What a Coincidence
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Next door neighbors learn they like perverted sex

My name is Tom Dooley and I live in a fourplex. A few months ago a family of three moved in across the hall from me. Adam East and his wife Amanda were techies and worked for a global company; they would be called upon to trouble shoot anywhere in the world, sometimes on short notice. It was on one of these occasions when they asked me if I would mind looking after their 15 year old daughter Zoe. I tried to control my emotions and my tongue when I went to answer because I lusted after the nubile 15 year old. It was a struggle but I was able to calm myself down enough to tell them it would be no problem, I would be happy to do it. They gave me a key to their place and asked that I look in on her in the mornings to make sure she was up and off to school, and then spend the evening making sure she ate and did her homework. Her rules were laid out and they said they would be gone for three days and were leaving that night. So my duties would start the next morning.

Needless to say I spent a restless night. Zoe was a real cutie, and I had often jacked off thinking about her. She had a penchant for wearing short skirts and I had gotten several glimpses of her panties as she traipsed around. She was a tall slender redhead with freckles. Her tits were the size of oranges and just about as perfectly round. She showed an ungodly amount of long slim bare legs under her short skirts and I salivated at the thought of getting my hands on the pert, heart shaped ass at the top of those legs. I spent the night trying to figure out how to seduce the teenager and the best I could come up with was a game of truth or dare, which I don't even know if she has heard of, let alone ever played.

I was at the Easts door at 7:30 the next morning trying to steel myself for my first duties as a baby sitter. I knocked loudly, unlocked the door and entered. The front room was empty but as I walked down the hall I heard the shower running and figured out where Zoe was. I stifled the urge to open the bathroom door and peek inside; I didn't want to get caught or be so overt. I went into the kitchen and helped myself to a glass of orange juice. I walked back down the hall and knocked on the bathroom door and hollered

"Zoe what would you like for breakfast?"

I heard a little scream followed by

"Oh shit you scared me Mr. Dooley."

"Oops, sorry Zoe, didn't mean to do that, are you okay?"

"Yeah, but I won't have to use the toilet latter," she laughed.

I laughed along with her, marveling at her quick wit.

"Well, back to the original question, what would you like for breakfast?"

"Oh, just a bowl of cereal will be fine," she replied, "I'll be out in a minute."

"I'll have it ready for you; your mother mentioned you have a habit of running late and I would like to get you to school on time."

"Mom exaggerates, Mr. Dooley," she said, sounding exasperated.

"Uh huh," I responded, "and that's why I see a scramble to get you into the car every morning, you want to be early to school."

I heard Zoe giggle

"Okay, maybe she doesn't exaggerate, but I promise to be on time for you," she said as I heard the shower being shut off.

I returned to the kitchen and got out the cereal, bowl, milk and utensils. A few minutes later Zoe came in wearing a towel wrapped in her hair and another one wrapped around her. It covered her from above her breasts to halfway down her legs; it covered more of her then some of her skirts but I sprouted a boner thinking about her being nude underneath it. I had to turn to the stove to cover myself. I pretended to be busy while I started doing math problems in my head so I could concentrate on something besides the nearly nude teenage girl seated 10 feet from me. Thankfully it didn't take her long to eat and go to her room to get dressed.

I sprouted another problem when she got in my car for the drive to school. She was wearing one of her short loose skirts and bounced into the passenger seat without regard to what would happen to its hem; which landed high in her lap and gave me a view of her bright yellow panties where they covered her pussy. I tried as best I could to get comfortable without drawing too much attention to myself, but it was hard to do. On the drive to the school I tried to keep my eyes on the road but the expanse of bare teenage legs was too hard to resist and I found myself glancing often at the spot where her skirt just barely covered her crotch, hoping for another peek at her panties. I got my wish when we arrived at the school. She pivoted in her seat and spread her legs as she leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek. I looked down and her skirt had ridden up enough that I could see the entire front of her panties and the crease of her pussy lips because her legs were spread so wide and her panties were on so tight. She bounced out of the car and said she would see me tonight and was off like a shot.

It was during dinner that night while asking her about school and friends that I dropped the bomb shell

"Do you and your friends ever play truth or dare?"

Zoe looked at me for a second and then said quietly

"Yes, once, but you have to promise me you won't tell my parents I did."

"No problem, Zoe, I remember what it was like being a teenager and having restrictions. Any secrets you want to share will be safe with me."

"Would you let me have a party here?" she quickly segued.

"Ahh, I don't think your parents would like that," I replied.

Zoe thought for a moment then said

"How about if I agree to play a game of truth or dare with you and you then let me have a party?"

My dick got the best of me

"How many kids are you thinking of inviting?" I asked before I could stop myself.

Zoe smiled in triumph

"No more than 10, how's that?"

I looked around the apartment; I knew it was big enough to easily hold 10 kids, I just didn't want anything to get broken.

"Okay, but you have to keep the door to your parents bedroom closed, store anything that could get broken and I will take all the liquor over to my house."

"Oh Mr. Dooley you don't have to do that," she said smiling.

I smiled back

"Uh uh, I think I do, just to be safe."

We talked some more about the party while we cleaned up. When the table was cleared and the dishes were in the washer Zoe looked at me and said

"Lets go into the living room and play our game now, Mr. Dooley."

My breath caught in my throat so all I could do was just nod.

I followed her into the room, my eyes riveted on the swaying of her hips as she walked in front of me. She was wearing the same skirt she wore to school and it softly swished around her thighs as her legs moved; I needed all my will power to keep from reaching out a hand to rub her ass.

She bounded into the big overstuffed chair and her movements caused her skirt to rise up and give me a quick peek at her panties; she had changed them, the ones she now had on were pale green. Her skirt settled down around her upper thighs as she sat. I seated myself across from her and said

"Lets play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first, okay?"

