The Spark
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely; what does it say about those who know about the power but try to exploit its bearer for their own goals? Join Brian as he receives such a gift, a gift of such power that as he learns to control his gift women and men will offer him anything and sometimes everything for the use of his gift. As for those he refuses, well there are other ways to deal with those in power.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Slow   Violent   sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Lying down on the back seat of my mother's SUV, I was relaxing when I felt her start to slow down. The turn onto the gravel road that followed just made everything more vivid as my old life was gone, gone as surely as the gravel being crushed under the tires on the road we were on. Sitting up to take a look around things were even worse than I thought as there were houses out in the distance but nothing close. That also meant that there was going to be no one for me to hang around with or even shoot hoops with; not that I was any good at it but still I liked to get out and try. Before I could start to complain again that I did not want to live in Idaho we rounded a bend around a small hill and in front of the SUV I could see a fairly large farm house with several outbuildings making up the perimeter.

Stopping in front of the house I asked my mom, "This is where you expect us to live?"

"Yes Brian, your grandfather invited all of us to live here after that business you started in California."

This was the fight that my mother and I had fought for the last two months. She would say something about my last fight and I would respond sarcastically in kind. This time I did not even get a chance to start to really get into it because a old man stepped out onto the porch and the bang of the screen door brought both of us up short. My first impression of him screamed farmer or maybe rancher as he wore a western shirt blue jeans and the proverbial cowboy boots with the ends of the jeans tucked inside. The two dogs sitting at his heels just completed the picture I had of a farmer.

That soon changed as my mother and I made our way into the enclosed traffic circle that fronted the house with the main house in front and other buildings that I assumed were barns on either side. From where my mother stopped we were too far to see what his face really looked like under the hat that he wore. That soon changed as he stepped off of the porch and walked towards were my mom had stopped in the yard. Deciding to follow my mother's lead and stepped out to join her in meeting my grandfather that before two weeks ago I did not even knew existed.

Opening the back door where I had been camped out for two days while my mother drove I found another reason why I hated the idea of living in Idaho, the smell. Sure I expected the smell as I remembered the time my school had a field trip to a farm. This smell was far worse and I was sure the heat of summer was not making the fumes any better. Hiding my disgust at the smell that surrounded us we made our introduction with my mother Susan introducing first herself then me. When my grandfather inquired about where my twin sisters were my mother stated that they would be flying in at the end of July. Right now they were spending time with their father before they were forced to hide out in Idaho. When my mother cleared up my missing sisters I greeted my grandfather with a handshake and after he pointed out a couple of buildings and what they were for he escorted my mother and myself inside.

The inside of the house was actually quite spacious with the living room, dining room and kitchen making up the equivalent of a great room. Looking around I could see that all the living room furniture was leather. On the wall next to the fireplace was a very large plasma television and boxed around that was an entertainment center with modules containing the DVD player, radio tuner, and what else I had no idea. The dining room had a very expensive table and chairs that could seat ten or more but currently only had six chairs around. The kitchen had all tall wood cabinets around the perimeter and a large island that from the chairs sitting in an arc could seat six more people. The counter tops were all stone slabs that from their shine cost quite a bit. Not to be out done by the tops I could see that all the appliances were stainless steel. After the great room my grandfather showed us the rest of the house and with what I saw in the other rooms I guessed that farming and ranching in Idaho paid my grandfather well.

The rest of the house was just as impressive except for the fact that there was only four bedrooms to which my sisters would have to share. Mentioning that fact to my mother brought about another discussion with my grandfather about who would sleep were. At the end of that was the first time I was happy as it was my grandfather's plan that I have the apartment over the barn. My mother was not happy with the idea that I would not be in the same house but relented when I mentioned that if she put out the idea that it be given to one of my sisters the other one would complain. In the end it was my grandfather that mentioned that the apartment had an intercom system tied into the kitchen.

