A Slice of Hell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Sister, First, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Nudism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twin sisters inherit their uncles fortune. Moving from repressive mother to super wealthy they start their journey from naive to mature. This is part 1 of the first of three books! I'd really like some feedback

Momma loved going to church. The pastor was one of those Fire and Brimstone preachers and momma thought the sun shone out of his ass. I thought what normally came out his ass was coming out of his mouth as well but I had to keep my mouth shut.

My eighteenth birthday, got a Bible from momma, another one makes six she's given me. Hey I've even read bits of them seeing as momma don't believe in TV or public library books or GirlFriend magazines. Some of the other girls at school had shown me articles about sex and laughed at me saying things like "you'll have to read about sex because you'll never have a boyfriend."

Just wait, I only dress like this because that's all that momma buys for me. I look at the short skirts they are all wearing and, yes, I think what that would feel like. My sister Jessie, who's nearly 17, agrees that we can't wait to get out of there.

A month past my birthday my uncle got T-boned by a truck that lost it's brakes. Momma didn't want to go to the funeral except she wanted to gloat.

"Now that good for nothing is burning in hell, where he belongs."

I felt really sad as Uncle Mark had been nice to me. He'd been meeting us after school and giving Jessie and me a ride most of the way home. He'd admitted he was a bit of a playboy and I knew he was quite rich. We had been talking lots about what our plans were for the future and how my life would change when I turned eighteen. He'd been coming to collect us when he got killed. Now what?

What a Tuesday!

A week after the funeral we all had to go to this fancy lawyers office. Momma didn't want to take me and Jessie, but the lawyer told her we all had to attend. There were four very beautiful young ladies there as well which made momma squirm.

"Whores, whores, all of them. My brother was nothing but a whore-monger. May he rot in hell for eternity. When I inherit that house of sin I'll burn it to the ground."

The lawyer, Mr Jenkins, took control and made momma hiss when Uncle Mark left $100,000 to each of the ladies, they had been looking after his house and him for the last three years. Then the lawyer left momma her inheritance, a million dollars for every act of Christian kindness she had ever shown Uncle Mark. The lawyer gave her a nickel. She was steaming. Then the lawyer turned to me and Jessie.

"Miss Sarah, Miss Jessie, your Uncle Mark felt that you two should have every opportunity that you are currently being denied. He has left his house, his stock portfolio, and all his assets to be shared between you."

Momma was spitting tacks. "They are not going anywhere near that whore-house."

The lawyer looked at her. "Sarah is over eighteen and can make her own decisions."

Momma spluttered "Well Jessie isn't so I can keep her out of there. You'll have to sell everything so Jessie gets her half and I just know how I'm going to purify that money. It'll all go to the church to do gods work. HA."

The lawyer looked sadly at her. "Your brother expected your unchristian attitude so application has already been made to emancipate Jessie. The judge granted it this morning. Jessie and Sarah are able to leave your home and move where they choose."

Momma was dumb-founded. "But, but, I've been a good mother..."

"No you haven't momma, You denied us everything, you chased out our father, you chased away our uncle, you dress us like ... like ... you dress us in bags. I've been reading those Bibles you keep giving me, and the message of our Lord Jesus Christ is a message of tolerance, generousity and LOVE, not bigotry, denial and HATE."

Now she was angry "The Pastor told me that I was sparing the rod which was spoiling the child. I should have whupped you more. You just wait till we get home, your ass is going to be red."

"Mr Jenkins, can we move in right away? After those threats I don't think we want to go back there."

Mr Jenkins smiled. "These four young ladies that your uncle employed are now your staff. Monica's role has been bodyguard, and it sounds like you might have a need for her. Simone has been the driver so she can drive you where-ever you like. Jody and Melissa are both house staff and they will ensure you are most welcome. Your uncle anticipated this situation so they are ready to drive you to your mothers house, pack your things, and take you both to your new home. And of course protect you from any harm."

Now momma was steaming mad. We had no car so had caught the bus to the lawyers, she knew we could be home, packed and out of there before she got anywhere near us. Mr Jenkins told us to go and get sorted out and that he would be over to talk through the technical stuff tomorrow.

We followed Simone out to the car, a real nice one. Monica travelled with us while Jody and Melissa followed with a big van. We got to mommas house and the pastor was there, momma had phoned him. He tried stopping us from entering but Monica dumped him in the trashcan so he couldn't get out. We went through our stuff real fast. It was kinda easy because Jody took one look at our closets and suggested we do some shopping for better stuff than that rubbish. The others looked also and agreed. We found our birth certs and the few other things that we wanted to take and left. Didn't have to put anything in the van. Not much to show for eighteen years.

Monica emptied the trashcan as we left, into the dumpster down the road. I think she was feeling a bit pissed, or maybe she just needed some exercise, anyway she was being tidy.

They took us to the mall, another den of iniquity according to momma. They were struggling to suppress smiles, then they took us to this shop that sold only underwear, a place called Victoria's Secrets. HOLY SMOKE, it was all lacy stuff that was nearly see through. Jessie and I fingered a few things and looked at each other.

"Is this what we've been missing? Momma I hate you."

The shop assistant came over and looked at our dowdy dresses, looked down her nose at us until Simone told her we were to be "upgraded" on the account. I looked at her puzzled.

"There is a house account here and a few other stores, all our clothing is covered."

The shop assistant called for backup as Simone told her we needed a complete wardrobe. Simone and Jody started going through the racks and the assistants were busy running the wisps of clothing into the changing rooms for Jessie and I to try on while Melissa and Monica said great or ... well everything was great. They were great judges of size as well, as everything fitted perfectly. The last bra and panty set they told us to keep on. Jody went with the assistants to sort out the account while Monica hurried us to get off our old panties and get our new ones on. We looked around and couldn't find our dresses then Simone laughed and told us our next stop was next door so they had thrown the rubbish out already. Jessie and I were shocked as we realised the idea was for us to walk through the mall in our underwear. Jessie was nearly peeing her new panties, then she screamed.

"YES, lets live, I hope some of our school mates see us." She took off running and I had no choice but to follow.

She wasn't running, she was dancing, spinning around, and yelling with happiness. I was a little more circumspect until I realised that Jessie was just feeling free. I caught on to the emotion and managed to walk proudly to the next shop. I looked down and realised my nipples were also rather proud, they were standing quite erect. Jody noticed and gave me a thumbs up.

Dresses, skirts, tops, all the clothing our schoolmates had shown us, either wearing or in magazines was in the window. We got sent to the changing rooms while the same pattern as the underwear shop happened. The assistants were running around delivering clothing, Melissa and Monica were watching us try them on and OKing all the clothes. Finally we could breathe as they told us to keep on the jeans and tops we had just tried. We stepped out and could finally look at ourselves in the mirrors. What a difference some nice clothes make. Two of our school mates spotted us and came over.

"Sarah and Jessie, you're looking GOOOOOOD. What happened, the old bat died or something."

"Thanks Amelia, we feel good too. Sadly it was our Uncle Mark, we went to his funeral last friday, momma got nothing, we got everything. These are his staff, now ours I guess, they decided we needed to update our closets.

"Hey Sarah, momma got something, remember."

"Oh yes, A million dollars for every act of Christian kindness, she got a nickel."

"Ohhhh, that's mean. Your uncle, was that the one that picked you up after school quite a few times lately."

"Yes, we'd been talking about what we wanted to do for the future. Then he got killed by a truck brake failure."

"Oh no, that's sad. He sounds like he was an OK guy."

"He was more than OK, he actually cared about us."

We headed off to our new home after promising to see them back at school next week after mid-term break. We got to our new home, HOLY SMOKE, access code on the front gates, high walls, loooonnnnnggg driveway, then the house – make that the MANSION.

Simone stopped in front so Monica could take us in the main entrance way – I've got to try and start talking posh now because we have moved up in the world. Entrance foyer, marble staircase, equals two girls with their mouths hanging open. The grand tour took us an hour with lots of ohhs and ahhs. Melissa met us upstairs and showed us two rooms that they had thought would suit Jessie and me. After we each looked over a room, no, a suite that was nearly bigger than mommas whole house we said sure so Jody and her brought up our new clothes and started putting them in the closets. Heck, the closet was bigger than our whole bedroom at mommas.

