The Consequences and Rewards of Playing Hooky
Chapter 1: Coping with Extreme Punishment

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Extra Sensory Perception, Sports, MaleDom, Group Sex, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, School,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Coping with Extreme Punishment - Derek’s four Cheerleader classmates make a mistake and pay a steep penalty. This punishment inadvertently, leaves him in complete control of their minds and bodies for at least the next six months. The problem is that Derek has conditions of his own that he needs to meet that will complicate his life.

Coping with Extreme Punishment

"Come on, Derek! We don't have all day," griped Sandra.

"I'm coming!" cried Derek in frustration, as he remotely unlocked the door to his '09 Nissan Maxima, as four lovely females climbed into the vehicle. Of course Sandra climbed in the front seat.

Derek climbed into the driver's seat, turned on the ignition and soon he was driving down the street; lost in thought. He wondered why he had let himself be talked into skipping afternoon classes to go to the mall. Then he remembered why. Chantelle.

Chantelle Morris was a class behind the other four and had been Derek's dream girl. The problem was that Chantelle was dating Cassius Carter, the star halfback of the football team, who was her own age. As Chantelle was a cheerleader, she was governed by all of the rules that accompanied membership to the squad. The number one rule was doing whatever Sandra Turner told her to do.

Sandra wanted regular transportation to the mall. Derek was one of the first people in her class to get his license and had a nice car. He recently got the Maxima, when his father got a new one. Derek wanted to take Chantelle to the Junior Prom, Chantelle wanted to be Head Cheerleader after Sandra graduated in a couple of years. In the end, an unholy alliance was formed, with the only person truly happy with the arrangement being Sandra.

Derek was now questioning his decision to go along with Sandra. For the last three weekends, he had played personal chauffer for the hot, albeit bitchy blond. Now, for the first time, she was actually getting him to break the rules and potentially get him into trouble. Derek was awoken from his thoughts by a grating voice.

"Can you drive any slower? You better get your ass moving if you want to have the sweet Chantelle on your arm in three months," Sandra smirked, as Derek saw Chantelle cringe in his rearview mirror.

"God, what a bitch, ' thought Chantelle.

Derek remembered talking to the mocha skinned beauty last week.

"I've been thinking ... you don't need to..." he had started.

"Are you saying you want to back out?!" asked Chantelle fearfully.

"No. It's just that I can tell you're not into this..."

His reply was halted by the passionate lip lock Chantelle was placing on him.

When he broke the kiss, he looked at her strangely. "But why? I'm letting you off the hook."

"I can't let you do that. Sandra ensured me that if I didn't go to the Prom with you, for whatever reason, I would pay for it. Please don't back out!"

"Is being Head Cheerleader really that important to you?"

"I'm not like you, Derek. My family doesn't have lots of money. If I'm going to get into a good college, I'm going to have to jack up my resume to compete for scholarships," she said. Derek could tell she was fighting back some tears.

Derek was again awoken from his thoughts by a strident, yet different voice. "Hey Dufus! We don't have all day!" sniped Mindy Harrellson, her red tresses shining in the sunlight through the window.

Derek increased his speed. "You know we're going to get into trouble for cutting," he said.

"I don't think so. We're going to a student leadership conference," grinned Sandra.


"What she's trying to tell you is she seduced that slimy toad, Mr. Fitzwater," interjected Maya Ramirez.

"The Guidance Counselor!" exclaimed Derek.

"No, my pet. He'll do anything I tell him to do. He doesn't have a choice," laughed Sandra evilly.

Derek frowned. "What have I gotten myself into?" he asked himself.

The rest of the trip to the mall was pretty uneventful. Derek continued to ruminate over his bad judgment. The girls nattered on about what they were going to buy at the lingerie store. When they arrived, Derek found a parking spot and they all walked toward the entrance.

"We'll meet you back at this entrance by three-thirty and you better not be late snapped Sandra as she crossed the parking lot road way without looking.

