Hiring the Least Qualified Applicant
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Vulgus

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She had no business applying for the job but she was desperate. It wasn’t her sexy appearance or any particular skills she possessed that caused me to hire her. It was the submissive look I saw in her eyes when she entered my office that day.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   Workplace  

I’m a real prick to work for. I’ve been accused of being arrogant by people who were in the act of leaving my employ; not to mention cruel, short tempered, rude, crude, obnoxious, the list goes on like that. I proudly admit to that and more. I can be a total asshole. If that’s what it takes to keep my employees in line ... aw, who am I trying to kid. That’s just the way I am. If they don’t like it they can quit. Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people working for me do. Not so much the people outside of my office. I don’t come into contact with those people as often. Carl, my younger brother, is in charge of production. The biggest problem I have is keeping a decent secretary.

Whenever I hire a new girl I always tell them I’m an asshole right up front. I guess the broads who take the job anyway figure they can put up with anything as long as they get a paycheck at the end of the week. But the last few secretaries I’ve hired have all quit within two months. Except for Barbara, of course. I fired that lazy bitch.

Anyway, that’s why I’m going to have to spend an already miserable Monday morning interviewing for a new secretary. As usual, personnel sent me folders for the women I’m going to have to interview. They always send me the top five candidates except that this time there’s a sixth folder with a note on the front. It seems that one of the men who works on the floor asked Carl to put in a word for his wife. Carl spoke to Dupree in personnel. Dupree sent me her folder with a note that explained the circumstances but noted she isn’t a top five candidate or anywhere near it. Under any other circumstances he’d never have sent me her file. He suggested, however, that if I have the time I might enjoy interviewing her anyway.

I found out why when I opened her folder. One of the first documents in the folder is a copy of her driver’s license. I almost laughed when I saw it. She’s just a kid; twenty years old. But she’s damn good looking. Even her driver’s license photo is hot; but in an innocent kind of way, not sex kitten hot.

I shook my head in amusement and put the folder on the bottom of the stack. I’m sure I’d enjoy the hell out of fucking her but I have no intention of interviewing her. I called out to my temporary secretary/receptionist and told her to send in the first woman to be interviewed.

By the time I finished the five interviews almost two hours later three women told me they wouldn’t work for me for any amount of money. The other two left a lot to be desired but were too desperate to turn down any job.

I was reluctant to choose either one of them but I need to hire someone and I need them now. I wasn’t even going to bother interviewing the sixth girl. She isn’t really qualified. But just for the hell of it I decided to talk to her. I wouldn’t have if there had been a more suitable applicant among the first five, or if she wasn’t so damn pretty. If nothing else I might at least get a little entertainment out of this. I called out and had her sent in.

A moment later this hot little blonde is standing in front of my desk. She looks terrified. And she looks even younger than her twenty years. If I saw her walking down the street I’d probably put her age at a lot closer to sixteen than twenty.

I let her stand there while I looked her over for a couple of minutes. I can’t tell much about her body because of the awful outfit she’s wearing. To look at her you’d think nuns bought her clothes for her. But her frumpy clothing can’t totally disguise her appearance. She has long honey-blonde hair, a very pretty face with those pouty lips some women have that look like they were made for sucking cock, bright blue eyes; all-in-all a very attractive package.

She glanced up at me a couple times but most of the time she stared at the floor at her feet and waited for me to say something. I recognized the look in her eyes as soon as I saw it, though, and a shiver of recognition ran down my spine. I saw much more in her expressive eyes than the fear that she won’t be chosen for the job.

I stared at her for long enough to make her even more uncomfortable before I finally ordered her to take a seat. I watched as she sat down, careful to arrange her long skirt modestly over her knees. I sat back in my chair, picked up her folder and for the first time I examined more than just the photocopy of her driver’s license.

According to her application she possesses only the most rudimentary secretarial skills. She’s unfamiliar with the software we use. Her only work experience beyond working in fast food restaurants was volunteering at the library while she was still in high school and a short lived job working in the front office of a local trucking firm primarily as a file clerk. I can’t help but notice the space where it asks why she left that job has been left blank. That’s never a good sign.

I finally looked up and said, “Mrs. Orvis, you aren’t really qualified to work here. What can you say to convince me I should hire you anyway?”

Before she could respond I said, “You look terrified. Are you afraid of black men in general or just me?”

She looked up then with near panic in her eyes. She exclaimed, “NO! NO, SIR! It isn’t that! Honest! It’s just that ... I really need this job. We ... I’m desperate. Things haven’t been going well for us and ... please, sir. Just give me a chance. I know I have a lot to learn. But I’m smart. I know I can learn it.”

There’s more than desperation in her eyes, though. That’s the only reason I haven’t already laughed her right out of my office. I see something there I haven’t seen in years. This cute little thing is a submissive! I wonder if her husband knows. Hell! I wonder if she knows!

I picked up the intercom and called Dupree. When he answered I asked him to send me her husband’s employment records. While I was waiting I asked, “What makes you so desperate for this job?”

She commenced an almost incomprehensible tale of woe that might have brought me to tears if I gave a shit. I finally held up my hand to stop her and said, “Enough!”

She stopped in mid word. I think it was then that she figured out I’m just playing with her, that I have no intention of hiring her.

She whispered, “Please, Mr. Williams. I’ll ... I’m desperate. I’ll ... I’m willing to do anything.”

I looked at her closely. I don’t think she means that the way I’m inclined to take it. She’s too young and naïve for that. But I have a feeling that whether she meant to imply she really will do anything or not, she’s quite likely malleable enough that I can actually get her to do just about anything.

A girl from personnel showed up then with her husband’s records. I took a moment to look them over. The kid is just a year older than his wife. He’s been working for me for about eight months. He isn’t overqualified either. Beyond the fact that he finished high school and worked at a few odd jobs there isn’t much to recommend him. He hasn’t screwed up since he started here. That’s the best I can say about him.