Monica and Simone were enjoying our reactions, they seemed really happy for us. Outside the swimming pool had a water slide and a grotto. Momma called this a pit of hell but I'm thinking this is a slice of heaven.

We got back into the dining room and just sat down, we were rather overwhelmed. Melissa asked if we'd like a coffee or something else to drink. We asked for colas and then realised they were standing around so asked them to sit.

"Look, I don't know what the situation was with Uncle Mark but I think we would be happier if you relaxed WITH us. At the moment you make me feel rather intimidated, please, sit down, start by telling us a little about yourselves and what you have been doing here."

Monica went first. "I was employed, primarily as a bodyguard, but I help out wherever necessary. I'm black belt in three martial arts and am licensed to carry handguns. You realise that your uncle was rather wealthy and there is a very real threat of kidnapping. I'm going to recommend that we hire another guard so you have one each. Sarah, you have another two months of school before you graduate and Jessie, you have another year. Over that time you need coverage at school. That's the starting point from my viewpoint and is what Mark discussed with me before he was killed."

Melissa "I'm the cook. I'm trained in Cordon Bleu but my first job was flipping burgers. My understanding is that you were fed, but nothing fancy, by your mother. I propose to try different dishes each meal and you tell me what you like and don't. Do you know if you have any allergies or foods you definitely don't like?"

"No allergies, but I've never enjoyed rice pudding."

"Also no allergies, same dislike but something I'd really like to try is a hamburger."

"You ... you've never had a hamburger! Would you like one for lunch?"

Yes, it was lunchtime as my stomach reminded me. Melissa went off to make hamburgers for all. Jody explained her role.

"I was employed as the housekeeper. My job has been to look after the house, I do all the laundry, etc. I also help in the kitchen. Outside housework: the grounds maintenance and the pool cleaner come every Wednesday, so if you want to sunbathe nude, do it on the other six days."

Jessie was looking rather wild-eyed. "Sunbathing ... NUDE ... Ubba bubba ... I don't know if I can manage that step. Walking through the mall in my underwear was a buzz ... but ... nude ... nngh."

I felt much the same.

"Look, we're pretty inexperienced teenagers, and you girls are giving us a lot to think about. You know our lives were very limited before coming here. It's a total change that's going to take us a while to get straight. Heck, when we got up this morning in the old clapboard house, we dressed in frumpy old dresses and had porridge for breakfast. Now we're wearing brand new clothes and talking about blue gordon meals."

"That's Cordon-Bleu, might use blue cheese occasionally, but ... You're right, you are facing a whole world of new experiences, things we take for granted are new words to you. Don't hesitate to stop us and ask what the heck we're talking about. Here's your first new experience, Burgers with all the trimmings."

Melissa presented a platter of burgers and we all took one. I was immediately addicted, the taste, the texture, manna from heaven. There were enough for two each and I savoured every bite. Jessie got her mouth empty first.

"That was the best food I have EVER tasted. Can we have that for dinner and breakfast as well?"

Melissa laughed "I'll put hamburgers on the list of 'likes'. I'm sure I can come up with something just as good, if not better, for dinner."

Simone spoke up "I can assure you that Melissa's cooking will keep you finding more favourites. Anyway, my role here. I'm employed as the driver, I also look after the vehicles for most routine stuff. I'm a backup for Monica, although not Black belt I'm also licensed to carry."

"Vehicle'S', more than one?"

"Yes, there were fIve. The SUV we were in this morning is an Audi Q7, there's an Audi Quattro, the Ford van for when we are all shopping together, a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud for special occasions, and Mark liked to drive the Camaro but that was the one in the accident. When you girls get your drivers licences we'll sort out cars for each of you."

Oh, well, that was,,,, oh wow. I thought of something.

"You were employed by Uncle Mark, so what is your status now?"

Jody answered "Technically we are paid up till the end of the month, if you want us to we can leave then. I suspect you might be interested in keeping us on – maybe for a while longer?"

"PLEASE, you're all hired, I hope you'll stay. OH, you all got some money from Uncle Mark, you don't need to stay. PLEASE, we'll double your salary, please don't leave us alone."

"It's ok, Jessie. We knew Mark had left us something, we value that he valued us. We're on a rather good salary now, so how about we just continue as we are for the moment and review in, say, a years time. I think that's part of why the lawyers coming tomorrow. For now, how about we have an easy afternoon, show you around the grounds and just relax. Go for a swim if you want."

"Oww, ... oh ... Can't. Unless we swim nude! We don't have swimsuits. Relax sounds good though."

We spent the afternoon having a good look around. There is a total of five acres with lots of trees and shrubs. Jessie and I kept bursting out laughing at the change in our lives. Monica and Simone stayed with us and answered lots of questions. We got back to the pool and laid back in the loungers. We were so used to not having a choice of clothing that Simone's suggestion that we go and change into shorts and a light top took us by surprise. We found our way back to our rooms and, after searching for a bit, I changed into some very short shorts and a very daring red top, like a T-Shirt but it only came to just below my breasts. I felt ... excited. Jessie came into my room and she had found the same outfit. Hers was a pink top which looked really good on her.

"Sarah, I've just realised something. We haven't got a swimsuit and we haven't got any nighties either. Do you think we could borrow one from the girls."

I looked at her and decided it was time to grow up.

"No, it's our house now, I'M going to sleep NUDE. True, I'll be hiding in my room, but I'm going to sleep nude."

"OHH sis, you're ... you're naughty ... I might too ... Might even go swimming tomorrow ... nude"

"Tomorrows Wednesday when the pool cleaner comes so you might give him a fright. Tell you what, We sort out with the lawyer then we'll do another shopping trip. I realised we forgot footwear, I only have these sandals and bare feet. Actually I like bare feet, but still it would be nice to have some changes."

We went back downstairs and Melissa brought some cokes out to the pool loungers. She laughed when I told her about no nighties and assured us another shopping trip on Wednesday was planned. She shocked me ... a little ... none of them wear nighties.

Lounging aroud chatting I think the girls got a good idea how innocent Jessie and I were. Yes, we're both virgins, no, neither of us have ever kissed, no, not even each other. Why would we kiss each other? Do girls kiss each other?!!

Dinner time came and Melissa served up this Beef Stroganoff. We all sat down to dinner and Jessie and I were overwhelmed, this was delicious, our taste buds were ... in heaven. The others acted like it was an everyday sort of meal. Which kind of made me feel somewhere between a real yokel and some-one on the verge of a wealth of experiences. Then Melissa asked if she had done better than the hamburgers for lunch and Jessie got in first.

"Melissa this meal, ... makes me feel that I just want to stay at this table and try everything you can offer up. Give me a couple of months eating like this and you'll be able to carve me up as bacon."

Monica laughed "Here you get QUALITY, we'll watch the quantity, plus when you get in the pool swimming and then start martial arts training you'll burn off any fat."

"Martial arts training!?"

"Yep, you'll learn enough to keep yourself safe until I get there plus it's a great way to stay fit. Everyone here practices every morning. Mark was very enthusiastic."

"You bet he was enthusiastic, he liked seeing us because of what we were wearing."

"What, you have some fancy outfits?"

"No, we always practice nude."

My jaw is getting sore from hitting the floor so often. My head was swimming with all these different ideas. Jessie looked like she was having the same problem I was. After dinner we watched TV for a while. Another new experience, you know there's programs where people get up and talk about all their family problems, even sexual problems. Oh, wow, and some of the comments from the girls, telling the lady on the TV to find a man with a bigger dick then she'd be happy. Then they wouldn't tell us who or what a dick was. Went off to bed kinda late for us, it was after eleven. Had a shower first, then ran laughing to my bed, I was nude, it was rude!

