Clove and Spice
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Stevie gets mixed up with his best friend's gothic sister.

I glanced away from my video game for a second to pick up my cellphone when it started to ring. I looked at the screen only long enough to notice that it was my best friend Lars Wilton calling.

"Hey," I said simple, propping the phone up between my cheek and shoulder. I took a moment to wipe the sweat from my palms before picking the controller up and turning most of my attention back to the game. It was the newest installment in the Modern Warfare game and I was playing online at the moment.

"You still coming over tonight?" he asked. Lars and I had been planning a sleep over for about a week now. Our parents didn't mind too much as long as we didn't do it to often. It wasn't like we caused much trouble anyways. We mostly stayed in the bedroom and played video games and ate pizza. Tonight wasn't going to be any different. I preferred Lars' house, he had a huge TV in his room. It was much easier to play co-op on it than the little one I had.

"Yeah, of course," I said. I flipped joysticks on the controller, trying to duck into a building before an enemy players bombardment found me.

I didn't make it.

"Fuck!" I cursed at the TV.


"Oh nothing, I just got raped by an air strike. My fucking teammates need to learn to not die. I'm sitting here with 15 kills and 2 deaths and my closest teammate has 7 kills and 10 deaths. I'm the only one doing any work on this team. Hey, why aren't you on right now? You should be helping me out."

"Ah, I had to do some homework. My mom's been getting on my ass about my grades. She told me today that if I don't improve she is gonna start limiting my Xbox time or take it away completely."

"Dude that sucks," I sympathized. I really hoped my mom wouldn't do that to me but unlike Lars I was able to keep my grades up. "I told you I could help you with the work any time you needed it. Fuck dude, we take half the same classes anyways."

"Yeah I know I just hate doing all that crap. Anyways, I didn't want to have to do any work while you were here so I took care of all my chores and homework already too."

"Awesome, are we doing anything tomorrow?" I bit off a curse as I took more damage, the screen going red and pulsing in a virtual imitation of pain. Fortunately, I didn't die this time. I ducked through a building, ran around the corner and came up on my attacker from behind. He was dead a moment later. My enemies didn't seem to be that great but I was cursed with morons on my own team.

"Yeah, my dad offered to take us down to play laser tag. Do you think you could bring like $20 for that?"

"Ah, sure," I said. "I'll have ask my parents before I head over but I'm sure they will lend me some this time. Hey, is Eva gonna be there?"

"Umm, I'm not sure. I don't think I heard her say anything about going out. She's probably gonna sit in her room and listen to that shitty music and cut her wrists or something. Why do you ask?"

To be honest I had a bit of a crush on his sister, Eva. She was actually his stepsister since Lars' mom had married Eva's dad a few years ago and she was a year younger than us. I don't think Lars knew or even suspected that I liked her and I didn't really want him to know either. They weren't the closes of siblings, even compared to other stepsiblings.

You see Lars was a bit of an athlete. He wasn't in any super popular sports like football or basketball. He competed in Track and Field so he was built lean and wiry. I was always a bit jealous of his athleticism but my body and temperament never ran in that direction. I was always much more comfortable in front of a computer. Nonetheless we both loved video games and much of the time we spent together was in front of the Xbox.

Eva, on the other hand, was unlike either of us. While I dislike using labels, it's a little hard to describe her without doing so. You see she is a bit of a ... well a Goth. Now I'm not talking about Marilyn Manson style or anything extreme like that but there isn't really any other easy way to describe her and she certainly wasn't emo or into wrist cutting as Lars had sarcastically said.

She had long black hair that was so black it gleamed blue and shimmered when she moved. I sometimes wondered if she actually had dark blue highlights but I'd never asked her. I rarely ever talked to her at all, just saying the occasional 'hi' in passing. Her eyes were large and vibrant blue and seemed to pop out of her face, hypnotizing, like an anime character's. Her skin was very pale and completely smooth and flawless. I felt like I fell in love with her again every time I saw her, which was often since I was over at Lars' house three or four times a week.

Lars tolerated her because he loved his mom and thought his stepdad was an all right guy but he had never grown close to her or tried to bond in any way. They were just too different to find any common ground together. It didn't help that she felt like Lars and his mom were taking away her freedom. Before they'd come into her life there'd been a lot less rules for her to follow. They mostly avoided each other and because of this I'd had very little interaction with her. I mostly just saw her from afar, catching glimpses of her as she walked into or out of her room. I don't think I'd ever seen her smile, which always made me a little sad for her. I always wondered why she didn't have anything to be happy about.

