Cassanova and the Amazon Queen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cassanova is forced to leave his beloved Venice and heads East to find the secrets of Solomon's tomb. He acquires the services of a willing teenaged girl who accedes to his every request. They fall into the hands of the Amazon Queen and her band of female warriors. Things are looking a lot better for the young girl servant than for Casanova who finds himself a toyboy for the strong-willed Amazons.

Several weeks after escaping from Venice by leaping into the murky waters of the canal from the only open window on the Bridge of Sighs, Casanova disembarked from an innocuous Turkish merchant vessel not far from the entrance to the Straits of Dardanelles.

The princely Italian nobleman of dubious distinction was quite subdued and not his usual cheery self. His last amorous adventure was almost his final one. The wife of the watchman prefect was both nubile and overly friendly. It was a combination that had ensnared the romantically inclined nobleman more than once. Still, he was forced to leave his considerable fortune and string of quivering female followers behind without a backward glance in order to insure his continued survival.

The ship captain's daughter was watching him with tearful eyes from the aft cabin. She had willingly bent over for his pleasure many times on the lengthy voyage. The captain, who was from a tribe not of stature in the Turkish Empire, was annoyed at the sounds of joyful bliss spilling from his daughter's lips each and every night. However, he was wise and cautious enough not to voice objection to the well-paying passenger.

Casanova was a bit depressed to leave the stunningly beautiful pale-skinned girl with the ass-cheeks of an Angel.

She was scarcely broken in and of a nature to submit to any request. When he inquired of her age, she told him her father had informed her only six short months ago that she was a full 16 years of age. It was a matter of no consequence to her as she had no concerns in that regard, but the wily captain, who was really not her father, but a cast-away friend of her promiscuous mother, used it to announce his intention to ass-train her for male companionship. His insistent knocking on her rear door each night hence until the arrival of Casanova on board was a source of constant humiliation to her and she kept her face buried in the bed pillows to deny her eyes the sight of her repeated degradation.

The handsome Italian Prince had made a lasting impression on her and she was loath to witness his departure. Unknown to either her "not really" her father or the Italian gentleman passenger, Sonya had secreted male garb for the purpose of making a quick departure in pursuit of the well-endowed Casanova and continued nightly pleasure.

When Sonya joined him a short distance from the harbor, Casanova quickly agreed to keep her as his personal man-servant providing she kept her hair long and made no gestures of a feminine nature to advertise her sex. The regions he sought entrance into were notoriously harsh on female travelers.

Casanova decided to call the young girl Antonio to add to the subterfuge and they and the rest of the entourage headed inland to the fabled land of the Babylonian Kings.

He was sore disappointed to find the Hanging Gardens in desperate disrepair and did not linger in that area very long. They pushed on further South and soon not only did the terrain change gradually into more densely packed vegetation, but animals of exotic variety began to wander across their line of advance. The available maps were lacking in detail or coherent features, so Casanova started to draw his own maps to record his route.

The evening after they passed the valley of bones, most of the hired bearers disappeared into the silent night without a whisper of protest. Casanova was so invested in properly stretching Antonio's heart-shaped buttocks that he never heard them leave. Only two days later they arrived at the foothills of a formidable mountain range that seemed to stretch from horizon to horizon. The remaining two bearers took half of the remaining water and melted away into the brush. Fortunately, Antonio found a sweet tasting spring in the rocks and they had plenty of water to give them sustenance.

Casanova taxed Antonio's pussy hard the entire night and was sound asleep at the break of day.

A circle of shadow warriors watched the sleeping young Italian Prince and the nubile ship Captain's daughter. They could see the pools of drying cum all over the girl's legs and nightshift. One of them came forward and lifted Casanova's huge cock like it was a hibernating snake waiting for a signal to awaken. When a couple of them giggled, it became increasingly obvious that the warriors were all of the female persuasion.

Antonio opened her eyes and was startled to see the band of fierce looking females around her. She hoped they were friendlier than their faces made them out to be. One of the females put her hand over her mouth and inspected her female slit and her tight little pucker hole with much inquisitiveness and little degree of delicacy. The woman nodded to the others to confirm that she was indeed a female just like them. They bound her hands and cautioned her to silence.

Casanova's awakening was quite different. His first inkling of the presence of the female warriors was when one of them kicked him rather hard in his noble rump. He immediately reached for his sword. He saw that Antonio was already secured by the group and he knew he was so far outnumbered that resistance was futile.

"Why are you here, traveler?"

"I was trying to find the tomb of Solomon!"

The women all laughed even Antonio even though she didn't really know why. She just wanted to be like the other women because it seemed like a real good idea to blend in right now.

"Silence him now Rosalinda, we don't want any loose mouths bringing trouble our way."

The tall dark-haired woman with the heavy sword prodded Casanova with its sharp tip and he moved in the direction she indicated without any protest.

At the edge of the forest, she turned around and instructed four of the other woman to stretch Casanova out on the smooth boulder directly in front of them. He had his legs and arms held down by females with unusually developed strength. He had absolutely no chance of getting away.

