Kaylie's Lost Innocence
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kaylie is a typical 16 year old female filled with a sense of boredom and curious about taking boy's cocks into her mouth. She is careful about selecting her first partner and the only logical choice is her own brother who spends an inordinate amount of time taking care of his own releases. Having seen his magnificant cock unknowingly by accident she is already sold on the project.

Kaylie Applewhite was a typical teenager. She had lots of friends, both boys and girls, and they all thought she was almost too perfect to be true. Kaylie knew she came across as a "goody two-shoes". She wasn't quite sure what that meant except it was something her Nana always said when talking about the church gossips who never had anything good to say about anyone.

For an 18 year old senior in high school, Kaylie felt she was a little slow in social interactions when it came to boys. It wasn't because she wasn't interested; it was more that she was just so busy with school studies and her piano lessons. With only a few months left in high school, she had to make some decisions about college and what she wanted to be in life. It all seemed like a little too much pressure for her. All things considered, she still wanted to be a kid a little bit longer.

She knew she was not entirely innocent or "pure" of heart because lately she had been using her older brother's computer to surf the web to find out some of the things she heard the other girl's whispering about in the locker room or in the shower. When she asked her best friend Angie about some of the juicier areas that she discovered, she quickly found out that Angie was even more clueless than her.

Her brother was still at football practice and her parents were not home from work as yet. Now was an ideal time to find out some more about the things she overheard at school. She looked in her brother's drawer and saw he still had a stash of naked girl magazines and a bunch of dirty stories and jokes. A lot of the jokes made no sense to her but she figured it was because she was uncertain about what the words actually meant. When she did understand some of the things, it seemed more amusing to her rather than sensuous.

The site she was on was all about girls who did an awful lot of peeing. It seemed real strange that guys would find that sexy because she certainly didn't. To Kaylie, peeing was private and she would be mortified if anyone ever saw her actually peeing. It was just too gross to even consider. Some of the girls did seem to be enjoying it an awful lot but she kind of suspected it was all a big put-on for the camera. The other site her brother seemed to like the most was so funny; she almost peed herself looking at it. A girl about her age was sitting on an older man's face and pushing her thin panties-covered crack right in his nose and mouth. It was so weird that she even watched it a second time to make sure that is what they were doing. She didn't think any of the boys at school would be interested in staying so still underneath a girl's backside when some girl rubbed her pucker hole on their open mouth. The very thought made her break out in a fit of giggling.

The sites with the girls getting it right in their pussy slit and even in their backside were just too gross to look at because she always thought it would be more romantic and not so dirty like they were making it out to be. She was very interested in the videos about the girls taking the boy's cocks in their mouth. She studied the techniques with the way they licked up the shaft and sucked the ends while stroking the shaft. The spitting and the drooling seemed way over the line to her but it looked like it might help to lubricate the whole process and make it go faster. Kaylie was certain she and Angie were probably the last two girls in the senior class that hadn't taken a cock in their mouths as yet. Of course, neither one of them would admit that to any of the other girls for fear of being thought a lesbian.

Kaylie had made a list of the eligible boys she would not mind sucking off but it was a very short list because most of them had disgusting habits and dirty mouths. There were in fact only three boys on the list and they all had steady girlfriends who tended to that necessary task daily to the best of her knowledge. She was certain all of those girls were busy taking care of the nasty business because they didn't want to lose their steady boyfriends. Her other possible mouth using candidate was Mr. Johnson her math teacher who had the most interesting bulge in his crotch. But the thought of actually doing such a personal thing with a full grown man was scary to her. What if he thought she wanted to do it forever, like a love thing or even marriage? That would be so scary that she decided against it immediately.

Seeing her brother's picture on the desk, she had a thought that perhaps she could experiment with him but he seemed to be upset with her most of the time and the thought of incest was not something she ever wanted to think about. Her brother treated her like shit most of the time because she was pretty much an "A" grade student and he had to struggle to keep his grades up. She wondered if he had gotten a new girlfriend after Candy from down the narrow gravel lane had shit-canned his ass when he got caught taking the new cheerleader transfer student to the picture show.

Last week she had accidently seen her brother's business from the safety of her bedroom behind a partially open door, watching him as he tiptoed naked from the bathroom to the hallway closet to get a clean towel. The sight of his nine inch cock bouncing with each step because it was sticking out as hard as a rock made her wish she had a camera to take a picture of it but the thought of actually taking it into any of her female openings was not a consideration.

After considering all of her options, Kaylie decided her older brother was not her best bet because it was taboo to screw your own sister. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to get his friend Alex in her mouth instead. She figured Alex would not want to turn down a willing mouth under the right circumstances. All she had to do was make sure the circumstances were perfect for her plan. It was so exciting that she closed her bedroom door and stretched out on top of her stuffed panda called Harry to rub out a nice little orgasm. She squeezed her legs real tight and pumped her ass down hard on the mattress to make it last a little longer. Her heart was beating real fast and she had to change her wet panties before going down to the dinner table. Her bother and Alex were sitting right across from her, totally ignoring her, and each time she glanced at her brother's friend, her pussy lips got wet once again.