"I don't know, I was just wondering who was all gonna be there tonight."

"Um, just the usual I think." He paused, thinking. "Yeah, I don't remember hearing anyone say anything about being out tonight."

"Alright, I'm gonna head out in a few minutes and bike over to your place. See you in a bit."

"Awesome, see you then." I heard the call end and released the phone from its position on my shoulder, letting it fall to my lap. A quick glance at the clock let me know I had time for another match or two before I'd have to get ready. I turned my attention back to the game in time to catch someone darting around a corner in the distance. I whooped as I scored another point for my team.

Lars' house wasn't to far from my own but it still took me about fifteen minutes to bike there. Fortunately it was flat the whole way. We lived in a small city in the suburbs of Esterbrook, Oklahoma, creatively named South End. Since it was in the Great Plains of the US the whole area was pretty much flat as a board. If you stood on the one hill in town you could see all the way to the towering banking buildings and the neon signs that adorned their tops in the Esterbrook city center a number of miles away.

I had to ride through what passed as downtown in our little parish, past our meager high school, and behind the one supermarket within an hours drive, before I got to Lars' neighborhood. It was pretty much the same as mine except that the houses all had a slightly different look.

This whole area had been built up after a company in the nearby city struck it rich during one of the recent Internet booms a number of years ago. A number of other firms had sprung up to cash in on the company's success. The city of Esterbrook and the surrounding towns had been built to attract the upper-middle class families that came to the area looking for tech jobs. However, when someone had realized that no one actually wanted to live near Esterbrook and TeliTech, the tech firm that had attracted so much attention in the first place had decided to pack up and move out to Silicon Valley where all the real action was happening, the hype of the area had dropped off significantly.

Needless to say, after the cost of moving here, my parents couldn't afford to sell their house for so much less than they had paid and move again. My dad had been forced to take a job at the local steel mill a half hour away rather than the website design job he'd gone to school for. My mom had followed a few years later when I had started junior high school, deeming that I could be trusted to walk from the bus stop to the house by myself. She had picked up a waitressing job at a 24-hour restaurant just off the major highway that passed through our town on its way up through Esterbrook and beyond. It was a popular little eatery, just outside the city to be quite but close enough to the highway to attract much of the truckers that passed through.

Lars' parents had been a little more fortunate than mine. They'd moved to the area sooner than my parents and had both managed to snagged tech jobs with the new companies that had sprung up to fill the void left when TeliTech had moved. These companies hadn't offered the most lucrative careers but they did supply a need for the locals that kept them in business but only just. As such, both of Lars' parents had needed to stay on with their jobs even after they had merged their households together.

Both our parents tended to work long hours to support their families in this area and so they typically didn't get home until around seven in the evening. It was almost five when I pulled up to the Wilton's house. The driveway was empty. I parked my bike outside next to Lars' and knocked on the door.

"Eva get the door," came a shout from inside.

There was a reply that I couldn't quite make out and then the sound of feet moving quickly over a wooden floor. The door swung open suddenly and Lars, red faced and breathing a little harder than usual, moved to let me in.

"Sorry dude, fucking Eva wouldn't get off her ass to open the door for you."

"It's cool," I said, stepping through the doorway to get out of the warm September heat. The a/c felt wonderful after the long ride over here. Eva was sitting on the couch in the living room as we passed on the way to Lars' room. She was watching some cartoon and ignored us.

"Hey Eva," I said, smiling towards her. For a moment I thought she was going to ignore me but she turned and gave me a long look before returning to the cartoon.

"She's such a bitch sometimes," Lars said. I didn't respond, not wanting to make him any angrier by contradiction him. They had their differences and nothing I said was going to change that. I followed him to his room. He had already set up his Xbox and we sat down and immediately got into a game of Call of Duty, trying to break our old difficulty record through the missions.

"So did you ever talk to that girl, what was her name ... Chelsea or something?" I asked Lars. He had a crush on some cheerleader that kept coming to his races but he hadn't, as far as I knew, gotten up the nerve yet to talk to her.

"Casey and ah, no, not yet. I'm waiting for the right time, you know? Besides, I hear she has a boyfriend."