A Wild Wednesday

Yawned and stretched, lovely sheets on the bed, must be satin or silk or suchlike. I writhed, enjoying the feel and then jumped as someone laughed at me. Melissa came in with a breakfast tray so I sat up. Whoops, I realised I was nude, Melissa laughed harder.

"There is a nightie you could have used in the drawer. After you said you didn't have one, I found one for you."

I stayed sitting up "After my shower last night, I just ran to the bed. Didn't look in any drawers. I think I could get used to this very easily, much better than my old bed."

She brought breakfast over, a loaded tray, bacon, pancakes, fruit and OJ. It was delicious and I had just finished when Jessie came bouncing in. She was dressed in shorts and another crop top and came to a sudden stop when she saw I was still nude.

"Sarah! I can see your tits. Did you sleep ... you did sleep nude. Oh what would momma ... oh forget her. I slept in panties and TShirt then Melissa told me she'd found me a nightie, but I didn't think to look in the drawers. But I slept like a log, the beds are soooo comfortable."

"Sis, shut up. You're babbling." Jessie sometimes gets over-excited and runs off at the mouth. I was glad she was excited. I got out of bed and went to the drawers to find some clothes.

"Sarah! Now I can see all of you."

"So?" I faced Jessie and stretched out. Her mouth opened and closed, then she started to laugh.

"OK sis, I get the message. I'll go and occupy myself until the lawyer gets here. He's due in half an hour, at 9.00."

"OK, I'll see you downstairs."

Mr Jenkins was right on time. He had a lot of papers for us to sign, transferring assets into our names. The house and much of the finances were handled through a series of companies that we were now the owners of. There were manufacturing companies, finance companies, a chain of auto dealers, and stock brokers. Jody wasn't just a housemaid, she was the treasurer for the central, core company, so she handled all the accounts. When he went through all the figures the totals just had too many numbers, two thousand three hundred million, that's ... that's over two billion!

We were very quiet after he left. Melissa brought us fruit juices and snacks while we tried to get our heads around the magnitude of what our uncle had left us. I guess we were in a bit of a funk until Monica came in and told us it was time we started our exercises.

"What exercises?"

"The ones you missed out on this morning cause you were still asleep. Now get your butts outside and let's see you do a run around the boundary line, then we'll start on some gentle workouts to see how unfit you are."

Well that woke us up big time. We ran, no, let's be honest, we staggered around the boundary line and stood there gasping for breath. Monica just frowned at us.

"Melissa, these girls need to be very careful with their diets until they get sorted."

Melissa looked at us and shook her head. "I'll adjust the menu. Aren't they a disgrace."

"No, they just haven't had the opportunity. Remember their momma wouldn't let them do anything, no sports, no exercising, no beaches. I'm actually pleasantly surprised, they could have been a lot worse, they're certainly not fat. I think two months of regular exercise will tone these two girls up nicely. We'll start with the Tai Chi then Judo every morning, a run before lunch, then swimming every afternoon and maybe some yoga exercises each evening before bed."

"Oh Monica, you were harder than that on me when I started here."

"YOU had spent too much time in the kitchen tasting your own cooking and your butt was starting to make itself known. Anyway this afternoon we're taking these two shopping again so hurry up with that lunch. I hope we can have as much fun as we did yesterday. Speed shopping was a real buzz."

Cold cuts and a salad for lunch then we headed out shopping again. We took the same vehicles as yesterday as Jody felt we might need the space again. She anticipated well. Jessie had told Jody about our sandals so our first stop was the shoe shop. Now this is ridiculous, we bought fifteen pairs of shoes, eight pairs of sandals, and five pairs of boots. EACH!

Next we headed off to get some swimwear, again not one suit but seven bikins and four one-pieces. EACH! Melissa suggested that we should get some formal wear so off to this high fashion place. We got cocktail dresses, ball gowns, evening dresses, formals, and other stuff that neither Jessie nor I had any idea when we would get to wear them. One thing I really liked was the furs, we got a full length coat and a short stole, we bought it – we didn't stole it!, what a silly name. I wanted to wear them except it was too hot but ohh ... they felt sooo nice.

Our next stop was a sporting goods store. We got fitted for proper running shoes seeing as Monica was going to torture us every morning. We also got these cute running shorts and singlets. The singlets were cut sooo big around my arms that I felt my tits would fall out but Jody just looked at me and said "SOOO".

I was a bit shocked then I remembered they all exercised nude so why should I worry about a tit getting exposed.

That completed our clothes shopping and there was still a bit of space in the van. Simone looked around the mall and suggested "Electronics" Monica jumped "Oh yeah"

We had seen kids at school with cell phones who looked pretty cool, we got the latest and greatest Smart Phones, MP4 players, Laptops, Tablets. Ran into a problem when they asked us what music we liked, the only music we had ever heard were church hymns. Jody found some compilation CDs for us to listen to and see what we liked.

We headed back home and Jessie and I helped carry everything up. Melissa told us off but we told her to go and make dinner so we could talk about some changes later.

Another wonderful dinner then we all sat around and I opened the discussion.

"Jessie and I feel so grateful having you guys here. We would be so lost without you. We are only teenagers and we have so much to learn. We have to learn all about finances and investments, but we also have to learn about growing up. Now Melissa, you told us off about helping to carry the shopping in, but we HAVE to help, otherwise we are going to grow up like that Paris Hilton, totally spoilt. We KNOW that that is wrong so helping with carrying shopping should help to keep our feet on the ground. Melissa, we want to help in the kitchen so we learn useful skills as well as how to spend money shopping. Please, help us to grow as sensible girls, we felt that Monica read us right before lunch when we were in a bit of a funk and she demanded we go for a run. It was the best thing for us. Please all of you, kick us out of bed if we are being lazy, give us things to do to help us develop, and most importantly, tell us off if we screw up." Jessie sat beside me nodding her head in agreement.

Monica sat nodding her head, Jody and Simone also looked pleased, then Melissa stood up and came over and gave us each a big hug.

"You two are such total innocents, then you come out with such an intense statement like that. I'm seriously impressed with you both. I think this is going to be the start of a very positive relationship between all of us. We'll get you up early for morning exercise, do you realise we get up at 6:00am?"

"This morning was the first morning we have ever slept in, we were always up at 5:00 am for morning prayers so 6:00 won't be a problem."

Another evening watching TV. Couldn't find that Oprah lady, but we found lots of other shows. These girls that didn't like their bodies and how they wanted plastic surgery to make their tits into boobs, other girls had floppy lips on their bottoms and wanted them cut back. Jessie and I were constantly looking at each other in amazement. Jessie asked Jody "why?" Jody explained that fashion ideals are partly to blame for creating an image of the perfect body that many young girls aspire to. I asked

"How different are girls, ... you know ... down there?"

Jody went to the computer and found a website that showed beautiful labia. I couldn't believe that girls would take pictures of ... down there, and then send the pictures to be on the Internet. Then we started discussing the different pictures. Sex education class was in session, we learnt what everything was called, both proper names and slang terms. Another website had pictures of different tits and boobs. We kept looking at Jody and Melissa and comparing theirs with ours, we weren't very secret about our looking but were surprised when Jody took off her T-Shirt and bra to show us hers. She explained she was a 36B. Her tits sat high on her chest and then she flicked her nipples a few times and they stood to attention. We were fascinated and Jessie reached out towards her, then pulled back. Jody told her to touch if she wanted to so Jessie reached out again and gently cupped Jody's breast. Jessie squealed and pulled her hands away with her face going bright red. Melissa laughed and ruffled her hair.

"Early morning exercises out by the pool, don't forget the exercise uniform. Don't worry about it on Wednesdays, we're finished long before anyone arrives. You two are probably going to have trouble getting to sleep so go and have your showers and I'll bring you up a hot chocolate."

Jessie and I headed up to our rooms and I went for my shower. I washed all those bits we had been looking at pictures of and tried craning my head down to have a good look. I got out and dried then tried using the mirror. I ended up with one foot up on the vanity unit while I held my hair apart. That's when Melissa came in and smiled.

