Growing Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Cheating, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - James is on the way to have multiple hot wives, as well as two step-daughters. More clues to the Polish Pistol mystery are found and now there might be some kind of treasure to be discovered. Bad guys from India have arrived and are up to no good. Plans for James to become an on-tour rock star again are developing. James takes steps to spend and maybe invest all that drug money that actually fell out of the sky. And much more. Story codes added as needed.

As soon as I pushed the big green door of the video room opened I could smell the rich mouth-watering aroma of heating GI Supreme pizzas. The food smelled so good, even having already eaten pizza earlier while sitting in my van, I had to stop after taking two steps to just enjoy the aroma of hot pizza for a moment. Around me, the early evening was apparent. Outside the barred window to my left, I got a quick glimpse of the darkening warehouse across the street. The building was partially lighted by the street lamp to west at the intersection just down the steep little descent Turpin Street followed, and that both the warehouse across the street, and this building straddled.

In the dimming shadows the top of the barred window, that was next to the fire-escape door in the brick wall between the archery corner and my gloomy guitar and electronics repair area, I saw an almost deep purple glow as the last of the early evening was giving way to the onset of full night and the competition from different sources of artificial lights around this mostly commercial neighborhood.

Turning away from the window, I saw Saloni in the lights from the kitchen ceiling and from the hood up above the prep island. She was across the hardwood flooring, past the privacy wall and the hardwood-clad structural support column. Saloni was sitting at the breakfast table facing our direction. She was leaning back in the four-o'clock chair. She had the black-and-white kitten up against her red tee shirt, with her left hand underneath the bottom of the fuzzy black and white ball of fur. It looked to me as if the kitten might be asleep against her chest with its white front paws up on Saloni's tee shirt. Raisha's youngest daughter was looking over into the kitchen toward the stove area listening to some one, and I could hear a woman's soft reassuring voice saying something.

Madhuri was behind me and I heard her take in a deep breath as she stepped through the doorway and then closed the wide green door behind us.

"Mmmm, pizza," Madhuri said to me as we started slowly toward the kitchen area and the source of the wonderful tangy cheesy-rich fragrance. "I'm hungry and that really smells good..."

"It sure does," I agreed.

"So, James ... I hope you don't want me to start calling you Dad, now that you are going to marry my Mother."

"Call me what ever you want, Snuggle Bunny," I told her and I watched for her reaction to the nickname that had just come out of my mouth earlier in the video control room. She just looked at me and grinned as we walked past the east edge of the privacy wall and moved along it toward the source of that wonderful aroma of hot pizza with the growing shadows of the Great Room to our right.

"So, do you and your girlfriends always go to the bathroom together when you have things to discuss?" I asked Madhuri. I was referring to the fact that about five minutes before back in the video control room, Aditi Tarviachabi had suggested to Madhuri's Mother and Jhoni that the three of them go to the restroom. The slim woman's request had broken the extremely awkward silent impasse after Madhuri had easily topped her revelation of how she had learned about sex, by sticking out and shaking her canary-yellow-clad bottom at Jhoni while asking my girlfriend if she saw anything she didn't like.

"Well, I'm not sure," the almost thirteen-year-old said to me, turning her dark eyes up toward her luxuriant eyebrows as if to think about it. "But, I'm pretty sure that is something we are going to study next year, in eighth-grade. This year, we're still going over getting good at just traveling in giggling groups of girls without any specific goals in mind."

"You don't say," I said with a chuckle, my eyebrows going up at her choice of words as well as her wit, as the two of us walked up to the breakfast table with Madhuri's younger sister sitting on the other side, holding the black-and-white kitten against her chest.

"Yes, I do say," Madhuri challenged me with her dark flashing eyes and her big grin. "You see, Missus Hazarika believes in a good alliterative education."

Okay, I told myself, just how smart is this Zalpuri daughter.

"Sure took you guys long enough in there," Saloni spoke up from across the table, looking us both over with her dark eyes. "Geesh, James," the younger girl said with a quick giggle, slowly shaking her head at me. "Who taught you how to button that shirt? It sure wasn't buttoned like that when I left, so you could go talk to Momma."

And I looked down at my blue work shirt and discovered one open button hole on the left side of my shirt and the top button in the hole underneath it. Damn, I told myself, I knew Madhuri was distracting me as I had started buttoning my shirt when she tried to tuck the tails of my pants in before I could stop her. I could feel my ears going red as Saloni broke out in full-fledged giggles.

I looked up at her and saw her giggling disturbed the sleeping kitten enough that it stretched its white-booted front paws further up her red tee shirt and arched its little white butt and black tail up over Saloni's left palm while it turned its black-and-white head to its left and yawned wide, inadvertently showing me a mouthful of its tiny sharp white teeth and pink tongue.

Bur-Ring... Bur-Ring ... the telephone on the kitchen wall began ringing, and I immediately turned away from the bright-yellow-clad Madhuri and the giggle-butt girl enjoying herself way too much at the breakfast table at my expense. And, these two girls are going to be my step-daughters, I reminded myself.

Miss Chatterjee stood with the back of her fluorescent fuchsia-colored sari to me, watching the stove and oven as I walked toward the ringing phone. But she turned her head and gazed over her left shoulder at me, her owlish-looking eyes tracking me as I approached the base-unit and receiver on the wall near the arch to the pantry-laundry room. As I reached for the hand set, Miss Chatterjee stepped back and then faced me. I saw she was wearing one of my long barbeque aprons she had to have found under the prep island. This one declared Kiss the Cook.

I extended the short antenna and pressed the Talk button before I lifted the receiver up to the right side of my head, "James here," I spoke into the phone feeling my ears were still warm from Saloni's embarrassing observation.

"Hey, Iggy Junior," I heard the voice of Ted Jigeasian call out to me from the receiver, "you still got a fax machine hooked-up to that phone number from the business card you gave me last Christmas?"

"Well..." I said, confounded by the question, " ... sure, Ted. What's up?"

"I was just looking at these old ammo boxes, over here at the house, James," Ted told me, his voice taking on a serious note as he spoke. "And I found a slip of old folded-over newspaper under the cardboard accordion divider when I tipped everything out to inspect the remaining bullets. You know, in the box that had seven rounds missing."

"You don't say," I responded, feeling the rush of adrenaline dumping into my bloodstream at Ted's revelation. And I recalled what was written on the old newsprint Jhoni and I found in the bottom of the blue aluminum case that had held the ammo boxes and the pistol:

Ha! Ha! The key to this heist is in the rounds fired, not the tales reported here from the mouths of liars!

The story on that side of the clipping had reported seven shots fired—one box was missing seven bullets. It flashed in my mind that the cryptic message had been a clue pointing to the ammo box; and, the clue Ted was calling me about finding. I trusted Ted completely, so I moved through the arch into the shadows of the pantry-laundry for some privacy before I asked him, "There doesn't happen to be something written on that piece of newsprint, by some chance?"

"If you can tell me what the message was written with," Ted chuckled over the phone, "you get bonus points..."

"Pencil," I shot back at Ted. "What does it say?"

"Well, if you want, I could just wait until Monday ... when I'm back over at the shop, you know..." Ted said in a slow drawl, " ... and send you a fax of the thing, that way you can read it for your own self."

"Old man," I chuckled into the phone, feeling the tension rising up inside me in spite of his good-natured teasing, "you are lucky my Daddy would hurt me if I every harmed a hair on your lame ass, because you surely don't have any on top of your head."

"Now, see here," Ted replied over the phone, "why ... that was just down-right cruel, James. Seeing as how I've never pointed out that you must be sterile. You know, shootin' blanks; what with all those ladies you must have screwed as a big old rock-and-roll star, and didn't manage to get one of them with child the whole time."

"Okay, Ted," I said into the phone with a long exhale, "I'll tell you everything I know about what is going on, when I bring my girlfriend Jhoni, and my fiancée and her two daughters up there to meet you. How is that?"

"What the Hell did you just say, Iggy Junior?" Ted asked me in a lively voice. "Did I hear you correctly? You've got a fiancée now—as well as that girlfriend I told Maude I want to meet and get to know? Already? I know you were mumbling some confusion about this Jhoni girl being from India and growing up in La-la land out there in SoCal and wanting you to live like some old Mormon with a couple of wives ... But, shit boy—it's only twenty-after seven. Nobody works that fast."

"What can I say, Ted..." I told the receiver with a grin forming on my lips, not able to keep myself from giving him another dig, " ... I have skills..."

"Yeah? Well, I've got hemorrhoids," Ted's voice announced to me over the phone and then he chuckled, "but you don't hear me bragging about 'em."

"Okay," I admitted, knowing I was out-classed by the master here, " ... do you believe in a love at first sight?"

"Yes," Ted laughed into the phone, "I'm certain that it happens all the time ... Hey, James—Maude loves the Beatles. But, if you say it's so, I'll agree to wait until I meet this new lady and decide for myself ... Say, does she know you've got a girlfriend, too?"

"Jhoni is the one who's been working to get us together," I said into phone while I became aware of the sound of ladies feet moving down the privacy corridor outside the hallway door and I indistinctly heard just the general sounds of their conversation, "if you can believe that. Anyway, what did the message say, Ted? I've got a house full of beautiful Indian women over here who are about to descend on the kitchen for hot pizza. I've got guests to be gentlemanly to."

"So, according to this Jhoni of yours," Ted asked me through the phone line, "what is your seasonal bag limit on wives before she is going to apply her soon-be-learned excellent shooting skills to bring your amorous hunting spree to a screeching halt?"

"Ted, I bow to your supreme come-back skills, okay?" I laughed into the receiver. And then, as an afterthought, I cried, "Uncle!"

"Thaaat's more like it..." Ted told me, " ... see, wasn't so hard to do, now was it? Got something to write with?"

"Wait a second," I told Ted as I turned back toward the archway where a clip-board was hung on a hook on the pantry-laundry wall directly behind where the phone base-unit was located. I had a pencil on a string hanging from the front hole of the clip. I switched the receiver to my left hand and got a hold of the pencil as I stood next to the wall.

Now I could hear the ladies out in the kitchen through the archway talking, and the sound of cabinet doors. And out of my left peripheral vision, I saw Miss Chatterjee, wearing my bit cooking mitts and opening the oven, holding a spatula in her left hand. Madhuri stood beside her in her bright canary-yellow sari with one of the cardboard pizza boxes, and I got the impression someone had removed the top from it.

"Okay, Ted," I said, turning to my right so I could block out all of the beautiful distractions, "shoot."

"That is my business," Ted chuckled. "Okay—the message reads: _When ever moving ... up or down..."

And I printed those words on the top sheet of the note pad clipped to the board as fast as I could, before I said, "got it, go on."

" ... right below your feet ... the next step ... will be found ... That's all that it says, James," Ted told me as I wrote the last of the message under the first line I had recorded. "So is this some kind of clue or something? You've had others?"

"I guess; and, apparently so," I answered Ted, putting the pencil at the bottom of the clipboard and letting it dangle from the string. I quickly scanned over the whole message; When ever moving up or down, right below your feet the next step will be found. This clue was an obvious statement; that on the face of it, would not have an obvious meaning until you figured out what it was referring too and found what ever it was alluding to.

Then it really hit me—that these two clues had not just been left behind by the individual who hid the pistol case behind the locker up in the elevator motor room. These clues had first been dreamed-up, and then had been planted by that unknown individual for what ever reason that motivated them to take the time to do it. And the fact that the first clue was included with a very nice pistol and two boxes of forty-five caliber ammunition inside a nifty metal case made me think that this was not just some 37-year-old practical joke.

But, I asked myself, they were clues to what? Some buried treasure, the loot from the robbery? I realized Ted was waiting on the other end of the telephone connection.

"Ted, sorry," I said to him, "I was thinking there for a moment..."

"No problem boy," Ted replied. "All us men are better off for occasionally taking the time to think, doncha know. Now, what have you dropped into my lap this time?"

Through the archway I could hear plates being put down on the breakfast table and on the granite counter top as well as the tinkle of silverware. I took a few more steps into the gloom of the pantry-laundry to distance myself from the distraction since I couldn't escape from the mouth-watering smell of hot pizza. My stomach growled.

"Okay Ted," I said into the receiver. "There was an old news-clipping from nineteen-forty-six in the bottom of that case that held the pistol. I'll bring it up so you can see it. One side had the lead of a story about Bugsy Moran pulling a robbery outside a Winters Bank over on the West Side. On the back was a line in pencil between the columns that said something like, Ha-ha. The key to this heist is in the rounds fired, not the tales reported here from the mouths of liars... And the funny thing was ... there wasn't any mention of Bugsy's gang shooting.

"But then Jhoni started reading the news account on the side of the paper where the message was written. And that story was about another robbery where shot were reportedly fired—seven as a matter of fact. But, you can read that news account for yourself, Ted."

"James Earnest Sitwell," my Dad's best friend told me through the phone, "you are becoming a mean little shit as you grow older ... You know how much I like a good mystery. Why don't you fax me that clipping so I can read it myself. Now."

"What, and you have to wait until you go back into the shop on Monday to get it out of you office fax machine?" I asked him. "You are going to wait that long?"

"Tell you what, James," Ted said in his wheedling voice that sounded thin over the phone, "I'll give you the family discount on all this training and stuff you gave me that big old deposit on. How's that sound?"

"Wait just a dog-gone minute here, Ted—you were going to charge me rube prices!" I immediately countered, trying to sound scandalized over the phone. "Ted, I always thought we were family already. What will my Dad say when I tell him about this?"

"Oh, all right—Uncle!" Ted sort of emphatically whispered over the phone line as if some one had walked into the room he was in who might hear what he was telling me. "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! There are you happy—making an old man humiliate my own self like that ... All I can say, is there better be gold at the end of this trail, youngster. So, are you going to fax that thing up here tonight for me, or what?"

"I'll tell you what, Ted," I answered, "you and Maude come up to Mom and Dad's tomorrow to visit. Because I'm bringing this whole shootin' match of mine up there to make introductions so Mom can start getting use to this whole idea. I've got some business to attend to in the morning, but I'll call before we head out to give you an idea when it's safe to show up. Maude can help defuse Mom once she comes to her sense. You and Dad can sit back and butter-up my ladies—Jhoni claims to be a good cook. You and Dad like spicy hot food too, so maybe the two of you can get her to promise to make you some kind of curry or some other Indian delicacy."

"And you'll bring that news-clipping up, so I can read it?" Ted asked me.

"I promise," I said. "Jhoni will love telling you her side of the story, Ted. That way, you can start getting to know her. She is a very charming woman."

"If that's the case," Ted told me over the phone, "I could bring the two pistols up with me, I guess. I do want your Dad to see them. Heck, if you can promise nobody's going to try and use one on me, I'll bring a couple of boxes of ammunition for each of them. That way and me and your Dad can take that Jhoni of yours down to the river. We'll use the gravel cul-de-sac and I can introduce her to the basics of safe gun handling and let her squeeze off a clip from each pistol.

"And maybe that will get her thinking about using that nine you bought instead of her forty-five. But dang ... James, Stephie and I both think that forty-five shoots almost better than the nine. Once I checked it over after you left, you see, we took it down stairs and ran a couple of magazines through it. You are going to just love that pistol."

"Good, I'll take your word for it," I told Ted, " ... until I can decide for my own self."

"You see Iggy Junior," Ted's voice replied into my ear from the receiver, "your problem, is that you have never been all that good with you delivery when you are going for sarcasm. If you want to break into the pro levels—you've got to work on your timing. It is all about timing. Heck, I woulda thunk youda knowed that, being the big old rock-star you once was, sonny boy." And I could hear Ted cackle on the other end of the line.

"You can take me to school later," I informed him. "I can smell that they are taking the pizzas out of the oven, and I am hungry. I will call you tomorrow. Tell Maude she is going to have a great time at my folks. I think, with this announcement to my folks, we both can guarantee her that. Tell her what ever you want about what is going to happen, but at least ask her to try and act surprised. Okay?"

"Got it," Ted said and I could hear the smile in his voice through the phone. "Call me or we'll just show up about one. Don't go wearing yourself down to no old nub tonight, James; you are really going to need all your energy to keep your wits about you on this one ... Boy, howdy ... this is going to be something special. Well, good night."