"Hey! Just because there is a goalie doesn't mean you can't score," I teased.

"Says the guy who's still a virgin," he retorted.

"Fuck you," I turned my gun on him in game and shot him before we could complete the mission. An enemy NPC popped over a wall and finished him off. "How do you like that!"

"Ah fuck dude, we were almost done with the mission," he swore. We could have continued and maybe we would have beaten one of our records but after killing him the time quickly ran over and we had to restart the game.

"Let's not do that again," I said, glaring at him. We jumped into an online match, backing each other up as we blasted through a sea of faceless zombies.

"You're the ass that started it," he responded.

"Your the ass that made a comment about my virginity. You know I hate that."

"Well whose fault is that?" he asked. "If you want to get a girl you need to put yourself out there and try at least a little."

"Oh yeah? Is that why you haven't talked to Chelsea?" I bit out.

"Casey," he glared at me. "And I don't want to get involved in a spat between her and her boyfriend. Better to just wait until she breaks up with him."

"You know she's probably waiting for you to show some interest in her before she leaves him. Why would she leave him if she doesn't know she's got another one lined up already? Teenage girls are to fragile to handle rejection like that." I wasn't an expert in dating girls, I'd never dated one myself, but it seemed obvious that if she came to his races and did the things he said she did that she must like him. It was just as obvious to me that she wouldn't leave her boyfriend if she didn't know Lars' feelings for her. Sometimes infatuation can keep people from thinking straight, I suppose.

"I just don't want to mess anything up with her, you know?"

"Whatever, hey, if you think I should go out there and talk to girls, maybe I should go talk to your sister." I knew he wouldn't like the idea but I enjoyed digging into him every now and then.

"Ew gross. She probably has some disease or something," he spat in disgust.

"I doubt it. She's only had a few boyfriends and her last one, Tommy, said she wouldn't put out at all." I'd kept up with her social life as much as I could. It wasn't difficult amidst all the gossips in high school. Everyone seemed to want to know the latest with everyone else, thinking it would give them power or prestige or something.

"So what makes you think she would put out for you? Your not even her type, not by a long shot."

"Dude, I'm so her type. I just need to put on some black, maybe some fangs or something. She's into that Twilight stuff right? Besides, maybe she's just waiting for the right man," I joked. I'd seen a copy of Twilight laying around the house once but I'd never thought she'd be one to get into all that sappy vampire stuff.

"Oh right, and I suppose your that man?"

"Sure fucking am," I flexed my scrawny muscles, kissing each bicep in turn. Lars laughed at my antics. "I've got a regular old immortal physic here."

"Whatever dude." The match we were playing ended, both of us scoring highly, and Lars put down his controller. "Let's get some pizza now, I'm starving."

"Sure, we going to ride to get it?" I asked.

"Na, it's to hot out there."

"Sure is," I pulled my cellphone from my pocket and dialed the number for Pizza Hut. I put in our order for two large pizzas, one pepperoni and one sausage. We joked around for the next fifteen minutes until the pizza arrived. Lars used some of the money his parents had left him for dinner and we sat down at the table to eat. Eva walked in a moment later and I got my first real look at her tonight as she loaded up two slices of pizza on a plate.

She had on a dark blue and black dress that was bound around her waist and flowed down to the tops of her knee high leather platform boots. The boots had about two inches of soul under them and were edged in silver studs. The laces were red and black and laced up through gleaming silver eyelets. The dress showed off her arms and dipped low across her chest, showing a bit of pale cleavage and the fact that she was not wearing a bra. Her dark hair gleamed as she moved under the dim lights of the dining room, flowing about her shoulders like water over a fall.

"Be careful sis, that pizza will make you fatter. I mean fat," Lars snickered. One of his favorite ways to tease her was about her weight. She was a very healthy weight, a bit on the slim side in fact, but nowhere near the skinny that the popular girls tried to be. None of them would ever be caught eating a slice of pizza much less two. I admired her for this but Lars liked to tease her since his tastes in women tended to run towards the anorexic.

"Dude leave her alone for a bit," I said, frowning at him. I knew he enjoyed making fun of her but it was starting to annoy me and I felt bad for her every time he did it.