All of a sudden, they heard the sound of brakes being applied, as a car stopped within a couple of feet of hitting Sandra. She quite dramatically and unnecessarily leaned forward and she landed on the hood of the stopped car.

The driver hopped out of the car with a worried look on his face. "I'm so sorry! Are you OK?" he asked, as he adjusted his spectacles over the bridge of his longish nose.

"No, I'm not, you Dweeb! Why can't you watch where the fuck you're going?!" she snarled.

"What an asshole!" agreed Mindy."

Maya nodded and looked at Chantelle, who reluctantly did the same. Derek could see the look of concern change into a look of malevolent anger over the little man's face and felt he needed to intercede.

"Look Sandra. We all know this is your fault. You weren't looking where you were going," said Derek before turning to the man. "Sir, everything's fine. Please don't take her seriously. I certainly don't."

Sandra had attempted to yell at Derek, but when she tried, nothing would come out of her mouth, to her horror, she also discovered that she couldn't voluntarily move a muscle.

"Son, you seem to be the voice of reason here, but it's too late for her," he said.

Sandra had a stunned expression on her face, as she was breathing heavily; still unable to respond.

"What did you do to her asshole, you..." started Maya before she was cut off, apparently by her own mouth, which appeared to stop working on its own, as her movements also ceased.

"What did you do to them!" cried Chantelle, as she realized that she had lost the ability to speak or move.

"Don't just stand there, dipshit! Do something!" screamed Mindy at Derek, before finding herself in the same state as her friends.

"Well son, DO you plan to do something?" he challenged Derek.

Derek was silent, but by his own doing. Then he responded as calmly as possible under the circumstances. "It would be foolish to try. You clearly have some kind of power that I know I would be unable to defeat. It would be in my best interest and theirs if I tried to mitigate the situation."

"There's not much you can do. I'm not someone to be trifled with and I'm firm in my beliefs," he said with a steely stare that made all five teens terrified before continuing. "For their rudeness, I'm going to take these attractive girls and they will serve me until I get bored with them," he stated.

Derek could see the look of horror come over the girls faces. "But sir, these girls are only in High School."

The man looked surprised and then took on a pensive expression. Derek could tell that he was mulling something over.

"Well obviously if they're only in high school, it wouldn't be proper for me, as a grown adult, to turn them into my sex slaves."

"We're all seventeen except for Chantelle who's only sixteen," clarified Derek.

"This is very bad. These young women need to be punished for their attitudes and actions."

"I agree, but I think you've taught them a lesson. Look how scared they are."

"I agree that they're scared, but they haven't really learned anything. If I left them unpunished, tomorrow they would be back to their same old ways; especially the blond. No. They need to be punished," he said before a pause. "I guess I could just take away their voices permanently."

"Please sir, that would be too harsh a penalty," implored Derek.

"Why do you defend them? I can sense by their attitude toward you that they don't respect you."

"That's true. Still, they have families and friends who care about them. Hurting these girls will also really hurt the people they love. Those people shouldn't be punished," he appealed to the man's sense of humanity.

The girls were shocked at Derek's eloquent defense; in particular, Chantelle. She had thought that Derek was a nice guy. As a sophomore, she was looking forward to going to the Junior Prom. Still, she was please that it could be with a nice guy like him.

The stranger again mulled over his options.

"OK, I've decided. I'm going to give you four a choice. I'll take away each of your voices for the rest of your lives ... unless you agree to something. While you're all too young to serve me, there's no reason that this young man..."

"Derek," he gave the man his name.

"Derek ... can't be the beneficiary of your service. You will serve him in all things and in all ways until you return to school next fall"

More shock registered on the girl's faces; on Derek's too.

"Sir, I'm not sure that this is a good idea..." started Derek.

"Silence! Hear me out!" shouted the man, as he turned back to the girls. "If they choose servitude and you decide not to accept them, I'll find another deserving young man ... or woman to take on the responsibility."

Derek could see the horror in Sandra's eyes when the stranger said "woman".