"See you tomorrow, Ted," I told him and then heard the line go dead while hoping tomorrow wasn't going to be so special I didn't survive. I clicked-off the receiver and pushed the antenna back down as I turned around just in time to see a little black-and-white flash as the kitten scurried into the shadowy room and around under the wash tubs. I heard the sound of digging in kitty litter.

"Good kitty," I told the kitten.

"Spot! What are you doing now, girl?" I heard Saloni's voice approaching from the kitchen as she called out to the kitten. And a woman's voice called out to Saloni and I heard the girl's footfalls moving away from the archway.

So Spot, was what the kitten really wanted to be called, was it?—I thought. I guessed that was as good of a name as any; it wasn't as if the kitten was going to respond any better to the name Spot than it would to the name Cat. It was all I could ask that Spot was a clean animal, and the kitten already knew where its primary litter box was, so I was happy. And thinking of clean animals, I reminded myself, if the pizzas were nearly ready, then I should prove I was a clean animal too, and wash my hands. So making sure that that Spot wasn't underfoot, I stepped over to the small sinks beside the wash tubs.

I walked back into the kitchen and was surprised not to see any plates or silverware on the prep counter or on the breakfast table. However, to my left, the brightly outfitted Madhuri and Miss Chatterjee had the two fresh-out-of-the-oven pizzas back in their topless boxes and on the black-granite of the prep counter near the round beveled garbage opening. For a moment I watched as Miss Chatterjee wielded my big round pizza cutter as she sliced the pie she was working on into squares. Then I noticed the other pie had already been cut into eight equal traditional pie slices.

I heard low talking coming from my right not too far into the Great Room. I turned and saw Jhoni had marshaled the other ladies into moving all of the tableware over to the big dinning table. Now there were three place-settings on each side of the long table and one at each end. Two extra chairs from the breakfast table were across from each other in the center. The normal ladder-back chairs filled in the other six settings, with one each at the ends of the table.

Jhoni was over at the granite counter along the west wall. She had eight glasses on the counter top that I could see were filled with ice. There were three cans of Seven-Up on the counter, and my beautiful blonde girlfriend was in the process of carefully pouring Long Island Iced Tea into a third glass from the half-gallon bottle. I could see she had already filled two other glasses with the alcohol.

I walked to the end of the prep island that overhung the breakfast table and picked up the small bottle of my home-made red hot-pepper sauce from out of the wire basket condiment holder. I was aware that I was getting discrete looks from Aditi, Miss Upadrashta—or Uma, I guess—and Raisha, as the three of them moved around the counter and the table.

Well, actually Aditi was getting the roll of paper towels for the table; I really needed to get more paper napkins I told myself. Uma was in the process of placing the filled glasses of alcohol at different place-settings at Jhoni's direction. However, Raisha was just looking reserved and beautiful as she inspected her youngest daughter's hands near one of the ladder-back chairs at the southeast end of the dinning table. Saloni held her hands out in front of herself, palms up while nodding her head at her mother, making her black ponytail dance on the back of her red tee shirt.

"And what do you want to drink, James," Jhoni asked me, getting my attention as she capped the half-gallon of pre-mixed liquor and Uma began placing the cans of Seven-Up and those glasses on the table. "You are driving later, so you will not be drinking any of this."

"Ah, water is fine, thank you," I told her as I changed my direction from the dinning table and moved toward Jhoni and the counter, to retrieve an ice-filled glass to go fill with water.

"Saloni, please?" Jhoni asked the girl in her red tee shirt and black pants. Before I could get to her, my girlfriend turned and held out a glass of ice toward my fiancée's youngest daughter. "You know where to fill this; yes?"

"Yes, I do, Jhoni; and that water is really good," Saloni replied in a matter-of-fact tone that sort of surprised me as she took the glass from Jhoni. "Does anybody else want water?" the young girl asked in a projecting voice and she looked around at all of us, one at a time, while tilting the glass she held up in her right hand slightly from side-to-side as if to tempt anyone else's decision.

"Please, Saloni dear," Miss Upadrashta asked. She stopped and stood in her white blouse with her sleeves rolled to just below her elbows, and her charcoal skirt stopping at the tops of her cute knees behind and to the side of the chair at the north end of the long dinning table. She had just placed the last can of Seven-Up and its accompanying glass of ice at a place-setting on the dinning table.

When she saw me looking at her attractive dark temple-model features and body, she gave me a little satisfied grin and then nodded her head at me. I grinned back at her, feeling foolish.

"So," Jhoni announced as she handed Saloni the last ice-filled glass for her to also fill with water and sent the youngest lady off, back toward the kitchen area, "James, as head of the household, you will sit at this end of the table; the south end. Raisha, you will, of course, sit immediately to his right."

At the other end of the table I saw Uma's enchanting eyes go wide with surprise in reaction to Jhoni's placement of Raisha at my right, or maybe, I told myself, it was Jhoni's wording that did it. Just then Miss Chatterjee and Madhuri walked by me to the table, each carrying a low cardboard pizza box with a mouth-watering sliced pie inside and leaving such a delicious smell in their wake, that it made my stomach growl again. To cover for my stomach, I stepped behind my assigned chair and put my bottle of home-made red hot-sauce on the table near my place-setting. I felt crestfallen as both pizza boxes were place away from me on the other half of the dinning table.

"I will sit on his left," Jhoni continued with her seating plan, "Madhuri, you can sit your attractive young bottom down next to me, you'll see you are drinking Seven-Up, as well as your sister, who will sit across from you beside your Mother. And Rekha, please sit at that chair in front of you beside Saloni when she gets back with the waters. And Aditi you will be across from Rekha next to Madhuri, and Uma, you will be right there at the other end of the table."

We were all standing behind our assigned chairs; except for Saloni, who hadn't returned from her water filling mission. Around the table, there was an expectant air, also filled with the aroma of the hot incredible GI Supreme pizzas; so, I guessed that the bombshells Madhuri had dropped on her Mother's head, as well as the rest of us who'd been in the video control room at the time, had either been defused or somewhat absorbed into everyone's psyches—where each of us would deal with the information in our own ways during the coming days.

"And by the way, James, forgive me for not introducing you earlier." Jhoni said to me with a nod toward the other end of the table from her spot to my left, which caused her blonde bangs to partially cover her right eye. "James, I want to introduce you to our friend, Miss Rekha Chatterjee. And, Rekha, please overlook my tardy manners; this is Mister James Sitwell. As you know, James is being so kind as to provide me with a haven from my impending divorce. Which our friend Aditi Tarviachabi here, has so graciously agreed to handle for me, as my attorney. James, Rekha is one of our six personal loans officers at Serenity Savings and Loan Company."

"It is very nice to meet you," I told Rekha with a smile, nodding my head to her. "Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to help Jhoni and the other ladies with her move." And I found I agreed with my earlier feelings that Rekha was attractive, but now her large eyes and small nose didn't really make me thing of an owl. However, with the size of her brown eyes already, I bet she would have a great expression on her face that was something to see whenever she was really caught by surprise.

"I am happy to meet you, also, James," the tall, willowy framed young woman said to me, her fluorescent fuchsia-colored sari setting off her mocha-colored skin and brownish-black hair that curled down to her shoulders. "And I am always willing to help one of my friends whenever they need assistance. So, I hope you will become one of my friends. Most of the gentlemen friends or husbands of my girlfriends seem to either just pay attention to the other men, or want to monopolize their girlfriend's attentions whenever we are in a social situation. With you around to talk to me, I am hoping I won't feel such an outsider at social gatherings from now on."

"That is just because you don't have a boyfriend," Uma chuckled from the other end of the table in a liquid laugh to her friend standing on her left. "You could easily get one, you know, Rekha ... if you were willing to allow them liberties..." And with that statement, Uma looked from her tall fidgeting friend in her bright sari and down the table, were she caught my eyes, "James, please forgive our sweet Rekha, she is torn between—"

"—Did I miss anything, this time?" Saloni asked, hurrying up between her Mother and me, and I noticed that Spot was lopping along behind the young girl. Saloni stopped and handed me my glass of iced-water with her left hand as she held the second filled glass in her right. Her interruption earned a shushing from her Mother on the other side of her.

"—ahhh ... well," the extremely exotic Uma continued, but obviously reconsidering her wording at the younger girl's arrival. As Saloni started around the table with Uma's glass of water, Uma continued what she was saying, " ... she is torn between her ... social deprivations, and her strict conservative upbringing."

"You are so naughty sometimes, Umie," Madhuri told Uma from Jhoni's left, to my surprise and obviously to her Mother's shock, and to Rekha Chatterjee's consternation as well.

And I got to see the wonderful look on Rekha's face I'd been wondering about just moments before. Her eyebrows reached for the sky, the whites visible all the way around the brown centers, and her chin pointing downward as her appealing mouth opened in a way that formed her moist lips into the most perfect O. In spite of myself, I wondered what it would like to push the tip of my hard cock into that moist O of Miss Chatterjee's mouth as she knelt in front of me in the back of my conversion van some evening. By all that was Holy, I admonished myself, what was I thinking?

"We all know what you really mean, Umie," the almost-thirteen-year-old Madhuri announced to the table. Then she looked at her younger sister who had just put the glass of water on the table next to Uma's plate and stood beside the temple-model and Rekha Chatterjee, with her mouth still inviting me to fantasize about her. "You and I even know what she's talking about ... don't we, Sali."

And Saloni shot a glance from her sister, to her Mother to my right, and then to me. And I felt like I had what might be a little smirk of a grin on my face as I wondered if Madhuri had always been this outspoken around these ladies before, or if this was all part of her new-found liberation that began with her bombshells back in the video control room. From the look on everyone's faces, I would guess this was all part of the new Madhuri.

"Well, Madhi," Saloni said as I could see she was sort of considering her words, "you know Momma would always give me time-outs if I used words like horny or said any other bad sex stuff in front of her before. But since we are in James' household right now, he might give me another spanking if I'm naughty and say something like that ... So, I better not."

And with that, Saloni turned and walked around the stunned Rekha Chatterjee to the last open chair at the table and stood behind it. "So, this is where I am sitting, right?" she asked the quiet table.

"Yes, it is," I spoke up, and I moved behind my agitated fiancée who was looking daggers back and forth at both of her daughters. "I should really be a gentleman and seat each one of you wonderful women," I said and guided Raisha out of the way so I could pull her chair out for her. "So that is just what I'll do."

"Oh, James!" Jhoni declared. "You are the head of the household. It is only fitting that you take your chair first."

"Jhoni," I told her as pulled Raisha's chair back from the table and put my left hand on the small of her back and guided her around to sit down. "Since we are going to have a modified Indian-American household, and while once your divorce is final, you will be joining my household as designated third wife, but without the legal status of my wonderful first wife..." and I gently pushed Raisha's chair in as she gracefully took her seat. And she seemed to have calmed down some from her daughters' bold statements.

"So, starting now, in our household, in a semi-formal situation such as this, and it being our first guests and all, I think I will make it part of our custom to see that all of the ladies sit first with the help of any gentleman present. Okay?"

And Saloni was beaming at me as I pulled her chair out for her next.

"You're not going to pull it out from underneath me when I go to sit down," Saloni asked me, "are you?" I just chuckled at her and shook my head as the young girl reached down with her hands and got a good grip on the seat of her chair before she helped move it under the table where she thumped her bottom down on it. And I noticed Spot under the table rubbing against Saloni's ankles. I thought I could even hear the kitten purring.

"Now, I also have an announcement for those of you who were not involved in the closed-room discussions that took place a little bit ago," I said as my soon-to-be youngest step-daughter's chair was now safely eased under the table with her in it.

"So, you are talking about me, now ... right," Saloni said, and I couldn't help but see her give her Mother a big smirk as I stood behind her.

"Well, Kiddo..." I told her, and I gave the back of her chair a little bump to get her attention, " ... not just you. But, of those who don't know this yet, what I have to say will certainly affect you the most.

"You see everyone..." I said and I decided to look around the table at each one of them starting with Jhoni standing behind her chair to my left across the dinning table. We gazed into each other's eyes and I was met with her look of a contented assuredness.

Then I looked at Madhuri standing directly across the table from me behind her chair. She gave me such a happy smile that I thought just looking at the expression on her young attractive face with her dark complexion might damage my heart because it swelled so quickly in response to what I was seeing.

To Madhuri's left, Aditi stood waiting behind her ladder-back chair. Miss Tarviachabi met my gaze with her own, grinning at me. And I could not help but notice how the light-brown skin of her attractive, round face, set off her dark eyes and her short black hair. And I also could not help but notice that on the chest of her thin gray short-sleeve Harvard tee shirt, there was a distinct little draped point in the gray material, capping each of her proud but small breasts.

Next at the north end of the dinning table to my right, I caught Uma's gaze. She was regal looking even in her white blouse as her black, slightly oriental-appearing, bedroom eyes seemed to linger for whatever I was going to announce to the table with a hint of languid anticipation. Otherwise, her blue-black hair swept up behind the back of her head and wrapped around her crown in an attractive bun which just drew my attention back to the rich dark-brown skin of her serene oval face with her fine slightly upturned nose.

I got an actually pinkish blush from Miss Chatterjee's mocha cheeks beside me to my right when I caught her now timid eyes. Her blush was accented by her fluorescent fuchsia-colored sari draping her willowy frame...

Since Saloni was in front of me, she didn't know what I was doing; but her sister was still giving me a big happy smile from across the table. And their Mother awarded me with such a heartrendingly beaming smile of joy I felt my penis swelling up into a cock inside my boxers as my heart filled with tender happiness.

"Okay, so first off, I want to announce that earlier," I continued after looking away from my fiancée with a growing sense of pride, great good-fortune, and such tender emotions I had to bat my eyelids quickly, "Raisha graciously agreed to become my legal first wife." It seemed to me as if a bell had been struck with my words and I could feel I had the undivided attention of every woman at the table no matter their age as they waited to hear what else I had to say to them.

I could particularly feel Saloni's eyes on me now, and so I looked down to find her turned half-way around in her seat, her left arm resting along the top of her chair back, with an even bigger smirk on her face for me. I smiled at her and she wiggled her eyebrows up and down at me, as her smirk became a glorious smile. And then she looked down from my face and focused on the crotch of my painter's pants behind the back of her chair. And I knew, from the look on her face, that she could tell I had an erection from the bulge in the front of my loose pants. I realized, as my ears warmed up, I was going to have to start wearing tight briefs around this ladies.

In my embarrassment, it also dawned on me that I was hungry and feeling sort of emotionally wrung out all of a sudden, so I moved behind Rekha Chatterjee and helped her position her chair up to the table as I said, "And after talking to Anjali on the phone earlier, Madhuri gave us the news that her Mother's brother-in-law and three members of his family showed up at their home a few hours ago. Her Uncle was wanting to talk with Raisha, as well as demanding accommodations for their stay—while displaying shockingly bad manners. So, Raisha and I are going to get a marriage license first thing Monday morning and set up an appointment with a judge so we can marry as soon as possible."

I was happy to see that my words left Saloni with her eyes wide and her cute mouth open. The smarty-pants young woman's reaction perked me up a bit as I moved slightly behind and to Uma's left at the end of the dinning table. She stepped back, gracefully putting her left hand lightly on my right forearm, as I moved her chair back far enough for her to place her incredible bottom in her charcoal skirt on the seat of her ladder-back chair. As I moved the back of her seat forward, I caught an invigorating hint of the spicy fragrance of patchouli that brought a smile to my face. I hadn't smelled that scent since I was in college.

"By moving our engagement forward so quickly..." I told the women at the table who were still all avidly watching me—four who were now seated and three still behind their chairs—as I moved to smiling Aditi's chair and said, " ... and by being married as soon as possible, my new family will be under the complete protection of my household." And I took the ladder-back of the chair in my hands and jockeyed it into position for Aditi as she sat her thin body down.

"That way, my wonderful Raisha will no longer need to worry about unwanted advances from despicable men greedy for her hand in marriage, now that her mourning period is over. And ... I can start providing these two amazingly feisty young ladies—who will become my step-daughters and whom I am really having the pleasure of getting to know—with the proper guidance that they have been missing since their loving Father unfortunately passed away."

I moved to Madhuri, who was grinning at me and looking so attractive with her bright canary-yellow sari setting off the medium-chocolate-colored skin of her face and bare arms, and I pulled her chair back for her.