"Fuck you poser," Eva said to Lars, it was the first thing I'd heard her say today. Her voice was deep for a girl and raw and throaty, like she didn't use it much. 'Poser' was her favorite insult towards Lars. It put him on edge every time she used it since she liked to insinuate that he wasn't quite the popular jock he pretended to be. "And I don't need you defending me either dweeb. I can handle my asshole stepbrother on my own." If she ever spoke to me, she usually referred to me as dweeb thanks to the fact that I was taking the hardest classes and had the best grades of the three of us. It wasn't like either of them was dumb, quite the opposite in fact. Lars was more concentrated on his running than school and Eva ... well she listened to a lot of music and tended to stay to herself at home and her small clique of goth friends at school.

I blushed, embarrassed that I had jumped to her rescue when she had neither needed nor wanted it. Why did she always make me feel this way? In a whirl of black and blue cloth she turned and left the room. Strangely enough her boots made hardly a sound on the wood floor and I thought I saw her glance back at me over her shoulder but I couldn't be sure since I was more concentrated on the sway of her hips and the way the fabric of her skirt swirled as she walked, flipping up to allow fleeting glimpses of her fishnet stockings.

"Dude, what the fuck was that," Lars asked me after she'd left, snapping me out of the trance she'd left me in.

"What?" I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about. I was getting a little annoyed with his attitude and the pizza was going cold.

"You defending Eva. Why the hell did you do that?" he demanded. I should have known he'd be pissed at me for that but I'd felt bad for her and I'd wanted to protect her.

"Sorry dude, I'm just a little tired of you ragging on her all the time. She seems sad to me. How would you feel if someone treated you like that all the time?" I wasn't trying to provoke him but it seemed to have that effect.

"She brings it on herself," he almost yelled, a glint of anger in his eyes. Maybe he fought with these questions himself. "Do you see the way she acts? The way she talks? How she does nothing to help out around here? She's pretty much begging to be made fun of with that crazy get up she wears all the time. And those boots. It's all just a pathetic mask she wears to make people think she's all tough and shit." He was getting louder and more worked up. I wanted to calm him down before he embarrassed himself. Also, I didn't feel like riding home this late at night. Besides, I didn't think he'd take it to well if I tried to explain that I thought his reasons were simply excuses he used to make himself feel ok with messing with her.

"Whatever dude, I just don't think you should do that. I mean how would you feel if she actually did go and cut herself?" I said instead, hoping a douse of reason would mollify him.

"Good, the world would be rid of her and maybe my mom wouldn't have to bust her ass so much to support this family."

"That's not even funny and you know it. Stop trying to act all tough, you'd feel awful just like any other sane person."

"Shut up, I hate the bitch and you should too," he snarled and lurched angrily from the table, storming off to his room. I heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway over the noise of Lars slamming his door. It was almost seven; the car was probably his parents coming home from work. A moment later the front door opened and they walked in together. Kevin and Cindy Wilton came home together most nights they worked together since their office closes at six o'clock.

"Oh hey Stevie. How are you doing tonight?" Lars' mom, Cindy, asked when she saw me at the table, eating the pizza.

"Good, how are you doing Mrs. Wilton?" I answered pleasantly, schooling my features so as not to give them any hit of the fight we'd just had.

"Oh, the usual. Tired from work and all. Where are the other two?" she asked as she took her shoes off in the entryway and pulled her hair back. Mr. Wilton kicked his shoes off, nodded to me and went on up to their room. He wasn't much of a talker.

"They're both in their rooms, they kinda had a little fight," I said sheepishly, pushing the whole incident onto them. It wasn't unusual in this household.

"Again?" she asked, rolling her eyes. She walked over to the table and picked up a pepperoni slice. It was still warm enough that the cheese stuck to the slices next to it and she had to pull it apart, lumping the cheese on top of her slice and licking the grease from her fingers. I took a second to watch her tongue dart out to clean her fingers and wondered briefly what Eva would look like doing the same. I smiled as I realized whom Eva got her eating habits from.

"Stevie?" Cindy's voice brought me out of my daydream and I blushed when I realized she was watching me.


"Oh you're so cute when you space out like that," she teased me. "I asked if you guys were finished with the pizza."

"Oh, ah," I looked down at the boxes, there was about half left of each pizza. "I should probably take another slice or two to Lars but I think we are finished besides that."

"Ok," she beamed. "More for Kevin and I." I nodded, smiling with her, and picked up a few more slices to take up to Lars.