"The choice is yours. In a moment I will temporarily free you four. You will either say, "Yes" to become his obedient servant or "No" to lose your voice forever. If you choose the former, you'll be able to speak, but you'll be unable to talk or communicate about me around anyone other than yourselves or Derek or admit your servitude to anyone or even discussing it, except within your group. Now choose!"

"Yes," whispered Chantelle.

"Yes," said Mindy.

"Yes," stated Maya glumly.

"Nnnnn ... nyes," stammered Sandra.

"Is that a 'no' or a 'yes'?" asked the man.

"Yes," she moaned plaintively.

"Very well," said the man, before turning to Derek. "Now you, my young friend, have a choice to make. You can either accept these women's willing offer to become your sex slaves or I'll find somebody else who will."

"No! Please, Derek! Please accept us!" cried Sandra, of all people.

"Silence!" he cried, as the girls started to whimper, as he continued. "If you agree to this, you must use each woman sexually at least three times a week. If I discover that you fail to follow the dictates of the agreement, I will retain the right to find a new owner for the girls."

"Can I determine how they're used for sex?"

"Yes. But at least once a week some kind of penetration must occur for each girl."

"But isn't this about my pleasure? Shouldn't I determine what I want to occur?"

"It's only partially about your pleasure. Yes, in some ways you remind me of myself when I was young, before I developed my powers. I would love for you to benefit, as I couldn't, from such an arrangement. Still, the major focus is to punish these snotty, rude and mean girls, who are like the ones who scorned and abused me when I was in high school."

Derek saw the look in Chantelle's eyes of utter fear. "What happens at the end of their sentence?"

"They'll be free to choose for themselves again. They'll not be able to hold your actions during that time against you and will be unable to speak of their circumstances as to what happened to them, except within your group. Sometimes; however, women with kind masters, become so accustomed to the pleasure their master gives them; they are unable to return to an ordinary life. They will wish to continue to serve. That might put you in a difficult position."

"So in other words, this is a responsibility?"

"Yes, or an 'irresponsibility'. These women will do everything short of consciously taking their lives in your service. Still, if you put them in a risky position, they will serve your wishes and you will morally bear the accountability for their actions."

Derek looked in Chantelle's eyes. He had wanted her so badly, despite knowing she was unavailable. He had since realized that this desire was wrong. He looked at the others and their looks that were of scorn a mere twenty minutes earlier, were now pleading looks. As a whole, Derek considered himself to be a nice guy and to be fairly ethical. He knew that he would be the girls' best hope of making it through the next six months. For that reason alone, there was nothing he could do except accepting the man's offer. So he did.

Instead of entering the mall, the group returned to Derek's car, completely shell-shocked. This time Chantelle sat in the front seat with Derek, as the others wanted be as far away from him as possible. After a minute or so, a voice broke the awkward silence. "Derek, I don't know what to say. Thank you," said Chantelle earnestly.

"Thank him? The bastard's going to rape us three times a week for the next six months and you're thanking him?!" spat Sandra, as she looked at Mindy and Maya for support. She did not get any.

"You stupid bitch! It was your fault that we got into this in the first place!" hissed Maya.

"Not only couldn't you be gracious with the man, but you dragged the rest of us into your mess," agreed Mindy.

"But he..."

"Ladies! Arguing isn't going to help anything. We need to figure this out. Whatever happens, I want you to know that I'm not going to take advantage of you," stated Derek.

"What?" laughed Mindy derisively.

"You know what I'm talking about. I'm stuck with having to do this too."

"Stuck?" sneered Maya.

"Yes. Stuck. Before today, I was only interested in one of you," he started, as Chantelle blushed.

"Only one of us? We're the hottest girls in the school," stated Sandra, if reciting an arcane fact.

"Yeah, that may be true, but you're not my type,"

"What are you talking about? We're every guy's type, unless you play for the other team," grinned Maya.

"Call me old-fashioned, but I want to actually like a girl that I'm with. Other than Chantelle, I don't particularly think a lot of any of you," said Derek, as Chantelle continued to blush. When Derek looked at Sandra, he felt a strange mixture of anger and wistfulness. He recalled how much she had changed for the worse since they were young and had been friends.