"Although I am not your lawyer," Aditi said, and I saw her giving my fiancée a measured look from her seated position to my immediate left as I moved Madhuri and her chair up to the table, "I would advise you not to go to the temple tomorrow. I know you have reservations about you late husband's family, and have talked in our support group about their miss-informed idea that your wealth and business interests were solely your husband's, and through him those things should come to them."

I could see the concerned look on each one of the faces of the ladies across the table as I stood behind Madhuri's chair and listened to what Aditi was telling my fiancée.

"As James told both of you," Aditi Tarviachabi said, and looked at Raisha, and then across Madhuri beside her, to Jhoni, who was still standing behind her chair next to me, "all of you need to go with him at some point and meet his father and mother tomorrow. And as your friend, I advise you to take all day to visit them, in fact. Do not go to temple tomorrow as you, and your family, always do; and, as you are known to do. This Uncle of yours sounds like a frustrated, but determined man who believes completely in the old ways; and who cannot and will not change with the times. So I am thinking ... he will certainly attend temple tomorrow. He will be assured that he will not only find you there; but once he is in your presence, I say he expects to use our customs and the peer-pressure of all the believers around the two of you to get you to do his bidding. Which I would guess, is to get you to invite him to go back to your home. And once he and his retinue are there, he would isolate you from anyone else who might be there and do whatever he thought was necessary to bend you to his will."

Aditi had all of us spellbound with her words, the images we saw in our minds compelling us to silence.

"But, Raisha, once he makes his introduction to the community in the courtyard before we go to prayers, and he then realizes you are not there, he will walk slowly with dignity and only speak aloud after he listens carefully to what is said around him. After prayers, he will lament to the other gentlemen that you were also not home today to receive his long awaited visit intended to console you over the death of your late husband; his brother. He will wonder out loud in passing, where you and your wonderful children might be. And then he will listen carefully to anything anyone might say in response. He might even suggest when pressed for his opinion, that he hopes foul-play is not keeping the two of you apart. So, Raisha, my friend, tomorrow go with your man and meet his parents ... and enjoy yourself. Say your prayers on waking, and again after your morning ablutions; but do not go to temple. In fact, until you are a legally married woman, I advise you to not even return to your home; or, to send your daughters to school this coming week. They are good enough students they can easily afford to miss a week of boring studies and obnoxious teachers."

"But, Mother, what will we wear?" Madhuri spoke up, looking down at her bright sari. "I am only wearing this thing because I was at dance troupe with you, Rekha. Even Saloni is wearing regular clothes."

"My beti, you look beautiful and graceful in that nice sari," Raisha told her daughter. "But we can easily go shopping and buy whatever we need for a few days. We will see what happens with your Uncle after James and I are married. I think that once we get the license we have to—"

"—there is no waiting period here in Ohio, and no blood tests needed," Aditi, still in her lawyer mode announced. "You are required to bring a drivers license, visa, or passport and have your social security card or number with you. Since you are a widow, Raisha, you will need to provide a copy of your late husband's death certificate. And I understand that you, James, have never been married before. You both need to appear in person to obtain a license with forty dollars or so, depending on which county you are in when you seek to obtain the license. If you can make the arrangement on such a short notice, a judge can perform the marriage, as can a justice of the peace, or even the county court clerk. So, Raisha, think about this, you can be the legal wife of James Sitwell Monday by noon if that is what your heart desires."

"That is my heart's true desire, Aditi," Raisha proclaimed, batting her incredibly long black eyelashes as I saw her dark eyes mist over for a moment. "And not just to protect me from whatever my brother-in-law thinks he has planned. I have found that my heart sings in my fiancée's strong embrace. And I love the idea of giving him a child or even children. This will be a true marriage, Aditi; do not fear. James Sitwell is not a despicable man; as my brother-in-law and the men of his family have shown themselves to be."

"That eases my mind, Raisha," Aditi Tarviachabi said. "James, why keep standing there like that, seat your girlfriend, Jhoni, and let us start eating before the pizza goes cold again."

So that is what I did. I moved behind Jhoni who was waiting patiently at her chair beside me and giving me a happy grin. I pulled her chair out and as she sat down in her blouse and her slacks, I gently moved her chair until she was close to the table. Then, feeling good about have all these people around my table to eat together, I moved to the chair at the head of the table, and sat down. As soon as I sat down, the pizza box holding the traditional pie sections started moving down the table from Uma's end. Each of the ladies took one slice as the box pasted them and then waited, watching the box move toward me.

"Raisha, you said you would go out and buy what you and the girls will need for a few days," Aditi said, her voice sounding as official as any officer of the court can get when they are in their element, as she looked over her own slice of pizza carefully as she held it in her right had while she talked. "I advise you to prepare for being away from your home, as well as keeping your girls from school, for—as I said—a whole week. Because if your brother-in-law is as dangerous and unsophisticated of an old dolt as you fear he is; after you do not, in his eyes, give yourself over to him easily at the temple, he will have someone watching both your home, the academy, and the offices of your holding company. And as time passes without knowing where you are, I suspect he will be more than willing to take desperate measures to attain what he truly believes is his by right."

I finally took the last piece of pizza out of the box. Not wanting to get up from the table and leave our guests for a moment, or miss any of the things Aditi was saying, I put the box on the floor on the left side of my chair. In a flash, Spot was beside the box sniffing around it and finding bits of cheese and crust to chew on. At least Spot wasn't growling like a wild animal now, I thought to myself. I reached for my bottle of hot-sauce so I could shoot out dribbles of the wonderful scalp-sweating malt-vinegar-based condiment on the last half of my slice of pizza.

"Shouldn't he be confronted as soon as James and I are married," Raisha asked, bringing her own slice of supreme pizza up toward her mouth. "The sooner he knows his plans for me have failed, the quicker he will be gone from our lives."

"I don't think that would work as well as you hope it will..." Miss Tarviachabi the lawyer said, holding up her right hand, which was empty now, and thinking for a moment. Her pizza with one bite out of it, I saw, was on her plate and we all watched her and ate our own slice of pizza or drank from our glasses as we waited.

"However, Raisha, once you _are married to James, and have been away for a week," Aditi told all of us and then broke-out with a full-throated laugh, "I say allow James to take his new household to temple next Sunday. Plan to arrive slightly late, but before the front courtesy gate is closed. And then, right after the greeting is given to all the community inside the courtyard, before we go to our prayers, stand up as is anyone's right, and introduce James to everyone in front of all-that-is-Holy as a sincere non-believer interested in becoming acquainted with our spiritual life and culture."

And Aditi looked around at each of us as she bit off another small mouthful of pizza and chewed and swallowed it, dragging out the anticipation as we all hung on her last words.

"And then," Aditi told us with a wicked grin on her oval face, "have James rise up beside you. And ... after James gives a sincere greeting to the community and gives thanks to everyone for their open-heartedness to a non-believer ... he can tell us all that he wants to take that time to introduce his new wife. After you are announced as the new Missus James Sitwell, James can state that he wishes, in the proper time, to adopt your daughters as his own and welcome them fully into the Sitwell household. And he could mention, after that, that he wants to register his household with the temple scribe following prayers and also feels it is necessary to make some donation to the temple so as to share with the community his great good fortune at finding his soul mate, as his first wife, among their numbers."

"If he does that," Rekha said stopping her piece of pizza as she brought it to her mouth for another bite, "he will address all of the concerns anyone could voice about the propriety of his household as far as our customs are concerned. That would leave your brother-in-law, Raisha, without any basis to complain or call into question your sudden marriage. Even though, as a widow, no one can oppose your decision to remarry or who that man is. And after all, there is a significant minority in the community of the faithful who were once non-believers themselves. We all know that with a sincere heart, it is between an individual and all-that-is-Holy as to what course that person's life will take.

"For you Uncle to cause any trouble at all after that," Rekha told us, all of it mostly I realized for my information, "would bring down shame on him and his entire household. Word of it would even quickly find its way back to our communities in India."

"If anyone asks you, Raisha," Jhoni giggle at my left, "say that your new romantic husband took you on a week-long honeymoon and told you to bring the girls along with the two of you so he could start getting to know them better. Then tell them James is an impetuous passionate man ... who leaves you breathless."

"You and your romance novels," Raisha chuckled, shaking her head at our other mate; well, as far as I was concerned Jhoni was going to be our other mate.

"So, what will you do, Raisha," Jhoni asked her as I took a bite of the wonderful GI pizza slice and started to chew. I almost had to close my eyes as all the saliva glands in my mouth erupted at once and the rich, hot and greasy cheesy textures and combination of flavors from the mostly fresh ingredients exploded over my tongue.

"I will do as my soon-to-be husband requires of me," Raisha announced in a suddenly meek voice that shot thrills up my spine and made me grin as I continued to chew my mouthful of juicy warm pizza. "And I will give all praises to all-that-is-Holy for my man's wisdom in this matter, as well as for all of my true friends' wise advice and support during this time."

"So ... James," Saloni managed to say with a half-full mouth of pizza, "are you going to be telling me that I get a whole week off of school?" And she quickly finished chewing and swallowed before she continued, "Because, if so; we need to call home and tell Anjali that we will not be home for a week. And Madhuri needs to make arrangements for her horse. And I need to let Helmut know where he can meet us, so Madhi and I can continue with our, you know, self-defense training and stuff. Does this mean that you will tell Mamma not to go into work for this whole coming week, too? Cause I bet old Uncle Shookar will show up there looking for her, like Aditi says."

"My dear," Raisha chided her youngest daughter, "just because he has arrived here unannounced and under what I believe to be suspicious circumstances, and that he has proven to be so badly behaved; that is still no reason for you to call him a swine—at least until we are certain of it; do you understand me?"

"Hah! Yes, Mother," Saloni said with a big smile on her dark face and her eyes flashing. "James, you are going to be my step-daddy—I knew something was up when I left that funny bedroom and you went back in that closet to talk to Momma ... And ... just look at how you buttoned your shirt back up ... I told you, you would touch my Momma as much as she wanted you to because ... well, you know what I said." And it was evident by her voice that Saloni was getting excitedly worked-up as she began talking faster.

"Do I get to be a bridesmaid Monday? Will there be some kind of a celebration and a cake? Did I hear Aditi say we are going to meet your parents tomorrow? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Do any of them have kids?"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait," I said to little-miss chatter mouth and held up my right hand not holding a slice of pizza to slow her down at least, if I couldn't get her to shut up. "I am sorry, Saloni, but I am an only child. But I do have lots and lots of cousins with kids your age. And yes, we are going to my parent's house where I grew up, tomorrow, after I do some business in the morning. And while I am doing that, you ladies should have time to go shopping for three hours or so; I realize that isn't a lot of time. And, Saloni, I am sure we can get cake, and you can be a bridesmaid if that is what your Mother wishes. But you need to realize that your mother and I are going to get married by a justice of the peace or a judge or maybe just a county court clerk in an office somewhere—"

And I saw the look of disappointment in her dark eyes.

"—this time, honey..." I told Saloni and held my right hand up higher and tilted my head at her. "However, I am sure all of you ladies would be willing to help Raisha and Jhoni plan a big celebration of some type, later on..." And I looked at Raisha and smiled at her, "We could say our vows again, reaffirm them, make it just like a real wedding." I looked back at the table in general.

"And that way, Saloni can get all dressed up as a bridesmaid in big fancy dress that is so ugly she will never ever wear it again, and everything," I said to all of them as I watched Jhoni, Raisha, and Aditi, who had Long Island Iced Teas, each take big drinks from their glasses. I looked back at her youngest daughter sitting to Raisha's right and I said, " ... Saloni, it will be a big celebration for all of your family's friends, as well as all of my large extended family and my friends. So it is going to need to be huge, with lots of cake, and music, and dancing."

"In fact," I said and looked back at my beautiful dark-skinned fiancée, "maybe, Raisha; your family from India might accept our invitation to the celebration if we schedule the event at a convenient time for everyone involved, and gave them plenty of advanced notice. I would be willing to provide round-trip airline tickets for them."

And that brought a gasp from so many of the ladies around the table that I wasn't sure just who had reacted with such surprise.

"Oh, my sweet James," Raisha said to me from my right with a smile as she shook her head while still holding her glass up near her luscious full lips as her blue-black hair jiggled around her high cheeks and down to the shoulders of her thin white blouse, "I have a large immediate family. I cannot allow you to pay for all of them."

"What do you consider... ?" I asked my fiancée, " ... as large, Raisha? Have your girls ever met all of their Aunts and Uncles and cousins before? This would be a perfect opportunity for everyone to visit."

"James, there is not only my father and his four wives," Raisha told me, and I could see she was adding numbers in her head, "but I have five brothers and seven sisters. Four of them are married; and I have ... mmm ... three nieces and, well, six nephews at last count."

My mind was spinning like a top, thinking of a way to be able to offer all of Madhuri's and Saloni's relations free round-trip tickets to come for a visit and to share with us and my big family the celebration of our marriage. I took a bite of pizza and was rewarded with the flash of smoky-jalapeño flavor over the wonderful pizza taste. And then the heat began to tingle on the tip of my tongue, and then my lips, and then my gums and the roof of my mouth. Oh, yes ... I moaned silently to myself. This was the way food should affect your senses.

"That is thirty people who are my relatives," Saloni told everyone, looking around the table at all of us. "And I've only seen pictures of most of them ... And I've only ever talked with my Indian Grandma and Grandpa on the telephone, although they say I was born in India and they remember me from then. But, Momma makes sure we talk, like, at least four times a year, even if I don't have a lot a good stuff to tell them sometimes ... In fact, Momma, James reminds me of Grandpa Srikanth for some reason ... You know, Grandpa tells me I am his favorite grand-daughter. Sorry Madhi, but it is true."

Madhuri laughed at her little sister across the table from her and put down her glass of bubbling Seven-Up. The young woman sitting to Jhoni's and my left in the bright sari said, "You know, Sali, we must have two Grandpa Srikanths then; because mine tells me that I am not only his favorite grand-daughter, he says I am his favorite grandchild." And she laughed happily again as if to disarm any complaint Saloni might think to air. Still laughing, Madhuri looked at her Mother and added, "You know, Mother, maybe you should start your own airlines so Grandma and Grandpa Nehru and all the rest can come visit and celebrate your marriage to James. I think that is certainly something to have a big party for, don't you?"

And as I chewed and swallowed the wonderful hot, hot pizza in my mouth that was sending my senses flying, the thought hit me; the HumDingers had their own airplane on the last tour I'd been on with them. Actually we had leased a 727-100 C for the length of the tour. The Model 100-C had a huge main-deck cargo door that allowed the plane ample room for not only seating everybody in the band and significant others; but our manager, the road crew and technicians, and there was also room for loading all of our stage equipment road-cases, our front-of-house mixing and sound processing equipment, and the equipment that made up monitor-world off at one side of the stage. There was even room to spare in the 727, and it had seemed that at least four or five different groupies and the occasional record company executive or journalist had flown along with us for a few shows or so every once in a while.

I reached out for my damp drinking glass, knowing that the cold water I was about to drink wouldn't put a dent in the spreading hotness inside my mouth that was beginning to make my nose run. I swallowed some water, and after I put down my glass, I reached for my folded over sections of paper towel for my nose.

"Raisha, when the time comes, we should look into chartering a seven-forty-seven or something for the trip over," I said to her as I saw the second pizza box with the square cut pie slices in it was started towards me from the other end of the table through my slightly watery vision. Sa well, I began to feel my scalp starting to crawl from the affects of my red hot-pepper sauce. "Then we could arrange for another charter for just the trip back. I know some people that we can call who could handle the whole thing for us. I bet we'd be really surprised at the cost savings if we were to handle their air travel that way. What do you think?" And I took another swig of cold water that served to let me know just how hot my pepper sauce was.

"My husband-to-be," Raisha said, rewarding me with a brilliant smile, "I think you have come up with a very valid idea that should be researched. On the other hand, a seven-forty-seven is a huge airplane, and I only have possibly thirty immediate family members who might be able to come. But, I insist that I share half of the cost for such a gracious offer to see to it that any of them who wish to, will be afforded the means to attend. I know how much I would like to visit with all of my family ... And the girls have cousins their age that I would love for them to become acquainted with now, so they might develop some real attachments with their Indian relatives. And ... after everything I learned from your safe ... I think together we could easily afford to do something such as that. Besides, my father is a very wealthy man, he might decided that it is his responsibility to see that all his family attends, especially if we have such a celebration, say next June. That way all the children here and there will all be out of school for the summer months; and all of the adults will have time to make arrangements to attend."