I spent the next couple of minutes explaining what she already knows; why she’s unqualified for the job. She looked like if she could have disappeared she would have. I finished telling her why she has no business even applying for this job and then I said, “But if you meant what you said earlier ... maybe we can work something out.”

The look of surprise on her face when I jerked her back from the abyss so suddenly was comical. I think the meaning of my statement went right over her head, though. I’m about to find out.

I had to take another quick look at her application. I couldn’t remember her first name. Riley?! What the hell kind of name is that for a girl?! Oh well. I don’t plan to marry her. But I haven’t fucked a little white girl in a long time. I might be able to take advantage of this little cunt and have a little fun until she wises up and runs away.

Reading from her license I said, “I have your age, your height and your weight from your driver’s license. It doesn’t tell me your measurements.”

She was shocked that I asked. We’re both well aware of how inappropriate, how illegal the question is. But still staring down at the floor she mumbled, “Thirty-four, twenty-two, thirty-five.”

“Thirty-four what?”


I sat up in my chair and ordered her to come around my desk and stand beside me. The dumb broad still doesn’t have a clue! She looks confused by my order. But she seems to have taken it as a good sign that I didn’t kick her out of my office.

She stopped near the corner of my desk but I crooked a finger at her to indicate I want her to stand closer. A moment later she stood beside me with her hands clasped in front of her. She looks so much like a little schoolgirl that it’s giving me hard on. I looked her over and said, “If I hire you you’re going to have to make some major changes in the way you dress.”

She furrowed her brow. Still no clue! She’s probably standing there thinking this is her nicest outfit!

I looked up, looking right into her eyes. When our eyes met I calmly reached out and rested my right hand on the inside of her right calf.

She jumped and started to step back but she froze when I growled, “Don’t you fucking move!”

I slowly moved my hand up to just above her knee while I continued to stare into her eyes. She didn’t move. But she started shaking her head and muttering, “No. Please stop. Don’t do that.”

All the stupid bitch has to do is step back! But she stayed right there. If she can’t muster anything stronger than a muttered plea for me to stop, a plea that was so quiet I almost missed it, then I’m not inclined to pay much attention to her.

I told her again that there are going to have to be some major changes in her wardrobe if she wants to work for me. But this time I was a little more explicit. I moved my hand up a little higher and said, “I suppose you’re wearing pantyhose. I hate them. You’ll not be allowed to wear them again. Your skirts will have to be much shorter, above where my hand is now. And that top! Is that a blouse or a bulletproof vest?!”

She’s still shaking her head back and forth slowly as though she isn’t even aware she’s doing it. Instead of answering my facetious question she whispered, “Please, Mr. Williams. Please remove your hand from my ... please stop touching me.”

I left my hand right where it was and said, “If you don’t want my hand there all you have to do is take a step back. It’s up to you, Riley.”

She didn’t move. She still didn’t move when I asked, “Have you ever fucked a black man?”

She gasped loudly and exclaimed, “I’m married!”

“That wasn’t the question. I know you’re married. Your husband works for me. The only reason I’m talking to you now is that your husband asked his supervisor to put in a good word for you. You certainly aren’t here because you’re qualified for the job!”

She shuddered when I moved my hand up a little farther. It’s on her upper thigh now, no more than two inches below her crotch. But she still didn’t move. And she still didn’t answer me.

“I asked you a question, Riley.”

She moaned and quietly breathed, “No.”

“No what?”

“No. I never ... with a black man.”

“Fucked, Riley. You never fucked a black man. And don’t forget your manners. You will address me as sir.”

Before she could respond I moved my hand the rest of the way up, not stopping until my fingers were pressed up against the sensitive flesh between her thighs and my thumb was resting over her slit. But there’s still the problem of those damn pantyhose. God I hate those things!

Riley jumped again when my hand reached her sex. But she still didn’t do the one thing she has to do to put an end to this. She didn’t take that step back that would take her out of my reach and at the same time disqualify her for the job.

The funny thing about this situation is that I don’t think she’s even thinking about the job now. She doesn’t want to do this. That’s obvious. But she’s such a submissive little creature that she can’t bring herself to do what she has to do to stop me. Somewhere deep inside of her she may even be excited by this situation and not even realize it on a conscious level. That isn’t important, though. The important thing is that I’m enjoying myself.

I thought her legs were going to go out from under her when I started moving the pad of my thumb over her clit. She reached out as if to grab me to steady herself. But she drew her hands back as though she nearly stuck them into a fire. Instead, she rested one hand on the corner of my desk and managed to steady herself.

She sounded like she was going to start crying when she quietly said, “Please, sir. Please stop that. Please stop touching me.”

As if she hadn’t spoken I commanded, “Remove that stupid vest and your blouse.”

Her eyes almost popped out of her head and she shook her head violently. But she still didn’t move back out of my reach.

I glared at her and snarled, “DO IT!”

You would have thought I slapped her. Her body stiffened up as though someone just shoved a stick up her ass. But she didn’t move out of reach. She stood right there and let me strum a tune on her clit. She didn’t move out of reach, but she wasn’t removing her clothes, either. I gave her a few more seconds before I growled, “Obey me or get out of my office.”

All she has to do is turn and walk away. I’ll be left with a raging hard on but this will all be just a bad memory for her. Instead, with tears running down her cheeks she reached up and slid her vest off. She stood there holding it for the longest time until I finally said, “Just drop the fucking thing on the floor! You won’t be wearing it again.”

She looked down at the floor beside her and slowly let the vest fall from her hand. Then, with no further urging from me she began to slowly unbutton her blouse. I’ve put the fear of me into a lot of the women who have worked for me over the years. But I’ve never seen hands shake like hers.