"Jessie's doing the same thing. She found a hand mirror in the drawer which is a little easier. If you want an even better view you should think about shaving."

I realised that most of the pictures we had looked at, the girls had little or no hair. I had a thick bush, almost a jungle.

"I've ... I've never ... you know ... how do I ... um ... oh hell ... you think I should?"

"I don't agree with cutting bits off the lips or adding silicon to your tits, but mowing the lawn is like cutting the hair on your head, simply improves the appearance."

"I ... I don't know how."

"Would you like me to help?"

"I ... I think that I ... Yes, please." I decided to be bold "Melissa, would you please help me shave this bush off?"

"I have no problem with doing that for you. Unless you'd like to wait till next Wednesday and get one of the landscape gardeners to do it for you."

My mouth opened and closed in shock. She laughed and opened the drawer and got out scissors, a razor and shaving foam. She sat me down on the stool, told me to lean back and used the scissors to trim my hair down to a stubble. Then she applied the foam and rubbed it all around. When I started twitching she looked at me and asked if I had ever masturbated.

"What's masturbated?"

"Masturbation is when you touch yourself to sexual arousal. Most girls experiment with touching themselves and find out ways to come."

"Melissa, remember our discussion about new ideas. I have no idea what you are talking about. When you rubbed that foam around I felt some unusual sensations which, I suspect, might be what you are talking about but I have no idea where to go with it."

"Oh right. Ok I'll get this hair off then I'll teach you how to masturbate. I remember back when I was about fourteen and us girls used to get together and share ideas on what excited us."

Shaving the hair off took only a few strokes of the razor, she tilted me back and went right underneath, shaving all the way. She ran her fingers over the smooth skin and cleaned off a few stray hairs and then wiped off the remaining foam with a nice hot cloth. She found some Aloe Vera on the vanity and explained that it helps the skin stay smooth and that I should rub it in every day.

"Masturbation lesson one can use this lotion. As you rub it around the skin where we shaved go further, dip in between your lips and brush against your clitoris. Don't stay on any one point at the early stages, keep it general. Run your fingers all the way down your lips and don't be afraid to touch your anus."

As she explained, she did. Her fingers went all over my bottom. Like with the shaving foam, I started twitching as unusual sensations made me respond. I bit my bottom lip, I gasped, I couldn't stay still.

"Here is your clitoris, it's come out to play."

I looked down to the top of my slit where she had eased the skin back and a little nub was showing. She stroked her fingers over the nub and I bounced off the stool. Sensations raced through my body.

"Right, That's probably enough to get you started. Your hot chocolate is by your bed. Drink it all up, then lay back in bed and continue as I have shown you."

I followed her directions and was soon exploring the area between my legs. My fingers stroked everywhere, I even slid a finger inside my vagina. Looking at those pictures had awoken a side of me that I never knew existed. I reached a peak of some form and lay there gasping for breath as the sensations invaded my body. I slept VERY well.

A Terrific Thursday

I woke the next morning when Jessie came bouncing in, she was undressed ready for the exercise class.

"Sarah, did you ... you know ... look ... at yourself last night. I did, I found a mirror and I look just like some of those pictures. I think I might be normal ... OH MY GOD."

I had pulled the covers back and she saw my shaved pussy.

"Where's your hair?, what happened?, it looks so ... so ... exposed. Just like those pictures."

I laughed. "Melissa happened, she shaved me, then she showed me what happens next. Something most girls start doing at about age fourteen."

Under mommas repressive regime we had missed out on a lot of normal experiences. I showed her briefly what I had learnt in SexEdOne but we had to hurry downstairs for our first exercise class.

We found all of them out by the pool, now we really got to see them. Their bodies were remarkably similar, Melissa's breasts were a little bigger. If Jody was a B cup then Melissa was probably a C cup but the other two were the same as Jody. They stood there and let us look at them for a minute. I realised they were all completely shaven which had Jessie staring. Then Monica got us back on track

"Melissa told us some of what you've missed out on growing up, so we're happy for you to look, touch anywhere, ask questions, whatever. We're not shy, we're not virgins, Simone and I are bisexual so if you want to explore that aspect we can help, there's a few toys around the house if you want to try them. Now, exercise! Looking at your naked bodies, you are very obviously lacking any muscle tone so we'll start with some simple Tai Chi. It's a great way to warm up the body and it helps develop flexibility."

Jessie looked rather nervous but as Monica taught us the first movements and we got active, she settled down. We spent half an hour on these simple movements then we moved over to some practice mats. Melissa, Jody, and Simone started on some serious exercises involving what they told us were Judo contact moves while Monica started us on the beginner exercises.

My body was aching in quite a pleasant way when we finished. The girls dived in the pool and did a few lengths while Jessie and I stood there.

"Sorry Monica, we've never learnt to swim, YET. How do we start?"

"Shit, I didn't think, sorry girls."

Monica got us in the pool at the shallow end and started us on the basics. An hour of this and we were starting to run out of energy. Monica sent us up to shower and then we came back down for breakfast. Another delicious yet simple meal. Momma had never let us have fruit with breakfast, but combined with yoghurt it was another in the 'likes'. Melissa told us what yoghurt was and, although it sounded yuck, we already knew it tasted good.

After breakfast we spent the morning with Jody. She showed us the office and gave us our first lesson in the world of high finance. Trading stocks and shares looked exciting. She set each of us up with a small trading account and suggested we learn by doing. We each looked over the market and did some basic research and made some purchases. Jody told us that we had actioned things correctly, that the purchases were medium risk companies that it would be interesting to see how they do. I thought we had only bought $100 worth but she told us the 'k' meant thousands so we were playing in the big time.

Before lunch Monica caught us and sent us for our run around the boundary. We both managed to run most of the way and spent less time gasping for breath at the end. Another delicious lunch then we helped with clearing away and then Melissa took us into the kitchen and taught us how to bake. Well, we helped with a batch of cookies and a cake. So much fun.

She let us help with dinner and we learnt how much work goes into a simple meal of Chicken Shish Kebabs. Never had yellow rice before but it was real easy with just a little saffron.

We all sat down to dinner and I felt a sense that I had actually contributed something. Another evening watching TV, found some documentaries about the world. We knew little about other countries and seeing them like this made me want to go and see for myself. Jody surprised me when she said I could – that we had a company jet that could take us around the world.

A Frustrating Friday

Woke up to that bane of a girls life, my period had started. I found a pad and panties and went down with Jessie. Jody looked at my panties and then she realised.

"Have you ever tried tampons? They're much easier."

"Tam ... whats. What are you talking about?"

Jody took Jessie and I back upstairs and we learnt about tampons. Felt weird to put something inside, Jody explained that it stretched my hymen a little but I was still a virgin. It was a lot tidier than bulky pads. I was able to give Jody a big hug in thanks. Another weird feeling, pressing tits together, but she gave a laugh and carefully gave a wiggle which had our nipples bumping each others. Jessie put her hand over her mouth and giggled. I was able to leave off the panties when we went back down to do our Tai Chi but I kept leaning forward to look at the string hanging down.

After breakfast we went to the office with Jody and I discovered the shares I'd bought had gone up so I sold them. I was pleased that I'd made a profit of $10 dollars until Jody reminded me about that pesky 'k'. Ten thousand dollars in one day!, I had to sit back in amazement. Jessie had only made five and a half thousand but was still pretty happy. By the time Monica came to chase us round the boundary Jody was laughing hard at the way Jessie and I were getting competitive. She felt there could be a lot of good come out of the challenge. Monica laughed but still chased us for our run.

We managed to run all the way and weren't gasping too much, so she got us doing some other exercises. After lunch Monica took us into her workshop and showed us some electronic wizardry she had for us. Little 'gizmos' she called them, they had a button on them we could press and she would come running. Jody brought another lady through and Monica introduced Tania to us. She explained that Tania would be responsible for body-guarding Jessie. They spent the afternoon with us going through some basic steps we should follow at school. Monica had already briefed the school that Jessie and I would be having security and explained how they would stay unobtrusive. They had a map of the school and we went through our timetables and our usual stopping places. The gizmo's had a tracker in them so they could see where we were at all times but would be monitoring us from the van.