"Fine. Well, I guess you don't have to be stuck with us then," sniped Sandra, as she tried to open the door to get out, but couldn't seem to pull the handle. "What's happening?!" her voice took on a panicked tone.

"My best guess is that the man's programming is preventing you from walking away from me without my permission," sighed Derek.

"We're not going to be able to walk away from any of this, are we?" asked Mindy.

"No. None of us are," agreed Derek.

"What are we going to do about our boyfriends? It's easy for Sandra, who just broke up with her boyfriend and Mindy who's in-between boyfriends," Maya somewhat smirked at her friend and it became Mindy's turn to blush.

Derek had heard rumors that Mindy was gay, but thoroughly closeted. Those rumors weren't exactly true, but even Mindy did not know she was really bisexual.

"Cassius was OK with me going to the Prom with you, but we haven't even done ... you know ... yet," whispered Chantelle.

"You little prude!" mocked Sandra. "You've been going out with him for like a year."

"Sandra!" yelled Derek.

Sandra got a strange expression over her face and she stopped talking.

"So you're a 'V"?" asked Maya.

Chantelle's silence answered her friend's question.

Derek sighed. "Look Chantelle, we'll figure something out. We'll have to do something, but we'll at least try to keep that intact for you."

"Thank you," murmured Chantelle, as tears began to roll down her cheek.

Derek leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, tasting her sorrow "It'll be OK," he promised.

"What about me? I ... I'm not as experienced as I let people think," admitted Mindy, as Sandra and Maya smirked at their sexually confused, blushing friend.

"The same holds for you, Mindy. Since you have a boyfriend, you too, Maya."

"What about me?" asked Sandra.

"I imagine that there's not a lot that you find uncomfortable about sex."

"Well, at least you're right about that," leered the blond.

Derek knew he was stuck. While he really didn't like any of the three, especially Sandra, he knew he needed to embrace the situation to help the girls. He resigned himself to the fact they had to trust each other. For that to happen, they would all need to be friends. As far as the world was concerned, though that would not be enough. He needed to gain regular access to all four girls, so people would not be suspicious. He would need to move in the same circle as the girls. For that to happen, he could only see one solution.

"Well, Sandra, since you don't have a boyfriend right now and I don't have a girlfriend, we're going to have to get together," Derek smiled, as he thought about the misery Sandra would go through with this arrangement.

"No ... we can't!" she shrieked.

"I don't want this anymore than you do, but as both Chantelle and Maya have boyfriends and Mindy is not as comfortable about sex ... and her sexuality," he added causing the redhead to blush even more, "then you are the natural choice to allow me access to your circle. This will make it easier for us all to get together. As far as the world is concerned, I have to be your boyfriend."

"I'll ... I'll get laughed off of the squad!"

"The four of you make up a third of the Varsity Cheerleading squad and Maya, Mindy and Chantelle will publicly support your choice. As far as suitability, if you think about it, my family is fairly well-to-do and I'm not the ugliest guy in the world. You could do a lot worse. Besides, you've already made it known that I'm your chauffer until after the Junior Prom. Who says that we couldn't have gotten close as we spent more time together? A number of people know that we've known each other since we were little kids."

Sandra thought for a moment. She had wreaked havoc with her and her friends' lives by insulting someone who had supernatural powers. Now they were all sex slaves for the next six months. Sandra had been ready to panic when she could not open the car door. Then she realized that Derek was being nice to her, despite everything. They had actually known each other since they were small children, as their parents traveled in the same circles. Derek was a nice guy; too nice for his own good. Still, under the circumstances, his niceness was what they needed to keep from being abused. This gave her a sense of confidence. She had also sense that despite his outward contempt, he still had feelings for her.

