers go – who’s it from?” I asked.

“A secret admirer, isn’t that romantic?” she said sounding wistful.

“Who was that at the do ... Oh, hi honey, are you alone?” mom asked, going up and giving her a hug. “Can you stay for dinner?”

“Sara went home because her father got sick, she’s gone indefinitely and that place feels so big all alone. I was hoping you could put me up for a while?” she asked sounding like a little girl again.

“Certainly we can, do you have some suitcases? Randall, help your sister to her old room, would you, please?” mom asked.

“OK, anything I need to get from the car, pretty girl?” I asked. I was still hung up on her.

“There’s one suitcase in the back seat, would you get that for me, please?” she asked.

She’s let her pretty blonde hair get real long, making her even prettier. I got her suitcase and took it to her old room. Mom had ideas to turn it into something else. It’s a good thing. Otherwise, where would she sleep?

A couple of nights later, I found Mom and Kami, in the kitchen.

“Don’t fix dinner for me, I’ve got a date tonight,” I said.

“Oh, what’s her name?” Kami asked.

“Lynn – Lynn Dimolfetto, I met her at the gym. I’ll be back late, don’t wait up for me.”

I quietly let myself in, and a sofa lamp clicked on - Kami was there.

“Were you waiting up for me?”

“Kind of. How did your date with Lynn go?” she asked.

Sitting down, but not next to her, I said, “It’s our third date. She’s been home-schooled most of her life, so our dating is kind of an experiment to see how well she interacts with people. Her Mom likes me.”

“That’s important, to get the parents on your side,” she said.

“I see you’re still clinging to that rose you got,” I said.

“Oh, this is a new one; I got it right after you left. The note said, ‘The thing that you shall never part, For the Rose I give you, is all of my heart.’ And it’s signed ‘Your Secret Admirer, ‘ isn’t that romantic?”

“If you’re a girl, or gay – it sounds romantic,” I said heading upstairs. “Good-night.”

At nine-thirty, the next morning, the doorbell rang.

I got it, signed for it, and as Kami walked in, I said, “It’s for you - your secret admirer strikes again!”

She opened it, and found a note and read aloud, “Love is composed of a single soul, inhabiting two bodies.”

“Do you have any idea who this might be, Kami?” I inquired. “He, or she, knows, that you’ve come here to live, from your own place.”

“Your right, but still he, or she, is taking the time and effort to express how they feel. Have you given Lynn anything to show how you feel?”

“She’s allergic to flowers and chocolate. I can’t afford any bling, so we’re just getting along fine. If you want, I could try to find out who your secret admirer is? It could be some fifty-year-old man, who’s pulling your chain ... or worse - he could be stalking you.”

She stopped and opened the box ... it had three more roses in it. She took them out and trimmed them and put them in a vase. She ran upstairs and added the other two she had previously gotten. She put the vase of five roses in the middle of our dining table, first taking a moment to smell them all. She started to cry, so I went to her and said, “Don’t cry, whoever’s doing this, certainly knows how to push your buttons, don’t they?”

If you’re as smart as I think you are; you’ve probably guessed that I’m the one sending her the flowers – You’re correct! I’m going to take all the time it takes to convince her, that this secret admirer is in love with her. I haven’t figured everything out yet, but I plan to play to her romantic nature. It probably won’t end up as romantic as the final scene in YOU’VE GOT MAIL or SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, but I’m in this for the long haul.

“Lynn is gone for a family reunion, her first, so I’m available to help you figure out who this guy is.

Alternatively, I have a shoulder for you to cry on, if you insist on crying. Either way, whatever works? How long since you’ve been to a movie, Kami?” I questioned.

“The last movie I saw in the theatre was, the DA VINCI CODE, with Tom Hanks,” she answered.

“Wow, that was a while ago, let’s find a movie to go see. How does that sound?”

“It’s been years since we’ve seen a movie together in the theatre – that sounds like a blast,” she said flashing that amazing smile of hers across her face.

“Go, change, and I’ll look online to see what’s in town?” I said.

I knew exactly, what was in town. I had checked the previous night. The roses are scheduled for early morning every other day, until she has a dozen. Then, as her secret admirer, I plan to schedule us to meet. I haven’t figured out a great romantic place to do that yet, but since I’m stealing this directly from the end of YOU’VE GOT MAIL, it’s got to be good.

I’m going to start sending her anonymous emails, to help sell this whole thing. My best friend Brian showed me how to do that. I didn’t tell him why, that would’ve generated too many questions.

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