"Do you think Grandma and Grandpa Nehru would come visit us?" Madhuri asked. "How long would they stay?" And she took a big bite out of the square of pizza in her right hand.

"To make it worth everyone's while," Raisha said, "I could ask them to stay for at least three weeks, certainly a month, perhaps more even. Besides the master suite, which father and his wives would be comfortable in for that amount of time, and each of the girl's rooms, I have six other bedrooms in our house. That way, all of the married couples could have the privacy of their own bedroom. And the pool house can easily be set up as a dormitory for the, well say, for the single ladies and the nieces who are old enough."

Wow, I thought, nine bedrooms and a pool house, along—I remembered—with a horse and a horse barn on the property; Raisha's house must be some kind of a mansion. My blood was filled with a rush of fuzzy-warm endorphins now as my body reacted to the pepper-sauce as if it were a poison or a huge bee sting. The whole inside of my mouth was vibrating and I knew the next bite of pizza was going to unfold such exquisite flavors, that I couldn't wait.

"Don't forget that Missus Patel and her daughter just opened that nice hotel, Raisha," Rekha said, looking up from the two square pieces of pizza on her plate, and across Saloni as she gave Raisha a timid smile. "For that amount of time, I am sure she would give you and incredibly favorable rate on any extra rooms you might need; and it is close to you home."

"And ... if you do end up deciding to charter an airplane the size of a seven-forty-seven," Uma said to us in her liquid musical voice, bringing her paper towel up to dab at her full lips before she continued, "and with say, the first of June as the departure date, I could put up notices at the temple, and I am sure we could sell the excess seating at say, cost-plus-fifteen. The cost of a ticket should be so reasonably priced that we could easily fill the unused seats on the plane with relatives and friends of people we know from the temple. Possibly some of Raisha's other relatives, such as Aunts, Uncles, or cousins might be tempted to attend, also."

"If you were to do that," Jhoni said, absentmindedly rubbing the index finger of her right hand up and down the side of her half-empty glass of Long Island Iced Tea and holding a square of supreme pizza in the fingers of her left hand, "I would let people at the temple know as soon as possible. I would say if you hold back say, thirty-six seats for relatives and possibly good friends of relatives," and Uma and Aditi both laughed at that, "I think that the demand for a low-price round trip, for say a month or so, might be so great that it would have a bearing on the size of plane you want to charter. How many times have we heard in the last year of ladies in our support group saying there are relatives they would like to see visit them here in the States, instead of always being the ones who have to travel back to India to visit. And it is not the expense they are bewailing; it is the time it takes to get there and back and all the stress involved that they are complaining about."

"Would that work," Rekha asked the table in general. "I mean, who knows how many seats are on one of those big planes? There has to be over a couple hundred. Do you think you really could find enough people willing to purchase tickets to fill all, or most of these remaining seats?"

"Well, Rekha" Uma said looking up at the ceiling, and I saw her eyes sort of go unfocused as I took a bite from my warm square of thick zesty, cheesy tasting pizza with all the wonderful topping and the hot sauce lighted up my senses again, "I do know there are just over four-hundred seats in a seven-forty-seven ... but to make it easy let us say four-hundred ... So, if we are reserving only thirty-six of those for Raisha's family members ... that gives us three-hundred and sixty-four seats to sell."

Uma looked down from the ceiling and focused on Rekha sitting to her left at the end of the table and she said, "Now, you told me the other evening when we were discussing the Savings and Loan's new membership drive, that you knew as of last month that there are over ... was it, four-hundred active families on the temple rolls, not counting approximately two-hundred-fifty single individuals of working age registered?"

"Umm," Rekha mumbled, thinking a moment as she chewed and swallowed the pizza she had in her mouth, "yes, Uma, those are the figures I received from the temple for marketing report our department developed for work."

"So ... we have that many people with varying degrees of disposable income here in our location with close relatives in India. They are our confirmed target market and one valid reason I feel confident," Uma told us as she cast her gaze around the table at the rest of us, "that we could sell those surplus seats." She held up her right hand and extended her index finger into the air, then she raised her middle finger also and said, "The second reason in our favor; I would wager that at cost-plus-fifteen percent, the price of one ticket will be no more than one-half to maybe as little as one-third the price of any normally-priced ticket for the same or lesser flying arrangements offered by any single international airlines, or even offered in a package deal using various low-budget airlines from a good travel agent."

I was struck at the lighter coloration of her skin on her palm and the bottom of her fingers, as I felt sweat starting to form on my scalp under my hair from the accumulation of several mouthfuls of pizza laced with my pepper sauce.

The beautiful temple-model with her dark-chocolate smooth skin rotated her upheld right hand, showing us the back of it as she raised her ring finger to join her other two fingers.

"Our third valid reason that this venture should succeed," Uma announced, "is that by chartering an aircraft, that jet will fly each leg of the entire trip. So, none of the passengers will need to worry about rushing through an unfamiliar airport to catch a connecting flight, or loosing their baggage, and with those factors accounted for our charter will greatly reduce the stress of such a long journey. I am sure there will be layovers for refueling and cleaning and restocking supplies, but the passengers will get back aboard the same aircraft and get in the same seats. So ... four," and she held up her pinky finger, "we also should reduce the overall travel time of the entire journey by chartering a jet, which is another strong selling point to go along with the other three points in our favor."

Then the surprisingly informative young lady at the other end of my dinning table extended her thumb and an amazingly sexy slow smile formed on the exquisite lips of her small mouth.

"And, fifth," she said sounding happy with herself, "Raisha, you seem to have forgotten that we are to have a not-yet scheduled meeting with our software development management team from your Bangalore facilities, which is tentatively set for sometime in the third quarter of next year. I know, before your engagement to James, you were apprehensive about traveling to India for the meeting; but why even go there this time when we can actually write the charter off as a legitimate business expense by bringing the team here to us at the same time as we bring your family over for a wedding celebration?"

And the savvy young business woman closed her dark fist and ever so slightly moved it back and forth for a moment before she said, "And even without the management team on board, with us bringing in a full airplane the size of a seven-forty-seven, and tickets selling at cost plus fifteen-percent based on the total number of seats less the thirty-six seats reserved for your family, Raisha; you not only will not have to pay for you entire family's round-trip airfare, but you will also make money. In fact, the more the cost of the entire charter, the more money you stand to make based on surplus seats selling at cost, plus fifteen percent of cost. So, because of the accounting that will be involved, I would advise you that it would best for the holding company to handle the entire charter, as it should be a money-making venture.

"Oh! Forgive me, James," Uma suddenly said to me, her eyebrows going up for a second. "I did not intend to usurp your magnanimous offer of bringing Raisha's family all the way here to celebrate your wedded bliss."

"Not at all," I told her with a little laugh, "not at all, Uma. Your spontaneous thoughts on this problem were not only impressive, but also very enlightening. Thank you very much. You can eat at my table anytime you like, if you are going to be able to come up with such insightful ideas so logically presented." And I enjoyed the way Uma almost preened at my sincere praise.

"Are you sure of that, Uma?" Aditi asked the young woman at that end of the table. "That the price could be so low, and Raisha could still make money? I would like my parents to come back over to visit me and my brothers, we could even bring all of my grandparents over if what you are saying is close to correct, and that way my parents could not refuse to visit." And then the trim woman took a deep drink of her Long Island Iced Tea. "Umm, this is so good."

"And, dangerous," Raisha chuckled before she also took a large drink from her now half-full glass.

"Aditi, do not worry," Uma told her friend in such a low caring sweet voice I was touched at her obvious affection for the trim lawyer. "Logistics management for three different companies is my job," Uma said with a giggle. "I find it is actually fun. How quickly can I get part A or person B to point C guaranteed on time; how much of an actual savings can I turn for a one-time transit; or, when A and B go to C on a regular scheduled basis, how much savings and utility can I lock-in for one of our companies with a properly executed performance contract. It is like an ever-changing challenging game, every day I go in to work. And, as I brought up a moment ago, some of Raisha's holdings are in India now. And I would like to announce, that Raisha just recently was able to convince the necessary government bureaucrats here in the States that I speak that language and know that culture better than any American citizen she could hire to do my job. So that is why I am no longer a two year visa-girl, Aditi; and, now I will be able to become a naturalized American citizen as soon as it is feasible."

"Oh, Uma," Aditi said, "this has all been such good news; I say it deserves a toast." And with that said, Miss Tarviachabi drained the rest of her Long Island Iced Tea in three long swallows as Rekha, Saloni, and Madhuri all added their congratulations and held up their glasses of Seven-Up and drank. I didn't fail to notice that Jhoni had emptied her Long Island Iced Tea also.

"So," I asked the table and then wiped my nose on a corner of my folded-over paper towel, "does anyone have any reasons they can think of that we shouldn't pursue this idea of chartering a jet so we can invite Raisha's family to our June celebration and allow our other good friends the chance to bring some of their loved-ones along to visit also?"

"This airplane won't crash, too?" a suddenly solemn Saloni demanded, looking me right in the eyes as she leaned forward with her elbows on the edge of the table on either side of her plate that had two untouched squares and one half–eaten square of pizza on it, "will it?"

And it struck me that she was referring to her late Father's accident.

"Oh, no ... my divya beti," Raisha crooned to her daughter as she quickly turned and wrapped her arms around Saloni's red tee shirt-covered shoulders. "This will be a big commercial jet aircraft, and it will be flown by a well-trained professional crew, and they will not fly into dangerous weather. You will see, if all of our family wants to come visit us this way, everything will work out fine and they will arrive to us safely. And, I promise you, that I will have someone we can trust inspect the airplane before they let Grandpa and Grandma Nehru, or anyone else from our family onboard. Will that make you feel better, Saloni?"

"Who could you get that we can trust," Saloni asked, snuggling the left side of her dark face against the white blouse of her mother's chest and her lower shoulder. "That big airplane is going to be all the way over in India."

"Well," Raisha said to her youngest daughter, moving Saloni by her shoulders back far enough so Raisha could look her in her dark worried eyes, "I have an easy solution to that problem. We have relatives who we can trust to do that job. Do you remember that you have two Uncles who are in the India Air Force? Your Uncle Ravi is a Captain and is not only a pilot, but also he commands a group of jet fighters, and your Uncle Akash is also a pilot, and he is a Lieutenant who is now learning how to fly attack helicopters. I also have two cousins, who would be your second cousins, who work for a big company called Hindustan Aeronautics Limited at one of their facilities in Bangalore. And that company makes some of the best aircraft and helicopters built in all of Asia. So, we can ask them to help us. How does that sound to you?"

"They would know what to do?" the young girl asked from her Mother's embrace. "Some old big passenger jet is a whole lot more than a little fighter jet or some helicopter, you know."

"They will know someone they trust who does know what to do, if they do not know what to do between the four of them," Raisha told her daughter as her own sweet laughter bubbled out of her and I could see the sound of her Mother's laughter reassured Saloni.

"Well, if you think we can trust them..." Saloni allowed, " ... that is good enough for me..." And she pushed back away from her Mother and took a sip of her Seven-Up. Then she looked back at me and said, "Okay, James, I want to see Momma's family and Grandpa and Grandma Nehru."

"So then," I said, smiling at Saloni as the endorphins my body was producing gave me warm feeling all over that had nothing to do with the hot sauce on the last half of my pizza slice, "now, that Saloni has reminded us that we need to have quality assurance in place before departure ... do we all agree that chartering a plane is worth looking into, and if the numbers are right as Uma's expertise supports, that we go ahead with the plan? As well as all of you, and my mother of course, getting together and taking the time needed to plan a big celebration for early June?"

"Yes," every woman at the table said in unison, with equally beautiful smiles on each of their faces.

"Soooo..." Madhuri asked dramatically from her seat between Jhoni and Aditi, getting everyone's attention. "James, may I address the table?"

"Yes you may, my dear," I told her, enjoying way conversation and ideas were flowing around this group while we still had managed, for the most part, to demolish two extra-large supreme GI pizzas.

"Mother, are you and Jhoni going to go somewhere with James this evening so he doesn't tell his parents something that cannot possibly be true tomorrow?" Madhuri cryptically asked her Mother while making her luxurious black eyebrows wrinkle the dark skin of her forehead almost up to her hairline, which was crisply defined because her black hair was combed tightly back over her skull to her single thick braid behind her head.

"Because ... if you are going to be good wives of his household, you should do your best to please James. And, if you are going to do that, we need to ask Uma if she will be nice enough to stay here with Saloni and me until you three return. Because I know I would be more comfortable, tonight that is—and one other person we know, would then allow Uma and I to enjoy a more peaceful evening—if the three of you go out for the evening and do what needs to be done. Because I am sure I don't want James to have to tell his mother a fib tomorrow. And, a baby sister would be very nice. I might even be lucky enough to have a little sister who actually looked up to me that way."

"Dream on," Saloni said and took a savage bite of pizza.

"Well," Raisha said and stopped to take another long swig of her Long Island Iced tea, "that would depend on what other plans James and Jhoni might already have made for this evening, would it not, my beautiful, inquisitive, oldest daughter?" And my fiancée gave me a look, to which I shrugged. And then Raisha looked at Jhoni across the table from her, rising up both of her eyebrows as she licked her lips and then looked down at her nearly empty glass.

"It is your call, Jhoni," I told my beautiful girlfriend with a naughty grin I could feel on my face. "Raisha and I will gladly do what ever you want to do. So, I am appointing you in charge as our social director for this evening, so be brave, Jhoni. Be brave."

"Well, if that is the case, James," Jhoni said and gave Raisha a speculative look across the table as she brushed her blonde combed-over bangs up from her right eye. "I don't see any reason that we couldn't, you know, combine our previous plans with making sure that what you are going to tell you mother and father tomorrow will be based on actual probable facts. I think it will work out very interestingly ... Of course, it will take all night for you to accomplish your goals properly, while at the same time we take care of our previous social obligation to everyone's ... satisfaction."

And with that both Aditi and Madhuri both broke out laughing. I saw that Uma was giving the three of us at this end of the table a very sexy, speculative look; and it appeared to me that Rekha was completely confused. Saloni was giving her Mother, my self, and Jhoni dirty looks as she realized there were quite a few things she had missed out on hearing while she was playing with and naming Spot. Which reminded me, I looked down at the first pizza box on the floor to my left and it seemed as if it had been gone over with a Hoover vacuum cleaner, it was so clean. And Spot was not anywhere to be seen.

"James, Raisha ... I will be glad to stay with Madhuri and Saloni here tonight," Uma said with a low musical laugh. "The girls will need to go with me so I can run home and get some things. If you will lend me your car, Raisha, I can also stop and buy some things for the girls to wear tomorrow on our way to my apartment. I could get them some underwear, a pair of jeans and perhaps sweatshirts, and something to sleep in for instance."

"I've been drinking," Aditi called to our attention, "and my car is over at Jhoni's. I will need a ride from a trustworthy driver, please don't forget."

"Oh, hush," Uma told her with a grin, "the girls and I can drop you off. Even if it is out of our way, you lush." And Aditi smiled at Uma and stirred the ice in her glass by swishing her hand holding it around over her plate.

"I can give you cash for shopping, Uma," I told her. "The girls will need one outfit of rugged clothes and solid running shoes for tomorrow. My parents live out in the country, on the edge of a wooded river valley. I'm sure we will all go for a hike down to the river to look at the old dam and see if the girls know how to skip stones on the water while we are there. But if you get them something tonight, they will have clean clothes to go shopping in, tomorrow morning." Then I looked at my fiancée, and asked her, "Will you need Uma to buy you anything, Raisha?"

"I will tell her what I need when I give her the keys to my Volvo, darling," Raisha told me with a smile. "I have cash I can give her myself. But I know you can easily provide the money she might need, so you can do that for the girls."

"I can stay here with the girls also," Rekha spoke up, "if that is all right? I don't have anything else to do tonight, as usual. We could have a girls' night in. And I have a change of clothes in the van already. I was planning on returning the van to the temple tomorrow, anyway, when I go for fellowship and prayers. My car will be safe spending the night there, it is a good neighborhood and the parking lot is patrolled."

"The more the merrier," Madhuri grinned, and then she looked at me, "if that is all right with James, I mean. It is your household."