Tania was also a qualified swimming instructor so she started us in the pool, learning to swim. She was really nice so we agreed with Monica that Tania could move in. We discovered that each of the girls had a small apartment and there were apartments for eight.

After dinner we watched a movie, about this family that tried going on holiday in an RV, like a bus, only fitted out like a house. I had a thought that one of those for Monica and Tania would be more comfortable than monitoring us from the van. Monica agreed that was a good idea so Simone arranged for one to be delivered on Sunday.

My shower before bed was ... longer than usual. At mommas it was always get washed and out quickly to save hot water, now I enjoyed the experience, the water flowing over my skin, my fingers exploring, whoops ... I couldn't slide inside, there was a tampon in the way. Still my fingers wandered, they poked and prodded, and suddenly a finger slipped inside my rear hole. I froze, I wiggled the finger and ... enjoyed the feeling. My finger moved in and out and ... it felt strange but nice. Jody came in with a big box of tampons and saw what I was doing, she laughed and asked

"Do you want a hand?"

I was thinking!! "I don't think a hand would fit, one finger is tight enough."

She laughed more.

"I'll have to find you another website that shows girls getting fisted, a whole hand up inside their asshole."

She held her hand with the fingers tightly grouped together, then pumped it slowly as she aimed it at me, at my bottom. I cringed at the thought of a hand trying to go where I could barely get a finger. She smiled and stopped.

"There are various toys you can use to open you up slowly if that's what you want. Ask Simone, she's a backdoor expert. Me, I like my sex straight so you can relax. I'll play, mutual masturbation, 69, but that's about as far as I go with girls."

"Er, mutual masturbation? Oh, I think I can work that out. What is 69?"

Jody looked surprised again at how innocent I was. "You liked touching yourself last night? Well imagine a tongue instead of your fingers, another girls tongue. Now think about your tongue doing the same to her. The only way to do that to each other is one up, one down. So you get the shape of the numbers six and nine together."

I pictured what she meant then went bright red. Jody laughed again and offered to help with any exploration I wanted to try. I went to bed thinking about experiences but didn't feel like masturbating while I had my period.

Weekend warriors

Another early start, Tania followed the undress code and joined in the Tai Chi. She was about 36C like Melissa but she had a line of hair above her slit. Looked quite cute, Simone saw me looking and explained it was called a landing strip. After the warm up exercises Tania worked with Jessie while Monica took me. We worked on some beginner moves, what to do if someone grabs us.

After breakfast we didn't go to the office as the stock exchange was closed so Tania spent time on swimming practice and more combat moves. It was pretty intense but alternating between the two gave us opportunities to ease sore muscles. Even so by lunchtime we were aching. Monica still made us do the boundary run then another quick dip before eating. After lunch we were finally able to listen to the music CDs and identified quite a few artists we liked. Simone took Monica, Tania, Jessie and I to get some more of those artists CDs. Tania suggested we might like to get our hair done so another three hours were spent getting our hair styled. Saw another couple of girls from school who gave us the thumbs up once they recognised us.

Another movie evening, a romance, something Jody called a chic flic. It was fun but Tania complained about the lack of pop-corn. Monica told her no pop-corn until Jessie and I can run twice around the boundary without gasping. Jessie shut them all up when she asked "What's pop-corn?" That started a discussion about other things we'd never tried. The list of things to try just gets longer and longer. The one that is occupying much of my mind is BOYS. I enjoyed masturbation and after my period I want to try some more. The idea of further exploration of my ... my ASSHOLE, there I've thought it, further exploration intrigues me.

My shower involved quite a bit of touching, I managed to get two fingers in my ass and discovered I could pump them in my ass while my other hand rubbed my clit. The tampon I changed before bed was ... extra wet.

Sunday morning was much the same as Saturday. But after lunch we were allowed to laze by the pool. Jessie surprised me by not wearing one of her new swimsuits, she wore skin! I wasn't going to let her upstage me so I quickly undid the bikini strings and exposed my skin to the sun. We have an Italian grandfather on mommas side so our skin has a bit of an olive hint to it. Melissa said the color looked good but we could still get sunburn so she came and rubbed sunscreen on both of us. That felt good, so much so that we got her to rub more on every half hour. Tania laughed and described us as hedonists. Once she explained what that meant we agreed.

The RV arrived and we had a good look through it. It could sleep four easily and was like a small house. It actually felt more comfortable than mommas house ever did. Monica and Tania set up the monitoring gear and tested it. Much easier for them to use with a toilet and kitchen so they were self-contained.

Again we helped with dinner and then another movie. Tania had popped out and got some pop-corn, just enough for us to get a taste. Suppose it's OK if you like cardboard covered in butter but I prefer Melissa's baking.

A Marvellous Monday

We still had to get up early for exercise before heading off to school. It actually made us feel very awake and we walked into school with our heads held high. Amelia had obviously phoned around as we kept getting introduced to our teachers as new students and everyone played along with the joke. We got lots of really positive comments about the changes, although no-one said anything about us inheriting our rich uncles estate. Jessie and I each had three alert gizmos and Denise set one off when she pushed against the lump in my blouse pocket. Monica took 8 seconds to appear but stayed back once it was very clear that our schoolmates were being OK friends. She gave me a smile and a wave then went back to the RV. Jessie and I had had similar ideas during the morning and we met at the RV for lunch. Melissa's packed lunch was not something we wanted to share but also we had to ask if we could invite some of our friends over. They all knew about our home situation with momma and had still been as friendly as was possible. Now we felt we could open up. Monica phoned home and we worked out that a weekend BBQ was ok. Girls only, and be selective. We worked out we could invite five each so we spent the afternoon inviting the ones we wanted. A few others wanted to come also but we told them we had to keep it down for our first BBQ, that they would get an invite soon. We made it a mystery tour where we would pick them up in the van to go to our new house.

Jessie and I were so excited and that got infectious. We probably ended up over-planning. The week flew by, I got talked to by some of the guys which had NEVER happened before. I felt a tingle in my pussy, and I wondered when I would lose that virginity. We had to spend half an hour each evening in the office reviewing our share trading and by Friday Jessie and I were within two hundred dollars of each other, we had made around a hundred and sixty thousand dollars each. What a buzz. Swimming lessons, exercise, running the boundary as well as homework meant we slept very well.

A Special Saturday

When Simone realised we had to pick up ten girls she hired us a mini-bus and we met them all at the mall entrance. Jessie and I put blindfolds on each of them and we headed back home. We stopped in front of the gate and told them to take off the blindfolds. They were open-mouthed as we drove up to the gate then along the driveway. When we came in sight of the house the chatter started. They were so surprised at our house after the clap-board place we used to live in. We all jumped out and we showed them around. They were very excited about the pool and insisted on changing for a swim. Once they were all around the pool Monica talked to them.

"Sarah and Jessie have inherited all their uncles property. The house and everything are worth a lot of money and that means some major changes in their lives. They invited you girls here because they believe you are sensible. If you aren't sensible then I might have to shoot you."

That shocked them! Shocked me too.

"That got your attention didn't it. I'd probably only shoot to injure but ... Anyway, these two are very wealthy and that means that criminals could try to kidnap them for ransom. If you start blabbing at school some of the jocks might get the idea of a fun kidnapping as a stunt. I won't treat it as a stunt and would shoot to kill. That's how serious this is. If you can act normally, maybe act as buffers between these two and any potential risks then there can be lots of parties like this, maybe college scholarships. When I say wealthy I mean very wealthy so there are lots of opportunities for sensible friends. Just to give you an idea of the numbers, these two have been learning about the stock market and started with a $500k budget a week ago. They made over $300K profit in one week. If any of you want to learn how to do the same, you could be included in the lessons quite easily. Those that saw our shopping expedition last week to reinvent their images, you have to make the money before you can spend it. But when you've got it, it can be a lot of fun buying things. You're probably all familiar with Paris Hilton, she knows how to spend money, but making it, I don't think publishing sex videos of yourself is particularly brilliant. So, be friends, don't blab, and you'll have a lot of opportunities, blab and you might get shot."