While she was struggling with her buttons I pulled my hand out from between her legs and, still under her skirt, I slid it up over her taut stomach. I had hoped to be able to pull her pantyhose down and get them out of my way. Unfortunately they extend up past her waist and are held in place by her belt and the waistband of her Mother Hubbard skirt. I’m tempted to just jerk them down anyway but I decided that watching her bare her body a little bit at a time is more entertaining.

I slowly moved my hand down and slid it back between her legs. My thumb just naturally came to rest on her clit and I resumed my slow strumming. To look at her face you’d think she’s totally unaware of where my hand is and what my thumb is doing. But I noticed that the crotch of her pantyhose feels damp. I can’t be certain. But I look forward to examining her panties closely and finding out if I’m right.

I wasn’t surprised by the industrial grade bra she uncovered when she finally pulled her blouse off. It’s laughable when you take into consideration the size of her pert little breasts. The bra may be an A cup but there might be more than a little wishful thinking there. Hell! With those tits she doesn’t even need a bra!

I waited to see what she’s going to do now. I only ordered her to remove her vest and her blouse. That has been accomplished. Now she’s standing there with my hand pressing against her pussy, terrified, dreading the command she must know is coming next. I’m probably the only man other than her husband to ever see her in just her bra from the waist up. It’s a god-awful bra; the last kind of thing you’d expect a pretty young woman like her to wear.

I let her wait, letting the fear and anticipation build for a long moment before I said, “That’s the ugliest damn bra I’ve ever seen. But you can keep it on for a few more minutes. I want you to remove your skirt and those fucking pantyhose now. If you please me and I decide to hire you I’d better not ever see you wearing pantyhose again. That goes for those ugly damn bras, too.”

She seemed to be weighing what I’d just said. It’s obvious she isn’t as keen to get the job as she was when she first walked into my office. But I’m convinced she isn’t doing the things she’s doing now in order to convince me to hire her. She’s letting me humiliate her like this for a deeper reason. I suspect she’s one of those women who have had submissive fantasies since puberty but never had the opportunity to experience the reality before now. I’m sure she never thought she would. I’m certain she has very mixed feelings about this. I don’t doubt she hates what I’m making her do. I’m equally certain this is turning her on, though I doubt if she’d admit it. Not even to herself!

I’ve never met her husband. But I’m willing to bet he’s a regular Casper Milquetoast. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s one of those pussy white boys who gets off on watching his wife getting put to good use by a virile black man. I hear there are a lot of them around. Maybe I’ll give him a chance to find out what his young bride looks like when she’s getting pounded by nine inches of thick, black cock. It’s pretty obvious now that, like it or not, this dumb cunt is going to let me do any damn thing I want to her.

She has hesitated long enough that I’m just about to lose my temper and she knows it. The tears are still flowing down her cheeks and dripping down onto her far too substantial bra. She’s standing there partially undressed with a strange man’s hand on her pussy while she cries silently. Christ she’s turning me on! I know she didn’t expect to find herself in a position like this when she left the house this morning!

She quietly repeated her plea that I remove my hand from under her skirt. But she didn’t step back and there’s a total lack of conviction in her little girl voice. Not that she doesn’t want me to stop. She obviously does. But even so, she’s apparently willing to let me do anything I want to her; not in order to convince me to give her the job but for the simple reason that she’s a submissive. Something in her brain is wired in such a way that she can’t say no ... or at least she can’t say it convincingly.

Rather than respond to her latest plea I pinched an inch of her thigh between my thumb and finger and squeezed until she squeaked and then held her breath. Her eyes slammed shut and under her breath she began to chant, “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! That hurts!”

I moved my hand back between her legs and pressed it against her taint once more. My thumb just naturally returned to gently massaging her clit which is now noticeably swollen. I can feel it even through her pantyhose and what I’m certain is a pair of thick cotton granny panties.

She exhaled loudly when I stopped pinching her sensitive upper thigh. Then she moaned when my thumb came back into contact with her clit. I had to smile at that. The little bitch is starting to get off on this! The realization that she’s getting turned on by what I’m doing to her must be tearing her up!

I watched as she unfastened her thin, imitation leather belt and dropped it on the floor. Her hands went behind her back and seconds later I heard the quiet sound of her zipper being pulled down. She didn’t move for a moment. She held the waistband of her skirt together and took a few loud, labored breaths. I assume she’s gathering her courage. She’s about to do something that would have been unthinkable to her an hour ago.

I pulled my hand out from under her skirt and watched as she finally brought her hands around to the sides of her skirt and pushed it slowly down over her hips. Once past her hips she let it go and it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and pushed it aside with her foot.

I was right about her panties. They’re just about as sexy as a pair of boxer shorts. But I have to smile. Even through the pantyhose I can see a small, dark, wet spot over her pussy. It’s possible that’s a purely physical reaction to what I’ve been doing with my thumb. But I doubt it. Even now, as embarrassed as she is, I can look into her eyes and see into the heart of a true submissive. She obviously has very mixed emotions about experiencing her fantasies. But that’s alright. I’m more than eager enough for both of us.

She stepped out of her shoes and began to pull her pantyhose down off her hips and then work them down her legs. After a brief struggle she finally pulled them off her feet and straightened up. I got my first good look at her legs. I must admit they’re impressive; long and slender, firm and athletic looking. I’m going to enjoy having them wrapped around me.

I ordered her to turn around slowly so I can get a good look at her. I could have made her remove her bra and panties first. But dragging it out like this is kind of exciting, for me at least.

Her ass isn’t too bad for a white girl. It isn’t as big as I like them. But it’s high and firm. I could almost put my coffee mug on it and have it stay there. While her back was still to me I reached out, cupped one of those sweet cheeks and asked, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Riley?”