Deciding to move my stuff from the SUV before my mom changed her mind I left them sitting around the giant dining room table and headed outside to haul my few bundles up stairs in the barn. Stepping inside I could see that the first order of business was a serious cleaning as all the furniture had dust covering everything. Normally I would just complain to my mother but since I was going to be living here I figured that I could do some exploring at the same time. It was an hour later when my grandfather showed up dragging a rather large hose with him. Before I could ask about it he stated that he did not expect me to start on cleaning so soon as he was intending to use his air compressor to blow out most of the dust. Considering how little progress I had made with my efforts I welcomed his offer and his air hose. After opening the windows to let the dust out I was ordered outside along with my mother who had finished her own unpacking job and had come out to see why I was standing outside. My mother soon had her own answer since we were standing downwind and as soon as we heard the sound of the air hose we had a rather impressive amount of dust coming out of the windows.

Stepping back inside the apartment after my grandfather had finished, I could see that there was still a lot of work to be done as there was still a light layer of dust on everything that the air hose could blow out the window. Picking up the rag I had left when I fled my grandfather's dust storm I spent the rest of the afternoon and night minus the time I was called for dinner cleaning my father's old room. The reason I mentioned the room belonging to my father was the boxes containing his life before he joined the Marines. Going through the boxes I realized that he was a normal kid before he left home and if the rolled up posters were any indication he had a serious crush on Madonna when she was young. I also found picture albums and several boxes of cassette tapes and CD's from all sorts of bands from when he was in high school.

Since it had a closet there were also large numbers of pants and shirts hanging on hangers but after testing one of the shirts I realized that my dad was taller and even more broad shouldered than myself though if what people say that I will be bigger than my dad are true then I actually had something to look forward to.

The following morning before the sun was over the horizon my grandfather was waking me up for my introduction to the chores necessary for a working farm to operate. He informed me that my first chore each day was to muck out all the stalls. After that it was time to feed the animals which was followed by our breakfast which I was told we would be doing omelets. When I told him that I did not know how to cook he told me that we would work together on fixing my lack of ability. Heading outside once we had finished cleaning up after breakfast there were more chores around the house that took us until ten in the morning.

When those were done I received my first reward as he got in the passenger side of his truck while leaving the driver's side for me. Being his chauffeur for the next couple of hours I decided that living in Idaho could be worse as I received my first driving lesson. Something else I realized was that my grandfather was a very wealthy man as we drove around his land for hours and never crossed the same ground twice. Of everything he showed me, the one I found the most interesting, was what he called his hidden garden. The garden entailed two dozen trees set in an arc around the irrigation canal. Between the trees were large bushes with king sized thorns that would discourage anyone from poking their head into my grandfather's business. The one down side was the same could not be said about the other side of the canal as there were no trees on that side and the owner there had sold off some of his land and now there were a couple of ranch houses with families living in them that destroyed my grandfather's idea of a secret garden.

Discussing the garden with him I found out that he had built it for his first wife who had been killed by a drunk teen driver years before he met his second wife, my grandmother and gave birth to my father. My grandmother had been jealous about the garden he had built for his first wife so she had never come out to the garden and over the years he had left it not wanting to upset his wife.

Asking if he would mind if I used it for my martial arts training he agreed saying that someone should get some use out of it. With the idea of using it for my practice we drove home. Finding my mother in the kitchen I reminded her that I needed to find a new studio so that I could practice. Reminding her of my martial arts training was the wrong thing to bring up as the rest of lunch was rather frosty. She blamed me and my martial arts for my last fight down in California and why we were forced to move to Idaho.

My last fight, yea that was a joke; it was more like the OK Corral.

Two Mexican kids I had known since first grade had been ordered to rob a convenience store by their gang. It just happened that my mom had sent me there to pick up a gallon of milk to go with dinner. As soon as the bell rang announcing that someone had entered the store there was a 9mm pistol held sideways pointing at my face from about four feet away. Seeing the boy behind the bandana and hearing the voice, I was shocked. I knew the voice was my friend Juan from my school.

Instead of immediately complying with his order like my mom said I should have done, I asked, "Juan what the fuck do you think you are doing?"

Right then I knew that I made a mistake as his eyes got very big realizing that someone had recognized him. Seeing the fear and uncertainty in his eyes, I knew I was in trouble. When he stepped closer he screamed at me saying, "I am not Juan now get down on the floor."