Our school mates looked at each other and there were quite a few whispered conversations. Angela found her voice first.

"I saw you at school the other day – are you there as a bodyguard?"

"Yes I am, Jessie has Tania and I'm Sarahs. We will be outside monitoring and will strive not to interfere. But if trouble starts, we'll finish it."

Amy looked at me "I've been using a simulation program to work the stock market. In one year I've made only eighty thousand on paper, I'd really like to see what you traded to make so much more."

"Come over after school one day and we can show you how we trade."

Jessica looked at Monica

"I've been learning Ju-jitsu and have my brown belt. Can you train me as a helper, someone in class with Jessie could be a big help?"

"That I didn't expect. The girls are learning some basics but having someone already skilled would be a plus. Our training sessions start at 6:00 am if you want to come along. We could probably work out some way to pay you as well."

"Oh – my offer wasn't made with thought of payment. The opportunity for extra training would be enough."

"Ok, we'll have a session later and see how you go."

Monique looked around.

"Any particular reason there are only girls here?"

Melissa fielded that one "Well, there are lots of possible reasons, we want to skinny dip?, we don't like boys?, or maybe Sarah and Jessie don't have a lot of experience in social situations and they need to start out slowly."

Monique smiled, "Maybe it's a bit of each of those. Would it be OK if we did skinny dip? I know I like boys but I enjoy being with girls when there isn't the need to try and impress boys. I guess these two haven't had much of a chance to meet girls, let alone boys, so we'll have to create some social situations for them. But no hurry, right?"

"Skinny dipping is absolutely fine, in fact it's the norm, also our morning training is done nude so be prepared if you sleep over. Your idea of creating social situations is really good but not until these girls have trained enough to handle a boy with octopus arms."

Angela looked thoughtful "Coming up is the Graduation Ball. I trust my brother Nathan, so would you like me to get him to ask Sarah to partner him? I'll make it clear if he misbehaves he'll need to find another way to piss."

Monica looked thoughtful. "As I said earlier, you got invited today because we believe you are sensible. Everything I've heard reinforces that opinion. Sarah, do you know her brother? Would you like him to ask you?"

I was shocked "But ... But ... I'm not on the pill yet."

EVERYONE burst out laughing, then I realised where my mind had taken me when Angela had made her offer. My red bikini disappeared among my blushes. Amelia put her arms around me.

"Move a little slower please, you're not the only virgin here making plans for ball night."

"Yes please Angela, you trust your brother, so I will too." Jessie was looking at me with her mouth hanging open.

Jody was looking at me strangely "Sarah, are you thinking seriously about losing your virginity. Actually, what about the rest of you? I remember my after-ball party and losing my cherry."

All of the girls looked a bit abashed but were nodding their heads. Jody looked thoughtful.

"My first time was in the back of a car, very uncomfortable and definitely not as special as I imagined. I bet you all expect a loving experience with sexual fireworks?"

Again girls were nodding their heads, even mine was going.

"The Ball is five weeks away, maybe we can work out SexEd classes so the experience is special. Might have to get your boys involved. Angela, is Nathan a Virgin?"

"I ... I think so, he ... he ... do you want me to ask him."

"Good idea, phone him and ask for an honest answer. You can explain that we're talking about losing virginities and how to make it special."

Angela gulped but went off to get her cell phone. She came back with an interesting expression on her face.

"Yes he is, and so are most of our dates. They were actually talking about the same thing we were, how to make it special for us."

"Ah, the signs of a real gentleman. Did you ask if he'd like to take Sarah?"

"Yes, he saw the change in her and was going to ask me if he had a chance with her."

Monica and Jody looked at each other then Monica nodded. Jody stood up.

"Ok, the main reason the experience is a flop, is a lack of knowledge. You all know the penis goes in the vagina and the sperm shoots out. That's the mechanics of it, but not the emotion. Have all of you masturbated to orgasm?"

I waved my hand "Yes!" but only Angela put her hand up also. Jody looked surprised.

"These young girls these days, can use cell phones and all the latest technology but miss out on the most important experiences. We're going to have to start at the basics. Sarah, you're going to have to demonstrate."

My mouth gaped open. "You ... you mean... ?"

"Yes, now get that bikini off and lay back on the lounger."

Oh boy, I untied my bikini and dropped the scraps of cloth on the table. I lay back on the lounger. I guess I should have felt some form of embarrassment but I was quickly getting comfortable with my body. Even so, everyone stared.

"You ... you shave?"

Jessie answered for me as she removed her bikini. "Yes, she got Melissa to shave her, she shaved me too."

Now Jessie lay back on another lounger, she was shaved also!. I gave her the thumbs up and a big smile. She continued.

"Sarah kept trying new things like sleeping nude, then shaving, then masturbating. I was always one step behind but I guess that's OK as I am a year behind her in age also. Right teacher, what shall we do now, you have two classroom dummies."

Jody laughed. "Remember that website we looked at with the diferent labia. If you could expose just like those photos we'll use you both to show everyone how you work."

Jody sat beside Jessie while Monica sat with me. The girls gathered around, five each. Their faces were excited and their eyes were wide. As Jody gave the explanation and demonstrated on Jessie, so Monica demonstrated on me.

"It is much easier to show with a shaved pussy. Now the Labia Majora or outer lips, with a virgin these are mostly very closed so you have a slit, but as the legs spread, the lips open. The main feature is, of course, the vagina. If we open wider and look closer you can see the hymen. Now Sarah is using tampons now and Jessie probably will next time. Tampons can break the hymen if they are put in roughly, although that also depends on the size of the original opening. Virginity is not dependent on the broken hymen, it depends on whether a penis has been inside. The hymen is simply an evidence that a penis hasn't visited. Now as you can see Jessie is liking being exposed, that trickle coming out is a sign that she is getting aroused. Is Sarah lubricating also."

Monica checked. "Yep, she's horny too."

I felt a bit embarrassed now, but it was also exciting being on display. Jody dipped her finger into Jessie's juice and sniffed it.

"Yep, Jessie is definitely horny. Have a sniff girls, if you have a good masturbation session your room will smell like that." She held her finger out to let the girls sniff, Monica did the same for me although she slipped one finger inside to get some juice from the source. I twitched, jerked, gasped, which made her laugh.

"Sarah is ... very responsive, she likes a finger inside."

"Who doesn't." came back Jody. She continued

"Contact around the lips and the vagina is pleasant and many girls can orgasm from just this stimulation. One of the main advantages of masturbation is that you find out touches you respond to so you can tell your partner what you like. But the main pleasure center is the clitoris. At the moment it is hiding inside this hood but if we ease the hood up then the clit might come out and say hello. Might need a little stroking to entice it right out."

The stimulation! Monica had stroked it all right,

"Some girls have quite prominent clits, I'll show you a website later to give you an idea how different us girls can be. But they all respond to caresses. They can get over-stimulated and sensitive so it's important to use a variety of caresses."

Jessie was starting to lift her hips off the lounger and was humping against Jody's hand. I was humping against Monica's and was starting to moan and grunt. Monica kept changing her touch, one moment she had a finger in my vagina, next there were two fingers in my ass, then stroking around my clit. She was so much better than my poor attempts. I felt the feelings building inside but they were so much more intense than before. I didn't resist, I let them surge and nearly over-whelm me. I humped, I bucked, I screamed as I came. I got my breath back in time to hear Jessie scream out her orgasm which made me whimper in sympathy. Monica gentled her touch, just caressing my legs, staying away from my pussy.

"And that my students, is masturbation. The process of stimulating to climax without vaginal penetration. Usually it's doing it to yourself but it's a lot of fun doing it to another. Girl on girl can use their mouths and tongues, that's usually a sixty-nine. Girl on boy is fellatio or a 'blow-job', boy on girl is 'cunnilingus'. Ideally you should experience all of them. Some guys don't like 'going down' on a girl because it's 'dirty' yet they expect the girl to suck them off. They don't know what they are missing. Now, has anyone got any questions at this point, or do you want to try for yourselves, Monica and I can give advice while you try."