She gasped again. But then she caught her breath and in an irritating, whiny voice that grates on my nerves she exclaimed, “God no!! Never!!”

She means ‘not yet.’ She just doesn’t know it yet.

I released my grip on her cute little ass and let her finish turning. When she was facing me again I asked, “Do you and your husband hate sex?”

She looked at me with that confused look on her face again. It was several moments before she stuttered, “N-n-no, s-sir!”

I sighed to let her know there’s little doubt in my mind I’m dealing with an idiot and asked, “Are all of your bras and panties this sexy?”

“I ... I mean ... I thought...”

She has no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe she really is stupid. She has to know that underwear like she’s wearing can take the starch out of a potato. I shook my head and exclaimed, “Christ, Riley! Even a fucking nun wears more feminine underwear than that shit! How often do you and your husband fuck?”

I wouldn’t have thought it possible. But she turned an even darker shade of red before she finally whispered, “We do it every week!”

“Once a week?! How long have you been married?”

“Almost six months.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “What’s his name ... oh yeah! Brad. How big are Brad’s balls? They can’t be any bigger than a pea if he’s only banging you once a week! Either that or he’s gay! Any normal guy would be slapping the meat to you at least once a day for the first year or two. You could use some bigger tits. But you got a pretty nice ass for a white girl and you ain’t bad looking. Maybe after I get you straightened out I should work on him! He’ll never be anything but a flunky if he doesn’t grow a set of balls.”

She started to speak, to defend her husband I guess. I waved my hand to indicate I don’t want to hear it and ordered her to finish undressing. It isn’t as if she didn’t know the order was coming. But the words seemed to cause the blood to drain from her head. Her face went from bright red to pale white in not much more than an instant. I thought at first she was going to faint. She stopped breathing for a moment and held her hands over her face as though by doing so she would disappear. It probably did nothing for her state of mind when I laughed out loud. I couldn’t help it. Silly ass broad!

She dropped her hands for a moment and then reached behind her back. As she struggled with the clasp on her bra her face changed color again, back to bright red as she contemplated baring her tits to a man she just met. I’d be surprised if it isn’t just a little bit more traumatic because I’m a very dark skinned black man. I noticed on her application she was born in Georgia. I’ve never met a white person from Georgia or any of the surrounding states who isn’t prejudiced to one degree or another. It’s so ingrained in them that I think it must be in their DNA by now.

It took her long enough. But she finally unhooked her bra. She held onto the ends of the straps and slowly brought them down to her sides so that the cups remained in place for another moment or two while she gathered her courage.

She reached up and put her hands on the shoulder straps and looked at me, her eyes pleading with me to end this humiliation; to let her put her clothes back on. I had to smile. She doesn’t seem to realize what my reaction is to that look on her face. She’s just making my already erect cock a little harder and causing it to throb in protest against the constriction of my clothing. I can’t wait to feel those pouty lips wrapped around my cock. I’m anxiously looking forward to feeling those warm tears running down onto my thighs while she chokes on my cock. That brings to mind another question!

She finally eased her shoulder straps down and the cups fell away from her little tits. They aren’t very big. But they’re sure as hell perfect. They don’t even look all that small on her slender little body. Before she could drop the bra I grabbed it out of her hand. I grinned when I saw how hard her nipples are. But then I looked for the label on the bra. While I was turning it over to see what size the cups are I asked, “Have you ever sucked a cock, Riley?”

Again that sharp intake of breath. The label confirmed her statement, A cups. But only just barely to look at them. She’s embarrassed about it, too. She’s embarrassed about standing there in just her panties anyway. But I can tell she’s even more embarrassed because her breasts are small. She watched me look at the label and she knew what I was looking for.

I dropped the bra and looked her in the eye. I’m still waiting for an answer. She could only meet my gaze for a second or two before she buried her face in her hands again. There was a long pause before she moaned, “Please don’t ... I can’t ... please, sir.”

I almost had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. God this is fun! I struggled to keep a straight face and growled, “Answer the fucking question, cunt!”

“Oh god! Don’t ... once! I did it once! It was awful. I ... he ... when it was over I ... made a mess. I never did it again. It was nasty!”

I did laugh then. And then I said, “Yeah. It is nasty. I’d sure as hell never do it. But you’re going to do it again. You’ll be doing it fairly often from now on. I love looking down at my lap and seeing a pretty blonde head bobbing up and down. I’m warning you right now, if you make a mess in here I’ll rub your nose in it and then take my belt to that skinny ass of yours. So make up your mind to get over that prissy shit now. Being a cocksucker is just part of your job description here.”

There were a few seconds there when it looked like she was ready to run for it without even bothering to pick up her clothes first. But then she visibly gave in. She kind of slumped and there was a look of equal parts desperation and resignation on her face that would have broken my heart if I were a nice guy. But I’m not. Like I said, I’m a prick.

In that moment she had given up so entirely that without waiting to be told she began to peel her panties down. I wasn’t surprised to see that no razor has ever been anywhere near her pubic hair. That’s another change I’m going to make.

She stepped out of her panties and pushed them aside but I ordered her to pick them up and hand them to me. She bent, careful to keep her knees together as she did. I can’t help smiling at that. She has to know it doesn’t make a difference now; not after the crude questions I’ve asked and not if I’ve got her standing there naked. She knows she’s only minutes away from having sex with a man who isn’t her husband, a black man who isn’t going to take no for an answer. But if bending down modestly helps her cope then so be it.

She picked her panties up again. She held them out to me with a shaking hand. I took them from her and turned them inside out. She groaned as she watched me sniff them and then run my thumb over the lining. I almost laughed out loud. Just as I suspected, the damn things are sopping wet!