"It will soon officially be your household to, young lady. So that is fine by me," I told with a happy grin on my face, and I felt Spot rubbing up against my left ankle. "If you could also pick up say three more litter trays and two or three bags of kitty litter and maybe some dry cat food, too, that would be wonderful. Oh, and we need paper napkins, too, please. I'll get a note pad and something to write with so we can make a list; it seems to be growing. If you girls would put out two of the litter boxes, say one in the small bathroom down the hall from the entertainment room since that door is usually open, and one over by the archery target stand when you get back, and let Spot know where they are, Spot and I would both be thankful. I really appreciate this, Uma, and you too, Rekha."

"Well," Jhoni said from her chair and empty plate, looking down at her Rolex on her wrist, "it is ten-after eight right now. And, as the appointed social director of the evening, I must inform the two of you," and she looked at me and then Raisha, "that we have somewhere to be at ten-till nine, so we need to get things moving. It will take us about twenty minutes for James to drive us where we are going, so we have exactly twenty minutes to accomplish whatever we need to do. We cannot be late.

"Uma," Jhoni turned and told the knock-out temple-model at the other end of the dinning table, "I will give you my set of keys to the Loft, which you really shouldn't need, because I will also give you a garage door opener, so you can park behind my car and then come up the elevator when you return." Uma smiled at Jhoni and nodded.

"So..." my beautiful bombshell of a blonde girlfriend said, "since James is learning his duties as head of a mixed household as he goes along, I will lead our thanks for this meal we have enjoy in such wonderful company."

And everyone at the table made a point of wiping both of their hands on their paper towels, so I did the same. Then Jhoni held out both of her hands; her left to Madhuri, who took my girlfriend's hand in her own small delicate hand; and Jhoni held her right hand over to me as she gave me a heart-wrenchingly beautiful smile. And as I took her warm soft hand in my left hand, I saw the rest of the ladies around the table raise their own hands to the person on either side of them. So I took Raisha's elegant long fingers of her offered left hand in my right hand and smiled my growing love for her into her dark liquid eyes.

Then I looked from Raisha to Saloni, and then I smiled at Rekha before I nodded to Uma at the other end of the table. Then I gave Aditi a grin and a tilt of my head, and after that I winked at smiling and happy-looking Madhuri before I returned to Jhoni and giving her a full smile of contented appreciation.

"All-that-is-Holy," Jhoni said in a soft voice.

"All-that-is-Holy," the ladies around the table echoed Jhoni's words as I caught on a word into the phrase got out, "-that-is-Holy."

And then everyone bowed her head, so I did too, feeling a thrill of energy going around our group through my hands. And no one spoke for a while, as each person said a prayer I guessed. So I thanked what ever had brought me to be at this table, with these extraordinary ladies, and had written my fate so that I was now going to be married to Raisha soon. I said a prayer of thanks that I hoped to say vows with Jhoni when she was free to do so. And I said thanks that I had two very intelligent and beautiful, if cantankerous, young ladies who were going to become my step-daughters.

I also was thankful for these three other wonderful Indian women at the table who were such good friends with Jhoni, and Raisha and the girls; and who seemed willing to get to know me as well. And then I felt Spot rub up against my ankle again, so I was thankful for Spot coming into our lives and prayed that if the kitten had any litter-mates still wondering around outside, that they would find good-hearted people to take care of them too if they didn't show up at my door soon.

And then I realized that everyone else had raised their head and was quietly smiling at me as I raised my own head up and looked at each one of them. I felt both Jhoni and Raisha give my fingers a little squeeze, of approval I guessed. And then Jhoni said, "To all that is Holy." And I felt both of my ladies ease their grasp on my fingers as everyone release the hands of the person to their right and left. So I freed Jhoni and Raisha and dropped my hands to the table beside my plate feeling peaceful at the simple ceremony ending our first meal together in the Loft, as we started our household with guests in attendance.

For a moment I was tempted to offer Aditi, Uma, and Rekha the fourth level of hospitality as I had offered it to Madhuri. But I decided I would do that tomorrow morning over breakfast; well, I'd offer it to Aditi as soon as we shared a meal together here in the Loft again. Driving to the Mall, I would find a way to discuss the four levels with Jhoni and Raisha in such a way as to not bring my idea to their attention. I want to get the words correct in their language, and I figured that if I could get my two darlings to say them often enough as they thought they were educating me about the institution, I would be able to remember the correct pronunciation in the morning. Or, if that failed, I would ask Madhuri.

"James," Jhoni announced, pushing her ladder-back chair away from the table and sort of flipping her head to get her blonde bangs out of her right eye, "get the note pad you were talking about and some cash for Uma and Rekha. I will show Uma and Rekha the entertainment room, all of your movies, and where the small bathroom is on that side of the Loft. I'm sure later this evening they will find a movie or two the girls will want to watch. Raisha, start thinking about what you want Uma to buy for you and the girls this evening and add it the list after James writes down what he needs; but remember, we are going shopping in the morning also. And I've got all the bathroom things you might need until you can buy your own things. Well, perhaps toothbrushes for everyone.

"Okay?" Jhoni asked all of us, as everyone but Saloni and I pushed back their chairs. I saw that Saloni was slowly eating one of her squares of pizza and trying to be nonchalant as she glanced at each one of the mostly empty Long Island Iced Tea glasses around the table.

"Then let's all get to work." Jhoni said. "Madhi, Saloni, would you two please see that the rest of the pizza is put away and the table is cleaned, please. You know how to operate a dishwasher, and Saloni is curious enough that she can find the dishwashing detergent. And if you want snacks later, there is left-over Chinese in the refrigerator, and fruit; or you might ask Uma and Rekha to buy something healthy while you are at the store. Uma, Rekha if you will come with me, I will show you the small bathroom and things. And I will give you the keys and garage opener from my purse. Then, I will give you both a better tour of the master bedroom..." And Jhoni caught my eye with an inquisitive look and I nodded my head at her.

"You can sleep in the master bedroom this evening," Jhoni told them. "And there are two very nice couches in the entertainment room which look lovely for sleeping on, if the girls want to sleep there, or on either couch over there in the conversation area across the Great Room."

"The green closet door across from the master bedroom has extra blankets, pillows, sheets, and even a couple of sleeping bags," I told the ladies, wondering if the comforter on the king-sized bed still held any aroma of Jhoni's and my lovemaking from this morning. Oh well, I thought, if either of the girls slept in the bed, there was a good chance they wouldn't know what the scents were if there were any left to notice.

"I need to make a few quick phone calls before we go, James," Raisha told me. "And use the bathroom to make myself a bit more presentable, considering Jhoni's plans for this evening. Is there a phone you would prefer that I use?"

"Raisha," I said to her, "my home is your home. You can use any phone you want. The closest is on the kitchen wall. It is a wireless system, so when you pull the antenna out you can take it into the bathroom and use it. Just press the Talk button before you make your call and press it again to hang up."

"Thank you, James," my tall dark and beautiful fiancée said, giving me a sexy smile as she turned and headed for the kitchen with a little wiggle of her incredible bottom making her turquoise skirt shake for a few steps.

I turned back to look down the table and saw everyone else but Saloni and I was beginning to go about their business. I just sat in my chair. Uma and Rekha followed Jhoni across the hardwood flooring of the partially lighted Great Room toward the master bedroom. All three of them looked up as they walked under the skylight showing off the early night sky over their heads. Madhuri picked up her empty plate in her left hand and Jhoni's empty plate in the other and stacked both of them on Aditi's empty plate.

"You get the glasses and silverware," Madhi told her younger sister as Saloni leisurely munched on her pizza while resting the back of her left jaw and her head against the palm of her hand and balancing the weight on that arm with her elbow on the table beside her plate. Saloni sort of grunted her agreement and continued to chew while not seeming to pay attention to anything but where she was going to take her next bite of pizza from the partially eaten square she held out in front of her delightfully dark-featured face. Madhuri worked around her sister adding empty plates to her stack and took mine from in front of me, before she headed into the kitchen and the dishwasher.

Taking another drink of cold iced water that let me know the affects of my hot sauce was wearing off somewhat, I could still feel Spot rubbing against my ankle, and I wondered what Jhoni's exact plans for Georgieanne were going to be now that Raisha was coming along with us. And, where, I asked myself, were her plans going to take place—now that we were definitely not coming back to use the video room. Not only that, I thought; but if I were going to make sure I put a load of my seed into both of my wives-to-be this evening, as well as my trying to guarantee that Georgieanne had a good time, I was going to be a busy boy. I hoped I could acquit myself to everyone's satisfaction. But then, I assured myself, so far in my life it seemed that the more sex I had, the more sex I was capable of having.

I pushed my chair back a good bit from the table and bent forward. I managed to corral Spot in my right hand, as the full, round-bellied black-and-white kitten purred, looking up at me as I lifted the kitten off the floor. And then I picked-up the empty pizza box with my left hand before standing up. Saloni saw me with the kitten in my hand and nodded her head at it without moving her supporting hand from the side of her face.

"Rekha checked," the young and right-now lazy-looking girl told me, "she says Spot is a girl. But, geesh, I don't see how she could tell through all of that fur. So, can we let Spot have kittens when she's old enough?"

"I guess so," I told Saloni as I settled Spot up against the center of my chest with my right hand, and Spot seemed content to fold her paws underneath her on my palm and fingers and rest against the front of my blue work shirt. "You realize she is going to be yours and mine, right ... but, why the name Spot; because of her coloration?"

"Well, because while I was playing with her, and you and Momma took so long in that closet..." Saloni told me with a roll of her dark eyes as she studied the partially eaten square of pizza in her right hand. " ... she drank a bunch of water and then used the kitty litter box twice. She can hit the spot she digs up, every time, without even having to look ... or sit down on a toilet."

Oh, the logic of youth, I told myself as I could hear Madhuri behind me, over in the kitchen, opening the dishwasher door. I put the empty pizza box on the table in front of me and brought my left hand up to help support the warm weight of the quiet kitten against my chest.

"So," the young almost-eleven-going-on-twenty-five-year-old said and looked me in the eyes as she sort of pivoted her head on her palm toward me so her left hand wasn't between us anymore, "you and Momma and Jhoni are going somewhere alone tonight so you can touch them all over and do adult sex stuff—with both of them, right? You know ... Momma and Jhoni do adult sex stuff together some times, too, don't you? Well, because of the way she is, Jhoni makes Momma do adult sex stuff to her mostly, from what I've seen ... But they both like it, a whole bunch. You can tell." And she watched for my reaction to what I am sure she thought was a revelation. "They love each other."

I wasn't sure exactly who Saloni was referring to with her the way she is reference, but that didn't really matter. I wasn't shocked at what Saloni was telling me, and not because I already knew what she told me. I was actually comfortable with us having a conversation like this, so I just shrugged my shoulders at her and gazed back into her dark eyes waiting to see what else this devil-child had to say on the matter, as I heard the sound of dishes rattling into place in the dishwasher rack.

"Are you going to do sex stuff with both of them at the same time?" Saloni asked me, raising her left luxurious black eyebrow like some adolescent female human reverse image of Lieutenant Spock from Star Trek; and, I was certain, she was trying to see if she could shock me.

"Not that it is really any of your nosy business, Kiddo," I told her in a low voice, "but, yes I am. Your Mother has already told me about what she and Jhoni have done together. And I am a regular kind of guy; so, yes, I want them to show me what they do together, too ... Why, Saloni; does the idea of two girls being together like that upset you?"

"James, whoever somebody feels like they want to do that stuff with," Saloni told me sounding sage and wise as she shook her head, still partially resting on her upraised left arm, "that is only just between that somebody, and all-that-is-Holy. The thing that upsets me, is when a bossy somebody forces the other person to do something that person would never-ever eventually do with that bossy somebody in the first place, because that bossy somebody really is only doing what they are doing to be hurtful and to show off. Got it?"

"Yes; I guess," I told her, amazed at her perceptiveness as we held each other's gaze with half the length of the partially cleaned dinning table between us. I wondered if her reference to a bossy person had something to do with what she'd asked me earlier in the video bedroom—if Madhuri would also respond submissively to a really bossy girl? And right after that, when I'd asked Saloni if there was something she wanted to tell me, Saloni had informed me that she'd already taken care of that situation.

"So, the idea of the two of them, specifically being together like that," I asked Saloni to see if she took exception when it was her Mother and another woman having sex, " ... that doesn't upset you?"

And she shook her head no again, and then she took a bite of her pizza without taking her eyes from mine, or seeming to be picky about what part she got in her mouth as she slowly chewed and maintained our eye contact without even blinking.

Behind me from out in the kitchen, I could hear Madhuri opening cabinet draws, maybe looking for dishwashing detergent or something.

"And, the idea of your Mother, Jhoni, and me, all being together like that," I asked Saloni just to be sure, "doesn't upset you, either; right?" And I watched as she finished moving her jaw against her left palm and she swallowed.

"No, James," Saloni told me, shaking her head again to emphasize her feelings. "I want you and Momma to make us some babies. I am so tired of everybody thinking I am the baby of the family, when I know I'm really not. You know that too, or you would be all upset and grumpy at me for almost everything you and I have talked about today, not even counting what you spanked me for."

"Well, Saloni..." I said, once again amazed at her unique way of seeing things. I quickly knelt down and put Spot on the floor at my feet before standing back up. I saw Spot scamper off in the direction of Madhuri in the kitchen before I looked back at her younger sister lounging in her chair at the table.

"Saloni, I want the two of us to be able to talk to each other about anything. Right now, people look at you and see a child, so they expect you to act and think like one. I am beginning to see, that is their mistake and their loss. But until your age and the way you look catches up with what is going on inside your head, there are going to be times you need to behave as a child should behave, or suffer the consequences. I think it was pointed out to you in a way you now understand by your Mother, that those consequences can come down not just on you, but also on your whole family in certain situations, if you are not careful. That can still happen, but not to the terrible extent your Mom was so worried about earlier. Right?"

"Right," Saloni said, and I could hear actual agreement in her young voice, so I decided to keep at it, and try to set-up a few more ground rules for our relationship.

"So, Saloni..." I told her, " ... if something happens or is going to happen, I want you to come to me when you need an adult to do something about it, and when you know you will get into trouble if you do it by yourself. Then, you and I will discuss what is going on and come up with a way to do what needs to be done, without you getting into trouble for it. Whatever solution we come up with, it might not be as satisfying as feeling your fist connecting with some idiot's face. But on the other hand, we might be able to find a way to bring all the available consequences down on their head instead it coming down on you."

"James," Saloni replied, sort of giving me a little squint of disapproval while flexing her fingers against the side of her face resting on her palm, "never hit somebody with your balled-up fist, unless you got no other option. You want to win, not just hurt them and make them mad. First I used the heels of both of my palms, then my hip as a fulcrum, then my knee, and followed that with the sole and then the heel of my shoe. Helmut says, you not only risk breaking your own bones using your fist, but you waste your chance of delivering a more effective offensive or defensive gambit your opponent is not expecting."

Damn ... I thought, truly flabbergasted. Was that what she did when she beat-up that older girl at school her Mother told me about? And here just this afternoon I thought Jhoni was going to be the only one who would be making my life a surprising adventure. This girl is going to take me to school over some issues; I had to admit to myself. And, this was the third time I'd heard Helmut's name come up in conversations with these Zalpuri women.

"So, ahh ... when can I meet this Helmut of yours," I asked the youngest daughter of my fiancée. "He sounds like a man who knows what he is about. But, has he said anything to you concerning self-restraint on your part?"

"Mmm, he sounds a lot like you about that," Saloni told me with a shrug of her shoulders which didn't move her head still resting mostly on the palm of her left hand. And then she rewarded me with a beautiful brilliant smile slightly spoiled by her fingers against her cheek.

"You know ... I don't think I could have ever imagined a better step-father. But ... we'll have to wait and see just how well you are at it in the next couple of months. You know, even though we aren't supposed to emphasize it, Christmas is coming up and all. And, I can tell already; you and I are going to butt heads over the way I want to see you do some stuff. But, I can be pretty persuasive when I have to be. And, now I know I don't have to go hitting you or something to get your attention or for you to take me seriously. And you don't want me doing that—not with some of the cool stuff Helmut has been teaching me in my self-defense lessons. Cause, believe me, I can really make you cry, if I ever need to."

And I truly believed her.

Saloni straightened up in her chair and sort of folded and managed to cram the last square of pizza into her mouth. As she stood up she picked-up her glass that was still half-full of Seven-Up, and then grabbed her Mother's glass and started toward the kitchen.

