Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Chapter 1

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Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when a football player gets hit in the head so hard that his helmet is split and he sinks into a coma. Well, rarely, it's not all bad! This time, it turns a nice guy loser into an even nicer guy winner. Learn what happens to this high schooler

Thomas Alva Green, known as "Tag" to his friends, was one of those people who must have pissed off Fate in early childhood. Tag was a Junior in Hawthorne High School, and a star on the football team. He was 18 years old, he stood 6'-4" tall, and he weighed 280 pounds. Tag played Left Tackle on defense, and he was a terror to the other team on the field. He was scrupulous to play within the rules and was so embarrassed when he was called for a penalty that the coach had to take him out of the game to let him regain his composure.

Tag could move his body with unbelievable speed and quickness, but he was what is commonly known as "slow" mentally. Tag had all the physical attributes that a football player could possibly want, but he had such a learning disability that he was simply unable to learn the offensive plays.

Tag knew he had a learning problem, and he did everything he possibly could to overcome it. He was barely able to keep his grades high enough to be eligible for the football team. There was a rumor that some of the teachers helped Tag remain eligible, but Tag was so well-liked and so important to the football team that the rumor was squelched, and woe unto anybody who commented on it.

Tag did not have a girlfriend, and the reason was that most of the parents were afraid of what Tag might do if he got upset with a girl. They simply could not believe that Tag would have collapsed in tears if he had done anything to make a girl unhappy. A girl was safer with Tag that she would have been if she were locked up in her room at home. Nevertheless, Tag had never had a girlfriend during his whole school experience.

Tag was so big, quick, and fast that he was normally double-teamed, especially on passing plays. College scouts had quickly noted Tag's football skills and had penciled him in as a sure scholarship choice. However, once they learned of his academic difficulties, he was regretfully scratched off the list because they knew he would never be able to maintain his eligibility in college.

This was a source of great sorrow to Tag! All he had wanted to do when he became an adult was to play in the NFL after he had seen his first pro game on TV. He was sure that he would not be good enough as a football player to go into the pros right out of high school, so he would have to have some college seasoning before he would be drafted. No college would take him because he was not worth the risk, so Tag's greatest dream was shattered.

For some reason, this did not dampen Tag's zest for life or his desire to play high school football. Hawthorne High School was headed for another undefeated season, mostly on the strength of Tag's defensive play. However, they still had to win this last game of the season against their arch rivals, Samuel Payne High School.

There were only 2 minutes and 21 seconds left in the game, and the score was tied. The Samuel Payne coach was carefully working his team down the field and chewing up as much of the clock as he could manage. His plan was to get as close as possible to the goal line and kick a field goal. If everything worked out right, Hawthorne would not have time to score, and Samuel Payne would win this crucial game.

Everybody on the Hawthorne team had recognized the strategy of the opposition, and they were determined to do everything they could to stop it. The first play from scrimmage in this series was spoiled when Tag broke through the offensive line and sacked the Quarterback for a 6-yard loss.

The next play broke down, and the Quarterback tried to throw a pass to his Tight End. The pass was completed, but it only gained 1 yard as a result of some excellent play by the Hawthorne Strong Safety. The situation was now desperate for the Samuel Payne team, and extreme measures were required. Their coach felt that only a pass could salvage the situation, but he was frightened by the thought of what Tag could do if he could break through the protection around the quarterback.

Their coach selected a deep pass to the Tight End, and he sent in two of his biggest defensive players to take positions in the backfield. Their sole purpose was to stop Tag from reaching the Quarterback. The ball was snapped, and Tag charged. The two special players sent in to protect the Quarterback reacted as quickly as Tag did. There was a tremendous collision when the two protectors simultaneously hit Tag.

The receiver dropped the passed ball, so that it was 4th down, but that was not what was important at the moment. As the two teams started to assemble for the punt, the entire complement of people in the stadium went wild. TAG WAS LYING ON THE GROUND, AND HE WAS NOT MOVING!

The Hawthorne training staff and the coaching staff all ran onto the field to see what was the problem with Tag. The first person to reach Tag saw that Tag's helmet was split open, and Tag was unconscious. This, obviously, was no time to fool around. The consulting doctor at the game was paged to check on Tag, and he immediately called for an ambulance to take Tag to the ER (Emergency Room).

As speedily as it was possible without doing any additional harm, Tag was rushed to the ER, and his uniform was cut away so that they could do a thorough examination. Tag showed no serious injuries on the surface of his skin, even around his head and shoulders, but everybody was so worried that they rushed him off for a CAT-scan of his head and spine.