She shuddered when she thought about her ex-boyfriend, Jon. What had started out as rough sex had turned into violence. What would have happened if Derek had said "No" and the stranger had given power over her and her friends to someone like Jon? No, all things being relative, she was happy that it was Derek who had control. "I guess having him for a six month boyfriend might work out. He certainly isn't an ugly guy. If only he wasn't such a dweeb," she thought.

"OK, Derek. I'm your girlfriend," she surprised herself with a genuine smile.

"We'll go along with it," said Maya. "Still you'll have to make time for the rest of us in your bed too," she said, as strange thoughts began to take root in her mind when she thought about sharing Derek's bed with him. That concept all of a sudden sounded quite fulfilling.

"To be honest Maya, I'm surprised that you're agreeing to this so easily," observed Derek.

"What choice do any of us have? I can't imagine ever disobeying you. I'm your slave, as we all are. I know that you'll treat us fairly," she cringed, as she felt these thoughts proliferate; worming their way through her mind.

"How do you know that?"

"I'd like to think I'm a pretty good judge of character. Besides, Sandra always said that you were a nice guy," she said, shaking her head, as if to clear it. Despite this, the strange sensations continued to grow.

"Why am I feeling so horny?" piped Mindy.

"I feel horny too," admitted Maya, as she additionally felt her personality shift. Part of her internally screamed, but part was already embracing her new role. Out of the four girls, Maya's change would be the most drastic. She would never be the same.

"Me too," agreed Sandra.

"I guess I do too," said Derek.

Everybody looked at Chantelle and she just nodded and closed her eyes.

"Well, I need some relief, soon! It's getting worse," moaned Mindy.

"My folks are at a business meeting and then they're going straight to the store to buy groceries. They won't be home for several hours," suggested Sandra.

"Let's go," said Derek.

"How do we want to do this?" asked Mindy nervously.

"We could go one at a time," suggested Maya.

"Yeah! Me first!" moaned Sandra.

"Sandra!" exclaimed Derek.

"Well I am your girlfriend," she grinned.

"So you are," he leered at her causing her knees to buckle. "No. I think I should start with Maya."

"Thank you, Master! I promise that I'll please you," Maya husked, as he could smell her arousal.

"Don't worry, Sandra. I'm saving you for last."


Because after we drop the others off at their houses, I'm going to take you home and we'll fuck like bunnies. Besides, I want to be here when your folks get home. I sensed they always liked me and will be happy at our news, Baby."

"OK," she said with less enthusiasm. Sandra had always managed to use her body to her advantage with guys. She knew this would not work with Derek. She wasn't sure how any of this would work. Still, she felt an odd kind of excitement at her predicament "Or am I just really horny?" she thought.

Soon, Maya took Derek by the hand and led him to Sandra's bedroom.

"How do you want me, Master?" asked a naked Maya, her lovely bronze skin looked so erotic compared to the lighter color of his flesh.

"Anyway you like. Do you want to start with a hand job?"

"No, Master. Unless you order me, I will never just give you a hand job," her smiling brown eyes shone brightly, revealing her happiness. "Master, if it is my choice, I would like you to mark my pussy as yours.

"But Maya, I thought you said..."

"Please Master. I'm much more experienced than Mindy and Chantelle. I'm willing and able to be penetrated that way."

"Are you on the pill," he asked.

"Yes, Master!" she grinned, as she rubbed her pussy. "You'll also be my first without a condom."


"No. I was saving my pussy for the cum of my husband."


"Don't worry, Master. I know I'm not worthy to be your consort, let alone your bride. Now I know I have something more wonderful than any husband. I have a Master."

"But..." started Derek, until his protest was cut off by the sensation of Maya lowering her swampy pussy on his rock hard member.

"Maya, I have to confess..." he moaned, "You're my first."

Maya's slave personae exploded into her brain, claiming virtually all of her mind. Her ecstasy at his revelation caused such complete rapture that it overwhelmed virtually all of who Maya was. This ensured her devotion to him for the rest of her life. "Oh Master! You honor me with your virgin seed! Oh Master! I love you so much!" she moaned. "Please fuck my hot pussy, Master. Make it yours!"