"Hey Stevie," she called after me as I started walking out of the room.


"Make sure you guys don't stay up too late. I hear you're gonna do some fun stuff tomorrow and I don't want you guys to sleep the day away and miss out on all of it."

"Yes mom," I joked, grinning at her. She giggled and waved me away.

"Go on, get you little twerp."

Lars was playing on the Xbox again when I walked into his room. I put the slices of pizza next to him and sat down on his bed, watching him play.

"Brought you some pizza if you didn't have enough," I told him. He grunted in reply, not taking his eyes off the screen.

"Look dude, forget about earlier. I'm sure you have stronger feelings regarding Eva since you live with her. Whatever. Let's forget about all of that and play some Xbox, alright?"

He was quiet for a minute and I thought I was going to have to endure silent treatment from my best friend for the rest of the night but then he let out a long sigh.

"Alright, I'm almost done with this game. You can jump in afterwards if you want."

"Cool, team deathmatch?" I asked.

"Sure" he grunted. "What else are you good at."

"Everything you're not," I snapped back, kicking him lightly in the thigh, just enough to throw off his concentration so he missed the guy he was aiming for.

We played Xbox for the rest of the night, talking about girls, classes, and sports but mostly we just talked about the game we were playing. My eyes were starting to bother me and I noticed the clock said 12:06 am.

"Hey, we've got that laser tag tomorrow. Maybe we should hit the sack soon."

"Ah," he grunted, glancing at the clock and noticing the hour for the first time. "Sure, let's get to bed after this match." After the match we cleaned up and went to bed. Lars slept in his own bed and I sacked out in a pull out bed that hid conveniently under his when not in use.

It took me a minute to realize why I'd woken up. As I rolled over to check the time on my phone my bladder notified me that it was full, painfully so. I groaned and stumbled out of bed, running into Lars' desk as I tried to make it out the door. His snores ceased for a moment at the noise. He rolled over and went back to sleep a moment later but I was barely aware of his movements as I was rushing out as quickly as my sleep addled mind could get my body moving.

The bathroom was just down the hall, across from Eva's room. I blindly shuffled towards it, running my hand along the wall in the pitch-blackness. I fumbled with the knob when I found the right door and pushing my way in. The light and ceiling fan were already on and the contrast with the darkness outside nearly blinded me as I stepped in.

The toilet was easy to find even in my impaired state and I quickly unzipped my shorts, pulling my dick out and let loose with the longest piss of my life. I couldn't keep the groan of pleasure from escaping my lips at the shear ecstasy of emptying my bladder. Over the splash of my piss hitting the toilet I heard the bathroom door closing and a part of me tried to remember when this bathroom had had an automatically closing door.

It was only as I was shaking the last drops from my dick that I detected the smell of smoke and remembered that this bathroom had never actually had an automatically closing door.

I whirled around, coming face to face with Eva. She was watching me silently from behind the door, sorta sitting on one foot that was planted against the wall she was leaning on. She had a cigarette dangling from her fingertips and a thin trail of smoke had escaped her lips to whined its way up towards the ceiling fan where it was sucked through the vent.

I froze, mortified that she had just watched me take a piss.

"Are you gonna put that away or let it hang out all night?" she asked. Her voice was low and quiet, the kind of voice that made you want to get closer so you could hear it but with a dangerous feeling so you were torn, trying to decided what to do. It took my waking brain a moment to realize she was referring to my cock, which was still hanging out of my fly.

"Shit," I swore, fumbling my penis back into my shorts and zipping myself up. "Umm, sorry for barging in like that. I was mostly asleep still and just had to pee so bad," I stammered out. I felt weird standing here in the bathroom explaining to Eva why I'd just flashed her on accident. "Umm, I guess I'm gonna go back to bed now." I moved towards the door but Eva moved with a speed that took me completely by surprise, grabbing me around the neck with one hand and pushing me back against the wall. She pressed her body against mine, holding me in place. She was a little shorter than I and I figured we probably weighed about the same but there was a surprising amount of strength in the grip she had around my throat.