There was great relief throughout the hospital when the CAT-scan results came back showing that Tag had no obvious brain or spinal injuries. The only injury they could find was a broken left femur. The hospital walls virtually expanded with the universal sigh of relief from everybody there. The doctors could find nothing wrong with Tag, except that he was out cold and showed no sign of recovering consciousness anytime soon.

Tag was moved to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where he could be watched 24/7. He was unconscious for 53 hours before he suddenly came awake. Tag woke with a pain in his left leg, but no other signs of distress. All of the doctors associated with the hospital examined Tag, trying to make sure that there was nothing further wrong with him beyond the broken leg. A specialist in brain and upper spinal injuries was even called in, and he said that he could find nothing wrong with Tag.

Since Tag no longer needed the facilities of the ICU, he was moved to a private room to begin the recovery from his leg injury. Tag was encased in a cast from his ankle almost to his hip. The hospital was taking extra care to make sure that the star football player recovered completely; after all, he had one more year of eligibility at the high school.

There was a great deal of competition among the nurses to determine who was going to be primarily responsible for Tag's care on each shift. Every one of the nurses had about the same seniority, so there was no easy way for the supervisor to wiggle out of making the tough choice. Then she had an inspiration! She had the five available nurses draw straws, and the one with the short straw was assigned to Tag. The second-shift supervisor did the same thing, and order was restored to the floor.

Tag got the VIP (Very Important Person) treatment from all of the staff on the floor. The day shift nurse was pushing 50 years old, but she was an avid football fan and knew every one of Tag's football statistics. Nurse Helen took very good care of Tag, but it was strictly business, except when they talked football. Frankly, Tag and nurse Helen were both surprised at how easily he followed along with the football discussion. Helen had expected to get little conversation from Tag because of his reputation as being mentally hampered, so she was pleasantly surprised that Tag could hold up his end of the conversation. She practically talked his ear off every chance she had to come to his room.

The night shift nurse had just turned 20, and was built like the proverbial brick chicken house. She was a redhead with green eyes, and Tag felt like he was drowning in those eyes whenever he had the chance to look into them. Undoubtedly, Tag was struck with a massive case of lust when it came to nurse Julie. He would have never thought of it before, but Tag realized that he had to come on gently to Julie, or he would frighten her off. In no way was he mentally slow when he had occasion to think about Julie.

Their first night that Julie came in to give Tag a sponge bath was a great adventure for both of them. Julie had just graduated from her first round of nursing school, and she had graduated from Hawthorne High School only a little over a year ago. She, too, was a great fan of the Hawthorne football team, and she knew almost as much as Helen about the team statistics. She did have to fudge a little bit, and look up the data on Tag before she came into his room the first time, but that could hardly be considered cheating!

Julie showed up for the sponge bath with all the stuff at hand that she would normally need. She told herself that it was concern for Tag's modesty that she closed the door and pulled the drapery completely around the bed before she did any thing else. The first thing she did was to remove the johnny from around Tag's shoulders. The odor of stale sweat nearly knocked her down. Obviously, he had not had a bath since before his injury.

The only thing protecting his modesty was the sheet that was drawn up to his waist, and Julie had an inkling of what was under the sheet by the mound in the sheet lying across his crotch. As curious as Julie was to look under the sheet, she did start with washing Tag's upper body. Julie was thoroughly impressed by the muscular development she felt as she washed him. His reputation attested to it, but she could feel the pure animal strength in his muscles as she laved him. That was heady stuff, and she was already getting damp in her panties.

Despite the stimulation from washing his upper body, Julie never forgot her preoccupation with what was hidden by that sheet. She was pleased to see that the bulge in the sheet did enlarge as she worked on washing Tag. At last! She was through with working on his body above his waist and was now ready to investigate the prize waiting under the sheet.

At first, Julie's intention was simply to fold the sheet back to expose his belly above his pubic hair. That did not work out quite as she expected. By this time, she had awakened Tag's libido enough to cause him to become almost fully hard. As a result, his penis was extending up his belly past his pubic hair. Tag had been circumcised at birth, and his cock head was fully exposed to Julie's sight. She could not help gasping at what she considered the beauty of his cock.

Julie was experienced sexually and had seen a number of cocks, but never before had she seen one she considered to be beautiful. His shaft looked equally good, and he she could not resist the temptation to go ahead and pull the sheet down to his knees. Actually, there was nothing wrong with this because she was going to wash him there, anyway. She was just getting a preview of what she was going to see in a few minutes.

Trying to regain her professional composure, Julie began washing Tag's belly and hips. She was very careful not to let water run down under the cast, because it would certainly be uncomfortable for Tag. Eventually, she was going to have to wash his genitals, because they smelled as bad as the rest of him from the stale sweat.

