Rowena of Locksley
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Clergy, Public Sex, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The innocent appearing young woman is the only offspring of the famed Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. She is poised to take her rightful place as a leader of the oppressed folk of Nottingham. Her skills are honed to a sharp edge and she has been trained in both anal and oral pleasure giving by the senior sister of the Sacred Convent. Her noble lineage and position as the living embodiment of the revered Morgana giver of life and fertile fields and bellies make her a powerful force for good.


I, Gareth of Nottingham, son of Jeffrey the Saxon, relate this authentic true account of Lady Rowena, the only offspring of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, a shriven knight of the realm and whose lineage can be traced back to beginnings of our war-torn land.

Off in the distance, the slender girl wearing a squire's attire saw the smoking rising from a small farm put to the flame by the minions of the usurper Prince John. She was certain it could only be more grief dished out by his "taxmen" trying to squeeze coin and possessions from the working folk of Nottingham town for his dastardly foppery and sinful excesses of the flesh.

With most of the able-bodied men off to the Holy Land to confront the terror of plundering non-believers, the remaining subjects of the true king Richard consisted of mostly young children, females, the elderly and those afflicted with injury or disease and unable to serve in a military role. It was easy "pickings" for the "taxmen" and mercenaries called in from France and the Continent.

Rowena had taken charge of her farm folk and moved them with her to the safety of the forested area behind the Sacred Convent situated on ancient Druid ruins. She was much attuned to the vibes of the closeted nuns who punished their own bodies for the sinful desires of the flesh that often made them writhe in deprived isolation in their tiny cells at night.

The sun browned girl with the long flowing black hair was well acquainted with the excesses of the flesh but still remained with hymen intact even unto her most recent 19th birthday. She had been a farm girl from birth despite her noble blood. Every year since her 16th birthday, on the feast day of the revered Morgana, she had been stripped and subjected to harsh treatment at the hands of the male clergy to remind her of her weakness and mortal failings. She had been saturated with the male juices of many dedicated brothers and fathers of religious convictions and used like a toy by the female followers in a frenzy of depraved pleasure. It was more in celebration of the old beliefs rather than the new-found Christianity that was favored by most. She was a willing participant and in large degree honored by her selection to represent her region in the ceremony.

Rowena knew she was most likely a hidden devotee of the lust God because she grew fonder and fonder of the degrading experiences each time she participated.

The Mother Superior told her,

"You are blessed among us, Lady Rowena, not as a daughter of the great Robin Hood, and not as person of noble birth; but because you are a true believer and will follow in the footsteps of Morgana into doing the "peoples" business. The spirit world of the forest will protect you at all times. Never despair even in the depths of failure."

Rowena was well-skilled in the use of the long-bow and the slender blade favored by the French. Often she had used her strength to scale the castle walls with speed and silence. Dressed as a young squire, she moved about the countryside without difficulty blending into the vast numbers of ignorant and ignored commoners.

Ever since her father's unannounced disappearance some years before, the young girl tried her best to be prepared to assist him in his vow to protect the folk of Nottingham from the evil oppressors.

The senior nun at the convent helped Rowena disrobe in the quiet of her cell. She often used the convent to gather her thoughts and refresh her mind with the many books from far and wide. The senior nun was only a young woman of about 30 years due to most of cloistered sisters succumbing to the dreaded pox the previous year. The "fresh blood" in the convent was welcome but caused the Mother Superior some desire for caution because the younger nuns were still high-spirited and searching for the solace of handy cocks or pussies. She had been vigorous in her application of discipline on the flanks of the younger members and secretly derived great pleasure in their squirming and cries of distress.

The friendly nun was called Sister Carmela and she atoned for her serious sin of fornication with her own brother when she was but a young girl of only 16 years. The way he had used her pussy and her arse both gently and hard, made her a slave to his impulsive desires.

When her mother discovered them together in the barn with her arse full stretched by her brother's thick and rampant cock, it was time for her to be dispatched to the convent for serious contrition to save her depraved soul. Her brother was told to pester the hoydens at the pub to give service to his heated loins. Nothing that Carmela said was of any use to dissuade her parents from their decision.

She had been at the convent now for some 13 years and for the first several years she had been the close aide to Sister Emmanuel. She was one of the nuns who had been gathered up by the Lord in the visitation of the pox to the region only one short year ago.

Sister Emmanuel had disciplined her and showed her how to show respect to her mentor's pussy with her soon talented tongue. She had gotten used to the probing of her female slit and even her puckered opening by Sister Emmanuel's tongue and sculpted appendage. In some ways, it was superior to being used by her brother because she did not have to contend with the copious loads of male creamy cum inside her holes.

On many lonely nights inside the walls of the convent, Sister Carmela perfected the licking and sucking skills of the young girl of noble blood and trained her to be responsive to anal penetration. Some of the other nuns lay awake in the cells listening to the whimpers and groans of Rowena under the tutoring of the senior sister.