"Sure," she replied and counted to three. I did paper, she did rock.

"Truth or dare?" I asked trying to keep my voice from squeaking.

"Truth," she replied.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes," she said without hesitation, "truth or dare?"

"Truth," I said.

"How many women have you fucked?"

"Ahh, I don't know exactly, 20 or 30, I suppose," I replied, "truth or dare?"

She looked at me for a second then said


I swallowed hard, looked back at her and said

"Sit for the rest of the game so you are showing me your panties."

Zoe grinned and then stood up. She reached behind her and fiddled around with her hands for a bit then suddenly her skirt was at her feet and she was left standing in just her blouse and panties.

"You should have no problem seeing my panties now, Mr. Dooley," she giggled as she sat back down; this time making sure to keep her legs spread.

"Truth or dare," she asked, smiling at me. I decided to match her

"Dare," I asserted.

"Take your cock out of your pants."

My cock was hard so I had to stand to get my pants down and my cock out. It sprang loose and I saw Zoe staring at it. I was proud of my cock; it was above average in both length and girth.

"Truth or dare? I asked the still staring girl, she didn't answer, she seemed hypnotized by my cock.

"Truth or dare?" I asked again, only louder.

Zoe only seemed to be half aware, but she replied


"What is your greatest sexual fantasy?"

"To be gang banged," she replied quickly, "truth or dare?"


"What is your greatest sexual fantasy?" she asked right back at me.

"To fuck a pair of twins at the same time," I replied just as quickly, "truth or dare?"


"What is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy?"

Zoes' eyes darted up to mine and she stared hard at me for a few moments.

"I can't tell you that," she finally said.

"You'll have to have a forfeit then," I responded.

"I don't care, I can't tell you that."

"Okay, your forfeit is to masturbate in front of me."

Her mouth dropped open and then she just smiled at me. She stood once again only this time she dropped her panties to the floor. She sat back down with her legs wide apart. I could see her pussy lips through the sparse red hair surrounding them. She looked straight at me while she used both hands to spread her lips apart and then slipped a finger into her pussy. I watched with a dry mouth as she stuck two more fingers up her cunt and then started sawing them in and out of herself. She must have been horny because it didn't take her long before I could hear her breath come in quick gasps and then see her body stiffen and then shiver as her orgasm wracked her body.

When she recovered she looked at me through satisfied eyes and asked, "truth or dare."

"Truth," I gushed out, like I had been holding my breath.

"What is your deepest darkest sexual desire?"

I sat stock still. Was I willing to tell her that I wanted to make her my teenage fuck toy? Make her show off her panties to strangers and have her fuck boys and men while I watch? No, I didn't have the courage.

"I can't tell you that," I replied.

"Okay, then," she rushed out, "you have to jack off for me."

That was no problem, I needed to cum in the worst way, anyway; and jacking off in front of a teenage girl was a turn on for sure. It didn't take me long to spurt and I noticed Zoe watching with rapt attention. When I had finished erupting and had wiped myself down I said

"Well that seems a good way to end this, I'll see you in the morning and we can put the finishing touches on the rules for your party, okay?"

Zoe still seemed in a daze and just nodded at me. I left and went to bed dreaming of a sex orgy with 5 teenage girls and their boy friends.

Tom Dooley finished writing the first chapter of his semi true story, proofed it and then sent it off to the online erotic story site that he wrote for. He had a good idea of how he wanted things at the party to turn out and as he got ready for bed he began visualizing what he was going to write about. He fell asleep thinking of fucking Zoe in her ass while she was sucking on some boys cock.

"Wow," said Adam East as he finished reading the first chapter of Tom Dooleys' story out loud to his wife and daughter, "what a coincidence this is."

"Gosh daddy, Mr. Dooley wants me to be his fuck toy, wow is right," Zoe, his 15 year old daughter gushed.

"Well, well, coincidence indeed, we seem to be living next door to a pervert, Adam," Amanda said to her husband, "although I wonder if he is as perverted as us?" and she laughed out loud.

"Yes, it does look that way, doesn't it," Adam rejoined, giving a chuckle too, "now what do the two of you think we should do about it? if anything."

"I want to be his fuck toy," Zoe said instantly, "just think how much fun that would be. We could play right into his fantasy without him even knowing it."

"Sure," Amanda joined in, "encourage him to be Zoes' mentor, let him think we're not being there for her in her times of need; that she needs someone to talk to about sex."

"Oh, I get it," Adam joined in, "seduce him into his own fantasy, brilliant. And if I know you two," he said looking under his brow at his women, "you will have your acting chops in full gear."

Amanda batted her eyes at her husband

"Why, whatever made you think that Zoe and I would be acting?" and she leaned her head back and gave out a loud guffaw. "Besides, we're going to need you to do some acting too."

For the next hour or so Adam East and his wife and daughter went through ideas on how they could deliver Zoe into the hands of the man next door so she could become his sex toy without him realizing they knew his intentions. By the time they were done they had a pretty good plan mapped out and they were all extra horny. Amanda East had been having sex with her daughter since Zoe turned 13 and Adam had been fucking her since she turned 15. Adam and Amanda always had a thing for reading porn and included Zoe in their readings after he started fucking her. They had their computers set to several story sites and had the story sites set to automatically flag stories with incest or adults with teens themes to them. That is how they found out that their next door neighbor not only wrote porn stories but that he also wanted to fuck their daughter.

Adam was pounding his cock into the hot wet pussy of his daughter while she was busy licking her mothers cunt; all three of them envisioning what it would be like having Zoe become a sex toy for the man next door.

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