None of her training as a nurse had prepared her for handling such a magnificent cock. It was not that Tag's cock was so big, but that it was so well proportioned and looked so good. His erect cock was approximately 7 inches long and 1¾ inches in diameter. The base of his cock head was a little larger in diameter than that, but not enough to give a girl any trouble.

She grasped Tag's cock in the fingers of her left hand and gently pulled it away from his belly toward a vertical alignment. She then wrapped her right hand which was holding the washcloth around his shaft and began to wash it. Tag was hanging on the edge by this time, and that felt enough like she was jacking him off that he had an orgasm. The white stuff went flying into the air at least 3 feet or so and splashed back onto his chest. He jetted jizz like that four times and dribbled even more from his cock head. Every jet was accompanied by a deep groan of pleasure.

Tag was too relieved by the ejaculation to be the least bit embarrassed. On the other hand, Julie was quite shaken. She had given many hand jobs to her boyfriends at one time or another, but this was the first time she had ever had that experience while she was working as a nurse. She was stunned for a moment, but regained her composure when she saw Tag smiling at her. Like a true professional, Julie washed away the evidence of their little adventure and proceeded to finish washing Tag.

Tag did shake her up a little more by saying, "That was the nicest bath I can ever remember having! Thank you, Nurse. I hope we can do that every night." His huge grin took any sting out of the words, but Julie blushed anyway, because she realized how much she had enjoyed it, too.

Julie got a new johnny for Tag and put it on him so that his cock was covered before she called in another nurse to help her change his sheets. Tag was so heavy that the two women had a real struggle getting the sheets changed, and they were both flashed on several occasions as the johnny shifted position. Tag didn't mind, and both women were amused by the accidents. Yes, Julie had that same accident every night that Tag was in the hospital.

Tag finally went home, fully recovered from the accident. The doctors had put Tag on a rehabilitation program starting at the hospital, but with a full course of exercises to help him recover all of his strength, speed, and quickness that he had before the accident. For practical purposes, Tag was going to miss a full school year. However, all of the teachers volunteered to tutor Tag once a week to keep him abreast of the required studies so that he could return to school as a senior the next year.

This tutoring didn't last long before the tutors discovered that Tag was no longer "slow!" He was able to comprehend everything a tutor said to him, and he grasped it on the first pass through the subject. Nobody could believe how easily Tag took to learning. In fact, he did so well that he was readmitted to the regular course of matriculation for a Junior only six weeks after he was dismissed from the hospital. It really took that long only because of the rehab that Tag was doing, and the fact that it took that long to convince the powers that be that Tag was now the smartest kid in the class!

Anyway, Tag was able to take part in the spring football practices. These were not the full contact in pads type of practice, since the School District frowned on that sort of pushing of the student athletes. However, Tag was able to show that he could now handle the mental requirements of playing on the offense.

After three days of this kind of practice, Tag asked the head coach, Tom Harkness, to let him try out for Fullback. Harkness was reluctant to mess up his offensive line, now that it had Tag ensconced as Left Tackle. However, he was a fair man, so he agreed that Tag could try out for Fullback, provided that he could learn the plays. The coach gave Tag a playbook to take home with him to study, and made a promise to let Tag practice with the team as soon as he had learned the plays.

The next day, Tag approached Coach Harkness and said, "Coach, you said that I could practice at Fullback as soon as I had learned the plays. Well, I studied hard last night, and I now know all of the offensive plays that the Fullback needs. I'll probably have the whole offensive system memorized by tomorrow, so I would like to get started today. I just can't wait!"

Coach Harkness was totally nonplussed. He had never expected, despite the rumors about Tag's improved learning ability, that Tag could really memorize the whole play book in this short a time. After all, he remembered the agonizingly hard work it had been to implant the few defensive plays that Tag had needed the previous year.

Nevertheless, Coach Harkness firmly believed that a promise was a promise, especially to a kid as devoted to football as Tag was. He asked Tag around a dozen specific technical questions about certain plays, and Tag answered every question correctly. Hell, maybe the kid did learn it all. The team could afford the few minutes necessary to find out.

Coach Harkness called his coaching staff over for a short conference. "Boys, I got a little problem here. Tag wants to try out for Fullback, and I sort of promised him he could if he could learn the plays. I figured that he was going to have the same trouble that he'd had last year with plays, so I was sure that was the end of the conversation. Yesterday, I gave him a copy of the playbook, and he just finished convincing me that he had indeed memorized the plays.