Until he stepped closer and shoved the pistol right in my face, I did not know what I was going to do as he was too far away from me to make a grab for the pistol. However, by stepping forward to intimidate me, he stepped close enough that he was now in my reach. Deciding that I was not going to be a victim, (too much like my father I guess). I went through the motions in my mind of what I had been taught in my martial arts class. One, step out of the line of fire. Two, gain control the weapon. Three, disable the attacker. That was exactly what happened, as I side stepped away from the barrel of the gun, I grabbed his wrist twisting and forcing the gun farther away from my face and down and away from my body.

He still had control of the trigger but I had control of his hand and arm and I had them both facing away from me. Before I could disarm him Juan pulled the trigger. My face at that moment happened to be close enough that I felt the blast from it going off then twice more in quick succession. All three rounds going through the front counter shattering the glass that was there. Stepping into his arm at the elbow I pulled back hard until I heard a pop as the joint gave way then a scream. I knew that his elbow was gone as it now rotated past the one hundred and eighty degree point backwards. Hearing the pistol hitting the floor, I stepped away still controlling the arm I side kicked his leg aiming for his knee. My strike there brought out another scream as his knee buckled inward as he fell sideways.

Thinking back on that, I think I should have shouted "TIMBER" as he fell with his ruined knee. Seeing no one else around me I was thinking that the fight was over as Juan was crying and holding onto his ruined knee with his one good hand. Bending over to pick up the pistol that he had dropped I had it in my hand when I heard something click behind me.

Looking behind me there was another kid from school I recognized as Roberto, Juan's cousin who was another kid from school wearing a bandana like Juan. In his right hand he was holding a knife. It turned out that he had been down in the beer locker grabbing a couple of cases of beer when I stepped into their action. Now with a switchblade in his hand, he yelled he was going to kill me and started towards me. Not even thinking about what I was doing, I raised the pistol and pulled the trigger, putting the bullet into his chest. I did not mean to fire, it was just an automatic response, raising the pistol and pulling the trigger. I do not even remember pulling the trigger.

I never knew why I pulled the trigger, after disabling Juan who had a gun, disabling Roberto with a knife would have been simple after all the hours I had spent in class doing unarmed drills against knife wielding opponents. Instead, I had raised the pistol that I had picked up from Juan and fired, hitting him in the chest, one of the police officer's that responded had called my shot center mass. That was in April when I killed Roberto and crippled Juan.

Several weeks later the District Attorney called and let my mother know that the shooting was being ruled justified self defense and I had been cleared. The next day the death threats started. Only they were not just against me, but also against my mom and sisters, actually my half sisters. Soon after the first reports of my being cleared were broadcast was when my mom heard from my grandfather. That was when my grandfather offered my mother his place for all of us to live so she immediately agreed since the police were advising her that the threat against us was credible. Personally I would have preferred to stay but my mother was not going to chance the lives of my sisters.

With my mother's comments about my fighting I knew that she was going to fight me about finding a new studio for me to study in. My mother finally pulled out her last card saying that she needed to look for work so she did not think that she would have the time or the money to help me look for a new studio to practice in. I was about to mention to her that she had promised me before we moved that I would be able to continue my training. Now that we were here I could see that she was trying to back out of her promise to me. That was not going to happen but before I could tell what I thought about her backtracking on her promise, my grandfather stepped in saying that he would cover the cost and he would take me around to find a studio for me to study in. After that my mother tried to object saying that she would not have time to take me to classes. Since we had no idea where I would be practicing my suspicion about getting me away from my martial arts was proven correct.

With lunch being finished and my mother and I ignoring each other, my grandfather got me out and away from my mother for a couple more chores and an introduction to driving a farm tractor. By the time dinner rolled around I had cooled down enough to be civil to my mom though I still did not like the way she tried to circumvent my training.

Sunday was a repeat of the day before with my grandfather getting me up for chores to be followed by breakfast then it was free time as he went off to his church services while my mother and I stayed home. The reason for that was that neither of us attended as my mother attended until my father was killed and since my mother did not attend I did not attend either. Since my mother and I were not talking I stayed up in my apartment and went through the stuff my father left behind.