"Saloni," I called to her, as the girl in the red tee shirt and black jeans started to walk past me for the kitchen, and causing her to stop and look up at me, her high cheeks pushing out in different directions and her full dark lips puckered from the pizza inside her mouth that she was working hard at trying to chew up. "Don't even try to get a taste of that Long Island Iced Tea from any of those glasses; or, believe me, I will really make you cry, young lady. And there won't be any rubbing on your choodat afterward. Got it?" And I got a satisfied thrill at see little-miss-know-it-all's dark eyes get really big at my knowing what she had been planning to do since earlier during our dinner.

"You pronounce it," Madhuri chuckled, startling me, as she seemed appear near my left side out of no where, "chootad, not choodat ... So, James ... does that mean..." she asked me as her little sister hurried away from us toward the kitchen, and Madhuri lightly touched the left arm of my blue work shirt with the fingers of her right hand and I saw she held the clipboard and the pencil from the hook in the pantry-laundry room in her left hand, clutched against the side of her canary-yellow sari, " ... whenever you are spanking me, you are not going to rub my chootad? You know, doing that might make me go all light-headed. And, if that happens ... I might not be able to keep my legs tight together as any good girl finding herself in that situation should. So, it is a good thing then, that you will not rub my bottom after you spank me; because it would be all your fault, if you make me act like a naughty girl once you have me bent over your lap like that."

By all that was Holy, I asked myself; what was it these Zalpuri women had that could enflame me so? Was it inherited with their DNA? Was it part of their culture? Was I just an easy guy who lived life heavily invested in my seventh sense—that being my cock? Was I going to pound Raisha and Jhoni to glory tonight—or what?

Following the beams of the van headlights, I pulled out of the poorly-lighted courtyard parking lot of the warehouse complex. I turned my conversion van right, intending on getting on the interstate for Creekside Mall as fast as I could. I felt sure we could get to the Pharmacy at the Mall by ten-till-nine with easily a few minutes to spare. Jhoni had wanted us to be there by that time so she could go in and pick up Georgieanne, who had worked at the counter the night before. For some reason, my girlfriend was really hot for that seventeen-year-old, so I wanted to make sure we arrived in time for Jhoni's date. But who knew what traffic would be like on this cool evening.

Raisha sat in the passenger-side captain's chair to my right, still in her white blouse and turquoise skirt. She had borrowed one of my smaller black leather jackets that had a bunch of zippered pockets on it. She looked liked walking Indian sexual-dynamite wearing that thing, and if she zipped it up, it would even keep her nice and warm. But Jhoni decided she liked the way my fiancée looked with the jacket open, so I had the van heater blowing semi-hot air through the floor vents. I had talked Jhoni through how to work the heater for the back of the van while the engine warmed up, so all of us seemed comfortable as we began the steep short descent in the street half-way along the south side of my warehouse that would flatten out near the intersection at the bottom of the abrupt rise and that gave both of the warehouse buildings an extra floor accessible from along their west side.

Jhoni sat in the passenger seat behind me. She had put on a dark-blue skirt that went nicely with her light-blue blouse. Over the blouse she wore an opened dark-blue tweed button jacket that went half-way down her thighs. The coat had big lapels that appeared could be buttoned over, creating a collar that would shelter the bottom half of her face and the back of her head if she ever needed the extra protection.

I was wearing my trusty black leather jacket over my white painter's pants, blue work shirt and suspenders. I had quickly changed out of my Red Wings and put on a pair of slip-on Vans over my socks while Jhoni help Raisha decide on which of my jackets would not only fit, but would look best on her tall, stacked frame. It seemed all of my clothing and coats and jackets from what was now Jhoni's closet near to the bedroom door, had been moved to the big walk-in closet on the south end of the master bedroom.

The process of deciding what our lovely Raisha should wear went quickly I thought because we had already sent Uma, Rekha, Aditi, and the girls on their way. Raisha, Jhoni, and I had provided them with a rather long list, car and Loft keys, a garage door opener, and a wad of cash to go shopping before they traveled to Uma's apartment for her overnight needs and at some point dropped Aditi off at her car across town. I'd told Rekha where she should park the temple van so the south side of the garage would be accessible when the ladies returned in Raisha's yellow Volvo station-wagon from their expedition.

Before the three of us had left the master bedroom from picking-up our jackets for the evening, Jhoni had pointed to my sack from the convenience store that was on my chest of drawers by the doorway. She asked me if I knew how a bag of newspapers, candy bars, and incense might have ended up in the trunk of her car. She hadn't mentioned the pack of rolling papers, but she did give me a wink.

I told her the sack was mine. And that Mrs. Hazarika had taken it from me earlier so I could help the girls in the cargo box of the van. And then I told her there were individual adjustable pin-spot lighting fixtures mounted in the ceiling of the van. Passengers could move their own light at night to illuminate their laps or any reading material they might be interested in looking at, I told Jhoni, as I winked back at her. Hearing that information, Jhoni said she would bring the sack along with us, earning her a growing look of curiosity from Raisha who held both of their big purses.

"So, exactly what..." Raisha asked as she rotated her knees to her left and turned in her captain's chair so she could look back at Jhoni, "are you looking for in that newspaper, my Titli?"

I pulled away from the stop sign at the intersection at the base of the small Turpin Street hill. Ahead of us there were a few cars and small trucks park along the next few blocks, but no traffic at all.

"Mmm, well you see..." Jhoni said, her voice sounding as if she were concentrating on something else while she talked. And from behind me, I could hear her moving the pages of the paper she must be looking at, as I made a left turn from the Turpin Street hill intersection. I wanted to go down a block to East C Street, turn right and travel three blocks, and then turn right again after we went under the train overpass.

"Well ... last evening..." I heard Jhoni's voice starting to tell Raisha from behind me as I accelerated down an almost empty small street with darkened old manufacturing and service buildings on both sides of the narrow roadway, "... after our husband-to-be, made me bend over this very nice, old ottoman he bought for the back office ... and he made me take off my outer clothing ... and then fucked me good while we both developed a good appetite ... I decided I wanted Chinese food. So James drove me to the Mall ... And on the way there—Oh! James, here is the story, on page three!"

"What story," my fiancée asked, and I could hear her curiosity in her musical voice. "Jhoni, what story?"

"Well..." Jhoni said, still sounding distracted, as I slowed the van to a stop at East C Street and seeing no approaching traffic from my left on the lighted street, I quickly turned the van right and headed west toward downtown, "James drove us toward the Mall ... on some back road I'd never traveled before ... And when we stopped ... at a big intersection to turn and go ... toward the Mall's back entrance ... right after the light changed ... a big pickup-truck-styled passenger thing just shot right through their red light ... and hit a trailer being pulled by another pickup truck ... right in front of us ... And the impact launched that speeding first truck ... up so high in the air ... I couldn't believe it at first. It was like a jet plane launched ... twelve feet in front of us..."

"I remember hearing about that accident..." Raisha said. And as I drove the van west at eight-miles-an-hour over the speed limit. And Raisha became more animated in her seat across the cushion on the engine cowling from me and sounding as if she were starting to be drawn into Jhoni's tale, " ... It was on the ten-thirty news, right before I retired for the evening. There was a late-breaking report of a two car accident behind the Mall that closed parts of Sezelbee Road and Creekside Drive. I know the intersection they were talking about because I often take Sezelbee Road when I go to the Mall from our offices near the University. It is a nice relaxing drive through the country, and actually takes less time than the freeway. You know, there were quite a few traffic accidents on the news last night because of the storm and all that rain yesterday."

"Listen to this," Jhoni called for our attention from the back.

"Okay ... the time ... place ... conditions..." Jhoni said sort of to herself as she shook-out the page she was reading from for some reason, and then she started reading in a strong voice, verbatim, as I listened, while paying attention the two lanes of traffic ahead of us that we were starting to close on as I drove west on East C.

" ... the Creekside Police spokesman reported that upon arriving at the scene," Jhoni read in a clear voice, "the responding officers found one male victim who had been ejected from the Suburban, lying in the northbound lane of Creekside Drive. The spokesman went on to report that when police found the individual, he was already covered against the rain with a waterproof tarp and that a tourniquet had been placed around his upper thigh by an unknown individual sometime before the arrival of the first police unit ... The spokesman said that a second male victim was then found beyond the wrecked Suburban, which had finally come to a stop one-hundred yards from the intersection, just off of northbound Creekside Drive on the sidewalk after it had demolished a large bus stop shelter."

We were coming up to the big north-south train embankment that blocked off most of the Flats from direct access to downtown. About twenty-yards beyond the underpass was the big intersection where I wanted to turn right. It looked to me from the warning traffic lights mounted on this side of the underpass, as if we would have a green light. So I stayed in the right lane and checked my rear-view mirrors out of habit, not seeing anything that registered beyond the expected headlights a ways back.

"Police reported that it appeared the second individual had been ejected from the roll-over," my girlfriend read in a nicely modulated strong voice from slightly behind my right shoulder, "and had landed down the creek embankment past the destroyed shelter out of sight of the roadway. The second victim was later pronounced dead at the scene, the spokesman said, and that police were guided to the location of the body by a lighted road flare place at the top of the creek embankment above the body, possibly by the same person or persons who had attempted to provide aid to the first victim."

Driving out from under the train trestle of the overpass, I flipped on my right turn signal and then smoothly merge onto the well-lighted boulevard that was Locksway Street and which would take us very near to the interstate. Up ahead, past the extended two blocks of dark warehouses that were empty or being subdivided and remodeled on the left side of the boulevard, and where the high train embankment on our right turned east, there was the beginning of a well-lighted parking lot along the four-lane road. I knew there was a big grocery and merchandise store to our right that was now opened twenty-four hours a day Wednesday through Sunday. To our left, across from the huge store and on the other side of the two oncoming lanes of traffic, was a long series of high-fenced parking lots and maintenance yards and buildings belonging to the City's Street Department.

"The spokesman also reported that police recovered a handgun from the pavement near the individual found on the roadway," Jhoni said, excitement could easily be heard in her voice as she continued reading, "and that a second handgun as well as a shotgun were later found inside the wrecked vehicle ... Well, my goodness..." Jhoni commented. "The police spokesman said the individual discovered on the road had been transported to a local hospital in undetermined condition and it appeared that individual had, along with severe injuries sustained in the crash, also suffered a gunshot wound previous to the accident. The driver and passenger of the pickup truck towing the trailer which was struck, the police spokesman reported, were both shaken-up but refused further medical attention after emergency medical personnel at the scene checked their conditions."

There were a few cars waiting to pull out of the big parking lot to our right, so I checked my side-view mirror and hit my left turn signal and then merged over into the left lane. I had a feeling there might eventually be a traffic light put up here, there had already been several accidents caused by people pulling out of the big parking lot without looking for on-coming traffic.

"The police said witnesses who arrived on the scene after the accident had occurred," Jhoni read with more emphasis, "reported seeing a car parked beyond the location of the wrecked vehicle, but which had pulled away before anyone could approach the automobile. Due to the rainy night-time conditions and distance, the police spokesman reported, none of the witnesses could give a description of the automobile other than it was a big car. No further information on the victims was available at press-time; however, the Creekside Police Department is asking that the driver or any passengers of vehicle reported at the scene which drove off, to immediately contact the department to help the police with their investigation..."

We were beyond the big stores' parking lot so I checked my mirrors and got back in the right lane I would need to be in to eventually access the on-ramp to the interstate. Up ahead, with the gentle arch of streetlights on either side, was the four-lane bridge over the smaller of the two rivers that met near downtown inside the huge levee system built back before World War One to protect the city from serious flooding. Traffic around the van was picking up as it seemed like a lot of cars might be headed north for the interstate along with us.

"And well..." Jhoni told us from behind us, " ... that is all I see ... mmm ... which I would call relevant to our experience last night. And this story is from the Creekside Current. I would not think any story covering the accident in the Daily would have any more information, Raisha. The Creekside goes to press two hours after the Daily, according to a friend of ours who is a reporter for the University student newspaper. But, I can look through the Daily if either of you want me too."

"You were the ones that put the tourniquet on that person's leg?" Raisha asked, surprised and sounding almost disbelieving. "And found the second person and placed the flare so the police would find him? Could you not have done anything for the person down by the creek? Why didn't you wait for the police or emergency crews to arrive?"

We were approaching the last intersection before the bridge and it looked to me as if we were going to have to stop for a red light by the time we got up to it, so I didn't say anything as I checked for any traffic around us in my side mirrors to assure no one near us was doing something stupid tonight.

"I was the one who used the driver's belt for the tourniquet," Jhoni said proudly from behind me as I started slowing the van down. "I saw he had been shot high up on the inside of his thigh. Even I could tell it was a gunshot wound in all that rain. I have heard my husband describe his individual experiences from his rotation on the trauma team in the ER enough times to have a very good idea about how a gunshot wound presents. And, I saw his gun, too."

I brought the van to a stop. We were the first vehicle in the right lane and there was actually a City Police cruiser stopped beside us on our left in the light from the overhead street lamp, as a little buzz of adrenaline hit my system and sharpened all of my senses.

"I almost picked it up after I covered him up with that nifty thin red-and-silver waterproof sheet James provided me from the trunk of his Oldsmobile," my girlfriend announced, the sound of her excitement could be heard as she spoke. "James knew exactly what he wanted me to do, Raisha. It was amazing. He bundled me up in one of those sheets so I didn't get really wet and sent me off to see if I could help the first young man. Then he had this big heavy flashlight in his car, and we had both seen the other boy fly out of the passenger door and sail behind the bus stop. James was worried he might have landed down in the flood water from the storm. It would have swept him away."

The stop light turned green and I eased the van through the intersection as the Cop kept pace with me as I gained speed, backing off as I reached the speed limit and we drove up the slight rise and onto the concrete bridge. Up in the van, I could see over the thick concrete sides of the structure and down to the gloomy river inside the high levee banks which were in the dark shadows on either side of the wide river bed.

"James was the one who found the boy by the creek," Jhoni's excited voice told Raisha from behind me. "The boy, James said, told him to take the bag, right before he died. I didn't even know it was full of money until after we parked in the Mall parking lot, back beside some dumpsters. Raisha, you should have seen it. James was soaked to his skin. And after we saw there was money in the bag, and counted a bundle of it—well, Raisha, you know how having several-hundred-dollars, or more, in cash and in my hands effects me..."

"My sweet Titli," Raisha asked Jhoni, and out of my right peripheral vision I noticed her look questioningly from me back at Jhoni. "How much was involved?"

The right lane ahead, just off the other end of the bridge at an intersection with traffic lights, turned gently to the right as the left lane turned more sharply to the left. There was a green light for the right lane and a red light for the left lane. We were in luck; part of my brain noticed as I turned my right turn signal on and prepared to follow my lane around to run parallel to the north side of the elevated levee. We would be two short blocks from the entrance ramp to the interstate as soon as we cleared the bridge.

"And the reason we didn't stay around for the police," I told Raisha as the van rolled off the bridge and I started my gentle curve to the right, "besides having a bag full of money given to me by a kid who couldn't have been older than maybe eighteen before he died from a car wreck and gunshot wound ... was because we were both cold and wet. And I didn't want Jhoni to have to try and explain to the police what she was doing out riding around in a car with a man who was her boss from the school magazine while she smelled like lots of fresh sex, and her husband the doctor was not only nowhere around, but was actually out of town for the next few days."

"Oh..." my fiancée responded and I could see her eyebrows go up as she turned from me back to look at Jhoni in the seat behind us. "I can see the logic in that decision then..."

"Oh my goodness, Raisha—" Jhoni the Vixen said in her low aroused voice, not seeming to care about the reasoning I gave her best friend for our leaving the scene before the police arrived—"James gave me five-hundred dollars in twenty-dollar-bills! And he had folded them over once, and made me pull my skirt up so he could see my panties there in the front seat. And then, he had me put the money in under my stocking top where my garter clipped to the reinforcing ... But, James had another one-thousand-five-hundred dollars in twenties divided into three equal stacks that he folded over and then put into his pants and jacket pockets..."

I turned on the right turn indicator again as the big lighted green highway sign suspended high over the street in the night sky pointed a reflective white arrow to the right for the up-coming interstate ramp.