Angela, Jessica and a few others already had their bikinis off and were getting comfortable on the loungers. Monique looked frightened.

"I feel too embarrassed. But ... but..."

I hugged her. "Would you like to go to my room and try in private first?"

"Oh, Could I, ... that ... that might be better ... would you come and hold my hand?"

"I've already 'cum' so I just have to hold your hand while you 'cum'. Let's go."

I took Monique up to my room while the others sorted themselves out. Some wanted to watch while others were enthusiastically stroking around in their pussys.

We got up to my room and Monique got rather coy

"There's one other thing ... um ... could ... could you ... um ... could you shave me like you are?"

"Oh Monique, you really want to go all the way don't you. Right. Bathroom."

I sat her up on the vanity and got the scissors, razor and foam and did to Monique what Melissa had done to me only last week. I'd been doing the touch ups on my own and found it quite easy. The surprise came when I finished and cleaned her off. Rubbing the Aloe Vera in I could see her opened slit with the clit peeping out of the folds, seeing her juices starting to bead around her opening. I started to get aroused again.

I took Monique into my bedroom and lay her back on my bed. I spread her legs and made her gasp as this time I licked my first pussy. I had touched my own quite extensively but this was the first I had really got close to. My tongue started from her anus and stroked across her perineum, around her vaginal entrance, along her lips, and up to her clitoris. My tongue flicked her clit, and again. Monique bucked her hips but opened her legs wider. She moaned, and moaned again louder. I saw the door to my balcony was wide open and smiled as I thought about the pool that my balcony overlooked. My hands reached up for her nipples and I tweaked both of them as I licked from rear to front again. She yelped and her breathing shortened. She started gasping as I licked her again. Her juices started flowing and I swirled my tongue into her vagina. Her hymen was still intact as I pointed my tongue and teased into her entrance. Her moans got louder and louder and I heard a voice from outside

"Was that Sarah?"

"I think it might have been Monique, actually."

"Oh!" and louder "Go Monique"

Monique wasn't listening, she was wrapped up in the sensations her body was experiencing. I fingered her nipples, tweaking them, twisting them between my fingers, stretching them. My tongue was busy, pointing into her vagina, then flicking her clit. My mouth went closer and sucked her clit inside, my teeth caught the clit while my tongue teased it firmly. I used her juices and slid two fingers in her ass. She screamed.

"Ahh ... ahhhhhhh ... aaarrrrgghhhhh ... Oh my god ... ooooo god ... oh fuck me ... oh shit ... oh my god ... aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh."

She slumped back on my bed, gasping for breath.

"Hey, good one Monique." Came a yell from outside.

This time she heard. She looked over at the balcony door and her face blushed.

"Oh no, they ... they heard me. Oh no."

I held her hand and laughed. "You're not the first, you won't be the last, and, I think, we'll be doing a lot more practice like this. Come on, lets go back down."

"But ... but ... how can I face them?"

"The best way, is with pride."

We went back down and Monique stepped out to applause. She blushed but held her head up with a smile.

"But why did you go upstairs Monique?"

She gulped then with a big smile, thrust her pelvis forward and, with her hands, framed her missing pubic hair. "TA DA."

"Oh wow, you shaved. That looks awesome."

"Sarah, would you shave me next."

That surprised me. "OK, but I'll go and bring the razor down here." I raced back to my room and got the gear. Back downstairs to find that Melissa had brought a bowl of warm water and some hand towels out. She also had some more razors, lots more. Monique was proudly showing off her freshly shaved look, I had told her to be proud and her confidence was obviously up. Monique had always been the quieter one and for her to be the lead in something was a real boost for her.

Angela was the first to lay back and spread on the lounger. The others gathered around and watched closely as I trimmed her hair down to a stubble. A warm cloth, then the shaving foam. There were gasps as she reacted to the stimulation, humping up to my hand. The first strokes of the razor brought them all in closer to see the bare skin appearing, they were holding their breath as I slid my fingers inside her slit to stretch her lips as I shaved the sides. When I tipped her back further to clean up behind, there were more gasps. As I got a cloth to wipe her clean there were questions aplenty.

"What did it feel like?" "Did you expect her to shave around your ass?" "What does it feel like now?"

As I rubbed the Aloe Vera in Angela's legs stayed wide, everyone could see her reaction to my rubbing her most intimately. All could see as her juices started to flow. I stopped and asked.

"Monique, how about you continue with Angela while I do the next shave."

Monique gasped but straightened up and stepped up beside Angela and continued for a moment.

"Should I give the treatment the same as you did for me?"

Without thinking I answered "Of course."

Monique took a deep breath and bent over to lick Angela. There were gasps from all watching. But the biggest gasp was very similar to the one that had been heard from upstairs not ten minutes earlier. Angela bucked and thrust herself up for Monique to get closer. Monique concentrated on remembering what had been done to her and ignored our shocked school friends. Our friends shock quickly turned to fascination as Angela responded to Monique's tongue and fingers. When Monique remembered the fingers in the ass Angela screamed out in climax and Monique lifted her face up and pumped her fist "YES." there were girls everywhere with their hands busy in their pussies.

Jody and Melissa were smiling with delight. "Oral sex was actually going to be lesson two. Obviously you are all very good students."

The activity slowed down, but only a little. I continued to shave pussies with Angela going Oral on Jessica, then Monique on Sheryl, then Jessica on Amy. While I did my classmates Jessie was busy on hers. Within the hour all the girls had bald pussies and all had masturbated for the first time. What a morning. Melissa had prepared a wide range of BBQ foods and Simone proved an expert on the grill. Before we could eat though, Monica insisted we do the boundary run, all of us! It was actually fun running as a group, all of us naked. Back, through the pool, then out to the buffet table that had been set out while we ran.

We loaded our plates and sat around enjoying the food, the sun, our friends and being naked. I noticed more than one running their fingers over their shaved area. After eating we laid around on the loungers, enjoying the sun, and talking. Jody reminded us about sunscreen and there was more masturbation practice as that got rubbed on.

Late afternoon we got dressed again and took all the girls back to the rendevous at the mall. LOTS of hugs and promises. Jessie and I were really happy about all the friends we had and how intimate we had become.

Dinner was a simple cold cuts and salad yet Melissa made it delicious. A lazy evening with an early night, well early to bed. Jessie came in to my room shortly after I'd got into bed. She climbed into my bed and looked at me. She kissed me, tentatively, but as I responded, she got more intense.

"Yes, kissing a girl is nice. I enjoyed kissing all those pussies today but I've wanted to taste your lips all week."

She wrapped her arms around me and we hugged. She rested her head on my shoulder as we cuddled close. Her fingers stroked across my skin and then gently tweaked my nipple. Both nipples reacted and became erect. My breathing deepened and I felt a twitch in my pussy. Jessie continued stroking my breasts then moved her mouth down and gently sucked the nipple. I FELT THAT, it spasmed right through my body. I gasped, and Jessie giggled. She looked up at me.

"I love you sis. I think we have a lot of catching up to do as far as things sisters do with each other. Touching, talking, being 'friends with benefits' sounds really nice. I want to sleep with you, just sometimes, I want to talk with you about ... about boys. When you said about not being on the pill yet made me realize that I wanted to learn all about sex too."

She stayed wrapped in my arms, we talked about what our future was likely to be now. Lots of 'I wonder if' but we realized we just didn't have enough experience to know the options.

A Super(b) Sunday.

We woke the next morning still holding each other. A gentle, loving kiss and we got up. Tai Chi is a really nice way to get the body active in the morning and then getting into the contact exercises. We were supposed to be doing punching exercises to each side when Jessie went right when she should have gone left. She punched my left tit – HARD. I never realized that being hit there hurt so much. Monica insisted I continued, something about working through the pain barrier. No-one wanted to kiss my tit better which made me a bit sulky, but only pretend sulky.