When my grandfather returned from his church a couple of hours later I was ready to take a break from the boxes of cassette tapes and CD's I was sorting through. The problem with taking a break was that my grandfather joined me with a coke for me and a beer for himself. Sitting down amongst the boxes I asked him what my father was like and I got a three hour discussion about his time in school up until he informed his dad that he was leaving and he had already joined the Marines. Brodie, my grandfather became rather melancholy saying that he did not know why my father thought he had to try to sneak away to join the Marines as he had been in a Japanese civilian concentration camp after the island he was on had been overrun. We finished talking soon after that and with dinner being quiet I returned to my apartment to continue sorting through my father's life.

Monday started off again with Brodie (my grandfather hated being referred to as grandfather) banging on the wall that it was time to get up. Working through the chores together we finished quickly so that we could get to breakfast. We ended up doing it together as my mom had her first job interview and from what Brodie was saying she was fussing over what to wear and did not have time to fix breakfast. So with that thought in mind he and I took care of it. Once breakfast was over and Brodie and I had cleaned up the kitchen he let me know that there were more chores to be done before he could head into town. Working our way around the ranch took us until noon when he declared that it was time for lunch and for the first time since we had arrived he drove us into town.

The town itself was nothing to write home about and on our way up here we had seen a number of towns in Nevada that for the most part matched what I was looking at now only the scale of the town was different. Lunch was rather different because instead of just the two of us there was a collection of folks here that rivaled Brodie in age. The meeting after that was rather interesting as all the men it turned out were farmers and lunch in town was a weekly thing for them so that they had time to discuss everything involving the town. First up for a number of men was the selection of a new football coach since the previous head coach had been dismissed after a dismal season of two wins and ten losses. For myself I really did not care one way or another as the few men who spoke to me made mention that I was rather short for a football player even though I was so young. When I mentioned that I preferred basketball that only generated more laughs until I pointed out that every team needed someone to bring the ball up the court. They agreed with me and a few men drifted away since football was the primary focus of the meeting. I did meet a few other men who were interested in basketball and the six of us were more than happy to discuss anything not related to football.

By the time the manager came in to remind everyone of the time I had made some friends with the one problem being that the youngest among them was over sixty years old. With a reminder for the following week and more than a few handshakes, Brodie and I headed out but instead of immediately returning to the farm he stated that we were going to fulfill his promise to me to find a martial arts studio I could work with. By the time we returned home I was more than a little disappointed as the selection of studios out in the boonies where we were living was rather lacking. The few we found that had the physical facilities that I wanted lacked the mental challenge as Brodie and I sat through a few classes to get a feel to what they were teaching. Driving back to the ranch I explained to Brodie why I did not like the gyms in town with the reason being that they were more than fifteen miles away which would mean that my mother would find every excuse imaginable to deny me the chance to practice. Mentioning my concern about my mother to Brodie he nodded like he expected something like that and that if we could not find something closer he promised that he would drive me into town so that I could practice.

Arriving back at the ranch my chores were short and since I had the rest of the day to myself with my mother still away trying to find a job I grabbed my bag with the weapons that I had collected from my previous gym and headed for the clearing. I ended up spending a couple of hours there working through all of my forms with all of my weapons until I heard my mom's car come crunching past my grove heading for the house. Thinking that it would be a good idea to not ignore my mother so early in the day I put away my gear and after dropping it off in my apartment I headed inside to catch my mother being excited as she told Brodie that after sitting through three different interviews before they told her that she got the job she wanted was as a legal secretary. So with everyone in good spirits that evening, Brodie took my mother and I out for a celebratory dinner. With as much as my grandfather and I ate I was wondering how they stayed in business. I had no idea and I really did not care, all I knew was that I would be going back there again before they went out of business.

Tuesday started just like Monday with the exception that I woke up before Brodie arrived. Looking at the clock I could see that I still had a half hour before he arrived and having decided that I was going to continue with my martial arts I got out of bed and started to work through my forms only this time since I knew that no one was around I did my forms with my eyes closed. That continued until I heard Brodie offer up that he guessed that I was serious as I looked good doing the forms while I had my eyes closed. After that he simply walked downstairs and started in on the chores. To his retreating back I shouted out I would be down in a minute after I had a shower to which he shouted back that the cows did not care one way or the other if I stank of sweat. I laughed as I agreed with him but no matter what, I cared, once he was gone I went in and did my business and then joined him cleaning out the barn. Between the two of us finished the morning chores quickly and we went in for breakfast which for my lesson for the day consisted of poached eggs on toast.