"You're not going to tell on me, are you?" she asked. She lifted the cigarette to her lips and took a drag from it. Her face was only inches from mine as I watched her lips wrap around the cigarette end and her cheeks cave in as she inhaled. The pop of the fiery tip eating through the paper wrapping sounded harsh in the close quarters of the bathroom. There was a pause and then she puckered her lips and exhaled the smoke into my face. My eyes started to tear up and I sputtered as the smoke filled my lungs and the scent of clove and spice and tobacco teased my nostrils. I felt a little lightheaded as the scent filled my nose and mouth. My eyes watered and I swayed a bit, fighting to think straight.

"Watch me," I said, glaring at her, finally getting a single coherent thought through to my lips. There was a look in her eyes that I had never seen until now. It scared me a little because of the way she was holding me against the wall but at the same time it gave her a sense of life I'd never seen in her before. Well, to be honest I did like it. I liked it too much and that is what I didn't want her to figure out. My hardening cock was going to give me away any minute if she didn't let go.

"Tell anyone and I'll destroy you," she said, her lips twisting into a grin as she took another drag on the cigarette. It wasn't much of a smile, but it was the first of its kind I'd seen on her.

"You wouldn't dare," I snarled. She started to reply but then stopped, froze for a second and then glanced down at my waist. Oh shit, I thought. Fuck, she's found me out. She looked back up at me smiling. I glared back, trying to play it cool and pretend like nothing had happened.

She took another drag on the cigarette and then did something that surprised me. She stepped close to me, released my neck and hooked her arm behind my head, pulling my face down to hers and locking her lips against mine. As my lips parted in surprise she exhaled the smoke she'd been holding into my lungs, sealing it inside with her own lips.

Our kiss seemed to go one for hours but only seconds later my lungs had had enough and I pulled away from her, coughing up the smoke and nearly vomiting. My eyes were watering and I stumbled over to the sink, splashed water onto my face and sucking down a handful to clear out my lungs. My throat felt like someone had reached down through my mouth and used sandpaper to scrub it out. I felt hot breath on my ear and a hand on my back slide up to tangle in my hair. In my hurry I soaked the front of my shirt while trying to gulp down the water.

"I think you should come over to my room and I can ... convince you to keep my secret to yourself," Eva whispered in my ear. I sipped water from my cupped hands, using the act to give myself some time to think. Being invited into Eva's room. On one hand that was exactly what I'd been dreaming about for a while now but these were not really the circumstances I'd envisioned doing so. Still, one way was just as good as another right?

I nodded and followed her out of the bathroom and into her room across the hallway. She closed the door behind me and locked it, the click sending a shiver up my spine.

"There, now no one can come barging in," she smirked at me. I blushed, glancing away as she tried to lock eye contact with me. She was still dressed in what she'd worn earlier today and her makeup still looked as perfect as ever. She stepped towards me and reached out to clasp the edge of my t-shirt. "Let's get you out of these wet clothes," she said, pulling the shirt over my head. She dropped her hands to my shorts, undoing the button and sliding them down my legs. I stepped out of them while she sank to her knees to pick them up and threw them on top of the shirt next to the door. I couldn't do much but stand there and watch the girl of my dreams strip my clothes from me.

Eva used her position before me to explore my hardening cock through my boxers. It was sticking straight out by now, tenting the boxers away from my body. Eva slid her hands along the silk, feeling the length of my cock and how the boxers wrapped around the engorged head. I moaned as she leaned forward and licked the tip through the silky material. The moan turned into a gasp as she sank her teeth lightly into the head, dragging them along the silky material until it popped out of her mouth.

Eva stood up and ran her fingertips along my side and around my back. I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest through her dress as she looked up at me.

"Stevie, I'd really like to give you a nice incentive not to tell my parents that I was smoking in the bathroom but you see, I have a bit of a problem," she bit her lip nervously. Her fingertips lightly traced a random pattern on my back. They felt like hot pokers, leaving a trail of fire wherever they toughed my flesh. "I've had a bit of a rough life and I'm not very good at trusting people. I've been hurt a number of times and I don't think I could handle that again. I was hoping you'd let me tie you to my bed and then I'd give you," she paused, moving her hands to my front and running them up to grip my throbbing cock, "the best blowjob you've ever had."

I closed my eyes, gasping out at her touch and nearly cumming on the spot. My adolescent brain, over come by all the new stimuli, couldn't quite process exactly what she was saying. I simply nodded my head and agreed to do whatever she wanted so that I'd feel the soft, wet, warmth of her mouth around my cock. She moved over to the bed, pulling me along with her. I had no choice but to follow as she held my dick in a tight grip.