I ordered her to spread her legs shoulder width apart and I looked more closely at her mound. It’s obvious she’s aroused. It’s difficult to see through all the hair but I can see well enough to know that her vulva is red and swollen. Her juices are clinging to her tight little opening and glistening in the light from my windows.

It only then occurred to me that the blinds are open. I almost never close them. I never even think about them. Most of one wall of my office is glass. I don’t have to worry much about a lack of privacy, though. Only the grounds crew are ever out there. They’re out there fairly often, mowing, trimming the shrubs, weeding and whatever else they do. I just never pay any attention to them. If any of them are out there now they probably have a pretty good view of Mrs. Bradley Orvis in all her glory.

I reached out and ran a finger through her moist slit. She shuddered and her sexy little body jerked in reaction to the touch of my large finger on her sensitive flesh. But still she remained in place. She moaned as the tip of my finger explored her opening. I teased her, spreading her slick lubricant around her opening for a moment before I pushed one of my fingers slowly inside of her.

Even if I didn’t already know it I probably could have guessed that she only gets fucked once a week. That’s just about the tightest pussy I ever stuck a digit in. I found myself wondering if Brad’s cock is any bigger than my finger. I’ve heard that a lot of those white boys ain’t hung so well.

Another shudder ran through her body as my finger penetrated her moist little pussy until one of my knuckles was pressed against her swollen clit. Under her breath she exclaimed, “Oh Jesus! Oh god! Please don’t! Don’t do this to me!”

I moved my finger in and out of her several times and then left it buried in her tight little crevice. I started working on her clit with my thumb again. In hardly any time at all she began to mutter, “No. Oh god no! Please. I can’t. I’m so sorry!”

And then she went limp. Only my finger in her pussy and her hand coming to rest on the corner of my desk kept her from falling to the floor as she climaxed. I smiled then, for two reasons. I smiled because of the mental anguish she’s experiencing. It’s tearing her up that she succumbed to the erotic sensations I caused her with my finger and my thumb. What a huge turn-on!

But mostly I smiled because now it’s my turn!

I slowly pulled my finger free of her hot, throbbing pussy. I pushed my chair back, stood up and quickly stripped out of my pants and jockey shorts. She gasped and quietly exclaimed, “Oh my god!” when I uncovered my nine inch cock and it bounced free. I think she wanted to turn away but she couldn’t. She couldn’t stop staring at it.

I sat down, picked up the phone and called Dupree on the intercom. When he answered I said, “Hold on for a second, Dupree.”

I looked up at Riley and said, “I’ve got Dupree on the line. He’s the head of personnel. Do you want me to tell him to put you on the payroll?”

Her eyes closed and her head tilted back. She took a deep breath and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“You know what you have to do. The minute you start sucking you’re hired.”

She dropped to her knees, or her legs gave out and she fell to her knees. It was hard to tell. I lifted the arm of my chair up out of the way. She shuffled forward and stared at my hard cock for a few seconds. It sounded very much like she couldn’t believe her eyes when she whispered, “It’s so big!”

She reached out, her arm moving in slow motion until her hand was close enough that she could carefully grip the base of my cock between her thumb and her forefinger. I heard her struggling to swallow. She’s obviously terrified. That only doubles my excitement as I watch her face slowly approach my drooling cock. She stuck out her tongue and tentatively touched the tip of it to the head of my cock.

She paused to evaluate what she just did and then she took another cautious lick. I guess she decided it isn’t going to poison her. In about a minute she managed to lick up all the lubricant that has been streaming from my piss hole since shortly after I placed my hand on her sexy leg. Accepting defeat she finally placed her lips against the knob and slid her mouth down over the head and about an inch of the fat shaft.

I warned her about her teeth and she mumbled something I couldn’t make out. It’s obvious she’s going to need some instructions. She doesn’t have a clue. I put the phone back up to my ear and said, “I’ve decided to hire Orvis. She’s starting today. I want you to pay her double what we normally pay my secretary. She’s going to earn it.”

Dupree laughed and said, “I thought when I saw her that you might want to hire her. How long before you figure you get some of that?”

I grinned and replied, “She on her knees right now, buck naked and sucking on my cock. She doesn’t have a clue so I’m going to have to hang up and start telling her how it’s supposed to be done. Oh, and I’m going to need to keep that temp you brought in for a while. When this one isn’t putting out she’s going to need some pretty intensive training. She’s going to have to be able to do more around here than fuck and suck cocks.”

Dupree laughed again and said, “I can see that there ain’t going to be much work getting done in your office for a while. Lucky bastard!”

I thanked him for sending her to me and then hung up.

As expected, the tears were streaming down her cheeks and falling onto my thigh. I love the way it feels. I love what it says about what’s going through her mind. Knowing how much she hates this makes my dick twice as hard. I reached down and rearranged her slightly, pulling her sexy little ass a little closer. I stuck my finger into her juicy pussy a couple of times. Then I forced it between the cheeks of her cute little ass and began working it into her tight little asshole.

She cried out at the humiliating invasion but I held her head in place when she tried to lift her mouth off my cock to complain. She surrendered instantly. She tried to ignore my finger and concentrate on the mouthful of cock she’s struggling with. I fucked her ass with my finger for a minute and then left it buried past the second knuckle. I started telling her how to give me a good blowjob. She needs all the training I can give her.

In one respect she’s going to get off easy this time. I’m not going to be able to last for more than a few minutes. I’m divorced, as you might expect. I have been for quite a while. No decent woman is going to put up with my shit for long. It’s probably been close to a month since I’ve had a piece of ass. As if that weren’t enough of an excuse for not lasting very long I’m pretty much raping this sweet cunt and the sight of her crying face moving up and down on the first black cock she’s ever seen is a wet dream come true.

That this won’t last long is the upside for her. The downside is that my big balls are full. As turned on as I am right now I might just drown the poor bitch! I just hope I scared her enough that she manages to swallow it all and keep it down. I really hate it when a broad spits out my cum.