Kaylie waited until late on Saturday night when her parents were out to a dinner party at the country club before she put her plan in action. She knew her brother was on his computer in his bedroom and felt certain he was not doing homework or talking to some girl. She wondered if he whacked off when he was looking at some of the porn on the net or looking at his girlie magazines. From what she heard from the other girls at school, all their boyfriends did it when they were doing stuff like that. Alex was staying over and had the empty room at the end of the hall. When she heard the shower go on, it was time for her to make her move. Slowly and quietly, she crept into his bedroom and saw the scattered magazines on top of the bed. The light was on in the bathroom and he was making a racket taking a shower. She wrapped the towel tightly around her and resolutely went into the steamy bathroom.

"Alex, there is no soap in my bathroom. I don't want to take my mom's because she is so sticky about that. Can I borrow some from you?"

"Holy cow, Kaylie! Give me a break. If your brother knew you were naked in my shower, he would kick my balls. Besides, I am naked in here. Look, there is only one bar of soap, I only got the one bar and I am using it."

"Please, Alex, I am all wet and all I need is a quick soaping and I will be gone. I promise not to look at you. After all, I am your best friend's sister and besides, I have seen your business already and it's not that much of a big deal."

He laughed and opened the shower door.

"OK, OK, get in here in front of me and don't look around or I will spank your ass real hard."

After she peeled the towel off her body and slipped inside the shower, Kaylie grabbed the bar of soap and ran it all over her wet skin. Her new playmate was laughing out loud but she could tell he was excited to have a naked girl in the shower with him. Her opportunity came when she "accidently" dropped the soap on the shower floor and bent over to retrieve it. Of course, her pert heart-shaped cheeks came flush up into Alex's groin and his cock went right into automatic pilot as it rose rapidly and pushed up deep into her crack.

Kaylie gasped in mock surprise and looked up at the horny boy's startled face.

"Alex, I didn't know you were that big. I can't understand why Heather didn't try to keep you for her boyfriend."

She leaned against the shower stall wall and let him stick his long cock right between her soaking wet legs. Kaylie tried to picture how she looked bent over like that and with Alex's thick cock buried up her backside.

"This is not right, Alex, I don't think you should put your thing inside me without a condom. How about I suck you off instead? That is not really having sex or getting fucked or anything. It is just getting your rocks off. I won't tell if you promise not to tell. My parents would kill me if they thought I was doing something like that."

Alex groaned and moved back so she could turn around.

"Just watch your teeth, Kaylie, I will spank you big time if you bite me on my "you know what" and you know I will do it real hard."

Kaylie giggled and turned around and immediately fell to her knees bringing his long hard cock right in front of her eyes and mouth. She was really scared but it was a nice scared and she was so excited she felt her juices brimming on the edge of her pussy lips. She tried to remember everything she saw on the videos and got right to business.

Alex was in paradise. The pretty teenaged girl's mouth was way better than the fumbling and hesitant way the disinterested Heather had gobbled his cock so many times in the movie and even in the front seat of the family car when he was lucky enough to borrow it. Kaylie was doing such a good job that he cradled her pretty head with his hands and told her,

"That is fantastic, Kaylie, you must have been practicing with the guys in school because you have got some great technique. I have to tell you, I think I have to cum pretty soon. Do you want it in your mouth or should I just shoot it on your face?"

Since she was a little insecure about being able to swallow the handsome boy's creamy cum, Kaylie looked up at him and whispered in what she hoped was a sultry voice,

"Shoot it right on my face all over. I will close my eyes because I don't like it in the eyeballs."

She said that because it made it sound like she was used to getting a load of cum in her face and didn't reveal that this was her first time.

When he blasted his load all over her head, she knew he was having a good time because it seemed like the spurts of creamy cum would never end. She reached out her tongue and got a little bit on it and pulled it into her mouth. Kaylie was not certain if she liked the taste but she pretended that it was like whipped cream and told Alex that it was "yummy".

They both washed up real good and dried each other off. Kaylie studied her partner's now limp cock and looked with interest at his pucker hole. He was equally as curious with her openings and even patted and stroked her blossoming breasts with some degree of interest.

He put on the bottom half of his favorite pajamas and she donned the top half with a pair of skimpy panties underneath just like a married couple. They both brushed their teeth together in his bathroom after she snuck down the hallway and got her toothbrush from her room.

Kalie wanted to sleep in his bed real bad but knew it was a bad idea and put it away for another day.

When she went turned to go back to her bedroom, Alex patted her ass with a curious and tender palm. It felt so nice that her pussy tingled long after even when she was stretched out under the blanket.

She slept real sound that night. Her brother and her parents never suspected she was gaining some much needed experience from their houseguest. She knew Alex would never say a word to anybody.

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