There's a set of shower heads beside the pool and this morning we showered with the others instead of going back up to our rooms. Now Jessie kissed and caressed my tit as an apology, she got quite involved with my tits, even sliding fingers into my pussy. Jody came over and caressed my back and then slid two fingers in my ass. Now I had fingers in my pussy and my ass, Simone and Tania joined in, each sucking a breast. I couldn't concentrate with the sensory overload driving me wild. When Melissa called that breakfast was ready, everyone left me, left me gasping and moaning. THEY LAUGHED. Jessie was especially cruel,

"Come and get is sis, ... food that is. If you want more attention you might have to kiss my ass."

"I ... I ... I'll kiss your ass, happily. Why do I like ass play so much?"

Simone laughed. "We'll have to introduce you to some of our 'friends', the next step in your education. Maybe we can visit my favourite store and get some for their own?"

Jody smiled "You just want an excuse to look at all those dildo's."

"And how is that a problem? What do you think Sarah, would you like to have a look at sex toys today."

TOYS! FOR SEX! "That sounds ... sounds exciting. After breakfast OK?"

Simone made a call and arranged with the owner to open specially for us. Monique and Simone took us to an Adult Store!. Normally Jessie wouldn't be allowed in but as it was a special viewing we had no problem. Talk about kids in a candy store, we were virgins in a sex store.

"What's this for?" was a regular question. By the time we finished I think we chose to get two of nearly everything, made it very worthwhile her opening for us. We even remembered to stock up on the different batteries required.

Half an hour after we got home I had vibrating anal beads in, nipple clamps on, and a clit clamp driving me wild. I staggered into Jessie's room to find she was running a slender silver dildo around her clit, over her ass and dipping into her pussy. She was dripping from the dipping and the dildo was getting well lubed. She teased her ass-hole a few more times, then slid it all the way in. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was the letter 'O'. I turned around and pulled the beads a little way out to show her, then pushed them back in. My knees buckled and I started moaning as I knelt, then flopped sideways on Jessie's floor. The sensations were over-powering and I screamed as I climaxed. I lay there quivering as the sensation continued, I could hear Jessie moaning then she came as I climaxed again.

We lay there moaning and climaxing until the stimulation became too much and I started to cry. Jessie sounded like she was the same. Jody came in and saw us. She laughed and helped us extract and unclip. It was such a relief.

"Too much of a good thing can really be TOO much. You need to learn your limits, so call me before you start a session in case you overdose again."

Jessie and I stumbled downstairs to lunch. Melissa looked at us and smiled, trying to supress a snicker or two, Jody had already told her. Simone, Tania and Monica came in, Monica looked at us and looked concerned.

"What's wrong with you two, are you sick or something?"

Melissa snorted, "Or something is right. They both started experimenting with this mornings purchases and got a sensory overload. Jody found them both whimpering on the floor and had to pull things out of everywhere."

Now they were all laughing at us. We saw the funny side and started laughing too. Lunch was interesting with everyone sharing stories of their experiences with toys.

We spent the afternoon lazing by the pool, Tania gave us another swimming lesson and Jessie got the hang of it. She suddenly got her arms, legs and breathing coordinated and swam a full length. With that challenge, I kept trying too hard and kept getting mixed up. Jessie had probably swum ten full lengths before I suddenly got everything working together. Swim a length, stop, turn around, swim another length. Next lesson, turns.

I lay back in a lounger and looked around. Two weeks ago we were dowdy daughters of a religious nutter, now we are naked billionaires. As I gently stroked my pussy, Jessie put her arms on the side of the pool and watched me. She seemed to realise the space I was in and just watched as I climaxed. Her smile was wide as she climbed out and came over to sit beside me, stopping to give me a kiss on the way.

"Two weeks ago we thought we didn't have much of a future, now I'm looking forward to so many things. Angela is organising Nathan for you and Sue is going to talk to her cousin Mike about asking me to the Ball. Sex is getting me excited with anticipation. I really want to travel and experience different people. I'm feeling sad that Uncle Mark isn't here to share it with us, but I am so grateful that he took care of us."

"I keep thinking about losing my virginity which is probably not what Uncle Mark had in mind."

"Come on, he was a playboy, if he was here he might have popped it for you!"

"But ... but ... oooohhhhh ... um ... I might have let him, no ... I would have let him, ... actually ... I might have ASKED him to."

"Oh Sarah! I think I would have been in the queue. Hey, do you think he was ... you know ... with the girls?"

"To be honest ... that wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, five more weeks of school, then what shall we do?"

"Oh, the future. Mmm, lets see. Well, I'm not interested in college and my grades simply aren't good enough. I like the share-trading that we've been doing, what options do we have?"

I called Jody over,

"We're feeling a bit lost about our futures. College isn't an option, not really, based on our grades. To be honest, sitting around making lots of money seems sort of weird. Any ideas that would ... I don't know ... that would give our lives purpose?"

"Heavy! I suppose the obvious one is to use your income for philanthropic purposes..."

"Philo what purposes?"

"It means to use the money to help others, sort of like charities do. Pick on some sort of charity work or a development project. Fund Cancer research, education in a third world country, that sort of thing."

"Oh, that sort of sounds interesting, how do we choose something?"

"The most important thing is that there is no hurry. Talk to people, talk to your new friends, research. Maybe travel a bit, maybe set some time goals, sort of, 'by age 25 we will have a charitable foundation supporting something to do with world hunger'. But don't be too rigid about such goals. You make them, you can change them."

"Ah, I see what you mean ... I like the idea of getting our friends involved. Ha, after we all lose our virginities, maybe we can have a big discussion about futures, might be able to think then."

"Yeah, hey wasn't Angela interested in the share trading?"

"Um, ... no, I think it was Amy. Yeah, I must remember to invite her over to see what we do. Hey maybe we can make it a school project, 'identify a philosomething project for Sarah and Jessie that gives all their friends a good job with plenty of time to laze around the pool and do sexy things.'"

Jody cracked up laughing. " ... and do sexy things indeed, obviously you have recovered from your sensory overload. I like the idea of getting your friends involved, how long have you known them?"

I thought for a moment, "Momma moved here when we were about three, so we've gone to school with most of them all the way through."

Jody had a strange look on her face, "Your momma ... that reminds me. I think you moved here when Mark bought the house for you all, did you know he's been paying her $5000 each month since, ... before I started. I think it was to support you girls, so should I let it continue?"

"Mark? ... Momma? ... what do you mean, ... hey he's not, is he?! ... Are we ... oh my god. He's our father!"

"No! No! You were born on the other side of the country from here. But when your father left she had nowhere else to go so he's been supporting you. I think that's the story anyway."

"Whew, ... Hey, it's not where we were born but where something happened about nine months before that matters. Oooohhh, was our momma a naughty girl with her brother?"

"Sarah! From what Mark told me about his sister I'm certain THAT did not happen. But do you want the allowance to your momma to continue?"

"Oh I don't know, hang on, $5000 each month, and we had to wear second hand clothes, eat oatmeal every day, no car, no fun. I know where that money went. Let's see, fifteen years at five thousand a month works out at ... at ... THAT'S NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. That explains why the pastor has a nice house and car. Right! Cut her allowance back to five HUNDRED a month."

Jessie looked furious.

"I bet the Pastor will bring her here pretty quick when that change hits her bank account. She's been supporting the church so much, I wonder if the church will support her?"

"I somehow doubt it, but we'll see. OK Jody, Mommas allowance cut back to five hundred, when is the next payment?"

"First of the month, so this Wednesday. I'll go and make the change now. Do you want to let her know?"

"No, I'm still angry with her. I bet the pastors wife has never worn second hand clothes, hey, their daughter is in our year and I've seen her with a cell phone and fancy clothes. No, our philowhatsit is going to go to those that NEED help, not parasite pastors."

Jessie was still steaming also then she started to chuckle,

"Parasite Pastors, I like it. Oh I wonder if his daughter is planning to be a sacrificial virgin on ball night. Maybe we should invite her for our training sessions."

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