After about ten minutes I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I told her to start using her hand on the half of my cock she can’t get in her mouth and I warned her again about what I’d do if she made a fucking mess. Hopefully she ain’t going to puke all over me. That would really kill the romance of the moment.

I sat back then and just watched for another few minutes. Just before I blew I warned her it was coming. Then I pulled my finger out of her ass, reached out and gripped her neck. I held on tight while I shot a huge load in her mouth.

She nearly lost it despite all my threats. She gagged and choked and tried to pull away. But she didn’t have a chance. I held on tight and held her mouth down on my cock until my orgasm slowly receded. I let her up when my cock finally started to go soft and watched as she struggled to swallow and not lose her breakfast. There were twin ropes of cum running out of her nostrils but except for that I guess she did alright. At least she didn’t puke. I decided to skip the spanking this time.

I took a tissue from my desk and wiped her nose and upper lip. She stared straight ahead with a kind of blank look in her eyes until I pried her jaw open. Then I had to try not to laugh at the shock I saw on her face when I forced the dirty tissue between her lips. I closed her mouth and watched the sick look on her face as she eventually came to understand what I have in mind.

I smiled and said, “Not bad, bitch. I didn’t think you were going to be able to do it. You only missed a little bit. You swallow that and I won’t have to take my belt to your ass.”

She still looks like she might get sick. But she chewed lethargically for a minute and then gulped the cum filled tissue down. I patted her on the head and then pointed out a few stray drops of cum on my dick and my balls.

She moaned again. But she leaned back down and licked my cock and balls clean. When I was satisfied, I lifted her head and stuck my finger in her mouth, the finger that only a minute ago was buried in her ass. She glanced up at me, her eyes full of despair. But she obediently began to suck on it until I pulled it free.

She stared down at the floor despondently and whispered, “Can I get dressed now?”

I chuckled and said, “Shit, girl! We’re just getting started! Stand up.”

She mumbled, “Oh god!”

But she stood up and waited in place for my next command. She gave every indication that she hated what I just made her do. And I suppose she did. But I looked down and almost laughed out loud. Her pussy juice has been oozing out of her and is now smeared all around the first inch or two of the insides of her thighs. She may very well hate me and what I’m making her do, but you’ll never convince me that this isn’t turning her on. I’m touching a nerve somewhere deep inside of her that no one ever touched before. I don’t doubt that I’m going to touch more of them when I finally drive my cock into that tight little hole.

But first I’ve got to taste this juicy little bitch. I’m willing to bet that once I get my tongue in there it won’t be long before that temp girl sitting on the other side of my office door learns just what’s taking me so long to interview Riley.

I stood up and turned to face Riley. I moved closer until my semi-erect cock was pressed against her belly. The head of my cock reached nearly to the sexy valley between her little tits. I’m nearly two feet taller than her so of course that’s no indication of how far it’s going to penetrate when I finally get around to fucking her. But I can see by the worried look on her face that she’s concerned.

I turned back to my desk and moved a few things around to make room for her. Then I picked her slender body up and sat her cute little ass down on my desk. It required almost no effort at all. She’s almost weightless. If she weighs over a hundred pounds it isn’t by much. She sat there looking like a naked little kewpie doll. Her soft, shoulder length blonde hair isn’t quite as neat as it was when she entered my office. But it still frames her face looking soft and touchable.

For the first time I reached out and cupped one of her breasts in my hand. She looks very youthful and her small tits only add to the effect. I’m normally a fan of large tits, especially when they bulge up out of woman’s top and wobble when she walks. I love the way big tits reach out, grab my eyes and scream “LOOK AT ME!”

These little tits have something different to say. They say “I’m a young girl. I’m virginal. You shouldn’t be looking at me. You shouldn’t be touching me.”

That and the look of despair in her eyes make her irresistible. Even at this point she could have stopped this, although to be fair I may not have made that entirely clear to her. She need only get up, grab her clothing and leave. I’ve been telling her what to do but except for holding her mouth down on my cock when I climaxed I’ve never forced her. I made it clear that if she didn’t surrender she wouldn’t get the job. But in my defense, she isn’t qualified for the job and it would never have been offered to her if she didn’t make my dick so hard.

Now, as my fingers moved over her soft, firm, pert, perfectly formed little tits and her incredibly hard nipples I find that suddenly I’m a fan of small tits. There is one drawback. I won’t be able to fuck those tiny tits and spray a load of cum all over her pretty face. But hell, I’d rather stick my dick in her mouth and make her swallow it. I love how much she hates that.

I ordered her to recline and while she was lying back on my desk I pulled my chair closer and sat down. I pushed her legs a little farther apart and leaned forward until her pussy was less than two feet from my face. I would have known she was aroused if I were blindfolded. I can smell the intoxicating aroma of her arousal! But I’m not blindfolded. I can see how red and swollen she is. I can see the juices oozing from her tight opening. I suppose that a case can be made for calling this rape. But no one will ever convince me that she isn’t enjoying this. Perhaps not on a conscious level. But this little bitch is as turned on as I am right now.

I leaned forward and inhaled deeply. My cock has risen to full erection once more as I sit here staring at her tight opening. The aroma of her unwanted lust permeates the air around me and only adds to my anticipation. I leaned closer. A shiver ran through her as she became aware of my warm breath on the most sensitive part of her body.

I touched my lips to her opening and she jumped as though I’d pressed a hot poker against her. She stifled a cry and tried to press her legs together to protect her pussy. I looked across her flat stomach in amusement. Her eyes are pressed tightly shut. Her hands are balled up in tight fists as she waits for the inevitable oral rape to commence. Looking at her I was suddenly struck by the certain knowledge that this is going to be a new experience for her. More to rub it in than because I want to know I lifted my face away from her opening and asked, “Does your husband eat your cunt? Has anyone ever eaten your cunt?”