"Then, James made me get in the back seat of his car..." Jhoni's sexy low vixen voice announced, "and—we—fucked. I felt so nasty and naughty on my back on the seat with his thick cock pushing up into my soaking yoni ... and my orgasm was utterly glorious ... You know, Raisha, I have never had sex, never had sex, outside of a bedroom, well ... or outside of an office ... ever before—let alone, in a car! My goodness, it was all so exciting. Raisha, I couldn't help myself, I even had to make him orgasm once in my mouth..."

"Oh, Dear—by all that is Holy!" Raisha squealed in what sounded to me like excited horror from the passenger seat to my right, and sounding like some young girl at a sleepover or something.

In my peripheral vision I saw her gripping the left armrest of her captain's chair with both hands as she leaned over and faced back towards our sex-bomb Jhoni. I navigated the right turn and started accelerating up the ramp through the wide pools of illumination cast down from the huge mercury-vapor lights high-up on poles above the roadway.

And as the dark wide riverbed passed further and further down on our right outside my powerful 1974 Ford conversion van as we roared up the on-ramp, Raisha all but screamed after she got another good lung-full of air, "IN A CAR! My Titli ... you are becoming such a wanton slut for this man—I am barely believing it!"

"And," Jhoni rapidly countered with glee from behind me, as I check my side mirror for oncoming traffic as the van topped the entrance ramp and I began to merge into the right lane of the interstate and the moderate flow of speeding vehicles I found there. "I did not know how messy unprotected sex with James could be, until yesterday! Golly, his juices just soaked my panties and were running down the inside of my leg! And, he made me show Georgieanne my panties—in the Pharmacy at the check-out counter—by telling me to pay for some of the naughtiest things you could imagine with the bills he had me slip into my stocking-top earlier!"

"He did not!" my beautiful squirming aroused-looking fiancée in the shadows to my right demanded of my equally stimulated girlfriend sitting behind me.

"Oh, yes he did!" Jhoni asserted to her soon-to-be first wife and Jhoni stood up and turned off the light over her head. "But, Raisha, it was sooo powerful ... when I saw how she reacted to the view I was made to provide, I knew I wanted her and could have her, too; just as I first seduced you on that glorious day last year..." And, with that said, Jhoni sat back down.

I accelerated further and eased the van over into the left passing lane as I brought my speed up to sixty-eight miles an hour, which was thirteen-miles-an-hour over the speed limit because the interstate was still inside the city limits. But that was the pace of the faster cars in this evening traffic.

"So, tonight, back here in this bed ... that is what I am going to do," Jhoni announced to her girlfriend. "I am going to seduce Georgieanne and teach her how to use her mouth on me. We are going to have sex in this van, Raisha. Can you imaging that; my Pushp? Then, after that, the three of us are going to take Georgieanne to my old house. Where we will all fuck each other in my soon-to-be ex-husband's big bed. It will be my good-bye to his conservative, repressive ways of sex and of thinking. Gosh, my panties are already wet already just thinking about it all, Raisha."

"By all that is Holy, Jhoni, from my own experience with this man earlier, I have come to the realization that he makes me feel things, and causes me to act in ways, I never would have believed possible just this morning. But, my Titli," my fiancée told her best friend, "earlier, what I intended to ask, was how much money was in the bag, not how much money aroused you so in his automobile."

"Oh! Would you believe it!" Jhoni crowed from behind my captain's chair. "We counted out two-hundred and sixty-two thousand dollars in sky money this morning! I cannot believe it even now; but, I actually pushed James down on his back on the video bed and then I straddled him, and I sat down on his hard fat lund! I worked it right into me, and it is so filling and satisfying in that position, Raisha. You must try it soon!"

"But..." Raisha sort of stuttered, " ... well, I am to be first wife."

"And I told you," I said to my uncertain fiancée in the seat beside me, "that I was going to treat you and any other wife, as if you are my mistress. So, you will learn to ride my hard lund like the best cowgirl going, got that Rai?"

"Oh, yes, James," the beautiful dark-skinned Indian woman answered me with a half-smile. Then I saw she looked thoughtful before I turned my head and watched where I was driving.

"And it is this... sky money," my beautiful fiancée asked, "that you showed me in your safe then, James?"

"Yes, it is," I told her, giving her a quick glance before turning back to watch the interstate traffic I was directing the van through, outside the front windshield. "Before he died, the young guy told me to get the bag. So, I did as he commanded me with his dying breath."

"And we call it sky money," Jhoni said from her back seat, sounding suddenly solemn, "because we both saw the tiny green bag as it fell out of the sky."

"But, you said there was over a quarter-of-a-million dollars in the bag," Raisha asked, confused. "How did a tiny bag contain that much money? There were four different bags of money that I saw in that big safe earlier."

"Oh it wasn't a tiny bag," Jhoni said from behind me. "We were still back at the intersection when it was thrown out by the action of their truck rolling over so violently. At that distance, as it went up into the light of a street lamp, it just looked tiny. But even through the rain, I remember everything in such detail. There was even a six-pack of beer I saw flying up into the air. And a box with what must have been shotgun shells coming out of it as it arced up through the rain, now that I know a shotgun was found in the wreck."

I had both hands on the steering wheel of the Ford, feeling the way the front tires tracked along the pavement as we came upon a semi pulling a trailer on our right. And I didn't remember seeing a box with what might have been shotgun shells coming out of it, flying out of the Suburban with everything else, I thought. I accelerated the van to get by slower-moving semi. I didn't like to have big trucks next to me in the right lane on this stretch of this highway. There were some rough sections of pavement through this part in the right lane. Even some with potholes, which some drivers reacted to by trying to swerve into the lane beside them to avoid the hazards while forgetting there might be cars beside them when they did it.

"Raisha," Jhoni said, "if my experience so far continues to hold true, you will not believe how exciting your life is going to become by just being around James. He seems to have a way about him that just liberates me. Even the food seems to taste better in his presence."

"Well," Raisha said taking a deep breath to maybe settle down and turning slightly forward, "if the behaviors of both of my daughters today is an example of what you are talking about, I don't know if I am going to survive this marriage, no matter how safe James here makes me feel in his arms, or the hope he has rekindled in my heart-of-hearts."

With a glance down at the lighted speedometer, I saw the van was doing seventy-five now as we passed the semi-tractor, so I backed my foot off the gas pedal just a bit, wanting to give myself a good deal of clearance from the front of the big truck I'd just gone by but knowing speeds over seventy-one or seventy-two seemed to definitely bring out the traffic cops along this section of the highway.

"Well, yes, Raisha..." Jhoni said thoughtfully from behind me, " ... I would have to agree with you."

While the raised embankments of the interstate curved gently to the northeast, we now began to pass on our right the crazy pattern of lighted acres housing the Northeast Water Treatment facilities of the City. And up ahead further to our right there was the glittering reflecting surfaces of what in day time would be the huge deep-blue and deep-green lakes used to settle-out and collect lime. Across the quite wide grass median, on the other side of the fairly busy southwest bound lanes and the guardrail, and down the big steep heather-covered drop, was a sea of old poorly illuminated wood-framed houses as far as the eye could see. There were a few well-lighted primary streets networked through all the darker neighborhoods with a bright fast-food sign or gas station sign here and there, high above all the tiny scraggly fall tree crowns and shingle rooftops in the night.

"Because, it does seem to me," Jhoni said to Raisha, "that both Saloni and Madhuri seem to have suddenly become very matter-of-fact, and outspoken when it comes to sexual topics.

"And they both seem, if I can speak frankly on the subject..." Jhoni said to her best friend, as we began to out-pace most of the vehicles in our traffic area and now had two open mostly dark lanes ahead of us for a mile or so between the settling basins and the old neighborhoods, " ... as if they both have started waking up to their inner sexual natures. Where before, they both acted quite naïve concerning sexual matters ... But, you see, then again, from what we learned from Madhuri, she and Saloni seem to have been completely aware of everything sexual that was happening and going on around them for quite awhile. It would even seem they have been completely aware of my taking you as my lover. But, that is now—as the saying goes, Raisha—water under the bridge."

"But that is a bridge too far," Raisha told us, "and, too early, as far as any Mother is concerned, I tell you both." And my beautiful fiancée turned back toward the windshield and looked out of the window to her right as if to ascertain where she was. Then she partially turned back toward Jhoni and me.

"They certainly know more than I did at their age," Jhoni said.

"Somehow," Raisha said, sounding skeptical and amused at the same time, "I think you certainly started finding out about what went on between men and women right about their age, Jhoni. So, when are you going to begin tell me, exactly who it was you learned about sex from. I know the person was older than you, from things you've said in passing, and that you were rather young for it. But, I have gotten the feeling that this person was quite a bit older than you, my Dear. What do you say, James? You should know these things about the women of your household, don't you think ... Well?"

"Jhoni will tell you," I said to Raisha, as I checked my left side mirror, seeing lots of headlights behind us but none gaining at any speed, "I am certain, when she is ready to tell you. Am I right, Jhoni my love?"

"Yes, James, my love," Jhoni answered with the sound of happiness in her voice. "Raisha, James already knows some of the details of my sexual education as well as the identity of the individual involved. You and I will go into that the next time we are alone and have the time. How does that sound to you?"

"I like that, my Titli," Raisha said sounding self-satisfied by Jhoni's answer. "But, is there anything you might tell the both of us, now, which neither of us knows, concerning your sex life?"

"Certainly," Jhoni said proudly, "all you need to do is ask me a question. James?"

"Well..." I said seeing the big illuminated green highway sign suspended up over the roadway on a large framework of trusses just in front of a county road overpass that warned drivers the interstate was going to divide into a by-pass to the left and a through-route to the right in one mile. I wanted to stay in the right lane and take the through-route back into the suburbs and through this end of the Air Force Base.

"Earlier, Jhoni," I spoke to her by sort of raising my chin and slightly turning my head to the right. "Raisha and I were talking about some of the conditions that she was going to be faced with if she were to accept my marriage proposal. One of which was, that she needed to know and accept that you were already going to be my third wife. I couldn't help but see in her eyes how she felt about you when she talked about you. And I recalled some of the things you have said to me about Raisha. So, I just asked her if the two of you had been lovers, or were still lovers, and she told me you were. She also told me a bit about how that happened, and what happened that afternoon, and a few things that happened after that."

"This is good, James," Jhoni said to me from behind my seat. "There were several times, even before yesterday, that I found myself wanting to tell you about Raisha and what we were to each other. But, it was such a private, wonderful thing; and the matter of either of us discussing our relationship with others never came up between the two of us. Also, I knew what I wanted for the two of you ... So I figured it was Raisha's place to say something to you about the various aspects of our relationship. But, what were you wanting to ask me, James, specifically about my past sexual experiences?"

I started to ease the van into the long right turn. Coming up, the interstate divided and became two different routes, one with a 6 now in front of the other two designating numbers. The highway planners had used one huge long sweeping overpass so the somewhat southwest bound 6-plus through-traffic could easily join the main route we had been traveling. And seeing the glow of lights from the Air Force base over the far treetops along a major land rise to my right and the glow of suburbia in the distance to my left, I suddenly realized exactly what I wanted to know about my girlfriend's sex life.

"Okay, Jhoni," I told her keeping my eyes on the still fairly dark interstate roadway directly ahead of us. "I know that the afternoon you first seduced our Raisha here, that her husband discovered the two of you having sex in her home office. So, to put it bluntly, I know that before me, you committed adultery with him on a few occasions. My question is this; other than with Raisha's late husband and me, have you ever committed adultery with any other man?"

"Well, actually," my girlfriend announced, sounding unrepentantly informative from behind us, "Since I have been married to my husband, I've been in situations with two other different men, that ended up with me, you know, committing adultery."

"Two other different men," Raisha asked, sounding astounded. "Why have I never heard about this before, Jhoni?"

"Mmmm, because it never came up?" Jhoni asked, sounding like she wanted to laugh.

"When did this happen," Raisha demanded immediately as she turned in her captain's chair again and looked back at Jhoni behind me, "and who were these two other different men?"

Damn, I told myself as I checked both of my side rear-view mirrors for traffic behind us, if Raisha keep this up, I would be able to keep my mouth shut and learn everything I might possibly want to know about Jhoni's other infidelities. I had noticed there were two sets of headlights closing in behind us at a pretty good clip; the last pair was a good ways back but traveling about the same speed as the first pair. And I was doing five-miles-over the speed limit.

There were a good number of red tail-lights up ahead of us about three-quarters of a mile out. I figured I'd catch up to those vehicles in three or four minutes. But by then, I would need to slow back down as this part of the interstate started bisecting swatches of suburbia and the sprawling Air Force Base. The roadway through the developed sections were either elevated or had at least one-hundred-yard right-of-ways ending with some kind of fencing on both sides of the super, so it was usually easy to spot any cop cars pulled over in the median cross-over strips looking for speeders. But there were a couple of old-fashioned speed traps at overpasses which one of the local incorporated municipalities operated that I knew brought in a lot of money in speeding tickets and court fines.

"Well, the first time it happened," Jhoni told both of us, speaking up a bit louder, "my husband and I were still living in California. It was spring. He was nearly though with his first year of medical school and I, my first year of college. We had been married just over a year. His father's eldest brother and head of the family was going to be in the States, and in our area on business. Of course, my husband wanted his Uncle to stay with us while he was in California. His Uncle was scheduled to be there four days and then travel to Chicago on his way to New York City. His Uncle, you see worked—well he still works—for a big Indian company with large interests in steel plants and electrical power plants and such.

"For students, we had a very nice apartment because of my allowance from my inheritance. It was close to our temple," Jhoni told us as I drove through the night along the interstate thinking that Jhoni was becoming a good storyteller. Most of that I realized was because her timid ahhs and mmms and broke speech patterns had mysteriously almost completely disappeared in the last twenty-four hours. But her voice caught me up in her tale and I settled back to listen and drive. "We had separate bedrooms as my oh-so-conservative husband felt was proper. We had a nice guest room as well as a study for my husband.

"The first evening his Uncle was there, I had made an elaborate Indian meal with the help of two of my friends from the Women's Support Group there," Jhoni said as one of the pairs of fast headlights started to close on us in my side rear-view, so I eased over into the right lane thinking whoever it was could pass us easily. "After the first course, my husband started to welcome his Uncle in a very stiff, ceremonial way. At first, I thought is was quite funny, but I knew how to control myself so I didn't embarrass my husband. This was very important to him. Not only was it the first time we had formally entertained an older adult Indian guest; this was also the first time any of his family had journeyed from India to the States since we had our Indian wedding ceremony the year before."

I could hear the whine of two high-pitched engines before both aerodynamically sculpted two-wheeled road-rockets screamed by the van to our left. The motorcycles were easily traveling thirty-miles-an-hour faster than my van. From the brief glimpse I got of them going through the side cone of my left headlight on low beam, I could tell they were both Ducati 900 MHRs because of the red fiberglass shell with green bottom flaring that had the white DUCATI text below the white separation line. After the brief, loud interruption Jhoni went right on with what I assumed was going to be her first story of betrayal.

"As my husband began to become emotional with his praise and welcome of his Uncle, it started to seem less funny to me and almost touching. I had never seen my husband affected this way around anyone before," Jhoni said sounding a little amazed at what she was telling us. "Then I could hear it in my husband voice as he became excited while he began to extol his own virtues and what he would be able to financially offer his extended family in India after he finished medical school.

"And I sat there, seated to my husband's right at the middle of our small dinning room table, with my husband at the south end and his Uncle seated at the north end," Jhoni's voice said, sounding strong and a little haunted from behind me in the van, "and I watched as my husband became an old-time cultural bragging zealot in front of my eyes and ears.

"Then, my husband, the head of our modest student household," my girlfriend told us, and I could hear the tension in her voice mounting as she continued her tale, "who I actually thought I might love at the time, got carried away and actually bestowed upon his Uncle the Vikhyaat Aathithya without thinking to use any words of reservation. I was shocked by my husband's social gaffe, because his Uncle was already his Uncle and part of his extended family. But the Four Hospitalities are not for family.

"I knew he was trying to impress his Uncle," Jhoni said with a dismissive tone in her voice, "who my husband hoped would report back to his family in India about his success so far at his studies to become a doctor of medicine in the United States of America and his already lavish lifestyle. His Uncle seemed to chuckle at his nephew's blunder, and then we finished the remaining courses of our meal."

Just then a State Highway Patrol car, the second pair of fast headlights, whooshed by the left side of the van as if we were standing still. And once again, I told myself, Jhoni and I were right next to what looked like was going to be the beginning of a high-speed police chase. Neither of the ladies seemed to notice the SHP cruiser whiz by as Jhoni continued telling us her story.