Like with Maya's need to give herself to him, Derek felt an irresistible need to take her. He pounded up into her, before rolling himself over on top of her. Then, he brought his face down to hers and he kissed her.

Maya couldn't believe that her wonderful Master would bother to kiss someone so unworthy. Still, it only increased the love she felt for him. This caused her to have the most powerful climax of her life. Her vaginal muscles began to squeeze his cock quite tightly. Soon he was flooding her with his virgin seed.

As they lay there, spent and recovering, Derek looked at Maya, as she cooed and nuzzle his neck. "Maya..."

"Yes, Master?"

"Are you OK?"

"I'm better than 'OK', Master! I'm happy beyond words!"

Derek was worried; not only about Maya's attitude, but about his own. He had felt a driving need to take Maya, which seemed to only reinforce her need to give herself to him. He and Maya had never been particularly close, but at the moment, he felt closer to her than anyone in the whole world. He also felt something else: guilt. "Maya, Sweetheart, please call me 'Derek'."

"OK, whatever you wish, 'Derek'," she cooed as if the word "Master" was buried shallowly in the name's subtext.

"I can tell that the others desire me, but why do you feel so strongly that I'm your master?"

"Mast ... I mean, Derek, I've always been submissive deep inside. I've never trusted anybody with this information. When the man turned me into your sex slave, I knew right away that you were the one person that I could trust to dominate me. I know you find me attractive so I have the ability to please you sexually. Now, this is what I live for!" she happily uttered.

"But what about Carlos?"

"With your permission, I'll break up with him."

"That would be unfair to both of you."

"With all due respect ... Derek, it would be just unfair to him. You're everything I need."

"But in September this will all be over..."

"Please Master! Don't say that! That may be true for the others, but I have freely given myself to you forever!"

Derek's thoughts drifted back to what the stranger had said that after the six months were over, "They would be able to choose for themselves" and then that some of them might choose to continue to serve. "Maya, Sweetheart, let's not make any decisions now. We are all under the effect of the stranger's mojo; even me apparently. For now, I won't think of any of you as my slaves. I want to think of you as my friends; especially you."

"I'm not worthy to be your friend."

Derek sighed. "Of course you are," he smiled, as he kissed her sweetly on the lips. "If you want to enjoy servicing me, please do. I know I enjoy being serviced," he grinned. "But know this. I see you as my friend. I'm also grateful that such a beautiful girl could be my first."

"Shouldn't your girlfriend have been your first?'

"You know, Sandra isn't really my girlfriend, right?"

"I know. She's your property just like me," she smiled.

"No, she's my friend, just like you. Maya, we're all going to make it through this; but if we are, we will need to define some roles for each other. Right now, I can't live with the idea of treating you as a slave..."

"But Master..."

"Please hear me out. If you want to think of yourself that way, that's up to you."

Maya was stunned. Derek had just dropped her into a huge paradox. As his slave, she wanted him to make all of her decisions. Now he was giving her the decision of how she would see herself. She currently had no way to process this.

Derek saw Maya's confusion. He sensed he knew what she was thinking and feeling and used it to his advantage. "Don't worry about that, Maya. I'll be defining your roles for the next six months. You'll be my consort, lover and yes, my friend."

"But I'm your slave."

"That's what the stranger called you. Not the way I want you to be defined. He never told me how to define your roles; just to use you each sexually three times a week and to penetrate you at least once a week." A tear ran down her cheek. "Don't worry, Maya. If you want me to dominate you from time to time and roleplay, 'Master and slave', I'm willing to give you what you need. But only if you agree to the real roles I've given you."

"If that's what pleases you, Mas ... Derek," she said somewhat glumly.

"No, Baby, you please me," he smiled, causing her heart to skip a beat, before filling it with joy.

Derek saw the love in Maya's eyes and gave her a deep kiss. After breaking the kiss, he smiled at her. "Please send Mindy in next."

"OK, my darling Derek," she smiled, reveling in the raw intimacy she shared with him, as she got dressed before leaving the room.

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