"Now, I am stuck with letting him try out for Fullback or look like I am going back on a promise. You all know me well enough to know that I won't do that, so I'm asking you to help me with this problem. I want to run a few plays to show Tag that he needs to go back to line play where we really need him. I know that you guys will go through the motions because I asked you to, but I do want to give Tag a fair chance to understand that the offensive backfield is just too complicated for him. Are you with me?"

Of course the answer was unanimous, so Coach Harkness called everybody over and explained that he wanted to try something. They shouldn't get too excited about the experiment, but they should just go through the plays like they had been practicing. The coach talked a little more and got the team to agree to the experiment. That was when he explained what the experiment was to be.

Most of the kids were willing to go along because they liked Tag, though there were a few boys who were bullies at heart and wanted nothing more at that moment than to embarrass Tag. Coach Harkness called out an offensive play and everybody took his position.

The center gave the ball to the Quarterback who was simply supposed to hand the ball off to Tag as he ran by. It was a Fullback over Right Tackle play designed to make a few yards at most. To Tag, everything seemed to be happening in slow motion as he started his move toward the Quarterback. The handoff went perfectly and Tag plowed into the line.

All of the linemen were expecting Tag to muff the handoff and to drop the ball, so they were not taking the exercise seriously enough. As a result, Tag burst through the line, knocking down the Offensive Tackle and two Defensive Linemen. A Linebacker, one of the closet bullies, tried to tackle Tag, and he did it much harder than he should have. The Linebacker simply bounced off, and Tag could have run many yards, if not for a touchdown, if this had been a real game.

Tag ran back to the gathered coaches and asked, "Did I do that right?"

The coaches uniformly had a stunned expression on their faces and didn't know how to answer the question. After a moment, Coach Harkness said, "Yeah, Tag, as near as we could tell, you did just fine. Let's try another play."

The coach had noticed how the rest of the team had been goofing off during that play, so he told them that he needed some real effort on their part. No more goofing off, or there would be some extra laps run after practice.

He called for a different play and handed the ball to the Center. This was a simple blocking assignment for the Fullback; he was to protect the Quarterback on a pass play. Well, the Quarterback had all of the protection he needed to complete a pass to a Wide Receiver. In fact, the Quarterback had never before been successful in completing this pass, even when he was not threatened by would-be tacklers.

Now the coaching staff was getting interested. All they did for the rest of the day was to run through the various Fullback-centered plays, and Tag did an exemplary job on every play. Of course, some of the other players had their troubles and the plays were not uniformly well executed, but the coaches could see that they now had a star Fullback for the Hawthorn team. They even made up a pass play to the Fullback on the spot, and that was something that they had never dared to try before. Naturally, the pass was completed, even though the deep safety was hanging on to Tag's arms in what was a blatant foul. That cheered the coaches more than anything else that they had seen all day!

The four weeks of spring practice were completed without thought of having Tag play anywhere other than Fullback. Tag had learned the entire playbook in three days; he did apologize to the coach about taking so long, but he had to run an errand for his mother, and that had taken longer than expected. The coach excused Tag, and that was the end of that conversation.

It had not taken long for word to get all over town about Hawthorn High's new Fullback. Some people thought that this meant disaster for the team when fall came, and others figured that the coaches knew what they were doing. The rest of the town just took the news in stride.

It happened that the backup Quarterback was a good friend to Tag, and the two of them practiced handoffs and pass plays all summer. This did not violate any rules because the Quarterback was not the regular starter, and the coaches officially knew nothing about this extracurricular practice. Tag hardly needed the practice as much as the backup Quarterback did, but Tag never said a word to his friend about that. Tag was just a natural athlete and that was the end of the discussion.

Football practice started in late July. The teams were allowed six weeks of practice, the last four weeks in full uniform, before the first game of the season. School started for the kids on the first Wednesday after Labor Day. The team worked hard during that practice time, and everybody was sure that they were ready for the regular season which lasted for eight games. The playoffs for the District Championship followed that, and could run as many as four games.

The School District made up the schedule, and it was done with a computer making selections according to a random number algorithm. Thus, the schedule was not known until the first week in August. That made it a little difficult for the coaches to get ready for that first game, but many of the coaches suspected that was deliberate. Oh, well, they would just do their best to prepare their team for whoever showed up to play on that first day. It really wasn't that bad, but the coaches all liked to grouse and complain about the schedule, so nobody was surprised by their dark words.

The first game for Hawthorn turned out to be Jefferson HS (High School). It was an away game for Hawthorn, and it was a four-hour drive for the team bus. Actually, Hawthorn was getting a break; that was one of the two longest trips, and it was good to get it over with that early in the season.