For the first time in a long time my mother was out the door without having to get her children out the door and as she left Brodie chuckled. When I gave him a questioning look when we were alone he mentioned that my mom did not have to be there until eight thirty and even with the drive she would be at work an hour early. Thinking about that for a few seconds I smiled with him at the joke then the two of us headed out for the rest of the chores around the ranch.

The rest of the day was a repeat of Monday with the exception that Brodie and I found a studio that I liked that included being close enough that I could either ride my bike when our stuff arrived or simply run there as it was only two miles past the high school I would be attending in the fall. Dinner that night was steaks, corn on the cob and baked potatoes all cooked on the grill. After dinner I told my mother that I had found a studio that was nearby. She was not happy about it but at least she did not try to start another argument about it that day.

The following morning after chores Brodie and I headed inside to find my mother with homemade waffles butter and syrup. Sitting down with Brodie and myself to eat I found out that my mother was actually really interested in what the two of us had planned for the day. For most of it she was happy that we would be working but when Brodie mentioned that I would be going to the studio in the afternoon her mood darkened. I will give it to her she was polite but I knew that she was not happy on the inside.

She took off soon after that leaving Brodie and me to clean up the kitchen. The rest of the morning we spent on chores. At ten in the morning I hopped on a bike that Brodie loaned me and with a backpack carrying my gear on my back I took off for Master Kim's studio. Walking my bike up the driveway I was excited about being back to practicing. Handing him a letter that my previous instructor had given me for an introduction he told me to go get dressed and that he would see what I knew. Seeing no one around I didn't bother to wait to be told and I started in on my warm up exercises, which I finished the couple of forms with my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes when I finished warming up, Master Kim offered, "Not bad, now let us begin."

All I will say about the next four hours was that my black belt testing had not been this hard. I was thinking about asking if there was a problem, but before I could ask my question Brodie came in and Master Kim announced that we would continue my testing when I came in tomorrow.

Thursday was more of the same only now Master Kim switched to weapons drills, then finally sparing with either him or some of the other students that had arrived for the various classes. By the time Brodie arrived Master Kim proclaimed that I was teachable. Leaving the mat Master Kim told me to be ready on Monday and to have a good weekend. What he did not know was that I did not have any friends around here so the studio was going to be my destination every day.

Being dismissed until Monday I spent Friday doing chores with Brodie. When lunch time rolled around we switched drivers saying that he had a lunch meeting at the senior center in town. Stopping only long enough for me to get out he stated he would be back later and that the rest of the day was mine. Heading inside for lunch myself I found enough for a couple of sandwiches. Eating at the island I grabbed a coke from the fridge and ate my lunch in silence. Finishing that I did a quick cleanup of the kitchen them headed out to my apartment. My thought at the time was to go through what I had found as far as music and other things that belonged to my dad.

Going through the boxes took longer than I had planned as I was still only half way through listening to the cassettes and the few compact discs that were in the boxes. When my mother came up to see if I was home she found me lounged out on the couch with some headphones on that I had found in one of the boxes. Sitting down next to me I explained what I had found and where it had been stored. After listening to a couple of the songs and naming them without looking at the covers she got up to leave saying that she was heading inside to fix dinner. Leaving me there I listened to another cassette before I headed inside for a dinner of pork chops, mashed potatoes, and canned corn. Not the most inspiring of meals but before we moved the simple foods were the staples as my sisters were very picky eaters.

Heading back to my room after dinner I was thinking happy thoughts about my sisters because if this move was hard on me it would probably kill my sisters as they hated anything to do with getting dirty. Thinking of the two of them mucking out the stalls or dragging and burning all the trash from the house did nothing but put a smile on my face. I spent the rest of the weekend helping my grandfather working around the ranch and cleaning out the clearing by the canal. When Sunday night arrived I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.

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