Eva climbed up on the bed and turned, beckoning me to join her. I did so, enchanted by this gothic vixen before me. She pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest. Her leg brushed my cock as she moved over me, teasing it with a soft caress. Her long skirt fell over my head and I found myself looking up at her panties. It was dark but I could still make out the black silk decorated with little white skulls.

I started to run my hands sensuously up her legs but she grabbed the, pinning them over my head.

"Mhhh, that feels nice Stevie but I'm in control now," she said, looping a soft cord around each of my wrists and tightening them above my head. I gave a little tug, testing the bonds and wondered, briefly, if she'd been a girl scout. A part of me hoped she's let me sample her cookie.

She sat back as I tested my bonds and her pussy pressed against my lips. I inhaled deeply, smelling the musky scent of a horny woman. I tentatively stuck my tongue out, licking the damp material that had soaked up her juices.

"Mhh," she moaned, rocking her panty clad pussy against my lips. "Do that some more, lover." I liked the change from 'dweeb' to 'lover' and showed it by obliging her.

I lapped my tongue against the sheer material of her panties. She gasped and rocked back and forth on my face, enjoying the teasing licks. She swung her leg over me with a sigh of disappointment and moved down to waist. She took hold of my boxers and slowly eased them down my legs. The waistband of the boxers caught on my rock hard dick and pulled it down to point at my feet. She giggled as she pulled the boxers further down my legs and the head of my dick, which, free of the material, sprang upwards to loudly slap my stomach.

I lay before her now, naked from the waist down. She leaned forward to lightly grasp my dick, moving the skin over the shaft slowly and watching as the head swelled up. Her hair had fallen from behind her back and draped across my legs, flowing with the movements of her head against my skin like feathers in a breeze. I groaned as she took the head in her mouth, moving her tongue over it and rubbing the silver stud against my swollen glands.

She kept her eyes on mine. I couldn't help but stare, feeling as if I was falling into the depths of her vivid, bright blue eyes, guided along by her velvety tongue as it darted out to tease the length of my manhood. I was barely aware of the cords that were wrapped around my ankles.

I felt her hand run up the inside of my leg to cup my balls. She rolled them around, squeezing them gently to tease the boiling cum in them.

Her movements were slow and soft and there was no sense of urgency, as if she was trying to make this last a while. I could feel the level of excitement in my body rising but it was so much unlike when I brought myself off. The pleasure was there but the orgasm was like a distant feeling, creeping up on me. I let her guide me towards that point of no return like a student before his master.

She slipped her hand under my balls and down the crack of my ass. I tensed up as I felt her fingers tease around my asshole. I'd always considered myself completely straight and up till now had never considered that having my ass played with could be pleasurable. I pulled at my bonds, the soft cords bit into my wrists but held steady.

"No, don't! Stop Eva," I cried out, my eyes wide in terror as she teased my nether area.

"Don't stop? Ok, I won't," she chuckled and let my dick fall from her mouth for a moment so she could lick her fingers. I felt the wet digits press against my hole and I tensed up against the invasion.

"No! Eva stop this now," I whispered urgently. I didn't want our voices carrying outside the room.

"You should probably relax if you don't want this to hurt." She eased one finger in slowly as my asshole fought to push her out. I tried to kick her off but the cord around my ankle snapped tight, keeping me firmly secured to the bed. I suppressed a shriek of terror as the knuckles of her hand pressed against my ass; her finger was fully inside of me. It felt awkward, certainly, but not necessarily bad as I thought about it. I'd never had anything go in my ass before and this was a completely different experience for me.

Eva slid her finger in and out of me and, as my ass became used to it, she added a second. Once again my asshole tensed up at the sudden stretching but it soon became accustomed to it. I tried to relax as much as I could, knowing that I couldn't escape from the bonds she'd placed me in. I closed my eyes and let my mind luxuriate in the new feelings Eva was creating inside me. Her mouth slowly bobbed on my dick and one hand lightly stroked the shaft. I could feel an orgasm boiling in the pit of my stomach and my muscles were becoming tighter, winding up for that release.

All of a sudden she removed her fingers from my ass. I couldn't keep the groaned of disappointment from escaping my lips. Much to my chagrin I'd enjoyed the feeling of her fingers sliding up inside of me.