The tall woman released his cock from his trousers and stroked it until it was sticking up straight into the sky throbbing and pulsating in anticipation of activity. She motioned one of the women to come forward and take the sturdy cock into her female cave. Casanova was enthralled at the ease of the impalement and relaxed to enjoy the sensation of the tightly clamped vaginal channel massaging his aroused shaft.

The leader of the fierce female band looked down on the sweating Casanova plumbing the depths of the beautiful blond with the muscular legs. He looked so engrossed in the rhythm of the squatting pussy milking his cock that he barely noticed how tenderly the Amazon Queen cupped his balls with her sharp nailed fingers and traced a nasty trail painfully up into his sheltered crack. He felt the touch on his quivering anus and spurted harsh strings of creamy cum right up into the blonde's dripping cunt. She had her eyes squeezed tightly shut and screeched out her passion to the delight of all of the female warriors. The warrior Queen lifted her follower's chin and ravaged her willing mouth with her heated tongue pausing only to deliver a telling wad of spit right onto the girl's tongue.

The interlopers turned their attention to the young girl shaking in fear on the ground.

"Why are you dressed as a man and serving this scheming cunt-teaser?"

Antonio explained she used him to escape from the anal demands of her ship captain step-father and was much attached to the way her Casanova exercised her female slit with nightly excursions.

Most of the women laughed except for one or two who seemed incapable of laughter. Their hands close to their weapons betrayed their distrust and disgust with all things male connected and the glint in their eyes boded badly for Casanova's future.

Fortunately for Casanova, The Amazon Queen was much attracted to the impressive size of his member and she played with it before she selected another female warrior to mate to the Italian nobleman. This one was in fact, the Queen's favorite. She was from the far-away land called Ireland and still clung to some superstitious religious beliefs that made her delightfully guilty whenever they engaged in perverted activities.

The redheaded girl was well-endowed with impressive breastworks and had the softest bottom pad of any of the Amazon women. The Queen often mounted the Irish girl just to feel the softness of her rounded cheeks between her strong legs. She pushed the girl to straddle the stranger's hips and allow his cock to enter her garden paradise. The present of the sturdy cock was a reward for her pretty follower for her devoted service. The other female warriors crowded in closer to watch the huge cock disappearing into the pretty girl's cunt with frenzied rapidity. The girl was crooning in a strange language and held her nipples twisted sharply as she rode the slick cock to the finish line. The Amazon Queen tapped her devoted follower's ass cheeks with her stinging palms driving her to a spirited display of female orgasm and spraying of her female juices all over the prostate body of the restrained Casanova.

The Queen leaned forward and licked the juice from Casanova's legs sucking his skin into her mouth and nibbling with her strong white teeth. The stretched out Casanova groaned more in pleasure than in pain and his slightly wilting cock rose once again to the fine cock-stand tempting the Queen to envelope it with her lips. She tasted the familiar scent of her favorite Irish girl and frantically took the cock in deeper and deeper until she almost gagged with the effort. Soon, Casanova's cock was ready to spurt again but she did not want his seed in her mouth. Holding his cock stiff with her hands, she hopped on board and took the throbbing tool right up to the sensitive beginning of her cervix. She looked right into his eyes and smiled as she felt his seeds spilling against her inside wall. Her nostrils flared like a tiger with the scent of fresh meat. Casanova shuddered visibly and tensed his ass muscles to shoot out a couple of remaining spurts of male liquid into the Queen's carnivorous cunt.

A group of the women stripped Antonio completely and they admired her pretty pussy and her well- shaped bottom. A couple of them sucked her nipples to see if she had a sweet taste to her. One very aggressive female took charge of her bottom and explored her flanks with inquisitive fingers. At this point, poor Antonio just gave in entirely to their desires and allowed them to use her in any way they so preferred. A very petite female with long dark hair and very dark skin scissored her standing and actually penetrated her willing and wet pussy with her protruding clitoris that acted just like a man's cock.

Casanova watched his protégée's debasement with some interest because the same gender coupling was of some enjoyment to him in a voyeur role.

After the long-haired dark girl took her pleasure of Antonio's pussy, the other girls lined up to alternately spank and play with the captain's daughter's sensual ass temptingly waiting for their feverish groping.

The band moved out to the Amazon village located deep in the fertile valley centered on a life-giving waterfall. The water of the mountain spring was special because it kept the women younger for an abnormally long time. It also made them nubile into a much older age and helped them to produce young females to be trained in the arts of making war. The male children were immediately given to the wandering tribes of the North who valued them for their potential as workers on the farms and in the city apprenticed to tradesmen.

There were never males who stay very long in the Amazon village. They were hated by too many and sought after by others who craved their cocks and seeds of life. More often than not they were sold to the traders looking for strong backs to man the oars of war-making ships plying the trade routes on the high seas. The exception was Carlos the cook who made the most delicious soup and was not in the least bit excited by the thought of female pussy either day or night.

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