She groaned and responded in a pleading, whiny voice, “Why do you have to make it worse?! Why do you have to ask all these questions?!”

I started to reach for my belt but hers caught my eye. I reached down and picked it up instead. I gripped it about five or six inches from the end and smacked it down across her cunt.

She cried out in pain and fear. This time her cry was loud enough that anyone in my reception room must have heard it. She clasped her hands over her pussy and looked down between her tits at me in shock.

I glared at her and struck again, on her hands this time. She cried out again but didn’t move her hands. I continued to glare angrily at her and growled, “Move your fucking hands!”

As she slowly moved her hands out of the way I said, “You don’t question me. You don’t ever question me. You do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it and you answer any fucking question I ask you without hesitation. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir! I’m sorry, sir!”

After a brief silence I impatiently exclaimed, “Well?!”

Her head fell back down on the desk. Her eyes closed and she quietly responded, “No. He wants to. But I won’t let him. He’s tried. But it’s too embarrassing. I don’t want anyone’s face ... there.”

“You really are a stupid cunt, aren’t you?! Hell! I’m doing you and your pansy husband a favor! You thought you were going to live your entire life without sucking cocks and without getting your pussy eaten? That poor pussy whipped bastard must be going through life with blue balls. But I suppose if he’s pansy enough to let you get away with this shit he has it coming. Do you even know what a frigid cunt you are?”

When she didn’t respond I brought the belt up to smack her cunt again. Her eyes were closed but she must have sensed what I was about to do. Her eyes opened and she lifted her head to look down her body at me. Seeing the belt about to strike she cried out, “No! No I...”

She collapsed back down onto my desk and quietly sobbed, “Yes. Yes, I do know. But I...”

When she didn’t finish the thought I prompted, “You what?”

“I can’t help it. I don’t like sex! It’s ... it’s dirty and demeaning!”

“Bullshit! You like sex well enough. Your fucking pussy is running like a faucet. You just enjoyed one hell of an orgasm. You can deny it until you’re blue in the face. But you have some kinky fantasies that you’ve been keeping hidden from everyone. It ain’t that you don’t like sex. I think you just don’t like sex with your pansy husband. What you need is a real man. I’m going to prove that to you.”

I put her belt down beside her in case I feel like using it again. Then I leaned back down between her thighs. Before I started eating her cunt I said, “I want you to shave most of this fucking hair off tonight. Leave just enough to prove you’re a natural blonde. If I’m not satisfied tomorrow I’ll pull out the excess hair with a pair of pliers.”

She moaned in despair but quietly answered, “Yes, sir.”

I buried my nose in her soft, blonde pubic hair then and set about showing her what she’s been missing. Watching her reaction was both amusing and extremely arousing. The concept of oral sex may be distasteful to her but she sure as hell enjoys the reality!

I’ve eaten my share of pussy over the years. I’ve loved it from the very first time I tried it. I love to watch a woman dancing around on the tip of my tongue and hear her crying out as her lust builds and her need overcomes her inhibitions. I find it particularly exciting with Riley. Her tight, lightly used pussy excites me. Looking across her flat belly at those two small mounds standing erect on her chest like two small, feminine mountains only heightens my excitement. But listening to her barriers being torn down as my tongue invades her body; watching her succumb to her passion involuntarily and knowing that later, when she thinks about how it wasn’t her husband but a black man more than twice her age who did this to her, it’s going to bother her so much. There’s no question in my mind, due in large part to the turmoil warping her little mind at the moment, this has to be the most exciting sex I’ve had since my first piece of ass!

I used every trick I’ve ever learned, licking and sucking her swollen clit and driving my long tongue deep inside of her while my hands move up and cup her tits and my thumbs and fingers tease her steel hard nipples. Her moans of unwanted pleasure became cries of encouragement. Louder and louder, she quickly reached the point of being totally out of control; probably for the first time in her fucking life. She has no idea that her passionate cries must surely be escaping the room and entertaining anyone in my outer office by now. She may not even be aware she’s making all that damn noise!

I lost track of the orgasms she experienced before I couldn’t take it any longer and stood up. She continued to lie there looking only about half conscious as I moved up between her legs and let my hard cock come to rest on her swollen slit. She moaned at the contact but didn’t open her eyes. If she’s aware that she’s about to be penetrated by nine inches of thick, black cock she gives no indication of it.

I lifted her legs toward the ceiling. I let her calves rest on my shoulders. Inching closer I gently moved my hips, slowly sliding my cock back and forth through her juicy slit for a moment, watching her face for some sign that she’s coming to her senses. I thought she must have recovered enough by now that she’s aware of what I’m about to do to her. I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed. I know I’ll enjoy this more if her eyes are wide open. I really want to see the look of horror on her face when my cock first begins to invade her body.

I thought about waiting. I want to get the full effect of watching the little redneck bitch freak out as she watches me plumb her depths with my black cock for the first time. But if I wait much longer my next orgasm is going to shoot ropes of cum across her belly and her tits. That isn’t where I want my cum.

Just as I pulled back to line the head of my cock up with her pussy I was distracted by something. I saw motion in my peripheral vision and turned my head. Two of the groundskeepers are standing about ten feet back from my windows watching me prepare to fuck Riley.

When my gaze met theirs they nearly panicked. But they calmed down when I smiled and waved them closer. I don’t mind an audience. In fact, in this case, with this woman, it turns me on even more.

I waited until the two men were standing right in front of the large sheet of glass that comprises a large part of my office wall. They were standing no more than twenty feet away from my desk when I reached out and patted Riley on the cheek. Her eyes finally opened and I watched as she slowly came around. She looked at me and looked down at my cock, wedged against her opening and about to enter her body. I finally got to see the reaction of horror I was hoping for. But then I said, “Riley, look out the window to your right.”

