Bullet - Part 2 - A Cry In The Night
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Heterosexual, Mystery, Paranormal, Ghost, Masturbation,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom and I are left in the Conference Room after our Spirit friends have returned to their hosts. A bright flash and a bone rattling clap of thunder is followed by an eerie silence. A desperate Cry In the Night fills the room unsettling us.

It was a dark and stormy night.

Yes, again.


I'm not kidding.

It WAS!!!

Like I recanted the at the beginning of first part of my story, lots of authors, including Charlie Brown's Snoopy, have envisioned starting a story in that manner. Secretly, I too have always been drawn to that phrase. There's something mystical about it.

Right now I have a clear crisp vision of Snoopy sitting atop his dog house, typewriter nestled on his lap, typing: "It was a dark and stormy night."

As I said at the beginning of my first installment of this "Hereafter" tale, I repeat here, "Me too!"

Yes, I've wanted to use that well worn phrase. Yet as this part of my story starts, it was another, Dark and Stormy Night!

Yes, as I already repeated, it was a Dark and Stormy Night.



I'm seriously not kidding.

It WAS!!!

The first part of my story began and had an ending of sorts on the same night. This time things are different. I'm already dead. For me four days ago, as you must know now, it was "An ending." An ending of the ultimate type, for me at least.

You must remember that Bullet, traveling at the speed of sound, released from a trigger pull, parted not only my hair but me from my life.

It definitely ended my life. There's no doubt about that. It was just four mere days ago as I said.

I've learned a lot since I met my fate last Friday night with that well aimed Bullet. Plus, as strange as it might sound, I've made a few new and, at the least, one Old Friend too.

Interesting what the 'After' part of life can bring.

This time too my story begins with arrival of a storm. Well, like life, there's more than one type of storm and it just so happens this time it was TWO that blew into my life at the same time.

Tom Blake and I had just seen off our Spirit friends. You know, they'd gone back to be with their hosts. Being the "Really Dead" kind of spirits, we had no Host to be with. So we were each settled into one of the executive chairs. Both of us were leaning back with our feet lifted onto the mahogany conference table, while we watched the remnants of our friends' vapors disappear.

For us it was time to bond again, this time in our new state of being. We were starting to relax so we could get to know each other in this new existence we'd both fallen into.

My new Spirit friends, Valerie Gibbons, Tammy Chase and Marilyn Star had just faded into a mist mere seconds ago when the Conference Room lit up with a blinding light. It was as if a nuclear explosion had gone off nearby.

Before either Tom and I could react, the room sizzled and cracked with electricity. Following that a split second later it reverberated with lightning's bone rattling sonic boom. There's nothing like the aftershocks of such a jolt to scare the begeezus out of anyone. Even the dead.

Both of us jumped and I swear, I bounced off the ceiling from the little surprise. As I've admitted before in such an unexpected happening, I was spooked!


Go ahead.

Laugh at me.

Me, a ghost, being spooked.

Well, I admit I was terribly surprised. You would have been too! Luckily I was already dead because that type of an event will stop your heart.

So again the start of this part of this story had turned into a Dark And Stormy Night. But what happened next, pardon the expression, is what really 'Spooked' me. I know I heard it as much as I felt it.

As the resounding thunder clap subsided there was a terrible sound. It shook me to the core. I turned and looked over at Tom. He had frozen in his face exactly what I was feeling. A mixture of dread, fear and extreme grave concern.

What we had both heard was a "Cry In The Night." It was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. It was the sound of utter despair. A lost soul.

To make things worse ... it was sounded clearly like the cry of a very young child. The cry sent shivers up and down my spine! I know I didn't have to ask Tom, but I did anyway.

Turning to him I sad, "Tom, did you hear that?"

"Yes," he admitted in a very shaky voice. "I've never heard anything like it."

The thought simultaneously crossed both our minds that we never wanted to hear anything like that again. But sometimes bodies don't follow what the mind dictates.

Hence we both craned our necks and put our hands up to cup our ears, trying to catch one more glimpse of the very faint sound again.

Nothing ... just utter silence.

There's nothing like the calm that settles in following a nearby thunderbolt. All was just too quiet. No matter how hard we tried, no sound followed that eerie cry. All that could be made out was the sharp staccato of huge raindrops beginning to patter off the glass paned windows of Randolph Industries ninth floor Conference Room.

I guess Tom hadn't had any more experience dealing with "Others" in his slightly longer time as a Spirit than me. Not that I'm an expert by any measurement at this. Remember how new we both are at being Spirits.

But as I read his mind, realizing what he was feeling, he passed over to me, "Did you hear that terrible scream?"

I gave him a look like, "You have to be kidding" and found a new Spirit skill. I replayed what I'd heard to him. I didn't think about it or stop to figure out how to do it. I just did it.

You should have seen the look on his face. A veil of sheer terror clouded over his face as he exclaimed, "There it is again!"

I put up my hand, palm facing him, to quiet his nerves. Softly, I told him, "No, that was me just repeating what I'd heard."

"OH!" Tom shot back to me. "I wasn't prepared for that."

Before I could apologize for not giving a warning I was going to send the sound over to him, we both heard the cry once more. The same look of fear came over his face and I'm sure it was echoed on mine.

It was a blood-curdling cry of ultimate despair. This time it was even worse than the one we'd heard before, filled with such emptiness and despair.

"Who is that?" Tom asked, only to hear from me, "I don't have a clue."

Now things in life happen in mysterious ways and I was learning the same applies to the Spirit World. It was just then that Stacey Jones started to mist up opposite us at the conference table.

I started to think, "Felt my fear, eh?" as a sort of recognition to her appearance. But I was cut off in mid thought by another even sadder cry from that child's voice, seemingly very far away.

I sensed Stacey had already formulated, "What?" followed quickly by her explanation, "No, the transplant is done. I'm sedated so I figured I'd come back here and see what's going on."

I understood her thought and felt her surprise at the additional cries Tom and I were reacting to. An anguished look came over her face as we three realized what was contained in the sounds as they trailed off into silence.

Stacy paused and I could clearly hear her think, "That's a small girl."

Even as I wondered how she had that figured out, she shot over to me, "Yes. It is. Trust me. I just know it."

Soon we all heard the child moan, "Mommie," as her cries continued. " MOMMIE! Where are you?

"Mommie, it's so dark in here.

"I'm scared."

Then as we felt her pleading tapering off toward nothingness the child wailed once more. "Mommie ... Mommie ... I need you.

"Where are you?

"Mommie, It hurts.

"It hurts so much.

"It's so RED!

"Mommie ... Mommie. Where are you?

Then the voice passed over to the three of us, fading to a whisper, "Please, Mommie, I don't want to die."

Then all that was left was the sound of raindrops cascading off the huge conference room windows and our shocked silence.

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