The coaches were not too worried about Jefferson HS. It was a small school that rarely fielded a good team. Naturally, they would never admit that to the team, but they were looking for a sure victory. They had no special plays for Jefferson HS, but they did work hard on the fundamentals of football play and made sure that the team, offense, defense, and special teams, all knew their assignments. Special care was taken with Tag to make sure that he knew what he was supposed to do. Tag didn't mind—he enjoyed every minute that he could spend with football.

A big deal was made of the first pep rally of the season. All of the players were introduced to the crowd, and Tag got an especially enthusiastic reception. Again, the closet bullies were the only ones who were jealous, and each one had a plan for Tag for that evening. All of them expected to win big against the Jefferson HS weak-sisters, so they were not worried if Tag got knocked out of the game. Of course, Coach Harkness would have kicked them off the team if he had known about any of this foolishness.

The football team and the cheerleaders rode on the extended bus that was hired for the trip. That way, everybody rode together; otherwise, they would have needed two buses. Coach Harkness' wife went along on the bus as the chaperone, but there was no way she could police a whole bus that was that big. But more of that, later.

The trip across the District was one of mad celebration that football season was finally starting. Every one of the coaches, players, and cheerleaders very nearly lived from football season to football season in a kind of miasma of longing for the next season to start. At last, their dreams were about to be realized for another few months.

The coaches had another reason to be happy. The weather was cool enough to be comfortable to play in, though the spectators might be a little uncomfortable. The other factor was that the field was dry and no rain was predicted for tonight. What more could a football coach wish for as far as the weather was concerned?

Upon arrival, everybody piled out of the bus and went to the various dressing rooms. Mrs. Harkness went with the girls just to be on the safe side. She did this every year, and there had never been any trouble.

The boys went to the visitors' locker room to don their uniforms and to listen to any last instructions from the various coaches. Coach Harkness led them onto the field for their warmups, and they received the expected boos from the home crowd. Most of the visiting crowd had not yet arrived; the few that had were drowned out by the home people. None of the team paid any attention to this phase of the crowd noise; what they were waiting for was the noise after the game started.

The usual workouts were done and the team went back into the locker room to hear the final pep talk from Coach Harkness. He emphasized that the team was not to let their expectations get in the way of playing their best. Nobody was a pushover once the game started! There was a short prayer for the safety of the players, and they went back onto the field of play. This time, there were the expected cheers for the Hawthorn HS team. The cheerleaders had been working up the spirits of the spectators from Hawthorn, and they had done a good job.

Jefferson won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. That meant that Hawthorn was going to receive the first kickoff of the game, and all of the players were really worked up. The kickoff was taken on the 2 yard line and only run back for a disappointing 11 yards. Oh, well, the game was just starting, so there was plenty of time for all kinds of heroics.

The Hawthorn offense trotted out onto the field and lined up for their first play. Coach Harkness decided to gamble that the Jefferson team would be prepared for a conservative play this close to the Hawthorn goal line, so he called for a long pass to the Wide Receiver. Dammit, the pass was dropped with nobody between the Hawthorn man and the goal line! Well, so much for that good idea.

Second down and 10 yards to go on your own 13 yard line had to call for a running play. Okay, the coach called for a handoff to Tag. The point of the play was to get enough room to allow for a comfortable punt. Coach Harkness figured that Tag was big enough to get the five yards that he really wanted.

The Right Tackle was to pull out of the line and lead block for Tag to run around the right side of the Hawthorn line. That was a basic play that the Hawthorn team had practiced on a daily basis. However, the Right Tackle was one of those closet bullies, and he figured that now was a good time to show Tag that he was not so great after all.

The ball was centered to the Quarterback who handed it off to Tag. So far, so good. The Right Tackle pulled as he was supposed to, but he blocked his own Tight End instead of the onrushing tackler. Everybody was surprised when the rushing tackler, a Linebacker, just bounced off of Tag's straight-arm. There was nearly 60 pounds difference in the weight of the two players, and Tag could not be moved.

Tag got around the end of the line and ran forward about four yards before he was hit by three tacklers. These three players put on a perfectly coordinated tackle. It was worthy of the NFL (National Football League), and the Jefferson coach was just as surprised as they were that they had pulled it off. Never again in their high school careers could they repeat that specific play. Tag went down with a four yard gain.

Coach Harkness was alerted by the spotter in the stands of what the pulling Right Tackle had done. He also reported that the action looked to him like it was deliberate! Harkness sent in a substitute for the Right Tackle. He sent the offending player into the locker room to take off his uniform and was notified that he was no longer a part of the team! It didn't take long for the word of that action to spread throughout the team, and the other two bullies made an instant decision to play the game the way it should be played.

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