She was already getting so accustomed to taking orders that instead of pitching a fit and begging me not to put my cock in her she turned to look. She saw the two men and screamed just as I drove my hips forward and plunged my cock halfway into her tight cunt.

I’ve probably fucked close to two dozen women in the last twenty-five years. But I swear I’ve never felt a pussy as tight as hers. It clamped down on me like a vise and nearly squeezed the cum right out of me!

I paused there to savor the sensations of her superheated pussy gripping my cock. She forgot all about my cock for the moment. She turned her head back, covered her face with her hands and cried, “Make them go away!”

I laughed and said, “Fuck that! It turns me on to know they’re watching. Put your hands down, bitch.”

She didn’t move. Rather than yell at her I reached down and picked up her belt. I gripped it just like I did earlier and brought it down smartly across her left tit, striking her right across the nipple.

She screamed in pain and her hands immediately moved from her face to cover her tit and protect it from the belt. Her right tit, however, remained uncovered. Before she could react I slapped her exposed right tit across the nipple, enjoying both the satisfying sound of imitation leather striking flesh and her sharp cry of pain.

She covered both tits and looked up at me. I could feel the helplessness I saw on her face all the way to my balls!

I snarled, “I told you to put your fucking hands down!”

She hesitantly uncovered her tits and let her hands fall slowly away until they rested on my desk at her sides. I smiled and said, “Now turn your head and look out the window like you were told.”

She looked up at me for a moment. She wants to ask me why I’m doing this to her. It’s written on her face plain as day. But she finally gave in and turned her head back toward the window. She lay there with half of my black cock buried in her tight pussy and her tits exposed while she looked through the glass at the two horny men watching her surrender her young body to her new boss.

There are half a dozen men charged with building maintenance and keeping the grounds in shape. I don’t know any of them by name. I’ve never spoken to them and have no desire to. They do a good enough job, I suppose, but I appreciate them more than ever now. At the moment they’re adding immeasurably to what I’m doing by their very presence.

The older of the two, the black man, is the supervisor. He’s enjoying the show so much that he has begun to rub his cock through his pants. His younger white subordinate doesn’t seem to have any objections to watching a pretty little white girl getting pronged by a large black man, either. Even though it has to be obvious even from out there that she’s doing this against her will.

Looking at the lust on their faces as they watch our little sex show is as stimulating for me as it is horrific for Riley. Or at least that’s what I thought at first. I began to wonder before long, though. I slowly slid my cock the rest of the way into her, watching her tense up and listening to her moans as her pussy is stretched more than it has ever been before. I pulled my cock almost all the way out and slammed it all the way back into her in one rapid stroke this time. She gasped and tensed up. I repeated the motion and she whispered, “Oh Jesus!”

I expected her to lie there and hate every moment of this. But I had only just begun to stroke my cock into her when she started muttering to herself, “Oh my god! This can’t be happening! Oh no!”

She continued to stare into the eyes of the two groundskeepers but her hips began to move as I fucked her and her cries became louder and less intelligible as I picked up the pace. Her movements became so violent that I had to wrap my arms around her thighs to hold her in position!

I’ll be a son of bitch! The stupid cunt is getting off on this!!

Even as horny as I am I wasn’t halfway to an orgasm before I felt her cunt grip my cock like a tight fist and she started crying out as she was racked by one giant climax after another. I smiled and thought, “The dumb cunt is gonna hate herself in the morning!”

I fucked her harder and harder for the next five minutes or so. I enjoyed the hell out of the sight of her little tits moving violently on her chest with every stroke. They wobbled around like cherry topped mounds of vanilla pudding until I tensed up and sprayed her guts with what felt like a cup of hot cum. She had stopped cumming by the time I climaxed. Her cries had faded to quiet moans. She continued to stare at the two men outside and grunt with every stroke of my cock.

I remained in place, panting and sweating from all the exertion. I enjoyed the feel of my cock slowly going soft, still buried deep inside of her. A minute or two passed before I let my cock slip from her tight little body. When I felt strong enough I picked her up off the desk and stood her on her feet. She’s a mess. Her pussy still looks like a tight little line drawn down across her mound, though it’s a darker red now and appears to be even more swollen than before. Now her well fucked pussy is also beginning to ooze cum. It’s mixing with the small sea of her own juices and the two fluids seem to be combining to make that entire area of her body glisten.

She stood where I put her with tears running down her cheeks again. She’s all but overwhelmed by the realization of what she has just done. I reveled in her humiliation for a moment before I used a handful of her hair to guide her pouty lips to my semi-erect cock. I didn’t even have to give the command! She knew what I wanted from her and there was no fight left in her. She started lapping up the slimy residue of our fuck from my cock and then, under the guidance of my hand and a fistful of her, she lapped my balls clean, too.

I have a pretty good idea what’s going on in her head. But even so, I’d give anything to be able to read her mind in that moment. She must still be totally aware of the audience, which I notice has just grown to three as another of the grounds crew came over to see what the other two were watching so intently.

She finished cleaning my crotch, but her humiliation isn’t complete yet. I guided her face to the pool of our combined juices on the glass top covering my desk. She gagged once. But then she began to lap my desktop clean. While she was doing that I pushed her legs apart and used a couple of tissues to sop up the mess on her thighs and her freshly fucked cunt. I can tell by the way she tensed up that she knows damn well what I’m going to do with those tissues.

She finished cleaning my desk and straightened up. Only then did she become aware of the fact that there are now three strange men watching me humiliate her. Her sobbing increased. Her shoulders shook. But she turned to face me and when she saw the soiled tissues nearing her lips she opened her mouth without even bothering to plead with me.

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