I didn't have to wait long for her next trick for I felt movement at my backdoor a moment later. I couldn't see what she had but it felt hard and big, certainly bigger than her fingers. She pushed steadily and the cold, wet object split my asshole open and slid inside. It was hard and unyielding as it pushed my insides apart but a second later it started to vibrate and I felt pleasure wash through me. Eva left my cock alone as she took the vibrator in both hands and eased it in and out of me, building up speed until she was fucking me furiously.

I moaned in pleasure, my prostate repeatedly pounded by this vibrating intruder.

"Mhhh, you like that? You like getting your ass fucked hmm? Well you better not tell on me or I will let everyone at school know you let me fuck your ass."

"I won't tell on you I promise, just let me cum, please!" I moaned in desperation, biting at my arms pulled tight beside by head in an effort to distract myself from the pleasure that was building beneath the surface of my consciousness. It had reached a point where it was almost painful. My ab muscles were clenching, trying to force an orgasm out but having no success.

"Let you cum? Now why should I do that?" she teased me, giving my cock a lick across the head that almost sent me over the edge.

"Please, please, please, I won't tell anyone, I promise! I'll do anything you want, anything!"

"I know you won't, not if you don't want everyone to think you're gay. But speaking of gay, cumming with something in your ass is kinda gay. Are you sure you wanna cum?"

"Yes please, let me cum!"

"Tell me you love getting fucked in the ass."

"Oh, I love your vibrator in my ass. It feels so good."

"Better than fucking a pussy?" she asked. I froze for a minute, thrown off by the question.

"I ... I wouldn't know about that." My voice quivered as I spoke.

"You mean you're a virgin? Wow, imagine that, loosing your anal virginity first. All right then, I can help you with that. Just as long as you realize you're just a little sissy."

"Yes, I am!"

"What? Tell me what you are."

"I'm just a little sissy who likes things in my ass!" I cried out, not carrying what she made me say as long as she'd touch my dick and let me cum.

"Good enough," she giggled. "Cum for me, cum for me now!" She shoved the vibrator deep in my ass and leaned over to lash her tongue against the under side of my dick. I let loose a strangled scream, trying to be quiet but not succeeding much. My orgasm tore through me and my cock exploded, launching cum across my chest and neck and face. I seemed to cum forever, jet after jet crashing across my body. My muscles released their energy and I collapsed in my bonds, completely drained.

"Oh my, such a dirty boy cumming all over your own face. That's pretty gay too. Are you sure you're not gay?" she teased. I blushed and fought back tears that threatened to well up unbidden. I knew I wasn't gay, I didn't find men appealing but I sure had enjoyed having my ass played with and I didn't know what to make of this experience.

She leaned over me, using a finger to scoop cum from my chest and held it up to my mouth. I pressed my lips together, glaring at her. I didn't want to taste my own cum. She smirked at me.

"You know, girls eat cum all the time. It's not like you're sucking a dick or anything. Just open up, eat your cum for me."

The cum glistened on her finger. She rubbed her finger along my upper lip and the scent of cum filled my nose. It smelled of sex and filled my head with images of what she had done to me; my cock began to harden again. My nostrils flared as I fought to keep my mouth closed against her determined digit.

She reached up and pinched my nose shut, grinning down at me. I tried to pull away, to move my head. I thrashing from side to side but her grip on my nose held firm. My struggling only caused me to use up what little oxygen I'd had in my lungs and only when black spots began to swim across my vision did I gasp for air. She slid her cum covered finger into my mouth, coating my lips and tongue with jiss. I swallowed it down as I desperately sucked down air. It was a bit salty and wet and slid thickly down my throat. She lifted another finger to my mouth and I gave no resistance this time, accepting it and sucking her finger clean, our eyes locked on each other as she told me silently that she owned me.

"Just kidding," her eyes flashed evilly. "It's just like sucking a dick. Now go sleep somewhere else dweeb and remember, don't tell on me or everyone at school will know you took something in your ass and ate your own cum," she said, kicking me out of her room. Her whole attitude towards me had changed as soon as she'd proven her superiority over me. I complied, scampering back to Lars' room as quietly as I could, afraid that every step would wake everyone in the house and they'd catch me.

I slipped into the room and climbed into my bed, snuggling into the sheets and whimpering to myself as I fell asleep. My dreams that night were vivid, filled with dark, gorgeous and mysterious women who held me in their power.

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