Rowena left the convent early one morning to check on her camp in the forest. The young lads were busy tanning the leather and sharpening the tools. The young girls were weaving the cloth for their clothing and churning the milk into cheese and butter. An old knight with a well-worn axe stood guard at the narrow trail into the safe place and touched his forefinger to his forehead in a salute of recognition when he saw her walk silently through the trees.

It was old Roland who had told her many tales of a time when monsters walked the land. He was a sturdy fellow in the twilight of his life grown cautious in his old age. He had always treated her with respect and loyal service.

Her camp leader Gawain told her that the two Whitehall sisters, Lucy and Penny had went berry picking at the sun's zenith and were nowhere to be found. It was most unusual for them because they were quite industrious and never known to shirk a duty. She gathered up her short blade and bow and headed for the deep wood to round up the missing girls.

Since the woods were somewhat unexplored in this area, she was loath to shout out their names, choosing instead to listen for any sounds of human activity or unusual marks on the ground or the trees. Even the noise of the animals and the insects gave her clues as to their presence in the immediate area. When she paused to rest, she heard the sound of muted voices straight ahead. It sounded like a pair of high-pitched female voices under some degree of physical stress. The laughter of deeper voices led her to use caution in approaching the opening in the deep brush. Sure enough, it was two of the sheriff's men devoid of their armor and with their manly shafts displayed outside their breeches. Peering intently, she made out the forms of Lucy and Penny on the ground with their bottoms sticking straight up like schoolgirls waiting for their punishment. Only this was the forest, these were the sheriff's men and they had done nothing to be punished for. Stringing her bow, she loosed an arrow into the first man's hat knocking it off his head. When the other turned around, she shot another into his pile of clothing on the ground pinning his helmet to his shirt.

The two girls took advantage of the situation to flee into the woods finding the path back to the safety of the camp. The youngest one, Lucy, was an excellent runner for a girl of 17 summers and she kept Penny at a brisk pace all the way back to safety. Rowena turned to follow them but was unlucky enough to step into a hidden rodent hole and spill awkwardly out into the open. The two sheriff's men pounced on her like hawks on their prey. Her face was buried in the fallen leaves and only her tight breeches and squire boots were sticking up in the silent forest glade.

"We got us a good one, Ralph; he sure has a soft ass on him."

"All I know, Alfred, is we had two nice poke-holes and we lost them because of this do-gooder young lad. I think we need to teach him a lesson"

Rowena started to shout out she was a girl but thought better of it because of the difficult nature of her capture. Perhaps it would be better to be thought a he instead of a she.

"Get his breeches down, Alfred; let's get a peek at his rump."

"I got to say, Ralph, his rear-end does look kind of prime, almost like a girl's. Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"Yup, this lad will learn a hard lesson for robbing us of our booty. Those lasses were ours fair and square."

Rowena could see she was in for a good ass fucking and decided to play the part of an outraged young boy being subjected to unfair interference with his natural desires. Actually, the sight of the two rampant cocks waving about excited her and made her juices flow fair strong.

When the insistent Ralph mounted her bare backside, Rowena squealed but with a deep low voice in her role as a put-upon young squire. It didn't take but a half-dozen deep shoves up her tight rectum to convince Rowena that this was more of an adventure instead of a humiliation.

"Alfred this is the tightest and the sweetest boy I have ever ridden. He feels like a virgin bride, he is that tight."

In order to show his appreciation, Ralph started to worry Rowena's flanks with his heavy hand and she enjoyed the treatment so much that she started to leak profusely from her female slit. She hoped it was not noticed by either man.

No sooner had Ralph dismounted after shooting his load with a loud shout into the silent forest glade, when Alfred hopped on Rowena's raised hips and secured a deep purchase inside her distended anus. His weight bore down on her heavily but she loved the feel of being controlled by the rough and foul smelling man. She knew he thought her to be a boy and that made her even more excited to have his long thick hard cock sliding deep into her female fundament.

She wanted to cry out, "fuck my ass, you bastard, I am a girl. Give it to me good!"

Instead she took the pounding and enjoyed the feeling of being stretched to the maximum.

She looked up from the leaves and whimpered, "Don't do me there, sir, it is unmanly for me to take your cock. I am sorry I deprived you of your girls but don't make me do this terrible thing."

Rowena watched the two sheriff's men walk off strutting and bragging how they had stretched a young boy's private hole. It was so silly, that she was forced into a fit of laughter.

Her bottom was sore but she was able to make it back to the camp quickly. Nobody noticed her bow and blade were missing. She hated to give them up but it was a small price to pay for saving the two hard working females of her brood.

Rowena wanted to share the tale of her subterfuge with the others, but she decided to keep it to herself.

Tomorrow, she would go into Nottingham and get some payback from the Sheriff and his nasty men.

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