"The next morning at breakfast, my husband told me he wanted me to see to it that his Uncle was entertained all day. His Uncle had told us the night before that he didn't have any business meeting schedule that day. My husband suggested that I should give his Uncle a sightseeing tour of the area," Jhoni told us. "My husband wouldn't be home from campus until seven-thirty that evening, and he told me he did not intend for his Uncle to want for anything in the mean time. I became so angry, but I kept my feelings to myself, because my husband had announced my responsibility to his Uncle while completely overlooking the fact that I too had classes to attend for most of the day..."

I had heard Jhoni's resentment in the sound of her voice, but now she was quiet. I didn't think she'd sounded too angry to go on with her remembrance, so maybe she was just stewing about it for a bit. Raisha and I didn't say anything. Far up ahead, beyond the gaggle of red tail-lights the van was approaching a quarter-mile-away now, I could see red-and-blue flashing lights as the interstate rose toward the heights east and north of the city.

I figured the lights had to be from the State Highway Patrol cruiser speeding into the distance along the interstate pursuing the assholes on the two Ducati 900s. I hoped justice was going to be served, even if I didn't get to see it happen. And then I told myself that the more I learned about Jhoni's husband, the more I wondered how much of his dreadful behavior was due to his conservative cultural upbringing, and how much was due to him just being a self-centered major asshole. But in his case as far as justice was concerned, for Jhoni that is, I did intend on actually seeing it happen.

From behind me, I heard Jhoni doing something with the newspaper and the sack.

"After my husband left for school that day, and I was doing the breakfast dishes," Jhoni told both of us, the register of her voice going deeper, and sounding ominous now, "his Uncle walked right up behind me and pushed his hips against my chootad, pinning my thighs to the bottom cabinet and my stomach to the edge of the sink. He put his hands under my arms and began massaging my breast through my thin blouse. I was so shocked I didn't know how to react and I just stood there while he began to unbutton me.

"Oh, Uncle, I told him," my girlfriend said, her voice going up in pitch to her normal range during her quotes of what she had said to her unwelcomed asshole of an in-law, "what do you think you are doing to your nephew's faithful wife?"

I watched the night and the highway in the headlights, realizing I was really gripping the steering wheel hard with both of my hands, as my girlfriend's voice then dropped back down into her ominous range as she continued, "And he laughed and told me he was only planning on exercising his lawful rights as the first Vikhyaat Aathithya guest of my husband's new household, and then he removed my blouse. My husband's Uncle said that since my husband had not exempted any female while bestowing the highest hospitality of this household on him, he would be using me to provide for all of his pleasures during his stay."

What the fuck, I asked myself—did this whole Four Hospitalities really have this kind of power in the lives of this community?

"And as he played with my nipples through my bra cups," Jhoni told us in a strong unwavering voice, "he informed me that he did not intend on either of us leaving the house at all that day. That way, he said, he would have the time to get to know every part and every pleasure of my body. And that he would see how well I could perform most of my required Vikhyaat sanbhog responsibilities. Then he laughed and told me, that with the way he knew his nephew was, he would probably have to teach me more than a few things as he broke me in to new ways of pleasuring a true man."

"By all that is Holy!" Raisha moaned out loudly from her captain's chair as she looked back at Jhoni, "I know you husband bestowed the Vikhyaat on his Uncle, but the man had to have realized that it was just a formality, didn't he? Even back in India, taking a man's first wife so early in their married life, especially before she has provided her husband with an heir ... well, it is considered utterly reprehensible; even by those who still follow all of the old ways!"

"Of course, I brought that up to him, even as he lowered my slacks to my knees and exposed the back of my underwear to his eyes," Jhoni told us, her voice now sounding cool and collected; even a little distracted, as I reduced speed for the slower traffic the van was fast approaching, but we were still overtaking. "And that man told me any refusal on my part to perform my traditional duties under the Caath Aathithya would bring such great dishonor to my husband, that he would never be able to hold his head up again inside of any temple. Even, as his Uncle told me, in any of our morally-weakened communities, here in the States. And he further explained to me, as he lowered my panties, if I failed to comply with all of his desires, it would be his moral duty to broadcast the outright breach of our Caath Aathithya responsibilities as a household to all believers who would hear. That way in the future, he said, all true believers would know just what type of people they were getting involved with whenever they had dealings with our household, and with that knowledge, they could treat us appropriately."

"Oh, Jhoni! That—that— bastard," Raisha angrily spat out from the shadows of the front passenger seat. And she grabbed the armrest and lifted the end of it up until the leather-upholstered rest was flush with the back of her captain's chair and out of her way. She turned and started to carefully crawl over onto the cushioned engine cowling, and I saw that my leather jacket on her was still open with either side of the front hanging down toward her hands, showing her white blouse underneath covering her large jiggling breasts as she started to move back toward our lover behind us.

While Raisha was doing that, I pulled the van into the left lane to begin passing the slower cars ahead of us that were now in my headlight beams. And I could see the rear of a pickup in my lane that was traveling faster than the cars to our right, but still slower than I had the van moving, so I slowed to pace along safely behind it. And right at that moment, I decided that I would be happy to go to jail for a few weeks if I was ever able to fully express my disgust and animosity to this Uncle of Jhoni's, hopefully, soon-to-be ex-husband; face to face. In fact, I would be happy to pay a hundred grand for the privilege, even if Saloni had warned me you never wanted to hit someone with your balled-up fist if you could avoid it.

Then it hit me—I needed to start acting like some kind of a role model for my soon-to-be stepdaughters. And immediately I could see that was going to be a pain-in-the-ass, having to curb a lot of my first instincts. It flashed on me that maybe I should talk this Jhoni's-Uncle-in-law-situation over with Saloni, because I was certain that she was devious enough to have some good ideas at long-term payback if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Now, I felt Raisha put her right hand on the armrest of my captain's chair close to the elbow of my leather jacket. I could see out of my right peripheral vision, while I started to pass the line of three cars on our right and following behind that slightly faster pickup truck in front of us, that she had both of her bare knees up on the upholstered cowling cushion between our seats. My fiancée was showing a little bit of her dark thighs in the partial gloom, which was abated somewhat by the dashboard lights on my side of the van. With the aerodynamic angle of the front roof going up to the main raised-ceiling in the middle and back of my conversion van, my tall fiancée didn't have to really bend her head and shoulders for clearance as she shuffled her bare dark knees and shins across the upholstered cushion covering the engine cowling.

Just as her knees reached the rear of the cushioned engine cowling, her feet moved off of the seat of her captain's chair. At that point most of her body, except her brown bare curvy calves and her shoes, was somewhat clear of the backs of the front seats. So, with her right hand now on the back of my seat, and her other hand braced on the back of her captain's chair slightly behind her, she slid her left knee forward, raising that hip and rotating her thigh until she was able to drop her left foot down that side of the back cowling to the carpeted floor. Then she gracefully transitioned from half-kneeling on the back of the cowling to turning and sitting in the captain's chair beside Jhoni.

"Whenever I hear stories like this—" Raisha said in a huffing, disgusted tone of voice, as she settled in her new position, and I heard her as she jerked what was probably the left armrest of the chair, which would be between her and Jhoni, up out of her way. "—about men like that..." my fiancée continued to huff-out as I finished passing the line of slower cars, and the big black GMC pickup truck in the van's low-beams ahead of me was kind enough to apply his right turn signal and then gently merge into the now clear slow lane, and out of our way; even if there were still other vehicles clogging-up both lanes further ahead of us, " ... who are unfortunately members of our good community of believers, and who are such anachronisms they should only be found at the bottom of some old stinky riverbed, fossilized with the rest of those ancient creatures who, in all-that-is-Holy's wisdom, evolution frowned so heavily upon—well I, I—I just want to scream."

And I heard more movement in the back and I looked into my little-used rear-view mirror in the center-top of the windshield to see what was going on. With the heavy back drapes over the rear windows being closed most of the time, I only used that rearview to look at passengers. And now I could see that my two passengers were just about finished with my girlfriend leaving her seat and settling her luscious bottom down sideways on my fiancée's equally fine lap in her captain's chair with Jhoni's back now against the armrest toward the side door of the van.

"So, Jhoni, my sweet Titli..." I heard Raisha ask, I guess, our girlfriend, as I watched through the mirror while she cuddled the smaller blonde woman back against her black-leather-jacket-covered bosom as well as her right shoulder and arm. With the black jacket she was wearing and Raisha's dark features and black hair, in the mirror, Jhoni's head, face, and hair really stood-out in the shadows of the back of the van, " ... was it your fear of dishonoring your husband's award of Vikhyaat Aathithya to his disgusting Uncle that caused you to submit to that bastard undressing you like that, and to his demands?"

"No, Raisha, that was the least of my reasons," Jhoni said from Raisha's lap, just loud enough that I could hear her over the muffled sound of the van engine and the tires and the noise of the van whooshing along the interstate through the night. "I allowed my husband's Uncle to slowly undress me as I faced the sink because he was actually, in spite of his horrible manners and mean spirit, quite a dominating man who, in spite of myself, I found I was slowly beginning to respond to. And also, because right at that moment, I finally realized that my weak, self-centered, unthinking husband was not my true nipun sardaar, and that he was the one who had gotten me into such a humiliating position in the first place due to his boastful stupidity.

"So, before his Uncle had a chance to put his hands and fingers on my bare yoni, Raisha," Jhoni explained as the van closed on the next group of slower cars, "I quickly turned and knelt before him on the tiles of my kitchen floor, as best as I could with my slacks and panties around my knees, and allowed myself to take my pleasure with his small hard lund in my mouth and on my tongue. Thankfully he had recently finished with his morning ablutions so he was clean, at least. And, it had been quite a while ... before I was married actually ... and I did truly miss that searing joy I have always felt each time a strong man ejaculates into my little mouth ... But, immediately after I made him achieved his pitifully quick release, I hurried into the bathroom down the hallway and closed the door behind me and locked it.

"And in there by myself, I rejected his small amount of seed by spitting it into the toilet. I washed out my mouth. Then, from my cabinet, I retrieved what had been my goal all along, and my real reason for coming into the bathroom in the first place. And I inserted the tampon up into my wet yoni, while I heard him as he made his way to his room. To recuperate for his next plunder of my body I had figured. Then, to further insult his malevolent spirit, I peed on his seed, may all-that-is-Holy forgive me."

"OH, JHONI!" Raisha cried out, and I quickly glanced up at the middle rear-view mirror in time to see in the shadows of the back passenger seat, I guess, our dark-featured beautiful fiancée, squeezing the daylights out of our beautiful blonde girlfriend.

"I am so proud of you!" Raisha giggled in relief. "And, your clever ploy worked, did it not?"

"Oh, yes," Jhoni said quiet a bit louder and with a nice edge of pride in her voice. "It truly did. Because I then, started to cry and took off my bra and that is how I went to him in the guest room. I was naked and crying before his eyes, and begging his forgiveness. I blubbered to him through my tears as I hugged myself to his side, that because he had enflamed my unrequited passions so much, I had been made senseless and was overcome by my baser lusts. And I could see he was full of himself and grinning as if he was a schoolboy. And he started to caress my naked lower back, and as he moved his clumsy hands down to my chootad, I told him that in the kitchen, I had thought only of my own pleasure. And I begged him to forgive me for not having informed him earlier, as any respectful woman should have, that I was experiencing the time of my woman's curse. I cried to him that I was unclean. And I begged him again to forgive my weak womanly ways as he pushed me away. And then I stood up on my toes, and spread my knees and thighs, and I showed him the white string coming down from inside my swollen yoni and the wet, matted curls of my pelt."

"Oh, Jhoni," our fiancée laughed, "you did not! What did this crass Uncle do? Oh, I wish I could have seen his face!"

"You would have thought I had afflicted him with seven kinds of leprosy," Jhoni said and started to laugh along with our beautiful Raisha, whose white teeth and eyes were her most prominent feature in the dark shadows glimpsed in my rear-view mirror. "He didn't say more than ten polite words to me each day for the rest of his stay. And he was very complimentary to my husband thereafter, while strongly suggesting to that dimwit that neither of them discuss his new status in our household with anyone, as he felt it was beneath a man's dignity to be boastful of such a unique blessing, even from his most prosperous nephew."

"I am so proud of you, Jhoni," Raisha said in a voice I nearly didn't overhear as most of my attention was focused on driving in the gathering traffic I was steadily overtaking. The interstate was starting into suburbia on the left side through a band of fall woods and I knew just over the heights off to the right was just part of the north side of the huge Air Force Base. I slowed down the van and keep an assured clear distance behind the small dark-green Ford Fiesta ahead of me in the left lane. I hadn't heard anything from either Jhoni or Raisha so I took a quick glance in my passenger mirror and got a little buzz of adrenaline as I saw Raisha, with her right hand behind Jhoni's reclined head, kissing my, or our, sex-bomb blonde girlfriend. I looked back at the road ahead of me, feeling as if I was intruding on a moment between just the two of them. They had looked so sweet and loving.

"Ohhhh, Raisha," Jhoni the Vixen's voice purred out, loud enough for me to hear, and causing me to look back up at the mirror in the upper center of the front windshield. I saw on her nearly recumbent frame that the front of Jhoni's tweed jacket had been opened wide and Raisha's gently moving left forearm was under our girlfriend's skirt, which was a humped up dark-color in the dim back of the van. Jhoni's right leg and thigh canted toward the engine cowling with her foot on the carpeted floor. And I watched her left knee slowly tilted back between the two rear passenger captain's chairs, as more of Raisha's forearm slipped under the bottom hem of Jhoni's skirt and my fiancée's elbow began to move up and down.

I snapped my eyes forward, looking back at where I was driving and in the two lanes ahead of me I could see five cars, two pickups, and a semi pulling a big trailer of new automobiles all within a hundred yards of the front of my van. So, with a quick look in my right side mirror, I flipped my turn-sign lever up and then merged right and slowed down to join and maintain pace with the slower traffic.

We still had about eight or nine miles before we reached the Creekside Mall exit, but suburbia had closed in on the left side of the interstate and now, every mile or two we would encounter a busy overpass and more and more commercial development along the left side this part of the 6-plus corridor. The roadway would soon start to rapidly curve and then go directly the south between two huge separate Air Force air fields, and finally turning again to the southwest. At right at 60-miles-an-hour, we would be getting off of the interstate in about ten minutes. By the round lighted clock dial on the dash I was going to be five minutes late for Jhoni's date. But from the looks of things in the passenger mirror, and what I could hear, I didn't think Jhoni was going to be complaining very much.

And if she did, I would counter that she hadn't told us about the second man with whom she had committed adultery. And had in fact, distracted Raisha by starting a make-out session with her so Jhoni wouldn't have to tell us about him. And after that, if Jhoni still continued to complain about being late, I would produce the sheet of note pad paper out of the pocket of my blue work shirt and tell her we had a second clue to go along with the one we found on the old newspaper clipping from the bottom of her blue metal pistol case.

If that didn't distract our girlfriend, I was certain that our beautiful inquisitive Raisha wouldn't cease her questions until she had gotten most of that story out of Jhoni too.

So, I was feeling golden. And as the sexy noises got louder from the back, I was getting more and more aroused.

But I still was able to drive the van along the more and more busy interstate toward Jhoni's date with a virgin seventeen-year-old high school student who my girlfriend had intended, earlier on, to completely break in while four video cameras rolled.

Thank goodness that wasn't going to happen, I told myself. With everything else that was going on in my life right now: a new wealthy incredibly hot fiancée businesswoman I would be marrying in about 36 hours and who I'd known for two-and-a-half hours; two Lolita step-daughters lined-up for deployment Monday; my new sexy blonde girlfriend who was about to start divorce proceedings to lose her doctor husband; a meeting to buy maybe two-hundred-thousand-dollars worth of gold in the morning; an unannounced visit with my parents who had never heard the mention of the names Jhoni or Raisha before, let alone ever heard me use the word marriage in the same sentence with my own name as groom; and Ted and Maude coming up to join in that mix at my folks' house, with Ted, I am sure wanting to know more about the mysterious clues that went with the Polish pistol Jhoni had discovered; well, I didn't need an under-aged complication dropped on my naked lap as we both tried not to notice the lights and video cameras were on.

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